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Damn that's good beer!


I met my wife (we'll call her Gina), in a dart league at a local
bar 12 years ago. She is tall and has long legs. I’ve always
been a leg man. Show me nice long tan legs on a good female
body and I've got a hard on.
Gina apparently always had bone white legs, but for about
2 years I never knew because she never wore shorts or a dress.
She always wore jeans. Once things got started with us and
she found out how big a leg nut I am she started wearing shorts
and tanning. A nice tan it is too, I might add.
After we got married sex never got boring to me but I started
wanting something else. Something different from the
everyday sex routine. I started thinking about group sex
with her and anal sex. This is how it all happened.
I never figured she'd be interested in me because first
of all I was 32 and she was 18. She knew the bar owner and he
let her in because she wanted to play in the Tuesday in-house
dart league and without her he had an odd amount of people.
He explained to her that if he caught her drinking she would
be kicked out. The regulars got to know her and some guys
tried to buy her drinks only to get a refusal from her. They
were probably hoping to get lucky.
One night about a year later I joked with the barmaid saying,
"Damn those legs go clear up to her ass." She looked at me
and said she was going to tell Gina I said that. I asked her
not to but she did anyway. I felt kind of embarrassed about
it but tried to play it off.
Everybody in the bar knew I loved getting my back scratched
and when I went to the cigarette machine to do a bear scratching,
Gina told me to turn around and proceeded to scratch my back.

The back scratching started to become a routine and the
next year the bar owner let her throw on our Wednesday night
traveling bar team. Since he was on the team he made sure
she didn't get any drinks at opposing bar team sites.
The two of us always joked around but I wasn't sure where
this was leading, being 14 years older. I felt a little uneasy
about getting too close to her because of the age gap. Then
one night after a home dart match I realized I had a few too
many beers. Since I usually drank mostly pop, the beers
made me feel a little unsteady. I told Gina I was going out
back to lie down in my van and she invited herself to come
I laid in the back for about 15 minutes and she just sat there
beside me. Normally I wouldn't have the guts to try anything
with her but the alcohol was making me braver by the minute.
I reached up and pulled her down beside me and we started
kissing. We must have kissed for a half an hour. I never did
get brave enough to try anything else, even though I wanted
to. Finally I said I had to go home and she said she had to go
The next night was Thursday and I had never seen Gina on a
Thursday that I remembered. Probably because the good
dart teams threw on Thursday. It raised my curiosity when
I saw her walk in. She sat next to me and started some small
talk for a while. All the time I was wondering how I could
get her out to the van again. Finally I said I was going out
back to see who was winning the baseball game. and naturally
she followed. I got in the van and turned on the radio and
she got in the passenger side. Once the radio was on I went
to the back of the van. She followed me and we started kissing
again and she raised my shirt and started rubbing my tummy
at the same time.
Suddenly I had an idea. I told her I was going to go down the
street to get some cigarettes even though I knew I had another
pack under my seat. I went into the store with my heart beating
at a deadly pace. When I came out I decided to put my idea into
action. Just as I was about to open my door I reached into
my pants and pulled my dick above the top of my pants and got
When we got back to the bar I parked way in the back where it's
dark. We both proceeded to the back and in the darkness I
made sure my dick was still above my pants. This had to be
the hardest I've EVER been.
Sure enough we started kissing but it seemed like an eternity
had passed and she wasn't playing with my stomach. I decided
to wait about another minute or two and grab her hand and
put it there. Just as I was about to reach for her hand she
started playing with my stomach. She was always too high
to hit my raging hard on and then after about 5 minutes she
slipped a little lower and touched it. To my surprise she
never said a word. She stayed away for about a minute and
then touched it again. Then she kept rubbing my tummy and
touching my dick at will.
I reached down and unbuttoned the top button of my jeans
and then undid my zipper. All the while we kept kissing and
she kept rubbing. I raised up enough to pull my underwear
down and she kept rubbing, touching my now freed dick. Finally
I took her hand and put it on my balls and there was no more
stomach rubbing that night. She just kept playing with
me while kissing.
I grabbed her tit outside her shirt gently massaging one
then the other. Then I laid back and she started kissing
my chest moving ever so slowly downward. As she got closer
my heart was beating at an incredible pace. Then she started
licking my dick and finally taking it in her mouth. I was
ready to explode but somehow was able to hold back for a while.

When I shot my load I the first 2 squirts went in her mouth.
She jumped up and opened the sliding door and spit my cum
out. I grabbed a newspaper and shot the rest of my load on
it. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes but she had never
had cum in her mouth before. I asked if that was her first
blow job and she said, "No, I've just never went all the way
with a blow job before." We went back into the bar for a while
before saying goodnight. I asked if she would be by Friday
and she said, “Yes.”
Friday she came by and after an hour or so I told her to come
with me. We went to my apartment and started doing a 69. I
wanted to screw her pussy and ass so bad but her lips felt
so good around my dick I didn't want to stop just yet. Suddenly
she started going up and down on my dick at a very fast pace.
I noticed she was quivering and knew she was having an orgasm
so I didn't want to stop eating her. I knew I wouldn't be able
to hold out so I let myself go and filled her mouth with cum.
This time and ever since she catches all of it before spitting.
She actually swallowed one time while doing a 69 and kept
sucking until I filled her mouth a second time but she spit
that load out.
While we were dating I never thought about screwing her
in the ass. After we had been married a couple years I asked
her if she’d ever been fucked in the ass and she said 2 guys
tried it but never got in far enough because it was too painful.
I told her I had bought some lubricant and would like to try
it. She agreed to try it and it took a while to get it in. She
had just sucked me hard and bent over the bed, spreading
her butt cheeks with her hands. She said it hurt all the time
we were doing it and it felt so good I filled her ass in less
than 10 minutes. All I could remember was how tight it was,
how good it felt and how I had to do it again. She refused to
try again for about a month so when she agreed again I was
gonna make it a screwing to remember.
This time she was laying on her back with her head on the pillow.
After getting it in I raised her up to where her feet were
over the headboard of the bed. I started slow and she was
moaning in pain. I took my time until finally I was all the
way in. Once I got that far I started moving in and out slowly.
After doing it slowly and realizing it felt too good to last
much longer I started pounding her ass. I would raise up,
pulling out a little bit and then just drop with all my weight
cramming all of it up her ass. She started moaning louder
and said to hurry up because it was hurting so I went as fast
as I could. The more pain she seemed to be in the more turned
on I was. There was no way in hell I was pulling out until I
was done. I filled her ass with what felt like a ton of cum.
Since then she’s only let me do her ass about 3 more times
but doesn’t want me to cum in her ass. I told her, “Okay. Then
if I can’t cum in your ass I’m gonna cum on your face.”
The next time in that same position since I had her butt so
high off the bed when I pulled out to cum I shot all over her
face, hair and the pillow. She didn’t like that, so facials
are now out of the question.
Every now and then I would ask her what her sex fantasy was
and she said she didn’t have one. I told her my fantasy was
to share her with another man. She said it would be a cold
day in hell before she’d do that. I talked to her many, many
times about it all to no avail.
Then for our 10th anniversary we went to California for
a vacation in August. One day as we were leaving our hotel
headed to an amusement park I saw a porn shop on the way and
asked her if she wanted to stop. Naturally she just rolled
her eyes. She does however know that I have bought most of
our favorite sex toys at a porn shop back home.
That night back at our hotel we started fooling around and
I mentioned again about inviting another guy. She said
she’d be too embarrassed to ever do that. Then I thought
of an idea. “Honey, ” I said, “Remember that porn shop we
drove by?” She just stayed quiet.
I told her they might have masks in there. That way nobody
would see her face and if she wanted the eyeholes covered
up we could use a scarf. She just said, “What good would that
do? If somebody saw you with me later they would know that
it was me.”
I told her we’d use another hotel on our last night before
leaving for home. She just said to keep dreaming.
The next to last night before leaving we were in the hotel
bar having beers when I saw her looking at two guys shooting
pool. They appeared to be college age and I kidded her about
them joining us. She said that might be nice but we would
be staying there tonight and tomorrow night. I told her
she could go pack our bags I’d put them in the car and after
they leave we’d go find another hotel for our last two nights.
She said “I was joking. Besides this is foolish. Even if
I went to pack they’d probably be gone before you got the
stuff to the car. Plus we’ve already paid for two more nights
and besides we don’t have a mask.”
“So does that mean you’re interested?” I said.
“No! And I don’t want to hear any more about it, ” she replied.
I grabbed a phone book and started looking under anything
I could find that might have a mask but not knowing the area
I gave up. Seeing me doing this Gina said, “You’re really
serious about this aren’t you?”
I told her, ”Of course I am.” She just looked at me and said,
“You need help.”
The next day we got up at 10:00 and Gina said she was going
to the outdoor pool and tan for a while. I decided this might
be my chance. After she had left for the pool, I hurried out
to the car and drove off toward the amusement park knowing
that the porn shop we passed was about 15 minutes away. I
figured she’d be tanning for at least the half hour I was
gone. I was hoping for a lot of things. First our two college
kids had to still be there the next day. Secondly we’d have
to run into them again. Third I was hoping that maybe Gina
might open up to the idea if they were still at the hotel.

When I got back I went to our room I took the mask and put it
on the top shelf in the closet along with some rubbers I bought.
The mask was a full face leather mask with openings for the
eyes, mouth and nose.
That evening we found ourselves once again going to the
hotel bar. As we were going there I noticed the two guys that
were shooting pool the night before walking beside the
inside pool in their swimming trunks. I pointed them out
to Gina. She had to notice that both of them had nice builds.
I started nudging her as if to kid her about having them join
us. Although she said, “Shut up, ” she was getting an eyeful.
We sat in the bar for about 45 minutes when the 2 guys came
in now wearing shorts and muscle shirts and went to the pool
table again. I started to kid her by telling her to go pack
our bags and we’d stay at another hotel tonight. She just
looked at me and said, “You forgot the mask.”
“I’ll get a mask if you go pack.” She took a drink of her beer
and said, “You’re crazy.”
“Look at those two guys.” I said, “They could be yours tonight
and they’ll never know who you are or ever see you again.”
“Mask?” She said.
“I’ll tell you what. You go pack and I’ll make sure you have
a mask.”
“How you gonna do that?”
“Honey, I’ve wanted to do this for a few years now. If you’ll
do it I’ll get a mask.”
“How are you gonna get them to our room?”
“Leave that up to me.” I said. With a kind of disgusted but
naughty look she said, “Ok, but I want you to know one thing.”
“Don’t ever expect this again and if you can’t get them to
come up don’t go find somebody else!”
“I’m not done yet. If you don’t get them to come up I don’t
wanna hear you say I still owe you a gang bang. Also the mask
stays on and if they try to take it off it’s over!”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this. When should I be ready?”
“I’ll let you know after taking the luggage to the car. You
go on and I’ll go talk to the two lucky guys.”
“It’ll take me about 20 minutes to pack.”
“Ok.” I said, my voice almost trembling, barely able to
hold on to my beer. She got up and headed to our room. I sat
there trying to get up the nerve to go over and ask the two
guys up to our room. What do I say? “Hey guys. Wanna fuck my
wife?” I sat there so long thinking of what to say I realized
my 20 minutes was up. The guys ordered another round so I
figured I had time to get the luggage to the car first. I opened
the door to our room and Gina had just finished packing.
“Forget something?” She said.
“No.” I answered as I reached in the closet handing her the
“You’re kidding. When did you get this”
“While you were sunbathing”
“Well are they coming?”
“In a little bit. I told them I’d go down and get them. You
just get naked and put the mask on.”
I knew I hadn’t asked them yet but I wanted her to think I had
to keep her from changing her mind.
“I can’t believe I’m letting you talk me into this.” She
said as she started disrobing.
“Don’t let me down. We’ll be back up in about 15 minutes.”
“I’ll be ready. But you’re gonna owe me for this.”
I closed the door and headed back to the bar. My dick felt
like a steel rod as I walked in and saw the two guys still shooting
pool. I walked over to a table near them and heard the taller
one talking about a blonde he saw sunbathing wearing a pink
one piece swimsuit earlier in the day at the pool. Apparently
he had not seen us on the other side of the dimly lit bar earlier
or yesterday or he was playing his cards right. I knew he
had to be talking about Gina. Casually I said, “Are you talking
about the blonde that was out there before noon?”
“Yes!” He said.
“That’s my wife.” I said trying to think of what to say next.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean no harm.”
“No offense taken.”
“If you don’t mind my saying so your wife is the best looking
lady I’ve seen here all week.”
“Thanks. You guys been here all week?”
“Well we’re in town for a convention.”
“Really.” I said starting to get nervous as I was trying
to say the punchline.
“What about you and your wife?” He said.
It came out kind of stupid but my actual words were, “We’re
on vacation. But my wife probably wouldn’t mind a little
convention of her own.”
“What do you mean?” The tall one said.
“Well how would you guys like to get a couple of 6 packs and
meet her in our room?”
“Is this a joke?” The other one said.
“No! She saw you two in the pool earlier and was talking to
me about you.” The tall one nearly fell over a chair trying
to get to the bar to get a couple of 6 packs. After they got
the beer we headed for the elevator. I told them it was our
10th anniversary and we decided to do something we hadn’t
done before. Since the tall guy already knew what she looked
like I explained to them about the mask and asked them not
to mention to her about seeing her at the pool.
“What did she say?” The short one asked.
I told him, “Well it wasn’t what she said. It was the way she
watched you at the pool?”
As we got close to the room I told them to hold on, I wanted
to open the door and make sure she didn’t chicken out. She
didn’t. She was laying naked on the bed with the mask on.
“Honey, ” I said, “There’s a couple of guys out here who
would like to meet you.”
“Well tell them to come in.” Gina answered.
I couldn’t believe this was happening. These two young
studs in their early 20’s walked in the room and saw my long
legged, tanned, blonde wife laying there naked and ready
to get fucked by all 3 of us. She jumped off the bed and got
down on her knees and started unzipping the taller one and
immediately started sucking him. The other guy started
stripping as fast as he could.
I figured I’d let her have a little fun with them before I
joined. So I took the beer and put it in our cooler and grabbed
a rubber for each of them. I told them to wear them only for
penetration. It suddenly dawned on me that we never introduced
ourselves and I decided to leave it at that. Gina had gotten
back on the bed and was still sucking the tall one and his
buddy was eating her out. I couldn’t help notice that the
tall one had a dick bigger than mine but I wasn’t gonna let
that bother me. The other guy was about the same size as me.
I decided to open a beer and watch for a little bit when the
tall one asked if I was gonna join. I told him, “I’ve had her
many times. You two just enjoy for now”. The truth was if
I got any closer to her I might have shot my wad before I even
touched her.
Gina turned around so she could suck the other guy. Then
the tall one put on a rubber and mounted her pussy from behind
and started going to town doggy style. It was all I could
do to keep from creaming my pants, let alone join in.
Once I finished my beer I took my clothes off and sat in the
chair by the bed. Gina was starting to moan like I’ve never
heard before. I was enjoying seeing her get pounded doggie
style. Every time he pushed his dick in she was getting the
other guy all the way down her throat. She reached out with
her right arm and started to jack me off while still sucking
and getting fucked. Luckily for me before she got to many
strokes in on my dick I heard the shorter one say, “I’m gonna
“Go ahead. Fill her mouth up.” I said. He started shaking
and Gina grabbed his balls gently playing with them while
he shot his load in her mouth. He then stepped back and I could
tell Gina was ready to have an orgasm. Then I heard her say,
“ Don’t stop! Fuck me faster.” Which was a little different
because she rarely talks at all during sex. So he just started
drilling her as she moaned like crazy.
Then it hit me that she must have swallowed the short guy’s
cum. Meanwhile the taller one was still plugging away after
Gina had calmed down. But it wasn’t long before I heard him
say he was gonna cum. To Gina’s surprise he pulled out and
took his rubber off and had Gina suck him until she swallowed
his cum too. She just smiled at me and said, “Now it’s your
I laid back on the bed and she began sucking me and the shorter
one was putting on a rubber. He got behind her and started
his own doggie style mission while his buddy got a beer.
I wanted to get up to get some of that pussy myself but she
kept pushing me back down. I could feel the guy’s thrusts
from Gina sucking my dick. Finally I couldn’t hold out anymore
and shot my load too. She raised up and looked at me smiling
as I saw that lump in her throat when she swallowed. I couldn’t
believe it. She was hotter than a firecracker.
Then she went right back to sucking me some more and started
using her hand to jack off the taller guy. Under normal circumstances
it would take me longer to get hard again but these were not
normal circumstances.
She got up and told the smaller guy to lay on the bed. When
he did she mounted him and told the taller one to stand near
the bed so she could suck him. I was at the bottom of the bed
watching her and had a nice view of that ass of hers. As much
as I wanted to fuck her in the ass I had forgotten to get any
lube at the porn store. So I saw her purse on the dresser and
opened it up to see if she had anything. After a minute of
fumbling around I found a small tube of vasoline and thought
if she’s ever going to have 3 holes plugged at once, this
is the time. I rubbed it all over my dick and then started
putting some on her ass.
She never said a word about it. I guess she also knew this
was the perfect opportunity. I started putting it up her
ass slowly and she put her hand on my thigh trying to make
me slow down a little. She never let that big dick out of her
mouth the whole time.
Once I got it in and she got used to it I fucked her like never
before. I could hear her moaning in pain with that big dick
in her mouth but she never said stop. I didn’t want to be the
first to cum but it felt too good. The other two guy’s knew
I wasn’t wearing a rubber and knew that I was shooting a load
up her ass. Just as I started to shoot Gina started cumming
too. Then I went to sit on the other bed when they changed
positions again.
The shorter one had taken off his rubber and Gina was laying
on her back sucking him while the taller one put on a rubber
and grabbed some of the vasoline and started putting some
more on her ass. He lifted her ass off the bed a little and
started to stick that big dick up her ass. She seemed to me
like she didn’t want any part of it but I knew if she didn’t
she’d take that dick out of her mouth and say so. She was moaning
like crazy from the pain. Suddenly the guy pulled out of
her mouth and started rubbing his dick all over her face.
She was trying to keep her tongue stuck out for him while
the other guy was pounding her ass. Then for some reason
she removed the mask. Seeing her face was all the shorter
one could take as he shot a big load all over her face. I saw
one shot go in her mouth and when he was done she sucked him
some more to clean his dick while cum was running down her
face. He was shaking worse from her sucking him clean than
he did when he creamed her face. There I was looking at my
pretty wife’s unmasked face covered in cum. Gina then took
her fingers and just wiped the cum into her skin licked her
hands clean while smiling at me.
The tall guy was still making her asshole stretch while
he was fingering her clit. Then he raised his left leg to
where it was in front of her and moved his right leg so it was
behind her back. Their legs looked like two pairs of scissors
spread open meeting at the crotch. I knew he had his dick
fully engulfed in her ass with each thrust. She was still
moaning but now it seemed to be a pleasurable moan as he kept
playing with her clit. A few minutes later she looked like
a human vibrator. She was getting off for the third time.
Finally he pulled out and slipped off his rubber and as Gina
opened her mouth to catch his load he started shooting on
her face before she could get him in her mouth. Then she pulled
the same scenario on him by sucking him clean and licking
her hands.
We then sat around naked drinking beer and talking while
Gina took a quick shower. Oh, and we finally introduced
ourselves. Mick was the short guy and Joe was the tall guy.
After about an hour they asked if it was ok to have a go round
with before leaving. Before I could say okay Gina said,
“Looks like I’m gonna take another shower.”
Mick said, “I haven’t had that ass yet.” So Gina sucked Mick
while Joe ate her out. Once Mick was hard he laid on the bed
and Gina put some vasoline on his dick and straddled him
right up her ass like a pro. Meanwhile Gina sucked Joe hard
and then he got on top and fucked her pussy. They rolled over
after a bit continuing the double fucking when I decided
Gina’s mouth was empty so I let her suck me while they took
care of business down below. She wasn’t sucking me like
usual to get me hard. She was sucking me fast as if to say cum
in my mouth. She was working a frantic pace on my dick and
as I shot my first load in her throat she pulled back and rubbed
my dick on her face as I making me give her a facial. Then she
sucked me clean. My knees were ready to buckle. She wiped
the cum from her face slowly and licked it all off her hands
and swallowed. Just smiling at me the whole time.
I went and got another beer and pulled up a chair to watch
the finale.
The three of them kept fucking until they all got off again.
I just sat there looking at Gina with a dick in her pussy and
one in her ass and said to myself, “Damn this is good beer.”

They got up and showered off and thanked us before they
left. Then Gina got in the shower while I finished my beer.
When she was done I got one myself. As I turned off the water
when I was done I heard her tell me not to put any clothes on.
I walked out of the bathroom only to have her stand in front
of me and tell me to put my arms around her as she started to
kiss me. As I did she took her hands and put one on each nut
and while we were kissing and squeezed my nuts as hard as
she could. This made me squeeze her hard to my body and made
me kiss her even harder.
Then she stepped back. “You know you’ve been asking me to
about having sex with you and another guy for quite a while.”
She said. “I always thought it was disgusting but I really
liked it. I was thinking just before you came in the door
what I should do. Then I just said to myself if it happens
get it over with and then tell you how much I didn’t like it.
That’s why when they came in I just went straight to Joe and
unzipped his pants just hoping to get it over with. But once
I was sucking Joe and had Mick eating me out knowing you were
watching I got so hot I thought I’d melt. And by the time you
started putting the vasoline on my ass I knew you were going
to try and fuck my ass. I was so hot that I wanted you to regardless
of how much it hurt.”
“Well how was it?” I asked.
“It hurt at first but I was so hot I didn’t care.”
“Well, ” I said, “I guess you were pretty hot because you
not only let me fuck your ass and cum on your face but you let
both of them too.”
“I didn’t plan on letting anybody cum on my face. I was so
hot that I decided to take my mask off. I didn’t card if they
knew who I was. I didn’t know he was about ready to cum. Joe
was hurting me by fucking my ass but once Mick started rubbing
my face with his dick it was kind of a good hurt.” She said.
“What about Joe’s facial?” I asked?
“I thought he wanted to cum in my mouth but he started shooting
before I could get his dick in my mouth. So I figured I owed
you a facial too.” She said
“I love you.” I said.
“That almost fulfills all your fantasies.” Gina said.

“What do you mean almost?” Wondering what she meant.
“I thought you were crazy for wanting to do this but it was
so much fun for me I’m gonna let you fulfill another fantasy
you asked me about a few times just to show you how grateful
I am.”
With that she laid on the bed with her head hanging over the
edge of the bed. I asked what she wanted and she said “You’ve
said you’d like for me to lay like this so you could fuck my
mouth like it was my pussy? Well here I am.”
What could I do? I straddled her face with my feet on the floor
and my hands on the bed and fucked her mouth as hard as I could.
When I started to shoot my load I stuffed my dick balls deep
down her throat and left it there. I told her I wanted to feel
the pressure around my dick while she swallowed. I felt
her mouth squeeze around my dick as she swallowed my load.
It was awesome.
We were too tired to go find another hotel so we just stayed
in our already paid for room. I was wondering what she might
say the next morning if we happened to see Joe and Mick. Especially
if they asked us to come to their room before leaving but
we never saw them again. I know I’d have been all for it.
Although she doesn’t let me give her facials as much as I’d
like to it’s more often than before.
What I’m really happy about is I get that asshole a lot more
often now. I even get the face fuck now and then. She’s a lot
more open to sex now and I can’t wait until our next vacation.
We even bought a strap on dildo that has a hole below the dildo
that I can put my dick in. Now I can put it on and put the dildo
up her pussy while I screw her ass. .
Damn that was good beer. Did Hell really did freeze over?

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