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Demon Time 1


This is my first try at writing from the woman's perspective.

Here I crouch hunkered down in the depression of a fallen
tree root. I am naked and cold, and the night is slowly coming.
The trees around me are silent in the summer air even though
the cool breeze moves the leaves on them. My fear keeps me
alert. A fear I can't describe. I hide. Listening.

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Michele. I am
a married mother of two, and I love the outdoors. Being a
bigger girl I prefer to relax by the fire though. Bigger
means that I am five foot seven inches, and 260 pounds so
I know a good hike wouldn't hurt me. I am here at my cabin
in the woods for a few days while on vacation. My husband
took the kids back ome since they have work and school leaving
me to the solitude of nature.

They left early yesterday morning, and I went back to bed
after they left. When I woke up it was in the afternoon which
I thought as strange since I don't normally sleep that
long, but I brushed it off. The next strange thing that I
noticed was that I couldn't find my keys. No big deal.
I have a few days to find them. I made a fire out in the pit,
and had a few drinks before eating supper in the cabin. I
fell asleep watching TV on the couch shortly after eating.

I woke up around three in the morning. The cabin is dark except
for the static on the TV illuminating the room. I feel as
though I'm being watched, but know it can't be.
The feeling is strong enough for me to stare down the dark
hallway toward the bedrooms. I see and hear nothing. I flip
on the light, but see nothing. The window curtain in the
hall is moving slightly, but that window is drafty. I lay
down on the couch leaving the light on, and fall back to sleep.

I dream of a dark shadow floating quickly down the hall to
me, and feel the terror in me build as it swirls all around
the room. I feel dread and dispair exuding from it. I cover
my head in my dream rolling into the fetal position. Then
it slaps me in the middle of the back. I wake up immediately.

The room is filed with the light of the rising sun, and the
morning news from the TV. It's already seven. I am relieved
to realize that it was all just a dream. I get up, and go to
shower the sweat from my body. I climb in the shower wetting
down and washing my hair. When the shampoo runs down my back
I feel a sharp pain. I quickly rinse before opening the curtain
with my back to the mirror.

I see three long scratches that run from my left shoulder
all the way down to above my right butt cheek. They aren't
bleeding, but they are deep. I carefully finish my shower,
and then dress my wounds the best I can before checking out
the couch to see what may have scratched me. I notice a spring
is turned up, and I figure that is the cause of my wounds.

I toss on a pair of jogging pants and a t shirt before donning
my hikers and going for a walk in the woods. I get about a mile
from the cabin when I get that feeling of being watched again.
The trees are thick in the area I'm in so I just say "hello"
loud enough to scare off any bears. I hear nothing walking
in the leaf litter near me so I continue on whistling as I
walk just in case.

The feeling never ceases, and I am soon back at the cabin
where I quickly get inside to look out the window. I stare
into the woods where I just walked out from, but I see nothing.
I make a quick lunch, and sit on the porch to eat. I watch the
birds eating from the feeder, and see a doe deer with a fawn
grazing across the lawn. I enjoy the moment until the deer's
attention shoots to the woods where the trail ends. They
stare for a few seconds before running fast in the opposite

I watch the woods looking for whatever scared the deer.
I see nothing, but I notice that all the birds have disappeared.
"Odd, " I thought. I keep an eye on the trail's
end as I eat. Then as I sip my water I see a small form crawl
out from under a fern. I fill with fear not knowing what it

It's flesh is pitch black, and it looks to be the size
and shape of a human baby. It crawls on the ground using it's
hands toward me. I back me way to the door when I see another
crawling out of the woods near the trail beginning. Then
another between the two. I look around as I grab for the door
handle behind me. I see more crawling out of the tree line
slowly making their way toward me. There must be twenty
or more. I manage to back my way into the cabin, and I lock
the door tight. I close all the windows, and grab a knife
from the kitchen.

I look out as I close the shades and curtains to see them just
outside mere feet from the cabin walls. One looks up at me,
and I see it's charcoal black eyes look right through
me. I begin to cry fearing for my life, and unable to explain
any of it. I sit on the couch with my back to the wall wondering
what is going to happen. I don't have to wait long before
I hear them clawing at the siding on the cabin. I hear them
climbing all over the cabin. Across the roof, on the siding,
and underneath. I hear the screens being mangled and torn
free before I hear the claws scratching at the windows.

I run down to the back bedroom closing and locking the door
behind me. I stare at the two windows clasping the knife
tight. They seem to know where I am in the house. I hear the
all converging on the room. I even hear them crawling down
the hallway telling me that they are inside. I need to get
away. This door isn't going to hold, and they will be
through the windows shortly.

I wonder what they want, and I get the courage to try to plan
an escape. I look out the windows to see them all over. There
must be fifty or more now. The one clawing at the window stares
at me with it's blackened eyes for a scond before it
turns it's head slightly, and growls loud baring long
sharp yellow teeth filling it's mouth. I back off fast
sitting on the bed shaking and crying. I gather the courage
to look under the door to see down the hall.

I am surprised when I only see what looks to be two or three
of them in the hall. I see my chance. I wait for them to climb
the door as they try to claw through it, and then I fling it
open and run down the hall. I run as fast as I can out the front
door, and I don't look back until I am near the road.

Then I see the cabin is literally covered in them, and they
are all staring at me. I run down the road yelling for help.
All of my neighbor's houses are dark without any ars
around. The woods are dead calm, and I can hear them closing
in on me through the woods.

"They're evil." I think. "I have
to make it to the church."

The church is ten miles up the road. I figure that I'll
either get there or someone will happen by that can help
me. I half jog my way up the road. I see nobody as I hurry to
the church hearing them keeping up with me. I round the corner
to the church, and race to the doors tired and exhausted.
Locked. I try to push them in. I'm not strong enough.
I piund on the door as hard as I can. No answer.

I check the windows to see if I can craw into one. Nope. It's
locked up tight. I know my only choice now is to find someone
to help me. I remeber a gas station a bit further up the road,
and I turn to run for it. That's when I see my path is blocked
by the creatures. They are all around me staring at me not
moving. I am paralized with fear. I slowly walk toward them
thinking that I'm either going to die, or get passed

I am soon standing a couple feet in front of them. I look all
around me to see about a hundred of these creatures staring
at me. I gather the courage to try to step past them. As soon
as my foot gets withing a foot I am quickly covered with them.
I fall to the ground feeling y clothes ripping off me violently.
I am tossed every which way feeling their slimy hands all
over me. My legs are spread painfully wide just before I
feel something enter my vagina. It stretches me wider than
I've ever been, but I am unable to stop it. I feel my nipples
being pinched and twisted hard and pulled even harder.
My body fills with pain.

Then the dreaded happens. My pain is intensified tenfold
when I feel something penetrate my anus. I feel myself tear
open as it's forced into me. Then I feel my inside rip
as it straightens out my guts from the inside. I am tossed
and violated roughly for minues before I am dropped to the

I open my crying eyes to see nothing. I am laying in the parking
lot naked and sore totally alone. I look to find my clothes,
but they are gone. I stand on my shaky legs and try to walk.
I take a few steps before looking where I was laying. I see
a spot of blood where my butt was. I look down to see my blood
coating my legs. I slowly make my way back to the cabin.

I finally arrive around three in the afternoon. I saw nobody
the entire way. It's as though I am the last person on
earth. the cabin looks as though nothing happened to it.
Except for the door hanging wide open it looks as though
everything is as it should be. I crawl in the door locking
it behind me, and I head straight for the shower.

I watch the blood wash down the drain, and feel the pain of
being violated as I soak in the warm water. I clean myself
thoroughly before going to dress. I wrap a towel around
myself and head for the bedroom. I look through the dresser
for underwear, and find none. I check my suitcase. Again,
none. "Strange, " I think. I look for a shirt
and pants, but I don't find any clothes at all.

I go to the living room and wrap in a blanket to watch TV trying
to take my mind off from what just happened, but the stinging
pain in my vagina, anus, and on my back are reminding me all
too well. I jump at every noise. I am unable to concentrate
on anything on the TV so I just turn it off.

Then I hear movement coming from the back bedroom. It sounds
like something large. I stare down the hall wiating to spring
for the door. I hear more movement. It sounds like something
is pushing the bed around. The air fills with a foul stench.
It reeks of sulphur and burning flesh. I stare in anticipating

Then I am startled when the bed comes flying out of the bedroom
door, and it hits the hallway wall hard. I am frozen for a
moment until I see a huge black hand wrap around the door
jam. It has long black claws on the end of each finger. I got
my nerve back just in time to jump up, and bolt out the door.

I ran through the woods as fast as I could for as long as I could.
That's how I got here. My legs hurt. My body hurts. So
I huddle down in this divot from the tree root hoping it won't
see me. I listen to the deadness around me. I soon hear the
footsteps in the leaf litter approaching. I can hear it's
heavy breathing louder and louder as it coses in on me. I
don't move, and hold my breath. My tears stream once
again down my cheeks as I hear it stop just on the other side
of the root ball.

It's hard to keep from screaming knowing that whatever
it is is standing mere feet from me. I hear it sniff the air.
I hope it can't smell me. I begin to feel the tree shake
behind me as though it was being picked up. It can't
be though because it's a huge tree. It must weigh a ton.
It shakes more and more. I am panicing.

I jump up running as fast as I can. I don't look back.
The light is fading, yet I see shadows closing in on me through
the trees. I run for the road hoping for help. I soon see the
black top through the trees. I feel relief when I see another
cabin with a light on inside.

I am in fifty yards of the road when I feel something grab
my ankle. I fall flat on my face, and instantly I am covered
by the black creatures. Again they lift me in the air with
my legs wide open. Again I feel my crotch being forced open
and filled. Then my ass gets the same treatment. I try to
cry out for help, but the pain takes me voice.

I feel my breasts being squeezed hard, and my nipples being
pulled and twisted. They accost me for minutes before I
fall to the ground. I look around to see that they have again
disappeared. I lay there for a few seconds before deciding
to try for the cabin in my sights. I try to stand, but I can't.
My legs won't support my weight. I try to claw my way
there. The ground is too soft.

I lay there defeated listening to the heavy foot steps slowly
walk up behind me as I lay face down on the dirt. I feel it close
before it stops. Again it sniffs the air. I close my eyes
waiting for my demise. It just stands there. I can feel it's
eyes on me, and I know it's staring. My fear wanes, and
my courage begins to grow.

"Leave me alone!" I protest.

My words are answered by a loud roaring laugh that seems
to come from all directions. I begin to sob knowing that
this isn't going to go well for me.

"Please don't hurt me. Please." I try begging.

Again laughter.

"Please I don't want to die."

Then I feel an enormous hand crash down on my butt cheeks
covering them both with one swat. The sting fills me immediately.

"Ow! Please stop! That hurts."

Then another comes crashing down covering my ass. The sting
barely begins to subside when the swats come one after another.
My ass goes numb, but I feel the heat from being spanked so
hard. I give up trying to talk my way free, and just hope that
I'll be freed after the spanking is done.

A huge hand slips under me, and raises me to my knees. My body
stiffens in the position it puts me in as though it controls
me. A few more good swats to my rear, and then it finishes.
I feel some branches wrap around my wrists. Before it even
rgisters what's happening I am hoisted up by my wrists
until my feet are inches off the ground. Then some more brances
wrap around my ankles pulling my legs wide apart.

I try to struggle, but it's no use. I watch as the monster
slowly walks around me showing it's self to me. My fear
returns when I see an eight foot tall creature with large
horns protruding from it's head. It's body is
that of a man with red skin and very muscular. It's legs
are that of a hairy goat, and my attention is taken by it's
super large twelve in cock that is thick and throbbing hard.

I stare in awe. Speachless. Reality sets back in when I see
a thicker branch fly from a nearby tree, and whip me across
my stomach. I cry out in pain as it twirls around me. It cuts
across my upper back, and then the front of my legs. It twirls
faster and faster as it whips me hard. I feel it cut across
my breasts. I look down to see deep red welts form, and small
drops of blood begin to form in those welts. My ass gets it
next followed by amy back again. Then my breasts get a couple
more before my belly and pubic mound get some attention.

It goes on for a long while before the branch stops twirling
around me. I am feeling faint. My skin is torn and bleeding.
I am covered in welts and bruises. It stares at me. I can't
look at it so I stare at the ground. It lifts my chin making
me look at him. I stare to the side. I am slapped across the
face. Then it steps back, and I see the branch begin to twirl
around me again.

I close my tear filled eyes waiting for my tortured body
to be given more punishment. It isn't long befor I feel
it cut it's way over my butthole. I moan in agony. I hear
it laugh yet again just before I feel the branch tear across
my vagina. I scream loud, but nothing comes out. My bound
body shakes violently as another smack comes down in the
same spot. Over and over my bottom end is beat until I almost
pass out. How I'm not passing out is beyond me.

Eventually the beating stops, and the braches release
me. I fall to the ground in a bloody heap. It steps beside

"What do you want? What did I do to deserve this?"

It grabs my hair, and lifts my head. My face is inches from
it's massive cock.

"No. Please." I manage before it pulls my head

It's hot dick presses against my lips, and I know what
I have to do. I open my mouth wide, and he fills it quickly
as I lean forward onto it. My jaw is opened as far as it'll
go, and I feel it's dick poking the back of my throat
gagging me. I spit it out coughing. Then I put it back in.
If I get it off it will leave me alone. I reach up, and wrap
my hand around the thick shaft while I suck on as much of the
tip as I can.

I hear it groan. I'm hoping it finishes fast. It tastes
like sweat, and smells musky. It pulls my head closer making
his dick ram my throat a few times making me caugh and gag.
I lose my breath. I try to back off it's dick to breath,
but it forces my head closer to him choking me with it's
dick. I try to push him back by his hips, but he's way
too strong. All I can do is cough and gag as it begins to fuck
my mouth.

I feel it's dick ramming my throat, and slowly my gag
reflex begins to subside. Then little by little my throat
is stretched wider as it's cock slips deeper down it.
The forcing doesn't cease until I feel it's body
crushing my nose. It fucks my mouth hard for minutes. Then
it holds deep into my thoat as I feel the hot cum burning it's
way to my stomach. Spurt after spurt fills me until my stomach
is full, and then it pushes me to the ground.

I lay there unable to move. My head begins to swirl. Then
I feel it piss on me. It's warm flow covers my naked body,
and it stings as it hits my wounds. I moan, but can't
move to get away. The sun illuminates just enough for me
to see it's outline as it stands over me. The moon is
rising, and it's full and bright.

I watch as it sits beside me. It's big hand slides under
me lifting me, and maneuvering meon top of him. My body acts
on it's own in my euphoric state. I feel my leg move over
him, and then I feel his monster cock pressing against my
pussy. It feels so hard and hot. I feel my pussy getting wet,
and hate myself for it.

"Please. It's too big." I plead

It smiles at me with a toothy grin showing rows of sharp fangs.
I watch as his tongue snakes out of his mouth. It's long
and thin. Forked at the end like a snake. His tongue wraps
tightly around my left breast squeezing it tight. I look
down to see it turning purple from no blood flow, and I see
the forked tip wrap around my nipple. It feels so good.

My hips begin to rock against it's hard dick. I can hear
my wetness soaking his dick. His tongue releases my breast,
and slides down to my crotch. His hands cover my breasts
as he kneads them while pinching my nipples. Then I feel
his tongue dart deep inside my pussy. I moan again uncontrollably
as lust begins to be the only thing iI feel in my drunken like

My hips rock harder as I fuck his tongue, and I am soon feeling
orgasm course through me. It feel so relieving. When I finish
his tongue darts into my mouth. I find myself sucking on
it as he rubs my boobs. My lust has grown even more needy,
and I feel his cock against me. I move my hips forward enough
to get the tip lined up with my vaginal opening, and then
I slowly lower myself onto it.

I feel my pussy open around his thickness. It opens me as
wide as I can go before I feel myself stretching. It hurts,
but feels so good. I begin to fuck his cock trying to get more
of it in me. I want it. All of it. His hands move down to grab
my hips, and I feel him pulling me on the down stroke. His
cock stretches me more and more. He takes my right nipple
into his mouth sucking on it. It drives my need. I lift so
that his dick is lined up with my opening before plopping
back down feeling my pussy stretch with every stroke.

I feel the need for an orgasm, and think the only way I can
achieve it is to get him all the way in me. After a few times
doing this I feel him bite my nipple around the areola, and
pull me hard to him on the downward motion. I feel the pain
in my breast combine with the pain of my pussy ripping open,
and feel the discomfort of my cervix being poked open. I
again feel faint, but it's short lived. Lust again
overcomes me.

I fuck him with all that I can muster. His huge cock filling
me beyond full. I soon feel his cum blasting hard into my
uterus. It's so hot that it almost burns. The feeling
is so intense that it sets off an orgasm in me. My entire being
shakes in carnal pleasure as we orgasm together. I don't
even finish before he tosses me off from him.

"Please. I need to finish." I beg.

"Bend." He commands.

I roll onto all fours, and open my legs for him to see my pussy.

"Give yourself to me."

"I'll do anything you ask." I hear myself

He kneels behind me, and I feel his dick still rock hard lay
against the small of my back.

"I need a virgin."

"I'm not that. How else can I prove myself?"

"But you do have virginity, and I want it."

I can't think of what he means. "Just take it then."

I feel him grab his dick, and begin to shove it into my asshole.
I didn't think of that. It hurts so much as my tiny hold
opens up around his girth. I soon feel the head enter me with
a pop. Then I feel my hole tearing as he pushes more in. My
teeth clench tight while my anus slowly gives way, and then
as if it gave up the battle I feel his entire length slide
into me. I feel him deep in my guts, and feel his dick begin
to plunge them as he fucks me hard.

His hips slam against my ass cheeks making a loud slap every
time. I feel his dick straightening out my insides before
leaving me feeling empty only to fill me again fast. I feel
that all too familiar tingling rise form deep inside me.
It slowly builds to a mgnificent crescendo. I hear him groan
a hellish groan, and feel his cum filling my intestines
making me feel bloated. It's enough to take me over
the edge. I orgasm harder than I ever have in my life. I feel
my asshole quivering against his pulsating cock, and it's
pure pleasure.

I feel his claws dig into my back as he fills me. It lasts for
a while before I feel his dick pull out of me. His cum gushes
from my ass as I fall face down to the ground. I lay there reveling
in the afterglow, and don't even notice him leave.
I feel the sting in my back though, and I hobble to my feet,
and stagger back to my cabin on my shaky legs. It takes a while
before I return.

I crawl into the shower to wash the dirt, blood, and cum off
me. All the while wondering if it really was all for real?
My pain says it is, but my brain is telling me that demons
like him don't exist. I am confused, but exhausted.
I finish my shower trying to wash his cum from y skin, but
it doesn't wash off. No matter how hard I scrub it sticks
to me. I give up trying and go to bed.

I still have no clothes so I lay there under the sheets naked.
I can feel the cum inside of me and on my legs. It feels like
it's moving around. Like it's sliding in and out
of both my holes while what's in my stomach is trying
to crawl out of my throat. It feels strangely good. I am being
turned on with the feeling and the thought. I relax to enjoy
the feeling when I feel the cum in my stomach make it's
way out of my mouth.

I feel it coming back through my mouth, and past my lips.
I feel the slime ooze over my chin, and over my breasts tickling
its way over my skin. Down it goes over my stomach leaving
a trail of slime in its wake until I feel it cover my pubic
hair. It combines with the cum sliding in an out of my vagina
competely covering my pubes while it continues to thicken
inside of me.

It feels strange. I feel it pull slightly on my hairs causing
slight twinge of pain, and it makes me moan. Then I feel it
pull down to my crotch gradually harder taking the hairs
with it. I feel them pull hard before the roots give way,
and pop from my skin one by one. It hurts, but combined with
the feeling of the cum sliding back inside of me turns me
on more. Soon the pulling stops, and I feel the cum all slide
back into my vagina and up my ass refilling me.

It fills my insides bloating me, but it also keeps flicking
across my clit on sporatic occasions driving me insane
with lust. Before I realize it I am touching myself as I search
for relief. The cum covers my crotch not letting me relieve
myself. No matter how hard I try it fends me off. My frustration
grows, and I soon feel something wrap around my wrists and
ankles. I look to see the wires from the lamps nearby tightening
around my wrists.

My arms are quickly yanked up while my ankles are yanked
down and open. I lay spread open naked being teased by a demon's
seed. It drives me insane with lust until the sun begins
to rise. Then it slides back inside of my holes, and I pass
out from exhaustion.

I wake hours later feeling empty inside. I wonder if it's
all a bad dream so I check my back in the mirror. I see the scratches,
and know that it's all true. I hear a car start up outside,
and I run to the window to see the neighbors across the road
getting into their car. I grab the bed sheet as I run for the
door. Just as I open the door the sheet is torn away from me.
I stand in the open door for a minute in shock before I close
it quick.

Then I am tossed across the room by some unseen force. I land
on my side next to the couch. I am then picked up and bent over
the arm of the couch with my ass in the air. I try to move, but
I am held firm. I hear the sheet behind me furling through
the air just before it snaps against my ass. The sting is
immediate. Then another blow across my rear followed by
more. I am spanked with the sheet for almost a half hour non
stop before the beating stops. I collapse to the floor in
a heap when I am released. My ass feels like it's on fire.

Crying I ask, "What do you want from me? Why don't
you just leave me alone?"

I hear a low growling laugh come from the back bedroom just
before I hear heavy foot steps approach from that direction.
I feel it stop behind me as I cower on the floor. It hits the
side of my head with something, and when I turn I see that
it's cock is on the side of my head. I feel the stirring
in my crotch. Without any thought I open my mouth taking
it in as far as I can. Listening to his grunting is making
me hornier, and I feel the need to please him.

I suck harder and faster. I find it a challenge to get his
entire cock in my mouth, and I gladly accept feeling myself
getting wet just thinking about it. I work his shaft with
precision getting it half way down before he pulls me off.
I don't want to stop, but I do when he slaps my face. He
tosses me over the arm of the couch face up this time.

My body is bent backward with my legs wide open. I watch his
large frame step between my legs as his dick poked at my crotch.
I moan in pleasure when it touches my wet pussy.

"Fuck me." I whimper.

He smiles a toothy smile as he plunges into me hard.

"Oh YES!" I moan loudly feeling him fill me.

He rams me hard using me as his fuck toy. I orgasm in minutes.
I cum hard, and it lasts for a while. When I finish my climax
I feel his hot seed again filling me. Deep. His claws dig
into my flesh scratching me from my shoulders to my crotch.
It hurts so good. He leaves me after he finishes. My chest
bleeding from the scratches, and his seed swirling around
inside of me.

I lay for a while feeling my horniness holding steady in
me. I feel unsatisfied as he disappears into the bedroom.
When I get my sanity back I walk to the bed room to see if he's
there. I see an empty room. I lay on the bed spread open reaching
down to pleasure myself. I find my rock hard clitoris, and
I rub it for all it's worth. I orgasm again, but feel
even more wanting afterward.

I keep rubbing my way through three more orgasms, and each
time I feel more and more frustrated after. I fall asleep,
and only wake when I feel the bed shaking. I jump off, and
run down the hall to the living room. The cabin goes silent.
I look out the window to see the sun is again setting. I grab
a small throw blanket, and go out to light a fire. It should
help me relax.

I pull up a chair next to the blaze, and feel it's warmth
on my skin. I watch as the neighbors return to their house.
I think about trying to yell, but know that it'll end
up bad for me. I just dit and watch as they walk into their
house as the night closes in. I sit back listening to the
fire pop and the woods silence for the night. I can feel the
cool evening air across my crotch whenever I move. It makes
me wetter than I already am. My frustration only multiplies.

I lean back on the chair opening my legs feeling the warm
fire and cool breeze on me. I close my eyes knowing that if
I touch myself it'll make my frustration worse so I
just try to think of other things. It's of no use. I feel
my lust clouding my sanity. I try to stop myself, but my hand
moves down on its own. Before I realize what I'm doing
I have a finger deep inside my vagina, and its fucking me.
I moan in delight as I quickly orgasm. I feel my juices running
down my butt. I am soon sitting in a puddle of my own making.
Again my frustrations grow.

Something snaps me back to reality, and I look up to see the
neighbor standing in front of me watching me masturbate.
He is in his sixties, over weight, and bald. I see him stroking
his dick, and it's more than I can stand. I open my legs
wide tossing the blanket to the side. I reach down, and spread
my soaking wet labia offering myself to him.

Inside I am hating myself. I've never cheated on my
husband. I love him too much. What would people think? What
does the neighbor think? Does he think I'm a slut?

I am brought back from woner when he shoves his dick into
my eager pussy. It feels so good that I have another orgasm
almost right away. He leans down sucking my nipples while
he humps me. I hear my wetness as he goes. My hips move to his
rhythm, and I am eager for more. He only lasts a few minutes
before I feel his cum squirt into me.

"No! Not yet!" I hear myself moan.

He pushes into me a few more times before smiling as he walks
away buttoning up his pants. I lay there dripping with our
combined sex. The fire is almost dead. I move the logs around,
and head inside. i sit on the couch turning on the TV, but
it doesn't work. Then I try to turn on my computer. No
luck there either. Then the power goes out. I find the emergency
candles, and set them out to illuminate the room.

I sit back on the couch with a book, and begin to read. In about
five minutes of me starting to read I hear a shrill yelp outside
the window. I freeze wondering what may be out there. I peek
out the window only to see darkness. I sit back down to read.

In minutes the door swings open, and barbed wire comes sailing
in. It wraps around my body cutting into my skin. I am pulled
to my knees, and mywrists are bound to my ankles making me
lean backward. The barbs begin to draw blood as it wraps
around my breasts. I am held firm as he walks into the room
from the hallway.

He sniffs the air before walking to me. The wire tightens
opening my legs as wide as they can go. He steps inches in
front of me, and sniffs the air. He lets out a howl that sounds
angry, and then slaps my face hard. I taste my own blood,
and feel my nose bleeding along with my lip. My eyes water
from the pain sp much that I don't see the barbed wire
circling around me until I feel it cut across my breasts.
The down my stomach to my crotch. I scream in agony when the
barbs cut their way over my womanhood.

The onslaught leaves me bloody on the floor in minutes.
I feel faint, but I can't pass out. I watch through my
tear filled eyes as the nearest candle floats through the
air until it's right above my chest. The n it turns,
and I feel all the hot wax cover my skin. It burns my open wounds,
and hurts like hell as it sears it's way over my nipples
and down to cover my crotch.

I have five candles lit, and all five are poured over me.
Then the wax is slapped off with the plastic turning rod
from the blinds. I am beat with it until all the wax is off
me, and then he again sniffs the air. I realize that I have
gotten wet as I endured this ordeal, and I see him smile as
though he can smell me.

I feel the wire loosen, and I fall flat onto the floor. My
body is a pile of meat right now. I am unable to move, but yet
horny as all hell. He rolls me onto my stomach, and I feel
him climb on top of me. His huge dick slides between my legs,
and rams deep into my vagina. He begins to ram me hard. I feel
my body lifting off the ground by his prick. It feels awesome.
It hurts so good that I orgasm hard. I feel my juices again
puddle beneath me. It wet my belly as I am raised and lowered
as he drills me deep.

When I finish he sits on the couch, and I straddle his big
dick. I slide it in me eagerly. I crave it. I need it. It is
all the way in when I hear movement behind me. I turn to see
another demon stepping up behind me. He looks like an exact
duplicate of the first one, and this one shoves his monster
cock into my ass. I am so over filled with both cocks fucking
me. My moans fill the air as the pain mixes with the pleasure.

The demon under me licks the blood from my breasts while
they flop in his face, and then I moan loud before I get a third
demon dick shoved into my mouth. I swallow it down feeling
the lust become me. I orgasm over and over while they use
me. Then I feel the demon in my ass fill my guts with a super
human load of hot cum. Then I feel a load spurt down my throat
filling my belly inside. I orgasm again, and then the demon
in my pussy fills my womb with his spunk.

I am soon left laying in a pile of sex juices still bleeding,
and racked with pain. I pass out finally still feeling frustrated
and unfinished. When I come to I drag myself to the shower
to wash. It stings, but I rinse clean. I grab the blanket
from the living room to wrap myself in, and I sit on the couch
to watch TV. I again pass out.

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