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Descent of Susan (fm:bondage)


I break out the dildo hidden in my drawer, under my lingerie,
wrapped in thick layers of fabric. No one must ever know
it’s there. I can’t even force myself to think of the disgrace
its discovery would cause. My husband… My husband would
probably consider divorcing me. But my sons… dear God,
I won’t even think about it.

I unwrap the dildo. My hands tremble slightly. I am very
aroused. Pornography is designed for men, but, heavens
forgive me, it works on me too. I need to bring myself off
now. I am too aroused, too wet and horny right now to just
use my fingers on my clit. No, I need to go all the way. This
is what the dildo was purchased for, bought at a counter
in the store with the black lights on, my face blushing as
I was paying in cash and nervously glancing left and right.

It’s out. My God, I am always shocked anew by how big and nasty
it actually is. This is not just a dildo, this is a thick,
ten inches long slab of pink plastic, ribbed and designed
to give your cunt that special treatment and make you scream
as you cum. It was designed for whores with cunts that can’t
get off on normal-sized cocks, whores who need it big and
rough. My God, am I really such a slut? When you pass me in
the street as I go shopping or to church with my family, do
you look into my eyes and see a slut leering back at you?

Because I am. Yes, I am, because I need it. I need it right
now. I can’t just put my fingers into my panties, press my
lips together tight and have a silent, decent, but still
sinful solitary orgasm. I have been watching those short
porno clips you get from the Internet for almost an hour
now and I am so hot and wet that I need something really hard.
I need something big and thick in my cunt. I need to fuck myself
like a whore, until I cum screaming.

I take my clothes off. The dress, the bra, the pantyhose
are thrown on the floor by the bed. The panties, oh God, look
how wet they are. God, what a fucking slut this woman is!
I roll the soaked fabric between my fingers. I bring them
closer to my face and the strong, musky scent hits me. Oh

I lie on the bed, completely naked. There is no need to rush
it. The kids are out of town and my husband won’t be home another
three hours or so. I have this time all to myself. Me and Mr.
Dildo are going to have some fun.

I kiss the warm plastic and stroke my face with this large,
pink cock. I touch the insides of my thighs with the fingers
of my other hand and I can feel how wet I am down there. I need
it, I need it there, deep inside me. I need it to penetrate
me, to impale me, to cut my breath and send my hips up in a savage
spasm of raw pleasure. But not just yet. The more I wait,
the better it gets.

I slide the dildo across my breasts, touching the nipples,
making them so painfully hard. I put it in my mouth, then
suck it deep into my throat, until I feel very uncomfortable
with it, then I take it out and spit on it. And then I rub my
nipples with it. Oh, Jesus, God, this feels so good. I close
my eyes.


“Do you come here often?” could be what the large man in dirty
jeans is saying but I can’t quite make him out with all the
music and noise of this bar. I just smile in reply. A very
suggestive, telling smile. That functions way better
than words in situations like this. After all he can tell
what I am here for from a mile away, there’s no sense in playing
shy, is there? I am wearing very heavy make-up, partly to
conceal that I am well into my forties and partly because
I know it will attract just the kind of men I am looking for.
They will get the message even though I might not be saying
anything to them verbally. Of course, my attire helps my
cause. The thin blouse I am wearing can barely contain my
breasts (breasts of a middle-aged mother neatly packed
into a very tight push-up bra) and I got all kinds of indecent
words thrown at me on my way to the bar. The high heels make
my legs look so perfect ‒ long, slender, sexy and the barely-there
leather miniskirt rounds up the package. Yes, my outfit
screams ‘slut’ to everyone within a mile radius. And this
is even before they can tell I am not wearing any panties.

My drinking buddy will soon learn this, however because
he’s taken the cue and is switching to mostly non-verbal
communication. He downs another tequila and then casually
grabs my ass. I am frozen for a second, because I know that
anyone who cares to look will now see him massage my butt-cheeks.
But I smile at him, seductively. Like a good whore.

His big hand keeps squeezing my flesh as he leans over to
shout into my ear. He tells me how wet I am. Like I don’t know
that. I rock my hips slowly as his fingers go up my cunt. I
am forcing myself not to think about the fact that probably
half the bar have their eyes on my ass by now.

He has a room upstairs. He would like to know whether I‘d
care to join him for some private fun. I have so much tequila
in me and so much pussy juice smeared between my legs that
I can’t possibly say no. I whisper into his ear, saying some
extremely nasty things. He smiles and shouts back at me.
He promises to fuck me so hard he’ll rip my cunt in two.

I blush. I don’t know whether anyone else was able to hear
his promise but it’s enough to know that it almost made me
cum on the spot to make me feel embarrassed at just how much
of a whore I can become. If only my husband could see me now,
following my lover for tonight through the crowd, my leather
skirt not even properly covering my privates any more.
I am his for tonight, his for the taking. My heart pounds
heavily and my legs are not easy to control, especially
taking into account those thin, high heels I’ve put on to
look like a proper slut.

My man waves at his friend standing at the other end of the
room and I see him smiling back, nodding and following us
up the stairs. Oh, my God, my God, Susan, this might turn
out to be more than you wagered for…


I slide the dildo up and down my belly now, then I push it lower,
between my pussy lips, across my clit and beyond. It feels
so good. So slippery and wet down there. I have to move it
slowly because otherwise I’ll cum right away and it’s not
time yet.

I put my finger into my mouth and suck on it. When it’s sufficiently
wet, I spread my legs wider and push it into my anus. I moan
aloud as it penetrates my tight ass. I never ever had anal
sex with a man. My husband even frowns upon the notion of
oral sex and mentioning something like this to him would
be openly asking for trouble (perhaps even exorcism?),
so my asshole is tight and having my finger up it makes me
feel very full. And so dirty. Slowly, I stroke my pussy lips
and my clit with the ribbed hunk of plastic in my hand, as
I gently fuck my ass with my finger. Such a slut. Such a slut,


He has me on my knees almost before I can make out what the
room looks like. It’s nothing to write home about anyway,
dirty floorboards (and I am kneeling on them), dimmed light
in one corner, old, torn posters on the wall… No time to analyse
the environment as my man demands I give his crotch my full

His jeans go down and I am faced with the biggest cock I have
ever seen. It’s long, it’s thick and it’s menacing and beautiful.
It’s much bigger than my husband’s cock, that much is sure.

I take it in my hand and I could scream from pleasure just
feeling that magnificent piece of meat throb and get harder
from my touches. I pull the foreskin back and see tiny drops
of precum making their way out of the hole on the head. God,
I could lick this thick, hot shaft for hours.

But my lover has other plans. Obviously, his idea of foreplay
is a bit simpler than mine. He grabs my hair and shoves his
cock into my mouth, pulling my head into his crotch. His
instruction is of course to ‘suck on it’, adding the word
‘bitch’ in case I have any illusions about the ways he sees

I almost choke on his meat as he sticks it deep into my throat.
I grab the part that is still outside my mouth and hold on
it, to ensure he doesn’t go all the way down. I love big cocks,
but being able to breathe is still a priority.

Regardless, he still pushes in. Hard. He pulls my head onto
his cock at the same time. ‘Suck it, baby, suck it, yeah’
are his words, but I am doing less sucking and more swallowing
and fighting my gag reflex as he brutally fucks my face.
At the same time, I am vaguely aware that his friend has joined
us in the room and that he is also taking his clothes off.


I push the dildo in and for a while I only keep the tip inside
my cunt. It feels so good to just have it in there, at the entrance,
feel the muscles relax, knowing the proper penetration
is yet to come. I play with my nipples. I squeeze them very
hard, even using my fingernails. It hurts, but, God, it
hurts so good.


Of course, you take whores from behind and this is how my
lover decides to have me. There is no tenderness in this
process, this is not lovemaking. He pushes me to the floor
and rolls my skirt up. Before I can say anything, I feel the
enormous head of his, now very hard cock pushing between
my lips. ‘Oh, God…. Oh, God, please, go slow, you’re too
big…’ Not that he listens. Not that I expected him to. To
him, I am just a whore who suddenly feels the inexplicable
need to do some work free of charge. He will take the opportunity,
of course, but that doesn’t mean he’ll ask me to marry him

I scream a scream of (plenty of) pain and (some) pleasure
as he pushes into me. He’s big and thick and careless and
this is the fuck I came here to find. Have it, Susan, have
all of it if you can. I scream a bit more, begging him to go
easier on me but this is soon cut short by another cock getting
buried deep in my mouth. My friend’s friend apparently
grew tired of waiting his turn and, besides who says the
mouth should be used for foreplay only? He fucks my mouth
as hard as his buddy fucks my poor cunt and now I am being seriously
pounded from both sides, my eyes filling with tears as I
fight the pain in my nether regions and the enormous cock
gagging me from the front.


It can go deeper now, but still I do it slowly. The dildo is
so thick, so long, so beautiful and I am so wet and horny and
it feels so god to just fuck myself slowly, carefully, letting
out loud, happy moans of fantastic pleasure.

Until… Oh God, what was that sound?


No, no, no, it can’t be!! It can’t be my husband, it’s too
early for him to be home.

I lift my head from the pillow so I can hear better and surely
enough, there are sounds coming from downstairs. Voices,
more than one. He IS back home and he is not alone.

My God, my God. How? Why? I push the dildo under the pillow.
Will have to remember to remove it later, lest I want my husband
finding it there in the evening.

I can now hear him call out my name from downstairs. Oh God,
what’s happening? No time, no time, I have to get down there
because if he gets up here I am dead. Finished.

The pantyhose and the bra and the panties, no time, I push
them under the bed. Just barely have time to put the dress
on, it’ll have to do. I’ll see what this is all about and then
I’ll excuse myself and get back here to put some more clothes

‘Coming, honey!!’

My voice is raspy, rough. Of course, all that moaning I did,
moaning like the cheapest porno slut. I look in the mirror
and I am terrified by what I see. My face is red, my hair in
total disarray and, oh God, my nipples are totally showing.
I look down, half-expecting to see the stain on my crotch
from all the cunt juice, but mercifully nothing there…
yet. No time, I have to run.

I try to control my pace as I descend the stairs, there is
no sense in looking like I am in a hurry to get there, right?
Let’s just hope no one notices my breathing and my hairstyle
and… those nipples that just won’t go soft.

There he is, my husband, there he is. And, oh God, he doesn’t
look happy. No, not happy at all. Is it so obvious what I have
been up to? Usually he is completely blind to whatever I
do, even though I assume he is aware of the way men look at
his wife in the street and in the restaurant and in the mall
and in the church and… But he never ever said anything. Never.

‘So there you are…’

‘Honey what…’

I look around and I don’t understand anything. Who are these
people? My husband is a conservative suburban gentleman,
what is he doing bringing three suspiciously looking youths
to our home? Moreover, two of them are black, one of them
Hispanic, all of them in their early to mid twenties. What

‘What... what happened?’

Perhaps… perhaps there was a traffic accident. Yes, that
would explain this unusual situation. I open my mouth to
ask my husband about it but I realise he is completely ignoring
me. Instead he talks to the men.

‘As I said, she’s yours to do whatever you feel like, help
yourselves to the goods, gentlemen’.

I can’t believe my ears. He did not just say what I think he
said. There’s something wrong with my head, there must
be. I open my mouth again.

But the three step up to me, grinning like maniacs. Rows
of white teeth on black faces.


Oh, no, God, no, this can’t be happening. How can this be?
This can’t be happening, no…

I scream. This time it’s not a scream of passion.. This time
it’s a scream of sheer blind panic. It doesn’t help. Their
hands are all over me in just a few seconds. I try to back away
up the stairs but they already have me. I try to defend myself,
thrashing at them blindly but there are three young, muscular
men against a middle-aged soccer mom.

‘No! No! Please!!! Please!! Let me go!’

Black hand covers my mouth. Other hand holds my arms suspended
behind my back. Other hands crawl all over my body. Then
the sound of ripping fabric fills the room. They are tearing
off my clothes, my God, they are animals.

I scream and scream and scream as my dress is being torn and
my breasts spill from the shreds of fabric. My screams are
muffled by the hand over my mouth, though, and the sound
of laughter of my three assailants is echoing around the

‘Just like that, boys, just like that, she’s yours for the
taking!! Give it to her hard and without mercy!! I’ve suffered
enough of her whorish conduct in public!!’

My husband sounds like a madman. My God, he is mad, insane.
He… Oh, my God, he planned this? This is his revenge? For…
for what? What does he know? What does he think I do?

No time to dwell on these thoughts, no time… Strong hands
grab my legs and they are lifted from the floor, then spread.
And there’s nothing I can do, nothing. I am being held tight,
I am totally at their mercy and no mater how hard I try to bring
my thighs together, no matter how I wiggle in the arms of
the one holding me from the back, I can not break free or prevent
them from having a good look at my privates.

‘no no no no no no…’ I scream but to no avail. The youth in front
of me drops his pants and I can see his penis is extremely
hard. No, God, no, please, not like this, no.

He penetrates me as his friend holds me for him. His large,
black cock is buried deep into my vagina and I feel such shame…
such shame. Because I am still wet and relaxed from all the
masturbation I did and it makes me look like I am aroused.
My God, like I am aroused by being a victim of gang !!

‘Man, the bitch is totally open.’ He comments as he pushes
into me. He is very big. ‘Mr. Evans was right, she definitely
is a total fucking whore.’

No, no, no… I want to tell them, I want to… No… I don’t want
to tell them, no… Oh God… The shame, the shame of it all overtakes
my whole being and the thick black penis pounding mercilessly
at my pussy is not what makes my eyes full of tears. It’s the

‘Oh, yes, Susan’ shouts my husband like a religious leader
falling into righteous rage. ‘Oh, yes, you definitely
are a whore! How long did you think I’d stand all the humiliation
you subjected me to? Eh? All those dirty ideas you bring
to our bed, where did you pick them all, eh? And the way you
act in the street, do you think I’m blind, whore? Do you take
me for such a fool?’

Suddenly, the hand that was covering my mouth is gone and
I can now breathe easier. But I use this chance to scream.


This is all I can think of. The only word that makes sense.
My husband’s harsh words, the , the only word that makes
sense is ‘no’.

And, yet, there is no sense as all three men laugh at me and
the one fucking my pussy seems to be getting even harder
from my screams and pleas. And my husband… he steps up to
us, a grimace of such rage on his face that he looks like a
total stranger to me. And then he slaps my face so hard, so
savagely that for a few moments I think I am gone blind.

‘Whore’, he says and spits into my face. ‘How many men do
you have to fuck behind my back before you decide you’ve
humiliated me enough?’

I… I… I never… I never… what is he saying, I never… This… this
is some kind of misunderstanding, I… I can explain myself…

But of course I can’t… because I am being held helpless and
brutally and the only words coming out of my mouth
are ‘no’ and ‘please’ over and over again.

A change of approach. But of course, my all want
equal opportunity at having a go at my cunt. I am pushed face-first
to the table and the Hispanic one approaches me from the
back. I plead and sob but everyone ignores me. I try to get
my face up from the table but I am pushed back down, hard.
I hit my face on the table surface and when I open my eyes again
I am startled to see drops of blood on it. My lip, I bit into

The man behind me pulls at the remains of my dress and the
fabric gives way. I am not sure what he is doing until...
Until he grabs both my arms and ties them on my back, brutally.
Oh, God, oh God, now… now I am even more helpless.

I can feel his fingers probe at my cunt’s entrance, as if
he wants to assess just how true the claims of my ‘whoredom’
are. He pushes inside, two, three, then four fingers.

‘Oh, God, no, no, please, not that hard!!!’ I scream, but
that only makes him go deeper.

Finally, he pulls his fingers out and ten I hear a zipper
open. His hot, bulbous cock-head touches my pussy and then
he pushes in.

The screaming I’ve done so far is nothing compared to the
way I scream as I feel my flesh being torn apart. His cock
is so big I see little explosions of light in front of my eyes.
God it hurts, God how it hurts….

‘Hohohoh, Juan, she wasn’t expecting someone as big as
you, my man!!’ announces one of the voices cheerfully.
I am too busy to ascertain which one. I am too busy screaming
at the top of my lungs as his monster cock continues to split
me in half.

Juan obviously loves the way I shake my hips, trying to get
away from his attacks, as he slaps my ass-cheeks and calls
me a whore and a slut.

‘You love this big cock in you, Ms. Evans? You love this big,
thick Mexican cock in your white pussy, slut, don’t you?
Eh? Have you ever had a cock this big in you, momma, eh?’

Even if I could answer, and all I can really do is scream,
my mouth is taken the next moment. The man who fucked my pussy
first has stepped around the table and grabbed my hair.
He shoves his cock deep into my throat and as I gag on it, tears
gush from my eyes, followed by mucus from my nose.

‘You love that, Ms. Evans, eh? You love tasting your own
pussy on my cock, eh?’

I have never been so humiliated in my life because he is half
right: I can taste my own juices on his penis. And as he fucks
my mouth with reckless abandon, I can see my own blood painting
his dark skin an even darker shade of brown.

The Mexican man behind me me with increasing brutality.
He pulls his penis out of me completely and then slams it
all the way back in, making me scream until my throat is just
one red wound. The one in the front is choking me and pushing
so deep that I can not fight my gag reflex any more.

I throw up all over his cock, violently, yet there is very
little fluid that actually comes out on the table. Because
he never for a second pulls out of my mouth and even decides
to push even deeper, my spasms apparently giving him additional
pleasure. So whatever comes out comes out through my nostrils
as I am forced to swallow my own vomit along with his juices.

But then he notices and, oh, then he apparently gets really

‘You fucking BITCH!’ he shouts pulling his cock out. ‘You
fucking dirty WHORE’!

And he punches my face, hard. More blood. More blood on the
table, along with my spit and some of the vomit.

‘You dirty bitch!!!’

Another punch and there’s now a hot trail of blood I can sense
coming down from my nose. And just the same, he grabs my hair
all over again, both hands this time and shoves his cock
into my mouth, deeper than ever before.

‘The whore threw up’ announces the third man, in case someone
was uncertain. ‘I cant believe this bitch, man’.

The cock in my pussy seems to be growing harder yet as the
man behind me grabs my tied arms and pulls my torso up from
the table. His strong hands then grab my breasts and he starts
squeezing them mercilessly, cruelly. My mouth is free
now and I am free to scream. All I want.

‘You gonnna just stand there and take the bitch’s vomit
like that man?’

The question goes to the one who my moth until just
a second ago. And, of course, he is not going to. So, punching
my face and fucking my throat were not enough.

He takes his belt off his pants, still down there around
his ankles. He makes a noose out of it and, oh God, no…

He grabs my hair and pulls my head up and even as I scream for
mercy, in a second or two the leather noose is placed around
my neck. And he pulls. He pulls hard.

My screams turn to choked cough as my access to air is cut.
And the man behind me me with increased gusto. Then
not one, but two thick black cocks are placed in front of
my face. As one of their owners chokes me with his belt, they
both jerk off in unison, laughing and making jokes about
my eyes wanting to burst out of my head.

Then they both try to push into my mouth at the same time.
Of course, they can’t, but it’s not stopping them from trying.
My mouth…. My lips are stretched beyond anything I could
ever imagine as two black cock-heads savage their way into
my mouth. The noose around my neck tightens and I realise
am about to pass out any second now. The man me from
behind pushes my whole body forwards with every thrust
and my mouth somehow accommodates both cocks. Now all I
am aware of is flesh, flesh moving, going in and out, flesh
tortured and pleasured, the sounds of men enjoying their
victim, the sounds of a woman fighting for life as her throat
is squeezed tighter and tighter and tighter… Going black…

A blow to my face… I open my eyes not sure whether I am waking
up from a dream…or to a living nightmare.

‘Man you’ll ruin it for us, man, what the fuck!!’

A displeased voice as I become aware of my surroundings.
I am on my back. Still on the table, but on my back now, my arms
still tied up behind me. The belt is still around my neck
but the noose is relaxed a bit now. How long was I out?

No time to think, no time, as the man squats above me and places
his bottom on my face.

‘Lick my balls and ass, whore, come on!!!’

I… I… I do what he says. I extend my tongue and touch his testicles
as I watch him masturbate above me. There’s nothing else
I could do. My God, they might kill me. They might kill me!!!

‘The ass, whore, do the ass too!!!!’

He shouts at me impatiently but I just can’t force myself
to do it. And this is something he overcomes simply by shifting
his weight and forcing his butt-crack on my tongue. His
friend grabs my hair from behind and pushes my head in. There
are tears as large as the sky coming out of my eyes as I tongue
the man’s asshole. My God…

And still I feel my legs being spread again. And then the
sharpest, most brutal pain shoots through my body. Now
I understand what ‘ruining it for us’ meant. The man in front
of me has just shoved his fist into my cunt. My God… My God…
The pain!!! The pain that can only compare to the pain of
giving birth. And where one is the product of love, the other
is the product of blind hate and scorn.

‘Yes, fist the whore hard, she can never get enough meat
in her dirty cunt, fist her until she bleeds!!’

My husband’s voice is so cold and so full of hatred. My God,
how did I ever end up like this? Did I really do all these horrible
things to deserve this kind of punishment?

I can’t see what is happening down there but I feel as if I
am being torn apart, limb from limb as the man brutally fucks
my cunt with his hand. My legs are held up and apart by his
friend and with my arms secured behind my back and the third
man sitting on my face I can not so much as move or even beg
for mercy. My humiliation is complete.

The one on my face now leans to the front and I can feel him
grab my breasts. He places his thick penis between them
and starts moving his hips front and back. He orders me to
continue licking his asshole and shows me what will happen
if I refuse to by squeezing my breasts so brutally that I
scream like a banshee and beg him to stop promising to do
anything he wants.

He is happy with this arrangement and continues to fuck
my tits with obvious joy. I do my best to pleasure him with
my tongue, trying not to think how degrading it all is. The
sooner I can bring him off, the better.

Meanwhile, the fist is pulled out of my cunt and replaced
with cock. It is a relative relief for me even though I am
going numb from all the abuse down there. The third man stands
behind me, waiting his turn and, out of the corner of my eye
I can see him jerking off, pleasuring himself with the sight
of his friends having their way with me.

The one between my tits finally loses it. I can hear him yell
as he shifts his weight once again and his cock starts shooting
thick, white cum all over my breasts, neck and face. I have
never been so humiliated in my life and when he shoves his
rapidly softening cock into my mouth, demanding that I
clean it, my tears mix with his semen on my face.

No sooner is he out of my mouth than he is replaced by the next
hard, throbbing cock. The man is even more impatient than
his friend as he grabs my head in both hands, and holds it
firmly in place while fucking my throat brutally.

I gag and choke and use short periods when he takes the cock
out to catch some air, only to have my throat blocked again
as his balls slam into my face. He is cruel and uncaring and
savage and when he comes, it’s right down my throat, choking
me, gagging me, forcing me to swallow his cum if I want to

But the final humiliation from his side is yet to come. He
takes his cock out and slaps my face with it mocking the way
I look, my face a mess of tears, blood, spit, vomit and cum.
Then his friend pulls out of my cunt.

Then my legs are pushed even higher and I hear him spit down
my butt crack.


He… no…

‘Noooo!!!’ I scream as I feel the cock brutally push against
my anus. ‘Nooo, please, please, just not that, not that,
I have never done it before, please have mercy!!!!!’

I wiggle and squirm and scream scream scream scream but
to no avail. My sphincter is no match for this man’s brute
strength and cruel determination and I am taken in the most
humiliating way, degraded to the level of the cheapest
crack whore, right here on my own table in my own home.

This is exactly when I see the third man cheerfully chatting
with my husband (I can not hear their voices from all the
screaming… my screaming) and handing him a bunch of dollar
bills. My husband puts the money in his back pocket and pats
the man on the shoulder.

And then this is exactly when the cock slapping my face suddenly
starts showering me with hot, stinking urine. The final
humiliation, the final gift from one of my .

‘Yeah, man, yeah, hahahaha, give it to her, she loves it,
look at her!!’

The man my anus is very much amused by the fact that
I am being humiliated in this way and he emphasises this
by slamming into me so hard he forces me to scream in pain.
His friend uses this opportunity to piss into my mouth.

It’s no use, there isn’t a shred of dignity preserved in
me. I have his piss in my hair, on my face, in my eyes (despite
trying to hold them tightly shut), in my mouth, on my breasts.
I am totally and completely degraded and abused. By men
my husband brought to my home and charged for me.

And finally, the last is at the end of the rope. The
sight of his friend showering me in piss, accompanied with
the way my tight anal sphincter must be still squeezing
his cock, he is finished. But not in my ass, no. He pulls out
and slams his cock into my cunt one more time.

I can hear him yell as he pushes into me, shooting his cum
deep inside of me, shooting it into my tortured cunt, my
unprotected womb.

‘…all of it, take all of it, Susan’ is what my husband voice
is saying, again and again.

I scream and thrash as the orgasm rips through my body. The
dildo is so deep inside my cunt its tip touches my cervix
with every trust I make and the finger in my ass is also all
the way in. I am cummng and cumming and cumming, watching
my breasts jingle, my nipples hard as wood. I scream and
scream and scream in humiliation, in pleasure, in rapture
in shame and heavenly bliss. The walls are gone, the bed
is gone, I am so deep inside my fantasy I can feel the warm
piss on my face, the cum in my cunt, I can hear the harsh, mocking
voices of men. I cum and cum and cum, my hips rocking and rolling
like I am having an epileptic seizure.

Finally, I let my hips fall back down on the bed and I pull
my finger out of my anus. I am completely wet from sweat and
I can barely get enough air, as my heart threatens to burst
out of my ribcage. I have no idea how much time has passed
and I know I’ll need at least fifteen minutes to be able to
get up and drag myself to the shower. Dear God… I just hope
my husband doesn’t get home yet. Such a slut. His wife. Mother
of his sons. Such a slut.

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Fantastic story. You are such a slut Susan