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Desire from first sight


Desire from first sight

It was Thursday and almost time for lunch. So far the day
had been a little hectic but she knew after lunch that things
would calm down a bit. She was starting to get a little hungry
as one of her coworkers walk over to her and asked if she was
ready to go to lunch. This was her normal routine for lunch
most days. As they headed out of the building the warm sun
struck her face. She took in a long deep breath as she enjoyed
the warm sensation on her skin. The group headed to one of
the restaurants that they normally frequented for lunch.
As with most of the places they went they knew the faces and
some of the names of the waiters and even most of the clients
during the usual lunchtime. As they sat she quickly decided
to have something a little cooler and chose the tomato and
mozzarella ciabatta sandwich from their menu. As they
waited for there food to be prepared the group talked about
the usual goings on of the day thus far. She happened to notice
a gentleman sitting at a table across from them all by his
self, looking down slightly reading something. His face
was not one that she had noticed before. He had a very pleasant
smile, darker brown hair that was short and straight. His
attire was a light blue dress shirt a pair of black slacks,
not dress but more casual. There was something about him
that held her attention as if in an odd trance. Her coworkers
continued their conversation around her that she seemed
oblivious to. He raised his head and glanced in her direction
almost as if he knew she was watching him. His brilliant
blue eyes met hers and his smile noticeably increased.
Her face blushed a little, just as one of the other people
at her table broke her trance by calling her name. She quickly
turned her head and looked at her coworker and replied “what”
hoping no one took notice of her drifting off while looking
at the handsome stranger. The waiter returned with their
food just at the appropriate moment to save her from any
possible embarrassment. She started to eat and occasionally
glanced over at the man throughout the course of her meal.
On more than one occasion she noticed he was looking at her
as he ate his lunch catching her quick glances. She wondered
if he was single, if he could be looking for a woman. She wondered
what he was thinking about. She hoped that he was thinking
about her in the way she was starting to think about him.
As she finished her meal the group started to divvy up the
bill. She pulled out her money and the tip for her share of
the bill. As she looked back over to the place the man was
sitting she only saw the empty seat. She quickly looked
around but that incredible man was gone. As her coworkers
headed back to the office it seemed all she could think about
was that man. Once back at work she was happy that the workload
was at a much slower pace than earlier. Her mind could not
seem to break away from thinking about this man she had only
seen from across the room. Her thoughts throughout the
rest of the day became more sexual making her feel a desire
for some form of satisfaction. She checked the time every
ten minutes until it was finally time to leave. Most days
she never felt herself in a hurry to leave work but the thoughts
and feeling running through her mind had her needing to
get home and fast. She almost ran to her car having a need
to get home quickly to get some kind on relief. The drive
home took almost thirty minutes which she fidgeted in her
seat the entire time. She could even feel the wetness building
between her thighs with every mile that passed. Trying
to get her door open she fumbled around with the keys desperately
trying to get into her condo. Finally key was in and the door
opened. She darted inside; as soon as the door shut behind
her she started to shed her clothing. Her blouse was unbuttoned
and slid from her arms to the floor. Her bra was next to drop
to the floor after a quick pinch of the front clasp. She stepped
out of her shoes and unfastened her slacks. In one swift
movement she slipped out of her slacks and panties leaving
them on the floor in front of the couch. She spun around and
positioned herself onto the couch with one leg spread out
across the couch and the other hanging off the front edge.
Her back supported by the soft pillow resting against the
arm of the couch. Her hand quickly sought out the already
slick and wet lips of her vaginal opening. Her delicate
fingers manipulated the tender folds of her inner lips.
Her breathing quickened as her fingertip encircled the
clitoral hood. Her free hand moved to her small perky breast
and lightly began to pinch her stiffening nipple. Her thoughts
were of the striking gentleman she had seen at lunch and
could not get out of her mind. As she caressed and pinched
her large nipples she could almost feel his hand and fingers
there. As her finger slid along her pussy lips she could
only think about his hand touching her there. Her eyes closed
lightly as her finger gently slid into her steamy opening.
She took a quick sharp breath; she could feel her heart pounding
in her chest. Her mind drifted on the thoughts of her unknown
man starting to run his tongue in little circles around
her now swollen clit. His strong fingertips tweaking her
now hardened nipples. She let out a soft moan as she felt
his lips cover her clit and gently suck on it. She could feel
his tongue apply a slight pressure on her clit then swirl
around it. She gasped as he slipped his tongue deep into
her sweet wet hole. His right hand moved to her right breast
as his tongue moved back to her throbbing clit. He slipped
two fingers inside her and started to probe for her G-spot.
She could feel him closing in on that so orgasmic spot making
her squirm in anticipation. She could feel the heat rising
through her body, her blood almost started to boil within
her vanes. His touch was driving her to the point of ecstasy.
Her orgasm was going to erupt and she began to breath very
heavy. Her body began to shutter with an incredible orgasm
she pinched harder on her tender nipple as her fingers pumped
in and out of her hot wet pussy. Her moans softly escaped
her lips as her thumb strummed her tingling clit. With each
plunge of her fingers a wave of electricity seemed to pass
through her body until her orgasm subsided. As her eyes
opened her handsome man was not there and her fingers were
soaked with her own juices. Her right nipple was now very
tender and almost painful from her pinching it as her orgasm
took her away and she had lost all control of what she was
doing. Her wetness covered her crouch and inner thighs.
It took her several minutes to catch her breath and regain
her composure before she could turn her body to get up. She
slowly got up from the couch and gathered up her clothing
from the floor. She took her clothing in and put them with
the dirty close. Even thou it was quite early she proceeded
to put on her off white camie and a matching pair of panties
in preparation for bed before even fixing her dinner. She
prepared a quick dinner and relaxed as she ate. Her mind
continued to think about the gentleman she had seen and
now fantasized about that day. It was almost like he had
some kind of a spell over her. She kept daydreaming about
him off and on the entire evening. She had a feeling that
she still needed some relief even thou she had pleased herself
only hours ago. She thought about pulling out her new toy
that helped her fill the need on several occasions but quickly
passed on the notion of it. She was starting to get a little
sleepy and decided to make an early night of it tonight.
She headed down the hall and to the bathroom; she looked
into the mirror and took a good long look at herself. She
wondered if there was something special he was looking
at. Then for the briefest of moments she imagined him standing
behind her with his arms rapped around her. She felt an odd
chill overcome her snapping her out of the daydream. She
headed to her bedroom and slid into her bed feeling the coolness
of the sheets envelop her. She quickly drifted off to sleep
as she lied there thinking of the days events. She woke in
the morning feeling very refreshed and relaxed. Then she
remembered the stranger from the previous day and started
to have those feelings of desirer for him all over again.
She proceeded to the bathroom and turned on the water for
her shower. She watched herself in the mirror as she slowly
removed her camie and panties. Her hands lightly caressed
her body as she watched herself in the mirror. The entire
time she was thinking of him and how his hands would feel
touching her smooth skin. She snapped herself out of her
fantasy as her fingers were just starting to feel her wetness
that had formed between her legs. She quickly hopped into
the shower and washed her body under the warm water. Her
normal morning routine seemed to be going anyway but normal
on this Friday morning. She found her self picking out a
pair of black slacks and a black camisole top with an olive
jacket. The panties were of a thong style that had that little
extra wow to them also in black. Her bra matched the thong
in color and style with a front fastener for added convenience.
As she dressed she felt a bit sexier and more desirable than
she normally for going to work but it was a great feeling.
She went to the mirror and took a good look at herself, she
knew she looked hot today and her senses seem to be heightened
for some reason as well. As she walked to the door she could
feel the material touching her skin, her bra and panties
holding her body snugly as she walked. She truly felt empowered
as she walked out the door and headed for her car. On her drive
in to work she started to feel that need to be touched, to
be held only the way a lover could fulfill. Her mind swiftly
returned to the man at the restaurant and the way he looked
at her and the feeling it gave her. She parked the car and
headed into the building the warm summer morning gave her
the feeling that the day may end up hotter than predicted.
She made her way to her desk only seeing a few other coworkers
on her way. She concentrated on her work and before she knew
it one of her coworkers called out her name and asked “are
you ready to go to lunch”? She looked at the time wondering
where the morning had gone. She quickly replied that she
would be ready in a minuet. She got up and headed out with
the usual group. When one of them suggested the same place
that they had gone the day before, her heart seemed to skip
a beet and give her butterflies in her stomach. She quickly
cast her vote for that restaurant as well hoping that the
others would agree. Her thoughts of the man sitting there
ran through her mind once again. She was hopping that he
would be there again if for no other reason than to try and
figure out a way she might introduce herself to him. The
group had made their decision to go to the same place they
had gone the day before. She was happy and somewhat excited
about the possibility of seeing him there again. As the
group started to walk up to the door there was a young student
handing out lunch coupons and menus for the restaurant.
She could barely wait to get inside to see if he was there.
She looked around to see if she could spot him as she and her
coworkers walked into the restaurant. Her head was turned
as she walked in and she ran into a waiter dropping the coupon
she had in her hand. She apologized to the waiter and finished
her visual sweep of the room. The table he was sitting at
yesterday was empty and her excited mood seemed to switch
to a more somber mood seeing that he was not there today.
She quickly came up with reasons that it was probably better
that he was not there in a futile attempt to make herself
feel better. Maybe he was married or had a girlfriend or
maybe he was gay. The reasons quickly filled her mind but
she knew she still wanted to really find out. She noticed
that her coworkers were sitting down and started to head
to the table. She had only taken a step or two when she heard
a man’s voice from behind her say “excuse me miss I think
you dropped this”. She turned around expecting to see the
waiter but to her surprise it was him, the man that had invaded
her every waking thought. She was stunned and could only
look at him not being able to get out a single word. He repeated
in a soft voice “I think you dropped this” then gave her a
warming smile. She reached up to his hand to take the coupon
as she thanked him. Her eyes never left his brilliant blue
eyes. As she went to take the coupon from his hand she accidentally
grabbed his hand. She quickly felt a tingle run through
her body that started in her finger tips then up her arm across
her chest and ended deep within her pussy. Her heart skipped
a beat or two as she looked down at his hand. He suddenly spoke
“I think your boyfriend is calling you”. She removed the
coupon from his hand and looked back up to his face kind of
puzzled. He looked behind her as if pointing out someone
to her with his wonderful eyes. She quickly replied “I don’t
have a boyfriend” as she turned to see one of her coworkers
that was calling to her to indicate where they were sitting.
He replied “Oh I guess your husband would not approve of
a boyfriend” as he looked back at her face. She replied “Only
an ex husband and it is none of his concern if I have a boyfriend
or not” giving him an inviting grin. He commented that he
would have to remember that for the future as he returned
a sexy smile. She started to feel a little warm all over and
decided to head to the table with her group. She kept looking
back at him not sure if she wanted him to follow her or not.
He took a few steps towards her then headed to the table he
was sitting at when she first saw him. As she took her seat
one of her coworkers made a comment about the handsome stranger
she was talking to. She also made a comment about maybe she
should go join him for lunch knowing that she had been without
a man in her life or bed for that matter for quite a while.
She shot her friend an almost embarrassed look and replied
that she didn’t even know him. But in her mind she wanted
to do just that. She looked at the coupon that was given to
her and saw that it was a buy one lunch and get another free.
All of the other people at her table had already seen the
deal and had paired up to save a few bucks on their meals.
She seemed to be the odd one out this time. When the waiter
came to take the order she called the waiter to the side and
showed the coupon and pointed to the handsome stranger.
She told the waiter I want use this to cover his meal. The
waiter looked at the man sitting by himself and said that
he guessed he could do it for her being a regular there. She
gave the waiter a smile and thanked him as she placed her
order. She watched as the waiter walked over to the man’s
table and leaned over and saw the waiter tell him something
as he pointed in her direction. He got up from his table and
walked over to her. The table that her group was at was quite
full and could not fit another person. When he got to her
table he told her “It is very nice of you to offer to buy my
lunch but I don’t think that is right” as he looked at her
wondering why such an attractive woman would be offering
to pay for his lunch. She smiled at him and said “I am not really
buying your lunch your just getting the free one” as she
held up the coupon to show him. She then added “And you did
pick the coupon up when I dropped it and gave it back to me
so I feel you should receive the benefits from it” then smiled
at him. He looked at the coupon and then at the crowded table
and replied “well at least come and join me so I don’t feel
so out of place for accepting then”. She glanced around
the table at her coworkers as if looking for approval. One
of her coworkers nudged her and said “go on we won’t leave
without you, Unless you want us to” then chuckled. She didn’t
really expect this but she was not about to tell him no. She
looked at her coworkers again and they all gave her the nod
to go join him. She looked back into his sweet blue eyes and
said ok. As he started back to his table she grabbed her purse
and one of her coworker whispered to her that she would not
mind having him for lunch. That just added to her already
sultry thoughts of him and brought back more of her desire
that captivated her from the day before. She walked over
to the table to sit down with him. He stood and moved to push
her chair in as she had sat down. As he sat he told her his name
and explained he was new to the area. She told him her name
and asked if he liked the town so far. He replied that the
town was very nice but he had spent the last few weeks alone
and was starting to feel a little board. She said that she
often found herself looking for something to do when she
was alone on the weekends or even some evenings when there
was nothing going on. The waiter interrupted and asked
her if she wanted her food brought to this table instead
of the one were she was sitting. She quickly responded that
she did and apologized for not letting him know when she
switched tables. The waiter replied that it was no problem
and there was no need to apologize. The waiter then informed
them that their food would be out in just another minute
or two. As they talked while waiting for their food the conversation
seemed to flow very smoothly as if they had known each other
for many years. He told her a little about his past, the ex-wife
and shattered dreams from their marriage. She gave him
a little insight to her past as well and her ex-husband.
He asked her what kind of things she liked to do on the weekends
and during her off time. She explained to him that she spent
a lot of her time working. He asked don’t you like to go out
and enjoy yourself sometimes. She commented that she did
enjoy going to the beach sometimes. He looked at her and
stated that he also enjoyed going to the beach. He told her
that he was originally from Grand Rapids MI and started
to describe one of his favorite beaches Oval Beach. She
looked at him in disbelief letting him know that was one
of her favorite beaches too but didn’t get to go there to
often due to the driving distance. Just then the waiter
arrived with their food and refilled their drinks. As they
ate they continued with their conversation sharing stories
and tidbits about each other. When they had finished eating
he requested to pay the bill but she told him that she was
only paying for her lunch so she was getting it. He pulled
out a few dollars and placed it on the table stating it was
his portion of the tip if she was not going to let him pay.
She was beginning to feel a little bummed that her lunch
was just about to end. She thought about asking him if he
had plans for the weekend but didn’t quite have the nerve
to. He turned and thanked her for the lunch and got up as if
to leave. She felt a little panicked and wanted to say something
to get him to stay a little longer. He pushed his chair in
as she looked up and into his brilliant blue eyes. She heard
one of her coworkers call for her to let her know they were
about ready to head back to work. She looked over at them
as he pulled her chair out for her. Just as she stood up he
commented that the conversation they had over lunch was
quite enjoyable and he would love to continue it with her.
She told him that she felt the same way. She really felt as
if there was a strong connection that their conversation
had reinforced. He then asked her “Do you have any plans
for later this evening?” Just hearing him ask that simple
question lifted the weight that was pressing on her heart
and stomach. She replied rather quickly “No I don’t how
about you?” trying not to sound too excited. He looked down
into her eyes and said, ”I have an idea, since you bought
lunch how about we pick up out conversation over dinner
tonight and I will be more than happy to pick up that tab”.
He asked a passing waiter for his pen and a piece of paper.
The waiter pulled a blank slip from his book and handed him
a pen. She was just about to give him her number when he jotted
down his and his name and handed it to her saying “I will leave
it up to you to call so you don’t feel pressured“. He told
her that he got finished working at about five but she could
call him any time if she wanted to set up plans for dinner
that evening. She took the paper and told him she would call
him sometime before she left work. She turned and rushed
over to her coworkers as they started heading to the door
looking back once to see him smiling at her. The moment they
had exited the restraint the coworker that edged her on
started with the questions. What was he like? What dose
he do for a living? Is he single? Where dose he live? Did he
ask for your phone number? She halted the barrage of questions
and said “No he did not ask for my phone number, but he did
give me his” with a lusty smile on her face. She didn’t feel
like answering all of the questions and just let her hang
with the one answer she had given. Once back to the office
she got back into her work dealing with the students and
other coworkers. Each time she had a minute she pulled out
the paper with his number and wanted to call him but forced
herself to wait until closer to five o’clock. It was a good
thing that work kept her mind occupied for the rest of the
day because every time she thought of him his presents seemed
to place her in a horny frame of mind. The closer to five it
got the more excited she got. Finally she could not hold
out any longer and she looked at the time, it was four twenty-five.
She picked up the phone and proceeded to dial the number.
She heard his sensual voice answer the phone. She felt a
bit nervous and excited at the same time as she called out
his name and said her hello. Before she could let him know
who she was he called out her name in an excited tone. I was
hoping you would have called a little earlier he said, there
are so many things I would love to talk to you about. She replied
that she almost called him several times before she did
but her work had been getting in the way. This may not have
been totally true, but she didn’t want to sound like she
wanted to have him that instant even thou she was feeling
that way deep inside. Some how just hearing his strong sexy
voice had her mind racing with pure sexual thoughts. He
was hoping that she still wanted to have dinner with him
and asked her “So what would you like to do tonight”? The
first thing that entered her mind was “have you fuck me”,
but she knew he was wanting a reply on weather she wanted
to go out to dinner or not. She replied, “I thought we were
going to have dinner”. “Well I wanted to make sure you still
wanted to” he replied. He told her that he thought of a place
they could go that had great Italian food and the pasta was
really good. As soon as he told her the name of the restraint
she blurted out that it was one of her favorites and that
it was a fantastic recommendation. He asked her where she
would like him to pick her up. She thought about it for a moment
and told him that she would like to go freshen up before heading
out to dinner so her place would be best. She started to give
him directions when he stopped her and told her he only needed
her address to put in his navigation system. She said ok
and gave him her address. He asked what time he should pick
her up and she replied that six o’clock would give her enough
time to get ready. It was about ten till five and she determined
that she was going to call it a day and head home to get ready.
Leaving a little early was not a problem with all the extra
time she put in during the week. The whole drive home his
enchanting voice echoed in her head. She started to get
excited about her date and wanted to freshen up before going
out. Upon getting home she darted to her room to find a suitable
bar and panties just incase her date would moved to a more
physical level. That’s it she thought to herself pulling
out a sexy black thong and a matching black front fasten
bra both trimmed in a soft lace. She looked in the closet
and found a burgundy knit top that had a nice plunging neckline
and a pair of black slacks to go with it. She quickly stripped
of her cloths and headed to the shower. She washed her body
off quickly but made sure that she gave her pussy a good going
over. She wanted to play but she knew she didn’t have the
time now and hoped that the night would provide a more suitable
release. She finished washing off taking care not to get
her hair wet so she could just get dressed fast. She sprung
from the shower grabbing a towel and headed for her room.
She looked in the mirror at her naked body as she dried off.
Her hand fluffed the soft pubic hair covering her mound
as the towel ran back and forth over it. Her nipples hardened
from the cooler air from the air-conditioning chilling
the light droplets of water clinging onto her small perky
breasts. She got dressed in record time slipping on her
thong feeling it pull snugly against her crotch and the
band of material slip between her lower buttocks. It felt
very sexy and as she donned her bra looking in the mirror
she saw that it looked just as sexy as it felt. She sat in the
chair in her room and gently put on her stockings to make
sure she didn’t snag them. She got up and put the slacks on
and her top. She slipped her shoes on and ran the brush through
her soft blond hair taking one last look in the mirror. She
looked good and hoped he would like to find out what was underneath
tonight. She picked up the clothing she had removed and
put them with the dirty cloths. She looked around the condo
to make sure every thing was in place just incase he ended
up there after dinner. Once she determined that all was
ready she headed to the bedroom and pulled out the special
perfume that she only wore on those very special moments
and put a little on. She thought to herself that this was
going to be a special night or at least hoped it would be.
She returned to the living room to wait for his arrival.
He lived a little closer to where she worked than she did
so he got home a little quicker. He went into his house and
decided to change his shirt and freshen up a bit. Her unbuttoned
his shirt and removed it, tossing it into the hamper. He
ran some water in the sink and grabbed a washrag. He washed
his face and upper body then dried off and brushed his teeth.
He unzipped his Dockers and took a quick look at his underwear
just to make sure he hadn’t grabbed one of the older pair
during his barely awake state that morning. Nope they were
newer ones and looked good. He went to his room and got a light
collared pullover shirt and put it on. He decided that he
would take his other car for the night being that the weatherman
had called for a clear warm summer night. He left his house
for the short drive over to where she lived. He pulled up
in front of the address she had given him. He hoped he had
written it down correctly. He got out and walked to the front
door. She suddenly heard a knock at the door she took a deep
breath and walked over to open it. As she pulled the door
open he was standing there with a large smile and a single
red rose. She immediately smiled and asked him to come in
so she could put the rose in a vase. He stepped in the doorway
and waited for her to walk to the other end of the living room
to the kitchen and get a vase and water for the rose. She set
it on the table and walked back to the door. He commented
on how nice her place looked and how nice she looked. She
lightly blushed and thanked him for noticing. They headed
out the door and she pulled it shut behind them then locked
the deadbolt. As they approached his car she smiled. He
asked her if she would mind riding in the convertible with
the top down on such a wonderful evening. He was driving
a bright yellow convertible sports car that had to be about
forty years old but it was in like new condition. She told
him that she didn’t mind riding with the top down but would
not be able to guarantee her hair would not be a sight when
they got to the restraint. As he opened her door he smiled
and told her that he would take his chances and added that
he knew she would look fantastic anyway. He walked around
and got in the car. As he started the motor the car had a deep
rumble that sent a vibration surging through her body.
That vibration seemed to center itself in her lower abdomen
giving her a slight feeling of sexual tension. As they cruised
down the road she enjoyed the wind blowing through her hair.
Once at the restaurant he got out of the car and hurried around
to the other side of the car to open her door. He gave her his
arm to assist her out of the car. They walked to the entrance
with their arms interlinked at the elbows. He opened the
door for her and waited for her to enter. As they walked in
the woman at the counter asked how many people were in their
party. He politely responded two and gave his name. The
hostess took them to a table towards the back of the restaurant
that was tucked away in the corner. The place seemed to be
a little less busy than normal, which made the table in the
back feel all that much more private and romantic. The waiter
came and took their drink orders and asked if they needed
time to look over the menu. She already knew what she wanted
and he had decided to go with the special on the board as they
walked in. the waiter took the orders and told them that
he would be right back with their drinks. They both ordered
red wine to complement their meals and he had ordered an
appetizer of biscotti for them to start off with. He started
the conversation from where he had left off at lunch. His
conversation made her open up to him quicker than any other
man she had ever known. The waiter brought their drinks
over and the appetizer letting them know their food would
be out in a shortly. He thanked the waiter as they both took
a small drink of wine before he placed a piece of biscotti
on her plate then his own. He asked her if she would like to
go to Oval Beach the next day being Saturday and all. She
quickly replied that she would love to and that she had not
been there for almost a month. He stated that he had not been
there for over two weeks himself and this was the perfect
excuse for him to go enjoy a nice day at the beach with a very
sexy woman. She made a small joking comment about who was
this sexy woman he was going to take along with them. He pointed
out that he found her to be very attractive from the moment
he the first saw her in the restraint. He added that she lit
up the room when he first saw her and almost walked over to
ask her out right then. She blushed a little at his comment
and let out her thoughts about her finding him to be a very
striking man and exceptionally attractive as well. Just
then the waiter came to their table with her pasta and his
lasagna. The interruption was just in time because she
was so open to him she almost told him about how seeing him
made her feel inside and what she had done thinking about
him. The thought of this made her blush again catching the
waiter eye. He asked if she was alright, not knowing the
reason for her passion induced blush that she could feel
all over her body. She told him she was fine as she reached
for her water to take a sip in distraction of the thoughts
in her mind. The waiter smiled and walked away. He looked
at her and commented that she had turned bright red for a
couple of seconds. She looked at him and said “If I would
have said what ran through my head just then I think we both
may have turned red” then chuckled. He gave her a puzzled
look and told her that she really had his curiosity peeked
with an inquisitive grin on his face. She asked how his food
was in hopes to change the subject before he could get her
to confess her deepest thoughts. He took a bite and said
it was quite good then asked her how hers was. She finished
taking a bite and replied that it was very good then added
from the first time she had eaten there they had never let
her down on the taste of the food. He knew she didn’t want
to revile the reason she had turned so red, so he left the
topic alone for the moment but he had a suspicion it had something
to do with sexual content. As they ate he started to ask her
about topics that hinged on sexual experience and desires.
She felt comfortable answering his questions as well as
asking some of her own. Before long she could feel the familiar
feelings of arousal stirring between her legs. He had noticed
that her face was glowing from her desire building and she
could tell he was getting a little hot himself. Their meal
was just about finished and the waiter returned to ask if
either of them would like any dessert. They both were at
the point of wanting dessert but it was not going to be found
on the menu. He looked at her with hungry eyes and she softly
said that she would pass on the dessert for now letting it
linger as it rolled from her tongue followed by a look of
desire given to him. The waiter placed the check on the table
and before he could walk away he pulled out his credit card
and handed it to the waiter with the check. The waiter disappeared
again as they finished their wine. When the waiter returned
with the check and placed it on the table he quickly added
a nice tip and signed the recite. They got up and headed out
the door to his car he again opened the door for her and then
walked around to his side of the car. As he walked around
she could not help but notice the rather large bulge filling
out the front of his snug Dockers. He asked her if she would
like to go anywhere else but her reply was that she just wanted
to go home. She really wanted for them both to go to her place
but just couldn’t spit it out. He was wondering if maybe
he miss read her emotions and maybe some of the edgy talk
had her some what offended. As he pulled up to her condo he
turned off the car and walked to her side of the car to help
her out. He walked her to the door and paused for a moment
while she opened her door. She turned to look at him hoping
he would make some kind of move before saying goodnight.
He broke the silence saying “I really enjoyed the dinner
and the conversation with you tonight” and looked as if
he wanted to add more but didn’t. She told him “I really enjoyed
it too”, then quickly added “do you still want to go to the
beach tomorrow” hopping to hear him say yes. He turned to
her and she leaned to him as if they both were being drawn
to each other. Their lips met and she could not help but kiss
him deeply. He kissed her back just as deep rapping his arms
around her. Without breaking the kiss she backed up leading
him into the condo. The kiss only intensified as she turned
closing the door behind them and ending up with her back
pressed against it. Every second the kiss lasted sent sparks
shooting through her body. Her hands were roaming over
his arms and shoulders as his hands rubbed her lower back
and bottom. His lips left her mouth and he started to kiss
her neckline. Her skin felt as if was ready to burst into
flames with each small peck from his lips. Her one hand moved
up to his head and her fingers ran through his short soft
hair. He started to kiss lower on her neckline and to the
top of her chest. Her hand slipped between them and started
to pull up on her knit top. He backed away slightly and ran
his hands up her sides as she pulled the top over her head.
His lips went back to her delicate skin just were he had left
off. The moment his lips touched her skin again her body
trembled slightly. He kissed his way down her chest to the
slight valley between her breasts and found the clasp of
her bra with his teeth. He cocked his head slightly and bit
gently on the clasp opening it with no effort. As the bra
pulled back to her sides his kisses traveled across her
left breast finding her nipple. His lips parted and encompassed
her entire nipple and then most of her lusciously small
breast. His left hand slid from her lower back and reached
up to cup her right breast. His fingers lightly pinched
at her erect nipple as he continued to suck on her left nipple.
She felt the wetness growing between her thighs as he suckled
her nipple. It felt wonderful to be getting this attention
after such a long absents of a sexy man in her life. He slowly
let her nipple pop from his mouth and began a trail of tender
kisses to her right breast. Just as he made his way to her
left nipple before he now repeated the tantalization of
flesh to her right nipple. Her right nipple now throbbing
from his pinching, he quickly engulfed her nipple into
the warmth of his mouth. She took in a deep breath as he sucked
upon her right nipple quenching the heat of her flesh. His
left hand slowly moved down the side of her body coming to
rest at her hip were her slacks started. His right hand moved
to her left breast cupping it as he had done to her other,
and lightly tweaked the nipple. She slightly arched her
back and dropped her arms to her side allowing her bra to
slip off and drop to the floor. She slipped her shoes off
gently kicking them and her bra out of the way before moving
her hands to unfasten her slacks. He repositioned his body
to allow her to get to the fasteners without missing a beat.
The fastener came undone and she unzipped the zipper. His
hand moved up off the material of her slacks letting them
fall around her ankles. She reached out and pulled on his
shirt until it was no longer tucked into his Dockers. He
continued to sucking her nipple as his head pulled back
until it popped from his mouth. She pulled on his shirt until
his hands covering her breasts were forced to let go so she
could pull it over his head. Once his shirt was off she slid
her hands over his smooth chest and all the way up to his shoulders.
His hands quickly found her breasts and hard nipples again
gently caressing them. He placed his lips back to hers giving
her an intensely passionate kiss. His body moved closer
to her and she could feel his hands slide to her sides and
smooth chest press against her nipples. Her head tilted
back as he pressed his body into hers. She could feel his
bulging erection pressing against her pubic mound and
her belly. Before she could reach down to free his cock he
started to lower his body. He broke the kiss and again started
to trail soft kisses down her neck, then her chest. But this
time he passed her breasts and continued down her stomach.
Her paused and kissed all around her belly button sending
small ticklish feelings through her tummy. She raised
her hand to her own breasts and began to slowly massage them.
His hands were at her hips with his thumbs tucked between
her smooth skin and the straps of her thong. He resumed his
kisses down her body as his hands guided the sexy thong over
her hips and down her upper legs until it just fell to the
floor. His kisses were now at her waistline and crossed
her pubic mound. His lips compressed her pubic hair until
they caressed her skin beneath. As his kisses reached the
top of her pussy she tried to spread her legs to give him better
access to her now swollen and wet lips. He slipped his arm
under her left leg and then raised it so it was resting on
his shoulder. Her body was slightly twisted and just the
top of her back was against the door. She was almost on tiptoes
even thou he was sitting on his feet and knees to be in a position
to please her. She could feel him supporting her lower body
with his strong hands and arms. His head tilted slightly
back as he pulled her body so his tongue slipped between
her velvet lips. This sent a spark through her body and another
gasp escape her lips. He plunged his head in deeper and in
only a few seconds his tongue was dancing around her clitoral
hood. His tongue pressed and swirled around it until her
clit was exposed. His wet tongue slithered around her tingling
clit and probed the opening of her pussy. Her heart was beating
fast her breath was becoming erratic as his tongue tasted
every fold. His lips closed around her now throbbing clit
causing her to moan out and place one of her hands on the back
of his head. She pulled his head into her as he sucked on her
clit and flicked it with the tip of his tongue. The hand on
her ass helped pull her body even tighter to his mouth. He
licked and sucked her pulsing clit occasional letting
his tongue tunnel into her opening of wetness. She could
feel an orgasm building deep inside her pussy. With each
flick of his tongue, every plunge into her pussy, and each
suck of her now oversensitive clit she gasped for breath.
It seemed as if he knew just when she was about to orgasm and
changes his attack to prolong her pleasure. He knew she
could not take much more and started to concentrate on her
clit. Her back started to arch quickly and he gave her total
support holding her tightly as she almost screamed out.
Her back pressed hard against the door as her hand moved
back by her head to relieve some of the pressure on her neck.
Her other hand was pulling his head even tighter as she felt
the first wave of her orgasm tare through her body like a
bolt of lightning. Her body started to convulse and shutter
as another more powerful wave overtook her senses. He was
now totally supporting her quivering body as he continued
to draw her orgasm out. After another wave or two her body
started to go very limp in his arms and he pulled his head
back to be able to guide her spent body softly down to the
floor. The cool floor felt good against her hot flesh. As
he laid her body out on the floor she looked at his smooth
tanned chest and his strong arms. Her body was moist with
sweat and her muscles felt little sore from the strain of
her attempts of holding herself in position, but it was
totally worth it seeing it was about the best oral, hell,
plain out orgasm she ever had. With his help she slowly sat
up and placed her lips to his. She looked around and saw her
clothing scattered in front of the door and her stockings
slid down around her ankles. She slipped them off and lightly
tossed them over with her others. She could taste her own
juices on his lips and it only seemed to start her heart pounding
in her chest again. Once their kiss broke he stood up and
slipped his shoes off placing them by the door. He bent down
to pick up her scattered clothing and to offer her his hand
to get up. She told him to give her another minute and told
him to just put her things on the couch. She had something
else in mind before she got off the floor. As he turned back
to her she took his hand but only to get to her knees. She unfastened
his belt and the button on his Dockers. She then slowly pulled
the zipper down as she looked up at his face to see his reaction.
As she let his Dockers fall from his hips and to the floor
she saw the outline of his cock and balls being held snugly
to his body by the light blue boxer briefs he had on. She smiled
as she looked back up at him and pulled the under wear down
but never breaking eye contact. As her gaze dropped she
was amazed at the thickness of his cock. She smiled then
placed her lips to the tip of it. He looked down at her as her
lips opened and slowly took in just the tip of his head while
she looked up at his wanting blue eyes. She opened her mouth
wider taking in the whole head of his cock and lightly licking
the underside of it. He let out a soft moan of pleasure feeling
her warm mouth capturing the head of his cock and her slippery
tongue tickle the fleshy underside. She saw his eyes start
to lightly close for a moment as she moved her head forwards
to take in more of this wonderful instrument of pleasure.
She opened her jaws as much as she could to avoid scraping
his thick cock with her teeth. The farther down on his cock
she went the thicker it was. His cock was nearly completely
filling her mouth stretching her lips to their limit. Still
looking upon his face that was now displaying an abundance
of pleasure she began to move her head back to the head of
his cock. Her hands wrapped around his hips moving to cup
the cheeks of his firm ass. His body flexed feeling the air
cool the warm saliva left behind when she pulled back releasing
his hard cock for the depths of her mouth. She pulled on his
ass as she plunged his cock back into her warm wet mouth watching
his body tense in appreciation. As she pulled back again
she looked down to see all but the base of his cock covered
in a thin coat of her saliva. The saliva enhanced the presents
of the vanes covering the surface of his cock. She took him
in quickly pulling his hip towards her trying to get is huge
cock all the in to the base. She could feel the course pubic
hair tickle her nose and just a few hairs touch her upper
lip but she could stretch her lips open no farther than they
were. He moaned again feeling her take his shaft in almost
to the hilt and farther than anyone had ever attempted before.
His hands dropped to her shoulders, not pulling or pushing
but just supporting her. She pulled back and plunged forwards
again shifting her eyes back to his soothing face as she
started to get a quick paced motion going. She applied a
little suction to his cock as she pulled back; having so
much cock filling her mouth made this an easy task from the
drawing of her cheeks. Her jaw was starting to get sore from
the shier size of his cock stretching her lips and forcing
her jaw to be fully extended. She pulled her head back to
the tip of his cock and lightly sucked on it as she moved her
right hand to his glistening shaft and began to stroke it.
She moved her head back and forth just taking in the head
of his cock to give her jaw a break. He looked down watching
her work his cock with a great deal of satisfaction but he
didn’t want to cum just yet. He placed his hands just under
her armpits to lift her from the task she was doing so well.
As he started to lift she didn’t want to stop but she also
didn’t want him to get upset and lose that great hard-on.
As she slowly rose with his assistance his cock caressed
the valley of her breasts and trailed over her stomach and
belly button until she was fully standing up where it rested
at her waist slightly higher than her crotch. His arms wrapped
around her slender body pulling her snugly to him. Her breasts
were pressing his upper stomach and she could feel his hard
cock going from mid pubic mound to just under her navel.
His balls were nestled in her pubic hair just above her still
tingling clit. Her hands were on his hips gently grasping
his flesh. Her heart was bounding in her chest as he leaned
his head down to kiss her once again. His kiss soothed her
lips as his tongue worked its way into her mouth. His hands
slid down to her ass as he pulled her body tighter to his.
She broke the kiss gently and started to lead him back towards
her room without pulling their bodies apart from each other.
As she entered the hallway she stumbled and ended up with
her back against the wall. He reached down and lifted her
body up then slowly lowered her onto his erect cock. She
felt the head press against her wet outer lips and slowly
part them. She then felt the head of his cock find the entrance
to her steaming pussy and expand the opening as it popped
in. As he continued to lower her body onto his huge hard shaft
she could feel it filling her and stretching her pussy wider
than any other man before had ever stretched it. The feel
of his cock filling her was more pleasurable than any other
she had felt before. As she felt her pubic mound come to rest
on his pelvis his full girth filled her to her limit. Her
legs wrapped around his waist as he pinned her up to the wall
with his body and her arms were over his shoulders with her
hands cradling his head. His hands were on her sides just
below her armpits with his forearms firmly against the
wall. His body moved, dropping his pelvis allowing his
cock to withdraw from her pussy until only the head was still
inside. He slowly moved back into position reinserting
his cock to the hilt. She could feel her pussy being emptied
then refilled until she was impaled on his hard shaft once
again. He started out easy and slow letting her get accustom
to his girth. Her wetness coated his cock allowing it to
slide in and out of her more easily, more smoothly. He began
kissing her neck as his cock pumped in and out of her. Her
labored breaths turned to shallow moans as he pounded her
harder and faster. Her hands were now grasping his shoulders
and her legs interlocked behind his back as she was being
thrashed up and down. She could feel her orgasm building
quickly deep within her pussy. His huge cock moved faster
and deeper into her, with each hard thrust his huge cock
threatening to split her open. Her moans were now almost
screams of pleasure as her orgasm fought for control of
her body. He could tell just how close she was and slowed
just enough to keep her from her orgasm. He controlled the
tempo and prevented her from her release two or three times.
He finally had her to the point he knew he could not hold her
back any longer and thrust deep into her just as she thought
he was going to make her wait once again. The first wave started
to break as her pussy tried to contract around the thickness
of his cock. His shaft was deep inside her as her orgasmic
sensations now flooding her lower body. He could feel her
body tense and shutter against his as her orgasm started
to flow. Knowing that her orgasm had begun only made him
want to let his own orgasm release into her that much more
but he continued to thrust himself deep inside her and hold
himself there for a moment before thrusting again. Her
body pinned between him and the wall unable to move, his
cock buried to the hilt inside her pussy, her legs now trembling
and only spread open because of his body being located between
them holding them apart. She was out of control as another
wave of her orgasm ripped through her body seizing total
control. She screamed out her pussy still trying to constrict
but still denied by the thickness that filled her. With
every pulse of her orgasm the sensation was amplified ten
times and her mind seemed lost within the sensations of
pleasure. She felt him thrust even deeper as he whispered
in her ear “I’m going to cum” in a gasping manner. In a frantic
shout she told him “cum in me, cum in me now” as she managed
to get her legs back around him and pull him in tighter. She
felt his cock pulse and slightly swell within her tight
pussy as his first load of hot cum flooded her deepest regions.
She felt another wave of her own pleasure over take her senses
again as he let out a low grunting sound and thrust hard again.
Another load of his cum gushed into her causing her body
to shutter beyond her control again. He held himself deep
inside her as the rest of his orgasm emptied out into her.
Her body pinned between his and the wall twitched as her
orgasm slowly subsided. He reached under her ass and around
her back pulling her away from the wall but still impaled
by his cock that was beginning to soften just a little. He
walked her into the bedroom and laid her weakened body onto
the bed and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. She could
feel the mix of their orgasms draining from her now empty
feeling pussy. He lowered his head and started to lick at
her opening and clean the juices from between her legs.
She felt him insert his tongue into her opening and sooth
the tenderness of her flesh. His tongue licking her felt
fantastic as she lied there silently. After he had cleaned
and soothed her pussy she pulled him up to her and told him
that it was now his turn. She had him move up onto the bed and
began to return the process of orally cleaning him off.
She also wanted to reset him in a manner she was sure of seceding
at. With his cock limp she had little problem taking it totally
into her warm wet mouth. Her tongue swirled around his thick
base then she worked her way up to the head. She could almost
immediately feel his cock expand and grow in her mouth.
The harder he got the harder it was for her to go down his full
length and still manage to get her tongue to encircle him
fully. She removed his now more erect cock from her mouth
and moved down to his balls. She opened wide and took his
sack into her mouth. She moved his balls around in her mouth
with her tongue softly, and then lightly sucked on them
as she withdrew from his body. His balls pulled almost to
the point of discomfort before popping out of her warm mouth.
She traced the underside of his cock with her tongue feeling
the soft skin stretched over the thick vanes that pulsed
with each beat his heart. She took a closer look at his cock,
its girth and length, the way the dim light reflected off
the saliva covered surface of it. She looked at all of the
vanes making raised patterns and ridges all over the surface
of his shaft. He watched as she studied his cock so intently,
admiring her fascination with it. She reached up placing
her hand around the base. She could not get her hand to close
around the base due to its size but as she moved up to the head
her thumb and middle finger could barely touch. His thickness
was very hard and warm to her touch. She slipped her lips
over the head of his cock one more time and heard him let out
a little moan of pleasure. She pulled her head back allowing
the tip to come out of her mouth while still keeping her grip
on him. She wanted him inside her again and wanted him to
enter her from behind as she lay upon the bed. She moved her
body and told him that she wanted him to fuck her from behind.
He looked a little surprised at her request thinking she
wanted him to fuck her in her ass. As he positioned himself
behind her he asked her if she had some lube to help him slide
into her ass easer. She quickly turned her head and upper
body explaining to him that she wanted him to fuck her pussy
not her ass. He was relived hearing her explain her wishes
to him. He pulled a pillow down propping her hips up to make
his entry more manageable. He lowered his body to hers and
slowly inserted him self into her. She could feel his massive
cock filling her opening again. He could feel his cock sliding
into her a little easer than the first time and continued
to insert himself until he was totally inside her tight
opening. He slowly drew back about half way before slowly
pushing back in to her. Her opening was tightly wrapped
around his hard cock as she felt him pull back once again.
She loved the feeling of this thick cock forcing its way
in and out of her. The more he moved in and out of her the more
her wetness sickened them up making his thickness slip
more quickly into her. He was still using his arms to prop
himself up when she moved her legs a little closer together.
She continued to move her legs together until they were
pressing on his. He realized what it was she wanted and carefully
moved his legs and body to allow her to totally close her
legs together. He was couscous to try to keep himself berried
inside her as she maneuvered her body. She pushed back against
him taking in as much as the position would allow and slipped
the pillow from underneath her. As her body lowered his
cock applied more pressure to the front of her pussy giving
her a little extra sensation. She brought her arms up around
her sides catching his and causing his body to flatten against
her back. Her body now pressed between him and the bed, her
head laid on the left side of her face. He moved his arms upwards
until he moved her arms above her head and he interlocked
his fingers with hers. He kissed the back of her neck and
whispered, “Is this what you wanted” into her ear. She said
yes somewhat breathless as his breath warmed the skin around
her ear and neck. He slowly began to move his body being careful
not to pull his cock from her now slick pussy. He pulled back
until his cock was just about to pull out then pushed back
into her as deeply as he could. She moaned out in pleasure
feeling his thickness fill her wetness. He whispered into
her ear again “Your pussy feels so good it is all I can do to
not fill you with cum again right now”. His words added to
her arousal and her heart pounded strong in her chest. She
could feel his cock working deeper with each thrust. She
felt him kiss her neck tenderly as he continued to work his
magic between her legs. Her orgasm was quickly building
as he quickened his pace now ramming his cock into her. Her
pussy was being filled to its limits once again and it felt
wonderful to her. He could feel her body tensing underneath
his and knew that she was getting close to her release. Her
moans filled the room adding to the sexual ecstasy they
were sharing. “Do you want me to fill your pussy with my cum”
he asked in a faded breath. The sounds of his words almost
sent her over the edge, her body twitched as his cock plunged
in deep again. “Fill me with your cum!!!” escaped her lips
as her pussy started to clinch around his cock. She screamed
out just as she felt his warm cum explode into her depths.
His cock pushed deeper into her adding that intensity to
her orgasm again. She heard him utter, “I’m cumming” into
he rear. Even thou she already knew it, hearing him tell
her added to her pleasure. Her body struggled to maneuver
under his but was held in place as he thrust into her over
and over. Her pussy was on fire and a shockwave of energy
surged through her every vane. Her entire body quivered
as her orgasm stole her breath and filled her with pleasure.
Her legs almost went numb with each wave of her orgasm paralyzing
her ability to control her own movements. She cried out
in pure pleasure as she felt the last of his cum emptied into
her flooded pussy. She heard him say, “You are such a hot
woman” softly spoken into her ear. Her own orgasm was subsiding
slowly but her body was still surging with excitement.
He slowly pulled himself out of her and moved to the left
side of her so he could look into her soft eyes. She smiled
at him and said, “That was the best sex I have had in a long
time” then moved her hand to caress the side of his face.
He leaned in to her and kissed her softly on the lips. They
held each other as they slowly drifted off to sleep. He awoke
and looked around then realizing where he was. The room
was dark and he knew it was well past midnight. He tried moving
from the bed without disturbing her sleep but she woke before
he had gotten fully out of the bed. He felt her hand touch
his back and heard her quiet voice say, “Where are you going”
sounding a little disappointed in tone. He turned and looked
into her sweet eyes and said, “I thought I would go home then
come and pick you up in the morning to head to the beach. As
she became more awake she said, “Why don’t you just stay
here with me tonight and we can stop at your place on our way
to the beach tomorrow” with a wanting look in her eyes. She
quickly added, “I might just want some more of the cock between
now and the morning too” with a look of hot desire now crossing
her face. He smiled at her and asked, “Are you sure me staying
her through the night would be ok” as if only wanting to please
her wishes. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around
his limp cock giving it a light tug as to pull him back into
the bed. He slid his body back into the bed and pulled her
naked body to his. She intertwined her body with his and
felt his cock come to life and press into her thy. Just the
feeling of his hard-on started her juices flowing. Before
she knew it she was maneuvering her body to allow him to penetrate
her pussy again. He started his tempo once again but a little
faster to start this time her pussy lips were being stretched
wide open by the head of his cock quickly filling her with
pleasure. His right hand found her left breast and began
massaging it. Her breath was getting faster with each thrust
of his massive cock. Her legs wrapped around his waist as
her moans of passion escaped from her lips filling the quiet
room. With each of his thrusts her legs tightened around
his waist trying to pull him in even deeper. Her pussy was
filled with the sensations of an intense orgasm building
at a rapid pace deep inside her. She yelled out, “Fuck Me
Hard Baby” in a panting breathe as she felt the onset of her
release. He rammed her harder than he had ever before sending
her over the edge. She screamed out in bliss as her pussy
tried to contract around his huge cock again. He rammed
hard again. All the sensations hit her at once the fire in
her veins, his cock buried deeper in her than ever before,
the muscles in her legs tightening around him uncontrollably,
and the feeling of light-headedness. It all over took her
in a most wonderful way adding so much to her orgasm. She
cried out, “Don’t stop, don’t stop” as wave after wave surged
through her body. He knew she was cumming and continued
to thrust hard and deep into her. All of the sudden her body
shook and she let out a loud shrill, scaring him. Her eyes
popped open and hands clenched his arms as she shook again.
He quickly asked if she was ok and she looked into his eyes
and explained that she thought that she was about to passed
out. Her orgasm had made her so light headed for a few seconds
she could not think but only feel the tingling of her body
around his thick shaft. He slowly continued to move in and
out of her as her body calmed down. He got closer to his release
as her body shuttered as telltale singes of the fading orgasm
passed through her. She could feel him starting to swell
expanding her a little more and knew he was about to shot
is load into her sensitive pussy. She tightened the grip
she had on him with her legs to be able to control his motion
once he began to release. Just as she pulled him in with her
legs he made a deep groan and she felt the pulsing of his cock
and the warmth of his cum erupt into her deepest regions.
She felt another load coat her inner walls and his body shake.
She pulled him to her again with her legs and he released
another load and another low grunt. She worked him till
he had nothing left to give and his cock started to go limp
inside her warm orgasmic filled hole. As his cock lost its
firmness and decreased in its thickness she could feel
the mixture of their pleasure start to leak from her well-pleased
pussy. He pulled out to let her use the restroom. As she got
out of the bed she noticed the time was just after 3 AM. He
waited for her to get back to the bedroom and kissed her as
she got back into bed. He slid his feet out of the bed and stood
up, she quickly said, “I thought you were going to stay here
with me tonight” looking a little disappointed. He smiled
and quickly replied, “I just need to use the bathroom sweetie”
as he wondered out of the bedroom towards the hallway. She
could see his body and fairly nice ass illuminated by the
moonlight as he walked out of the room. She almost dosed
off waiting for his return even thou he was only gone for
a few minutes. She heard the toilet flush and saw him return
to the room. She liked the look of her new lover as the moonlight
exposed his nude fetchers to her inquisitive eyes. He slipped
into the bed with her and snuggled next to her soft body.
As she awoke in the morning she found the bed empty and wondered
where he had gone. She slipped on a light robe and headed
out into the hallway. She could hear rustling in the kitchen
and found him making some breakfast for the two of them.
She looked at him standing there in just his boxer briefs
finishing up with the cooking. When he had noticed her standing
behind him in the kitchen he said, “I hope you don’t mind
me fixing us something to eat, but after last night I felt
we could both use a good breakfast to start our day” then
smiled at her. She replied to him, “I don’t mind at all, this
was very unexpected but appreciated” as she gave him a hug
from behind. She walked over and set the table as he poured
them some coffee then joined her at the table. As they ate
they talked about the trip to the beach and what they wanted
to bring. Beverages and fruit in a small cooler filled with
ice was about the only thing that they wanted to bring. As
soon as they finished eating she hopped up from the table
and went to pick up her clothing from the night before but
noticed that he had picked up her things and folded them
and laid them on the couch. She turned and gave him a smile
as she picked them up and then headed to the bedroom. He saw
her drop her robe and head into the bathroom. She walked
to the bathroom naked on purpose just to show off her body
to him in the light of the day. He admired her body and the
curves enhanced by her sensual strutting. Her perky smaller
breasts lightly bouncing as she stepped, her cute ass shifting
as she moved, the way her legs tapered from her calf to her
ankle. She was a vision in his eyes as she headed into the
shower. He walked back to the kitchen from the hallway and
cleaned up the dishes from the table as she finished her
shower. He heard the water from the shower turn off and walked
back to the hall. She walked out of the bathroom still drying
her body off with a towel. She told him, “You can get a shower
here if you like to save time” then flashed him her body as
she started to dry

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