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Day Bed Duo


Melissa saw Ethan sitting in the office at the end of the
hall. She was disappointed to see her husband dressed.
That meant his kids were still here, and it was his ex-wife’s
weekend to have them. The bitch had flaked again, adding
to the bad day she had already experienced thanks to her
mentally arthritic boss. The first visuals that greeted
her arrival home did not presage a pleasant evening ahead
On the drive home she had envisioned him sitting naked in
front of his Macintosh, writing a paper for graduate school
as he often did when his ex didn’t flake and they were alone.
She had imagined going in and sitting behind him on the day
bed, and reaching around to play with him, watching his
cock grow stiff in her hands. She liked his body. He was slightly
over six-foot, blond, blue-eyed, slight of build, well
educated, and a royal pain in the ass at times. There were
things she wanted to do with that body but where afraid to
ask, still he had taken her farther down the road of sexual
exploration than any before him. He had unabashedly performed
an incredible act of cunnilingus in front of a fireplace
at his house in the mountains on their first date.
He gently worked her open with his tongue and then explored
every corner of her folds with it. He had traced her outer
lips, her inner lips, her vaginal opening (as deep as a his
tongue could reach), her clitoris and its hood, even her
anus, as if his tongue where some sensitive probe that sent
signals back to a map being created of her genitalia in his
“Forget roses, I’ll take a man who likes to eat pussy anytime, ”
she had thought to herself later, a tingle dancing like
a low-voltage current through her groin. Even before they
started living together he had expanded the tongue service
paid to her clit by opening a satellite operation in her
He had started with his tongue one night, as he always did,
doing spot checks against the map of her crotch in his brain,
making sure his mental interpretation matched the real
thing before him. It was for her the same as having the voltage
turned up, a little at a time. Like someone sending increasingly
pleasing sensations, miniature surges of orgasmic electrical
power each a slightly larger version of the one before it.
They kept pulsing until that spark of sexual electricity
discharged triggering those final paralyzing, addictive
paroxysms of orgasmic ecstasy to be recorded in the center
of her being. A capacitor of sorts whose discharge would
light up every circuit inside her.
His probing, inspecting tongue had rimed her ass as it sometimes
did, and then double-checked the opening as it sometimes
did, but then it did something it hadn’t done before. The
probing tongue commenced mapping inside the opening.
The electricity flowing into her bank of sexual capacitors
peeked and fell back with each stab of his tongue, which
was at the same time depositing an ever-thickening layer
of his saliva into her now pulsing orifice. The probing
tongue withdrew and using the outer edge of one of her vaginal
lips navigated its way up to her clit. The arrival of the
tongue there coincided with an all-new sensation, that
of a finger wiggling at the entrance to her anus. The electricity
jumped and peeked as his finger traveled slowly past her
outer muscle, and once there began the same mapping motions
that had marked his tonguing. Her capacitors filled quickly
and discharged in rapid succession and at levels of voltage
she never knew possible. Her sexual circuit breakers held
the load, but the wires were still smoking when at last his
finger slid from the confines of that previously unused
port of entry.
It didn’t take long for the anal play to escalate. Within
a month she was easily and with great ecstasy charging and
discharging her sexual circuits with the aid of two fingers
probing her bung while his tongue remapped her clit. Then
one night she could wait no longer for him to ask and invited
his cock to replace the pair of fingers twisting in her ass.
She was refused, to her surprise, but offered instead a
small smooth silicon toy, which was just a bit larger than
his fingers. It had felt wonder passing her sphincter,
and in combination with his tongue lashing gently at her
swollen clit had sent her into a state of breath-taking
orgasms. A week later she was taking a larger silicon toy,
this one shaped like his cut cock, only smaller.
Not long after that, she lifted her legs far back one night
and took him in. She was struck at the ease with which she
accommodated him, the amazingly wonderful sensations
his cock fucking her ass produced, and the incredible strength
of his orgasm. He obviously enjoyed the alternate point
of entry too. She had not achieved an orgasm, so he ate her,
but a week later, he entered her ass lying sideways, which
allowed him to masturbate her clit while impaling her ass.
That time Melissa came, and grabbing his ass had pulled
him into her as deeply as he could go. His orgasm she triggered
on the backside of her own by sliding her finger into his
butt. That event, despite being in the middle of a raging
orgasm, had not escaped her attention, and with that the
anal play had become bi-directional. He had afterward
commented on more than one occasion that he wished they
could fuck each other in the ass while eating each other
at the same time. The dildos had offered a close experience,
but not the same as a real cock they were sure.
As Melissa drew closer to the office door she could see he
was listening to someone talking, the voice was male but
it was not one of her stepsons speaking. Entering the office
she saw her husband’s friend John from grad school sitting
in the corner.
Melissa shot him a quick smile, “Hi John.”
“Good Evening Melissa, ” he returned her greeting while
admiring her lush full figure in the sundress and heels
as she bent to kiss Ethan.
“And how was your day? Ethan asked already suspecting the
“Fucked!” Melissa replied still looking at her husband.
“You’ll have to forgive my wife John, I think she’s very
disappointed at walking in and not finding me naked, hard,
and ready to sexually coerce away her bad day.”
Melissa shot Ethan one of those looks that let him know this
would be a topic of conversation later. It also covered
her surprise at his hitting the nail on the head as it were;
a talent he possessed and which put her more than slightly
off balance at times.
“I married this man when I though he had true erudition and
didn’t know he’s just a pedantic pain-in-the-ass.” She
offered to John, then turning back to Ethan she kissed him
again harder then asked, “The boys with Katy?”
“For the entire weekend, and she’s even bringing them back
on Sunday too!”
“Good, ” she fired back heading for the bedroom, “and when
I get back you can regale me with tales of how you intend to
entertain me and make me forget what a shitty week at work
I’ve had and what a cretin my boss is.” Melissa turned to
leave, “John, if you’ll excuse me a moment.”
John smiled raising his glass, “Enjoy!”
Melissa entered the bedroom where she removed her high
heels and panty hose, dropped her sundress to the floor,
and removed her slip and her bra. It was while she sat on the
toilet peeing that she concluded John might be worth the
time and trouble to fuck. She tried to image what his cock
looked like, weather it was bent, or curved, was he cut and
most importantly, did he know how to use it. Did he like to
eat pussy? She had been friendly with John’s girlfriend,
who had just dumped him the month before, but the girlfriend
had never shared any details of a sexual nature about John.
Melissa found this odd because John and her husband seemed
to always find their way to the subject, as did Melissa.
That was actually one of Ethan’s most redeeming qualities:
he was horny all the time.
Finished peeing, she washed her groin with soap and warm
water. She admired her full 36C tits with their perfect
nipples, the voluptuous hips, and the neatly trimmed crop
of brown hair above her shaved labia. If there was any extra
flesh on Melissa, and there was a little, she carried it
with a sensuality that filled the room when she entered.
Stepping back into her pale yellow sundress, she fluffed
her long brown hair before heading back to where she’d left
Ethan and John talking about literature, drinking, and
by now she was sure, sharing a joint. The distinct aroma
of Northern California “Skunk” confirmed her suspicion
as she opened the bedroom door.
“Please tell me one of you fixed me a drink” she called down
the hall.
“I believe that is being done at this very instant” answered
Ethan’s voice from the office.
Upon entering the office she found him sitting where she’d
left him, except that he was naked, his clothes neatly folded
at the corner of the day bed next to the wall. She was so startled
to see him naked she could only blurt out “What’s this?”
The answer came from behind her.
“A tall whiskey and soda on the rocks with a twist, ” answered
John from behind her. “The man rolling that fine example
of the herb grower’s art into a powerful weapon in the noble
pursuit of universal truth said you’d like that.” He handed
her the drink and took his seat again.
“John took your disappointment to heart and offered to
help, ” Ethan remarked while putting the finishing touches
on a second joint. “Aren’t good friends wonderful?” Looking
up, he lit the joint and offered it to her.
“Two vices are my limit before midnight” she said while
sipping her drink and trying to figure how she had suddenly
come to be standing in a room with two naked men.
Ethan passed the joint John’s direction when Melissa declined.
He was two inches shorter than Ethan in height with the same
slender build, but equal in length, girth, and shape of
cock, which like Ethan’s was circumcised. John’s skin
was lighter in color, more like her own, and his hair was
dark like her own. That sexual electrical current she craved
began to cycle through her groin as the potential possibilities
presented by a pair of stiffing cocks pricked her imagination.

“So you two figured that watching you smoking a joint in
the buff would negate the bad week at work I’ve endured?”
Ethan looked into her beautiful blue eyes, “Couldn’t hurt.”
“Well actually, ” Melissa qualified, “the attraction
here is watching John smoke naked and get wood, you my dear,
I see do it all the time.”
John passed back the joint to Ethan smiling at his friend,
then looking back at Melissa, “I hope it’s half as pleasing
to you Melissa as the site of your body through that back-lit
sundress is to me.” John’s now semi-erect manhood added
some visible proof to the sincerity of his compliment.

Sitting down on the edge of the day bed, Melissa casually
lifted the dress just high enough and spread her legs just
wide enough to allow John, who sat only three feet across
from her, a very nice view of her bare crotch.
“Didn’t the wizard that bestowed this fine bag of the Kind
on us also say something to the effect it was ladies night
John?” Ethan posed the interrogative as he leaned back
in his chair revealing that he too was appreciating her
“He did indeed, ” John agreed while exhaling a hit.
“There you have it Melissa, ” concluded Ethan, adding
in a mock English accent, “what me lady wants, me lady need
only ask of these worthy, willing, and wasted naves before
John nodded his agreement and took a drink from his seven
and seven.
It was tacit approval disguised as graciousness, but it
was all Melissa needed, and she lifted the dress even higher
with a free hand. “Most men have an inherent fascination
with strange pussy, wouldn’t you both agree?” Melissa
Ethan nodded knowingly her direction while hitting the
last of the joint.
“My erection answers for me” replied John with his little
boy’s smile.
Continuing the thread Melissa added, “then let’s see if
the same is true for women and strange cock.”
Turning her gaze on John, Melissa set her drink on the desk,
dropped the straps to her sundress exposing her mind-boggling
breasts and knelt before him as he spread his legs facilitating
her advance. Pulling John by the neck to her face they kissed,
tongues exploring mouths, her right hand examining his
erection, both his hands lightly brushing over her stiffening
nipples. Melissa lowered her face and took his cock slowly
into her mouth working her way down its length. She wrapped
her tongue around the shaft, sucked, slid, and teased the
head as John squirmed in his chair, his breathing now tied
to the motions of her mouth and the hand playing gently with
his balls.
She felt Ethan lifting the dress up over her ass exposing
it to his view. Reaching over with his right hand, he began
softly pressing the folds of her clit with his palm, she
spread her legs and pushed back against it. Then sliding
his middle finger trough the gathering dampness between
her lips he moved some to the hood of her clit causing her
to slowly sway and moan as her mouth continued to engulf,
then slowly retreat from John’s pulsating shaft.
The electrical current being generated by her husband’s
finger probing her cunt had just started to interfere with
her ability to concentrate on the throbbing rod she was
sucking when Ethan sent a power surge that broke her rhythm
completely. By spreading the attention her clitoris and
vaginal cavity had been receiving to that less traveled
route of her ass, his finger changed the direction of the
current flowing through her while doubling the voltage
at the same instant.
Producing a small tube of KY from his desk drawer, Ethan
judiciously commenced lubricating her asshole with a
copious portion of lube. Melissa pushed back to meet his
finger gyrating around it, her mouth working John’s cock
in rhythm to the finger filling her ass with surgical jelly,
then the finger was gone.
Taking advantage of the absence to rise from the cock whose
pre-cum she had just tasted, Melissa offered it a different
entertainment. Turning to face her husband, she lowered
herself slowly back onto John’s cock as he guided the hips
and beautiful butt. She was so wet there was no resistance
to his entry, her cunt immediately and completely encircling
John’s cock.
Ethan dropped to his knees, licking and teasing her clit
as John began to slowly fuck her. In no time Melissa was writhing
in ecstasy. She had never before been eaten and fucked by
a cock simultaneously, and she reveled in the experience
as John’s thrusting pelvis drove his tool upward filling
her gulf ; Ethan’s tongue performing that familiar yet
enthralling dance on her clit. Her sexual capacitors begin
to discharge intermittently costing her the ability to
assist. She was shaking, dropping her head back only to
recover, and it would have continued that way but Ethan
could feel her minor orgasms building into something more
substantial and withdrew his tongue not yet wanting to
put her over the top.
Standing, Ethan lifted Melissa’s writhing form off John’s
thrusting cock and kissed her before turning her around
and lowering her back onto it. Ethan began to slowly stretch
her sphincter while pushing more KY into her, all while
John’s cock worked her cunt and his mouth danced from one
tit to the other and back sucking and tonguing her nipples.
“Let’s move this to the day bed, shall we?” Melissa suggested
from the top of John’s rod as she reached back to hold Ethan
wrist removing the two fingers he had worked fully into
her anus. Sliding off John’s cock, Melissa stood while
Ethan moved to the day bed and lay on his back. Melissa bent
over him and coated his cock with a layer of moisture from
her tongue and mouth. Then straddling him she slowly began
working his cock against her swollen clit while he feasted
on her tits. Kneeling behind her, John gently begin introducing
his lubricated cock with the other.
Catching her breath from a rush of sexual pulsation, Melissa
looked back at John, “Put your cock in my ass now, ” she instructed.
He withdrew the toy slowly and dropping it onto the bed began
that most pleasurable task of inserting his cock into her
well-lubricated rosebud. Melissa stopped her undulations
along Ethan’s shaft long enough to haltingly accommodate
two-thirds of John’s cock.
“Now your turn” she whispered kissing her husband below.
Ethan’s cock slid down her clit far enough for the head to
reach the vaginal opening partially filled by the hard-on
in her ass and entered her cunt slowly. He had never felt
anything even close to it. He had fucked her cunt with the
toy in her ass many times. This was better–far better!
For Melissa’s part, it was a fantasy come true, and the cross
current produced by the cock fucking her cunt and the cock
fucking her asshole quickly sent her into a series of rapid
fire medium level orgasms that again caused her to moan
and shake. She was still experiencing the white noise of
those orgasms when she heard Ethan’s voice from below her,
“Let me tongue your clit.”
Melissa couldn’t answer, but it didn’t matter as she felt
the cock in her cunt exit as Ethan’s body slid beneath her.
The cock in her ass also withdrew and Melissa whimpered
at its absence. She could feel more lube filling her slowly
closing sphincter, swooning next to that glorious sensation
of John’s well-lubricated cock reentering her ass.
Ethan’s tongue hit Melissa’s clit about the same time John’s
swollen member reached that magic point in her colon. Melissa
felt Ethan’s tongue, its mastery of her clit never more
evident than at that moment. From behind her, John had found
that depth in her ass which caused her to moan loudest with
ecstasy and was holding to it, pulling back until the head
of his cock tugged at the inside muscle of her sphincter,
then pushing back in until she shuttered with delight.
Moments later the chain reaction of electronic currents
traversing between her tongue teased clitoris and her
erection filled rectum hit that triggering voltage and
the full force of Melissa’s sexual energy exploded in liquid
form from her convulsing vaginal opening coating Ethan’s
mouth and chin. Her body stiffened as if she were being electrocuted,
relaxed for a second and then reeled with another seizer
of seismic proportions. She was halfway through her fourth
and particularly griping paroxysm when she felt John’s
cock echoing her own spasms as the calling card of his lust
sprayed hot against the walls of her convulsing colon.
She was shuttering through the gradually diminishing
aftershocks when she felt the cock in her ass begin its gradual
exit sending more aftershocks. Melissa collapsed forward
panting in a state of sexual delirium that eventually faded
back into partial consciousness and the sound of Ethan
exclaiming softly and ejaculating. Looking back over
her shoulder, she viewed with slight bewilderment the
visage of John sucking her husband’s still pulsating cock,
swallowing his cum.
“I’ve been robbed!” she unassumingly offered before lowering
her upper body back onto the bed temporarily satiated–John’s
cum dripping from her pulsating sphincter onto Ethan’s
smiling face. John finished his work on Ethan’s cock and
then sought the refuge of the chair Ethan had occupied.
Ethan pulled from beneath Melissa, and turning began to
lick her anew. Moaning and moving with an equal mixture
of discomfort and recent memories of pleasures enjoyed
from his pursuing tongue, Melissa drew herself into a sitting
position on the corner of the day bed.
“I need sometime to recover, ” she admonished, “but if
you two can’t wait, feel free to start round two without
me.” Then adding as an after thought, “and don’t think I
didn’t see you suck Ethan off either John.” Her words came
as if spoken by someone else. Melissa had always told herself
that one man having sex with another was the biggest turn
off she could imagine; now she was hopping they’d have sex
while she looked on. It stunned her for a moment.
John looked back with that little boy innocence of his.
“Is this the first time you have sucked Ethan’s cock?” Melissa
asked looking at both of them for their reaction. Ethan
glanced her way but ventured no answer.
“Unfortunately it is Melissa, ” John replied after a long
silence. “I must confess that I have had some serious fantasies
about both Ethan and you too, but I never thought, ” his
sentence died there, which John was not noted for letting
“Not to worry John, ” said Ethan rising from the day bed
like a Phoenix, “I have walked both sides of the street as
you well know and after a decade away from that side, there
is no man I know I’d sooner cross back to fuck than you my friend.”
Then adding, “especially since I’ve already tasted your
cum second hand from Melissa’s great and grateful ass.”

Bending to Melissa, he kissed her long on the mouth sucking
on her tongue, then whispering softly, “Now watch me fuck
him.” Melissa had let the genie out of the bottle. She was
about to watch two men, one her husband, have sex right before
her eyes. For reasons she could neither have conceived
nor confessed to until that very moment, it thrilled her
beyond any auditory response she could have summoned,
so she just simply nodded yes. What followed she would never
Melissa watched as Ethan moved slowly to where John sat
a scant few feet away and placed his hand behind John’s neck.
She though at first he was going to draw John to his cock,
but instead Ethan bent and whispered something in John’s
ear Melissa could not hear. Then standing straight he offered
Melissa his hand and led the trio toward the master bedroom
and its adjoining bathroom. Melissa moved to the closed
toilet lid in the bathroom where she watched as the two men
stepped into the shower together.
Ethan turned John toward the water, then pulling him back
away begin to soap him into a lather from behind. Stepping
in close, Ethan washed the front of John’s body while rubbing
against John’s back, Ethan’s stiff cock stoking between
John’s soap covered ass cheeks. For the first time Melissa
saw Ethan’s hand encircle John’s cock, slowly masturbating
him. John’s hand reached back and took hold of Ethan’s stiff
cock, John’s head tilted back against Ethan’s shoulder,
each now stroking the other.
Ethan slowly turned John and at that same time kissed him.
Melissa could see their tongues in the other’s mouth, two
erect cocks, each rubbing against the other. Ethan’s hands
reached John’s ass and grasping his cheeks pulled him tight
while sliding off his lips and down his neck. Turning John
sideways to the water, Ethan chased behind the cascading
soapsuds slithering down John’s chest with his mouth,
stopping first to gently bite one of John’s nipples. John
inhaled deeply as Ethan’s teeth tugged at the stiff mound
of flesh on John’s almost hairless chest. He released the
nipple and with his tongue descended toward John’s rod,
pulsating in anticipation of Ethan’s approach.
Melissa leaned forward intently as she watched her husband’s
mouth close around the cock, then pull off while dragging
his tongue down its shaft to the balls below, returning
back up the shaft and engulfing it completely. Ethan then
begin a steady rhythm of sucking, his right hand encircling
the cock while the left hand pulled at an ass cheek and fingered
John’s waiting hole. Leaning back against the wall Melissa
let it hold her weight as she watched the cock that not quarter-of-an-hour
before been ball-deep in her asshole, now being sucked
to perfection by her husband. She remembered that same
cock filling her mouth and unconsciously her right hand
found her clit. She began to gently masturbate herself;
her nipples stiff and erect like the two cocks before her.
It was really about the only movement she could manage,
for the unfolding events in the shower had frozen her to
the toilet on which she sat.
Slowly Ethan removed his mouth from around the cock traveling
back up John’s body with his mouth as he stood, stopping
only to suck a nipple, then withdrawing.
John took the soap and covering Ethan with a layer of suds
slowly traveled the length of his body working the soap
with both hands. John took his time and paid special attention
to Ethan’s rock hard cock, balls, and ass. Turning to let
the water rinse the soap from his back and butt, Ethan leaned
forward with his legs spread, hands flat against the wall.
Kneeling from behind, John reached between Ethan’s legs
stroking the cock he could feel but not see. Then starting
at Ethan’s balls John licked upward until his face was pushed
between Ethan’s ass cheeks, his tongue probing into Ethan’s
freshly scrubbed hole. Ethan’s body found the combination
inciting and responded by raising onto his toes with each
entry of the tongue in his ass, pushing against the face
nuzzled between his cheeks.
Melissa was transfixed; the hand between her thighs covered
in her own honey was still gently massaging her clit with
a circular motion. She blinked out of it aware that Ethan
was watching her masturbate while watching him being played
with and rimmed. Melissa’s tunnel may have been awash in
a flood of her own creation her, but her mouth was dry from
the spectacle unfolding before her. Ethan’s hand reached
out for hers, and as the two men parted, Ethan guided her
into the shower between them.
Four soapy hands begin traveling over her naked form, exploring
her creases, corners, and folds. The warm water cascading
over the curves of her body an outward echo of the warm fluids
inundating her vaginal walls. Every few moments, Ethan
would turn her allowing both he and John access to the opposite
sides of her lush body. When at last Melissa had been thoroughly
soaped and rinsed, both men, dropping slowly to their knees
begin orally servicing her from both sides. John took his
turn on her clit while her husband’s tongue danced its way
into her ass. Looking down, Melissa, watching John suck
her clit, took notice that the men were stoking each other’s
cocks while eating her. Already to a point of near orgasm
when they started, Melissa was soon shuttering through
a long minor paroxysm. She was still shaking from it, her
eyes closed in ecstasy when she realized one of the tongues
working her, specifically the one that had been disquieting
her ass, had departed. Opening her eyes, she found herself
wrapped in Ethan’s arms, his stiff rod wedged between the
cheeks of her ass, John still working her clit. Ethan adjusted
his cock so that it now passed between her thighs and into
John’s mouth. Looking down, she watched it being sucked,
like it might be her own and even held John’s head the way
Ethan had. The cunt honey flowing onto her husband’s ridged
shaft was being immediately passed on to John. Holding
her, Ethan cradled her breasts while the tip of a finger
on each hand lightly teased her nipples. That feeling,
the cock rubbing her clit as Ethan pushed it forward into
John’s devouring mouth, then its retreat allowing John’s
tongue to dance over her clit, was becoming too much. The
sexual capacitors in her body were charging too quickly.
Ethan, recognizing she was now precariously teetering
on the edge of a substantial orgasm. Pulling his cock a little
farther back than before so that the next slow, forward
thrust impaled her slobbering cunt on his familiar staff
while John’s tongue franticly flicked at her clit full
Ethan had yet to reach a dozen strokes into her before a violent
series of orgasmic spasms racked Melissa backward against
him with a sustained muffed shriek that finally subsided
into a string of whimpers and shaking, her legs too weak
to stand. Ethan held her upper body and continued to fuck
her in rhythm to her diminishing spasms while John supported
her legs and lower body, his tongue still lightly darting
across her clit. When at last she could support her own weight
again, all three rinsed, dried, and headed for the king
size bed. Melissa was still glazed from the orgasmic electrocution
she’d just been through, and settled onto a corner of the
bed to watch, for the moment satiated.
John lay down on his back in the middle of the bed, his cock
still at ridged attention. Ethan was the last to reach the
bed dropping the smooth silicon toy and the tube of KY he’d
grabbed in route. Kneeling over John’s prostrate from,
he lowered his mouth over the vertical pole, his hands exploring
balls, ass cheeks, and chest.
Melissa, sitting to the side became acutely aware that
Ethan took fellatio as seriously as he took cunnilingus.
John was in another world, and listening to his stuttered
breathing while watching his torso undulated beneath
his cock that appeared and disappeared caused the electrical
current to began to flow within her groin anew. The nectars
of her previous comings freshened as she watched. She wanted
to touch John, but was hesitant to intrude. She wanted back
in somehow. Ethan must have known for he stopped slowly,
bringing John back with him, gently, and using his hand
held John at a simmer.
“Once I’m comfortably ensconced in his ass my dear, you
can finish him any way you like, ” Ethan told her softly
as he reached for the lube and the toy.
“Let me” Melissa offered in a voice that conveyed both excitement
and surprise.
Ethan handed them to her as she moved to where she could gain
access to John’s ass while Ethan continued the slow steady
strokes that held John suspended between nothing and a
pending orgasm. She coated the opening, ran her finger
through the small glob of clear jelly and went to work on
John’s fuck hole, moving quickly to the toy with more lube.
While working the dildo, she started sucking Ethan, bringing
him fully erect.
When the toy was buried to its hilt in John’s ass, she withdrew
Ethan’s cock from her mouth and proceeded to lube it. She
had done this before, but it was not her quivering ass she
prepared him to enter. The very realization of that fact,
and the male ass below the cock she was stroking sent a wall
of nectar cascading down her cunt and caused her to moan.
That sound gained volume as she felt John’s hand massaging
her crotch, she moved to give him a better angle at her.
Removing the toy slowly, she applied more lube, then guided
Ethan’s ridged cock to the opening of John’s ass. Using
her hands, to gently pull the waiting cheeks apart, she
began sucking John’s cock as her husband snaked his manhood
into the anus she had prepared for him. As Ethan’s cock passed
beyond John’s sphincter and made its first halting, slow
intrusion into that forbidden place, she realized she
had stopped sucking, lost in the spectacle of John’s ass
slowly swallowing Ethan’s rod. She felt John moving her
over his face, and she lowered herself until his hands held
her as his tongue returned the attention to her clit his
cock was being paid by her mouth.
Just as John had found that dept and length of stroke in Melissa’s
asshole that gave her maximum pleasure, so her husband
now found the same for John. From below, Ethan’s throbbing
shaft, from above Melissa’s mouth, and for the love of him,
John could not decide which of them sucked a cock better.
Ethan had set a comfortable rhythm of fucking John’s ass
that Melissa had matched in speed. Two dozen or so strokes
of Ethan’s machine traveling in and out of John’s ass while
face-fucking Melissa was all it took for both to surrender
their hot streams of semen.
John lost his load first, filling Melissa’s mouth which
she let flow back out dripping down his pole, then leaning
up she pulled Ethan to her and kissed him sharing John’s
cum. Still holding John’s rod with one hand, she felt him
responding to the deeper thrusts of Ethan’s ejaculating
cock in his ass, which Ethan withdrew as his kiss with Melissa
ended. Laying on her back between them, Melissa wondered
what combination they might find after diner and a dip in
the hot tub. She could hardly wait.

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great story! sex with more than 2 is the best sex one can have!


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Reading this story had my cock rock hard and wondering what
sucking another would be like, ... Outstanding story