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Daddy 3


He could only nod and groan more helplessly. She slid to
her knees as He groaned loudly and she began to slide her
moist lips across his swollen cock, covering it with tiny
wet kisses. The red lipstick smeared across the stiffening
cock. She glided her tongue expertly up and down the shaft
until it glistened with wetness and red streaks. She blew
across the tip and waited for him to quiver with excitement
for a moment at the relative proximity of her mouth from
his cock. Then engulfed his tip ravenously and began to
pump the shaft with her hands swallowing urgent thrusting
strokes and squeezing hard with her slender fingers. His
tired expended cock grew miraculously under her expert
lips and eager tongue.

"Mmmmmm, nummy, nummy, nummy she panted and he could
tell she had one hand inside her own panties and as she sucked
him and stroked him with one hand and her excited mouth she
fingered her clit until she began to moan and shiver.

He could barely contain his shouts of joy as she suppressed
her own orgasm with his cock inside her mouth he exploded
violently shooting cum into her mouth as she gagged on the
rush of juice and his urgent thrusts. His cock slipped from
her mouth as she gasped for air and sprayed her angelic face
with another excited explosion of jism. The whole weekend
was lost to hours of fucking, sucking and anal sex. On Sunday
evening Marcus reluctantly went home and made arrangements
to see her for lunch on Monday and booked out the rest of the
afternoon knowing he might need the time off.

They met for lunch and returned to his office hurriedly
locking the door behind them. Today they would live out
the fantasy they had both shared when she had been his client.
The moment they entered the consulting rooms she turned,
smiled and peeled down the panties she was wearing and kissed
him sweetly. The touch of her sweet tender lips against
him made him almost swoon with desire. With one hand, she
unzipped him and with the other, she wrapped the soft, black
shiny satin panties around her hand. When she touched his
cock and liberated it from its confines he almost exploded
on the spot.

'Oh my you are so big. You know because I am a small woman
most cocks are big but you are huge. Mmmmmm I would love to
have you in my pussy sometime soon. Would you like that?'

He didn't really reply Marcus was always lost for words
when she asked him to fuck her he merely grunted, panted
and moaned as with the next stroke of her hand the soft flesh
of one hand extending his swollen cock was replaced by the
satin gloved hand and she began to masturbate him expertly.
She slid her spare hand down to her shaved pussy and explored
the wetness there and he reached out and groped for her tits
and waist helplessly.

'Oh my your big cock is making me so wet.' She cooed.

He touched her firm round breasts and pinched her nipples
through the soft bra that covered her supple flesh. As she
began to quiver in pleasure, panting and shivering, she
kissed him again and he felt his cock throb uncontrollably.
As his cock exploded he felt his eyes roll back into my head
as the waves of pleasure crippled him. She orgasmed murmuring
'Oh yeah' in a sexy whisper repeatedly, muffled
by her kisses. He held her for a moment as they both recovered.
The black panties were covered with cum and he had sprayed
it all over her dress as well.

He paused for a moment and walked to the window facing the
street and opened the curtains she removed her clothing
like a stripper performing to an audience her body backlit
by the bright light from the upper story window. Marcus
gazed at her and imagined the sound of a hundred men moaning
at her exquisite naked form silhouetted against the soft
light emanating from the window behind her. Her naked form
was one of the most breathtaking images he had ever seen.
She was so perfect, her skin, her delicious curves, her
superb ass, delectable full breasts like dropping mangoes,
nipples erect and succulent like pink jelly beans, shapely
slender legs, smooth flat tummy. He inhaled her form like
an enchanting fragrance as she moved towards him he glanced
at her pussy shaved clean like a little girl, glistened
with fresh moisture. He panted uncontrollably, shivering
with his barely contained lust. She moved toward him and
they kissed, and he ran his hands over every inch of her desirable
form as they lost themselves in deep tender kisses that
breathed desire into every pore of their bodies and awakened
their senses.

He cupped her ass cheeks and pushed her against his throbbing
hard on and she moaned a little. As they kissed her moist
lips sent tingles through him, her tongue lanced his mouth
exploring it, sensually imitating the movement of a cock
inside her own wetness. As much as he wanted to fuck the living
daylights out of her then and there, he struggled to control
himself. She hesitated and began to unbutton his shirt
and pants.

'I can't wait for your big cock darling.'

She made men feel like she worshipped their cocks. She was
the high priestess and her pussy was the alter on which all
cocks were sacrificed. He let her undress him and fondled
his aching cock. She kept urging him to fuck her and they
moved to lie on the large lounge suite. He continued to resist
and kiss her enjoying fondling her beautiful tits and rolling
the nipples between his thumb and forefinger until they
were hard. With his other hand he stroked her moist pussy
folds and she let out a couple more 'oh yeah's'
as he parted her lips and began to massage her clit. In moments
she was cumming again and begging him to fuck her repeatedly.
He resisted again. He felt like a teenager on a first date,
wriggling his fingers into her vagina and slid first one
then two fingers inside her. She was so incredibly tight.

'Feel how tight I am, don't you want your cock to
feel that?' She screamed at him, as he finger fucked
her vigorously to another orgasm.

'God you are so wet, so tight.'

He panted as I thrust into her deep and fast. They kissed
with increasing urgency and her hand stroked his cock constantly
but he barely noticed because he was so intent on bringing
her off.

'Oh you think that's tight do you? Imagine what
your big cock would feel like.'

She teased, and then she clamped down on his fingers like
a vice, drenched in her wetness and felt the muscles tighten
around them and her pussy almost suck him deeper into her.
It was the most mazing control he had ever felt. He wanted
to be inside her so badly he could barely control the desire
to replace his fingers with his aching cock. As she squealed
in another orgasm he began to suckle at her hard pink nipples
she shivered in pleasure as he removed his fingers from
her cunt and concentrated on sucking her tits as sensuously.
She shivered, moaned, and continued to beg him to fuck her.
He kissed his way past her tits towards her luscious flat
tummy, pausing briefly to tongue her sweet belly button.
When he finally inhaled her sweet pussy scent and breathed
my warm breath around her slick naked pussy. He blew licked
the folds apart, and began to nibble at her swollen clit.
She stopped begging him to fuck her and began to shiver with
pleasure. Her sobs and cries were no longer the sweet little
'oh yeahs' of her previous orgasms she was begging
him to:

'Suck my clit, eat my pussy.' And 'make me
cum hard'

He obliged by running his tongue up and down the smooth folds
and sucking in the sweet juices between my lips. Lapping
at them as she writhed in pleasure.

'Oh that's so good' She screamed repeatedly.
He took her clit between his lips, sucked it into my mouth,
and then flickered his tongue across the tip and she exploded
in his face squirting wildly and screaming incoherently.
He released her clit and shoved a finger into her hot hole
once more and then resumed licking and sucking her clit
and bringing her to the edge of ecstasy for close to half
an hour until she was so worn out from cumming that her throat
was sore from screaming.

At that point Marcus stopped fingering and sucking her
and lay on top of her. His cock between her legs and kissed
her tenderly. 'Oh yes please!' she murmured weakly.

The relentlessly hot cunnilingus he had given her had given
his cock time to recover from the blowjob she had given him
and his cock was fully erect once more. He moved his cock
to her sopping opening and slid it across the wetness until
the head was lubricated with her abundant juices. Then
he slowly and gently parted her labia with the thick, engorged
cock and pushed gently past her super-tight opening. She
relaxed to allow his thick head to slide into her easily
and he felt her wet velvet cunt almost melt away as he slid
more and more cock inside her. It felt like he had never had
his cock inside a cunt before she was superbly wet and her
muscles seemed to vibrate around his cock as it plunged
further inside her. As he felt the last few inches, move
inside her as if her urgent need for cock sucked it deeper
than deep. As his balls touched her ass cheeks, she whispered
breathily in his ear.

'Oh God it's so big, so beautifully big! It feels
so good. Fuck me hard make me scream.'

He began to move inside her, slowly at first with long gentle
but deep thrusts feeling the wetness swirl around his cock
and her velvet muscles vibrate around it. Her fingernails
grazed his balls teasing them expertly. Her other hand
dug her nails into his naked back and as his thrusts became
more violent and hard so that the sound of their slapping
flesh filled the air to join groans and shouts she clawed
at his back in a frenzy like a wildcat. He shifted one hand
beneath her, cupped her sweet buns, and increased the speed
and intensity of his pounding cock until she was sobbing
and screaming.

'I'm cumming, Oh yes, yes, yes, It's so good,
so big so hard Mmmmmm yes! Yes! Yes!'

She shouted and screamed in a torrent of orgasms her pussy
streamed wetness and with each wave of pleasure, her pussy
contracted and pulsed around his cock. He moved her legs
around into dozens of positions sideways, split each time
attempting to put his cock into her ever deeper and make
her cum again. She wrapped her legs around him, as he cupped
her ass, and they just rocked against each other as she moaned
and held him through a succession of her orgasms.

He found her tiny tight ass-hole with his finger and in the
midst of a blood, curdling orgasmic scream shoved his finger
roughly into her ass, half expecting her to protest, but
rather than complain she let out an excited yelp! It was
as if the previous orgasm was foreplay because she came
more violently than she had for hours and clawed at his back
raking it with parallel lines from her fingernails. He
pulled his cock from her and she lay shivering sexily on
the sofa.

She reached up and wrapped her arms around him and looked
deep into his eyes.

'You know how much sex I have don't you? You are
spectacular no man has ever made me feel that good I never
wanted anyone so badly as I do you. I can't explain it
you make me feel different it's not selfish, not just
sex I really want you to just hold me.'

'I'm not even started yet.' He boasted.

They held each other tightly caressing each other gently
she brushed the nape of his neck and kissed him so gently
as to send shivers through them both. He scooped her up in
his arms and carried her petite young body to the desktop
as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck and
ears tenderly. He let her legs drop and they embraced lovingly
then she turned and lay over the desk top he came up behind
her, shoved his cock into her pussy deep and fast, and began
to fuck her from behind as he had done earlier, once more
she orgasmed equally as violently.

'I want you to ride you darling it's your turn.'

She rose up and beckoned him to lie back on his big desk and
climbed sexily onto the office chair swaying gently like
a pole dancer her hi heel shoes still on her feet amidst her
delicious nakedness. She hovered her legs over him and
he gazed upwards at her delicious buns and dripping hot
pussy and she straddled him eagerly, pausing to kiss him
and nibble his ear.

'You're such a good fuck Marcus, now I'm going
to give you the best orgasms you've ever had.'

She guided his cock into her willing cunt once more. It was
outrageously tight. In this position, she was back in control
and she knew it. She loosened her grip on his cock which was
throbbing violently each time she contracted her velveteen
muscles around it. He reached up and fondled her delightful
tits as she began to ride him slowly and deliberately and
he let go of her tits as the ride made them bounce and moved
my hands to circle her waist and feel her luscious ass pound
down onto me. Just as he had when she blew him, he felt himself
slip between ecstasy and consciousness. It felt so good!
She began to work her magical contractions on his aching
cock and after a few minutes of shouting uncontrollably
and thrusting, upward to meet her succulent ass she came
more violently than ever before.

Her cunt gripped him and sucked him deep inside her and he
melted and exploded like a volcano shooting deep inside
her as she rocked on me whipping me with her long silken hair,
her tits bouncing violently, a shiver gripping her whole
body and passing between us as we came simultaneously.
He lost track of time and felt his consciousness return
only when he felt they were motion less and holding each
other tightly. She had collapsed on top of him and was nestled
against her like an exhausted child, his cock still buried
deep in her, and the waves of endorphins passing over them
as they lay exhausted on the desk still locked in sexual

They lay holding each other for along time and somewhere
in the silence of the endorphin bliss she began to cry.

"Was that just good sex Marcus or am I in love with you?
Coz I've never felt that good and I don't want this
to stop. Tell me you feel it too darling?'

She sobbed more like a child relieved that everything was
all right after it had been all wrong. Marcus was confused.
It was the best sex he had ever experienced, she was the most
beautiful woman he had ever been privileged to touch. If
what he was feeling was love then it was very different to
what he had with his ex wife. This was fuelled by unbelievable
passion. Yes the bubbles of joy were recognisable as love
or the seeds of it at any rate. Was it the kind of love that
made sex a pathway to having babies that urge to be together
so much that they wanted to consummate their love rather
than just satisfy their desire? Was it that unselfish pleasure?

'Yes I feel it too Heidi, but I was too frightened to
say. ' It's a bit complicated tho' isn't
it? I mean I'm twice your age and you like doing this
with so many guys. If what I feel is love I'd be so jealous
it would be unbearable.'

They sat holding each other until the sun went down wordlessly
caressing for hours until Marcus' creative imagination
gleaned a solution that was unconventional but perfect.

A week later James Fulson felt the overpowering urge to
touch Heidi and reached out tentatively to fondle her firm
round tits. He half expected her to stop him but she moaned
more sweetly and panted as he pressed his palm against the
firm budding tits wrapped tightly in her halter. He felt
the outline of a filmy bra and her nipple stiffening against
my touch and as He squeezed it he heard her whisper.

' Mmmmmm yes.'

Her kisses became increasingly urgent and feverish and
he slid his hand onto her naked thigh and stroked them gently.
Again half expecting her to push him away or slap his face
for his forward behaviour but he only encountered her legs
parting slightly and next moment felt the soft flimsy panties,
moisture gathering in them as a result of our intense kissing.
He pressed against them feeling the outline of her labial
folds and she shivered as he began to rub between them. He
found her clit and teased it through the shiny fabric, within
moments, she was gripped by a convulsion of pleasure, and
a squeal accompanied by an 'Oh Yeah, that's so
good.' escaped her lips between her kisses.

She came hard and fast, then again, and then repeatedly
as he felt her soft panties grow wetter with each squirt
that accompanied her orgasms. The sound of her cumming
made him more and more excited too and he slid her panties
aside and wriggled his fingers towards her tiny tight vagina,
inserting one finger, then another. She was unbelievably
tight. His fingers entered her and seemed to melt away as
he pushed past the muscles of the opening, shower them with
wetness, then close around them like a vice. He finger fucked
her to another series of orgasms with her screaming now.
Oh I want to alright, do you want me to take off my clothes
or do you want to do it.'

He came up behind her, unfastened her halter, and zipped
down the dress, pressing his fat cock against her delicious
ass. He peeled the tight dress to the floor and kissed her
shoulders and neck as she ground seductively against me.

'Mmmmmm it is such a big cock.'

He unsnapped her bra, threw it across the room, and cupped
both of her firm mounds as he kissed her neck and nibbled
her ears. Her pert ass cheeks pressed back against his swollen
shaft. He reached down to take off her panties and she grabbed
his hand and stopped him.

' Can we keep them on for a while I'd feel better,
I mean can you work around them? Maybe after you've
made them all wet I'll let you keep them as a memento.'

'Oh God yeah, you're such a sexy little girl. But
you'll be lucky if I don't eat them off you.'

'That would be nice.' she said as she turned and
began unbuttoning his shirt he helped her with the last
few buttons and started to unbuckle his belt hurriedly.

'Don't get too impatient. I thought the joy of
older men was that they took their time.' He released
his belt and kissed her again as she unzipped me and let his
pants fall to the floor. She slid his shorts off and we both
stood kissing naked except for the tiny white string bikini
panties that covered her sexy ass and sopping pussy.

'I like playing with cock tell me what you like.'
She took his cock in her left hand and wrapped her tiny hand
around it and I responded with an excited throb. With her
right thumb, she rubbed around the tip gently. He exhaled
heavily as she teased his cock like a child playing with
a new toy.

'Mmmmmm it's so big and hard. I don't know
how it's going to go inside my little pussy. You will
be gentle, wont you?'

Her left hand cupped his balls and she ran her fingernails
across them gently and with her other hand she began to stroke
the shaft firmly. 'Is this alright?' She cooed.
'If you keep that up I'll blow my load all over you
now. Can we go to the bedroom?'

'I'd like you to cum all over me will you do that
some time?' She let go of his cock, took his hand, and
led him to the queen size bed in her room.

She lay on the bed and parted her legs.

'Is this how you want me.' She teased. 'Are
you going to put it inside me now?'

'No I'm going to eat those panties off you first.'

He climbed onto the narrow bed on top of her dangling his
swollen cock against her and kissed her as we pressed our
groins together. He kissed down her neck, nibbled her ears,
and kissed his way down to her sumptuous tits. He cupped
them in his hands, teased the nipple with his lips, and then
flickered his tongue around it until she began to shiver
and moan appreciatively. He shifted one hand to her damp
panties and slid his fingers into her hot pussy once more
and continued to suckle her tits, pulling the sweet hard
nipples into his mouth rolling his lips around them sensuously,
pulling it hard and then letting it go. He flickered his
tongue around each nipple, finger fucked her vigorously,
and again she squealed and came violently and often.

Marcus switched cameras and zoomed in on her face which
winked at him as the man in the room kissed his way down her
superbly flat silken belly, lancing his tongue inside
it and flicking the diamond stud piercing that shone from
her sweet belly button. He continued down to her now dripping
panties, breathed in the sweet, sexy scent of her flooded
panties. He sucked the juice through them into his mouth
and the taste of her intoxicated me and seemed to make me
more excited than ever. He kissed her folds through the
flimsy wet silk and pressed against her, planting big wet
kisses on her pussy as she arched her back to greet his eager
lips. She screamed out.

'Oh God it's so good, more!' repeatedly as
he nibbled and sucked at her wet panties attacking her clit
until she was hoarse from screaming.

He slid the panties aside once more inserted his fingers
and as he finger fucked her again swirled his lips and tongue
around her clit and labia. Each orgasm seemed to grow in
intensity and crash like a wave on a beach, building for
a tsunami. The explosion covered his face with a violent
squirt of sticky cum and she clasped his face to her pussy
hard, and screamed and shouted like an animal.

She kissed him sweetly and began stroking his cock. Instantly
it began to stiffen and grow again. She kissed her way over
his chest and suckled his nipples. Rolling each one between
her lips and teeth and sucking until they became hard, all
the time her hand pumped his erect shaft firmly. The lips
touched his cock. They were moist and when she planted the
first tiny wet kiss on the sensitive tip, He shuddered with

'Mmmmmm it tastes good. I'd love to taste your

Watching Heidi screw this guy was like poetry in motion
she was blowing his mind making him so hot he could barely
think of anything else. She led him to pleasure her until
she was sodden with desire and then fucked him wildly she
was unbelievably good.

She slid her hand under his balls cupping them with one and
tickling them with her long red painted fingernails sending
shivers through me. Her right hand stroked his shaft gently
and she covered his tip with tiny wet kisses. Each kiss became
more intense until they were big slurping wild kisses.
Her tongue flickered around it too. He was too excited to
speak and as the intensity reached frenzied proportions.
Her hands, fingernails and mouth were everywhere and I
was panting in ecstasy when she finally took his cock into
her mouth and began to suck it deep into her, and then pump
it with her sweet head bobbing up and down wildly. His cock
began to throb uncontrollably. Swollen out of all proportion
and streaked with scarlet lip-gloss, he shouted 'I'm
cumming.' and she sucked hard as he shot into her eager
mouth repeatedly. She swallowed greedily and then took
his cock from her mouth and let a few hot shots spray her sexy
tits. She smiled and laughed wildly and just said.

' Mmmmmm it so much fun you taste so good. I want to play
with your cock all night'

That was what was irresistible about her. When most men
had cum and thought the sex had finished she saw it as just
the beginning. Men with premature ejaculation problems,
erection problems relished her 'never say die attitude'
she gave them all so much pleasure they seldom left without
having the best sex ever. She attacked his cock again and
licked it clean, stopping only to tell him how delicious
she thought his cum was, and when she had finished she let
him rest for a while.

'I want you inside me now.' She whispered with
a hint of begging in her voice.' Reaching down to touch
his engorged cock with her hand.

'Ooooooh it so big, does that mean you want me? Do me
from behind, I love doggie style it's sooooooo hot,
can you do that for me?'

She rolled over onto her stomach and then crouched on the
edge of the bed so her delectable ass perched on the edge
and he could stand beside the bed and fuck her from behind.

'I never wanted anyone like I want you.' He panted
as he leapt off the bed and stood behind her. He pressed his
swollen cock tip against the shiny soft surface of her panties
feeling the cleft of her ass cheek and pussy part and the
sensation of warm flesh under soft silk coursing through
his cock. She reached behind and slid her panties aside
so his cock touched her delectable pussy flesh.

'Fuck me, hard Honey.' She cooed.

He pressed his cock against her sodden folds and parted
her super tight lips with his distended cock tip, the veins
swollen to the point of popping. He had never seen it so big
and so thick or a pussy so tiny and tight. He pushed past the
opening in a swirl of wetness.

'Ooooooh that's good, Mmmmmm it's so big!'

He slid it inside her savouring the hot tight wet velvet
that clamped his throbbing cock with its impossible tightness.
He thrust into her because he wanted to be as deep inside
her as I could as soon as I could. She squealed and moaned.

'Fuck me please!'

She shivered in pleasure and slowly and gently, he began
moving inside her pushing his cock deeper with each thrust.
He felt her ample juices drizzle from her and she began to
moan again like she had when he finger fucked her only this
time he was so deep inside her as to feel his hugeness touch
her cervix.

As it had felt with his fingers, her pussy seemed to melt
aside to take his cock and then reform in a tightly clenched
velvet clamp that surrounded his cock in wet delight. Her
hot pussy pulsed delightfully around his eager cock and
as he thrust into her slapping her clit with his balls she
erupted into her first vaginal sex orgasm. She collapsed
on the bed with him pressed to her back still pumping her
hot cunt as she squealed continuously. He reached around
and teased her clit under her panties and the orgasms crashed
with a new force one after another. He pulled from her, she
begged me to keep fucking her, and rolled onto her back and
they fucked facing each other kissing wildly. She covered
his neck with wild bite marks and clawed at his back as I shifted
her into all kinds of positions pushing and placing her
young flexible legs around like a rag doll as he fucked her
tight pussy and brought her to orgasm time and time again.

He had been fucking her for over an hour and she lay me down
and straddled him.

'Do you like it when a girl gets on top of you?' she

Her desirable lithe form perched across his hips and she
rose up and guided his cock in side her once more.

'I'm addicted to your cock; I want you to cum inside
me soon.'

She cooed as his cock once again parted her sopping, tight
cunt. As she began a slow ride, he clasped her hips and moaned
as I felt every ounce of control leave me. He reached up to
squeeze her sweet breasts and just as he squeezed the nipples,
he felt her gush into his lap and begin to moan again shivering
violently as if she was having a fit. Her cunt seemed to vibrate
and suck me inside her as if his cock was being drawn into
a whirlwind. She fell forward, kissed him and erupted in
orgasms and he thrust up at her feeling his own excitement

'Cum in me.' she screamed.

He felt his cock slide deep into her, his balls touching
her ass cheeks they were so close, so close that his cock
and her cunt ceased to be separate entities and became as
one hot sticky mass of pleasure. The endorphins flooded
every nerve in his body and brain and he exploded inside
her moaning and screaming. Orgasms passed over them both
in waves of intense pleasure his cock throbbing and squirting
buckets of cum into her eager pussy, which gushed a torrent
of pussy juice. As his cock throbbed and swelled, her pussy
seemed to contract and pulse around it. The pleasure was
indescribable, the climax so intense that the next thing
I remember is waking up half hour later with her exquisite
pussy still attached to me his cock firmly inside her but

Heidi and Marcus became lovers and she managed to confine
her sexual exploits with Marcus' 'mid life crisis
clients' and run her PR Company. His love was driven
by the jealousy he felt each time he watched her screw and
her's was enhanced by the most impassioned lovemaking
Marcus could muster. Each time they made love was more exciting.

In the mornings somewhere in the conversation over coffee,
she would reached inside his robe and begin to caress his
cock and kiss him again. ' I love playing with it I can't
leave it alone.' She pumped at it vigorously, so expertly
he could not believe how good it felt. She gathered the skin
around the tip and peeled it back until the glistening head
stained and throbbed the blood vessels swelling it. Without
missing a stroke, she slid to the floor, guided his cock
to her tits, and with one hand slid the straps off her nightie.
She clasped his cock firmly, guided it to her nipples, and
circled each one in turn with his straining cock tip. '
I want you to cum over my tits soon.' She clenched her
small firm breasts together as I pressed his aching cock
between them. Her satin flesh clenched tightly around
his cock as I leaned forward to fuck her tits. She alternated
between wild stroking with both her hands and placing his
cock between her tits. His cock began to throb and he lost
control quickly and violently. He screamed 'OH God
I'm Cumming.' and sprayed her hot tits with load
after load of cum. Heidi rejoiced in it as if she was a born
again being baptised she rubbed it all over her chest and
scooped handfuls into her mouth. When she finally let go
of his cock he had almost passed out from the pleasure and
she was covered in cum that stuck to her hair, dripped down
her chin and glistened on her chest like a new skin.

When she got up off her knees they kissed tenderly for a few
minutes and she led him to the bathroom where a spa full of
soapy water awaited them. He helped her out of her sexy nightie
and she removed his robe as they kissed our way into the spa
sitting next to one another. She reached over and turned
on the spa and he caught sight of her delicious ass and superb
tits as they disappeared under the water. They teased each
other, kissed, and fondled ardently for a few minutes and
he managed to masturbate her under the water a few times
while she fondled his cock under the pretext of cleaning
it. He could not believe that after so much sex in such a short
time that he was hard again.

'Pussy wants your cock again. Marcus.' She purred
as she stood up, froth and bubbles glistening on her lithe
shapely form. She straddled him and guided his cock to her
pussy and once more, he felt the impossible tightness of
her opening crush his thick cock. I entered her fast and
deep and she put her arms around him and bounced her tits
up and down against me as she rode him sexily once more. She
came again and he clasped her delicious ass cheeks and pulled
her toward me as she moaned ecstatically. She writhed as
he held his cock her deep inside her. He caressed her ass
cheeks and teased her asshole with his finger and as he did,
she became more excited. He slid a finger into her asshole
and she screamed the roof down shouting

'Oh yes I like it in there too do you want to do my hot lil'
asshole honey?'

He lunged his finger into her tight asshole as she writhed
and moaned incoherently on his cock, which was deep in her
pussy. They got out of the bathroom and dried off quickly
and continued fucking in the hallway, in the lounge room
and the bedroom each time he thrust his finger inside her
asshole she got more excited and her orgasms seemed to increase
in intensity.

She put on a sexy black bra, panties, then a red camisole
top, and a short black hipster skirt. He put on his clothes
and they returned to the lounge room to cuddle on the couch.
Just like they had in the car the first night they met only
this time with the certain knowledge that we were going
to have hot anal sex we fondled and kissed each other urgently.
They teased each other kissing and fondling like teenagers
heavy petting for over an hour. He brought her to countless
orgasms and she fondled his cock until it swelled unrecognisably,
thick and engorged as it had been so many times in the last
twenty-four hours. He began to fondle her top and try to
remove it and unfasten her bra but she stopped me.

'I want you to do me fully clothed, except take my panties
off.' She panted. Every day was another approach she
constantly kept sex fresh and exciting with erotic games
and clothing. He reached under her skirt, hooked his finger
around the wet panties, and slid them to her knees and she
eagerly wriggled out of them. She stood up, reached over
the table for her makeup bag, and reapplied her lipstick.
She came over to me and slid to her knees as he stood up and
took his cock in her mouth again covering it with her hot
wet red lipstick. She dribbled wetly all over it and slid
her mouth over it sucking his cock expertly into her mouth
swirling her tongue around it as she lifted her head back
and then sucking hard as it slid down her throat he was so
close to cumming he had to use every ounce of strength to
hold off. Then as quickly as she started she stopped, stood
up and bent over the table.

'Put it in my pussy until it's super wet then fuck
my hot tight asshole and fill it with the cum your saving
for me.'

He plunged his cock deep into her wet cunt and pressed deep
as she wriggled tempestuously against his cock. He slammed
it into her a few times until she began to whimper and shiver
again, then withdrew it and pressed the tip of his cock against
her tiny buttonhole. The tip dripped with her ample wetness,
he pushed hard against her opening, and she winced, screaming.

"God it's so big! I love it in my ass do me, fuck
me hard and cum in me I'm aching for you.'

He pushed into her tiny tight hole and felt his cock throbbing,
aching to release his load but he was determined to give
her a good fucking no matter how short. He reached around,
pressed his hand against her wet pussy, and masturbated
her vigorously and as she began to shiver in an orgasm that
met the pleasure of his entry into her sweet tight asshole.
He began to move inside her and her screams and shivers built
to frenzy. Once more, the sensation of their entwined organs
seemed to merge. It didn't matter this was her asshole
his welling cock erupted and the throbs met her vibrating
hole which closed around his swollen shaft like a vice matching
each of his throbs and squirts with its own exquisite muscular
spasms. Her orgasm and his intertwined as if their sexual
organs were one mass that rippled in unison.

Marcus had discovered her secret, she loved him inside
her ass more than anything and few men gave her that pleasure
and after she met him she denied most that reserving it strictly
for him. Heidi continued to play exciting and imaginative
games with Marcus' clients meeting them outside of
the rooms too while Marcus felt the pangs of knowing she
was with someone else.

On one such occasion that Marcus had her recall through

Heidi wore a skin-tight green pastel halter-top dress
that hugged her voluptuous curves like a second skin. Made
of sheer stretch cotton it plunged low about her ample cleavage
revealing her firm tanned breasts. Martin Peak dreamed
of what beautiful lingerie lay beneath. Marcus had promised
she would cure him of his sexual problems but he was unprepared
for just how beautiful she was or how unbelievable was his

"I know what you're thinking but I'm actually
not wearing any panties or bra. I get enough of that at work
and it makes me feel so sexy not wearing any. So Mmmmmm you
know ready."

He held her and they kissed excitedly as his hand slid up
the back of her skirt and onto her bare ass cheeks.

" I'm so wet for you Martin."

He slid his fingers between her ass cheeks and felt the wetness
there as they kissed more deeply, French kissing. She ground
herself against him and he pulled her dress up to her waist
so her naked pussy rubbed against the rising shaft in his
shorts. She began to quiver with excitement. She put her
hand on the thickening lump and grazed it with her fingernails
feeling it swell dramatically with each featherlike touch
of her eager fingers.

"Take me to the bedroom I want to suck your hot cock."

He picked her up and carried her slender body to the bedroom
laid her down and began kissing between her tits and suckling
at her nipples. She fondled his cock wantonly delighting
in the swelling giant as it thickened and hardened beneath
her touch. As he suckled her glorious tits he rubbed her
clit and teased her pussy until she began to shiver and whimper
with pleasure and she came. The instant she squealed in
pleasure he shoved two long thick fingers into her and she
erupted in cries of joy as he wiggled and lanced the fingers
deep into her freshly opened paradise. She gushed and bucked
at his thrusts and revelled in his excited fondling. He
reluctantly kissed his way down to her pussy knowing he
needed to taste her but he was entranced by her fulsome bosoms
and could have spent the night fondling them and suckling
them. He longed to shove his cock between them. When his
tongue tasted her sublime juices and his senses filled
with her scent he felt the blood rush through him violently
in moments she was screaming incoherently. His deft tongue
and artful lips eliciting orgasm after orgasm from her
in a torrent of wetness that drenched his face and made him
gulp down the sweet nectar greedily. She made him feel like
the worlds greatest lover. For near on an hour he held her
pinned to the bed screaming for him to eat her, until he felt
his cock stretching all limits of its own dimensions straining
at the seams bristling with blood vessels, distorted and
hyper sensitive.

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