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Daughters Friend 3


I stopped masturbating Taylor and stared into my daughter’s
eyes. I could see the shock and disbelief by her facial expression.
Taylor was still moaning and squirming on my lap. Her sexual
ecstasy was in such a heightened state that she did not realize
that I was no longer doing anything.

“Yeah, okay? …..” my daughter said looking at us.
“Um….I….guess…. I’ll……just go to the
party by myself.” She said as if talking to herself. Then
she turned and started up the steps.

“Emily” I yelled at her as she got out of my view. I slid
Taylor off my lap but I could not get my right hand out of her
tight dress.

“Emily, wait” I yelled again. I began pulling and twisting
my right hand trying to get it out of Taylor’s dress. Finally
my hand was free. As I ran up the steps to the main level of
the house looking for my daughter I began wiping the juices
from Taylor off of my hand on my leg pants

“Emily? Emm?” I asked looking around. The only thing
I was thinking about now was how shocked my daughter must
have been when she came down the steps. She expected to find
her dad and her best friend talking; instead she found her
best friend sitting on her father’s lap half undressed,
one of her father’s hands rubbing her best friend’s
bare breast and his other hand under her dress and between
her legs. And her best friend was obviously in the middle
of having an orgasm! I turned in a circle looking for my daughter
and saw her standing at the front door. I quickly walked
to her and gave my daughter a hug.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for that to
happen! Really, I didn’t! I….. I don’t know what
to say. I - am - so - sorry. Can you forgive me honey!?” I

“Its okay dad” she said.

“No Emm, I saw the look on your face. It is not okay.”

“Yes it is Dad! I knew that this day would come. I was just
surprised that I saw it happen. That’s all.” she said.
I paused letting her words sink in.

“What do you mean you knew this day would come?” I asked

Emily chuckled as in disbelief. “Dad, Taylor has been
trying to get you in bed for almost a year now. I knew that
some day you would finally give in to her. I guess that I shouldn’t
have been surprised though that tonight is when it finally
happened. That dress didn’t leave a lot to the imagination
did it!”

I just stood there thinking about what my daughter had just
told me and the ramifications of her words.

“Taylor has been wanting to have sex with me and you knew
about it?” I asked incredulity.

“Knew about it!... Knew about it!” Emily laughed.
“Dad, I helped her plan it! Remember the morning she came
down only wearing your old tee shirt? My idea!” she said
proudly. “And standing nude in the bathroom for you to
see? My idea again! Knew about it!” she said as if in astonishment.

I didn’t know what to say or how to respond to this information
except to stand there with a blank look on my face. We just
stood there for a moment looking into each other’s eyes.
But the main thing that coming back to me was that Taylor
was downstairs right now, partially undressed, and she
was expecting me to have sex with her. And my daughter helped
to plan for this to happen?

“You sure you’re okay with this?” I finally asked.

“DAD! I’ve been okay with this for a year now. You’re
the only one not up to speed here!”

I guess by my lack of words and action my daughter knew I was
still unsure of her sincerity.

“Look Dad, Taylor is my very best friend. I want her to
be happy, I want YOU to be happy. You two having sex together
is going make all three of us happy. Dad, take her to bed!
And, pardon my French, but….. fuck the hell out of her”

“EMILY!” I said in shock. I’d never heard her use
that word in my life.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have used that word.
But I have been waiting so long for this Dad. I was about to
give up on you!” she said. “Look, I’m just relieved
that you have finally figured out what’s going on, that’s
all.” Emily started to turn away but then stopped and
faced me again.

“And Dad, tonight if anyone sneaks in some alcohol in
to the party I promise you I won’t drink any. I also give
you my word that I won’t leave the party until I come home
in the morning. I don’t want you to worry about me at all
tonight okay?” She said. “I want you to just focus on
giving Taylor, and yourself, all the pleasure that you
both deserve.”

“You’re really sure you’re okay with this” I asked

“Dad, this is the best thing in the world that could happen
to me, to Taylor and to you. You’re the only one who doesn’t
see it” she said. “I love you so much Dad. Please, go
to Taylor now.”

Emily stepped towards me and gave me long, hard hug; then
she smiled at me and walked out the door. As I stood there
I thought that Taylor and I needed to have a long talk about
how this was going to affect her, Emily and myself. But mainly
we needed to talk the affect it would have on her mom and dad,
my two best friends, if they would ever find out about it.
I knew in my heart that I should be the adult in this situation
and walk away from Taylor. But I also knew I could not stop
myself; I wanted Taylor so badly.

I walked down to the game room were Taylor was but found she
was not there any longer. I walked back up the main level,
looked around, and again did not see her. Then I walked up
the steps to upper level where Emily’s bedroom was and
all was dark in the upper level. I walked back down to the
main level again and stood still; all was quite.

All I could think of was that after Taylor came down from
her orgasm she must have thought about the ramification
of what we were about to do, came to her senses, and then left
the house. She could have left through the garage door as
Emily and I was talking at the front door and neither one
of us would have seen her. I wondered if she was outside talking
to my daughter now. But then I noticed that there was a dim
light coming from under my closed bedroom door. I walked
over to the door, opened it, looked towards my bed and saw
Taylor lying in it with covers pulled up to her neck.

“I thought you got lost” she said smiling. I smiled
back at her.

“Taylor” I said as I sat on the edge of the bed. “We
need to talk first.”

“No!” She said. “We can talk later.” Taylor then
pulled back the covers. She was completely nude. “I’ve
waited so long for this Paul, all I want now is to feel you
deep inside me” she said.

I stared at that body I had been longing for, now it was right
in front of me nude and looked so perfect in every detail.
As I looked up her long, thin, shapely legs she spread them
apart giving me a direct view of her hairless vagina. I looked
higher at the hip bones protruding from her waist; the flat
taunt stomach, the large breast now pointed slightly outward,
the long skinny arms. I WANTED HER SO BADLY!

“Taylor, we really…”

“SHUT UP!” She said. “Don’t you dare make me wait.”
Taylor slowly spread her legs apart even wider and raised
her hips slightly. Her rectum was pointed right at me and
the lips of the vulva spread apart enough that I could actually
see some pink of her opening.

“Please Paul, get your clothes off and get inside me now.
Please.” she said with a touch of desperation in her voice.

For a moment I just stood there looking at her, but as I began
to unbutton my shirt and small smile came to her face again.
Taylor stared at the bulge in my jeans the entire time I was
undressing. As I pulled the underwear down off my hips my
cock sprung free I heard Taylor take a deep breath.

“God Paul, I have waited so long for that!” she said.

“Let me get a condom” I said turning away from her.

“No need, I’m already on the pill” she said.

As I started to climb onto the bed she spread her legs even
wider and opened her arms inviting me to lay on her. The feeling
of this naked young girl under was unbelievable, I could
feel her breast pushing into my stomach and my cock at her
bare damp opening as I laid on her. I could hardly comprehend
what I was actually was getting ready to do; I was getting
positioned to put my cock inside a girl I’ve known since
she was 8 year old! Our mouths found each other and we kissed
passionately. I broke the kiss and lowered my mouth to her
breast, nibbling her right nipple first. As I started to
move over to the left nipple Taylor pulled my head back up
to her face.

“You can do that later, now just get inside me” she demanded.

I reached between us finding my cock with my hand. Slowly
I rubbed it up and down her slit lubricated the head with
her juices. Taylor began moaning softly. I lowered my cock
until I felt her opening. Taylor lifted her legs giving
me direct access to her opening. Slowly I began to push it
into her. Taylor moaned loudly and began to push against
me wanting me to enter her faster. It felt like I could not
get in her any further so I pulled back slightly and pushed
again. This time I felt myself enter her completely; she
was so incredibly warn and tight on my cock. I could feel
my balls resting on her butt cheeks. Taylor looked in my
eyes and gave me a weak smile of total pleasure.

“God That Feels So Good” she said.

Slowly I began sliding in and out of her. Taylor had her hands
locked behind my neck and her legs wide with her feet resting
on the backsides of my knees as we started. She had a glazed
looked in her eyes as she began moaning louder and louder.
Then she started thrusting her hips upward in an effort
to get me into her even deeper and faster but I continued
to take long, slow, deliberate strokes. As Taylor released
her hands from my neck and stretched her arms above her head
I raised my hands also and intertwined our fingers together.
I slid upward on her slightly until my elbows were above
her shoulders now putting all my weight on my elbows and
knees. Taylor raised her legs even further wrapping them
around my back. This changed the angle on which I was entering
her and I knew after the first stoke of her this way I wasn’t
going to last much longer. Slowly I increased the pace and
began entering her faster and harder than before feeling
my orgasm building and building.

Then Taylor had an orgasm. “ Oh Yes….Oh Yes…..I’m
Cumming….I’m Cumming…..I’m Cumming”

That was all I needed; I felt the sperm flow down my shaft
and spill into Taylor’s womb. All my muscles quivered
and I had trouble breathing my orgasm was so intense. As
this was happening a new thought came to me; the very seed
that created my daughter is now being planted deep inside
her best friend! Taylor’s orgasm had never ceased so
I continued to stroke her even after my orgasm subsided
trying to make it last longer for her. It was close to a minute
later before I saw that Taylor had climaxed and I slowly
stopped stroking her. We both laid there breathing hard
and I started feeling weakness in my arms and legs from supporting
my weight. I began to climb off of Taylor so my weight would
not be on her but she put her arms around by back to keep me
from getting off of her.

“No, stay there” she said smiling.

“I’m afraid that I’ll be too heavy for you” I replied.

“You might be after awhile but for now I want us to stay
joined together for as long as possible.”

It felt so right, so natural to be lying between this young
girls spread legs with my cock buried deep inside her. But
I knew in my heart that I had just crossed over a line that
would cause me grief; and that line was having sex with my
best friend’s daughter. Even though Emily seemed to
think that it was natural for Taylor and I to have sex I was
sure that Taylor’s parents, Jack and Carol, my two very
best friends, would not share that view. After a while I
could tell that I was getting heavy on Taylor so I rolled
off her and as I did she rolled over onto me. I began exploring
her backside with my fingertips and I tell that she was getting
aroused again. I slid out from under her and she laid face
down on the bed. As she laid there I was struck again by how
long and thin she looked. I used my finger tips and lips to
lightly touch every square inch of her back side except
between her legs so as to tease her. Taylor involuntarily
was moving her hips to my touch and moaning softly. Finally
I spread her legs further apart and knelt between them.
I placed a hand on each of her small butt cheeks and spread
them apart until her rectum was slightly stretched open.
As I put my tongue at the top of her butt crack and began to
go lower Taylor gave a deep sigh and raised her hips off the
bed. When I reached her rectum I circled it several times
with my tongue and I felt Taylor pushing back against my
tongue and she began to moan louder. I spread her butt cheeks
even further apart with my hands until her rectum was fully
exposed to me. By now Taylor was bucking against my tongue
in anticipation of what was going to happen but I made her
wait slightly longer. Finally I could stop myself anymore
and as she was pushing backwards towards me I pushed my tongue
into her rectum as deep as I could.

Taylor had an immediate orgasm; thrashing around on the
bed as if being shocked with electricity. As I continued
to tongue fuck her rectum I reached between her legs with
my right hand and slipped my right thumb into her vagina.
Taylor moaned loudly from this intrusion into her. Then
I ran my middle finger upwards until I located her clit.
As soon as I touched it she seemed to have another orgasm.
As I started rubbing her clit in a circular motion she cried
out loudly. Taylor was in total ecstasy with my tongue deep
in her rectum, my thumb buried in her vagina and my finger
rubbing her clit. She alternated between moaning, crying
and laughing as her orgasm lasted for many minutes. Finally
she begged me to stop; her body had became so over stimulated
from her orgasms lasting so long that she had to have a break
from them.

For several minutes she continued to squirm and moan softly
as she slowly came down from her orgasms. Taylor rolled
onto her side and I snuggled into her backside draping one
arm across her hip and sliding the other under her pillow.
Within minutes I heard her breathing deeply and knew she
had fell asleep, it did not take long for me to fall to sleep
also. During the night I had a dream of intense sexual pleasure.
In my dream I was lying on my left side but the more conscience
I became I slowly realized that I was not dreaming; there
was something wet and warm massaging my cock. I looked down
in the dim light and saw a lump under the covers. Still slightly
asleep it took a moment for me to realize that Taylor was
under the covers performing oral sex on me as I slept. I closed
my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling on my cock. I began to
about think the first time I met Taylor; she was a little
8 year old girl my daughter had introduced me to from her
class. I thought about how now ten years later this very
same girl, who was dressed up as a pilgrim for a school play
that day, is now under the covers sucking my cock wanting
me to have an orgasm in her mouth! I’ve known this girl
for ten years and now here I am, about to fill her mouth with
my sperm. As she sucked and ran her tongue around the head
of my cock I remembered the first time I thought of her sexually.
She was standing in my kitchen and had been sucking on a piece
of candy and I thought how I wished she was sucking my cock.
And Now She Was! Slowly I could feel the wonderful soreness
of an orgasm building. Taylor must have sensed it also for
she began getting more aggressive in massaging my cock;
squeezing my balls harder and stroking my shaft faster
and faster. I held off for as long as possible wanting the
feeling in my cock to last forever but finally I had no control.
I heard myself grunt moments before the sperm shot out my
shaft and into Taylor eager mouth. I could hear Taylor gagging
softly as I filled her mouth with my sperm. Then I could hear
her swallowing as she place my sperm deeper into her body.
As my cock quit pulsing Taylor continued to lick my cock
and then she began milking it to get all the remaining sperm
into her mouth. After my cock began to soften Taylor slid
upward. When her face appeared out of the covers she gave
me a big smile and we kissed. As my tongue entered her mouth
I could taste the salty flavor of my sperm that had not been
swallowed. We only kissed briefly before she turned away
from me and snuggled back against me again. In no time at
all she was back asleep.

I woke the next morning to the sound of someone knocking
on my bedroom door. Then I heard my daughter’s voice.

“You two decent in there!” As the word “no” was
coming out of my mouth I was shocked to hear Taylor reply;

“Sure, come on in”

WHAT? Taylor and I was both nude with the covers only hiding
the lower part of our bodies! Before I could say or do anything
I heard the door begin to open. In shock and horror I pulled
the cover up to my chest quickly but saw that not only did
Taylor not do this she actually began to sit up. As my daughter
came into the room I looked in amazement as Taylor began
propping pillows up against the headboard to support her
back as she sat up in the bed. By the time my daughter got to
the bed and sat at the foot of the bed Taylor sitting up in
bed nude from the hips up.

“You’re not going to believe what happen at the party
last night” is how my daughter started the conversation.

I sat there completely astonished by my daughter’s actions.
She acted as if walking into her father’s bedroom and
finding him and her best friend nude in his bed was an everyday
experience. BOTH girls acted like this was a common occurrence
but I was so startled that I could not join in the conversation.
Finally my daughter looked directly at me.

“Hey dad, could you fix some breakfast. I’m really
hungry” is all she said. I sat there dumbfounded about
what had just happened. But then Taylor reached over and
slid her hand under the covers until it rested near my cock.
I saw my daughter watching Taylor’s hand.

“Could you give us about 20 minutes” she asked my daughter.
Emily gave a big smile.

“I think I can wait that long” she laughed as she began
to leave the room.

“And we probably need to shower also.” Taylor added
as Emily reached the door.

“Take your time, I won’t starve” my daughter she
said as she closed the door behind her.

“Once more” is all that Taylor said. As she straddled
my hips I sat up in the bed. As we kissed I began fondling her
breast with my hands. I just could not get over that this
beautiful, young, thin, big breasted girl wanted me sexually.
Any guy would consider himself fortunate to have sex with
her, how could I be so lucky? By now I was completely hard.
Taylor turned around facing away from me. She put her knees
by mine with her feet by my hips. She reached under her and
grabbed my hard cock. Slowly she aligned it with her opening
and let herself down onto my cock until just the head was
inside her and then she stopped. And then without warning
she quickly drove her hips downwards impaling herself
on my cock

“OH GOD” she said loudly.

Taylor began sliding up and down my cock by bending her knees
as she leaned forward. I looked down at my cock and watched
as it continually disappeared into that small body. Taylor
had become loud in her display of pleasure and I was sure
that my daughter could hear the noise that Taylor making.
But by now I didn’t care that Emily heard what her father
was doing to her best friend and very quickly I reached another
orgasm spilling more of my sperm into Taylor. As I sat there
recovering from my orgasm I thought about how less than
ten hours ago I was just hoping to be able to see Taylor in
that revealing dress again, now I had just finished planting
my sperm into her again for the fourth time in those ten hours!
We both stayed in the same position recovering from our
orgasms for several minutes. Then we got up and showered
together. As I washed Taylor’s body I was struck again
by how thin and beautiful she was; I was overwhelmed! As
Taylor and I walked into the kitchen where Emily was waiting
for us I was somewhat embarrassed and nervous about what
was going to be said. But my daughter started cracking jokes
about all the noise coming from my bedroom and Taylor fired
back with funny replies. Again I was struck by how both girls
seem to think that it so normal that Taylor and I were having
sex together.

From that night on every time that Taylor spent the night
at our house she shared my bed with me. For the second time
in my life I got to witness the sexual awaking of a teen girl,
WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! Almost everything was new
to Taylor that had to do with sex and she wanted to try it all!
One time as she was on top and I was about to have an orgasm
Taylor stopped, climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor
telling me to stand up. I stood in front of her and she proceeded
to masturbate me with her mouth and hands. As I was about
to have an orgasm I warned her but she just looked up at me
and never stopped what she was doing. The orgasm was so close
and I warned her again but she just pulled my cock out of her
mouth and said “do it”. Seconds later I watched as my
sperm shot out of my cock and it plastered that beautiful
face. Taylor continued the massage my cock until no more
sperm came out. Then she took her fingers and spread my sperm
over her face, neck and breast.

“Did you enjoy that” I asked.

“Yeah, I did. I’m not sure I’d do it all the time but
I liked watching how intense your orgasm was” she answered.
Then a few weeks later as we were talking after sex she surprised
me when she asked if my wife and I ever had anal sex. I told
her we had on occasions but not regularly.

“Why not” Taylor asked.

“Well, for one thing there can be physical damage to the
girl if done to often. The other thing is that most women,
including my wife, do not really enjoy it that much.”

“So how often did you have anal sex” she asked.

“Probably once a year” I answered.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes I did”

“Did you enjoy it more that other forms of sex?” Taylor
wanted to know.

“Well, yes I did” I confessed.

“Why?” she wanted to know.

“For one thing it’s a completely different feeling
on the cock. The other thing is the “naughtiness” of
actually doing it. And then there is the knowledge that
your partner is doing something that they do not enjoy just
so that I can have extra sexual pleasure.”

“Then I want to do that for you also” she said rolling
over onto her stomach.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure” she said as she reached behind her
and pulled her small butt cheeks apart. I stared at her small
rectum fantasizing how it was going to look with my cock
sliding in and out of that small brown hole.

“Not today” I said. “We have to do this slowly over
time so it will not hurt you” I informed her.

Over the next week we began inserting dildos with lots of
lubricant into her rectum. And then one night before my
first orgasm Taylor propped pillows up on the bed and laid
face down with the pillows under her hips. She reached behind
with her hands and spread her butt cheeks apart.

“Tonight’s the night” she said.

Looking at the beautiful young ass sticking up in the air
I needed no more encouragement. I lubed up a small dildo
and slid it into her ass. Then after removing it I put in a
larger dildo. As I slid the dildo slowly in and out of her
I put lubricant on my cock at the same time. Finally I removed
the dildo and slowly slid my cock into her. It took several
attempts but eventually I got it all the way into her. Slowly
I pumped my cock in and out of her with long full strokes.
The feeling on my cock was like nothing I had ever experienced
before. Seeing my cock disappear into her between those
small little butt cheeks was unbelievable. By now Taylor
was loudly moaning as I continued to use her rectum as a place
to massage my cock. I lasted much longer than I thought I
would before finally having an orgasm and putting my seed
deep inside her bowls.

The next morning Taylor was sore which caused her to walk
slightly different. When my daughter asked her what was
wrong Taylor initially said nothing but later I heard them
talking in low voices. That night after Taylor left I had
the surreal experience of having my daughter lecture me
about how often I could have anal sex with her best friend!
When I told Emily that this was Taylor’s idea and not mine
I heard the “L” would for the first time.

“I know it was Taylor’s idea Dad. But she loves you so
much she would agree to every night if you asked her to. I
just want to make sure that’s not going to happen.”
My daughter said. I was struck again by how normal my daughter
thought it was to be talking to her dad about his sexual relationship
with her best friend. But I was going through so many different
emotions about being with Taylor. When Taylor was with
me I was so happy but when she was away I felt so guilty about
the betrayal to my best friends; her parents.

The first problem began when Taylor started spending too
many nights at our house. Before we started having sex Taylor
would stay at our house one or two nights a week and my daughter
would stay at Taylor’s house one or two nights a week.
However within a month of us starting to have sex together
Taylor started staying at our house most of the time; one
time she actually stayed six days in a row. I got a phone call.

“Hey Paul, how you doing” I heard Taylor’s mom Carol

“Okay, yourself?”

“Doing all right. Hey, Jack and I have noticed that Taylor
is spending a lot of time at your house lately. Is there a
new boy hanging around there that we need to know about?”
she asked. If You Only Knew; I thought.

“No; no new boys. They have been working on a school project
together I think.” That was partially true, they did
have a project that they worked on together sometimes.

“Okay, but if you find out different let us know.” she
said. I assured her I would.

I had a talk with the girls about the phone call and they began
staying at each others house again as before. But Taylor
began coming by the house after school on the nights that
she would be staying at home and we would have sex before
she went home to her parents. This arrangement continued
till the end of the school and the first part of the summer.
I was having more and more emotional ups and downs about
my relationship with Taylor and my best friends; her parents.
Her parents and I still met every Friday night for drinks
and supper and usually I saw Jack several more times during
the week. I felt so deceitful being around Carol and Jack
acting like all was normal when in fact I was having sex with
their daughter on a daily basis. One time as I was leaving
their house Carol gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “thanks
for being such a good friend” I didn’t know what brought
that on but all the way home that night I thought about that
comment and Taylor. I doubted that Carol would have thought
that about me if she knew that within the hour I would be between
her daughter’s leg’s driving my thick, hard, cock
in and out of her daughter’s long thin body until I planted
more of my seed into her. Finally I could not take it any longer,
I was an emotional wreck. I waited until Taylor and I was
alone in the house and told her we had to stop seeing each

I knew that it would be a shock to Taylor but I was completely
unprepared for what happen. Taylor began crying uncontrollably
and could not understand my reasoning for why we had to stop
our relationship. This went on for thirty minutes without
her being able to see the rationale in my thinking. Then
what made matters even worse was my daughter walking in
while all of this was happening. My daughter literally
ran to Taylor hugging her trying to understand what was
making her best friend cry so hard. When Emily finally put
together what was happening she walked over to me, looked
at me angrily, and slapped my face. I was so shocked at my
daughter slapping me I froze.

“How could you that to Taylor!” She demanded. “Never
could I have thought that you could have been so cruel!”

Emily consoled Taylor like a mother would a child but nothing
seemed to keep Taylor from crying. Emily looked at me several
times and I could see the hate in her eyes. One time I started
to put my arm around Taylor also to comfort her and when I
got close enough my daughter stood up and slapped me again.
I backed away from them and watched as Taylor continued
to cry. This went on for over an hour and finally I relented;
I said that I was wrong. I could continue my relationship
with Taylor and at the same time keep it a secret from her
parents, my best friends. Thru tears Taylor made me swear
that I would never leave her and I thought that it was an easy
thing to promise. I had always known it was inevitable that
Taylor would leave me for a younger guy. It was going to hurt
when it happened but I was sure that it would happen. Within
a few days things were back to normal, as normal as my life
had became; acting innocent in front of Jack and Carol but
having sex with their daughter daily. Deep down I was miserable
but did not know how to solve the problem.

Two months later both families began a 14 day vacation together
that we had been planning for over a year. We rented a large
van and took a twelve hundred mile trip to a popular vacation
destination. I told Taylor that we could not under any circumstance
have sex during the vacation for fear that her parents would
somehow find out. Taylor was unhappy about it but under
stood. We made many stops along the way for site seeing so
it was day four before we actually reached the place that
we would be staying for the next seven nights. But by the
seventh night I was miserable; I needed to feel Taylor so
bad I could hardly stand it. I actually was thinking about
breaking my rule about no sex. As I lay in bed tossing and
turning unable to sleep I heard a soft knock on my door around
two in the morning. I opened the door and there stood Taylor
in pajamas. She stepped inside and I closed the door. Without
a word being spoken we kissed and began removing clothes.
Mindful of the noise that hotel beds make in the next room,
which was her parent’s room, we fell onto the sofa. I whispered
to her she had to be quite and for the most part she was as I
brought us both to an orgasm. I set my phone to vibrate at
four o’clock in the morning so we not oversleep/loose
track of time. Taylor awoke and I quietly let her out of my
room watching as she walked past her parent’s room. Slowly
she opened the door to her room and closed it ever so slowly
so as not to make any noise. Every night after that she came
to my room during the night but she began coming earlier
and leaving later each night.

The morning of the last day before heading back home I was
alone in the hotel restaurant eating breakfast. I saw Jack
and Carol walk into the restaurant and I waved at them. I
knew something was wrong when they did not smile or wave
back. They came to my table and sat down without speaking.
Jack stared at me but Carol had her head down looking at the
table. After several seconds of silence I finally spoke.

“What’s wrong?” Again there was silence. But then
Carol looked up at me with a blank look on her face but she
did not speak.

‘What? I asked again.

“Paul, I…..I can’t believe I have to ask you this”
She said. She paused and then looked me directly in the eye.
“Are…are you having sex with our daughter?”

I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach with so
much force it knocked the air out of me. How did they find
out? Do I lie? Do I confess?

“Why…why would you ask that?” was all that I could
come up with to say.

Jack leaned in towards me and said slowly and sternly;

“We’re looking for a YES, or NO, answer!”

If I told them the truth they would be hurt so badly. But I
knew that I could never bring my self to lie to Jack and Carol.
They have been my best friends for so many years. Besides
I’m a terrible liar; always have been, always will be.
I sat there thinking of different ways to soften the shock
that they would have when I made my confession. But it didn’t
dawn on me that my immediate denial was my answer until Carol
raised her hands and covered her mouth with her finger tips
and looked at me with horror.


My shoulders slumped as I looked at each of their faces one
at a time.

“I’m – am – so - sorry” I said softly.

YOU CAN SAY IS YOUR SORRY?” Jack said loud enough that
people around us stop eating and turned to listen.

“Jack?” Carol said warningly as she put her hand on
his. Carol turned to look at me again. She looked so hurt.

“How could you do this to us Paul? This is our daughter.
This is Taylor for God’s sake!”

“Jack…Carol; I never wanted this to happen”

“You’re trying to blame this on Taylor?” Jack asked

“No, I was the adult. I should have been able to stop it
from happening” I replied.

“You ARE trying to blame this on Taylor!” Jack said.

“Jack” Carol said again with alarm in her voice.

“No, I’m not.” I said. “It’s my fault that it
happened. But I didn’t mean for it happen is what I meant.
Oh - God; I- am- so- sorry.”

“How Long?” Jack asked.

I knew that my next answer was going to probably hurt them
as badly as finding out that I’d been having sex with Taylor.
But by now I knew that it was senseless to hide anything from
them. It was all going to come out somehow anyway.

“HOW LONG?” Jack asked a second time.

“Since the Senior Ball” I admitted softly.

Jack looked at me in complete astonishment; I don’t think
he could speak at first. But when he did everyone in the restaurant
heard him.


“JACK!” Carol said as Jack started to rise. I really
thought he was going to strike me. But instead he just stood
and glared at me for a long time, then he turned and walked

“Paul, I just can’t believe you did this to us. I always
thought that you considered Taylor to be like a second daughter
to you.” Carol said as she stood.

“I always did” I responded.

“No Jack, you would not have had sex with your own daughter!”
Then she turned and hurried after Jack.

What a mess I had made of things. All because I couldn’t
keep my cock in my pants. I’ve ruined Jack and Carols’
life, Taylor’s life, my daughter’s life and my life
all because I was unable to control my sexual desires for

Then it hit me, Jack and Carol where headed back into the
hotel. Were they going to have a confrontation with Taylor?
I got out my phone and began calling both Taylor and my daughter
but all I got was their voice mail. They both were talking
on their phones. I left a message and a text on each of the
girl’s phone. Then I began calling their number time
after time hoping to get through to one of them before Jack
and Carol got to their room. Finally my phone rang; it was
my daughter.

“Daddy, What’s Wrong?” she asked.

“What happened honey?”

“Taylor’s mom and dad came into the room demanding
that Taylor go to their room with them. What Happened Dad?”
she asked again.

“They found out about Taylor and me” is all that I said.


“Do you hear any yelling from their room” I asked my

“No; their not yelling. I can hear them talking but can’t
make out what is being said.”

“I guess I’ll just wait here” I told my daughter.
“But if you start to hear yelling call me immediately.

“I will Dad”

I sat in the restaurant drinking my coffee and thinking
about all the damage my actions had caused. I was such an
idiot to allow my sexual wants to control me when I knew what
I was doing was wrong. After about thirty minutes of blaming
myself for all that had happened I saw Taylor and my daughter
walking towards me. I was shocked that Taylor was actually
smiling at me as she approached. When she was besides me
she bent down and for the first time ever in public she kissed
me, and it was the kiss of a lover, not that of a friend.

“Hi honey” is all that she said.

“You okay?” I asked astonished.

“I am SO glad that this is finally out in the open” she
said. “I hated sneaking behind Mom and Dad’s back as
much as you did. I feel like a big weight has just been removed
from my life.”

“I doubt that your Mom and Dad feel the same way” I said.

“Not now. But over time they will understand. I’m sure
of it.”

“I don’t think so” was my view.

“They will, just give them time to think about it. They’ll
see that us being together is the best thing that could have
happened to me and to them! Come on Emm” she said to my daughter,
“let’s go shopping!”

With that they both walked off as happy as could be. I was
glad for Taylor but I myself was miserable for the hurt I
had caused my best friends, her parents. I decided that
it would be best for me to avoid Jack and Carol for as long
as it was reasonable to do so. So I stayed away from my room
and the lobby for hours. I found a bookstore in the mall that
the hotel was joined to and bought a book. I found a quite
place away from people and read for hours. By early afternoon
though I was hungry so I bought a sandwich and ate at the hotel
outdoor pool deck. As I was finishing my sandwich a person
sat down in an empty chair next to me. It was Carol.

I put down my sandwich and book and for several seconds no
one spoke as we both watched the kids playing in the pool.
Finally she turned towards me.

“You were right” she said.

“About what”

“About Taylor being the one who instigated the sex. She
told us everything that she did to make you notice her sexually
and not just as a friend. She said that after a year of doing
that she “finally succeeded” the night of the Senior

“Oh Boy!”

“Yeah, she’s not the least embarrassed that she did
it Paul.” For a moment neither of us spoke.

“How’s Jack” I asked.


“Scared? Of what?”

“He’s scared because of how close he came to loosing
his daughter. He played the “if you don’t quit seeing
Paul I’m throwing you out of the house” card.

“OH NO!”

“Yeah. Taylor calmly said no problem; that when we got
back home she’d be out of the house within an hour.”

“What - Have - I - Done?” Came from my mouth without thinking.

“Don’t worry, it was all settled. When Jack realized
that he was no longer the most important man in Taylor’s
life anymore he started crying. That made Taylor cry and
they ended up hugging and telling each other how much they
loved one another.”

For a long time neither of us spoke, both thinking about
what all had happened since this morning. As Carol was looking
at the pool she began to speak again.

“Taylor told us about how you tried to break off the relationship.
Emily actually slapped you?”

“Twice” I answered.

“Taylor said that you promised to never leave her. Is
that right?”

“Yeah. But Carol, I realize that Taylor will some day
leave me for a guy her own age.” I paused, “It’s going
to hurt when it happens but I know that’s it inevitable.”

“I don’t know Paul” Carol said. “I think that Taylor
seems to consider that promise as a kind of engagement.”

That never crossed my mind so for awhile neither of us spoke
thinking about what Carol had just said. Then she spoke

“I knew that Taylor had become sexually active about
two years ago when I found birth control pills in her room.
For a long time she quit taking them but then about six months
ago I saw that she started using them again. So I knew that
there was someone. When she picked out that dress for the
ball I knew in my heart that she was trying to seduce some
boy. I thought of all the boys I had seen her with wondering
which one she had picked.” Then Carol looked me right
in the eye.

“Never in my wildest dream did I ever think it was going
to be my best friend.”

“Carol; I’m so sorry for the pain that I’ve brought
to you and Jack. You have been such good friends, for so many
years, and then I do something like this to you. I just wish
that I had been strong enough to resist Taylor, then none
of this would have happened.” Then I saw Carol actually
smiled for the first time that day.

“Well, I guess I’m partly to blame for buying that damn
dress!” She chuckled. I paused a second before responding.

“It did take my breath away when I first saw her in it!”
I admitted.

“Probably even more so when she took it off!” she quickly
added. For a moment neither of us spoke shocked by what she
had just said.

“I can’t believe I just said that” Carol said.

“Me neither!” Then we both started laughing, I think
as much to relieve the tension as anything else.

“Paul, you might want to give Jack a little room for awhile.
While I’m not happy about this I have sort of accepted
it; Jack is still just unhappy.”


“And the girls still want to go to that performance tonight
that we have tickets for. So I guess we will meet outside
our rooms at seven?”

“I’ll see you then” I replied.

I made it a point to stay away from the hotel area the rest
of the day and actually took the steps up to the room so as
not to pass Jack and Carol’s room. A little before seven
I went into the hall way and found everyone there waiting.
Jack did not speak to me but Carol was civil and made light
conversation. As we walked to the theater I walked in the
front, the girls were behind me and Jack and Carol walked
behind them. I had decided to make sure that Taylor and I
did not sit besides each other during the performance so
as we walked to our seats I made sure the order we walked down
the isle was correct. We sat different that I had planned
but Taylor still was not sitting besides me but I was sitting
besides Carol. But then Taylor and my daughter traded seats
putting Taylor right beside me which I was trying to avoid.
I tried to ignore her for Jack and Carol’s sake but shortly
after the performance started Taylor reached over and
held my hand and then intertwined her fingers with mind.
I tried to pull my hand free gently but Taylor looked at me
letting me know she was not letting go. So I just sat there.
Carol was the first to notice our hands together and a few
minutes later Jack saw it too. Jack stared at us holding
hands for some time; he made no attempt to hide his stare.
Then Taylor turned, looked at him and smiled. After that
he just started watching the performance again.

When the performance was over we walked back to the hotel.
I knew saying good night was going to be awkward for Jack,
Carol and I. So when we reached our rooms I said good night
quickly trying to get to my room before any discussion could
take place. But I had only taken one step before Jack spoke.

“Paul? Wait.” I stopped and turned towards him. This
was the first time he had spoken to me since this morning.
I waited expecting harsh words from him that I knew was due.

“Taylor” he said turning to her. “Walking these
halls at night is not safe. If your planning on going to Paul’s
room tonight just go now. I’m going to have enough problems
sleeping tonight without worrying about you out walking
in these halls also.”

I was so shocked by his words I couldn’t move. But I could
hear the tears in Taylor’s voice.

“OH, DADDY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Taylor ran over to her
father and hugged him and I could see and hear her crying.
Eventually Taylor pulled away from her dad and started
wiping the tears from her face.

“Dad, I always knew that your love for me was unending.
The fact that I’m about to do something that you don’t
approve of, and your first thought is about my safety just
proves again to me of your deep love.” Taylor then hugged
her dad again and held him for a long time. Then she released
her father and walked over to her mom and held her also for
a long time.

“I love you Mom” Taylor said facing Carol. But then
Taylor turned and walked over to where I was, took the key
card from my hand, took my hand and led me past her parents
and my daughter to my room. When we reached the door to my
room we still held hands as we paused until Taylor got the
door unlocked. Then as she pulled me through the door I looked
back; my daughter had a big smile on her face but Carol and
Jack just stared at me as their daughter pulled me into my

The trip home kept us on the road for the next two nights.
Jack did speak to me but the conversations were short and
to the point. Carol however was more talkative but not near
as much as before she found that I was having sex with her
daughter. And Taylor assumed that she was staying in my
room from now on so both nights she just walked to my room
with me when it was time for bed.

Once we were home Taylor spent all of time at her house during
the day but she spent every night thereafter in my bed. Within
a few months’ things between Jack, Carol and I seemed
to be back to normal also. So much so that Jack actually told
our golfing buddies about who his daughter’s new boyfriend
was. At first there was good natured laughing and no one
believed him until I confirmed what he said. There was silence
for several seconds. Everyone at the table knew Taylor
by sight due to the dances that the club held for the kid’s
of members. I knew what they were thinking; what was that
beautiful young girl doing by being with me. The silence
was broken when one friend commented that if she really
did like older men then he would have been a much better match
for her than me. This brought on laughter with several others
saying the same thing about themselves. As they left several
told me in private what a lucky guy I was and I assured then
that I knew that.

Six months after the vacation the girls celebrated their
nineteenth birthday. Jack and Carol held a small party
at their house for the occasion. When I arrived at the house
they all seemed to be acting odd but I could not put my finger
on what was wrong. Both girls were especially giddy; acting
like six year olds who could not wait to open their presents.
Even Jack and Carol seemed different. When I commented
on this everyone said that it must be me; everything seemed
normal to them. I thought that the party was winding down
when Taylor announced that she had a present for me.

“A present for me? You got this backwards” I chuckled.
“The birthday girl gets presents; not gives them out!”
But I became very serious when I saw what the gift looked
like; it was a ring box. I looked at Taylor and she began to

“Paul, I never knew that I could have a happier life than
when Mom, Dad and Emily were my life. But ever since you and
I have become a couple, that happiness has been so much greater.
I know that I will never be happier than I am right now, and
I never want this feeling to end! So….” she paused.
“Will You Marry Me?”

She handed me the box and when I opened it there were matched
wedding rings inside. I was in shock. I had thought many
times of how I would have wanted a long term relationship
with Taylor but I always thought that she would leave me
some day for a younger man. I looked at my daughter; I had
never seen such a happy expression on her face. Even Jack
and Carol were smiling.

“Everybody knew about this other than me?” I asked.

“Yep” is all that Jack said and they all started laughing.

“Traditionally, it’s the man who asks the woman to
marry him but only after asking her parents for her hand
in marriage.” I said looking at first Taylor and then
her parents.

“Buddy…” Jack said. “There has been nothing traditional
about this whole relationship. Why would it start now!”
Everybody laughed at his comment. Then he quit laughing
and looked directly at me. “But if you asking for our permission”
he said as he put his arm around his wife “then we gladly
give it!”

I looked deeply into Taylor’s eyes.

“Then The Answer Is Yes!”

We were married two months later.

After the wedding we were spending so much time together
both families decided to it only made since to share a house.
So Jack and I bought acreage about 30 minutes from town and
we had a common living area built that had a large family
room and kitchen. Then off of the common area three wings
were built; one for Jack and Carol, one for my daughter,
and one for Taylor and I so that each of us had a private living
area. Two years after marriage Taylor and I made Jack and
Carol grandparents when a baby boy was born to us. The next
year my daughter was married and her husband moved into
house also. Three years later another miracle occurred;
both my wife and daughter delivered baby girls on the same
day in the same hospital making me a new dad and grandparent
on the same day!

It has been 7 years now since Taylor and I had got married
and every day I’m thankful for my large, happy family!

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What a helluva story. Grammer, spelling and plot are perfect.
Really enjoyed it.


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What a wonderful story to read. I've just meet a young
women half my age and I'm so in Love with her. She makes
me feel alive once again And I'm so grateful for that.


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Real great story. Young women are nice...of course I have
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35 to 50 age range. :-] Same ones I discovered as wonderful
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awesome story. Your daughter is terrific too. Your a very
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awesome glad you did not break up and you married way to go


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I like your story it was a little bet long --- But I do like
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A very well written story and it brought back some memories.
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I would think that Jack and Carol would be very lucky to have you Paul as a son - in - law ..

She could of ended up with some other guy that didn't work at all or could of been a drug head...


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Strange but awesome story


22hungry4u 58 M
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Excellent screenplay!


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Reminds me of "Blame It On Rio"...