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Dealing to a Stranger (part eight)



Thursday the 31st of October


The amulet was distracting her from her work, she had thought
about leaving it in her locker. It had even woke her up twice
last night, she finally took it off and put it on her nightstand
after sending back 3 squeezes to Sam. She was pretty excited,
she knew he was coming for her, sleep took a long time to take
her away to him. The glow this morning was much brighter,
she had checked it again before going on-shift and it was
hard to tell under the lights in the restroom, but it seemed
even brighter. He was coming for her.

The only bad part of the day had been when the leering man
had come to her table. She was still pleasant to him, but
he seemed mad at somebody, a frown between leers at her.
She pulled the amulet from under her shirt when it started
to pulse again and let it hang out. Most of the ladies had
seen it when she changed into her uniform. Some had even
asked her about it, she had told them her grandmother had
willed it to her. It didn’t matter, tomorrow or the day after
she would be with Sam and far from this place, she knew this
in her heart.

The Leering Man had another thing to focus on, he still
seemed mad, even after he had won about 6 hands in a row, he
had even doubled his bet and played the pair spot twice,
winning both times. He sort of frowned at her, then leered
at her, then looked at the amulet. This guy was a total nutcase.
Still he drank free beer, and never tipped the waitresses.
He even had to call them over, they knew he didn’t give them
a penny and they tried to avoid him, by mistake.

An older man came to her table, she had seen him start to
walk by, and then he came back, asking her how to play. Leery
snorted at him as Kim explained the rules to the nice man.
After he had played three hands it was Kim’s break time.
The man picked up his chips and stopped her as she left the

“Excuse me Miss?”

“Yes Sir, ” she said kindly to him.

“I hope it is no bother, and I don’t want to appear like I
am intruding, but could you tell me where you got that beautiful

Kim saw the Leering Man watching the conversation. She
said loudly enough for him to hear, “It was a gift from my

“I’m a retired jeweler and I have never seen such a stone,
may I examine it please?”

Kim was loathed to take the necklace off, but she was happy,
she turned some to block Leering Man’s line of sight. “It
just a trinket Sir, really nothing, a family heirloom.”

“Please Miss, may I look at it?”

Kim was kicking herself again, the one damn time she lets
it out and this has to happen. “Sure, ” she said leaning
over letting the man examine the necklace.

“Gorgeous, ” he muttered to himself as he looked at the
setting, “exquisite.”

He might be retired, but he still had jewelry in his blood,
he reached in a pocket and pulled out one of those thingies
jewelers look at diamonds and the such with. He took about
a minute, cupped his hand over the setting looking again.
He straightened up.

“I will offer you 500 for the necklace.”

Kim leaned back up, centering the setting. “I’m sorry
Sir, it has much more sentimental value than five hundred
dollars.” She was sort of disappointment, she thought
it was worth at least a couple of thousand, Planet Earth

He laughed softly at her, “I’m sorry Miss, I should have
said 500, 000 dollars. 750 tops, er 750 thousand that is.”

Kim tried not to show her shock on her face.

The nice man went on, “It is either the best ruby I have ever
seen in my life or the best red diamond, the stone is flawless,
perfect. I will give you a million dollars for it, I can have
the Money within a couple of days, ” he sweetened his deal,

Kim took a small step back, “I couldn’t possibly part with
it Sir.”

He looked sadly at her, dug in a pocket and pulled out a business
card, “If you decide to sell it, please call me, I will match
any offer you receive.”

Kim took his card and slid it into her back jeans pocket.
“I promise Sir, that if I do decide to sell it, I will let you
purchase the necklace, OK?” Kim stuck out her hand, he shook
it slowly looking at the setting.

“Could I ask you one other thing and I will not bother you

“Yes Sir.”

He reached over lifted the setting off her chest, he looked
at the front and then turned it over, “How do you get it to
glow like that?”

Kim freaked out, she yanked the amulet out of his hand,
stared at the stone like she had never seen it before, YES,
She cupped her other hand around the setting, ‘YES!’. It
had a faint glow, it seemed to brighten some, ‘OH GOD! HE’S

She didn’t even bother to answer the nice man, she turned
and fled fast to the employee’s locker room where she could
hide and look at the stone.

She couldn’t tell good, the stall’s lights were too bright,
she searched for a darker room. She finally resorted to
going out into the parking lot, the quarter moon was bright,
but she saw the stone brighten some, ‘OH GOD, OH GOD, OHGOD!’,
Sam was coming for her, NOW! She looked at her watch, she
was late on her break. She turned and went back inside. Kim
took off the necklace and stuffed the glowing amulet in
her front jeans pocket.

112 feet and closing

Lead Agent Allen Dupree saw her coming back from the parking
lot from the windows of the lobby. He nodded at Agent Mark
Shapely giving him a thumbs up as he passed him sitting on
the first bank of machines before you could go into the lobby
and out the doors. Still on the walkie-talkie, disguised
as a cell phone, he gave the standby code to everybody, he
could feel it in his bones. He made sure that the objective
was to wait till the couple left the casino and take them
down in the parking lot. He waited till he was acknowledge
by all groups before flipping closed the cell and heading
back to her table. He felt the phone buzz his leg, she had
reentered the casino. It was just a matter of time baby and
your mine. He had even called the two vans to drop their surveillance
and come to the casino. He would stuff lover boy in one and
stuff Snow White on the way to the airport in the other, screw
directives, and he’d screw her too.

3 feet away

He didn’t know how she knew, but she knew something. He
could tell, she looked up, searching the casino between
hands, calling two wrong even. She was excited and so was
he, your mine bitch!

11 minutes later

Agent Dupree felt the cell buzz three times, the target
was sighted, he felt his dick getting hard.

The cell buzzed twice more, the target was in the casino.

16 seconds later

Agent Dupree saw the target come around a bank of machines
and head towards the table. Snow White was shuffling a hand,
she didn’t see him approach. He sort of ducked some, maybe
trying to sneak up and surprise her. Agent Allen Dupree
had a bigger surprise, for the both of them. He hit the standby
code on the cell in his pocket. His other hand eased the sap
he carried in the other pocket out so he could get to it easier
if he needed to deviate from the takedown plan.

8 seconds later

The Big Commie Bastard took the second seat, just one away
from him, Snow White had just dropped the cards into the
dealing machine’s hopper, she pulled out the first three
set of cards and turned back. She dropped the cards, the
stunned look on her face instantly turned into a huge smile.

1 second later

Sam was smiling at her, she felt like her smile went all
the way around her head, “Miss me Kim.” He said to her?

“You can’t possibly imagine how much Sam.”

“Are you ready to go Kimberly?”

“Yes Sam I am.”

“Just give me a minute, it was a long drive I need a bathroom
break and then we leave, OK?”

Sam looked over at the Leering Man, he stuck out his hand,
“Hi, my name is Sam.”

The Leering Man shook Sam’s hand, “I’ll let Missy know
I’m going to leave Sam, hurry back please. I don’t want to
miss another second with you.”

2.5 feet away from the target

‘You’re going to be missing a whole bunch of his seconds
bitch, forever, but I’ll let you have some of mine.’ Lead
Agent on Site, Allen Dupree pressed the standby code again
on the cell in his pocket after he let go of the target’s hand.

2.5 feet away

“I’ll be right back.” Sam smiled hugely, he stood, pulled
his chair in closer, leaning the back against the table.
He turned from her, smiled at the Leering Man and then hammered
him right in the side of his head.

Kim was still smiling as she heard the man’s skull crunch
under the impact of Sam’ fist. The man dropped sideways
off the chair and fell between two tables. Some people chuckled
thinking a drunken player had fallen off his chair. The
blow Sam had given the man had been a blur out and then back
to his side. Kim had been right there, just feet away, she
wasn’t even sure she saw what had happened. Sam moved like
greased lightening, he was between the tables in an instant,
stepping over the man’s body. Missy had just turned, she
had started to smile at Sam, then frown at one of her customers
laying on her floor. Sam was on her fast, he tapped the side
of Missy’s neck, Missy dropped like a rock, crumpling on
the floor. Kim was looking down at the man on the floor in
shock, his eyes were open, his head was misshapen and blood
was starting to come out of his mouth and nose. Sam was on
her quick, he grabbed her arm, yanking her off her step,
“Run Kim, if you love me, run.”

She did.

They cut through the pit area, Denny yelled at them to stop
as he went to Missy. They went about another 12 steps when
the first scream came, it was quickly followed by others.
A man in front of them rose from a machine next to the stairs
leading into the lobby and out to the exit, he was trying
to pull something from a pocket. Sam clotheslined him,
slamming him hard on his back to the ground. Sam dropped
to a knee with his fist ready to strike and kill the unconscious
man, he rose quickly without striking, pulling her up the
stairs. Two security guards came at them, both starting
to pull their guns, Sam touched both, “He’s having a heart
attack.” Both guards ran towards the fallen man even after
having seen Sam slam him to the ground, re-holstering their
half drawn weapons. Sam pulled Kim towards the door. An
older man, a way younger woman came through the doors, arm
in arm. Sam dragged her around the couple and out the first
set of doors. He slammed open the second set of doors to the
front entrance, the valet was walking around the Lexus
the couple had just exited. Sam yanked the passenger door
open and threw Kim inside the car. He quickly walked around,
grabbed the keys out of the valet’s hand, gave it a squeeze,
“Sorry. She feels sick.” she heard him say. He slid into
the open driver’s door of the car, jammed the key in and had
the car moving by the time his door had slammed shut.

Something thumped the top of the car as Sam smoked the tires
just barely missing two people coming around one of the
posts of the entrance, the car’s engine screamed before
Sam slammed it into second gear, the tires smoked the parking
lot again, then again as he found third gear. They headed
straight at the RV parking area and the exit there, men started
pouring out of two RV’s, armed men. Small lights flashed
at them. The front windshield stared twice, then again,
something whined by her head, the back window exploded
as Sam whipped the wheel over and jammed the gear shift back
into second gear. The car started thumping quicker, the
window beside Kim also exploded, sending safety glass
spraying over her and inside the car as something hit the
roof behind her head. The engine screamed again as they
smoked around in a tight turn throwing Kim against the door
of the car. A car came out of nowhere trying to hit them, Sam
dodged left, the back of their car clipped another parked
vehicle, Kim was thrown against Sam’s shoulder hard, then
back against the door. She looked back over her shoulder
as the other car’s lights centered on them. Five or six more
loud thumps came, and the winking lights from the men finally
quit as the other car got in their line of fire. Sam headed
for the main entrance with the other car in close pursuit.
They had almost made it out of the parking lot when he reached
over. Using his hand he pushed her hard, back against the
car seat, then stomped the clutch and the brake. The car
screeched to a halt, smoke pouring around it, if Sam hadn’t
of held her, she would have been thrown through the windshield.
His hand dropped, he slamming the gear into reverse and
it was back on her chest as he accelerated going backwards
pushing her again back into the seat. He jinked the car sideways
some and rammed the following car with a rear quarter panel
right in the middle of its grill. His hand was off her as they
went back into first gear and they shot out of the parking
lot, missing a passing car. They hit the concrete divider
for the four lane road and were in second gear when they hit
the other two lanes, fishtailing as they blew through a
stop light just missing another two cars. By the time he
was in 5th gear, the divided highway had went back to just
four lanes, the world outside was a black blur, they rocketed
down the road with the lights off gaining more speed.

Kim looked behind her, she was scared out of her mind to look
forward, as the car continued to accelerate down the highway
with its’ lights still off. “You didn’t kill Missy too did
you, ” she screamed over the roar of the engine and the rush
of air from the shot out windows?

“No, she’s fine” he yelled back at her. “I just blanked
her mind of anything about me.” He looked at her as the car
sped down the highway, they had to be doing well over a hundred,
no lights, no streetlights, just a quarter moon and a whole
bunch of stars. He acted like they were out for a slow Sunday
afternoon drive in the country. They shot through another
red light at an empty intersection, “One of the extra options
I have installed, I was going to tell you about them as soon
as I could.”

“You killed that man!”

“He was a government agent Kim, and the things he was planning
to do to you were horrific, disgusting, I got a little mad.
It was a trap, somehow they knew about me. Us.”

Kim yelled over the wind, looking back not seeing any lights
behind them, “Why didn’t you kill the other one?”

“He was just doing his job, do you want me to tell you some
of the thoughts the other one had about you? What he was planning
to do to you after they had taken us into custody?”

“No Sam, I don’t. I trust you Sam, I guess with my life now.
What about Missy, is she going to be OK?”

“She will be just fine when she wakes, should be by now.
I didn’t know if there were more, too many people inside
for a clear reading and I was thinking about you. And if they
had started shooting inside, I didn’t want her to get hurt,
so I put her to sleep. I blanked out all parts you told her
about me, she won’t even remember my name, even under truth
drugs or hypnosis. All she’ll remember is her best friend
ran off with some mysterious rich guy wanted by the law,
that you never talked to her about. Oh, I did leave the part
about her needing to keep being the Birthday Bunny, ” he
laughed out loud. “Cute one, beats letting all that Money
go to waste.”

Kim glanced up and out the shot up windshield, she cringed,
“Sam slow down, or at least turn on the lights, your going
to kill us.”

“That is exactly what I am trying not to have happen to us.
I see fine, another option. My eyes have been modified somewhat,
that’s why the seem to glow. Just like a nocturnal animal’s,
a cat or dog’s. Slightly slivered, they collect more ambient
light, though you might want to put on your seatbelt in case
I have to make any more evasive maneuvers.”

Kimberly buckled up, she tried to relax, she could make
out the road better now that her eyes adjusted to the night,
she glanced over her shoulder. There was a car’s lights
behind them, but they seemed to be receding, not staying
the same or coming closer. She turned back around, a couple
of miles, over the emptied cotton fields, she could see
traffic going north and south on Highway 61. She could just
make out the red of the stop light at the intersection there.
Two sets of lights turned on the access road for Sam’s Town
and the other two casinos. They were coming up on the intersection
fast, Sam was in the far right lane, as far over as he could
get as the two sets of lights approached them quickly, side
by side. They were just less than a quarter mile away when
Sam seemed to jerk at the wheel.

“Hold on Kim, ” he yelled at her as he started steering
left. In seconds he was in the oncoming traffic lanes, straddling
their center line. 300 hundred yards, one of the approaching
cars hit their high beams, “Cross you’re fingers, ” he
yelled as he flipped on the lights and hit the high beams
on the Lexus. He managed to flick the high beams a couple
of times before the vans were on them. The one on the left
swerved off the road and into a ditch, falling to its’ side,
digging a furrow out into a picked cotton field. The other
had also swerved to miss the black rocket coming at them,
it also fell over and started rolling down the lanes of road
they had just been in, over and over again. Sam calmly flipped
the lights back off and raced towards the intersection
without even taking his foot off the floored, gas pedal.

“More of them, ” Kim yelled over the wind to Sam?

“Yeah, ” Sam said, after a few more seconds he flipped
the lights back on, slowing down for the intersection ahead.
They waited for the light to change, before turning left,
heading north up 61.

‘At least’, Kim thought, ‘he’s keeping the lights on and
doing a little under 10 miles over the posted speed limit
of 65’.

A couple of cars passed them, she saw some of the passengers
look over at the shot up Lexus. Another came up slowly, passing
them in the left lane, it was almost past when it slowed some,
two guys were in the Toyota. Both the driver and the passenger
gaped at the bullet riddled car Kim smiled at the two guys
and waved, they accelerated away from their car.

Sam shook his head at her, “Looks like we are going to need
a new ride.”

Kim smiled back at him, “Hey car theft is car theft, hang
the next left. I know where a whole bunch of cars are parked.”

9 minutes later

Sam finished measuring and re-sizing the 4th hole’s green
flag, he snapped the fiberglass pole like it was a matchstick.
Kim stood around and watched the road that ran beside the
golf course. The Grand Casino’s lights flickered from
half a mile away. Sam climbed in the Lexus, adjusted the
pole while holding the clutch in, propped the pole against
the driver’s seat edge and the gas pedal as he leaned sideways,
eased out the clutch and let the car gather momentum down
the top of a small mound on the border of the green. He rolled
out of the car’s door as the darkened Lexus splashed into
the water trap. It floated for a few seconds till the water
level reached the shot out windows and then sank like a stone.
A few bubbles popped on the surface and just a very small
part of the back of the roof was still visible when it hit
the bottom of the pond.

He came back to her dusting himself off, “Should be good
until the first golfers hit this hole in the morning.”

He held out his arm to her, “M’Lady.”

“Why thank you gallant knight.”

Kim came back serious after a few minutes of strolling
along the dark golf course, “How long are they going to chase
us Sam?”

“Till they catch us Kim.”

“Can we ever have a moment of peace Sam?”

“If we get to our island Kim, we’ll be safe there, we might
have to change our identities to be able to go other places.
My friends started working on that a couple of months ago,
we just have to get there one way or the other. I have to get
to a phone and warn them that they at least know about me.

“I told them about us Sam, ” Kim said sadly. “I called your
office about a month ago. It now makes perfect sense. I started
noticing that guy a little after the call there. I’m so sorry
Sam, I led them to us.”

Sam rounded on her, he gave her his quirky smile, “That
would indeed explain away the US part, but it doesn’t come
close to the ME part.” He took her arm and they started walking
again, Sam mused, “They had to somehow know about me to be
able to setup the monitoring to catch you when you called.
I wish Tilly had said you called for me, I would have came
for you right then. I was also sort of tipped off when a couple
of done deals with the military for satellite systems suddenly
were cancelled. Then Mr. Theurer called Tilly saying people
where inquiring, discreetly about the transferred funds.
I was trying to send you a warning for the last two days, I
know how to track your amulet. You could have left, if you
understood my warning, I would have found you.”

“I told Tilly not to leave you a message Sam.”

“Guess I can’t blame her then. Still, there has to be a connection,
something had to tip them to me. I was so careful. I should
have flipped over like Ccrsst and Trassaa did, I got greedy,
thought it might hurt the growth of the companies, screw
up our plans. Then all I could think about was you Kim.”

“What do you mean, flipped over?”

“Nothing really, I should have used another identity,
passed the reigns to the other person. I pressed my luck
and lost. Now I have brought the bastards down on you, and
they don’t know when to quit.”

Sam was quite for a few more minutes as they approached
the Grand Casino’s parking garage. Kim didn’t want to bother
his thinking, they left the golf course and walked the few
yards into the parking garage before he spoke again.

“My friends are going to meet us in Washington, they’re
there now waiting. We had a meeting set up for tomorrow night,
then we all were going to fly out. I have to warn them that
they know about us. We might have to scrub the meet. Bad part
is that I only have about 1500 dollars, plus my company’s
credit cards, my passport is in my suitcase in my car. The
flight to the island will take way more than that for two
people. And I am sure they are monitoring the credit card
accounts, if I use them, it will draw them to the island.
That’s really our only refuge.” They walked around the
parking lot looking like they had forgotten where they
had parked their car. “We have to get to the airport quick
before they sew it up tight. And unless I can call our emergency
number and get a hold of them, we are either going to have
to drive a stolen car to Washington, or chance flying on
a card that might be monitored. We’ll pay cash from there
and use the Money to get to the west coast. We are going to
need for my friends to get us clean passports and airline
tickets. I had one for you with my stuff in the car. They’ll
wait a couple of days thinking we might be making up for lost
time. Let’s get something and stop between here and the
airport, give them a call and cross our fingers.”

“I’m yours Sam, I’ll follow you to hell if we have go there.”

“I’m going to try and not let that happen either, Kim.”


Friday the 1st of November, 12:02 AM

Their new stolen vehicle wasn’t what Kim expected, a mid-70’s,
white, Ford pick-up truck. Sam had calmly walked up and
pushed the wing window open, the level snapped off the window
so hard, it almost broke the widow on the opposite side when
it hit there. He leaned over and opened her door. He found
an old ballcap hanging on a empty gunrack, gave it to Kim
and told her to push her hair up inside the cap. While she
stuffed her hair under the cap, he grabbed the steering
column and ripped the top off, next he twisted the ignition
key guide till it also broke and came off in his hand. He pushed
down a rod and the truck fired right up. They drove at the
speed limit going north again on 61. He stopped and made
a phone call at a 7/11 store, went in and came back out with
a t-shirt that had ‘I LUV MEMPHIS’ printed on it’s front.
Sam told her to swap shirts and get out of her casino work
shirt as they hit the road heading into the southern part
of Memphis, Tennessee. Cops seemed to be everywhere, hardly
a mile went by without them seeing one, nobody even gave
the old truck, with the two guys in the front, a second glance.

“I gave them an emergency code and changed the meeting
to the monument mall area, half way down the north side of
the pond there. They’ll get the page and at least go in, wary
for trouble.” He drove once around the airport departure
area, driving slowly like they were looking for somebody.
“I didn’t get any danger signals, doesn’t mean they’re
not here. Too many people to be sure. Up to you, you want to
go for it Kim?”

“I guess Sam.

“When I’m closer I can tell better, at the first sign of
trouble, I’ll give your arm two small tugs and we are out
of there.” He pulled into the parking lot, took a ticket
from the machine, placed it on the dash and found a spot near
the exit going out. They walked slowly inside the terminal.
They went to the monitors showing arrivals and departures,
Sam studied the screen for a few seconds, “There’s a red
eye to Washington leaving in about half hour, American,
let’s go.”

“Sam, even I know that you have to check in at least an hour

He smiled, “Can’t hurt to try.”

They walked by a questioning look from a TSA agent at the
luggage check-in for American Airlines and approached
the lone ticket agent at the desk. Sam reached into his wallet
and pulled out a card, he handed the ticket agent the card,
also touching her hand. “We are two FAA Air Marshals, we
need to be on the Washington, Regan Airport flight leaving

The ticket agent handed Sam back his Exxon gas card and
started tapping at her console. She looked around and then
called Bill the TSA agent over to her desk. “No luggage officers, ”
she asked them handing them the tickets, they both nodded
no, “Bill FAA security, guess it’s over that Tunica crap,
they need to make flight 904 at gate 15. We don’t have anything
else till the 4:05 AM to New York. I’ll watch the station,
can you walk them through security and make sure they make
the flight?”

“Will do Polly, ” he turned to them. “your not carrying
are you?”

“No Bill, were just assigned as monitoring, report if
seen. They just tell us as much as you, go here, do that. Any
idea what this is all about Bill? All we saw were some photos”
Sam shook the TSA Agent’s hand.

Bill walked them around the TSA security check point,
explaining to the TSA agent watching the concourse exit
that they were FAA Flight Marshals and they weren’t carrying.
The TSA agent waved them through his checkpoint. “All we
have heard is a man and woman tried to hold up a casino, killed
three security guards and fled. We haven’t even gotten
the photos of the perps yet.”

All three hurried down the concourse, Sam said, “You think
they would finally integrate all these agencies and get
their act straight, we’ve seen the photos and you guys know
the reason, this is no way to run an airline.” All three chuckled
as they passed gate 5.

21 minutes later

The landing gears whined into the wheel wells as the L-1011
climbing out of the busiest airport in the U.S. Of course
80 percent of the flights started coming in after 11 PM.
One FedEx jet after another and another, 2 minutes of separation
between flights for the next 2 and half hours, the process
started again with outbound flights starting around 4
AM and went on for another 3 hours, east coast first and then
west coast.

Kim had tried to talk to Sam about his being able to manipulate
people when he touched them. She wanted to know if she was
one of those people he had manipulated, she knew in her heart
she wasn’t. He had touched her when he took his chips from
her, but she was already well into falling for him by then.
They sat two rows from the back with an almost empty plane
in front of them. The roar from the jets engines on pods outside
carried into the cabin area as a loud, high whine, talking
quietly wasn’t easy. She finally ask the stewardess for
a pillow and a blanket. The adrenaline surge from their
flight from the agents had worn her out, she slipped off
into a troubled half-sleep. Her last sight before drifting
off was Sam, staring ahead, deep in thought, she reached
out her hand and found his.

92 minutes into a 114 minute flight to Dulles Airport

The cabin lights brightened, Sam nudged her shoulder,
she had had a fitful dream about being a puppet on silver
strings. The audience in front of her all had red, glowing
eyes and big, huge, gaping jaws full of sharp teeth just
waiting to eat her if the puppeteer made a mistake. The stewardess
came by, Sam lifted her blanket showing the stewardess
that Kim was safely buckled in, he tucked her back in as well
as he could. Kim started to nod back off. She didn’t want
to go back to the terrible dream it wasn’t real, Sam nudged
her again harder.

“I didn’t Kim.”

She clawed herself up from sleep, stretched and sat upright,
“What didn’t you do Sam?”

“I didn’t make you fall in love with me.”

“Dear is that what you’ve been worried about, I know you
didn’t Sam. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, way
before we touched. When did you know when you were in love
with me Sam?”

The plane moved around some, the engines pulled power
and then dropped back off, “When you looked at me the first
time Kim. I don’t even know why I came to Sam’s Town, something
pulled me there, it was you, Kim. I was just going to go to
bed, we had been diverted to Memphis because Regan was socked
in due to thunder storms. They offered us hotel rooms around
the airport, I got a limo and asked the driver where a fun
place was, he took me to Tunica. He dropped me at the Resort,
I was just going to go to bed, it had been a long flight from
Japan, I couldn’t sleep. I went down to play some games to
unwind, I never gamble, it is too much of a temptation to
do so. If I wanted to, I would own the place by the end of the
night. I don’t need any more Money, I have more than I could
ever spend in a hundred lifetimes. I didn’t even play there,
I just walked out the doors and came over to Sam’s Town, something
drew me. A need I had never felt before. I started to walk
by your table in a daze, it became a moment of clarity, here,
here was the end of my endless searching. You pulled me to
you, you called me and I answered. I couldn’t stop looking
at your eyes. Then you grabbed my hand with the ring on it.
It flashed Kim, it couldn’t flash, the stones had never
mated. What happened was impossible, they are not designed
to work the way they did. Your amulet also flashed without
the joining. They were designed for us, not your species.
I told Ccrsst and Trassaa about the abnormalities, they
examined my ring extensively, and I did also, we couldn’t
detect a malfunction. Trassaa made a suggestion that it
might be because our concept of bonding, love, might be
so close to being the same and then even more when joined

The plane jerked some more, the wheels touched down and
they were pulled forward as the thrust reversers were engaged.
Kim said, “I don’t care what the damn stones say Sam, do you
love me?”

“Yes Kim I do.”

And he did.

Kim said, “I love you too Sam.”

And she did.

They kissed as the plane taxied towards it’s assigned

At the exact time Sam started telling Kim 11 minutes

“What the fuck do you mean they are on a flight into Washington
and will land in 5 minutes? Fuck, they’re probably on the
ground right now GODDAMMIT!”

Section Chief Sowell didn’t wait on a reply to his useless
question. “Goddammit, if we alert the TSA or the locals
they’ll shoot them up because of the cover story. How soon
will our agents get there, you did send some agents before
you came to me with this steaming pile of horseshit?”

Agent Utesch withered under the Section Chief’s glare,
“I have sent three teams Sir, ETA is about 20-25 minutes,
we’ll miss them, Sir. We have tapped into the security camera
system at the airport. The city is wired Sir, we can watch
them most of the time as long as they stay inside the city
limits. I have directed the tac and snipers to load and get
back here as fast as they can. I have 4 Army Blackhawks, two
are powering up now. If we get an idea on the type of ground
transport, we’ll find them. I have the second tac team coming
in from Maryland, shouldn’t be much traffic yet, ETA maybe
40-50 minutes, but the traffics gonna change real quick
in about an hour, when everybody starts pouring in for work.”

“What’s the total lost in Memphis?”

“The Lead Agent on Site is dead, another agent with a concussion.
Two agents dead in traffic accident, two more seriously
injured. They said the guy tried to kill them, drove straight
at them at a high rate of speed with his lights off. We also
have three civvies injured in the gunfire, all by our agents.”

“GAWD FUCKEN DAMN IT! Still have your doubts this guy isn’t
one of them.”

“No Sir, not after watching the casino’s surveillance,
it’s like he knew we where there. Agent Dupree made no outward
signs before he was killed, he was watching the woman and
monitoring their conversation apparently. Stranger
stuck so fast, even under slow motion it is difficult to
see the strike, no human could have moved and hit like that.
It shattered Dupree’s skull like an egg dropped from 10

“And another report from the ‘on sites’ Sir, they said
right as the chase started they experience communication
diffuculty, like some sort of jamming attempt. It wasn’t
total but it did interfere with the operation.”

“I’ve been telling these idiots for 20 years, these things
may look human, but they ain’t. I have shaken this fuck’s
hand, celebration party about 7 years ago. Right after
his new systems went online. I’ll bet the alien bastards
are looking up under our dresses right now as we speak. We’ve
got to get them and get him alive, we have to know how badly
our systems are compromised. Shit, he’s been a government
contractor for over 20 years, damn near all our telecommunication
systems are his, we’re fucked.”

“What are your orders Sir?”

“Find them, follow them, see if they will lead us to the
other two, God I hope there are just two more, I don’t want
no fucking, running gun battles through the damn streets
of Washington like at the casino. We monitor and see if he
tries a meet with the other two. He has to know we are watching
his credit accounts, I want those shut down now, that just
leaves the bastard pocket Money. That ought to slow them
some, make them go to ground. He’ll have to meet with his
buddies to get out of this city. I want you to call in local
troops, county, state hell the fucking Pope, station them
50 miles out, full load outs, every road out, even a damn
goat trail. If they try to leave, we take them. Other than
that, we watch, follow at distance, total emcom, the bastard
might be able to monitor our communication systems somehow.
Stay to fuck back away from them, I mean next county distance,
NO close contact. When the meet goes down with the other
two, if it does, we take the group out. Do what you can to keep
this fucker alive, we need to talk to him, the other three,
terminate if they attempt to resist or flee. And for God’s
sake, brief the teams personally to stay out of their reach.
We pretty much know Collett is human and a collaborator,
but if the other two are out there and still alive, then they
are like him. Fast and deadly.”

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