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DOLLY'S dINER: everything you always wanted to eat


Dolly's Diner: Everything You Love to eat served with
a smile

I hope you enjoy my erotic writing as it answers the question,
"What can you actually do with a Magna cum Laude in
Creative Writing?" This story is the result of a writing collaboration between
myself and a fellow perv. He submitted the premise, I responded,
back and forth until I finlly won out, ending the story with
our anti-hero "getting the proverbial girl."

I write jack-off porn where everybody leaves happy. These
fantasies take place in a city of dreams I'd like to

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Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually explicit
material. It is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor,
please leave now as it is illegal for you to be here. If you
are offended by sexually explicit stories, please read
no further. These stories are just that, stories, and do
not promote or condone the activities described herein,
especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices or
sex between adults and minors.


No one believes me, but it's true. I've been there,
though I can't remember where "there"
is. That's the price of admission, it seems: you can't
remember where, just what. Oh–and the memories drive you
wild, perhaps even mad. So, you can see why someone might
not believe me. But I know. I've seen. I've tasted.
And every time I think back upon that night at Dolly's
Diner my cock goes iron-hard and I shoot until I'm dry.
With NO HANDS. I can't help it. I don't want to help
it. I want to find my way back…

The edge of a town with no name. The streetlights so strung-out
and threadbare that the neon from the strip joints and dive
bars are the only effective source of illumination. The
streets are empty save for a lone whore with her trick up
against an alley wall, gagging on his prick while he slaps
her face to get her to take his length all the way down. I don't
know if the john notices, but she's fingering her ass
from behind. Sweet girl, I think.

I keep walking. I'm the loser with nothing to lose.
All my money spent on booze and a whore that possessed the
singular talent of doing shots of jizz that me and 6 or 7 other
guys that chipped in five bucks provided. Jizz with a Bud
back. That's the kind of world I live in.

Anyway, I was lost in my own depraved thoughts before I noticed
that the town had evaporated around me. Just a big empty
street and a couple of stray animals whimpering off into
the night. I noticed some lights up ahead and nothing but
swirling mist behind me. Yeah, I know: weird. As I walked
further the lights materialized into what looked to be
an old fashioned Diner car and sure enough, there's
a big neon sign winking at me: "Dolly's Diner".
I thought it strange that there were no windows. The light
was coming from these Christmas-like lights all over the
place. But, like I said–or did I? I didn't know shit
from shingle in regards to this town, and I was tired, drunk,
and well, fucking lost. I could use a cup of decent coffee
and a sit-down. I went up to the door and walked in.

Now, I know this is going to sound fantastic, improbable.
It will sound like the ravings of a perverted mind, a sick
fuck who's lost his marbles from a pud-pulling addiction,
but I swear on my sack that it's all true. Every bit of

The first thing I noticed was the dark sexy neon glow, the
only lighting being these blue neon strips that circled
the room at the ceiling--not the usual fluorescent headache-
waiting-to-happen that normally accompanied a plate
of hash and eggs. The next thing I noticed was the music,
a kind of slow, dark swing… and sure enough, there was a small
jazz combo at one end of the diner, suits and all. The singer
was crooning an ominous version of "Harbor Lights",
cigarette dangling from his fingers. He winked at me as
I surveyed the layout.

Weirdsville, man.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I noticed four to
five booths lining one wall opposite the requisite counter
and stools. All but one of the booths was occupied, as were
all but one of the stools at the counter. In one booth, a group
of four schoolgirls were perusing menus, pigtails and
all. At another booth, there looked to be two wealthy socialite-type
couples, man and woman each, dressed to the nines, also
reading menus, though how they could read in the damned
blue light was beyond me. It also occurred to me that I was
seeing better than I would think possible. Weird. Before
I took in the rest of the scene, a very well dressed host was
at my side whispering…

"Will you be dining or observing, Sir?"

What the hell… this was more like a supper club than a diner.
And me broke as a spoke. Observing? Was that a wisecrack?

"Uh… I was just looking for some coffee, " I
managed to mumble, feeling pretty self-conscious in my
overcoat and jizz-stained pants. Fred Astaire, I'm

"Observing, then. This way, if you please."
He showed me to the vacant stool at the counter and before
I even sat down a busty blonde dressed like a fucking French
maid set a steaming cup of Joe in front of me.

"Enjoy, Sir." I didn't know if it was the
waitress or the host that said it, and I didn't care.
I pulled my head out of potential pussy land. The coffee
tasted great. The music lulled down into a whispery version
of "Harlem Nocturne", the singer taking a turn
at the piano. Was it the light, the music, or the booze, I
wasn’t certain, but I started to feel… slippery… like in
a dream. A very nice dream.

All of a sudden, or so it seemed, I heard the voices of the
other patrons as the host slash waiter made his rounds.
And just as fast, I'm wondering real hard if someone
put something in the house brew..

The host was at the schoolgirl's booth. "What
can I get for you young ladies tonight?"

"I think we're all going to share a big Hot Cum
Sundae with chocolate ice cream." The pixie-ish
brunette announced, to the amusement of her girlfriends.
What did I just hear? What the fuck kind of place is this?
I must've heard wrong…

"One big Hot Cum Sundae. Chocolate." The host
removed their menus and went presumably to turn in the order.

It had to be a gag. Some novelty menu like a "James Dean
Rueben" or some shit. Still, . they shouldn't
be letting these girls talk dirty like that. Not that I'm
one to set an example. But, still. Ah, better hold my peace.
I didn't want to be back outside wandering aimlessly,
freezing my nuts off.

The host returned to the socialites' booth. "And
what can I get for you, ladies and gents?"

The eldest of the men, a tall crisp looking fella with a shock
of white hair spoke up. "We'll take two orders
of Sausage-Stuffed Cunt for the ladies and four Virgin
Piss Lemonades, if you please."

"Fine choice, Sir. I trust you‘ll all have a…” the
waiter nodded as agreeably, "delicious and memorable
dining experience.”

My jaw must've hit the ground. I seriously started
wondering if someone slipped some whacky pills in my Joe.
Damn… the food here must be amazing to get these wealthy
fucks to talk like that. I mean, the atmosphere was great,
sure, and the music, just to my liking, but you're not
going to hear me order a "Sausage-Stuffed Cunt"
or whatever-the-fuck. If I want a hot dog I'm going
to order a hot dog, damn it.

I turned back around and noticed my cup was almost empty.
I wondered if I had enough cash to cover a cup in a place like
this. Before I could come to a boozy conclusion the hot blonde
was there, tits busting into my face, asking me if I wanted
more? I nodded, mouth dry and aching for a suckle on those
mammoth jugs. She turned around and bent over, reaching
for the cream, when *I* almost creamed: she was wearing
no panties! Just a smooth, pink hairless slit glistening
and winking up at me. Holy Toledo, did I get a bone on then!
She turned quickly with the cream and a sly look in her eye.

"Enjoy the show…"

I couldn’t tell if it was a statement or a question. That's
as far as I got before "the show" began.

Four other waiters appeared from the kitchen area, marked
Dairy. They're carrying a massive bowl of chocolate
ice cream and spoons which they set upon the edge of the schoolgirls'
table. The girls clap their hands and giggle like… well,
like schoolgirls. Then, the waiters line-up at the edge
of the table and ceremoniously unzip their pants, each
pulling out a substantially sized cock, each furiously
stroking it. The girls clap, a couple of them nuzzling and
fondling each other. The waiters moan as each takes a turn
unloading his thick spunk onto the chocolate ice cream.
The girls ooh and ahh, grabbing spoons.

What. The. Fuck.

I can't believe my eyes. I must be drugged. This can't
be happening. I turn to the guy at the stool next to me after
elbowing him and… what the fuck?! The guys got HIS dick out,
jacking away, watching the girls dig into their spermy
sweet treat.

"What's the problem, buddy?" He asked.

I… uh… admit that it WAS quite a turn-on watching these little
nymphs chow-down on the splooge soaked ice cream. Especially
since it seemed that they were also involved in diddling
their own and each other's pussies under the table.
I did, in fact, have a nice fat hard going on in my pants…

"Just enjoy the show!"

Who said that?! Ohhhh… what the hell. It was like someone
put Spanish Fly into my coffee. My dick was so hard it began
to scare me. I started to wonder as I pulled it out whether
the waitress… or the schoolgirls… might want to help me
out. I know. Crazy. When in Rome, and all that jazz. I started
stroking away, eyeballin' the sweet tarts as the kitchen
door opened again.

This time it was two young women, walking decidedly funny
I might add, and two young girls carrying a pitcher full
of what appeared to be sliced lemons.

The girls climbed atop the socialites' table and set
the pitcher down. Then they squatted, pussy to pussy over
the pitcher, and began to pee. "Virgin Piss Lemonade".
I almost lost it right there and then. When they finished,
one of the matrons filled each of the groups glasses with
the liquid and lemons. The girls hopped off the table, bowed,
and exited to the gentle applause from the table.

Two older, but still young women now approached the table,
dressed in simple white summer dresses and still walking
funny. They climbed atop the table as well and lay upon their
backs, each facing a different direction. As they lifted
up their dresses and spread their legs I observed, and …
I shit you not… that each had a huge long kielbasa stuffed
in their pussy, arching up and out now like an obscene horse's

The socialites said a toast and gulped their warm "lemonade"
before nibbling on the sausages still stuffed in the women's
snatches. I could smell the musty cunt-sausage odor and
see the grease dripping down the women's ass cracks
as their tongues lapped up those juices.

By this time the table of schoolgirls was doing its own pussy
and ass licking.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn't know what to do.
I was about to shoot my weight in jizz.

"Are you ready for a second cup of our special blend..?"
the French Maid attired waitress said, appearing at my

"Huh?" I was interrupted from my reverie as
I watched the dapper old gent whose name appeared to be Morris
beckon one of the schoolgirl’s over to his table and sit
her down on his lap, lifting up her plaid skirt and pushing
her panties to one side. The two female socialites were
still dining from between their servers spread legs. I
watched as the women squeezed the kielbasa into the dowager’s
mouths inch by inch. The girl, no more than 14, was squealing
in delight, pigtails flying as the patrician old man started
tapping his knees in an effort to keep the girls cunt sloshing
up and down around his cock which looked sizeable from where
I sat, slurping my second cup of the bitter hot caff. Mauling
her little titties was the taller man, quite dapper in tails.
The two old men worked the teen between them when the scene
took a turn for the worse.

Morris seemed mesmerized by the sight of the girl’s ass
cheeks quivering around his pole, but he looked up with
a twisted grin and caught his friends eye, “Hey Charlie,
you really ought to try this fucktoy. nothing like destroying
some fresh sweet meat!” Charlie pulled up a chair in front of the girl. His fat dick
was straining at his pants while he inhaled the delicious
fragrance of the schoolgirls flesh. “Ummph, Morris, yes…”
he said, sucking on her little titties. “I love this diner
fare! “ Charlie was squeezing her breasts together, looking
the sullen teen in the eyes while biting her nipples. " owww .....!”she cried out as he sucked her whole
tit into his wolfish mouth.

This irritated Charlie, who snapped, “ Waitress! “ breaking
the seal he had made on the girl’s tender flesh, "I
intend to suck these young nubs all night long if I so choose,
but I simply cannot can't have her whimpering!"

"Of course, sir , " the waitress nodded, hurrying
over to him. “I’m sure she’s just ready for another spoonful…“
The waitress was all business as she approached the adjacent
table where the rest of the schoolgirls were in a jumble
of pleats, bobby socks and long bare legs. She picked up
the bowl of ice-cream, still glazed with a generous spray
of cum and returned, quickly feeding gooey spoonfuls to
the half-nude teen perched on the old guy‘s lap. “ Here you go miss…” the waitress cooed, “ eat some more of
this good sperm sundae.” As she ate the Hot Cum Sundae, the
teen visibly softened. Apparently, the Diner’s Blue Plate
special had made her horny enough to take any abuse Charlie
dished out. “That’s more like it” the older gentleman said, as if this
type of table service were par for the course. Seeing the
way the teen squirmed with renewed vigor, fucking herself
up and down on Morris’s meat stick turned the guy named Charlie
on so much he stood up and unzipped his pants. Charlie smiled
almost benevolently at the girl, “ You poor cock crazed
whore. You can't get enough so I.m gonna feed you, "
he unzippedd his pants and a huge fat priclk fell out. The
girl moaned"Feed me yes fuck me please." Charlie
chuckled, "You just love to eat cum, don’t you cumslut?“
I stared struck dumb at the scene, yet I was pleased to hear
the girls delightful reply, “mmmm mmm… good. More cum please.”
“Oh yes, she’s as hungry as our pussy-loving wives, but
a much better fuck!” Morris laughed, “And I intend to feed
her hungry cunt first! She’s really been such a very good….“ Whack!! Whack!! his hand reddened her ass for emphasis,
“…hungry little piggy.“

With a broad satisfied smile Charlie stood before the girl,
smacking her pretty face with his turgid cock. She opened
her mouth, sticking out her tongue but Charlie seemed to
enjoy the slow tease."not yet fucking pig!"
Thwop ! Thwop! Thwop! across her nose."You need a
good dickwhipping" Thwop ! Thwop! Thwop! across her face.He stsrted beasting
her face wildly with his dick, laughing at her as she tried
to stivck her tongue out, “Smile piggy!” he cried, as he rubbed the head of his dick
into her eyes. “you have such a pretty smile. So smile when
I smack your face!" The young girl kept opening her mouth while the geezer smacked
her smooth freckled face with his hammy piece of cock meat. He held
it just inches from her face, watched her intently as she
stretched her neck out, trying desperately to tongue his
balls. Morris held her tiny waist, fucking her slowly while
this went on. “You ungrateful child! None of your schoolmates are getting
the chance to play with cocks tonight! Mind your manners
or off you go!” I watched, no longer amazed, just observing, and honestly,
loving every second of this show. The girl hung her blushing head down, positively
ashamed, while Charlie reprimanded her shoving his cock
in her ear “Now what do you say ?” He looked as if reducing her to a pathetic
hole begging to be filled made him happier than anything.
She looked up at him face nearly obscured by his huge nutsack
“Thank-you , Sir.“ she mumbled, anxious to get this over
with. I was sure I could smell her from where I sat. He rubbed his cock just once, lightly, under her nose. “That’s
right, dear. First you say Thank you, Sir for letting you
smell it.” He thought for a moment, then seemed to change
his mind. “ I don't think you deserve this cock to suck
after all, “ he decided and began a wild beating about her
head with his cock until he finally came all over eyes and
nose. It was awful, but so sexy; the poor girl blowing bubbles
of cum through her nose. She took a few moments to wipe the
jism from her eyes, which angered the man she was impaled

"Bounce that cunt!” he ordered, slapping her ass
and thighs and tugging on her athletic socks. “ Much better, ”
he said as she dutifully raised her ass up and down, bouncing
her body on his cock while the cum dried across her cheeks
and nose.

The other old guy was wagging his deflated meat in her face,
going for round two. Maybe this time she’d get a chance to
swallow, I thought. I watched Charlie stick his fat middle
finger in her mouth, which got her fucking Morris much better.
Both men wearing cravats and tails, but pure glassy-eyed
with lust. I just just kept pounding my meat as if it was my fucking cock buried in her snatch. It was horrible:
her little titties raw and exposed, that gnarled finger
popping in and out of her mouth obscenely, and the girl sucking
the old mans finger as if her life depended on it.

"There there baby, don't cry, You need to suck
dick ? Is that what you want?”

The girl nodded with relief saying, "Thankmmph you
" as the man inserted his still limp cock between her
angelic lips, which she eagerly sucked into her sweet mouth
with a look of contented eagerness. “You are very welcome, my dear, ” he replied, fully burying
his rapidly expanding meat down her throat until she was
gagging on it. Pre-cum gathered at the tip of my own enlarged
shlong, yet I held back, fascinated, savoring this fantasy
come true, and admittedly, anticipating my own easy entry
into one of her holes. I had to admire the style of these gents:
absolutely non-plussed by their wives at the other end
of the table, completely focused on enjoying their…dining
experience ..and making the nastiest acts seem like a graceful
pas de deux. These gents sure knew how to enjoy themselves!
Charlie had her in a head lock, thrusting his hips into her
face, the more she choked, the more she squirmed, the more
intense the pleasure became evident on both their gnarled

"Lets really make her dance, " Charlie chuckled
as he looked over her shoulder and together they contemplated her winking asshole. Morris
gladly obliged, spreading her ass wide while the face-fucker
shoved his wet finger right up her ass …which I must say,
got her moving around like nobody's business. What
a glorious sight she was: cheeks blown out like a chipmunk,
impaled on the standing mans cock as he methodically fucked
her face, fingering her ass hole vigorously while she rode
the seated man---- fucked until she came so hard, clenched
around fingers and cocks that the dowagers sat up and took
notice. I almost shot my wad as the old guy grabbed her hard
, battering the schoolgirls pink holes with a vigor and
enthusiasm of a man half his age, slamming his cock into
her and by the sound of it, cuming in that little 14 year old
pussy like it was the angel cunt of heaven itself.

It was surreal. Fuck it, yeah, I thought. I started whacking
off furiously, about to explode au fuck here it comes …when
the schoolgirl waddled by, semen running down her lovely
legs, stopped to look at my red throbbing cock and said words
sweet to my ears, “ Oh please don't waste it. I'm still dying for
cock, " She giggled, grabbing my dick in her soft little
hand, then made herself comfortable beween my legs, mmm
she moaned licking mt balls, mmmmmm mmmm, " Would
you mind sharing?“

I knew I was dreaming but sensed the guy two bar stools down
moving in for sloppy seconds and I thought oh no, its my turn
and smiled, ”I’d love to.”

Much as the sight of my balls being fed into her mouth was
fantastic, I had decided that the first thing I was going
to empty my load into was her cunt. Her ass and mouth would
be next. "Come here, , sit up, ?" I said, and
as she rose, I confidently slid my middle finger gently
into her abused pussy while she pressed up close to me. “Are
you ok ?" She was soaked.

"mmmm….yes”, she whispered, “I love getting stretched
out by big cocks. "

Oh my god she was hot.

"That’s wonderful.“ I said . “I’m just concerned
about your pussy. Let me check it to make sure it doesn’t
hurt.“ "Sure "she replied, making herself easily
available to me. "Wonderful " I replied. I freely
played with her swollen cunt until I got bored and turned
my attention to the feast that was her young chest. "How
about these nice round titties?" I was in heaven as
she lifted one, then the other to my lips. I fed on her titties,
I suckled those round b cups, so fresh while she moaned softly
. I noticed the guy next to me, had moved closer and had his
penis in hand, rubbing his hard-on against her ass cheeks.

"Dude, " I said, as the creep positioned his
cock between the cleft of her ass, “I have no doubt she‘ll
be fucking all night.” My angel looked disappointed but
I wanted her total concentration. "You can fuck her
next, or for that matter, stick it in any one of those empty
holes, " gesturing to the exposed assholes belonging
to her schoolmate busy burying their faces between each
others thighs .

"Oh yeah< man.." he said as if mesmerized/
"He smiled. Thanks for the tripleplay."I watched
as he gently guided the girls asses next to each other, assholes
offered up like a feast, spit into each girls ass, then took
turns dipping his cock into one then the other. As he pulled
out of each ass the girl moaned forlornly. the dude stand
before three young asses then begin fucking them by turn."I'm
fucking as fast as I can, "he cried

My own slice of heaven was whimpering for my attention.
I didn’t know when this dream would end and whispered, "oh
baby I am going to fuck you now. " To my amazement , she dutifully slid off the bar stool, as if
she had waited her whole life for the opportunity I had just
made her. She bent over, grabbed her ankles, saying, ”Cheerleader.”
by way of explanation then offered me her creamy filled
snatch . I contemplated this sight which I thanked the holy
mother for before I finally plunged into her hot girl cunt,
ooh fuck you bitch

She was babbling something about how this always happened
after eating Dolly's Diner food which was all I heard,
deep in the midst of a long, well-earned, juicy dream fuck…
savoring every slow tight thrust . I loved it.

"You hot little bitch!" I cried , "this
is a pigtailed dream of preteen pie that I’m gonna blast
a hot fuckin load into..!"

“Please !“ she begged. I was fucking happily, just about
to cum when the pussy I had made a nice home in was unceremoniously
plucked off my cock and set atop the ice-cream counter.
Now this was really getting to be too much! “Wha. Tha. Fuck?“
I watch her eyes lock onto mine in a wordless “sorry” as she
was surrounded by the four waiters, who gently lay her down
and began devouring her with long pink tongues, hungrily
slurping the remaining cum from her cunt. There I was, the only loser in a wet dream not getting any:
standing there, helpless, prick hanging out, and all around
me everyone seemed to be enjoying the most delicious sexual
escapades imaginable, and not one poor bastard besides
me, prevented from coming. That’s the overlord of my existential
wasteland…even in a wet dream, apparently I’m still denied.
Best stick to booze. The delightfully nasty sight of my angel being given a tongue
bath was suddenly obscured from my sight by two milky torpedos
just at eye level. The owner of those fat teats informed
me, “Now that is what we here at Dolly’s call just desserts.”

"Huh?" I stood there, wet glistening tool in
hand , it really was all I could do not to just reach out and
start sucking… but the Tattoo across her massive left tit
proclaimed Dolly. She looked like an obscene stuffed St
Pauli girl: ruddy cheeks, bright pink nipples, fleshy
white tits that jutted straight out… all round, too big,
but still deliciously suckable. “Are you ready for your check, Sir?” she asked

Dolly was completely topless, and looped her arm through
mine, guiding me with a steely grip around the place. She
was apparently adored by the patrons and seemed to more
than enjoy the tweaks and gropes to her breasts, the random
hands having a go beneath her skirt as she stopped by each
table, inquiring about their dining experience, often
leaning down to offer a tit to a lucky customer. Every time I tried
to surreptitiously tuck my boner back into my pants, her
hand reached down to grab a hold. There was no getting away
from my supper club Amazon. I settled into the flow, watching
intently as I noticed milk seeping out from one mans mouth.
“Would you mind if I let go for a moment, sweetheart?“ she
cooed as if we were old lovers. These boys are here on a field
trip and it’s getting past their bedtime. We had stopped
at one of those large circular booths, where a troop of boy
scouts crowded around her, vying for first suck. “Sure…” I said and sat down, uncomfortably.

"Milk time!" she said happily as the boys crowded
around her covering her tits with sweaty hands. She sat
there grinning as she got properly felt up and the milk started
spraying from her unbelievable melons. I wanted to kneel
before her sucking, sucking, sucking, Oh my God, I could
not take my eyes off the scene as each boy took a turn, hungrily
mouthing her tits as if they were in heaven. As they nursed--
some for long blissful minutes-- their little pricks stood
up and Dolly smiled benevolently."There now boys,
drinking warm titty milk just makes you want to come all
over Dolly, doesn't it dear, ?" she said, perching
each prepubescent boy upon her knees eyeing the underage
cocks straining at their shorts."Well boys, you
know I'd love to line you up and blow you one by one, but
just tonight, Im a bit, occupied so will a suck and a tug do?
On the house of course!"

Dolly made a quick pleasant business of nursing each boy,
maternally jerking them off and licking the cum from her
hands before setting another young boy to milking her swollen

I wasn’t left to ponder this sight alone for too long when
two incredibly warm breasts pressed against my back. I
felt rock hard nipples through my coat. Ok, lord, the redeemer,
whoever. I repent, prostrate, fornicate, fuck! Thank
you. It was the bald cunt in her short drindleskirt and suspenders;
round perfect tits, luscious ass and smooth hands creeping around and thrusting deep into my pockets. Please
let me cum! There I was, cock hanging out of my pants, Dolly’s
milky nipples inches from my nose, and this hot young slut
squirming against me.

What the hell was going on? I wondered She pulled her hands from my empty pockets. "He's
broke, Dolly.... not a dime . He came, he watched the show..."
She eyed my exposed prick, "Just look at that throbbing

" Yes…" Dolly agreed, grabbing my cock in her
paw, “he certainly is enjoying the show… my show."

" Observing and enjoying two cups of our special blend."
The music swirled.

"And no money at all, is that it you perv ?" Dolly
laughed a loud guffaw, tits heaving. “Now don’t you worry
Mr. Big Dick …“ She leaned in close to me. My head was spinning.
In the background the cool slow music was beating a snaky
rhythm, the table of socialites seemed to be getting ready
to leave, the old gents helping their wives on with their
minks, and everyone murmuring as if they’d never had such
a perfect meal. I smelled her gardenia perfume as she brushed
the side of my cheek with her bruised pink lips . I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Up close she looked beautiful
in the most obscene way imaginable. . Too fuckin weird, I thought and my mouth went
dry. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I sat
there, hard as a rock, aching to cum and frozen with a mix
of dreadful anticipation as she squeezed my cock slowly
and deliberately and murmured, “Cat got your tongue, Mister?
“ A garbled”urgh “ was all I could muster. “Sweetheart, ” she said. “don’t you realize that here
at Dolly’s diner, Pervert is a compliment. And from your
fine form, I feel confident that you’ll have no trouble
paying me what you owe me.”

Then Dolly and the pretty waitress knelt down and before
I could say Jack Fuk they took turns vigorously slurping
away at my tool. One had her mouth glued to my nuts heating
them up, Dolly bobbing her head like a proper cock whore.
Just as I was about to flood her throat with cum she started
expertly squeezing , stroking and milking my cock. The
waitress held up an old fashioned glass quart jar and splat
! Splat ! Splunk ! I came into it.

"That's right, " Dolly said, "You
will pay in cum loads, ."

The young waitress kissed the head of my cock and tucked
it back in my pants while I sat there grinning and speechless. She turned and explained,
" We never have enough cum for the customers."

" Follow that ass to the dairy where you'll be
working off your debt. By the way, that ass--it's yours
while you're here, " Dolly whispered, as I loped
behind that pretty pink pussy feeling my cock swelling
already as I prepared to plow her cunt and fuck her senseless

"Don't worry... you'll be comfortable,
fed , rested, and sexually stimulated continuously.”
The waitress gushed, looking positively gleeful as I ran
up behind her and roughly felt her up. "Maybe you'd
like to fuck my ass next? We’ll be needing a quart from you."

My mind reeled. How long would it take to fill a quart bottle
with jizz? I smiled broadly, thinking of the patrons who'd
be eating it off a chocolate sundae.......

THE ABUNDANT FUCK rejects the the virgin/whore dichotomy which seeks to divide our souls from our bodies and our spirituality from our sexuality. I am a proud, unrepentant slut. I believe in the ethical, safe pursuit of pleasure and spiritual connection. warmly,Gooddoll

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Nice and rough. makes me think of that all night diner car
on Sutter Street


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thank you. i have received so many comments saying i wasted
my education writing this outhouse drivel. i think i stated
clearly, i write porn to jack off to, nothing high minded
about it,

my goal was to get someone hot. i hope i did that.

and for those saying i wasted my education, hello...I'm
the one who said it! it's a joke to think a masters in
creative writing could lead to a viable career. if the best
I can do is string together a few words that turn some folk
on, I'm happy.


_JKH_ 64 M
Score 31.6

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Very good dolly !

~ ~


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Well, that was some very, VERY H-O-T-&-S-T-E-A-M-Y
writing, Dolly! And no, your education is not wasted, I'm sure
you can find good use for it in your personal & spiritual


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you do have a very nice set of tits there and would lov e to
see more if you naked..