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Melissa and Lacey surprised me when they actually showed
back up at my place. They were friends of my sister's
and had been over with her earlier partying, and of course
I invited the sexy ladies back as they left. But I certainly
didn't think they were going to take me up on my invitation,
especially so soon. They casually played it off by saying
that they wanted to look at some more of the clothes I had
offered to give them, and I wasn't about to disagree.
Not when it meant inviting two lovely exotic dancers to
my master bedroom to party and look at clothing!
We went down and they immediately started laying out the
things I had offered them earlier, leftovers from the ex
that she never picked up. I turned on some music and got everyone
a beer, then started cleaning some bud to roll a joint. While
I sat in my large wooden chair I referred to as my throne,
I was delighted to notice that the ladies ignored the couch
and were laying the clothing out across my bed as the stood
by it discussing which article would fit which ladie's
body better and whatnot. At the moment Melissa was comlaining,
saying that her ass was too large for a particular short
black skirt and the 19 year old blonde was animatedly arguing.
"Do you think her ass is fat Michael?" the shapely
bombshell asked me as she pushed her friend, bending her
over onto the bed with her ass in the air. "Of course,
even though these jeans are skin tight, maybe that is what
is making her think her ass is fat. We better get an honest
view before we decide."
As I watched, Lacey reached around the waist of her lovely,
bending friend and undid her pants skillfuly. The blonde
looked at me and winked, then slowly worked the jeans over
the firm, round hips of her older friend and revealed that
all that was left was a spaghetti g string. Lacey knelt and
slowly worked the tight jeans down Melissa's legs,
eventually helping her step out of them, and the whole time
Melissa stayed bent over so that I was looking at her practically
bare, rounded ass flesh.
"Now do you think her ass is fat Michael?" Lacey
asked again, and I was quick to tell then that I didn't
think so at all.
Melissa stood up and took off her shirt too, reavealing
a sexy lace bra that didn't cover much more than nipple.
From the look of her crotch, she was clean shaven because
the g string didn't leave much room to hide any hair.
She had a fine body at 28, well developed, a beautiful tatoo
waistband, nice ass, firm breasts, long brown hair. Looking
at her was getting me aroused. She set the skirt close and
then made a production of looking for a suitbably sexy shirt
to go with it. That is when they found the french maid outfit.
Melissa squeeled in delight as she pulled the bodice and
apron out of the pile of clothing and held them against Lacey.
Lacey smiled back at her, and it looked as if something passed
between them that I was missing. Both sat down on the bed,
facing me, and took off their shoes and socks. Fortunately
I had the sense to roll the joint while I watched, so I lit
it and we got high. As we did, Lacey stripped down to her g
string also. She didn't wear a bra, and her young melons
were ripe and firm. Both dancers were very sexually built,
and sitting practically naked on my bed.
"Wanna play a game Michael?" Melissa asked
"Ok, your a rich bachelor, and I am your date tonight.
You have brought me home to ravish me, and from your bedroom
we catch the maid playing with herself. We watch her for
awhile, then I talk her into joining us while we get on with
the ravising. Something like that, we'll improvise
as we go."
"Are you serious?"
"Oh yes, very much. And the two of us have talked to
your sis quite a bit too, we have a pretty good idea of what
you like."
"And why would you do that?"
"Because I've thought you are hot for years
and wanted to fuck you, but you have always been taken and
won't cheat. Now is my chance, and I brought all the
insurance I could!"
While we talked Lacey donned all the peiced of the maid
costume and organized the clothing on the bed, always bending
excessivley to show off her buttocks. Then she went over
to the living area of the room and sat on the console stereo,
reaching into her purse. I sat on the bed by Melissa, who
put on the short skirt and a skimpy lace top. We watched as
Lacey took on the personna of the young maid, bored with
cleaning, alone in a big house and horny.
The shapely blonde pulled her skirt up and rubbed her hands
against her pussy, grinding her hands against the material
covering it. Then she slid the lace aside and ran the tip
of her index finger through the moist furrow, coating it
in her love nectar, which she brought to her lips and tasted.
Again her finger went to her bared flesh (which I could now
see was also shaved) but this time she began to play with
her clit gently. We watched as the erotic blonde maid played
with her snatch for us, and whispered to each other what
we thought of the view as she got more and more excited.
Soon she grabbed her purse and moved to the couch, where
she had room to stretch out. The young vixen draped one supple
leg over the back and planted the other foot on the floor,
spreading her crotch wide to us. She reached into her purse
and pulled out a vibrator, fairly normal in size and chrome,
and turned it on. We could hear her moans over the music as
she teased her clit with the humming toy, and we chuckled
at each other knowingly as we saw her hips twitch and gyrate
every so often. It was about then that the brown haired beauty
commented on the bulge in my pants.
"I think it is time for me to really see if it is a myth
or not, " she winked at me and proceeded to undo my
shorts. I don't think she was braced for the fact that
I don't commonly wear underwear, so in a split second
my hard shaft was standing at attention for all in the room
to see.
"Holy Shit!" she said as she pulled my shorts
off. "Look at this Lacey, it really is true, and even
more maybe! Stand up and let us look quick, then we'll
get back to our game, don't worry. Fuck, don't
worry at all!"
I stood and let the two women look at my naked body and hard
cock. I'm nothing great, 6' 2" and 200 lbs
with a little bit of a belly (that comes from being 34). But
I am in pretty good shape, and I have tatoos, a bald head,
and pierced nipples to look a little intimidating when
I want. But the real kicker about me is my cock. Measuring
from where the balls meet the base it is a little over 9"
long, and it is so thick that if you wrap a dollar bill around
it the ends don't quite touch. Plus I keep it clean shaven,
so it looks nice for the ladies. It usually never fails to
impress and/or intimidate a woman the first time she sees
it live.
"I don't think I'm gonna be able to do what
we talked about, " Lacey said to Melissa.
"I'm sure still gonna try!" Melissa grinned
at her younger friend. "If you see me pull it off, maybe
you'll want to try after all."
"We'll see. But I am gonna have fun. Got my favorite
girl and a guy hung like that, and a purse full of toys. What
more can a girl ask for?"
I was looking at Lacey, who was speaking. Admittedly I
was looking at the vibrator she was sliding into the wet
tunnel of her shaved pussy, but still I was looking her direction.
Then I felt Melissa's lips around the head of my cock.
She was still sitting on the edge of the bed, and as I stood
there with my hard shaft twitching she had simply leaned
forward and put her mouth over it. I moaned in pleasure as
the sensations of her tongue danced across the head of my
manhood. Then she began to earnestly suck me, sliding her
hot mouth up and down the swollen love rod. All the time her
talented tongue danced and swirled, teasing and pleasing.
I noticed that Lacey was watching in fascination and animatedly
fucking herself with the vibrator.
I was lost in sexual Nirvana as one desirable woman performed
her exquisite oral talents on my cock while I watched another
well shaped beauty fuck herself on my bedroom couch. I watched
as Lacey finally took her g string totally off to get it out
of the way and reached into her purse again. She pulled out
a short, thick jelly butt plug with a wide base and lubed
it up while watching her friend suck on my steel ramrod.
Then she worked the jelly tool into her cute, firm young
butt while I watched in fascination. The young blondes
tight ass stretched wide to accept the red jelly toy, the
firm buttocks and tight anus clenching while she pushed
it firmly against her nether hole. Then it popped inside
the stretched ring of Lacey's tight anal passage and
disappeared, held in place now by the jelly base outside
and stretching her tight rear out on the inside.
"I see the maid has gotten excited watching us, "
Melissa said, looking up at me. "She is a pretty young
maid, absolutely delicious looking."
"Yes, but she's young, and my maid, not my lover.
She wouldn't want an old man like me." I said,
playing along.
"But I want her, and once I get her I'll be able
to get her to do anything. Trust me. She'll already
be embarrased and off guard about getting caught, and I
intend to push the issue too fast for her to have time to think!
Watch and see."
With that Melissa got off the bed, reaching into her purse
and pulling out a fairly large fancy vibrator that had beads
inside of it and an extension that teased the clit also,
then approached the maid. She got on her knees beside the
masturbating girl, who had her eyes closed and was stroking
the vibrator rapidly in her spread wet twat. Melissa put
her hand on the blonde's.
"Let me help you clean that, " she said sensually
to the younger woman, pulling her hand away and replacing
it with her own exploring mouth.
"Oh, but ma'am, you're supposed to be with
the Mr.! I can't be doing this! And you can't tell
him you caught me!"
"Don't worry, I'm gonna help you. What
is your name, maid?"
"Well Lacey, I'm gonna help you, "the
sexy brown haired woman spoke seductively. "I know
what you are feeling and what you need. So I'm gonna
help give that to you. Several times."
As Melissa spoke she rubbed Lacey's clit, and then
dove her mouth back to the smooth, glistening furrow and
began lapping the girl's nectar greadily. Apparently
she was quite skilled at oral sex with women as well as men,
she soon had the blonde squirming and grabbing her hair
lustfully. Then she add the toy to the play, working the
thick, humming device into the slender ladie's now
very slippery love hole and adjusting the settings on it.
Lacey moaned and gyrated as the other woman touched her
in such naughty ways. Then Melissa got the clit attachment
centered properly and adjusted controls again, while
twisting the plug in the slender blonde's tight ass.
Lacey stammered and stuttered, but nothing intelligable
came out. Her young, firm body spasmed in sexual rapture
as thousands of nerve endings in her clit, her pussy, and
her ass all went off at the same time and the gorgeous youngster
rocketed into an intense orgasm.
"Cum for me girl!" encouraged Melissa. "Cum
for me good and hard while I fuck your pussy and ass for you.
Good girl, keep cumming, yes. Cum for Melissa to taste."
After Melissa patiently worked Lacey through the orgasm
she pulled the fancy toy away and began licking the girl's
cum eagerly. As she licked the blonde's love juice
she teased the butt plug some more and amazingly brought
the girl to another small orgasm. She finally stood up and
looked at me, smiling naughtily. She came to the bed, reached
into her purse and got another butt plug. It was very similar
to the one Lacey had in only a little larger. She removed
her lace shirt and motioned Lacey over, then pushed me onto
the bed and climbed on with me.
As I lay on my back in the middle of the king size bed I was
very greatfull for the mirrors I had at the head, the wall
at one side, and the wall at the foot. I had an excellent view
of everything to come. Melissa got on all fours beside me
and took my cock into her mouth again, licking and teasing
me in ways that turned me on and had be burning with lust.
Lacey came up behind Melissa and sat on the bed with us, watching
and pulling her friend's skirt up to her waist. Then
she poured lubed on two of her fingers and into the crack
of Melissa's hot, firm ass. While the older dancer
sucked my rod and massaged my balls, the younger one slipped
first one and then two fingers into her friend's tight
back door. Once ready, the blonde replaced her fingers
with the large jelly buttplug. Both lovely women now had
their tight rears stretched and filled with toys while
we continued our play.
I kept watching the action and enjoying the feeling of
the mouth on my cock. Lacey put her face under her friend's
parted thighs and licked the pussy waiting there, which
caused her to suck me even more ferociously than before.
I tried not to focus of the sensations, not wanting to cum
yet, so I watched Lacey as she licked Melissa's wet
slit and stroked to toy in her tight ass. Apparently the
kinky situation had Melissa pretty turned on, and in a few
moments she let my member slip from her mouth and came on
her friend's face.
"I'm cumminnnggg girl! Eat my pussy, like that!
Yes! Work that plug in my ass and lick me. I'm cuming!
We were all burning with desire now, ready to do anything
to plese one another's flesh and be pleased in return.
I lay flat on my back, cock in the air, and asked Melissa if
she was ready to go for a ride while I pulled Lacey's
tiny body up to my face so she could straddle it.The sexy
women positioned themselves, and as I saw Lacey's
pretty bald furrow settle over my face I felt Melissa wet
pussy stretch over the eager head of my steel shaft. Melissa
slowly began stroking her body on my mammoth phallus while
I hungrily licked the wet slit above me and rubbed the firm
"My God Melissa, " Lacey commented as she
watched her friend slide onto me. "Look at that thing
stretch your pussy out! You're gonna have to be careful,
but you're gonna love that ride!" She lay in an
almost 69 with me so that her face was inches from my cock
sliding into her girlfriend's eager body.
As Lacey adjusted her postion that gave me a better view
of her spread mound and clit, which I kept licking eagerly,
as well as the toy stretching her filled rear end. While
Melissa rode my cock faster and harder I kept licking Lacey
and rubbing the firm cheeks of her ass, spreading the valley
between them. I felt one of Lacey's hands on my balls
and heard Melissa comment on Lacey using the other to rub
her clit. I slowly teased the toy in the blonde's ass
while licking her and it caused her to buck in lustful joy.
The whole time the brown haired beauty kept riding me like
a madwoman, brought to new heights from the attention her
friend gave to her clit while she forced herself all the
way down my cock, filling and stretching her yearning cunt.
I could feel the plug in Melissa's ass against my cock
as she fucked me, and it added a strange sensation to the
"So full! Gonna cum again! Already! GOD YES!!"
Melissa stammered. Lacey kept up her clit attention and
I bucked my hips to meet her thrusts. "Yes! FUCK ME
Again we drove Melissa through her orgasm, and when she
finally came down we looked at each other, then her and chuckled.
It was obvious that she had cum very hard both times. She
slid off of my cock and lay panting on the bed, starting to
chuckle herself. It had been quite a show. As soon as she
was off my cock Lacey was quick to slide down and lick her
friend's juices off of it. I was still hard and eager
and not about to stop her. Then Melissa gave us an idea. It
sounded downright naughty, but everyone was to horny to
worry about right or wrong, simply animal pleasure.
Lacey climbed on top of me, sliding my thick tool into the
wet and stretched young lips of her slit, laying on top of
me so our bodies pressed together. Melissa got behind the
blonde girl, and we could both see what she was doing in the
various mirrors. The blonde pulled her knees up to my waist
so that her hips were spread and worked until I was buried
inside her hot, petite body. Then Melissa stroked the butt
plug a couple times in her stretched asshole and I could
feel it moving. Suddenly she pulled it out.
"You're both gonna like this, especially you
Michael, " she chuckled as she produced another
vibrator. This one was about as long as me and thicker than
the other one was. She worked more lube into the blonde's
rear while the girl slowly rode my large tool and sighed
in delight. Lacey kept telling how much her pussy was being
filled and how she loved my cock inside her, all the while
twisting and grinding her hot love tunnel on my shaft. Then
Melissa replaced her fingers with the vibrator, slowly
working it into the girl's now ready ass. Lacey dropped
her body on mine, burying my meat inside het hot box, and
stayed motionless while her sexy friend worked the large
vibrator into her brown eye.We both watched Melissa's
efforts in the mirrors, seeing more and more of the tool
slip between the clenching cheeks.
After about half of the vibrator was inside Laceys tight
ass Melissa started stroking it, slowly sliding it in and
out and pressing deeper each time. I started to feel it through
the tissue separating it from my cock. Lacey moaned and
encouraged her friend on, and soon it was all the way in.
Then both ladies looked at me and chuckled knowingly. Melissa
turned the vibrator on, and on high. Lacey's body spasmed,
and apparently she was expecting it. The powerful vibrations
rolled through her tightly gripping ass and the tissue
next to it. The walls of her pussy vibrated equally powerfully,
humming against my cock as it lay buried inside their warmth.
My eyes rolled as I felt the combination of a vibrating pussy
toy mixed with a real woman, feeling Lacey's hot, tight
pussy squeeze my rigid pole as it vibrated powerfully against
"This is the turbo vibrator, " laughed Melissa.
"Eats batteries, but I bet you're digging this!"
"Fuck yes!" I gasped.
"Fuck yes!" Lacey gasped.
Then we started fucking. Lacey rode my cock in long strokes,
and I bucked to meet her. As we ground together Melissa stroked
the powerful vibrator in and out of her tight rear end while
taking my balls into her mouth. The action was hot, kinky,
and felt incredible! It took all of my willpower not to come
right then. I managed to keep stroking, focusing on her
pleasure.Melissa kept tonguing my balls and fucking Lacey's
ass. The vibrations kept rocking us to new heights of pleasure,
and the erotic scene was amazing. Somehow, I managed to
keep control until Lacey came.
"God YES! Fill up my holes! FUCK ME BABY! Fuck my pussy
with that big cock, fuck my ass girl fuck me fuck me fuck me
i'm cominggggggggggggggggg!!!!"
After we caught our breath we all separated again and the
two women looked at me. Both complimented me not only for
my size, but my endurance as well. I did notice that both
kept their respective tools deep inside their rears as
we talked. They let me know in no uncertain terms that they
were eager to not only watch me cum, but eager to see what
they might have to do to get me hard again afterwards. I teased
them back, joking about not knowing many women who complain
about having TOO many orgasms before the guy during sex,
and we all chuckled. They assured me that they were confident
that I would be able to get hard again, and I got curious.
I asked them just what all my sister had told them about me.
"Not much, really, " laughed Melissa. "Remember,
her and your ex used to party and talk a lot, but all she knew
is that you were hung, liked bi women, never been with them,
like toys a lot, and always wanted to try anal but everyone
tell you no. Not much really."
"Nothing like doing your homework!" I sighed.
Not that I was complaining, these two had gone out of their
way to let me live a dream so what the hell should I be mad about?
"But since you're lasting so long I think we'll
do something sooner than we originally planned to, "
Melissa said, looking at Lacey. "I just gotta try
this, especially for him. But if I go now, you know what our
deal was."
"I know, " said Lacey. "And I'm
so hot after that fucking I'm willing to at least try.
Maybe he won't be so big by then."
"Ok, " Melissa said to me. "We both have
had anal sex before, and both use toys anally a lot together,
so when we heard no one had let you we thought we'd use
that as the lure to get you hard again. My ass for round 2 and
hers for round 3. But we didn't realize what we were
in for. And I'm ready to try now, I'm horny as hell,
feeling kinky as hell too, and I want to make you cum now.
So do you want my ass baby? Do you want to fuck my tight hind
end with your big pecker?"
"Fuck yes I do, " I exclaimed. "You two
both have hot fucking asses! I'd love to fuck one of
"Well, if you pull out after you start coming and
let me see you shoot some on her back, then we will get you
hard again and you get my ass next, " Lacey commented
seductively. "Would you like that, stud? To fuck
and cum in two different hot asses in the same bed together?"
"You women are incredible, " I smiled, stroking
my hard cock to indicate my thoughts on the matter.
They had me wait while they positioned themselves and
switched some toys. Melissa now held a large jelly dildo
similar to me in size, and Lazey had the high tech toy that
had made her cum on the couch earlier. Then they got in a 69
on the bed with Melissa's ass up in the air. I got behind
her and covered my shaft in lube while Lacey spread the firm
cheeks for me. I pressed my large head against the tight
hole and pushed. There was resistance at first as her sphincter
tried to block my passage, then the head slipped past. I
heard her sigh, and Lacey urged me on.
I pushed harder and began a slow stroking motion, sliding
ever so slowly deeper and deeper into the tight ass spread
in front of me. As she got used to being filled by me she lowered
her face to the blonde's wet slit and began licking;
Lacey returned the favor. While the two lovely ladies lapped
at each other's cunts I kept fucking Melissa's
clenching back hole, in a few minutes sliding most of my
cock into the squeezing tunnel. I saw that Melissa had lubed
Lacey's ass more and was using the large jelly toy on
her rear while licking her snatch. As my cock slid between
Melissa's firm buns I watched the to women lick each
other's pussies greedily and noticed Melissa was
sliding the toy in her friend's ass to match my pace.
We were all moaning.
Then Lacey slipped the toy into Melissa's dripping
cunt, lined up the clit attachment, and turned on all the
vibration settings. Not only was I fucking my first ass,
but now it was vibrating like Lacey's pussy had earlier,
only much tighter! And Melissa started bucking in lust,
which drove every final inch of my hard length buried inside
her stretched anal passage, only to pull away and buck back
again. I felt Lacey's mouth envelope my balls and knew
that I wouldn't last much longer. I thrust to meet the
spread cheeks and bury my shaft inside the stretched passage
between them. Melissa and I both moaned incoherently.
"Shoot it for me, cum in my ass! I want your cum in my
hot ass!"
"Yes, soon!"
"Now, Cum with me! now! I'm CUMMINNGG!!"
Her orgasmic contractions pushed me over the edge. Jets
of hot cum started spraying from my cock into her stretched
ass. Remembering Lacey's request, I pulled out and
more cum shot into the air, landing on Melissa's narrow
waist and rounded buttocks. The last couple spurts shot
right onto her puckered hole that I had just filled so thoroughly.
The intensity of the orgasm shook me completely. It took
me quite some time to catch my breathe, and the ladies seemed
to find that fact amusing.
"Well, that was definitely worth seeing!"
laughed Lacey.
"I'll say, " agreed Melissa. "My
view in the mirror wasn't as close, but I got to FEEL
it. It hurt at first, but oh my God!"
I used the laundry area to clean up quick. They watched
and kept talking about the sex we'd had so far. I gathered
that they had been pleasantly surprised so far. I hoped
they meant to make good on their promise for round two. My
mind was soon set at ease as they began discussing my current
soft condition and how to fix it. Both stripped naked and
although neither was using a toy at the moment several were
scattered across the bed. It looked like a good time to rejoin
I lay on the bed and for awhile we all wrestled around and
fondled one another. Soon the fondling turned into a kind
of double 69, where one lay on each side of me and they both
sucked and fondled me while I used a hand on each of them.
Again I had a great view of some kinky action, and I was looking
at two fine asses, one I had just fucked and the other I soon
would. Needless to say, it did not take long for their mouths
and hands to produce the desired reaction. I rose to my full
glory while the lovely ladies licked and sucked every inch
of it. They continued long after I was hard, either wanting
to be certain it stayed that way or simply enjoying themselves.
I chose to think the latter as I kept working my fingers inside
of their wet pussies to let them know I appreciated their
Eventuall they stopped and sat up, so I did too while we
decided what to do next. I was ready to go for Lacey's
cute rump, but they wanted to play more first. Before I knew
it they had me conviced to let them tie me to my big wooden
chair. It had short, thick legs and wide arms and armposts,
very sturdy. Not wanting to back out at this point, I obliged
them and soon my feet were draped over the arms and tied to
the front legs while my hands were tied to the back legs.
Then Melissa stood on the seat and put her hairless vulva
to my face. It was a challenge to perform well with such limited
mobility, but I certainly tried. I licked the lips of her
pussy, danced my tongue over her clit, and thrust it into
the wet tunnel while she stood over me and encouraged me.
Eventually satisfied, she stepped down and the two woman
began teasing and playing with me. They rubbed my body everywhere
from my neck to my feet, spending a lot of time on my chest
and crotch. Then they poured lube all over my cock and balls
and knelt in front of me, each using both hands to massage
my inner thighs, my hard shaft, my sensitive testicles,
my perineum, and even teased my anus. While they rubbed
me they watched my face for reactions, although they would
occasionally look at one another and wink or comment. The
lube made everything so slippery that there was no friction
at all, and the four exploring hands felt incredible. Once
again I had entered sexual paradise.
Eventuall the sexy blonde stood in the chair looking down
at her friend, who still played with my shaft. She stuck
her finely curved rump in my face and looked back at me.
"Since I'm gonna be letting you fuck my ass here
soon, don't you think it's only right that you
kiss it and make it better for me in advance?" she said
seductively as she batted her eyes. Then she moved her butt
to my mouth.
Still unable to move I did the best I could. I kissed each
firm globe of her ripe ass, then the valley between them.
As I kissed there she pulled her cheeks apart, letting me
know she expected more there. I was horny as hell and still
getting my cock stroked, so I wasn't arguing. I started
licking the spread valley of her hot ass as she pushed it
against my face. I probed with my tongue and felt it slip
into her anus, and she sighed happily as I kept probing with
it. She encouraged her friend and me both with naughty,
dirty talk as we kept our attentions going, getting the
atmosphere red hot again. Only after several minutes did
she step down.
I thought that they would untie me now, but that was not
the case. Instead, they put a jelly cock ring on me that restricted
circulation to my ball and to my shaft. It also held a vibrating
egg in place at the base of my cock where it meets the balls.
They used a baggy and a hair tie to put another egg against
the head of my manhood. Then they turned on both controls
and left them out of my reach while they went through their
own toys. They returned after Melissa had put in another
small butt plug and secured a vibrating butterfly over
her vulva and clit. She had a selection of toys in her hands
also. Lacey knelt over me in the chair, a leg on each side
of my waist, then bent all the way down so that her head rested
on her palms on the floor. Her crotch pressed against my
hard cock and the humming toys, and her spread ass lay in
my lap.
"Now Melissa's gonna tease you and get her ready
at the same time'" the brown haired sex phenom
chuckled. Again she generously poured lube, this time
on the blonde's spread ass. While I watched the action
in my lap, Melissa took the large vibrator and once again
began fucking Lacey's ass with it. I watched the strokes,
listened to the moans, felt her body grind against my cock
as the woman screwed the toy into her tight asshole. The
toys vibrating against me left me floating in sensations
as I watched. Then Melissa replaced the vibrator with a
larger, more lifelike dildo and again began fucking the
small lady's petite rump. The girl winced at first,
but soon was gyrating with every stroke as the large toy
slid between her spread globes. The view alone almost made
me cum again.
Melissa spent several minutes teasing me with the vibrators
and fucking her friend before finally having mercy on us.
When she finally did free me I had a raging, throbbing hard
on that needed to explode. They told me to leave the jelly
ring and bottom egg on though, so I did. Lacey walked over,
got on the bed on her knees, and put her face on the mattress
arching her back deeply. Her petite young body was showing
off every curve of her waist, hips and buttocks, and her
vulnerable ass was up in the air and the cheeks were spread.
"Aren't you going to fuck my ass now?"
she asked me.
Not needing any more encouragement than that, I was behind
her and lining up. As she urged me on I pushed past the tight
sphincter and slipped into her clenching rear. She had
been well prepared and begged me for more, so I worked the
whole length into her. The egg at the base of my cock now vibrated
against the lips of her wet pussy as my cock lay buried in
her tight backside. Then I began fucking her in long, deep
strokes. She urged me on and told me how wonderful her full
ass felt, wiggling and shaking the whole time.
Soon I couldn't control it. She was too hot, too tight.
I came again, shooting over and over into her tight ass.
Feeling me come inside her launched her into an orgasm also,
and we panted and ground together like animals for several
intense moments. Finally it was over.
I went to bed knowing that a dream had been fulfilled, but
was anxious for the new day to come so that new dreams could
also become new realities.

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SUPER HOT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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That made me soo hot write more baby!!!