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Deflower Denieghbor


Karen looked like she was about to celebrate her 25th birthday,
not her 31st. Let me tell you that Karen is a very easy woman
to look at .She’s in great shape, with a figure that stops
hearts. She’s still firm everywhere and you can tell it’s
all natural, not one bit of plastic anywhere. We have been
married for a little over 11 years and have two young children
the oldest of which is 6. Karen is a full time homemaker-mother
and I am a Technology Specialist Consultant. We live in
a three-bedroom house in a neighborhood made up folks just
about like us. Our neighbors are a policeman, a railroad
engineer, a mechanic, an accountant, a nightclub manager,
a disabled veteran, and a fireman.

Even though we have been married 11 plus years, Karen and
I still love making love and do so at least once a day, twice
a day on weekends. All I am saying is we both like sex and we
like having sex with each other.
We also like having sex with some of our closest friends
from time to time. How and why that came about is another
story entirely, and for another time! I’ll just say this,
‘as long as we are together when we are having sex, even if
we aren’t having sex with each other but with our friends,
we feel we are truly ‘sharing’ our love for each other with
people we love. Over the last five years we have opened our
marriage to include several of our closest friends. We
can’t get much closer than by making and sharing love with
your friends. All that is another story and mentioned only
to establish that Karen has had sex with three of my closest
friends while I watched and took pictures. I have done the
same with her friends while she watched and took pictures.
We’ve done it at the same time, beside each other, no one
taking pictures. So what happened that spring didn’t just
pop up from nowhere; It just seemed like it did. This is a
true story, everything happened just as I tell it. I changed
our names and tell the story from my point of view, with my
emotions. I call the story…

The Perfect Birthday Gift

I was just getting into Frisbee about that time and since
you need someone to throw it back, I practically forced
everyone around to throw with me. It got to the point the
neighborhood kids wouldn’t walk in front of the house were
I could recruit them to throw with me. They were avoiding
me. All, that is, but Stanley. Stanley was one of the neighborhood
kids from up the block, far enough up so I knew roughly where
he lived but had never met his family. He was 16 when we first
started playing Frisbee in the afternoons, right after
I got home from work. He didn’t throw particularly well
so I got lots of exercise chasing down the Frisbee, which
is why I played the game in the first place. Our playing Frisbee
got to be almost a daily thing over the next two years, with
games being invented and intensely played. Stanley also
grew from a little kid into a tall, gangly teen. He’s a little
taller than I am actually and I’m 6’2”. Well we played almost
daily and, with him being at the house so much, Karen and
I got to know him very well during those 2 years. He proved
to be bright, level headed, and had a broad sense of humor.
We both liked the kid and the kid liked us. Stanley and I got
much better at throwing the Frisbee and more competitive
in our games!

Most days he was waiting and ready to play when I got home.
We would go in the house and I would change and tape my hand.
He would just hang and talk to or help Karen if she was busy,
while he waited for me to get ready. Gradually I noticed
Stanley was hanging around a lot more than he usually did.
It was sort of a stray thought at first but as I thought about
it seemed that he was spending more and more time at our house.
I asked Karen about it and she said now that had I mentioned
it, he had been spending more time at our house, showing
up earlier and staying later. Karen and I wondered about
it for a moment in passing and decided he just felt at home
here. We enjoyed his company; he enjoys ours.

One day Karen told me that Stanley’s birthday was a week
away and she was at a loss as what would make a good present
for his 18th birthday. She told me the 18th is very special
birthday. Not only would he be graduating High School,
he would be on the doorstep of manhood. She wanted to give
him something special, something appropriate, something
he would remember, and she couldn’t think of anything that
met the criteria. Well, Karen was right, it was hard to think
of an appropriate gift for Stanley. . I told her to try and
see if there anything he really wanted, meanwhile just
think about it and hope something great would pop into mind.
Karen was working on the mulch in the bed of her herb garden
in the backyard while we were having this conversation,
and I was just watching her work. She was on her hands and
knees with her butt sticking up, and wiggling, as she turned
the dirt and removed weeds or whatever she was doing to the
herbs. I was just standing there appreciating the view,
wondering if we had time for a quickie, when I heard Stanley
at the front door. I put my lascivious thoughts aside and
let him in, told him Karen was in the back and I went to change
and get the Frisbees. As I returned I noticed Stanley was
staring with open admiration at Karen’s cute butt. He turned
his eyes quickly away when he became aware of my approach.
I pretended not to have noticed him lusting after Karen’s
ass. I didn’t react at all so he thought I hadn’t seen him
staring. We went out front and played Frisbee for over 2
hours before he left to go home. All the while, I am realizing
that Stanley has really grown up and that I hadn’t noticed.
Until I saw him lusting after a tight, cute, exposed butt,
he was just a bigger version of the kid I started playing
Frisbee with 2 years ago. He and I had never discussed girls,
or sex, as far as I could remember. I suddenly saw him as an
18 yr old and remembered how I felt at that age. I wondered
if Karen had noticed him change. Then I remembered that
she had said something about his being on the doorstep of
manhood, so she must have noticed. She must have been trying
to remind me of it. So as Stanley and I played Frisbee, I started
thinking back to my 18th birthday and what it was like being
a senior in school, relationships with girls, thinking
about sex, and all the rest of it. And it was then I had the
notion of what would be the perfect birthday present for

Later that evening, as Karen and I were lying in bed starting
our foreplay and lovemaking I brought back up the subject
of Stanley’s approaching birthday. Karen said she had
been racking her brain and still couldn’t come up with any
idea as what to get him. At this point I kissed her gently
on the base of her neck and stroked her inner thigh with the
back of my hand and told her I know the perfect present! Of
course she wanted to know what it was, but I wasn’t ready
to tell her just yet, not without setting the stage. I said,
‘I think I discovered the perfect present this afternoon
but, before I tell you what it is, let me ask you this. As I
was talking my hand stroking her thigh continued sliding
higher and brushed the lips of her womanhood very lightly,
sending goose bumps to Karen’s arms and legs. She responded
to being touched with enthusiasum. I continued, ‘What
do you think every 18 year old, with raging hormones, has
on their mind?’ My hand gently opened Karen’s legs and I
rolled over almost on top of her. My rock hard dick lay on
her pubis.
‘Sex’, she replied softly as she took my hard, swollen dick
in her hand. I asked, ‘How long do you think someone remembers
the first person they made love to? My rock hard dick was
pushing at the lips of her moist pussy, looking for the hidden
‘Forever’, she replied, as she pushed her pelvis forward
to grant easy access to her entrance. As my dick was sliding
slowly between her lips and into her tight hole and deep
into her willing, moist, pussy, I said, with some effort,
‘OK, I know what I would have liked more than anything else
in the world when I was eighteen, birthday or not.’
'What was that?’ Karen asks and squeezing, clamps
tightly with her pussy.
‘Well’, I replied when I could breathe, either getting
a car or getting laid! As I thrust deep inside her, our pubes
pressed together with mounting force, I modified that
to, “between the two, getting laid would have been more
important to me than getting the car, but it would have been
At that point conversation was impossible as we started
concentrating on making love and started down the path
to our orgasms. As we lay in the after glow of climax, I picked
up the thread of the conversation again.
‘What do I think the perfect present for Stanley is? What
he would treasure above all else and remember forever?
Just one thing! Get him laid!’ I said. ‘To have his brains
fucked out, to have a pussy wrapped tightly around his throbbing
dick! That’s what I wanted more than anything when I was
eighteen and that’s exactly how he feels right now at eighteen!
Karen laughed, ‘I think you’re right about you, but Stanley?
‘Why not”, I asked.
‘You know Stanley doesn’t have a girlfriend.’ she said.
‘I know that, but that’s because he is tall, gangly, and
shy. I know he thinks about girls all the time though, and
I also know there is one girl that he really has a crush on
and lusts after!’ I replied.
‘Really? Who?’ she asked.
‘Before I tell you, answer this, ’ I said looking deep into
her eyes, ‘If we were able to fix him up with the girl who gives
him wet dreams, and he got laid, do you agree he would he like
that as a present? Would that be the ‘perfect present’?’
‘Maybe it would, Karen said reflectively, at least according
to you. Yes I think it actually would be! But who is this girl
he wants?’ she said.


‘Now I said that I know there is one girl I know for sure he
fantasizes about. And, I said I know who she is!’ I paused
then told her. ‘I recently discovered Stanley has a huge
crush on you!’
Karen looked mildly surprised and said, ‘No, I am almost
twice his age, he can’t have a crush on me. What makes you
think he’s got a ….?’ She paused, thinking.
‘Well let me tell you, I saw him looking at your cute behind
this afternoon when I came back from getting the frisbies
and I certainly recognized the look. It was pure lust!’
I told her, ‘and I’m as sure as I can be about anything that
he wants to get in your pants more than anything else on earth.
You said yourself he was on the brink of manhood, so this
is not a school kid crush I’m talking about. Stanley wants
to fuck you, man style, pure and simple, right now. I don’t
know when it happened, but I have seen that it has happened.
With all that in mind, I think the best and most unforgettable
present we could give him is for us to let him give you his
virginity.’ (I thought that the phrase “to let him give
you his virginity” was a nice touch. It romantacied it.)
Karen thought for a while then said, ‘One look does not make
lust. I don’t think you have it right and if you have it wrong
we will just wind up embarrassing him to death. You know
how shy he is.’

I knew at that moment that she was going to do it. She wanted
to do it; she was just going to make me convince her to do it.
I kissed Karen then and my hand found its way between her
legs to her warm, cum slicked, pussy. As we started our build
up to the second round of lovemaking I said, ‘Rather than
argue, let me ask you this; if I am right and you see for yourself
that he wants you, will you sleep with him on his birthday?’
I asked.

She hesitated saying at last, ‘Yes, if you and he want me
to, but I want to be sure we don’t wind up embarrassing him
if that’s not what he wants.’ She responded. I kissed her.
‘I will prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt if you will
just do what I ask.’ I said.
‘And what is that?’ she asked.
‘Stanley’s usually here before I get home and I know he is
helpful but I know he’s also looking at your body with burning
desire in his heart. To prove it here’s what I want you to
do. Tomorrow I want you to wear one of my Vee neck tee shirts
without a bra on. Be doing something so it’s not an unusual
thing to wear. Let him see your tits, accidentally of course.
Then I just want you to notice his reaction. Don’t stare
at him or anything like that, watch a reflection from the
oven door or something, but just be subtle about observing
him. See if he takes his eyes off your tits! I’ll guarantee
he won’t. Then next day wear a miniskirt with a thong. Make
sure you find an opportunity to bend over and flash a little
ass at him, nothing obvious, but don’t do it until you are
sure you can watch to see if he looks and/or is hiding a hard
on. Again don’t let him know you’re watching. Will you do
that? And then will you make love with him like you do with
Karen though for a minute then said, ‘but only if he looks
and reacts.’
Karen had agreed and we made love again. I think the vision
of Stanley making love to Karen grabbed us both and intensified
our climax 100 fold.

The next day when I got home, Karen was in the kitchen baking
cookies and Stanley was keeping her company while waiting
for me. She was wearing my tee shirt I noticed and she was
very busy. That afternoon Stanley and I played Frisbee
for a couple of hours then he hung out with us until dark before
he finally went home.
Later I asked Karen if Stanley had any reaction to her breasts.
‘I was amazed; he couldn’t take his eyes off them. I only
gave him one good look and maybe 3-4 teasing almost looks.’
She laughed. ‘He was practically drooling and he was hiding
a woody, but I didn’t notice.’
‘Wait until you see his reaction when he sees your cheeks.’
I laughed with her.

The next day Karen had on her sexiest miniskirt and was busy
cleaning house when I got home. Stanley was helping her
as usual. Stanley broke loose from the housework and we
played for a couple of hours. I was pretty sure I knew what
Karen would tell me about this afternoon. I could hardly
wait to hear her story. Sure enough, right after Stanley
went home and I got inside Karen said, ‘I guess you were right
after all. I was surprised that every time I looked he had
a huge bulge in his pants and he did his best to hide it.’
‘Tell me the story.’ I said.
‘I was cleaning and had to reach the top shelf of the bookcase
to clean so got and I stood on a chair on my tiptoes. I had to
raise one knee and lean on the cabinet for balance as I stretched
to reach the corners of the shelf. I asked Stanley to hand
me the bigger dust rag I had left on the floor by the chair
leg. I could see our reflection perfectly in the silver
plaques on top. Stanley bent over to get the rag and I stretched
as much as I could. Stanley had the perfect shot and he took
it, for as long as he could. I wiggled a little and then asked
him for the large dust rag. I saw him clearly in the reflection
on the silver Plaques sitting on the shelf. He was staring
at my ass and there was a really big bulge that suddenly appeared
in his pants. That was the only look I let him have. He was
hiding his woody, but I saw it and the bulge stayed until
he heard you pull up.’ she told me.
I laughed and said, ‘Was I right!’
Karen laughed and said, ‘I would have never believed it.’
We as we made love that night, I suggested she continue flashing
a little of this; a little of that, for the rest of the week,
without being obvious just natural.
Karen Looked at me and said, ‘No, I am convinced you are right,
but he’s been hanging around so long he knows me and he would
notice the change right away. So far he’s gotten lucky twice
with free looks, any more and I’d be teasing, and he would
know it.’ She was right.

The day before his birthday (Tuesday) we asked what his
plans were. We knew he was having a party at home so we asked
if he could come by after all the other parties and have a
piece of cake with us and we would give him his present then.
He agreed to this plan and we settled on him coming back around
8pm. The next day Karen took the kids to her sisters so they
could spend the night visiting with their cousins. I had
asked Karen to wear something non-provocative that day,
just in case Stanley came to play Frisbee. I didn’t think
he would and he didn’t. Karen had baked a small cake with
Stanley’s name on it. She also had placed romantic candles,
ready to cast a flickering light in the bedroom. All was
ready for this evening. Karen and I settled down watching
the TV as we waited to see if Stanley would show up. Around
7:30 he knocked on the door. Seems the other party hadn’t
lasted all that long and he had been killing time waiting
for 8 and couldn’t, so he was early, did we mind? I smiled
and invited him in.

We all sat in the living room for a while watching TV letting
the underlaying tension build. After a while I asked him
how his big day had gone. He said not much different. He had
had a small party at home with Mom and his younger brother;
it hadn’t lasted long. He told us about the presents he got,
which were few in number but nice presents, and that overall
he had enjoyed the day. Karen got up and brought in the cake
she had made for him and some of his favorite ice cream, Rocky
Road. It was only 8:30 already when we sang happy birthday
and ate the cake.

As we finished eating I asked, ‘How does if feel to be a man
He said he hadn’t noticed the difference.
Karen took the dishes to the kitchen put them in the sink
then she excused herself, went into the bedroom and closed
the door. I noticed that Stanley watched her go down the
hall and into the bedroom. Our plan was for Karen to go into
the bedroom, light the candles, get undressed and lay on
the bed with the blanket covering her. I was just giving
her time to do this I before I sent Stanley in… to get his real
birthday present!

I watched her close the door behing her and said to Stanley,
‘We wanted to get you a birthday present but as hard as we
tried, we couldn’t figure out what would fit this momentous
occasion of turning 18. So we wound up just baking that lousy
little cake and and some lame ice cream.
Stanley and I talked for another few minutes and then I asked
Stanley if he believed that we had forgotten to get him a
He said it didn’t matter.
I assured him, ‘it did matter and that we had not forgotten.
‘Karen and I think this is a very special birthday for a very
special person and we wanted to get you something you would
remember for the rest of your life. This is not and easy thing
to do’, I said, smiling at him.
‘We thought long and hard about what to give you before we
finally figured out what it should be.’
I said, ‘Karen went to get it ready for you, it’s in the bedroom
and now you have to go in and get it.
He looked at me for a moment so smiling I said, ‘Well go get
He walked to the bedroom door and knocked softly. I heard
Karen say, ‘Come in’. He opened the door, stepped into the
flickering candle light and closed the door… at Karens
I waited, trying giving them a minute so Karen could start
it off, but heard nothing. I got up and went to the bedroom
door. I heard nothing. I entered and found Stanley standing
next to Karen lying on the bed still covered by the blanket.
They were both a little nervous it appeared.

I sat down on the bed and asked if Karen had told him what we
wanted to give him.
He said no.
So I started things by asking him, ‘Stanley, are you a virgin?’
He looked at me, blushed a little and smiled as he said, ‘Yes.’
I asked, ‘Stanley, do you want to be?’
He looked at Karen then to me and said, ‘No.’
‘Well sit down.’ I told him. Stanley sat on the edge of the
bed next to Karen as she moved closer to me to give him room.
‘Good! I said, here’s the deal.’
Stanley, Karen and I would consider it an honor if you would
give your virginity to Karen this evening. We, that is,
she, would like to be your very first lover. The girl that
takes you from boyhood to manhood in one night! I pointed
to Karen, the covers pulled up to her chin and said, ‘Stanley,
would you like to make love with Karen?’
Stanley looked at me, then at Karen, hope and nervousness
flashing across his face.
Karen said softly, ‘What he means, Stanley, is will you
make love to me tonight, now? I want you to to make love to
me. If you want to I would love to but you don’t have to if you’d
rather not, I’d understand.
Stanley looked at Karen, a smile starting across his face,
and then looked at me.
I smiled, ‘it’s your birthday gift from us, a gift of a lifetime!’
His smile grew, as did other things I noticed.
He nodded, and softly said, ‘I’d like that… very much.’
I looked over at Stanley and saw that he was watching me while
keeping at least one eye on Karen.
It was now or never!
I stood, reached over and slowly pulled the covers back,
totally exposing Karen naked before him.
I said, ‘Happy Birthday! Enjoy.’
With that I took his hand and placed it on Karen’s firm, erect
breast. Stanley’s first touch was tender and perhaps tentative.
Karen noticed the bulge grow larger in Stanley’s pants
so she reached out and wrapped her hand around it. I placed
my hands between Karen’s knees and opened them slightly.
Stanley was looking at Karen’s neatly shaven pussy, the
object of his lust. Sensing this, Karen guided Stanley’s
hand down between her legs. I could see Stanley’s fingers
eagerly probe her essence as Karen worked to release the
bulge from his pants.
Karen sat up and told Stanley, ‘Take off your clothes and
get in bed with me.’
As he took off his pants, his member, now unrestrained,
sprang free and stood at ridged attention.
I was surprised, and I know Karen was, by it’s magnificent
size! Stanley was hung! He was huge! His dick looked 2 maybe
3 inches longer than mine and at least twice as thick!
Karen looked at me smiling as she realized she was about
to get an unexpected present of her own. I briefly wondered
if she could hold it all.
Karen made Stanley lie down on his back, her focus nowcompletely
on Stanley and his monstrous dick. She reaches out and grasps
his rock hard member and starts a slow stroking and squeezing
motion along its thick shaft.
I have moved to the foot of the bed to give them room and it
provided me the best view of the action. As I watched Karen
stroking he massive member (his huge dick) I could see the
sensation send waves of pleasure through Stanley.
Karen immediately realizes foreplay was completely unnecessary;
Stanley was ready! Karen throws a leg over Stanley, facing
him, and sat straddling him.
Because I had moved to the foot of the bed, I had, what I thought
was the best view of the action, I was out of sight and a minimal
distraction. With her back to me, I watched as Karen raised
herself up and gently position herself over his huge, rock
hard, dick. She guided its swollen head to her opening and
rubbed it all around to assure it was well moisten for easier
I watched as Karen’s full attention focused between her
legs in response to the anxious probing by Stanley’s excited,
rock hard dick.
Karen slipped the head into the center of her opening, distending
it as she accepted him inside her, and started easing herself
down around his long, long, thick shaft.

I watched, fascinated, as his dick slid slowly deeper and
deeper into Karen’s pussy. It was in ¾ of the total length
and there was still 3 inches to go! Karen had stopped her
slide down just where his ridig shaft was the thickest;
her body shuttered, then started sliding back up his monstrous
pole. The huge shaft glistened with her pussy juices as
it slowly reappeared.
The head of his tool was still well inside her when she started
her next slide down his hard, thick dick. I watched it slip
deeper insider Karen this time, at least and inch deeper.
It was on her forth attempt she took all of him inside her.
I could see Karen’s ‘brown eye’ winking as she slide him
inside her, so I knew she was squeezing his dick with her
pussy muscles. I smiled because I know how that feels, it
was one of my favorite things, and I was surprised Stanley
could still breathe.
Karen only got to do six rides up and back down before Stanley
exploded inside her.
It was amazing to watch! As Karen started her 6th slide down
his huge dick, Stanley thrust upward, his entire dick disappeared
inside her all the to his balls. A moan escaped Karen due
to the intensity of the sudden thrust that threatened to
split her in half
Stanley’s balls rose and strained against Karen’s ass
for what seemed an eternity, then started frantically
pumping up and down, slowed to erratic pulses. I knew he
was filling her with his cum. Unique cum in that it was his
first that was not hand made! He was no longer a Virgin! His
balls finally stopped pumping and he seemed to collapse.
Karen, still impaled by Stanley’s dick; lay forward on
Stanley’s chest. His dick had remained rock hard so Karen
saw no reason to have it out of her. I could tell she liked
the way it felt deep inside her and she planned to keep it
there as long as she could.
She said, ‘That was awesome, you were wonderful Stanley,
the best I’ve ever had. Are you sure you haven’t done this
He laughed gently and said no, but I saw his mind was with
his dick still in Karens pussy.
They lay there of a moment, his dick still deep in Karen and
only semi-ridig. Even soft, his member would fill Karen
as it didn’t seem to get much smaller. Karen must have been
pussy squeezing him again because they suddenly rolled
over with Stanley on top. Karen managed this and still keep
his dick tucked safely in her cunt. Stanley started thrusting
again, thrusting his thick tool deep as she thrust up against
him in return. They were jungle fucking now. As I watched
I realized they were just animalistic, dick and cunt, seeking
and finding pleasure in each other. I saw Karen was allowing
the sensations from between her legs to flow throughout
her body lifting her toward the ecstasy of an orgasm!

Stanley was also getting totally into it. Plunging and
burying his huge, thick, rock hard dick deep in her tight,
warm, willing pussy faster, deeper, with commanding authority.
They were sweating, and fucking hard, when Karen started
to moan, her nipples stood out hard; all indicating she
was starting her climax. Stanley had his dick buried deep
in her pussy and was straining hard to get it in deeper when
she burst into her full climax. Her face went red, her toes
curled, she arched up, and she went ridged. As her pussy
clamped tightly and spasmodically around Stanley’s trusting
dick, it sent him into his second climax as well. They lay
there with every muscle straining against each other in
a mutual prolonged ecstasy of sensation. The only movement
I could see was Stanley’s balls as they pumped up and down
in their sac, filling Karen’s pussy with hot, eager sperm
once again. They lay locked in this embrace for a long time
before collapsing, totally spent ecstasy.

Stanley finally rolled off Karen and in doing so pulled
his still enlarged member out of her. It was wet with their
mixed juices, mostly his. Karen’s now empty hole remained
open where he had been thrusting and juices from his two
loads were visible inside her distended and open hole.
I reached over and put my finger in her, feeling the wet slickness
of their juices. Karen shuddered with sensation overload
as my finger entered her. Finding the warm wetness of their
lovemaking; I brought my finger, wet with Stanley’s cum
and their climax, to her lips. I coated her lips with their
love juices; she opened her mouth and licked my finger.
I kissed her and thanked her, then let Stanley do the same.
I got a hand towel and Stanley and I started ‘cleaning’ her.
Karen lay on her back with her legs wide apart as Stanley
and I would take turns wiping her pussy with the towel looking
at it closely and then sticking in a finger to see if she was
dry yet. She wasn’t. She was full of virgin cum and reluctant
to give it up.It was not long before Stanley had yet another

This time I suggested Stanley lay on his back with Karen
on top with her back to him. I got the camera as I was going
to give him a picture that proved he got laid. I knew he would
want it to show his friends as proof. Karen was sitting on
him facing me. She straddled his enlarged dick facing me,
her back to Stanley, guided the swollen members head to
her moist opening, and I took the picture just as he found
her waiting opening and started sliding it home. I took
many pictures as they fucked, almost frantically, finally
their lovemaking slowed, the thrusting deepened and they
began climaxing together, again. Again and again Stanley
balls slapped her ass as they filled Karen’s delightful
pussy for the 3rd time in an hour.

This time Stanley’s dick was not as hard as it had been after
their previous bouts. It looked huge but soft and wet. He
and Karen had to get up and pee. Karen took a washcloth and
cleaned herself then started cleaning Stanley too. His
dick responded to her touch instantly by doubling in size
and standing up again so I headed them back to the bed. This
time I left the room and closed the doors. My omitting my
presence was my present to them. I heard as they started
love making and listened to them as they started building
to another climax. Just before 10 pm Karen moaned loudly
and I knew she was truly enjoying this! Karen had committed
to making Stanley’s memories of his loss of virginity and
introduction into the pleasures of the female body last
a lifetime..

Long inutes of silence passed before soft scuffling sound
were heard. Stanley finally came out of the bedroom, smiling.
He was dressed as he had been when he first walked into the
room but he certainly looked different now.
I told him we had tried to give him something he really wanted
and would always remember and asked him if he liked our birthday

He told me it was unbelievable, the best gift he ever had.
I asked if he wanted a picture to remember the night by and
showed him some of the pictures I had taken. They showed
him with his dick going in, deep in, and coming out, of Karen’s
pussy with her tits bouncing, but Karen’s face was not in
any the pictures. It could have been any, drop dead, beautiful
girl with a gorgeous body and shaved pussy sitting on his
dick. I figured since he was male and 18 would eventually
brag to his buddies and have to show them the pictures as
proof he got laid. That was all right with us as long as no
one knew whom he was actually fucking. He couldn’t stop
smiling so I figured he loved our gift. I told him to come
back this weekend and he could have some more cake and another
present. He assured me he would be there.

I went back into the bedroom and found Karen still naked
on the bed. She had a towel under her ass and was holding,
savoring, Stanley’s hot cum still inside her. I lay down
and kissed her lovingly and asked if she could still take
in one more, little one. I kissed my way down to her damp pussy
and sucked on her clit. She smelled and tasted of fresh lovemaking.
She pulled me up, away from her to tender pussy.
‘I was surprised at how big Stanley’s dick was… you looked
kind of surprised too!’ I said.
‘How did it feel? I asked, ‘ It looked like it took you awhile
to get comfortable.’
She said, ‘at first it was a little uncomfortable. I was
a little dry and he wanted in, so in he went. As I moistened
up it started feeling very, very good! Filled me up, there
is no doubt. And you were right he liked it. He came 5 time!’
‘Hell I came three times!’ she said laughing and hugging
I told her, ‘I invited him back for more this weekend. I hoped
you wouldn’t mind.’
She smiled, squeezed me, and said, ‘I did too! I was hoping
you wouldn’t mind.’
We made love. She was still slick and full of Stanley’s cum
when I slipped into her. Her muscles surrounding my dick
clamped tight and I quickly mixed my juices with theirs.
I suspect
Karen planned to mix my love juices with Stanley’s, mingled
within her memory and her body. She fell asleep with a smile
of success in her face.
Just before falling asleep Karen thanked me and said that
she and Stanley had both gotten the best present they could
have been given. And it had been a surprise to both of them.
'To all three of us!, I replied.

Next time I’ll tell you the story of the weekend we took Stanley
to the beach… and why it took Karen two days before she could
throw a decent walk.

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Wow wow that was hot loved the detail and wish I was 18 and
you gave her to me for my birthday
I think I need to go empty my balls know !!
awesome thanks for sharing it !!