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Dancing Queen


As I stood at the side of the stage, I was totally transfixed
as I watched Amy perform. I loved this routine as it was fast
and raunchy, but above all because it meant that I was close
to her, able to watch her.

Amy was part of a Modern Dance group that had been performing
at the Theatre where I worked. They had been at the Theatre
for the last ten days, but this was their last performance.
Each show consisted of four routines. This was the third
of those, and Amy had become its undoubted star.

At 23, Amy was six years younger than me. When I first set
eyes on her I thought “Wow!”. Put simply, she was gorgeous.
Her dark, ebony coloured skin seemed to glisten under the
arc lights, and looked so smooth. As you would expect of
a dancer, she was incredibly fit, with a firm, but not over
muscular, body. Her breasts were full, and she definitely
curved in and out in all the right places.

Her shoulder length hair looked quite crinkly, but was
in fact very soft when you saw it up close. Her face was perfect,
her eyes bright, and her lips full and soft. As she danced
this routine she was wearing a vest that clung to her body,
and tight tracksuit bottoms. From where I was stood at the
side of the stage, I can clearly see her nipples through
her top, and the outline of her body through her trousers.

Over the last ten days I’ve seen a lot of her, both during
rehearsals and the performances. We’ve got to know each
other really well, and the “wow” I thought about her ten
days ago has grown too much more. Yes, I want her, and I sense
that she wants me, but I hope that there is much more to our
developing relationship. However, tonight must be the
night, as tomorrow she will be moving on.

I’ve worked in the Theatre for the last year or so. During
the dance routines I keep an eye on things generally, and
help the dancers with props and the like as they move through
the various changes. I know the timings of the routines
down to the last second, and knew from the time and the music
that Amy was approaching my favorite part.

The routine was played out around some music by Jimi Hendrix.
Amy dances the part of a rebellious young lady, who wants
attention but was being ignored. At this point in the routine
she dances up and down the side of the stage, from the front

To try and get some attention, she pulls her trousers down
to expose the top of one cheek. After returning to the front
of the stage, she dances back again, this time pulling her
top up. In reality, this is all a big tease ‒ Amy only appears
to the audience to be showing of bits of her body. Except
for this time.

As she danced back towards where I was stood, she turned
her back towards me as she pulled her trousers down on one
hip. But this time she turned further, and pulled her trousers
lower. I was given a perfect view of the top half of her bum,
catching an all to fleeting glimpse of her firm buttocks,
and the tight crack between them.

Pulling her trousers up, she danced back to the front, before
coming back towards me again, on a different line to normal.
Amy pulled her top up. Usually she stopped as her top reached
the bottom of her breasts, but this time she went further,
showing them to me in full, a wicked grin on her face. She
pulled her top down and carried on with her dance.

The sight of her gorgeous ass was one thing, but her firm
breasts, bouncing softly as she danced towards me and pulled
her top up, was quite another. My cock felt fit to burst,
a more than obvious bulge developing in my shorts. I knew
that no one else could have seen what Amy had just done, and
that her show was just for me. I also knew that she was due
off stage in a few seconds time. But where was this leading??

My cock was still rock hard when Amy bounced off stage a few
seconds later, a delicious smile across her face. You reached
for me and placed the flat of her hand lightly on the front
of my shorts.

“You liked then, ” she murmured, in her delightfully husky

I just stood and looked at her, my jaw dropping open.

“Quick, ” she added, “we haven’t got long, and I need you.”

She squeezed my cock.

Was this real? Was this really happening to me?

She pulled me quickly towards a curtained off area at the
side of the stage that was used by the dancers to do quick
changes. I knew that all the other dancers were now on stage.
I also knew that Amy was off stage for exactly six minutes
‒ of which only five remained.

There were clothes hung up all around the area. The only
furniture was a table and a few chairs. Amy made straight
for the table. Standing in front of it, facing me, she quickly
pulled her trousers down to just below her knees. She slid
her naked ass onto the table and pulled her feet up onto the
edge. With her knees up high, her pussy was totally exposed
to me.

“Quickly, ” she demanded, “Fuck me.”

Although still stunned by how this was developing, I reacted
at last. Pushing my shorts down as I crossed the short distance
between us, I dragged my hard cock out. Amy reached for me,
and guided me to her pussy. As I gazed down at her, all I really
noticed was the contrast between my tanned flesh and her
dark ebony flesh, and between by pale coloured cock and
her wet pinkness. And then my cock was inside her.

We both gasped as I stepped closer to her, driving my cock
straight into her. Her pussy was hot, tight, and very wet.
My cock stretched her as I pumped into her. I reached down
and held her by the hips, driving my cock into her. She cried
out as I fucked her, pumping into her as hard and as deep as
I could. She urged me on, both of us aware of the time, aware
that Amy needed to be back on stage, aware that we needed
each other, wanted each other.

It seemed that I had only been inside her a short time when
amazingly she came, grabbing my hand and pressing her lips
to it to muffle her cries. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed
around me as her orgasm rippled through her. My balls ached
as I held by cock deep inside her, releasing my cum into her.
I bit my lip to stop myself crying out. We clung to each other
as best we good, her legs still up high between us, our lips
barely touching as we kissed for the first time.

As we came down from our high, the music from the stage got
louder, the tempo faster. With a start we both recognized
Amy’s cue to go back on stage. I pulled away from her and stepped
back, watching as she pushed some tissues between her legs
to stop my cum and her juices from marking her clothes, and
pulled her trousers up, before dashing back on stage, a
beat or two late.

I went back to watch her, slipping my cock, still wet with
her juices, back into my shorts. I watched her, noticing
the flush across her chest for the first time. As she danced
across the stage towards me, she smiled that delicious
smile again, and I knew that this was only the beginning.

I didn’t see Amy when that routine was over as she had to change
‒ but I did hear the applause, and knew that most of it was
for her. If only they knew! The last dance routine is really
busy for me, with a lot of prop changes to deal with. As Amy
was dancing for the whole routine, I barely saw her again
until after the performance. Even then all I saw was that
smile again as she had to rush off. Unfortunately, it was
her turn to chat to some of the audience straight after the

I watched her laughing and joking with the audience. She
was still dressed in the jumper and skirt she had worn for
the last routine. Her jumper clung to her every curve, and
twinges of jealousy ran through me at the looks she was getting
from the men in the group around her. But eventually she
was finished, and went off to get changed.

I quickly got changed into jeans and a tee shirt and waited
for her, assuming ‒ or hoping - that we would be going to the
last night party together. When she came out of the dressing
room with the other girls in the dance group, my jaw dropped.
She was dressed simply in a red mini skirt and white tee shirt.
Her skin glowed. She wore hardly any makeup, and her hair
was held back with a clip. All this, and the contrast between
the colour of her clothes and her dark skin, was absolutely

She came straight across to me, and kissed me. My arm curled
around her and pulled her to me. I felt her breasts against
me as our lips touched again. They felt soft and moist. The
tip of her tongue ran softly along my lips, and then into
my mouth. I sucked gently on her tongue before we parted,
breathless. The other dancers looked on in astonishment
‒ but we didn’t care. I took her hand and led the way outside.

The party was being held in the hotel across the road where
the dancers were staying. We stayed close together, knowing
without saying anything that we would only stay long enough
to be polite. We ate a little, and drank a glass of wine together
as we chatted to other guests at the party. Amy naturally
got a lot of attention, but after an hour or so I led her out
of the party and over to the lifts.

On the way out I grabbed an ice bucket with a bottle of wine
in it, while Amy found two glasses. The lift came quickly,
and we were soon on our way to the eleventh floor. Neither
of us spoke in the lift, both of us lost in our own thoughts.
I was still wondering at the speed of events, not quite believing
what had happened over the last couple of hours.

Amy led the way to her room, and let us in with her key. I pushed
the door shut behind us, while Amy put on the bedside lights.
The room was a typical city centre hotel room, except that
somehow the room felt more personal, more intimate, being
alone there with Amy. I put the wine down next to the glasses
on the bedside cabinet. Turning towards Amy, I held out
my arms.

She came quickly to me. We held each other tight, our bodies
pressed close together, as we kissed. Again she ran the
tip of her tongue along my lips, and then into my mouth. This
time she thrust her tongue deeper as I sucked on it. We broke
apart, catching our breath. As our lips and tongues met
again I looked into her eyes, seeing the passion, the desire,
there. Our kisses became more urgent, more demanding.

Amy took a step back from me. She looked at me as she undid
the button and short zip at the side of her skirt. With a wiggle
of her hips, the skirt was soon in a pool around her feet.
She kicked the skirt to one side, and then her sandals. Slowly,
she gripped her vest top by the hem with both hands, and drew
it slowly up her body and over her head. She stood in front
of me, that smile on her face again.

“Do you like?” she asked, slowly doing a twirl for me, showing
off her body to me.

Like? I was speechless. All she was wearing was a white lacy
quarter cup bra, and a matching thong. Her skin shone in
the light, her whole body fit and toned. Her breasts rose
out of her bra, begging to be touched. Her tummy was flat,
her legs long and slender, and her ass firm. A groan escaped
my lips, my cock aching to be released from my jeans.

“Now you, ” she told me.

I quickly pulled by shirt over my head, glad that I had been
to the gym as much as I could recently, wanting desperately
to impress her. I needn’t have worried. As soon as my shirt
was off she came close to me again, and ran her hands over
my chest and stomach. She marked out the lines of the muscle
on my body with her fingertips, before running her nails
over my nipples, and down to my jeans. She teased me and scratched
me for a few minutes, all the time looking at me.

She stepped back again.

“Now the rest, ” she told me, before adding “Slowly.”

Now it was my turn to tease. I undid the buttons on my jeans
one at a time, before slowly pushing them down my thighs.
My cock was rigid inside my underwear. I took a leaf out of
her book, and turned away before kicking my jeans off. My
boxers followed. Before I could turn back, she was behind
me, pressing her lush body against me, and reaching around
for my cock.

This time it was Amy who groaned, feeling my hardness properly
for the first time. She slowly ran her hand up and down my
length, wanking me. She rubbed my pre cum away with her thumb,
smearing it across the head of my cock. I sighed with pleasure,
leaning back against her.

I turned back to face her, pulling her to me to kiss her, to
reach down and caress her tight buttocks. I ran my finger
down the crack between them, rubbing her softly. I unhooked
her bra, and felt the softness of her breasts move against
me as she stood back a little and let her bra fall to the floor.
I dropped to my knees and took in the gorgeous view in front
of me.

Her breasts were incredible. Her nipples were large, almost
plum coloured, and sat proudly at the tip of her firm breasts.
Her breasts were much bigger than I’d thought, and seemed
to tilt upwards at the tip. I reached for her and cupped them
in my hands, feeling their weight, their firmness, their
beauty. She pulled my head to her nipples, guiding one and
then the other into my mouth. I sucked on her, drawing her
ripe nipples into my mouth. She tasted wonderful.

After sucking and licking on her, she pushed my head lower.
I eased her thong down her thighs, and kissed her pussy lightly
‒ just a soft kiss at the top of her slit. Turning her around,
I pulled her thong down her legs, kissing her cheeks as I
did so. Before standing up I ran my tongue down her ass, teasing
her as she pushed her bum towards me.

At last we were both naked. I took her hand and led her to the

We lay down together and kissed and caressed each other.
Her skin was silky smooth as I ran my hands over her. I kissed
her face and her neck, before nibbling my way along the line
of her collarbone. I licked and kissed the hollow of her
throat, before moving softly down to the valley between
her breasts.

She moaned and sighed as I kissed every part of her breasts
and nipples, before moving again, over her stomach and
down towards her pussy. I tickled her cute little navel
with my tongue, before kissing my way past her pussy and
down the inside of her thighs.

As I kissed her inner thighs, I slipped off the bed and knelt
between her legs. I reached under her buttocks and held
her, pulling her closer to my mouth as I moved along her thighs
to her pussy. Her pussy was divine. Her pubic hair was short,
and very soft despite its almost crinkly appearance. Her
pussy lips were prominent, and almost the same colour as
her nipples. Her clit was pink, and cried out to be sucked.
So that was where I started.

I ran my tongue softly over Amy’s clit, flicking her nub
of flesh, teasing her. She pushed herself forward, pushing
herself onto me. I sucked and nibbled at her, enjoying her
cries of passion. I slid my mouth lower, onto her lips, parting
them with my tongue, sucking her juices into my mouth.

As I eased back a little so that I could look at her properly,
she pulled her legs up and put her feet on my shoulders. Her
pussy opened up for me, her lips parting like two petals.
I kissed and licked her again, running my tongue down her
slit from top to bottom, starting at her clit and ending
at her bum. I carried on back the way I had come, kissing and
licking, nibbling and teasing, feeling her writhe under

I sucked her lips into my mouth, forcing my tongue inside
her, probing her as deeply as I could. She arched her back,
pushing her hips up as she held my head down, forcing my mouth
onto her, my tongue into her. Her juices were smeared across
my face and chin. She urged me to suck her, to fuck her with
my tongue. Her cries got louder as her orgasm built inside
her. And then she came.

She cried out as her release ran through her, her thighs
and hands holding me to her. I sucked and licked her juices
from her as they flowed. She let go of me, and flopped back
on the bed, a flush rising up her chest, her breathing harsh.
I kissed her pussy, savouring the taste of her, loving the
pleasure she was enjoying.

I crawled back up the bed and held her. I kissed her softly,
sharing the taste of her cum, as she reached for my cock.
I kissed her breasts and nipples, as her body relaxed again.
Amy pushed me onto my back, and started to kiss me. She nibbled
my ear lobe, and kissed my neck

“Your turn now, ” she whispered, as she moved lower.

She bit and sucked my nipples, before kissing and licking
her way down my body. She ran her nails over me, before moving
to the end of the bed as I had, to kneel down. She gazed at my
cock, murmuring appreciative comments about my length,
my thickness, my hardness. My cock twitched as I took all
this in, as she reached out to me.

As soon as she touched my cock I moaned with pleasure. She
stroked me a few times, watching closely as my skin moved
up and down, as my cock head was exposed and then hidden.
She ran her tongue along my cock and down to my balls, before
tentatively licking my helmet. She held my cock flat to
my stomach, and used her tongue again, this time going along
my cock, onto my balls, and then lower still.

She sucked on my balls, rolling them in her mouth, sending
pain and pleasure through my body. She made her way back
up my cock, using her lips, her tongue, and her teeth, to
pleasure me. She held my cock upright away from my body,
and licked around my helmet again. And then, without warning,
she pressed her lips around the top of my cock, and swallowed
half my length into her mouth.

I gasped out loud as she sucked me hard, her hand still holding
me, wanking me with short strokes. She sucked harder still,
only her hand stopping me from going deeper as I pushed my
hips up, driving my cock into her mouth. She sucked me, stroking
me and squeezing my balls, as I fucked her sweet little mouth.
My balls tightened as my cum built up. I cried out as I came,
spurts of cum pouring into her mouth.

She took the first few jets deep in her mouth, and then pulled
her head away, wanking me to send my cum up onto my stomach.
She pumped me until I stopped, and then sucked me to make
sure she had all I could offer. And then she slowly licked
the cum off of my stomach, before lying on top of me, and kissing
me so that we could share the taste of my cum.

As we kissed, I ran my tongue over her lips, tasting myself
on her. I touched her as she touched me, satisfied for now.
I leant over her to the bedside cabinet, and poured us each
a glass of wine. We lay on the bed facing each other, our heads
propped up on a hand, and sipped our wine. We laughed, and
talked, enjoying each other. Gradually the talking and
laughing stopped, and we put our glasses down, moving back
into each other’s arms, our lips and bodies meeting.

We kissed and caressed each other, our passion building
gradually. She reached for my cock as I slipped a finger,
then two, into her hot, tight pussy. As I finger fucked her,
she slowly wanked me. We moved on the bed so that as I sucked
on an erect nipple, she could lick and suck on mine. We moaned
softly into each other’s bodies as the sexual tension built.

“I want you, ” I told her, moving to kneel between her outstretched

As my cock rested at the entrance of her pussy, she arched
her hips and reached for me, pulling me into her. I leant
forward, and let the head of my cock stretch her lips apart
and enter her. I reached over to the ice bucket, and pushing
the wine bottle to one side, picked out a few pieces of ice.
With by cock just inside in her, I looked at her face and watched
as I ran the ice over her body.

Her body tensed as the ice touched her. I smoothed it over
the tummy, and up to her breasts. Her nipples hardened even
more as the cold hit them. She moaned as I moved the ice back
over her body, leaving small trickles of cold water running
down her as the ice melted against her hot body.

Easing my cock out of her, I touched what was left of an ice
cube against her pussy. She cried out as the ice slipped
just inside her body, the cold melting water mixing with
her hot juices. She reached out and took the last of the wet
ice from my hand, and held in around my cock. Now I moaned
out loud, blown away by the sensation, the mixture of pleasure
and pain as the cold ice mixed with my hot flesh.

Pushing past her hand, I drove my cock into her. My now cold
flesh opened up her hot pussy, the contrasting temperatures
making us both cry out as I buried myself deep inside her.
Amy pushed her hips up again, her pussy massaging and pulling
on my cock, as I leant forward and sucked her still cold nipple
into my mouth.

She held me tight, one arm around me with her hand on my bum,
pulling me down onto her, the other hand holding my head
to her breast. I sucked on her, and fucked her pussy with
short, deep strokes as she wanked me with her pussy, her
hot flesh pulsing around me. We fucked each other hard,
intense sensations coursing through our bodies.

I felt her orgasm building within her, just as I felt my balls
begin to tighten as they banged against her. Our movements
became faster, harder, and more intense. Our cries became
louder. I kissed her lips hard, our tongues stabbing at
each other’s mouths, as we both came

She grabbed my hips as her orgasm washed through her body,
pulling my cock deep inside her, holding it there. My cum
gushed into her, mixing with her juices. We lay holding
each other, catching our breath, as our bodies peaked,
as we shared our pleasure. Gradually we relaxed, spent
by our emotional evening, by our lovemaking. We rolled
onto our sides and slept, still joined as one.

It was the early morning when I stirred. It was still dark,
but very warm. Amy was not next to me. I got up, and went to
the bathroom, spotting Amy out on the balcony as I passed.
When I was finished, I went out to join her, still naked.
I curled my arms around her from behind, and slipped my hands
inside her gown to cup her breasts. She sighed, and wiggled
her bum back against me, turning her head for a kiss.

We stood together for a while, watching the traffic far
below, watching the sky light up as the sun started to rise.
There were no other tall buildings around us, so we were
both comfortable when I undid Amy’s gown, and slipped it
down her arms. She pushed her bum back against my hardening
cock again, as I pressed back, pulling her to me. I moved
a hand down her body from her breast to cup her pussy, my finger
slipping easily into her wetness.

Her bum came back to me again, and she arched her back, presenting
her pussy to me. My cock slid easily between her thighs and
into her body. She moaned softly as I stretched and filled
her, my cock buried inside, her bum hard against my body.
I slid out of her until only the tip of my cock was inside her
pussy, and then I was back inside her, fucking her with long,
slow strokes.

I caressed her breasts, rubbing her erect nipples with
my fingertips. I held her tighter, squeezing her breasts
as I pulled her to me when my strokes became faster, harder.
She slipped her hand between her legs, and rubbed her own
clit. Her moans ‒ and my groans ‒ got loader and more intense,
matching the intensity of our bodies as we fucked, our hands,
our hips, our bodies moving rhythmically as one.

Our cries echoed out into the morning air as we came, my cum
pouring into Amy’s body to mix with her own, before running
onto her thighs as I continued pumping into her, prolonging
our pleasure, our ecstasy.

She turned around and clung to me, our lips meshed together,
our tongues slipping over each other. I held her firm ass,
caressing her, holding her to me, wanting more as she reached
for my cock and led me back to bed.

We were fully awake now. Amy spread herself out on the bed,
stretching to show off her gorgeous, naked body to me. I
knelt beside her, running my hands all over her silky, dark
skin. She pulled my cock to her, sucking me into her mouth.
Her tongue ran over my cock head as she tasted my cum and her
juices from our earlier fuck.

I quickly responded to her attentions, my semi erect cock
growing and hardening as Amy sucked and licked me. I knelt
across her, and fucked her mouth gently. Moving down her
body, she wrapped her firm breasts around me, forming a
deep valley for my cock. I moved again, this time between
her legs. Our cum and juices were still wet and shiny on her
thighs, and around her pussy, as I entered her again, her
hot wetness enveloping me, sucking me into her.

I pushed myself deep inside, and then held still as she massaged
me with her pussy, my balls resting against her ass. I reached
for her breast and nipples again, teasing and caressing
them. Her head was thrown back, her eyes shut as she put her
hands on top of mine and as we massaged her breasts together.
I slipped my hands out from under hers, and touched her lightly
all over her body. She pushed her hips up to me as I started
to slide my cock in and out of her body.

She opened her eyes and spoke, asking me to let her roll over.
I eased out of her, and she turned to lay flat on the bed beneath
me. She pushed her bum up slightly, opening herself up to
me. As I slid my cock between her thighs and back inside her,
I reached down and gently rubbed her puckered hole with
the tip of my finger.

“No, not there, ” she told me.

I thought she meant my finger, but she didn’t. She reached
underneath herself and pulled my cock out of her pussy,
pushing it back between her legs. I looked down at her. Her
puckered entrance looked pink and delicate against her
dark skin, and seemed so tiny. It glistened with her juices
were these had already run between her firm cheeks.

I rested the head of my cock against her.

“I’ve never done this….” I started to confess.

“Nor have I, ” she said quickly, “But I want to, I want us
to. Do it ‒ gently.”

My cock seemed to have grown as we spoke. I pulled her cheeks
gently apart, and pushed down against her. Her bum moved
slightly, so I pushed harder. Amy pushed back against me,
and with a sigh from both of us, her body opened and drew me
into her.

She felt tight and hot, and incredibly sensual. I slowly
eased my cock all the way into her, and then eased my body
down so that I was lying on top of her, my cock buried deep
within her. I kissed her neck, and the side of her mouth as
she turned her head towards me as much as she could.

“Fuck me, ” she whispered.

So I did, gently at first but then with increasing power
and speed. Her hand disappeared beneath her body. I sensed
her rubbing her clit, and then felt her fingers inside her
body as I fucked her. She cried out my name as yet another
orgasm tore through her body. Her body seemed to feel even
hotter around my cock as that now familiar flush raced through

With a final powerful thrust I came, my juices flooding
her bum. I pulled out and shot more cum onto her beautiful
ass. She rolled over quickly, and took another spurt of
cum on her breasts and belly as I wanked furiously over her.
I collapsed on the bed next to her, neither of caring were
our juices went on the bed. We cuddled and kissed, laughing
as lovers do, before drifting off to sleep again.

It was mid morning when we stirred. Amy had her back to me,
so I snuggled up close to her, reaching down to rest my cock
between her cheeks. I could see the dry cum on her bum. As
I reached around and held her breasts, I found more. I smiled
to myself as I thought about last night, and earlier this
morning. Amy stirred, and turned, asking me what I was smiling
about. I told her.

“I hope that’s only the start, ” she told me.

We each used the bathroom, and then cuddled up again on the
bed, knowing that our time together was short. We moved
naturally into a “69” position, with Amy on top. I looked
up as she lowered her pussy towards me, gazing at the most
beautiful sight I’d ever seen. As she licked and sucked
on me, I kissed and teased her pussy and clit.

Her body gradually came closer to me, as she pushed down
harder, wanting more. I sucked and nibbled at her clit,
loving her small bud of sensitive flesh. I slipped my tongue
inside her, sucking her juices from her body. I rubbed her
tight little hole, running my fingertip along her slit
from top to bottom.

She sucked on me, on my cock and on my balls. She licked me,
running her tongue along me, onto my balls, and beyond.
She used her fingers as well, wanking and stroking me, cupping
and squeezing my balls, even pushing one inside me.

We came almost together, my cum shooting out of my cock,
firstly into Amy’s mouth, and then onto her breasts as she
sat up, driving her over the edge. We rolled onto our sides,
still holding each other, still kissing each other. Eventually
we turned to hold each other, knowing that Amy needed to
be going, needed to be joining the rest of her group for the
journey to their next Theatre.

We showered together, washing each other all over, sucking
and licking and tasting each other as each part of our bodies
was washed and rinsed. We stood under the shower for ages
when we were finished, hugging and kissing as the water
cascaded over us, until eventually I reached up and switched
the shower off.

We dried each other with the big white hotel towels, paying
lots of attention to some parts, very little to others.
My cock grew again as Amy dried me, cupping my balls as she
ran the towel over my cock. We looked at each other.

“Yes, ” was all that was said.

Amy perched herself on the edge of the vanity unit, her legs
open so that I could step between them. Her pussy was already
pink and wet and open for me. My cock was huge as I slid into
her. We fucked frantically, crying out loudly. She reached
her arms back, thrusting her breasts up towards me. I sucked
on one and then the other, sucking her erect nipples into
my mouth, sucking on them harder and harder with each thrust.

When she came, I carried on pumping into her, prolonging
our joy as I came, as my cum filled her pussy one last time.
We held each other tight, and then parted, my soft cock slipping
out of her with a “plop”. We both looked down and laughed.

We had just finished dressing when there was a knock at the
door. It was the road manager looking for Amy ‒ the coach
was due to leave in a couple of minutes. I quickly helped
her pack, and then carried her bags down. The rest of the
group stared at us, especially when we kissed ‒ a long, lingering

I watched her as she got on the coach, and waved as she drove
off, all sorts of thoughts rushing through my mind.

Was that to be the end?

No, that was a year ago. Within days, I’d given up my job at
the Theatre and followed her on the road. I got a job as a roadie
with her group. And that’s how it still is ‒ with Amy and I
very much together.

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You have a way with words. I always feel sexy after reading
your stories!


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Another of your well told and well written stories