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Dealing to a Stranger (part five)



“You’re really a human, not just an alien in a human suit?”

“Down to my DNA Kimberly, that part’s pretty complicated,
one of my friends is a molecular biologist her name is Ccrsst,
her mate, her husband was an exo-biologist. His name is
Trassaa. My unasked mate was a exo-geologist her name was
Veettaa. I’m sort of the dummy of the group, or was till I
can here, I’m a communications engineer, my name is Slaammu.
Now, it’s Samuel. You mustn’t mention any of this to anybody,
if they find out you know of us they will hunt you too, and
then use you to get to me, me to them. I’ll not even tell you
their new names to protect them. We have gotten pretty good
at hiding in plan sight.”

“I promise I’ll never tell a soul Sam.”

“I have just one more important question then I will say
little more.”

“Does my ring lie to me?” He clutched the ring, then opened
his hand, it pulsed twice.

Kim grasped the amulet, she opened her palm, it pulsed
twice. “Your ring doesn’t lie Sam, neither does my amulet.”

“I have never been as happy as I am now Kim. I want to finish
mating the stones.”

“More magic Sam?”

“I have no idea Kimberly, I’ve never done this before,
I just know how it’s supposed to be done. Right now, even
I am not sure what will happen. The stones were not supposed
respond to the other without their being mated. When you
touched my hand, my ring acted like it had been mated, it
has never touched the other stone. When you put on the necklace
it also acted as though the stones had mated. They are not
responding as they should. ”

“We’re not like going to blow up the damn planet are we?”

He climbed over her hips and sat in her lap, “Guess it would
sort of defeat the whole purpose of getting the damn things
if you ended up blowing your mate and yourself to pieces.”

“So we’ll be mates Sam, the locals here have other mating

Sam looked sideways at her and gave her his silly grin,
“I think I’m going to have to read up some on the local rituals
Kim.” He gave her a big shit eating grin, “But, I promise
to uphold all the local customs Kimberly Collett.”

“Just don’t you forget that one Samuel Stranger, as soon
as I get my notebook, I’m going to jot that one down first.”
Her face turned a sad, serious look, “When will you be coming
back Sam?”

“That one I have absolutely no idea on. We have to do this
right, I don’t want to spend the rest of our time together
running and hiding. I’ll come back as soon as I can Kim, you
might have to be ready to just go when I do. To walk away, right
then and there, and not look back.”

“I promise Sam, if you ask me to leave, I will go with you.”

“OK, put your fingers in your ears in case we do blow up the
planet, ” he center the amulet on her chest and slipped
on his ring.

He gave her a peck to the lips, came back and took his time.
Sam leaned back made a fist with his hand and pushed the two
stones together. Nothing seemed to happen at first as she
craned her neck looking down. Slowly both stones started
to glow dimly. Sam reached over, keeping the stones touching
and turned off the light. The glow became brighter and kept
building in intensity. The darkened room started to gather
a reddish hue as the stones brightened more. Soon they were
glowing so brightly that they were hard to look at without
squinting. Both flashed brilliantly twice, it left an
after image in Kim’s eyes, they both went dark. After a few
seconds the glow came back to both, like they had a light
embedded in the stone, not bright but a steady, warm, red
glow. Sam pulled back his hand, both kept the warm glow,
she picked hers up and could see clearly through the red
stone, she turned it over, just the wires holding the stone,
the glow seemed to come from inside the gem. Sam crawled
off her lap and stood, he walked through the dark room and
into the black opening of the bathroom, her glow dimmed
some. She saw his red glow from the ring come back out of the
bathroom, as he walked to her the glow brightened.

“I wonder what the range is on this things, Ccrsst did warn
me that they can be a bother, ” he seemed to muse to himself.
“Kim, these things also work as a sort of ranging device,
when they get close to their mates they start glowing. It’s
to let you know that the other one is very close, ” he slipped
off his ring. “Take off the amulet.”

She did as he pulled off his ring. Both the stones kept glowing

“We’re going to have to make sure that we keep them hidden
when we are together. That would explain why those two don’t
wear theirs around much in public, be tough explaining
away a glowing gem around your neck or one on your finger.”
He took Kim’s necklace and his ring, placing both on the
chest of drawers. “She also said they can be a bit annoying
at night when you are making love, like carrying around
two red flashlights.” He reached down and picked up something
from the floor, he covered the two glowing gems up with one
of the washcloths she had thrown down. He went over to the
drapes and closed the gap, the room became very, very dark.
She felt him climb back into bed beside her, he pulled her
back down into the bed, away from the headboard. “I don’t
want to be annoyed by anything right now. I want you Kimberly, ”
he whispered at her in the dark.

She purred in pleasure, she had to keep touching his arms
as they touched her. It felt like he had grown about a dozen
more and they were freely roaming her body, leaving wakes
of fire in their passage. She squirmed in delight under
the assault to her senses. She guided his head around her
body, pulling him up to kiss and then pushing him to a part
that desperately needed his kisses. She had no idea how long this lasted, and she didn’t give
a flying shit, she wanted this moment to last forever. He
crawled between her legs, she slid the top of her feet up
his legs, hooking her heels on his waist. His arms ended
up above her shoulders, she slid hers up his, over his big
shoulders hooking hands behind his neck. He was right above
her in the dark, she could just barely make out his eyes in
the darkened gloom, it was like the dream she had of him,
just darkness and two dimly glowing blue suns. Using legs
and arms, she pulled herself up to kiss him again, his cock
slid along her wet, excited body. She hung from him as they
kissed, she lowered her head and shoulders back to the bed,
loosened her legs a little, tilting her hips up.

“Take me Sam.”

He did.

She pulled up as he lowered himself into her. Slowly, gently,
he never took his eyes off hers till he leaned down, moaning
her name quietly in an ear. Fire, on fire, on fire, heaped
on fire, poured inside her, she joined him as she raked at
his shoulders and back. They stayed together till the unbelievable
sensation left her, he hadn’t shredded her soul, he had
jammed an a-bomb under it, vaporizing it to atoms. He moved
from over her and rolled on his back, she instantly rolled
over to him, holding him tight a knee across his hip. She
rested her head on his arm stretched behind her, and drifted
happily off to sleep.


She woke up in a gloomy room clutching a pillow, “Oh Sam
that was wonderful.”

There was no response, she reached out her arm, there was
no Sam either. She sat upright, “Sam!”


She jumped out of bed, she looked around, she wasn’t in
the same bed she had drifted off in. She went to the drapes
and pulled them open, sunlight flooded into the room. Her
clothes, shoes, studs, watch and handbag lay along the
bottom of the bed she had went to sleep in. The bed looked
like it had been a prop for ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’,
it was wrecked, liberally peppered with wet spots, still
damp and his blood, now dried. But, there was no other trace
of Sam, nothing. His suitcase was gone, so where his laptop
and briefcase that she had noticed, the closet was open
and his suit bag was missing. Not a trace of Samuel Stranger
remained, nothing.

Kim clutched herself, “Sam why didn’t you wake me, ” she
moaned sadly to herself and the empty suite. She had wanted
to take him to the airport or wherever he needed to go, kiss
him goodbye. She went to the chest of drawers and lifted
the washcloth, his ring and her necklace were gone! She
searched the empty drawers, she went to the nightstand
and searched there also. She flung aside her neatly stack
clothes searching, tried to dump empty shoes out, she ransacked
her purse, then dumped everything out on the bed, nothing!
It was gone! He was gone!

“OH Sam, I’m not happy dammit, ” she raged to the empty
room and the world. She started crying, sobbing, he was
gone. She went into the bathroom to get something to wipe
her tears. Flicked on the lights and almost fainted. The
amulet lay on top of a pastel blue envelope on the sink countertop.
She quickly flicked off the lights and found the necklace
in the semi-gloom from the half-opened door. She held the
setting and thought of Sam, she almost didn’t dare open
her hand, she did. The stone pulsed two flashes in the gloom.
She quickly put on the necklace, pushing the setting hard
against her chest, a few seconds passed, two warm pulses
of heat seemed to go straight into her soaring heart. He
was out there somewhere thinking of her. She twirled around
like a girl just getting her very first kiss, she almost
ended up on the floor when her hip smashed into the sink stand.
She quickly flicked on the lights and picked up the envelope.
It was a thick, pastel blue, pressed linen, this guy didn’t
fuck around with the small stuff even. She looked at the
front, just three dots, three dashes, and three more dots.
She turned it over, nothing on the back, she opened it.

Kim Remember our agreement, don’t tell a soul for your own
safety . I will come for you as soon as I possibly can . I am
sorry I didn’t wake you, , You looked so peaceful smiling
and sleeping . I don’t do tearful departures very well .
I have had enough to last me a dozen lifetimes . Try and wear
the amulet as much as you can , but keep it hidden . I am going
to try and shut down everything , so we can go somewhere and
just be us . I grow tired of looking over my shoulder all the
time for the boogiemen to come for me . I love you Kimberly
Collett , I will came back as soon as I can .

… - - - …

P.S. Shred this letter and flush the remains .

It was a very, very hard thing to tear up the letter, she
didn’t want to lose anything that reminded her of him, still
she stood and watched as the pieces swirled down the toilet.
She then sat down and used it, feeling guilty about pottying
on him, not like the other hundreds of guests cared, but
she did. She showered, soaping herself wishing her hands
were his, she slid lower down her body, something was wrong!
She looked down, washed off the soap, turned out of the spray
and looked again. Her little inch wide strip of fuzz from
her last bikini wax was gone. She was as bare as the day she
was born, she rubbed her hand over her pubic mons, just smooth
skin, not even a nub to be found. She had had her last wax over
a two weeks ago. Kim remembered from the day before she had
itched slightly which was a sign for her to pull out the razor.
She rubbed a hand down her leg, again just silky, smooth
skin. It had to be 3 or four days since the last time she shaved
her legs, now nothing but her fingers and her skin slickened
by the soft-water. She finished her hair and rinsed off,
she dried herself in front of the full length mirror in the
bedroom, she was as bald as a baby’s butt. She glanced at
her face, her eyebrows where still there, but the little
peach fuzz on her face was also missing. She was as hairless
as Sam had been, even the light arm hair was gone. She smiled
at herself wickedly, ‘Sam you little devil, scratch that,
Sam you big, humongous, hunk of devil you’. She twirled
around again

She found her hairbrush in the blasted remains of her purse
dumped out on the bed. She sat on the bed she had woken in,
working the brush through her hair. She was happy, she was
so happy she bubbled happiness, he hadn’t lied to her, she
was the happiest she had ever been in her life. She needed
the bathroom’s blow dryer. She picked up her panties, except
for poor Sam’s blood, her panties were in as worse shape
as the sheets were. She stuffed them in the bottom of her
purse, scooped up everything but a few of things of make-up
and dumped them back inside her purse. Slipped on her jeans,
she put her bra and blouse back on. Picked up her watch, ‘Shit’,
it was late. Now she just had two choices, rush home to change
or grab something to eat before her shift started, she was

She knocked her flats off the bed, trying to step into one
as she tucked in her blouse. Two light knocks came to the
door, she whirled, looking at the door, scared.

“Room Service, ” came from the other side.

Kim went to the door, saw a waiter waiting outside holding
a tray, through the peephole. She let him in, he said good
morning to her and quickly walked over to a table and started
uncovering dishes.

“Room Service was directed to delivery this now Ma’am.”

‘Sam you wonderful devil you’, Kim went over to her purse,
all she could find was a five and a ten. Well, Sam had dumped
well over 3500 dollars in her tip jar, she turned and tipped
the waiter 10 bucks, redistributing the casino’s lost
profits further.

He took the bill from her, but was looking at the wrecked
bed, “Is everything OK Ma’am?”

Kim smiled wickedly at the man, “It’s his, not mine.”

The waiter quickly fled the room.

She giggled as she wolfed down the club sandwich and some
of the French fries, sipped some tea, looking happily at
the three chocolate covered strawberries. She wiped her
hands, gripped the setting and sent a thank you to Sam, she
released and then sent another, released and then another.
She pushed the amulet against her chest, she felt two flashes,
a pause and two more. She was still giggling as she walked
into Sam’s Town Casino and up the employee’s locker rooms.

She tried hard to look serious as she entered the lady’s
locker room. She tried to sneak over to her locker to change,
but Missy saw her.

“Kim! Where have you been girlfriend, I’ve tried to call
your place a dozen times. I was almost ready to call the police
if you hadn’t of showed up. Are you all right?”

Kim didn’t say anything as she started pulling on a fresh
work shirt. Missy saw the necklace.

“What’s this! Did he give you that?”

Kim took the amulet out of Missy’s hand and finished pulling
on her shirt. A couple of other women were eavesdropping
on the conversation.

“What did the bastard do too you? I knew it, if you don’t
call the cops on the prick then I will!” Missy turned and
went to her locker, picking up the notepad page she had written
Sam’s info on. Missy muttered, “Fucking Bastard!”

Kim was behind her quickly, snatching the note from her
hand. She grabbed Missy’s arm and pulled her into the restroom
area, away from listening, busybody ears. She looked under
the stall doors as she dragged Missy into a far corner. At
the entrance to the last stall, she pushed open the door,
crumpled the note, threw it in the toilet, hitting the flush
lever with her foot.

She looked down on Missy, “Missy, you must never mention
his name or even say that you have met him, to anybody. It’s
not what you think Missy. You must not tell anybody that
I spent a night with him. If the wrong people find him, they
will kill him, if they find out I was with him, they might
try and kill me also.”

“Oh My God Kim! What has he done?”

“He hasn’t done anything Missy.”

“Then why are people trying to kill him.”

“I can’t tell you that Missy, if I tell you anything about
last night, then they might try and kill you to find out what
you know. I’m not kidding Missy. I’m serious, dead serious.”

“Is he some drug dealer, a spy, who is he, tell me, damn it!”

“He is the most amazing man I have ever met or will ever meet
in my life, and he knows things that people will kill him
or whoever he knows to find out.”

“You’re serious aren’t you Kim? You’re scared that I might
say something to somebody, I can see it in your eyes. You’re
not scared of him, you’re scared that somebody, the wrong
somebody will find out you were with him for just one night.”

“Missy, even Wayne’s not safe, he was dealing to him during
my break.”

“Good God Kim, who is he?”

Kim sighed thoughtfully, “He was incredible, wonderful,
I still don’t believe what happened last night, he did things
to me that are impossible, he changed me Missy.”

Missy looked her friend’s face, “You’re not kidding are

Kim looked back at Missy’s now semi-smiling face, “When
he comes back you’re going to need a new dealer at my table
Missy. I’m going to just walk away with him. I didn’t say
IF Missy, I said WHEN. Even if I have to wait for him the rest
of my life, WHEN he comes, I’ll leave with him then and there.”

“God damn it! Screw Bernie, I should have fought you for
him, I’m little but I know how to scrap.”

Kim leaned over and kissed the top of Missy head, then gave
her best friend a huge hug, lifting her off her feet. She
sat Missy back down, “For him, I would kill. Even you Missy, ”
she turned and walked away from her best friend’s now shocked


Friday the 4th of January

“Anything else from Mr. Wonderful yet, ” Missy said quietly
to Kim as she came back from her break?

Kim reached into her back pocket and pulled out his postcard,
handing it to Missy. Missy looked at the postcard showing
the Taj Mahal. “My, he certainly does get around, where
was that last one from, ” she said as she flipped the card
over, just three dots, three dashes and then three more
dots, nothing else but a stamp postmarked in India.


“Still think he’s got the hots for ya babe?”

Kim clutched at the amulet under her knit shirt, “Yes Missy, ”
she sighed.

A man and woman came up to Kim’s table, she became all casino’s

3 Days Later

Kim was in her townhouse sipping coffee, half reading
the paper and half watching CNN. Somebody knocked on her
door, she went to answer it. Looking out the window in the
door, it was just some sales guy in a suit with a briefcase.
She attached the safety chain and unlocked the door, “No
thanks, I gave at the office, ” she started to close the

“Miss Kimberly Collett, Samuel Stranger sent me.”

She almost broke the chain trying to open the door, spilling
coffee all over her hand, “Wait! Wait just a second please, ”
she had to close the door to unlatch the chain. She yanked
the door back open, “Sam sent you?”

“Yes Miss Collett, he requested that I handle the matter
personally.” He handed Kim a card, Birch, Waller and Theurer,
financial accountants out of New York, N.Y. “My name’s
Robert Theurer, I have some paperwork that requires your
signature. May I come in?”

“Please do Mr. Theurer, watch the coffee I just spilt on
the floor. You have spoken to Sam lately?”

“Just last week over the phone Miss Collett. I explained
that the matter could have been handed through Express
Mail or FedEx and your local bank, but Mr. Stranger was quite
insistent that I handle the matter personally. It is very
hard to argue with Mr. Stranger, especially when he offers
you roundtrip airfare for my wife and myself, first class,
plus a three day suite at a casino, Sam’s Town. Have your
heard of the establishment?”

Kim laughed, “Yes Mr. Theurer, a very fine place, you will
enjoy your stay there I am sure.”

“Excellent Miss Collett, seems he also insisted on providing
expenses and a 15, 000 dollar bonus to use at the casino.
At least my wife is looking forward to spending not only
his bonus but as much of my money as she can.”

“Where’s your wife Mr. Theurer, and please just call me

“She’s waiting in our rental outside, this matter shouldn’t
take very long.”

“Please Mr. Theurer, invite her inside. It’s cold outside
and I have a fresh pot of coffee.”

“Are you sure it’s no problem Miss Collett, I mean Kim.”

“No problem at all, I’ll clean up my mess and grab a couple
of cups.”

Soon all three were chatting gaily around her kitchen
table, Kim was telling them about the best games to try,
the ones with the lowest house odds. Mr. Theurer didn’t
seem all that interested in gambling, but Debbie was happy
at getting to drag her husband away from the office and out
for a few days of fun.

After a few more minutes Mr. Theurer decided to get down
to business, he opened his briefcase. “Mr. Stranger does
make some eccentric requests, but he is my best client.
I don’t mind at all bending for his requests no matter how

“I agree with you on that Robert, I doubt you have a stranger
one as a client.”

Everybody got a chuckle at Sam’s expense.

“It really is just a simple formality of an oversea account
setup and funds transfer.” He pulled some files from his
briefcase, then pulled some forms out of the files. He laid
the first one in front of her, handing her his pen. “This
is your confirmation for the overseas, numbered account,
sign here.”

Kim signed the form, he picked it up, dated the form, pulled
a notary stamp out and affixed his seal and signature to
the form sliding it back into a folder. He handed Kim a pastel
blue envelope, and made her sign a form that she had received
the envelope unopened, “Mr. Stranger has already set the
account up, this is the numerical code to access that account
along with the numerical password for the account. I would
suggest that you memorize and then destroy the information.
One does not want the account and password for this particular
account to be laying about. At the very least get a safety
deposit box and store the information there.”

He pulled another form out, “This is for the first fund
transfer for 50 million dollars, US currency. Please sign
here, ” he said to her pointing at line with a sticky note
attached where it need to be signed.

Kim tried to make her hand move to sign the document, she
looked up at Mr. Theurer, he smiled back at her, her body
helped her crab her name half off the line. He took the form,
gave her the pink copy after he notarized, signed and dated
the form primly filing his copy away in another folder.
He took another from the stack.

She was so proud she didn’t wet herself, the next one was
for only a measly 43 million yen. She did almost pass out
when she got to the 316 million Euros after signing a 30 million
dollar, US, for a currency she never hear of. The 41 million
rupees were easy, she had no idea what a rupee was in US currency,
she wasn’t even sure where a rupee was from, but she had heard
of them. He was nice enough to explain that the 57 million
gold South African Krugerrands all depended on the current
market value at time of deposit. Although he did say, that
at his last check, a single coin was worth around 837, give
or take a few dollars, each, US currency of course.

Kim’s body went to pure autopilot then, she signed four
more forms, she just safely tucked herself in a corner of
her mind and watched in awe. After a few more pleasantries,
they thanked her for the coffee and left. Her body waved
at them through the door’s glass, they waved back and pulled
away. It fainted along with her, at least her body had sense
enough to leave her coffee mug on the table.

She woke up sitting on the bench in front of her locker with
Missy shaking her shoulder, she had no idea how she got to
work. She hoped she drove, she then thought ‘Fuck It’, I’ll
just buy all the cars in parking lot, maybe then buy the casino
if they bitch at her for buying the customer’s cars. Shoot
let’s go ahead and pick-up the Resort Casino and throw in
the Hollywood Casino for fun.“

“He…., “ she said to Missy.

Missy looked at her, “You talked to him?”

“He………, ” she said again.

“He dumped you!?”

“He……, ”

“He wants you to run away with him?”

She looked imploringly at Missy, “He, ,, ,, ,, ,”

“I got that part Kim, Heeeee????? I need a few more words
here Kimberly or this is gonna take all night.”

Kim looked at the other women looking at her and Missy,
she jerked upright and physically dragged Missy from the
room out onto the balcony. She looked around and waited
as two guests walked past going towards the buffet.

She told Missy, in a whisper, that he had just given her
over a billion dollars, maybe more, a whole lot more, she
wasn’t really sure how much more. If she had bothered to
check current currency exchange rates, she would have
found out that she wasn’t even close.

The ladies in the locker room clearly heard Missy scream
“WHAT!” And so did most of the customers on the floor below
them, the rest just heard a scream over the clinking, tinkling,
or music the hundreds of slots made. Three people in the
buffet did drop their plates though.

“Ssshhh Missy!” Kim looked around, most of the people
had went back to what they had been doing. Some still stared
at the two ladies, maybe expecting a girl fight, those were
rare and always fun to watch.

“Sam did what!” It was loud, but at least it wasn’t a scream.
A head poked out of the lady’s locker room looking at the
two women.

Kim pulled Missy over to the doors for a conference room,
the doors were locked. Kim grabbed the few keys hanging
out of Missy’s jeans pocket. Pulled them up, also pulling
the key cards attached to the key ring that were in her pocket.
She found the yellow, main access card and slipped it in
the electric lock, pushing the door open, she dragged Missy
inside the large, empty room by her arm.

Kim rounded on Missy, even locked inside the empty conference
room she still whispered, “Goddammit Missy, you can’t
tell anybody this, not even your husband! If I get even one
sly reference from anybody, I’ll buy this damn place and
fire you. And no matter wherever you go, I’ll buy that place
and fire you from there also.

“Where the hell is he getting all that money from, ” Missy
said quietly seeing how strange Kim was acting even in this
relatively safe place to talk?

“It’s not drug money or illegal, ” she whispered back,
“he had a New York accountant fly here and do the paperwork.
If it were illegal he would have never made such a bold move
with drug money. He said he was going to shut down all his
stuff, I guess he is selling stocks or companies and the

“A billion is a lot of stocks Kim.”

“They were from all over the world Missy, 300 something
million Euros, 40 something million yen, 50 something
million krugger-somethings, a bunch of millions in rupees,
I don’t even know where those come from, and a whole lot more!”

“It’s Krugerrands, they’re South African one ounce,
gold coins. Rupees are India currency, yen are Japanese.”
Kim smiled for the first time, “Why you’re just Little
Miss Information.”

Both ladies chuckled at the pun.

Kim touched her arm, “Wait! You said rupees are from India,
yen are from Japan, I got a card from each of those places.”

“Oh My God Kim! He selling off everything he has, from all
around the world. He is going to come back for you. Kim, he’s
coming back for you, he’s damn good looking and apparently
very rich, you lucky dog. Just warn me before he gets here, ”
she smiled evilly at her, “I’ll kidnap you, grab him and
rock his world.”

“Yeah Missy, I thought the very same thing myself at one
time. He just played with me like a cat with a toy, he didn’t
even scratch, and he blew my mind. He shook me down to my toes,
and not just once.” Missy saw Kim’s eyes come back from her
daydream, they grabbed hers again, “No one Missy, not a
living soul, don’t even go into a graveyard and whisper
to a dead one, You never met a Samuel Stranger that you can
remember, Kimberly Collett got sick and had to leave on
Halloween, do it for your own sake Missy, for Bernie and
your kids. Can you get into the computer system and delete
out his account for me Missy?”

“I’ll try, if I can’t Trayce in accounting owes me a favor
or 2, ” Missy thought for a moment, “I’ll tell her he died.
I’ll get her to do it.”

Kim looked at her watch, “Shit I’m late for my shift, I gotta
go Missy.” Kim rushed out of the room hustling to her table.

Missy followed her out of the room wondering why she even
cared about her shift. ‘Shit’, buy the damn place and hire
someone else to work it for her. ‘The lucky dog!’ She reached
down the front of her shirt and pulled out the necklace her
husband had given her for Christmas just a couple of weeks
ago. It had a gold Krugerrand for the setting, he had warned
her to be careful with it, it had cost well over 800 dollars,
and that was just for the coin. She did the math, ‘God Damn’,
that had to be around 4.7 billion just in Krugerrands, ‘The
Lucky Dog’. She’d wait till their shifts stopped before
telling Kim that little nugget. She almost tripped getting
on the escalator going down and screamed again, when the
little accountant in her head said she had made an error,
it wasn’t 4.7, but 47 billion. Oh, and that was on the extreme
low side for the value of the coin, US currency of course.
Missy gripped the handrails hard to keep herself from falling
down the escalator, ‘THE LUCKY DOG!’.

Missy tried Samuel O. Stranger this time, same results.
Next she just typed Samuel Stranger, again she got back
the same results. She next tried just S. O. Stranger, nothing
again. She knew he was in the system, she had entered the
data herself, she had given him the Sam’s Town Player’s
Card. She went to the 31st of October and pulled up all the
issued cards for that day, she looked down the list, no Stranger
was listed having gotten a card for that day. She looked
at the alphabetical list of names, wrote the number down
for the lowest one on the list, then found and wrote down
the highest number she could find. She did a search for all
numbers issued that date from the lowest number to the highest
number she had written down. There were about 60 or so entries.
She followed the numbers down, paged to the next page. ‘There’,
the numbers skipped one forward. She wrote down what the
number should be in the system, went to the access page and
typed the number in. The number had not been activated,
comp points zero. She shook her head, she had entered his
data and comped him for a thousand dollars worth of play.
He should have at least $75 dollars in casino comps. She
waved and motioned to Denny the next pit boss that she was
taking a five minute break, he nodded back and moved between
the two pit stands so he could handle both stations. Missy
grabbed the two notes she had made and cleared her computer
screen, now she was growing scared.

She took her notes to accounting and found Trayce.

“Hey Tray. Got a moment?”

“Sure Missy, what can I do ya for, ” Trayce said?

“It’s no real problem, but a friend of mine’s husband died,
She said she was getting flyers from here, it sort of reminded
her about him, makes her sad. She asked me if I could do something
to get us to stop sending them.”

“Sorry to hear about your friend Missy, sure I can stop
them and close the account. What was his name?”

“Sam Stranger.”

Trayce typed some on her machine, then typed some more.
“Do you know his full name Missy?”

Missy acted like she was thinking back, “Yeah, I think
it was Samuel Oscar Stranger, something that starting
with an O.” She walked around so she could watched over Trayce’s

Trayce tried that, “Nope Missy, could he have used a different
name? If he did that, I’ll have to know the name he used, Do
you know his address?”

“Not off the top of my head Trayce, ” she lied truthfully,
she only remembered Baltimore, Maryland. But, I issued
the card to him myself, I remember entering the data into
the system. Wait, try this number.” Missy pulled out her
notes, telling Trayce the number she had written down.

Trayce entered the number on her system, she typed some
more, “Wow, that’s really weird, never seen it do that before.”

“What, ” Missy asked?

“The number shows never to have been issued, but the system
skipped it for some reason. It’s programmed to issue the
next number in sequential order, must be a glitch. I see
numbers issued before and after, but not that number, ”
Trayce wrote the non-issued number on a note. “Sorry Missy,
if you could get the address, I could search that way, ”
she cleared her screen and pulled up the generic search
screen. “Is the address local?”

Missy thought Ole Sam is covering his tracks pretty good,
it scared her more, he was really serious about not existing.
She reached down and took the Post It note Trayce had written
the number down on, “Oh well I tried. I’ll get the address
and come back. Thanks Trayce, ” she fled Trayce’s office
with the non-treasure. She stopped only long enough to
take a bathroom break before going back to her station,
she made sure the three notes also disappeared along with
the strange Mr. Stranger. She had a few more gold nuggets
to share with Kim when they both got off tonight. Now she
was fighting on Kim’s side.

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