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Dee Dee - Forbidden Fruit


I was 18 and just finishing high school when I started dating
DD. She
was very shy and cute as a button. Of course, my hormones
were raging.
Neither of us had really dated anyone before. I had a short
with an 18-year-old girl when I was 15 and she taught me how
to kiss.

We started out very slow. We had numerous dates where all
we did was
hold hands. I remember the electric feeling I had the first
time I put
my arm around her. I really liked her, and didn't want
to push her
sexually, but I sure was looking forward to a more physical


It was prom night when I thought I would try to kiss her for
the first
time. We had been going out for a month or so, and I had just
out that she had gone out with someone before for a couple
dates and
she had kissed him. I figured then our kissing shouldn't
be the
psychological hurdle I thought it might be.

On prom night, we left the dance early and drove out into
the country to
park in a secluded tractor lane near her house. I had her
across the seat so she was facing me. I had my arm around her
and was
holding her hand as we talked. When I thought the moment
was right I
leaned in to kiss her. I was surprised when she turned her
head away.
Now I had to make it into a game to save face. I kept teasing
conjouling her until I finally got some kind of kiss. I was
a little
pissed that after being so patience and slow with her; she
still made
me feel like some kind of callous sex hound.

The next time we went out I wanted to make sure we had plenty
"parking" time. She had sweet full lips and
it felt so good to kiss
her. That night we spend over an hour just kissing. I loved
smell, her soft skin and the feel of her in my arms. This became
pattern for several weeks.

As time went on, I enjoyed running my hands over her body.
It wasn't
long before I was running my hands under her shirt to rub
her bare
back. This was as far as I had ever gone with anyone before.
progressed to me rubbing her flat tummy. There was something
sensual about looking at her tummy and caressing it while
we talked or

After awhile, our necking progressed to me lying on the
front seat of
the car with her lying on top of me. Of course, I always had
erection, but tried my best to make sure she didn't
notice it. When
she was laying on me, it seemed natural for me to move my hands
her jeans and cup her ass. This didn't really feel like
territory for either of us. I'm a very tactile person
so my hands were
always caressing her somewhere.

I didn't have a clue about "petting" or
what a boy would rub or why.
But I knew that boys like breasts and I definitely noticed
hers. They
were small and she really never wore anything very revealing.
I enjoyed looking at how they showed in whatever she was
wearing. Of
course, when I'd rub her bare back I always noticed
her bra straps.
She always wore a bra. It would have been unheard of for her
not to.

Over a period of several weeks I gradually started rubbing
her side more
when we'd kiss. I also would caress and hold her face
while we kissed,
but my forearm would be resting on her breast. I'm sure
she knew that
I was rubbing it back and forth over her breast on purpose,
but we both
could ignore it as perfectly innocent. As our dates progressed,
thumb would start to rub her front below her bra.

She began trying to move my hand out of the way with her arm,
but as in
our first kiss, I was going to be persistent. It wasn't
long before
she'd let me rub the side of her breast with my thumb.
And once I was
that close, each time my thumb would rub over more and more
of her
breast. Before she allowed me to rub my hand over her entire
she made me work for it over several nights. However, I was
granted full access to fondling her breast.

I enjoyed rubbing it even when we weren't kissing.
I would just caress
and rub it just like I had rubbed her back and stomach for
Things progressed naturally until I began rubbing my hand
around the edge of her bra under her shirts. It was getting
more and more
exciting. I had a constant erection all the time we were
making out.
It wasn't long before I had complete access to petting
her over her bra
and even being allowed to unbutton her blouse to see her

I loved the feel of the soft skin of her breast pushing over
the top of
her bra. By now she was also unbuttoning my shirt so she could
rub my
tummy and chest. It was obvious that we both were enjoying
increased sensation. We particularly enjoyed having
both our naked
stomachs touching as she lay on top of me.

At this point it seemed like each advance had to be accompanied
by a
plausible, innocent reason. One night she was lying on
top of me and I
was rubbing her bare back and her ass over her jeans. I told
her it
would be easier for me to rub her back if I could unhook her
bra. This
made sense, after all, surely there was nothing wrong with
me rubbing
her back.

We continued like this for several nights. We were parking
almost every
night throughout the summer. And sometimes when her family
was out, we
would lay on the sofa in her living room. Now with her bra
unhooked I
could also slide my hand up her side unencumbered. For my
next move I
wanted her sitting up facing me. We would unbutton each
other's shirts
and then rub each other. Of course I gave special attention
to her

Sometimes I would hold her tightly against me when we were
kissing and
I'd rub her back. It now seemed perfectly natural for
me to unhook her
bra so I could rub her back without the bra strap being in
the way. We
made out like this for a while and then I let my hand move around
her side. We did this for several nights before I let my hand
further around her breast.

She must have been enjoying it somewhat because she didn't
really fight
me as my thumb moved over her naked breast to find her nipple.
kissing seemed to get more passionate and I could now openly
rub her
naked breast. I enjoyed this newfound freedom for several
nights. She
wouldn't let me see her breasts, but she allowed full
access to my

Finally, one night when she was lying on top of me, and we
had both
removed our shirts to feel each other better. I was rubbing
her back
under her unhooked bra. I asked her if I could slip her bra
off so I
could feel her better against my chest. Since we were lying
down, I
wouldn't be able to see her breasts, so it seemed like
this wasn't
really pushing things too far.

She consented to this so now we were both naked above our
waists. This
felt so wonderful. I could feel her breasts on my chest,
I could rub
her naked back and sides, I could rub and squeeze her ass,
and I could
slide my hand up her side and rub her nipples between us.
This was
definitely getting both of us more aroused. Now when she
was lying on
me, my hips would naturally rock against her and I would
use my hand on
her ass to pull her tighter to me.

It wasn't long before she would let me freely kiss her
while fondling
her breasts and then allow me to remove her blouse and bra,
to see and
play with her naked breasts. Her breasts were so firm and
round with
the smallest little nipples. I had nothing to compare it
to at the
time, but her nipples were no bigger than mine, however
hers got very
hard when she was excited.

I could now kiss and nibble on her nipples, which she seemed
to enjoy.
Of course, we only dared do this while parked in a secluded
place. The
times we'd be making out on her sofa, we had to keep our
clothes on.
Although with the roomy sofa, I could stretch out and pull
her against
my thrusting erection while we made out.

It was on the sofa where I first tried making out with her
on the
bottom. This gave me greater contact and control as I slowly

dry-humped her. I wasn't overly forceful or fast.
Neither of us
acknowledged that there was anything sexual going on below
our waists.
Sometimes we would lie facing each other on our sides so
I had free
access to play with her breasts.

By now we have been dating for about a year. We had a very enjoyable
sex life above the waist. Her being a farm gal, she never
dresses, but always was in jeans. But she had gotten a waitressing
and had to wear a mid-thigh loose skirt as part of her
the late sixties so short skirts were the norm.

She didn't get off until later in the evening. I would
pick her up and
then take her home. Her mother was very good about retiring
for the
evening when we got there. DD would always remove her panti-hose
the bathroom because I assume they were somewhat uncomfortable
her...she wasn't a panti-hose kinda gal.

It was a different experience making out with her in a dress.
I could
see a little bulge above her top, which highlighted her
small breasts
very nicely. Normally she never wore anything with a revealing

neckline. I enjoyed fondling her breasts over her dress
and sliding my
fingers under the top to find her nipple. Somehow it seemed
much more
titillating to take liberties when she was dressed up.

I also enjoyed being able to squeeze her ass when she'd
lie on top of
me. The dress was much freer than her jeans so I could fully
cup her
ass cheeks and easily feel her underwear. This was our routine
several weeks until one night something unexpected happen.

She was on top of me as usual and I was squeezing and kneading
her ass
pulling her up against my erection. We had been making out
for a
while, when I noticed that her dress had pulled up. My hand
felt the
hem of her dress and the tips of my fingers touched her panties.
an electric feeling. They were lace panties and I could
feel the
textured lace with my fingertips.

DD didn't seem to be aware that her dress had pulled
up and that now I
was touching her panties. I continued squeezing her ass
like normal,
but slowly let her dress rid up higher until my hand was fully
her panties. I then got another electric shock went my fingers
the hem of her panties and I could feel the naked skin of her
pushing out below her panty leg.

She now knew that I was under her dress. She tried to pull
it down, but
I told her it was easier to rub her this way and it was no different

than a swimsuit. She relented and I spent the next half hour
her panties, ass, and naked upper thighs. I could feel the
heat from
her body and there was a slight flush on her lower back.

I rolled us onto our sides so I could reach under her dress
and fully
fondle her ass from the side. We continued like this for
a while.
Most of my attention was focused on her top cheek. Every
now and then
I'd try to squeeze her lower cheek but it was hard for
my to reach all
around her.

We were passionately kissing and I was rubbing her naked
thigh and lower
cheek and her panties. I tried to reach her other cheek but
easily do it. I told her I wanted to rub her other side. I quickly

lifted her leg up and push my hand between her legs and grabbed
her ass
before she could protest. She tried to object but I said
I wasn't
doing anything different than when she was on top of me.
My hand and
arm were nowhere near her crotch, so technically that was

I kissed her more passionately and that seem to distract
her. We made
out for a while and then I moved my hand to rub her other cheek.
far perfectly innocent. I then started moving my hands
from cheek to
cheek and kept them constantly moving and squeezing as
we kissed. I
slowly let my forearm press up against her crotch.

I could feel the heat of her crotch against my arm. She didn't
as my hand and arm continued moving back and forth. My forearm
deliberately pressing against her pussy and sliding back
and forth
through her crotch. Normally I progress very slowly sexually,
but I
was extremely excited. This was the first time I felt her
panties, her
naked ass cheeks, her thighs and now her hot crotch.

I slowly let more and more of my hand slide to her crotch with
stroke of my arm. Finally my hand was cupping her crotch.
I could
feel her hairs under her panties and I could feel her dampness.
tried to clamp her legs tight, but that just trapped my hand
her pussy. She tried to get me to stop, but I asked her to let
me rub
her. My hand was now moving from her crotch, up the front
of her
panties, to rub her naked belly.

She still resisted every time my hand pushed into her crotch.
I had no
idea of the female anatomy but I knew this was getting me
very excited.
On one of my strokes from crotch to belly, I pushed my hand
under her
panties and pushed it into her crotch. I could feel her pubic
but nothing else.

I knew there was supposed to be something sexual between
her legs, but I
couldn't find it. I assumed that her sexual area would
be on the front
of her mound, like my penis was. She was fighting me as I pushed
hand deeper between her legs. My fingers hit her slippery
lips. I
pressed my fingers against her and one slipped between
her lips and
into her pussy. For the first time in my life, I could smell
distinctive perfume from her pussy.

She was still protesting a little, but let me continue kissing
her and
pushing my finger in and out of her pussy. I had very little
time with
my finger in her, before I had to give into her protests and
I moved my
hand out and back to squeezing her ass. I pulled her into
my erection
a little, but things slowly calmed down.

I rubbed her breasts a little over her dress and then began
to wind
things down; I had to leave shortly to get home by my deadline.
We got
off the sofa and she said "Well, are you proud of yourself?"
"No" I

I left a little hanged dogged. I knew I had really crossed
the line. I
got in my car and smelled my fingers. I could smell her pussy
on my fingers. That was so hot. There was no turning back.

Neither of us mentioned anything the next time we got together.
parked and made out as usual. She was lying across my lap
facing me.
We had our shirts off and I was playing with her breasts.
I would pull
her breasts against my chest when we kissed. Then my hand
would be
messaging her ass.

After this continued for a while. I moved my hand between
her legs to
rub her other cheek. She had jeans on so this wasn't
nearly as far as
we went last time. She protested a little, but I said I wanted
to rub
her other side. I don't know why that seemed to be a plausible

request, but she acquiesced.

Now I could rub her ass and press my arm into her crotch as
I kissed her
lips, neck and breasts. After a while I let more and more
of my hand
slide against her crotch until finally I was cupping it
with my entire
hand. She seemed to tolerate that. I loved squeezing her
crotch while
I was passionately kissing her. She had the greatest lips
and I loved
our passionate kisses.

We broke it off that night and she didn't say anything
to guilt me.
Now, cupping and stoking her pussy was accepted as part
of our sexual
activity. I loved feeling the heat of her pussy through
her jeans and
I was ecstatic if I could feel some dampness.

Now as she laid facing me in the car. I could let my hand roam
all over
her private parts. I loved watching my hand squeeze her
breasts on top
of her shirt and then move my hand between her legs. I got
her to
spread her legs while I stroked her pussy. She would lie
across my lap with my hand between her open legs stroking
her pussy.

I added to our repertoire by moving my hand from her crotch
to her flat
belly. When I was rubbing her belly I would let my fingers
slide under
her jeans' waist a little. I would concentrate on rubbing
her belly
and she would rub mine. I told her I wanted to rub more of her
so I was going to undo the snap of her jeans. This sounded

I undid her snap and continued rubbing her tummy, gradually
letting my
hand slide further under her jeans but over her panties.
It was so
exciting, to have my hand on the top of her panties....all
advances forbidden, but then I could slide my hand over
her jeans and
play with her pussy as much as I liked.

I began to notice, that she was much firmer in her boundaries
until I
would rub her pussy for a while. I would notice a slight flush
on her
lower back. When I felt a little perspiration on her back,
she gave me
little resistance. As each night passed, I knew if I could
get her
aroused, she had little resistance to my advances.

After a few nights, I rubbed her pussy enough until I could
feel her sex
flush. Then, after I unsnapped her jeans to rub her tummy,
I told her
I needed to lower her zipper to rub her better. Somehow being
able to
rub her better was always a reasonable justification for
anything. Now
as we kissed, my hand moved from her tummy to the top of her
and then over her jeans to her pussy.

I kept this progression going until I would cup her pussy
with my
fingers but let my thumb reach under her jeans to rub her
pubic hairs
over her panties. I would then alternate rubbing my hand
over her
jeans, to letting one or two fingers slip between her zipper
and over
her mound. It wasn't long before I had my whole hand
sliding under her

There was no resistance as my fingers pushed between the
tight fabrics
to feel her damp panties covering her pussy. I was in heaven.
I would
kiss her passionately as my hand slid over the indentation
between her
lips. This was as far as I pushed things for several dates.
I enjoyed
the freedom I had with her body. I could rub her anywhere
over her
body and watch as I exposed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples
were so
tiny and hard. And, of course, the sexiest sound in the world,

unzipping her jeans.

She now was comfortable enough with my hand in her pants,
that I could
ask her to pull them down a little so it wasn't so tight
for my hand.
Now I could give her pussy the kind of detailed attention
I longed for.
I could freely explore her damp panties. I'd trace
her crack, push my
hand in fully so I could cup her entire pubic area in my hand,
and I'd
let my fingers explore the elastic edge of her panties and
the soft
skin next to it.

It had been a month since I had pushed my hand into her panties
to feel
her naked pussy. And it was all I could think of. But I didn't
any "Are you proud of yourself?" talk. She now
seemed to get aroused
enough that I thought I could make the final advance.

I let my fingers follow the elastic between her legs and
up towards her
abdomen. It was there that the elastic was looser and not
pulled so
tightly to her skin. I let my finger slide under the elastic
and let
it lightly stroke her skin. I would then let my hand slide
down over
her panties and then back up and under the elastic. With
movement, I let my finger slide under the elastic further
into her

I could feel her soft and downy pubic hairs. I continued
this until my
finger felt her naked lips. Her panties were tight enough
in her
crotch that I couldn't really do any more than slid
my finger back and
forth. It was time for me to literally get in her panties.
I would
let my hand stroke from her pussy up to her bare tummy and
back down.
Then I'd linger at her waistline and let my fingers
slide under enough
until I could feel her bush.

We both were very excited. I couldn't resist much longer.
My lips
pressed against hers as I let my hand slowly descend into
her panties.
There was no resistance. I just took it slowly until my fingers

touched her moist lips. She rolled her hips a little which
I took to
mean she was enjoying this. I let my hand slide down and fully
cup her

I then slowly applied pressure with my finger between her
lips. In just
a few strokes, my finger was in up to my middle joint. I could
her tightness and juiciness. It was just a couple nights
until I'd
push my finger in as far as I could. I would move it around
her, rubbing anything it could reach. I then pushed two
fingers in
her. She was tight but with two fingers in, I could push more
into her.

Each night we were together was an evening of pleasure.
We tried
different positions. Sometimes, after I had her unzipped
and jeans
lowered a little, I would lie down and pull her on top of me
so my hand
could rub her ass. It was fun to push my hand in far enough
so I could
reach her pussy from the back. I could tell from the flush
on her
lower back, that I had free range over her body.

I now got to relive my fantasy of her in a dress. I loved it
when we
got to make out with her in a dress. I loved feeling her panties
they pulled tightly across her ass. It was only with a dress
that I
could fully explore her ass and reach around to finger her

Each night I'd vary the foreplay. I liked taking my
time. I really
enjoyed rubbing her tummy and moving up to her breasts and
down into
her pants to bury my fingers into her sweetness. I always
smelling my fingers on the way home. She would often rub
my tummy
while I would rub hers. I would unsnap my jeans so she could
rub me

As she would rub my tummy my hips would be rocking. Each time
her hand
came close to my underwear elastic, I would suck in my flat
stomach and
arch myself hoping she'd rub me a little under my elastic.

This was our routine for quite awhile. We never talked much
about sex,
other than me asking her to move a certain why to give me better

access. And while she was somewhat receptive, there was
always a
little resistance until I got her excited and flushed.

It was late at night and we were parked in the yard in front
of her
house. I had her disrobed enough so my hand had complete
access to
her. She definitely knew all about my erection. For months
squeeze her ass and pull her tighter against my erection.
Or I'd lie
on top of her and dry hump her. However, we never talked about
it and
she sure never touched it.

Every night I had an erection for the two or three hours we'd
be making
out. Every night I would beat off at home, reliving my exploration
her body.

This night we were both topless and I was enjoying rubbing
her tummy as
she rubbed mine. It seemed like every night she'd spend
more time with
her fingers sliding under my elastic as she stroked my tummy.
I was
rubbing her tummy and often moving my hand all the way into
her panties
to push my fingers into her pussy.

I was kissing her passionately, her hips were moving in
time against my
fingers. And her hand was sliding under my elastic with
each stroke of
her hand. I was in heavy petting heaven, when all of a sudden
pushed her hand all the way under my underwear and cupped
my penis. It
was only there a couple of seconds when I pulled it out. I
shot my wad. The sperm flew out of me.

I was totally spent. That was my first orgasm with a woman.
When I
came down and was hugging her, I asked her what made her think
to do
that. She said she thought I'd like it. I told her I liked
it very
much, but I had an orgasm and didn't want to freak her

Now I had a new goal every night. It was to get her excited
until she would slide her hand in my pants and stroke my cock.
that I knew it was coming; I could enjoy it more without instantly

coming. We would pleasure each other for an hour or two,
and then when
I was ready, I guess she could tell by my hips and breathing.

She learned exactly what to do with her hand to jerk me off.
We had
reached a new level of sexual delight. Now every night we
got together
I would enjoy a period of nice tantalizing foreplay, knowing
it would
end with my fingers buried in her pussy and her hand rapped
around my
erection, stroking it until it shot cum all over both of

I had to find us a more secluded parking place in the country
so we'd
feel more comfortable being naked. I still loved seeing
and feeling
her in panties, so I would take my time striping her out of
but. I loved the feel of her ass cheeks below the elastic
of her panty
leg. I loved sliding my hands and fingers under the elastic
to play in
her juices.

And she seemed to enjoy me being naked as well. As we would
get closer
to our finish, she would pull all my clothes off. I liked
to have her
straddle my lap while I sat in the seat. I could kiss her face,
and breasts, while my hands cupped her ass. I'd pull
her pussy lips
tight up against my cock and then cup my hands further around
her ass
until my fingers could rub her wet pussy.

She would her hands around my cock and let her strokes
match our
hips. It always felt so good to explode my cum between us.
I enjoyed
rubbing it over her breasts.

Often I would have us both get in the back seat. I would either
her lie on me so I could feel her bush on my balls. She would
hold my
cock up against her body so it could slide nicely in my precum.
hands would cup her ass with fingers in her pussy.

Luckily our family car was a station wagon, so if I wanted
her on the
bottom, we would stretch out in the back. I would place the
base of my
cock against her pubic bone and slide it in her juices. Again
pubic hairs on my balls always felt delightful. I would
reach under
her to grab her ass. In this position, I could control the
speed and
pressure to maximize my orgasm. I found it was always better
if my
fingers were in her pussy when I came.

I enjoyed having complete sexual dominance over her body.
If we were
dressed up for a wedding or church, I liked to reach under
her dress to
rub her pussy until it was wet. I loved to shove a couple fingers
her. She never had an orgasm when we were together, largely
because I
didn't know what I was doing. I enjoyed us fondling
each other in all
different situations. She was always a little resistant
or shy about
her body, which made the conquest that much sweeter.

However, other than her pushing her hand in my pants the
first time, she
never initiated anything. It was all up to me. Because of
that and
because she really had no sense of her self as a sexual being,
I broke
up with her. Then she called up and wanted to get back together.
said I'd pick her up to talk. When I picked her up she
was wearing a
skirt and blouse.

I told her that she never took the initiative and was too
passive in our
sex life. She begged me for another chance and said she could
I asked her where she wanted to touch me. She moved her hand
over and
began stroking my cock through my jeans. I asked her where
she wanted
me to touch her. She picked up my hand and placed it over her
I gave her breast a nice squeeze as she stroked me.

I asked her if there was anywhere else she wanted me to touch
her. She
took my hand in hers again and placed it on her naked thigh.
spread her legs and pushed my hand into her crotch. I stroked
her the
crotch of her panties until I could feel the heat and wetness
of her
excitement. Meanwhile, she had unzipped my pants and had
her hand in
my pants and stroking my cock.

I asked her if there was anything she wanted to show me. Her
left hand
kept stroking my cock while she unbuttoned her blouse.
She had to
remove her hand to remove her blouse and bra. Her firm breasts
free. I asked her if she'd like to rub anything against
her breasts.

I removed my hand from her pussy as she turned in the seat.
She pulled
my pants down to my knees and then laid herself in my lap until
chest was against my cock. Turned this way her ass was pointing
from me. I used one hand to pull her breasts tightly against
my cock.
My lubricant made it easy for my cock to slide up and down
against her

I moved my hand down to the back of her thigh and slid it under
skirt until my hand found the damp crotch of her panties.
I slipped my
fingers under her panty leg and pushed my hand into her crotch.
hips were moving my cock faster and faster against her slippery

I dug my fingers into her pussy as I pushed harder and faster
her. My fingers were thrusting in and out of her. I rocked
my cock
faster and faster against her until it exploded all over
her chest.

We went out a few more times, but when we'd get naked
she would get
excited and try to position her pussy lips against the tip
of my cock.
I didn't want to take a chance with intercourse, so
I broke it off


We loosely stayed in touch and if it worked out that we were
in town at
the same time, I'd ask if she'd want to go for a drive.
She was dating
some guy in the Navy. She said a lot of people hook up for screw

buddies. She said she was on the pill.

As we talked I asked her to turn around so I could see her better
we talked. She was reluctant, but I coaxed her into doing
it. She
knew this was our make-out position. It didn't take
long before my
lips were on hers. My hands pulled her shirt out of her jeans
so I
could rub her naked back while we kissed.

We continued kissing while my hand moved from her back to
her breast.
She fought me a little. I moved to rub her back again and then
ass. I could tell she was getting a little excited from the
flush on her lower back. I moved my hand between her thighs.
clenched her legs tight. I said all I want to do was to feel
her other

She relaxed her legs. I couldn't believe that still
worked. As I
rubbed her ass, I let my forearm push into her crotch. As
soon as I
felt her back become more flushed, I moved my hand to cup
her pussy. I
could feel her heat. I could tell she was getting excited.

She started to unbutton my shirt and then hers. She removed
both shirts
and I unhooked her bra. She slid it off as my hand returned
to her
crotch. She pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed
passionately. Her hand reached between us to rub my cock.
She had
never been this aggressive before.

We both unzipped each other's pants. I pushed my hand
under her panties
and into her wet pussy. She pulled my cock out and started
to stroke
it. This didn't go on too long before she said let's
get rid of these

We both stripped out of our clothes and she straddled my
lap. We rubbed
our bodies against each other as our passion grew. Our hips
moving against each other. Her hand was between us holding
my cock
against her. My hands were cupping her ass and fingering
her pussy.

She slowly started to move higher and higher on my cock.
Finally she
had the tip of my cock between her pussy lips. She used her
hand to
guide me. I was still a virgin so this was virgin territory
for me, so
to speak. She slowly moved the tip of my cock up and down through
tight opening. The feeling was sensational.

Each time she raised her hips up, she'd drop a littler
further onto my
cock. My fingers were usually in her pussy, but now my cock
was. I
moved her juices around and started to finger her ass hole.
She made a
sound that I took to mean that she would like me to go further.

My finger started to push into her ass. I noticed that her
hand went
between us and she started to rub her clit. I'm not sure
I even knew
what a clit was at this time, but I really didn't care.
I was focus on
the sensation of my cock moving faster and faster in her

I felt her excitement grow. She never had an orgasm with
me, but I
could tell she was heading for it. All this new stimulation
had me
almost at my peak. She kept slamming herself harder and
harder on my
cock. I shoved my finger deeper into her ass with each thrust.

Now I was close. My hips pushed as hard as I could with each
She started bouncing faster and faster on my cock. I started
explode into her and I heard her start to moan. Her hand was
rapidly between us. My cock was pumping with each stroke.
I don't know
how much I came.

She collapsed onto my body with my spent cock still in her.
Our sweat
mingled. I gently cupped her ass. She said we shouldn't
have done
that, but she always wondered what it would be like with
me. She said
we still had that sexual chemistry we had when we learned
from each

I wouldn't see her again for about a year, when she visited
me at
college while she was on leave.

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great story!! i always enjoy young lovers.


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Frightenly reminiscent of my high school make-out sessions!


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So what happened at college?


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Thank you, for bringing back a few, sweet, old memories!
You really do have a knack for this sort of thing. Keep it
up!!!(so to speak)


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Wonderful story, almost made me wish it still took all that
work to get laid