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Daytime Fun


]Daytime Fun

Meeting someone for the first time can be exciting. I met
Sheila at a local restaurant. Prior to meeting her, I met
her on line. What caught my eye was her desire for spankings
and enjoyment of being submissive. Sheila was exciting
to chat to on-line. So this is our first meeting, I had plans for her. She was
told to wear a skirt and blouse that was loose fitting for
easy access. She warned me she was not a small girl. I told
her that wasn't an issue. She was to drive to the restaurant
and based on our conversation there, we would either move
forward or go our separate ways. It was to be a very fun day.
I started out the day by getting up and showering. While
showering, my hand reached for the soap bar and washrag
then I began soaping up. I found my mind wandering about
what I would discover this day. I washed my arms, armpits,
chest. Then I washed my legs upward to my hips and ass. Using
the soap bar and lathering it up in my hands, I reached for
my cock. It was starting to already become semi-hard. As
I lathered my cock, my mind wandered about how her pussy
would feel. A woman's vagina always appealed to me.
They are all so different in appearance but all excite me
in the same way. As my mind wandered about this topic my cock got very hard.
The glans of the head of my cock became sensitive and ached
from the blood flow. "Where is a good pussy when you
need one?" I thought. Knowing how things work for
me I went ahead and imagined what would happen throughout
the day with this woman. Before long, the strokes of my cock
with my right hand were long, imagining the entering and
retracting of my cock when fucking. The warm water and the
slickness of the soap simulating a woman's pussy lubrication
came to mind. There was that familiar tingling sensation
building from my balls and base of my groin as I was starting
to build toward climax. If I make myself cum I will definitely
last longer during our first scenario (should that happen
that is). As I got very close, to cumming I stopped. I enjoy
the sexual tension and build up. "I should have a bucket
full for her first assignment, " I thought so I won't
make myself cum. I finished washing off and washed my ass and butt hole making
sure that I was nice and clean. Stepping out I put the towel
on a still hard cock. While the towel hung there it wasn't
as strong as it once was. Age has its different ways with
men. I tried lifting the towel using my abdominals and could
still get a bounce. So I did some exercises with the towel
saying, "one, two…one, two." Finishing with shaving the outer parts of my beard I, begin
to get dressed. I am putting on a pair of boxers so my cock
has room to move. I put on some socks and a nice pair of cowboy
cut jeans. Next is a nice brown long sleeved shirt. Finally
I put on my dark brown boots. Put on some aftershave and I
begin walking toward the door. I stop and pick up a sport
coat and off to meet Sheila. So, here I am walking up to the restaurant door at almost
9 am. Sun is up and it is a semi-warm spring morning. Some
sparrows are copulating on the ground outside the door,
twittering and moving about the male on her back, oblivious
to anyone near them. What would happen if that were allowed
in societies today? Interesting I thought. I reach down
and nearly touch them as they suddenly discover me and fly
away. I laugh out loud and open the door. Sitting there ahead of me on the bench is a woman in a paisley
flowing skirt with a purple peasant-type blouse. Low slung
you could see a wonderfully full cleavage. Just as she described
she would be in the email she sent to me. I thought of something
devious here. She knew how I was to be dressed, so I decided
to pretend I wasn't the man she was there to meet. I walked
instead, up to the waitress and asked to be seated. The woman
stood up and asked, "Are you Tinker." I said,
"I am not sure of who that is." She looked disappointed,
which told me she was definitely interested in me and how
I looked. I told her that if whoever it was she was waiting
for didn't arrive she could definitely join me. I said
while I am used to eating alone, a good looking woman for
company would improve the meal and my day. She laughed and
said, "Well, I will see." She turned around
and sat down. After 15 minutes go by, I begin to get nervous about her
leaving and my opportunity missed, for a little game. I
step up and go over to her. She is checking her watch. "Obviously
this person is a fool, by not meeting you, so come and join
me." I said. She let out a sigh and stood and followed
me to where I was seated in a booth. Once seated, I introduced
myself, "Hi my name is Floyd." She then tells
me her name, "Hi, nice to meet you Floyd, my name is
Sheila." I told her I would definitely take advantage of this situation,
to make up for this other person so she could order what she
wanted. We drank coffee for a while and chatted. Food came.
We were relaxing quite well and enjoying our conversations
about mainly every day nothings. When she would chuckle
I would notice the way her ample breasts would jiggle. My
mind wondered what it would be like to see my cock moving
in and out of her cleavage as she sucked on my cock head. My
cock started growing, and I needed to shift so that it could
travel downward on my leg instead of being bent and definitely
uncomfortable. I reach for coffee, and pour some for her
too. I mention to her that she is a very good looking woman and
that it is hard for me to shift my attention away from her.
Sheila blushes a bit and asked if she needed to cover up.
I responded, "NO, no need to do that, I just wanted
to let you know just in case I need to go to the restroom you
will understand my problem, " and I shift in the booth.
Sheila starts chuckling harder making her breasts move
more. I laugh out loud as well. "Coffee, GOOD caffeinated coffee, has a wonderful
effect on me, " I said. She said, "Oh?"
How so? I then say, "I could tell you but then you would
have to follow through if I did." She quickly responds,
"I have time." Excited, I tell her to "Hold
that thought. In the mean time, I need to go to the restroom."
Again I shift myself and get up. Sheila looks directly at
my crotch and sees the bulge extending downward as I stand.
She looks up at my blue eyes and her brown eyes signal recognition.
I tell her, "I shall return, do not go anywhere!"
When I get to the restroom, I pull out my hard cock from my
boxers and go to the urinal to pee. Finishing, I shake it
a bit clearing the last bit of urine from its head and replace
it pulling forward my pants, zipping up the fly, and buckling
the belt. I walk over to the sink and soap up and wash my hands.
As I walk out of the restroom I notice Sheila stand up and
walk past me on the way to the ladies room. She tells me, "Do
not go anywhere!" and smiles as she does so. I must have this shit-eating grin all over my face by that
point. Soon she returns and we continue our brunch. The
conversations during this time were getting heated, oblivious
to anyone else around us. We began talking sending sexual
innuendo's back and forth. So I decided to challenge
this by inviting her out myself. Sheila states, "Well,
I was supposed to be meeting someone, but I guess I was stood
up. Will you fill that void?" I responded immediately,
"Without a doubt! The other person must be a fool!"
We finished, paid the cashier and walked out of the restaurant
into a warm sunlit day. My mind was racing about what I could
do now. It was almost like all my previous plans could be
refocused to do something else and something more adventurous.
She and I walked around to my car. She looked over at her truck.
I told her immediately if she wanted she could leave her
vehicle here or she could follow me. Sheila put her keys
back into her purse and I opened my passenger car door. Stepping in she lets me close it. I walk around and get in
the drivers seat. Sheila states up front at this point,
"I need to tell you something. I was to meet a man here.
I met him on the internet. I am intrigued to find out after
our conversations what effect GOOD coffee has on you. I
am willing to do as you say to find out." I got so damned
hard that my cock was hurting from sticking to the skin of
my leg, seat belt in the way, and being bent. So I told her.
"Honey, you need to help straighten my cock right
about now." Sheila started really laughing at that
point. Her breasts were jiggling and heaving as she was
laughing. Leaning toward me she reached over with her left
hand putting it over the fabric of my jeans helping my cock
straighten. The cleavage of her breasts just made me harder
as she leaned over toward me. She pats my cock and asks, "Is that better?"
I tell her, "It will be soon." We drive away.
"I have a fantasy I want to fulfill. You want to help?"
I asked. "I am game, " Sheila responds. "What
is the fantasy?" she asks and I tell her she will just
have to wait and see. Unbeknown to her, I drive to the local
porn shop. Along the way I tell her that coffee makes me keep
my hard on for longer periods of time, and that now she must
do exactly as I instruct her to do. Sheila responds, "Yes
sir." I respond, "That is good you lusty wench."
Sheila winks at me. As we arrive at the porn shop we find
very few cars there in the morning. It is only 10:30 am. We
walk in and we are greeted. The attendant asks if we are looking
for anything. I respond, "Got it already and browsing."
The attendant winks and walks away. We begin by walking
up and down the rows of DVD porn titles. I tell her stop and reach down like she is going to pick up
a flick but to stay there. She says, "Yes Sir"
and does so. Standing slightly behind and to the left of
her, my hand touches the inside of the back of her left thigh
and slowly travels upward. I say, "Stay there and
do not move." She complies. My fingers find the tops
of thigh high hosiery and garter straps. In my mind I am thinking,
"This is going to be fun indeed." I love lingerie.
Traveling further upwards, and taking my time lightly
touching skin, I find the cloth of her panties. My right
index finger nestles itself in the crease of her vagina.
Warm, inviting, and getting moist, I also move the thumb
of my right hand upward to find the pucker of her ass and press.
The result is that Sheila almost coo's and wiggles
her ass slightly. I tell her to stand. "Yes Sir, " she responds.
As she does so the attendant can be seen walking among the
racks of flicks. I reward her by telling her she can feel
my cock through my pants. Sheila reaches for it and grasps
the bulge in my pants. After a few moments we walk on. We stop
in front of the sex paraphernalia still holding onto my
bulge. Her hands longingly pick up a paddle. Looking downward
she says, "Sir your lusty wench would like you to use
this on her." I then tell her, "You must take
off your panties right here and now and place them in my right
front pants pocket." Looking upward at me her eyes
look excited and almost grateful. She pulls her mid-length
skirt up and pulls her panties down, bending away from me
as she does so. She pockets her panties just as I instruct. "Very
good!" I tell her. I pick up the paddle and we go to the
register. While getting ready to pay for the paddle I notice
a pair of vibra-balls. Eggcentric, they both wobble when
moved and are attached together with a string. They are
nearly ¾" in diameter each. I buy these as well as some
jell. All the while she is looking downward slightly. I
am now realizing just how subservient she really is. She
discussed this in her emails and also that she liked spankings.
Sheila is around 5'9" tall and I would guess
wears a size 14 in women's clothing. She is definitely
a woman with 42 D's for a bust, which accounts for the
bubbliness of her breasts while she is laughing. Being
no hard body myself, at over 6 feet tall and around 210lbs,
I believe we are a fair match. She is auburn haired with the
ends in an inward upturned bobbed cut. Cute. Very cute indeed.
I take her hand and she asks, "Where can we go?"
"Preliminaries my lusty wench, preliminaries."
I tell her. I place a five dollar bill in a machine at the entrance
door and it allows us access to the theater inside. The attendant
says, "The shows will begin in a few minutes, we are
just getting them started." The hallway is painted
in red and is dimly lit. We walk down the hallway just a bit.
I stop, turn, and grasp her wrists in my hands. Raising them
wide and holding them against the wall, I kiss her full on
the mouth, my tongue delving between her lips with a deep
French kiss. Will my tongue be delving into her pussy this
way too? After long moments, we separate and I say to her,
"I have a talented tongue for hot pussies. You ready?"
Looking at me her deep brown eyes I hear her say, "Yes
Sir." My body shifts slightly to the right and my left
hand lets go while my right pulls her away from the wall a
bit. My right hand and arm pulls her arms in a pinning motion
behind her. My left hand moves swiftly up her paisley skirt,
separating her legs slightly. Then my hand cups her pussy
fully and completely. Warmth and wetness I feel in the palm
of my left hand. Her breasts rise as she breathes deeply.
The middle finger of my cupping hand, finds the cleft of
her labia. Pressing against it, I curl it so that the finger
tip slips between her folds and finds the opening to her
vagina. I move my finger tip slightly back and forth in a
tickling fashion playing with her cunt opening. Arms still
restrained behind her she asks, "Sir, finger fuck
me Sir. I want to cum Sir." My middle finger slips into
her deeply. As it does so she takes in a big gulp of air. The
index finger is next and slips inside her. Feeling her wetness,
I investigate digitally her vaginal walls. Sheila's
breathing becomes labored as she starts to get close to
orgasm. I suddenly stop. Pull my hand out from under her
and tell her, "NO, Not yet!" Sheila whimpers
and looks down. Her cheeks are flush and her chest is still
heaving. Letting go of her arms, my right hand lifts her
head, and she watches as I take the fingers just inside her,
put them in my mouth and suck of the juices. "MMM"
"Next!" We walk the rest of the hallway to find
the theater. It is very dark. There are rows of theater type
seating there and a very large projection screen for the
videos now starting. The sounds of the porn flick going,
along with the flickering lights give some idea of the dimensions
of the room as we become acclimated to the darkness. No one
else is in the room. I walk her to the front row seats. Her purple peasant blouse
has ties up the center. I unlace them and find she is wearing a dark purple demi-bra.
It barely covers her nipples exposing her areolas. I pull
her blouse open to look at her. I then tell her to sit on the
edge of the seat. As she does so I pull the front of her skirt
up exposing her pussy to me. I kneel down and explore with
my tongue moving in lazy circles from her knees to the insides
of her thighs. I attend to both sides and trace around her
pussy not quite reaching her labia or clit. I can see the
moistness between the labia of her cunt. I can smell the
sweet muskiness of a hot pussy that drives me nuts. Something
about the sweet and pungent aroma of a hot woman's pussy
makes me want to devour it. I suddenly raise her legs wide. This causes her to recline
suddenly in the seat. My hands are grasping the backs of
her hose covered legs and I lean forward so my mouth fully
engulfs her pussy. First, my tongue delves deep inside
her love box. Sheila gasps loudly, though if anyone else
were in the room it would be hard to hear over the porn going
on in the background. I can feel her shudder. My tongue travels
stiffly upward out of her vagina, between her labia and
directly to the large protruding clit. I circle that clit
keeping the tip of my tongue stiff and keep from flicking
it. First I continue clockwise, then pause and go counter
clockwise. I spend time on the soft skin above the hood of
her clit, then move my lips downward to pull and suck her
labia. She is getting close. I can tell based on what I was
doing earlier in the hallway. I tell her, "Pull out
your breasts, and pull on your nipples." "Yesssss.
SSSSirrrr." she responds. I am hard as hell by now, but enjoying the sexual tension
I have built up and how she is responding. Keeping her legs
apart I decide to make her cum. See what she's got. My mouth engulfs her pussy again, sucking, tongue fucking,
circling, pulling, all with my mouth. Finally, with her
breathing hard, my tongue darts upward and flicks on her
clit. She grunts and pulls slightly forward like she is
doing a stomach crunch and then I suck on her clit, hard with
flicking motions of the tip of my tongue. She cums and arches
backward thrusting her bare nipples upward toward the
ceiling. Her legs are wide supported by my hands. Now, as
she begins the crescendo of her climax she wants to clamp
down with her legs toward my head, only to find she can't
because my hands are keeping them wide. I continue to suck
on her pussy and start moving the flat of my tongue up and
down her cleft. She bucks and yells, "FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!"
She is cumming so hard. I feel good. My beard and mustache
are soaking with her juices. I stand up and pull her to a standing position. Her legs
are weak. I hear someone in the background say, "That
was better than the flick!" Turning around we see
a couple watching us. Sheila says, "I need to sit down,
Sir." I help her back to her seat. Her nipples still
exposed over the fabric of her demi-bra. "Sir, I want to suck you." "At this point
dear, "I said, "I am going to fuck you, and cum
inside you, and taste yours and my come as it comes out of
you." I stand her back up, turn her so she is facing the back of
the seat and have her kneeling on the seat bottom. Raising
her skirt, her bottom is completely exposed to me. The flickering
lights show off her ass and the cleft of her pussy below.
Moving over to the package I purchased, I retrieve the paddle.
I take the paddle in my right hand and lightly smack her ass.
Sheila leans backward cooing, and saying, "Lusty
Wench thanks you Sir." The next swing was harder. Her ass started turning pink
and dimpled as the blood rushed to the nerve endings. Not
wanting to wait any more and needing release, I grasped
her hips doggie style. I leaned forward, the cleft of her
cunt in line with the head of my cock. I press forward and
feel the labia slipping aside as my cock moves into her.
I press all the way until I feel my balls against her and hold
for a moment. Sheila's breasts are hanging over the
back of the seat back, and as I thrust they begin to sway back
and forth. The couple in the back are watching and from what
I can see they are playing with each other. My balls begin to slap against her as I pick up my motion.
I am using full strokes, and her pussy is pulling on me, almost
milking me, urging me to cum. I hold onto her hips and press
harder and harder into her. Sheila begins to make sounds
like she is ready to cum again, making the pressure building
in my groins feel like fire. That familiar feeling starts
with my balls pulling upward to the body. I drive deep into
her feeling cum going through me. I feel the pulsing of cum
as it squirts into her. Sheila tenses and yelps as she cums
again. I keep rigid filling her with as much of my load that
I can. It has been building for some time. Seems like it isn't
ending. As I pull out and step back, both of our cum leaks from her
pussy and off my cock. A beautiful cream pie. I turn her around
and pull her forward so she can suck the cum off my cock. After
a few sucks I push her back and do exactly what I told her I'd
do. I begin sucking on her cunt, lapping up our cum. She begins
to tighten her legs again trying to prevent me from doing
anymore and saying, "Sir! No! Please Sir."
My mouth continues to suck her pussy, pulling all that I
can from her cunt. Sheila is quivering again and throwing her head back.
The other couple comes forward to watch more closely. My
cock has not lost its erection and I press back into her fully.
I see her nipples. Full large breasts, with areolas the
size of silver dollars and nipples standing erect a full
half inch. I tell the woman of the couple in the row just behind
us to suck on one breast and the man to take the other. This
time her climax is so strong she nearly passes out. Both of us sit in the theater chairs watching the porn on
the screen trying to recompose ourselves. The other couple
begins where we left off in a different set of seats. Sheila
has her hand cupping my testicles, then rolls them between
her finger tips. Gently and almost reverently, she lifts
the semi-flaccid penis in her right hand, and kisses the
head. "Thank you Sir." As we stand I pull my underwear up and assist Sheila with
re-inserting her breasts back into her demi-bra. We walk
out and hear the other couple say, "Thanks again."
We turn left and go into a restroom to straighten up and clean
up a bit. I tell her, "We have more to do and more for
you to experience!" We walk down the dimly lit hallway.
I stop and push her against the wall and kiss her fully while
cupping her breasts. I then take out the vibra-balls and
putting them in my mouth I reach down between her thighs
spreading them wide. My fingers find her pussy, separate
her labia and I insert the vibra-balls in to her. One, and
two, strings hanging downward outside her pussy, then
I play with her clit a bit making her take a deep intake of
air. Next we exit and go out into the store. We walk around
and discuss different videos, and submissiveness. Sheila
feels the eggcentric vibra-balls wobbling inside her
vagina, caressing her walls, and keeping her from forgetting
events to come. We walk out into the daylight and head to my vehicle. I tell
her to get in for the next stop on my list of daytime fun. We
turn and head East to the private club I have pre-arranged
for our fun. As we drive along, Sheila tells me how she would
like to be spanked and have all of her orifices used, "Sir.
I am here for your pleasure. Please use all of my body and
openings for your pleasure." I tell her, "I
will." Arriving, we walk into the club and find the place excitingly
all to ourselves. My mind thinks how free I can be with our
moments ahead. My friend tells me what else do you need?
Looking at Sheila I tell him, "I believe I have it all
in hand." and I raise a bag containing the paddle and
lube I purchased. We walk into the back and into a secluded room that is dimly
lit. A Jacuzzi is nearby bubbling away in the right rear
of the room. There is a red sheet covered bed with a cherry
wood end table on the left. A bookshelf is to the left of the
door and a closet without doors on the immediate right of
the door opening. Several hangers are available. I instruct
Sheila to take off her clothes and hang them up. Two towels
are on the bookshelf. As I take off my belt and other articles
I put them on the shelf. Looking over at Sheila, I see the strings that connect
to the vibra-balls protruding from her still swollen pussy
lips and between her thighs. Walking over to her, I tell
her, "Stand still, legs slightly apart arms to your
side. DO NOT MOVE." As she does so I walk around her
noticing her body. As I walk around again I stop behind her.
Reaching down I tug on the vibra-ball strings a little.
Her body quivers slightly. I drop the strings and continue
again. Stopping in front of her, I reach out and my left index
and thumb pinch on her right nipple. While holding her nipple
in my fingers I pivot to the right and grab the paddle I put
on the shelf. Moving back to her I gaze into her eyes. Her
eyes are alight with excitement, her pupils wide open and
pleasure on her face. I pinch harder causing her to close
her eyes. She is enjoying the increasing pressure as I am
pinching her nipple. I quickly turn her around. I then tell her to "Place
your head and shoulders on the bed, spread your legs shoulder
width while keeping your legs locked. There in front of me is a gorgeous ass with the sight of her
pussy shining from wetness. I take the paddle and slowly
caress around her bottom, letting her feel the paddle and
increase her anticipation. I cannot resist it. I switch
the paddle to my left hand as I am standing to her left, reach
down and taking my right thumb I insert it into her pussy.
All the way in, in one movement. The rest of my hand cupping
her mons I feel Sheila's clit near the middle of my hand.
Wiggling my thumb roaming and caressing the vibra balls
inside of her I just increase the sensations she is feeling.
I pull my hand out and make her stand up. I tell her she deserves
a spanking for not responding as I had anticipated. I instruct
her to grasp her hands behind her back. Then say, "Do
not let go of your hands, you will ruin the illusion."
Sheila states, "Yes sir, your lusty, slutty, wench
is sorry, Sir." I quickly sit on the bed and pull her
over my left knee. I take the paddle and rub her ass softly,
then switch the paddle to my left and and swing with my bare
right hand, fingers wide and the smack lands on her left
ass cheek. The sound is followed by an intake of air into
Sheila's lungs. I feel her body relax. "I would
much rather feel my hand on your ass as I spank you than the
paddle. My hands enjoy the feel of a woman." I tell
her. I follow this time again but on the right cheek, but
a little harder. I feel the sting in my fingers and palm.
In the dim light I see pink hand prints on her white ass cheeks.
My next swat is again on her left side, and then alternate
on the right again. Rosy butt cheeks are evident. Again
I take my thumb and do as I did before, inserting it into her
pussy. Sheila is moaning and squirming now. I pull on the
strings hanging down the cleft of her pussy, and let go.
Then tug and let go. One pops out of her vagina and I let it
hang down between her legs so she can feel the weight of the
outer vibra-ball pulling on its connected brother inside
her pussy. Sheila is now so wet I can see drops of fluid running down
the string. I lift Sheila to a standing position and with
her hands still behind her back force her to lean on the bed.
My cock is hard and aching for pussy by now. But I am going
to wait for entering her. Her pussy juices are making my
mouth water. I kneel behind her, with her pussy right in
front of me I lean forward to devour her pussy. I insert my
right index finger into her and finger fuck her for a moment
getting it nice and lubed, then go right back to eating her
pussy as my lubed index finger presses on her anus. Sheila
moans and leans backward into me. The tip of my right index
finger is now inserted into her puckered anus up to the first
knuckle joint. As I wiggle it up and down I am continuing
with oral ministrations of her pussy and clit. Sheila is
getting more vocal and asks, "Sir, will you please
fuck my ass?" I respond, "All in due time, my
dear, all in due time." "Pussy is so good, " I think aloud. The head
of my cock is pressing against her pussy lips at the opening
of her vagina. Wet and warm, it is beckoning me to push inside.
I continue to just hold there, feeling the exquisiteness
of the sensations of our sex. I tug the other vibra-ball
out of her. My finger tip presses further inward inside
her ass. Now to my second index finger knuckle as she is wiggling
her ass at me. As a result, the head of my cock slips inside
her wetness. She gasps and starts to move backward. I spank hard again,
this time with my left hand on her right ass cheek telling
her to not push backward. Sheila whimpers. As I take my right index finger from her ass, Sheila sighs.
It is a sigh of regret, of loss. I tell her, "Stay as
you are, do not move." I walk over to the bookshelf
and get the lube from a bag I brought in with me. My cock is
bouncing and wagging as I walk. It brings to mind the old
erotic Hindu, Oriental, and Western Europe artwork I have
seen, where the phallus and balls are so huge they stand
out in the art. I get the feeling I know why. The feeling of
a hard blood infused cock is very satisfying. The feeling
of the weight, the hanging of the balls, it is easy to understand
the artists mindset. I return to Sheila, and without touching her just stand
there watching, waiting. I tell Sheila, "Take your
right had from your back. Do not move your left, then reach
between your legs and spread your pussy lips." I see
a wonderfully spread set of lips show the opening to her
vagina. She is nearly dripping wet. "Now, I want to
see three of your fingers finger fuck your cunt."
My hand is lightly stroking my cock. Sheila's three
fingers delve inside her cunt eagerly. The sound of slurping
delving fingers is exciting me beyond belief. The head
of my cock beginning to get larger. While she is finger fucking herself, I walk up to her and
taking the lube drip some on her little puckered ass. It
is cool and pools on her as I then keep dripping it on her watching
it flow downard to her pussy. I tell her to stop and put her
fingers in her mouth sucking on them tasting her juices.
As she does so, I see the trickles of lube dripping down to
mingle with her pussy juices, then finally dripping off
onto the floor. I position my cock back at the opening of
her vagina, resting in the pool of pussy and lube juices.
She feels me and I tell her, "Reach between your legs
and spread your pussy lips wide for me." She responds
with, a gasp of anticipation, "Yesss, Sir."
As her fingers spread her lips, I press forward and watch
the head of my cock disappear as if her pussy again sucked
it inside. I stop right there, not letting any deeper penetration
to occur. I tell her, "I want to feel your warmth, and
keep your fingers where you have them." As she does
so, I reach upward with my right hand and move my thumb into
her puckered ass hole spreading it slowly as it enters.
Sheila is breathing hard and deep now in anticipation of
what would be next. Paddle in my left hand I reach across to her right cheek
and lightly spank her ass with one stroke about every three
seconds. After the fifth stroke, I increase the pressure
of my thumb in her ass and the intensity of the swat. Again
I swat once every 3 seconds. Her ass is getting redder by
the moment. After the fifth stroke I press further into
her wet, hot cunt with my cock. And I now begin thumb fucking
her ass. Sheila is breathing harder and harder. I tell her,
"Do not hyperventilate. Slow down." I however,
do not. I begin inserting my right index finger along with
my thumb spreading her ass further and deeper. My next swats
I change up and swat only once every 5 seconds but harder.
I increase the pressure of my cock entering her until I am
fully inside her. While Sheila is following my instructions
and not moving, her pussy muscles are working hard and gripping
and relaxing on my cock, trying to milk me. I tell her, "Sheila reach between your legs and circle
my scrotum just above my balls with your index and thumb."
She does so. I tell her, "Now slowly and gently pull
downward. As she does so, I begin finger fucking her ass
turning my fingers causing her sphincter to loosening
and lubing her ass. I pull backward retracting my cock until
the head slips out of her pussy. I then slide right back in,
all the way. My oh my, what a delicious feeling. I am getting
near to exploding inside this hot pussy. I continue to finger
her ass and she begins to quiver. "Sir, I am going to
cum. Please let me cum." Her fingers are gripping
my scrotum tightly and pulling on me harder. "Let
go of my balls and begin rubbing your clit then." I
tell her. She does so and only after a few minstrations of
her clit she begins to shudder and buck. So I decide to let
her do as she wishes. She begins pushing backwards as I am
fingering her ass, and causing my cock to enter and leave
her as she is really fucking me, doing all the work. All of
a sudden Sheila raises up on her hands throwing her head
back and yelling, " YESSSS!!!!!, I AM CUMMINGGGGG."
As Sheila cums, her keegle muscles begin spasmically
gripping and releasing on my cock. The result causes me
to grab her hips, and I thrust deeply and completely into
her. I feel the tip of my penis strike her uterus and Sheila
begins to gasp with every stroke causing her to begin another
rolling orgasm, she begins to buck against me and emit loud
yelps and comments like, "Harder Sir, I am cumming
again Sir, FUCK ME SIR!!!" and "FUCK!!! FUCK!!!"
My cock hard as hell and feeling like the head will explode,
I willingly let myself go into orgasmic release. My testicles
have pulled up next to my body and I feel the warm pumping
of cum into her. I arch my back and hear myself releasing
a loud, "AHHHHHH!" Sheila is still breathing hard. Our sexual release trickling
downward between her legs, and dripping off of my scrotum
as I am still embedded to the hilt inside of her pussy. Oh
my how I love a good pussy. As I pull out, I hear an audible
slurp. Sheila turns around to look at me and sees my cock
is still hard. She says, "Sir you are still hard! Did
I not please you?" I look straight into her eyes and
say, "Absolutely I did, but I am not ready to be done
with you yet. Remember the coffee?" I push her back
to where she sits on the bed, reach for a condom, and tell
her to suck my cock clean first. Sheila does as she is told
and also begins lightly rolling my testicles between her
fingers again. Looking up at me with brown eyes, she winks
at me. She finishes cleaning by testicles, glans, and shaft
by using her mouth and tongue. My cock is still hard. I can
still feel the ache of needing more. I tell her, "Put
the condom on me, then pull your knees wide and hold them
toward your chest." As Sheila is moving to follow my directions, I grab some
lube and rub it on my condom covered shaft. Pulling her legs
toward her chest has caused her pelvis to orient to where
I have full access to her ass. I take the head of my cock and
place it right at the opening her ass. Pressing forward,
the head of my cock "Pops" right in quickly.
It takes no more prodding to begin. Sheila is so relaxed
and excited, that I easily slip slide away into her ass.
I fully enter her and reach forward to taste and grab her
hot breasts. In addition, I reach down and begin playing with her clit.
She cums so quickly it surprises me. She is so sensitive
to all I am doing. So, I decide to pinch her nipples and tell
her to play with her clit. She moves her legs over my shoulders
and reaches forward with her right hand to her clit. Rubbing
fast and back and forth her fingers play with herself while
I penetrate and fuck her ass. Again her breathing comes
fast and quick and I tell her, "DO NOT CUM!" Sheila
is looking with surprised and dismayed eyes at me. As I continue
to fuck her ass. Her ass is tighter than her pussy. I tell
her to only cum when I tell her to. "SSSSSirrr, I do
not know ifff, IIII caaan." she tells me as I stroke
away. As a result, I stop. Just like that. I look down and find her ass opening still open to the size
of my cock. I ask her, "Do you want me to fuck your ass?"
Sheila says, "Yes Please Fuck My Ass Sir. All of me
is for your pleasure." At that point I put my right
index and second finger just on top and behind the glans
and place it at her opening. Holding it in place there, I
hesitate for a moment, look into her eyes which are pleading
with me, and I enter her fully again. Breathing inward,
her breasts rise, nipples erect. I then tell her, "spread
wide your pussy lips with your left hand and finger fuck
yourself with your right, imagining a double penetration."
Again she starts heading toward climax, and I slow down
prolonging the sweet pain restraint towards orgasm. We are sweating now, the play we are engaged in, is causing
us to perspire. I continue, pleased that her and my pleasure
so far have been reciprocal and full. I start picking up
the pace causing Sheila to head towards orgasm. She has
four fingers of her right hand inside of her with her thumb
holding on to her abdomen for all she can as she heads to another
release. She starts pumping her hand faster as I continue
insider of her ass. Soon she is using both hands. One in her
and the other playing with her clit causing her breasts
to be pushed together. They are rhymically swaying forward
and back slightly bulging over her arms, with nipples erect,
areolas full. The pungent/sweet aroma of pussy is filling
the air, and again Sheila is beyond the point of no return.
Her head arches backwards, arms fly wide, legs reach around
my waist clamping down, as she comes. Only, I am not ready.
So I let her ride it out, as I keep a consistent motion. After what seems like forever, she begins to settle some,
I pull out of her with a "pop." and while she is
sitting up walk over to get a bottle of water. I bring it to
her as she starts to regain her composure. I pull off the
condom and tell her to make me cum down her throat. Pulling
a few more sips from the bottle, she turns to my cock. She
sticks out her tongue cradling the head and shaft there
for a moment. Then lips engulf my penis as she begins sucking.
Her hands go to my hips, not touching my cock, and sucks me
completely into her mouth in an old fashioned "Deep
Throat." I hold onto her head and she lets me fuck her
mouth for a while. Still not ready to cum, Sheila looks at
me with pleading eyes, as if she wants to say something.
I pull out and Sheila states, "Sir my jaw is sore may
I ride you?" Before I have a chance to answer Sheila
pushes me backward onto the bed, climbs up on top of me my
cock quickly sliding inside of her pussy. Soft, wet, and
hot her pussy envelopes my cock. All I can think of is, "Damn I love a hot pussy!"
Sheila laughs out loud and begins to ride me. I lean forward
put my hand in the crook of the back of her neck and pull her
toward me. I kiss her deeply, fully, mimicking the motion
of my cock inside of her. Leaning backward, with Sheila
on her hands and knees, I see her breasts move. Large, pendulous,
I squeeze them and pinch her nipples. She closes her eyes
and continues her rocking, fucking motion. That building
sensation begins as my testicles are building for release
yet again. Circling her waist with my left hand I reach around
and spank hard on her ass, 5 times, harder with each stroke.
I simulate the same intensity with the penetration of her
pussy. Soon the sound of her rhythm against me matches the
tempo of the spanking. I am heading towards release. I begin
a frantically fast paced fucking sequence getting ever
closer to cumming. Sheila tells me, "Sir I want to
taste your cum. Tell me when you are ready." After
a few more strokes I tell her, "NOW!" Sheila hops off of me and sucks me completely into her mouth….
and I cum. My balls aching and penis at half mast, I tell her we need
a slight break. We take a tour of the rest of the club. In one
room we find a sex swing, in another we find a sybian machine.
Other rooms have a dance floor and big screen TV's already
ablaze with some porn. Both of us completely naked, walk
the whole facility. My friend comes by and offers us some
fruit and vegetables and whatever we need to drink. My cock
has become somewhat flaccid but has not shrunk. We sit on
some towels that my friend gives us and we all chat, snack
and drink some water to replenish some of the energy lost
through or daytime fun. We just chat and laugh for a while.
I tell Sheila the sex swing and the sybian has me interested
in going again. My friend and I walk Sheila to the sybian.
It is a machine, semi-circular in shape and padded with
a dildo protruding the top. Perfect in position for a woman
to kneel and or sit on. My friend puts a condom on the dildo
and puts it in place on the sybian saying there are different
vibratory attachments to put on it depending on the sexual
need. Sheila is licking her lips. I kiss her and tell her
to take it for a test drive. She chuckles and steps over it.
Grasping some lube, she looks at me saying, "I am sore."
I tell her, "What are you saying? You accusing me of
something?" and I laugh. She squats over the sybian
and I see the head of the dildo slowly disappear into her
pussy. She then changes and kneels down, fully sitting
on it. At this point my friend hands me the controls. It has different
buttons on it for speed control, and movement. Sheila looks
up at me. Seeing her squatting over the dildo made me think
of how it feels to be inside her and I began to grow. She reaches
over and begins to kiss the head of my cock. I begin with a
slow vibration on the control. "OOOHH! That is interesting."
she says and returns this time slip her mouth over the head
of my cock. My friend says, "Wow! She loves cock!" I say,
"Almost as much as I love pussy!" He says, "That
IS a great deal." I chuckle again. I leave the vibration
the same, mid-low, level but add a revolving motion. Sheila's
eyes go wide and then she says, "Oooh! I like that."
She grabs my cock and then begins sucking on it harder. So,
inquisitively, I speed up the vibration a little higher
till I see her squirm. The constant consistency of motion
and vibration move her closer and closer to orgasm. She
is sucking harder on my cock and there are moments where
she stops dead cold, and then begins again. She pulls away
from me and sits down more fully on the sybian. I tell her,
"Cum my dear! Cum!" I continue to stroke my cock
in front of her and soon she is spasming and quivering, gasping
for air. Then she says, "Enough please Sir!"
I slow it down to a stop. Sheila has a difficult time getting
up. "My legs feel like rubber." she says. As she regains her composure, I am pulling her to a standing
position. I then pull off the condom, cleaning it off with
alcohol wipes and giving the controls back to my friend.
Finished, we walk back toward the room with the swing. I
help Sheila, as she nestles into position, back supported
arms and legs spread wide further restrained. Kneeling
I get to see her pussy again. Pink and swollen from use and
excitement, her genetalia look inviting. I have an idea.
While supported there I go back into the main room where
I find my friend and ask for some ice. Returning, I find her
not having moved a bit, eyes closed. So I tell her to keep
them that way. My fingers grasp a piece of semicurved ice
and begin tracing lazy circles from her knees, up over and
around her thighs, inching slowly toward her cunt. Soon
my hand reaches for a new piece of ice. Sheila is moaning
by now enjoying the coolness. I move the ice upward toward
the skin tissue just above her cleft. I stop there. watching
the ice melt and trickle downward toward her clit. The water
trickles around to the right of her clit and then re-centers
itself down her slit. Following the moisture I begin to
see it drip off of her pussy at the peritoneum just before
reaching her anus. Seeing it drip reminds me of the cream
pie I ate from her earlier. My cock begins to get harder at
the site of this happing. I reach for another piece of ice
and return it just to the left. This time the melting water
runs to the left of her clit and downward. Strapped into
the swing like she is I reach for another piece of ice and
begin an ice massage of her mons, cleft, and labia. Sheila
is squirming because of the intensity of the coldness.
She is so hot the ice isn't lasting long. So, I take another,
but this time the index and thumb of my left hand spread her
pussy lips as my right finger tips insert a whole piece of
ice right into her pussy. Sheila's head comes up rapidly
and with eyes wide is exhaling. My cock feels heavy and hard.
Right in front of my cock is a wet, hot pussy needing some
penetration. As I enter her, I feel the warming water coming
from her cunt, still very cool but not ice anymore. Water
and vaginal fluids dripping from her, my cock slowly inches
into her. "Sheila, I have something to tell you while we are
fucking like this." I say and then continue. "While
my name is indeed Floyd, my nickname is Tinker." Sheila
smiles and reclines her head, relaxing stating, "Whew!
That is great! Frankly I don't care, as long as you continue
to treat me to times like this." At that moment I press
deeply into her. My hips moving forward I see my cock pressing
between her folds, legs wide making room for me, and with
her suspended in air I can't help but feel the pleasure
unfolding. I can easily reach her ample breasts. So, I massage
them, feel their weight, squeeze them, and leaning over
I suck on them. My penis is surrounded by velvety hot, sumptuous
wetness. I slip and slide in and out of her vagina, and even
though we have done this most of the day, my balls and her
pussy aching from use, the sheer pleasure pushes us forward.
For one stroke I pull out of her walk around and let her suck
on my member again, letting her taste her juices and my cock
once more. Returning to her pussy, her legs wide and suspended allow
me to use them for grasping. I begin using strong strokes,
our bodies increasing to the point of slamming into each
other. I watch her breasts move up and down with the movement.
Her head is lying back, her eyes closed. The sound of our
rhythm is intoxicating. The sucking of her pussy on my cock
is amazing as she begins to clamp down on me with every stroke.
Having cum so many times, I doubt if I can cum again. "Can
balls recover that quickly?" I wonder aloud. Sheila
leans up and says, "Hmmm?" Responding, I tell
her, "Just musing. How are you feeling my dear?"
Sheila says, "Fantastic, but I won't be able
to walk well for a few days, I don't believe."
The sounds of us in play continue. My friend walks into the
room and sits watching us. "Master?" Sheila
says, "May I do something for your friend?"
I tell her, "I was just thinking about that."
I gesture to my friend to come up toward her head. "Feed
her your cock, let her suck continue till you cum. My friend opens his slacks and pulls down his boxers. He
holds his shaft with the head near Sheila's lips. Her
hands restrained, all she can do is use her mouth, and the
motion of both of us to suck on him. A period of time goes by,
she is still hot, and wet, I am hard but not ready to cum. Soon
my friend is loosing his composure. He is starting to grunt
a bit with the feeling of cum building within him. I have
been changing up my motions between fast and hard, hard
and deep, deep and holding and excruciatingly slow. He is starting to increase his rhythm as he begins to get
ready to cum. Sheila is sucking on him hard. I begin to get
moving faster again. My friend now pulls out of Sheila's
mouth and holds his cock straight. Cum spurting from the
tip over Sheila's breasts and neck, I begin to pump
earnestly into her. I can feel that familiar build up again.
Sheila is gasping for air and yelling, "Fuck me Sir,
Fuck me! Fuck me Please!" I feel fire building in my groins. It feels as if I am turning
myself inside out, as once and for my final time today, I
explode into her. Using what feels like the last drops of
sperm I can come up with for another month. We are motionless.
All three of us in the rapture of the moment. We go to a shower, and wash off, then head for the Jacuzzi
for some much needed mending. We dress and leave the club.
We notice that night time will be soon coming and I drive
her to her car. I kiss her and she tells me, "Thank you
Sir. Will I be pleasuring you again?"

"Most Definitely, " I tell her. "Most


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I have to say, that is one of the best stories i've read
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