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Dealing to a Stranger (part seven)



Thursday the 5th of September

Last month’s had been New York City then San Francisco
, this postcard was from Seattle.

Friday the 6th of September, 1 day later

Kim sat in front of her computer checking her e-mails.
She answered the few from her friends, deleting the junk.
The waiting was wearing her down, this morning’s amulet
check had been very bright, he was just right here, and had
been so for over a month. So close, yet so far. She tabbed
into the search field and punched in S O S. The AOL’s Google
search engine said there were 3, 391, 226 entries, she
thought that should give her a hobby while she waited. She
cleared the search and entered Samuel Oscar Stranger as
a fluke, wishing she could find him. The Google page quickly
came back with 6 entries, she started to delete the search
and go for her daily run. The first small entry note caught
her eye, it said something about Space Operations Services,
chairman of the board Samue before cutting off.

Kim quickly clicked on the link.

A smiling Sam stared out of her computer. The page said
he was the Chairman of the Board for Space Operations Services.
The page said very little about Sam. It said quite a bit about
the company having 6 locations in the US and many overseas
locations. Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, France,
Great Briton, Germany, Ecuador, Japan and soon another
location in China, Kim had postcards from every one of the
locations stuck to her refrigerator with magnets. Space
Operations Services dealt mostly with telecommunications
and secure data transmission systems, it also boasted
that new and exciting systems were under development that
would revolutionize the current systems now in use. Sam
had told her he was a communications engineer. The home
office was located in Baltimore Maryland. It had a contact
button for further inquiries. Kim moused to the contact
page, it listed the addresses of all the locations, e-mail
contacts and phone numbers. She looked at the home office
in Baltimore, reached over, picked up her phone and dialed
the number listed.

“Space Operation Services how may I direct your call?”

“Mr. Samuel Stranger, ” Kim said.

“One moment please.”

Elton John played ‘Rocket Man’ softly in her ear, as her
heart pounded wildly in her chest.

Space Operations Services, Mr. Stranger’s office, may
I help you?”

“I am friend of Sam’s, I was just wondering if he was in?”
“May I ask who’s calling.”

“Kimberly Collett in Tunica, Mississippi.”

“This is Tilly Levin, Mz. Collett, Mr. Stranger’s personal
secretary. I’m afraid that Mr. Stranger is out of the office
today Mz. Collett. May I take a message and have him contact
you as soon as possible?”

“Do you know when he might be returning Mz. Levin?”

“He has been very busy lately, but he always promptly returns
my e-mails, would you like for me to leave a message for him
to contact you?”

“No, I should be seeing him soon anyway, thank you Mz. Levin.”

“It really is no problem Mz. Collett, are you sure you wouldn’t
like for me to leave him a message?”

“No thank you Mz. Levin, I’ll wait till I see him, goodbye.”
Kim hung up.

And Mz. Levin didn’t send a message to Mr. Stranger. Although
she did make a noted entry of Kim’s call in her ledger.

52.6 miles away from S.O.S.’s main offices

“Did you have time to trace the number?”

The other agent hit the print button and Kim’s data started
spitting out of the machine.

“Best lead we’ve had on this guy. I want to know her panties’
size, where she buys them and what she had for breakfast
everyday for the last six months by the time I get back. I’m
walking this up personally to the Boss.

Agent Utesch, related the overheard conversation to
Section Chief Sowell explaining that he would have the
printed manuscript of the conversation on Chief Sowell’s
desk within the hour along with a complete dossier on Mz.
Kimberly Collett of Tunica, Mississippi. Section Chief
Sowell called his Boss and explained to him. He listened
to the instructions, said Yes Sir, right away Sir and replaced
the receiver. “I want a full ten man team, round the clock,
put a tap on everything, she better not be able to pee unless
we’re close enough to wipe, a squad of S.W.A.T. two snipers
and a Blackhawk on 24 hour standby. Where the hell is Tunica,

“Just a few miles south of Memphis, Tennessee, Sir.”

“Drop whatever you are doing, get the briefs on her and
on my desk ASAP! I think we can finally grab one of the bastards.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I wanted those other agents in Memphis yesterday, move

Agent Utesch did.

2 hours 12 minutes later

Kim was flying down Highway 61 with the top down heading
for work. She wondered if she did the right thing by trying
to call Sam at his office.

568.1 miles away, as the crow flies

The C-135 turbo prop loaded with 22 heavily armed men took
off, flying towards Memphis, Tennessee. They would be
briefed on the operation, by an agent, when they arrived
in Memphis.

2 hours and 44 minutes later

Kim was talking to Missy and telling her what she found
out about Sam on the internet. Both sort of sighed inwards,
now really knowing the all that money wasn’t tainted, but
earned honestly by hard work and a very, very sharp, if alien
mind. They both were pretty happy and made plans to have
lunch together around 9:30 PM.

13.8 miles away, as the crow flies

The local Memphis office of the FBI was not happy having
to give the NSA agents, but not being told why, 4 of their
surveillance cars and two of their vans camouflaged with
local company logos. They couldn’t really beef when they
were told to assist with 15 more of their agents and have
them on 24 hour on-call for back-up. After all, the Chief
of the Department of Justice had made the request, and he
was their Boss. The small, deadly army started moving towards


Wednesday the 9th of October

Kim was giving the prepaid credit cards to Missy along
with the confirmation codes for large purchases as they
walked back from their lunch break. The cards where generic
and were made out to a corporation call Starbright Inc.
She finished by telling Missy the approximate balances
left on each card as they approached the gaming area. She
had woke up that morning, her daily amulet check had been
the brightest she had ever seen, soon, very soon. She didn’t
want the Birthday Bunny and Helper Elf to let down the few
employees that hadn’t received their birthday presents.
The employee parking lot looked like a huge, new car, parking
lot. Some of the last employees dropped hints to everybody
about what kind of car they wished they had. It had made such
a difference around the casino. Everybody treated everybody
with kindness that bordered on sugary sweetness. Nobody
wanted to piss off the Birthday Bunny before they got their
new car. Nobody but Birthday Bunny and Helper Elf knew who
they really were. It didn’t matter if you were one of the
trash guys, who all got Mercedes. Or the casino’s general
manger, who also got a new 850 4 door Mercedes coup, or a customer,
you got the super duper, royal treatment at Sam’s Town Casino.
And besides, there is always next year to look forward too.

8 feet away

Agent D.J. Ivy tried to see what the women passed to each
other, but an older lady had walked between them and him,
he just couldn’t go up and use his sap on her. And, the remote
listening device disguised as a eye glass holder, in his
front pocket, didn’t work worth a damn in the casino with
all the machines and the electronic noise from the machines.
One of the agents had learned the hard way about carry in
a weapon on the first day, the casino had embedded metal
detectors in all the entrances for customer security.
Two security guards had cornered the agent, he had gotten
out of the mess by showing his fake FBI ID and saying he was
off-duty and he was sorry for bringing in the handgun, he
would return it to the trunk of his car. He now had to sit in
the monitoring car in the lot, so as to not draw attention
to himself on the facial recognition systems the casino
overhead monitors used. At least the two RVs had arrived
and the snipers and Special Weapons And Tactical team had
two clear lines of fire covering the guest and employee
parking lots. Everybody settled in for a nice long surveillance.
The room was good, the food buffets were good and he got to
gamble free. The agency gave him money to gamble with, they
didn’t say he couldn’t keep the winnings he won. As long
as he reported the losses and turned in the proper amount
of the distributed allotment each day, he just pocketed
his winnings if he had any left over. He figured he was about
850 ahead and was beginning to like playing three card stud.
As a plus, the lady he watched was pretty and very easy on
the eye, and she had a nice smile and a quick, witty humor,
though at some times she seemed sort of sad. Of course that
didn’t matter much to him, if ordered to do so he would kill
her before her body could hit the floor. And his embedded
earpiece, disguised as a hearing aide, worked just fine
inside the casino.

8 minutes later, 3 feet away

“Back for more abuse tonight Dave, ” Kim asked?

“I feel lucky tonight Kim, deal me some good hands this
time, please.”

“Don’t I always Dave, ” Kim said back to him? The waitress
asked him if he wanted a drink as she passed the table, he
just order his usual to her, a coke with a lime twist. Kim
started to deal as he placed his bet, he always just played
the minimum ante and play bets and he must be a total teetotaler,
she had never heard him order anything stronger than a coke,
he was cute, but he wasn’t even close to a Sam. She had seen
the tattoo a couple of times on his arm, “Dave, what’s the
tat your wearing?” It looked like a curved snake with a knife
sticking through it, surrounded by a sort of heart or shield
shaped banner. The banner had something written on it,
but she couldn’t make out what was printed there.

“Just something I got when I was younger and in the Army,
Kim. Been meaning to have it removed, if I win enough money,
I can afford to have it lazed off.” He really should get the
Special Forces tattoo removed or start wearing long sleeved
shirts, he won 20 dollars on the first hand, maybe he would
really use his winnings to have it lasered off. He settled
in for a nice shift, chatting with her, he just hoped he wasn’t
the one that would be assigned to kill her when the time came.

Monday the 14th of October, 5 days later

Kim was not in a very happy mood since she woke up and checked
her amulet that morning. It had been almost unseen in her
bedroom’s filtered light. She went into the bathroom,
closed the door and turned out all the lights, still the
glow was very small, about the smallest she had ever seen.
He was either all the way on the other side of the Earth or
on the moon. Still, there was the two small flashes. She
had grabbed the amulet about 5 or 6 times, his pulses of heat
hadn’t come back. Sometimes they didn’t, but at least 90%
of the time she got a response from him. She would try later.
He had been so close just a day ago, bright flashes, now almost
nothing, she was still happy for the two flashes, but she
was grumpy because they were so dim, he had too be as far from
her as he could get.

She decided to run off her anxiety, she pottied and then
pulled off her nightie in her bedroom searching for some
clean running togs.

584 meters away and watching her on closed circuit

“Damn nice piece of meat there Frank, if they let me do her,
I might take her for a ride first. Very good looking, I like
the way she shaves her pussy, bald as a baby’s ass.”

Frank really didn’t like Allen, still he watched the monitor
as she undressed and then started dressing for her morning’s
run. “What was that in the bathroom Allen, ” he said trying
to get Allen from leering at the woman?

“Whadda ya see, ” not taking his eyes off the monitor till
she had pulled down her running bra, top and up her spandex
shorts. “I didn’t see nothing but dark.”

“Nothing I guess Allen, thought I saw a couple of red flashes,
first time she ever used the bathroom with the lights off.”

“Our loss, but I have made copies of all the other times,
let me know and I’ll burn you some, mighty fine hunk of still
warm, dead meat. Let Tony know she is going to go for her jog.”

Frank did as he was instructed to by the Senior Agent on

Friday the 25th of October, 11 days later

Kim had almost tried calling Sam’s office again, but she
knew he wasn’t there. The amulet’s flashes were still really
weak, it was like he was as far from her as he could be. Sam
hadn’t sent her any pulses for over 2 weeks, or he was so far
that her amulet didn’t respond to his, she tried to tell
herself. She knew in her heart that wasn’t right, she had
felt him when he was in Russia and Japan and in India. She
hugged herself in one of the restroom stalls, wiping at
a small tear before deciding to go back down a little early.
She came out of the employee lounge, thought she saw Dave
at one of the buffet tables. Kim started to wave, but he seemed
to not see her and turned away. She had seen a lot of him lately,
one time he had sort of half-heartily tried to ask her out
on a date. She had politely fended him off by saying it was
against casino policy to date customers. But, if he wanted
to get a job here, it was OK for employees to date. He had told
her he already had a job. He hadn’t tried to hit on her since.
Not that it mattered, Sam had promised her ‘soon’, and Sam
had always keep his promises. She just wished soon were

13 minutes later

Kim saw him coming, she still smiled at him, but the guy
gave her the creeps. She had already told Missy about him
twice coming on to her. He didn’t seem to want to take no for
an answer. She even told him that she had a fiancée, he had
responded by asking to see her ring. She had almost flipped
out the amulet to wave in his face, but she had resisted the
urge to do that. Now, whenever Missy saw the guy at her table,
Missy sort of made it obvious that she was listening. And
Missy really didn’t need a reason to bounce someone out
and ban them from Sam’s Town. He was a lousy dresser or must
come here straight from his job, he sometimes wore a casual
shirt, but the same brown or black wingtips and his polyester
pants gave him away as a loser. And he almost always did lose
as he sat across from her leering at her constantly. He must
be going for the Al Pacchino ‘Tony Montana’ look tonight.
Big collared, fake silk shirt, half-buttoned. She put
on her best Sam’s Town face and welcomed him to her table.
She did notice after about 45 minutes of play, when he took
a free beer from the waitress he never tipped, that he had
a tattoo on his right chest, just like the one her other regular
Dave had.

3 feet away

‘Yeah baby you are hot’, Agent Allen Dupree thought. He
had already made sure that he was going to be one of the escort
agents when they snatched her and her commie, government
secret passing boyfriend, at least that was the reason
he had been told for the stakeout. He just might find a nice
dark place on the plane ride back and do her, maybe in front
of her commie boyfriend. He had only been told that it was
permissible to terminate the two, with extreme prejudice,
if they attempted to escape before or after capture. But
to do all possible to capture the both of them alive, no orders
had been issued about what conditions they needed to be
in, just alive. He was going to make sure she got his private
interrogation on the plane ride back to Washington, the
whole damn flight if possible, and he was lead agent, his
word was law. And he knew to try and keep the snatch hush-hush.
Once these two were in the bag, they were never going to see
the daylight again. Unless the sun was up when they took
a round to the back of the head and a deep plunge, weighted,
to the bottom of the ocean. He wondered if he could weasel
onto the boat and interrogate her some more before capping
her. He would make sure the boyfriend stayed alive just
long enough to watch him fuck his fiancée. Maybe even take
her up the ass too and then fuck her again before killing
her, then putting a bullet between his goofy eyes. He wondered
what it would feel like to be cumming inside her when he put
a bullet in her brain. It made him hard just thinking about
doing it to her.


Tuesday the 29th of October

Sam was right in front her. His eyes glowing a bright blue,
his smile filling her heart with happiness. She reached
out her arms to him and he came into them. She could feel the
warm pulses of his heart beating with hers as they embraced
and kissed. He slowly entered her, she moaned with delight,
he seemed to have a billion hands, all rubbing, caressing,
fondling. She flared in heat as his tempo slowly increased.
His heart beats pulsed against hers, she squirmed in ecstasy
under him as he moved quicker. His heart beat pulsed, she
came as she woke up in her bed alone, in the early morning
light. She pulled soaked fingers and a wet hand from between
her legs as the amulet around her neck pulsed twice again.
Kim wiped her wet hand on her pulled up nightie, grabbed
the amulet and sent him back a response. His came back with
three quick twin pulses, she sighed and leaned back holding
the amulet in her hand, she didn’t feel the three, longer
twin pulses a pause and three, quick twin pulses, after
she had dropped the amulet on the top of her wet nightie.
She thought she felt the amulet pulse at her when she showered
her morning pleasure off before going out to put on her new
running bodyglove. She had bought the full bodysuit when
the weather started to cool some. All this missing Sam and
pent up sexual energy had to be taken out somehow. That had
been the third wet dream she had about Sam this month. But,
all the running was doing wonders for her figure, she was
in the best shape she had ever been in life. She admired herself
in the mirror, slipped on some short, silk shorts for some
modesty, the suit looked like it had been spray painted
on her body. Maybe she’ll leave early for work, stop by the
mall and get some really expensive running shoes. She had
bummed one of the 5 grand cashier’s checks off Missy when
she gave her the credit cards. She had walked over to the
Resort and had the cashier turn it into chips, played a few
games and went to another window to change it back to currency.

The amulet rubbed against her chest under the tight spandex
suit, she pulled it from under her suit, she didn’t want
it banging around as she ran, she took it off and placed it
on the dresser. If she had worn it just 30 more seconds, she
would have felt three, twin, quick pulses, a pause, three,
twin slow pulses, a pause, three, twin quick pulses, but
she was already outside warming herself up for the run.
She thought she might even try for another mile this morning,
Sam was coming SOON!

584 meters away

“Goddammit! Our runner’s out getting breakfast, you
two get into cover-alls and park along her usual running
route, go! I’ll leave a note for Tony, to come when he gets
back. I’ll take a car and follow her in trail. Goddammit
why didn’t you wake me up when she got up? Go Goddammit, ”
Lead Agent Allen Dupree barked at Frank and Dave!

They did.

Over half way into her morning’s run

There it was again, the same car, crossing an intersection
two blocks up in the subdivision she ran beside. A girl sort
of knows when someone is watching her. A smart girl, out
alone, even in the daylight, should always keep her mind
alert to her surroundings. A very smart girl, afraid her
boyfriend might be found by the wrong people, watches everything,
all the time. She picked up her pace, pushing herself, she
pounded towards the next intersection right before the
road bent around going up the backside of the subdivision.
She didn’t see the car as she went by the next intersection,
she turned her head left before the six foot, wood fence
cut off her view of the intersection. Two streets up the
car nosed into the intersection before the fence blocked
her view. She pushed up her pace more and rounded the bend,
heading up the road that went along the backside of the subdivision,
then by the back of her condo about a half mile away. She went
up two intersections at a fast pace, her breath becoming
ragged. The car was pulled into a driveway about three houses
down the block. Someone sat in the driver’s seat, she couldn’t
see more except that his face was turned towards her as she
lost sight of the car, as its’ back up lights came on right
before the fence finally blocked her view. She started
sprinting up the road heading for her townhouse. She couldn’t
make it at this pace, she gulped at the air like a fish out
of water. She saw a phone van about 50 yards away, someone
was working next to a pole, she slowed some, and then to a
walk as she approached the van. She gasped air as she walked
by the front of the van, sweat from the run and fear poured
off her, she watched over her shoulder as she approached
the back of the van.

“Good morning.”

Kim turned sharply to the guy working with some cables
on the ground, tools lay about on the ground, he smiled at
her, he seemed familiar. Kim smiled back and managed to
get out a ‘morning’ between breaths that slowed. The man
pushed one of the closer doors to the van closed. An arm reached
out of the van and pulled at the other to close it some also.
She knew that arm, Dave’s tattoo gave it away.

“Is that you Dave?”

Nothing happened for a second or two, then a head came around
the front closed door. Dave stuck his head out, saw Kim and
smiled a big smile.

“Hey Kim, what are you doing around here?”

Kim’s breathing was almost normal, she glanced back down
the road, nothing. She pointed in the direction of her condo,
“I live just right over there Dave, ” she smiled at him.
She looked back down the road, a different car turned into
the road and came towards them and passed. “Guess I don’t
feel so sorry for taking your money at the casino, ” Kim
said as Dave carefully stepped out of the van through the
far door, then pushed it closed.

Dave gave her a questioning look.

Kim smiled at both men, “You guys work for the damn phone
company, makes my casino look like a bunch of slackers taking
other peoples money according to my phone bills and DSL

Everybody got a chuckle out of that.

Kim looked back down the road, still no sign of the other
car. “So, ya coming over tonight so I can take back some of
my phone bill?”

“Nope, can’t make it tonight Kim. I have a meeting with
my boss to update him on our progress putting in the new fiber
optics system. Did tell ole Frank here about this wicked
dealer that thrives on taking my money.” Dave nodded at
Frank, “That’s the one I told you about Frank.”

Frank smiled at Kim, “Dave, she doesn’t look like a money
stealing troll with a big wart on her nose, looks pretty
cute to me.” Frank rose, wiped his hands on the coveralls
and extended it to Kim.

“Hi. My name’s Frank, ” he shook Kim’s hand gently. “He
paints a different picture of you Kim.” He looked over Kim,
“I can see why, love the suit. We may just run into some problems
and have to hang around longer, the view here is pretty nice.”

Kim gave him a frowning smile, “Come on over tonight Frank,
I think I’ll like taking your money as much as I like taking

Everyone chuckled again.

“Well, I gotta run, I’m going shopping for some new shoes, ”
she snickered at her joke, she waved at both guys, they waved
back as she turned and started running up the road at a leisurely
pace towards her townhouse, looking at all the intersections
as she passed them, nothing.

50 yards away and growing

“She seemed sort of scared at first, think Allen spooked

Frank answered, “Might have, he spooks me, she acted pretty
normal to us though, should we tell Allen?”

“Yeah, ” said Dave, “But that guy sort of creeps me out
anyway. The way he burns extra copies of her naked all the
time. I mean she is going to have to go, but I think he has other
plans for her before she dies. At first I didn’t want to have
to be the one, but I’d much rather make it quick than to think
about what Allen would do to her first.”

“Yeah, ” both men watched her small, distant form turn
into the condo’s parking lot, flashing an electric, silver
blue with bright red shorts. “Seems such a shame though,
I don’t think she in all that deep, it’s going to guilt by

“Yeah, ” Dave sighed softly, “let’s pack up and get back
to the apartment, she said she was going to go shopping.”

13 minutes later

Dave saw Allen leering at the monitor as Kim finished toweling
herself off in the bedroom, he pulled out a disc from the
machine and inserted another one.

“She stopped by and saw me by accident, she didn’t make
us, the phone cover worked good. Told her she could expect
Frank to come over tonight.”

Allen didn’t take his eyes off the monitor, switching
to a different pen camera to follow her back into the bathroom.
He set a time marker on the player recorder and pushed the
burn button. He watched as the camera swung wildly, and
was blocked, it swung again and ended up pointing at half
a Scope bottle and a wall. Allen switched back to the bedroom
camera, making a note to tell Tony to go in as the cable repairman
and readjust the cold cream jar as soon as she was verified
at work.

“OK Dave, good job. Gives us a wider spread of up close agents.
Let Frank take your spot tonight, you get tomorrow, I’ll
take the next. Keeps Tony out of the loop, he can be our running
buddy, she’s used to him being there, they have even ran
together a couple of times.”

“She mentioned she was going to go shopping.”

“Hm, wonder where, maybe back to the car dealers. Don’t
know why she shops so much with them, she has a brand new Mercedes?
You guys mount up, you take the north road, Frank south,
I’ll tail.”

“She seemed sort of scared, Frank said, when she first
came up, she might have made the car.”

Kim came back out of her bathroom with the towel wrapped
around her head. She went to the dresser and picked up the
necklace, putting it back on.

Allen said, “Damn, I was hoping she wouldn’t wear that
today, I was going to have Tony go in and adjust the cold cream
jar again, hoped we might get a chance to take a closer look
at that, she never seems to take it off. Must be important.”

Still watching Kim as she started putting on her clothes,
“Tell Frank to saddle up, I’ll swap to another chase car
and tell Tony to get ready to go in and adjust the jar when
we verify her at work. Let’s go.”


Monday the 30th of October

Sam was still going apeshit with his ring, he kept sending
her his initials. She had finally figured out it was his
code for his name last night. … --- … Almost every hour on
the hour, she figured he was telling her he was coming for
her. Still, the amulet barely pulsed when she held it, he
was still very far away from her. Kim was over watching Missy’s
kids as Bernie used his new tractor and just purchased combine
to clear the feed corn from his fields. It was her first day
off on what should have been a two day ‘weekend’. She had
decided to work her next regular day off for one of the other
ladies, so the woman could take her youngsters out to Trick
or Treat on Halloween. Charlotte was running around with
her necklace on. Kim had been afraid it wouldn’t fasten
around the child’s neck, but it did. I just didn’t flash.
She had told little Lottie that it was a special, magic necklace
that would make her grow up a pretty princess, now she couldn’t
get it back from her. She didn’t worry about the child trashing
the necklace, she had hung it one time while digging in a
cabinet. The damn thing almost yanked her off her feet when
she had tried to straighten back up, it was very pretty and
very strongly designed. She chased Mel and Lottie pretending
she was a dragon trying to eat the princess and being protected
by her white knight, they were happy and she was happy.

586.6 yards away

Frank asked “So, what did Allen say about Farmer John and
his family?”

“They found some abnormalities, ” replied Dave as the
two watched the house from a third of a mile away in a stand
of pines. “Seems farming pays off pretty good, mortgage
paid off mid-January, new tractor, combine, two new Mercedes,
a big new boat in June, two whopping big college funds for
the kids. If that is normal, I’m in the wrong line of work.”

“Think they’re involved?”

Dave guessed, “Could just be gifts from the lady, best
friends for life, she might have just felt like spending
some of that money she got.”

“Have they found where that went to?”

“No, but for 73.8 billion they are looking pretty hard.
The offshore was closed down 2 months ago, and the Swiss
are refusing to do a search for the funds. They say that they
were given proof the money was obtained under perfectly
legal conditions and for the Uncle Sam to go fuck himself.
State Department is still working on them, but I’d say the
cagy bastard has spread it out all over the damn planet by
now. Bet you 20 bucks that they still have it there and don’t
want to have to give it back. They probably figured we’re
going to tag the sum bitch, when we do they’ll get to keep
it till we can prove to them it was illegally gotten, which
we can’t, they win either way.”

“Will we still pick them up after we bag Big money and Snow

“Nope, ” Dave said. “Director Plummer said the FeeBee’s
get them. He had to throw the FBI a bone for wasting all their
manpower on a non-productive stake-out. Also, the orders
from on high are now, wound them if you have to, but no killing,
and they want them in good working order, if at all possible.”

Frank sighed, “That’s the best piece of news, throws a
monkey wrench into Allen’s plans for the woman, he was starting
to scare me, the way he watches her and the recordings over
and over, that’s a sick fucker.”

Dave sort of half whispered even though they were the only
two agents for over a mile, “Did you see this morning’s paper?”

“Just the sport’s section.”

“Try expanding your mind Frank. A poor hooker was found
up on the north side, she had the living shit beat out of her,
she’s in critical condition in a local hospital. She described
her assailant, could have been Allen’s double, right down
to the wingtip’s shoe marks the fucker left on her body.
And, Allen left mad after he got the new directives last
night, that’s one sicko motherfucker.”

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