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This is madness, Nancy thought, as she stretched out on
a deck chair by
the hotel swimming pool, rubbing lotion on her body, using
to protect her eyes from the bright glare of the afternoon

She had arrived early in the morning, checking in at the
Miami Beach
hotel and registering for the teacher's convention
before noon.

The convention was the excuse for the trip, the ruse to fool
husband. He was a good man but he did not understand her hunger,
taking away her E-mail so she could not correspond on line
with anyone.
Yet, she had managed, writing the author of her favorite
erotic stories
through the private messaging, sending him a public phone
number and a
time to call even specifying her time zone.

To her surprise he had called and she was thrilled at the
deep sound of
his voice, trying to imagine what he looked like, her mind
them fucking wildly in a hotel room, she becoming his willing

From that first conversation, they continued in contact
as he set up an
E-mail for her, providing her with a name and password,
using his own
mail as an alternate verification source, so she could
have a secret
mailbox and correspond with him, telling him how much she
liked his
erotic stories.

They corresponded for weeks, every message charged with
sexual images,
every line she wrote or read making her wet. Boldly, she
had sent him a
photo of herself wearing a two piece brown bathing suit,
the same one
she wore now as she waited for him, for her favorite author.

They had continued talking by phone. She had bought a disposable
phone at Wal Mart, calling a number he had provided and he
told her how
he would use her, fingering her, fondling her ass and tits,
his cock
entering her mouth, her cunt, her rosebud rear hole. Alone
at home she
had stretched out naked in her bed, playing with herself,
moaning as
his voice echoed in her ear with promised lust and orgasmic
She experienced orgasm after orgasm, burying her fingers
into the wet
folds of her mound, finger fucking herself as the Cuban
described his
tongue licking her clit, his cock impaling her ass, his
meat ramming
into the folds of her hungry, middle aged cunt. It had been
and she had made up her mind that she wanted him, wanted him
to be fucked by him and used in any way he desired.

The night before her trip to Florida she had masturbated
as she
showered, rubbing the soap bar up and down the folds of her
cunt as she
pretended that the hard soap was the head of a creamy prick,
his prick,
the one that was going to impale her in a Miami Beach hotel
while her
unsuspecting husband was back home, at work, unaware of
her depravity.
Her masturbation had concluded with a gut wrenching orgasm
on her
knees, the stream of water from the shower head cooling
her as she
moaned with her release.

This is madness, she thought as she glanced at the singles
and couples
in the hotel pool. I have come here to see a man I have never
met, a
stranger. Is he going to be as good as the stories he writes,
use me as
he controls me and teases me? This is insane but I want to
give myself
to him; I want to be used by him in a way I have never been taken,
even by my husband. I am here to be his toy, to be owned totally
for a
couple of days, defiled, used and abused and just thinking
about it
makes me wet.

Nancy looked around her at the men and women splashing in
the pool or
stretched out on deck chairs. Some of the younger men reminded
her of
her high school students and a woman with a thong bikini
made her self
conscious, aware of her age even though she kept herself
in good shape
and knew she was still desirable, still fuckable.

Where is he? He said he would meet me poolside in the afternoon,
thought as she panicked for a moment, hoping her trip would
not be

Perhaps he's here already, looking at me. Could he
be the balding man by the pool bar, the one wearing the Bermuda
shorts? He has been looking
this way, checking me out. Or perhaps he is the one stretched
out in
the deck chair on the other side, the one with the blue swim
trunks? I
hope he shows up soon before I lose my nerve.

Nancy felt a presence walking behind her, someone walking
towards her.
She gulped, not daring to turn her head, both excited and
afraid of the

The Cuban was suddenly next to her, looking down. He was
dressed in
sandals, black shorts and a royal blue beach shirt. He had
a full beard
and wore sunglasses, big in a bear sort of way, about six
feet and a
couple of hundred pounds. His crotch was at eye level with
Nancy and
her eyes moved up from his thighs to his face. She could not
see his
eyes, hidden behind the dark sunglasses, but could feel
his eyes
burning her as he stared at her, appraising her body stretched
out on
the deck chair.

Even though she was wearing a rather conservative two piece
brown suit,
Nancy felt totally naked.

"Hello, Nancy, " he said with the same deep
voice that had made her wet
over the phone.

"Hello yourself, " she answered nervously.

The Cuban sat on a deck chair next to Nancy, lighting a cigarette.
did not speak as he puffed silently, staring at her.

He was inspecting her, looking at her breasts, the nipples
hard against
the soft fabric of her top and between her legs, at the slit
outlined on the swimming suit. Nancy kept quiet, shifting
nervously on
the deck chair.

"What's your room number?" he asked.

"Eight eleven."

"Go there and wait for me, " he instructed,
"Get some ice and I'll be
there in a few minutes after I stop at the hotel store and
pick up some

As she walked away, Nancy could feel him staring at her ass,
her rear, running in his mind the list of things he could
do, and would
do, to her behind.

She ran the ice errand quickly before going into her room
to wait for
him, for the man who would use her without her husband's

This is madness, she thought, but I'm as wet as a twenty
year old
groupie waiting for a rock star. I am here to be his toy because
by his
words alone, on e-mail or phone, he knows my soul, can see
into my
being and understands the fiber of my hunger. Do I really
want to do
this? Yes, I do. I am looking forward to being used.

She had left the door open and he strolled in, carrying a
bottle of
premixed pina coladas. The Cuban locked the door and began
two drinks as he stared at her.

"Remove your sunglasses, " he said, "I
want to see your face. Ah, yes,
you have very pretty green eyes and I also like your short
brown hair.
It's nice."

"Thank you. I like you also."

Nancy had expected him to make a move as soon a he entered
the room but
the man did not seem in a hurry.

"Let's go out in the terrace, " he said,
"and talk for a while we smoke a
bowl of the good stuff and drink these pina coladas. Oh and
don't put
the shades back on; I want to look at those green eyes while
I talk to

They sat side by side on a rattan couch in the balcony, yet
he did not
touch her as he passed her the lit pipe, as they talked. The
weed and
the liquor kicked in and the conversation was about sex,
raw lust,
making her more excited than she already felt.

He told her some of his experiences, including having a
six month
relationship with one of his former high school teachers,
an older
woman with green eyes just like hers, although she was taller
Nancy's five foot seven frame.

"What do you weigh, about one thirty?" he asked,
"my teacher, Annette,
was about five ten and about one forty five. She had a great
ass. She
was married also, just like you but she liked me and we got
together a
couple of times a week for half a year until she moved away.
We used to
cover ourselves in whipped cream and lick each other dry
and she loved
taking it up the ass. One time we were parked at a beach during
hours, making out and she went down on me, taking me in her
mouth. A
young couple walking by stopped dead on their tracks and
looked through
the passenger's window and I did not tell Annette,
I just rolled down
her swim suit and gave the transfixed strangers a perfect
view of her
ass and wet cunt. Annette did not realize we had an audience
after she sat upright, her lips coated with my cum."

Nancy told some stories also, her conversation drifting
to her present
sex life, her hidden desires and her constant reading of
erotica. She
admitted to the Cuban being overwhelmed by his stories.

"You dominate your characters without being cruel, "
she said, "you tease
and create anticipation and then you take and posses. I
lie teasing
too. I like it when a man looks at my crossed legs or down my
and I can sense his feelings, his excitement. I have done
my share of

"Am I teasing you now?" he asked, puffing on
the pipe.

"You are driving me crazy, " she said, "I'm
very excited and ready."

He leaned forward and kissed her, surprising her with the
sweetness of
the motion, only the face making contact, his tongue penetrating
mouth. She was hoping he would fondle her but he broke of
the kiss,
leaning back on the couch, smiling.

"Take off the top, " he said.

She glanced around, momentarily wondering if someone
see her topless
from the balcony of a nearby building?

Her hands grasped the clasp of her bathing top, releasing
her tits. The
Cuban nodded in appreciation as he reached out, softly
playing with a
nipple, making her gasp.

"Am I teasing you now Nancy green eyes? Your nipples
are hard. Are you
enjoying this? Do you like me playing with your tits?

"Oh..... yes.....I'm so ready."

"Take off your bottom."

Nancy was surprised. Topless in a Miami Beach hotel balcony
was one
thing, but totally naked? Yet her hands grasped the swim
suit bottom,
pulling it off and she sat naked next him, feeling exposed,
and so excited that she trembled as he stared at her, enjoying
nakedness, her willingness to give herself unconditionally.

"Does it feel good?" he asked.

She nodded, feeling her face flushed, blushing like a school

"If your students could see you now, " he said
"have you ever had impure
thoughts about your students, Nancy?"

"Yes.... I mean, I would never, of course.... But
yes, I have seen
muscular teenagers, eighteen year old seniors with chiseled
bodies and
small gym shorts and yes, I have wondered how it would feel
to fuck,
suck their cocks and allow them to do anything they want
to me. Yes, I
have wondered..."

His hand dropped down between her legs, his finger tips
teasing her slit
and she stiffened momentarily, surprised, afraid and

"You are wet."

"I told you... I'm ready."

He removed his shirt, exposing a thick, hairy chest. The
Cuban kicked
off his sandals.

All that's left is the shorts, Nancy thought. Is he
going to take them
off out here? Is he going to fuck me right here on the balcony
someone could see us?

"Kneel between my legs, " the Cuban said.

"Eh.... Here?"

"Yes. Now."

She did kneel naked between his legs; her skin felt feverish
in spite of
the afternoon sea breeze.

"Tell me what you are, " he said as his fingers
caressed her face and
short brown hair.

"I am your slut, your toy. I am your fuck toy. You can
use me any way
you want."

"What do you want?"

"Your cock."


"Anywhere you want to put it."

"Ask me nice, just like in my stories that you like
so much."

She smiled, feeling wanton, totally out of her mind, intoxicated
by the
weed, liquor and her own hidden hunger about to be unleashed

"Please let me suck you, " she pleaded in her
most seductive voice,
enjoying the game, "Please fuck my face. Let me suck
your dick, please
and I will swallow it all..."

"Not good enough, " he said teasing her, mind
fucking her as she wanted.

"Use me like a whore. Fuck me hard. Let me suck your
dick, please. I
need it. I will swallow but please, fuck my face.....I will


"Yes, " she hissed, "I will fuck anyone
anywhere, but please put your
dick in my mouth. I want to suck your cock...I'm going
out of my mind.
I'll... swallow your cum, take it up the ass and do anything

"Take it out. Rub it against your face, but don't
put it in your mouth."

"Yes. I'll do anything you say."

She opened up his shorts, and fished out his meat, grasping
the hard
thickness of him, stroking him as she bent forward, rubbing
the cock
head against her cheek bones, forehead, down the line of
her jaw. His
cock felt warm and hard against her face.

"Don't look around, " the Cuban said,
"but we have an audience on a
balcony across the street. Two men and a woman, give them
a good show,

Was he kidding? Was this part of his teasing game or was somebody
looking down on her naked, kneeling body as she rubbed the
fat cock
across her face?

"Suck my cock and finger yourself with your free hand."

The Cuban's meat entered her open mouth slowly the
thickness of his
flesh sliding on her tongue as Nancy sucked him willingly,
taking him
until his testicles rubbed against her chin. Her tongue
licked the
shaft; her teeth softly raked the head. She let out muffled
moans with
her mouth full of cock and he grasped her by her short brown
pushing his meat even deeper, rocking her face up and down
on his cock.
She moaned in delight, her mouth grasping him, licking,
chewing, her
face wet with the sweat beads that the hot sun had formed
on his
stomach as he pumped his hips and talked to her as she fingered
in frenzied lust.

"They are looking at us, " he said, "looking
at you, Nancy, looking at
you sucking my cock and fingering your cunt. Does it excite
you green
eyes? Does it excite you to be watched sucking a dick? You
are a good
cocksucker. Do you suck your husband like this? I like to
fuck your
mouth.....yeah, that's it, nibble the tip, lick the
underside... I like
to fuck your face. It's very exciting to see those strangers
in the
balcony looking down at us, seeing you eat my cock.... One
of them is
looking at us through field glasses, so open your legs more.
probably staring right at your ass and cunt, seeing them
close up."

Nancy leaned forward more, repositioning her legs wider,
exposing her
private parts even more to the trio in the balcony. Nancy
could feel
wetness in her slit, could feel beads of sweat and her own
running down her thighs. She was excited beyond anything
she had felt
before, soaked in desire, thrilled that strangers watched
her play the
slut, gobbling the latino's cock as she finger fucked

This is madness, she thought, but I love it, love the prick
in my mouth
and love the strangers looking at me. They will talk about
this for a
long time, telling their friends about the cock sucking,
naked woman on
the hotel balcony. What else will we do today? What else
does he have

"The three of them are passing the binoculars around, "
he said, "and
they are probably talking about what kind of a slut you are,
head out in the open in the middle of the afternoon. You are
a slut,
aren't you, Nancy? You are a married slut who likes
for other men to
use you. Your unsuspecting husband is probably at work
right now and
you are enjoying yourself eating a dick and letting strangers
look at
your ass, tits and cunt. Suck hard, Nancy. I'm going
to come in your
wet mouth."

She increased the tempo of her sucking and her fingers moved
between her legs. She was sucking dick with incredible
enthusiasm, her
tongue licking up and down the length of his shaft, her teeth
nibbling his knob, teeth gripping the cock head firmly,
surrounding the
meat tube in the wetness of her mouth. Time after time, her
lips slid
down over the head and stem, taking his cock as deep as she
could in
her mouth.

Nancy had never enjoyed sucking a cock more, being totally
carried away
by the experience, aware of the sunlight heat on her skin,
the sea
breeze chilling her sweaty nude body as her fingers tweaked
her clit,
while she stroked his dick and swallowed his manhood. His
cock was
coated slick with her saliva as he guided her head and she
made wet
sucking sounds and he groaned, overwhelmed by her mouth.

"They are looking at us, " he said, "looking
at Nancy sucking dick,
eating dick, getting her face fucked. This turns you on?"

Nancy grunted an affirmation and stroked him harder. She
wanted the
Cuban to come, to burst a load in her mouth, she wanted to
pleased and
be pleasured and if anyone was watching her play the slut,
so be it.
She licked the Cuban cock with total lust, thrilled at the
depravity of
the moment, the feeling of a new dick sliding upon her lips.
Cuban's meat tasted and smelled different than her
husband's and Nancy
enjoyed it, relished it, feeling like a whore sucking the
man sitting
in front of her, the man who was using her for pure raw pleasure.

She actually came before he did, jolts running through
her body,
twitching spasms making her emit muffled screams as she
continued to
suck him, while his hands guided her head up and down, up
and down, in
rhythmic motion until he, too, exploded, gushing thick
ropes of his
cream inside her mouth and down her throat while Nancy made
sounds and swallowed all she could, savoring the taste
and illicit
pleasure of his cum, before he pulled his cock out of her,
rubbing the
slick, wet dick across her cheekbones, marking her face
with the last
drops of his climax.

"Go clean up and wait for me inside, " the Cuban
said, "you did that very

As Nancy stood up, totally naked, face streaked with his
juice, she
looked at the building across the street, at a balcony where
a three
people stood, looking at her. One man waved at her and she
waved back
before entering the hotel room.

Once inside, they went on the bed. The Cuban started with
her tits,
pulling and teasing the nipples, dripping pina colada
on her aureoles,
his teeth grasping her hard tips, pulling softly, his tongue
circles on the flesh. He knew how to suck a tit and she moaned
satisfaction, hoping he would fuck her soon, impale her,
make her come
as she felt his cream bursting inside her.

As he nibbled her breasts, one hand rubbed her pussy, pushing
fingers between the lips and spreading the lips to find
her clit,
making her gasp in delight. After several minutes of fingering
and tit
sucking, the Cuban slid down on the bed, opening Nancy's
legs, burying
his face in her mound, his teeth nibbling her clit as she
bucked and
grabbed at his head, her fingers clenching around his hair.
She opened
her legs even more and pushed upwards, pressing her wet
slit jammed
against his face, enjoying the intruding tongue.

"Oh, " she moaned, "you animal, you are
going to make me come
again.....lick my cunt, eat me good, use me.... yes, that's
yes, that's it...perfect....yes, honey, eat me,
taste me good... I'm
going to....come soon... I am so hot."

Nancy exploded once again, pressing her thighs against
his face and he
drove his tongue deep, making her scream as she twitched
in a jolting
spasm of pure lust released. Before the string of her orgasms
the Cuban turned her around on the bed on all fours, mounting
doggie style. As he teased her before penetration, rubbing
his cock up
and down on her slit, Nancy went wild.

"Fuck me, " she begged, "use me...please
fuck me now. I can't stand it...
I need to be fucked... Please fuck me, please, fuck me deep
with that
thick, fat cock....I love your dick..... I loved sucking
your dick...
please I beg you, don't tease me like this....I need
to be fucked
now... I want to feel your cock enter me... Defile me, abuse
me, fuck
every hole....Please fuck me. Fuck me like a whore. Take
my cunt or
ass...but take it now....just fuck me!!!"

The Cuban pumped his hips, pushing his dick deep into Nancy
and she
bucked, pushed back, responding with pure animal pleasure,
her cunt muscles, squeezing his thickness, milking his
hardness. He
sank deep into her, to the hilt and he swiveled his hips,
feeling his
cock inside Nancy's wet slit.

"Fuck me hard... I'm going to explode
all over your cock.... I
need to be fucked... Oh, fuck me with your fat cock.....hard.....
me like a whore.... stick that meat in me... Give it to me...fuck
slut with your dirty prick....Fuck me hard...I like being

They both came together with an orgasm that seemed to come
everywhere at once, joining them in a common jolt before
their bodies
went limp on the bed and they rested, sweating and breathing
hard while
staring at the popcorn ceiling.

They napped for over an hour, showered and the Cuban told
her to dress
for dinner. He picked her outfit out of her suitcase, a yellow
and sandals.

"No bra or panties, " he said, "we are
going to meet some of my friends
and they dislike undergarments."

Nancy realized that the sundress was thin and with some
transparency in
its light color, which meant that when standing near a bright
light she
would seem almost naked. Strangers would see her nipples
outlined against the top and perhaps one could also see
a patch of
shadow between her legs.

"You want to show me off?" she asked.

"Yes and perhaps lend you out."

"To your friends?"

"Yes. My friends and yours; you know them."

"I do?"

"Some of the characters in my stories are real people
and two that you
have read about will join us tonight. There's Eduardo,
the 25 year old
Latino actor and one his sex partners, Shelley, who's
in her forties
and looks like Melanie Griffith. She's married but
comes down here on
business every month. You will like her and she will enjoy
doing you

Nancy blushed. She was ready to be fucked by all three.

They met for happy hour at a casual bar in South Beach. Nancy
Eduardo, having seen him in a commercial. Shelley did look
like a
slightly heftier, chestnut haired version of Melanie
Griffith and was a
warm conversationalist. They ate conch fritters, onion
rings, bread
sticks and drank mojitos and pina coladas, flirting with
each other,
talking about show business and sex.

After the bar, they walked up and down South Beach, before
heading back
to Nancy's hotel room. There, they sat on the balcony
where they shared
three bowls of weed and polished off another container
of pina coladas.
Well buzzed, the four entered the room.

"Take off the sundress, Nancy."

She did, kicking off the dress and sandals, leaving her
totally naked.

"Turn around, " Eduardo said, "let me
see your ass."

"She looks good, " Shelley said.

"She is good, " the Cuban said, "would
you like to taste her, Shelley?"

Shelley stood in front of Nancy, who waited without moving,
slightly with lust anticipation.

"Undress me, Nancy, " Shelley said and the
naked woman moved without
hesitation, her fingers reaching out for the speaker's

"Go ahead and strip, " Shelley said to the two
men, "Enjoy the show."

Nancy undressed Shelley, breathing in her perfume and
her body scent.
Shelley had a full body, well maintained and desirable;
she didn't wear
any undergarments under her dress.

"Like what you see, Nancy?" she asked, "want

They came into each other's arms, their lips parting
to kiss, tits and
cunts pressing together. The first was a lingering kiss,
a flavor
taste, followed by passion of dueling tongues, neck bites,
ass fondling
and pussies grinding against each other. Their hands pressed
each other's mounds as they continued to kiss, licking
each other's
face and neck. Fingers lingered between labia and tits
pressed against
tits, both moaning in their hunger and desire for fulfillment.

They went on the bed together, one on top of the other; their
moans were
unceasing, growing in volume, as fingers clutched flesh,
entering wet
cunts. They nibbled and licked each others tits, chewing
on the hard
little knobs. Soon, both faces buried themselves into
mounds and lapped
clits, legs spreading, pushing, humping upwards, as each
woman was
totally immersed in the excitement of the moment, in the
raw lust of
the deed. They pushed their tongues in deep, fucking the
slits orally.

Their bodies stiffened, their hips pressing together
as the spasms came
in a blinding, consuming molten moment. Both women went
limp, laying
flat on their backs on the hotel bed.

The men straddled their faces, the Cuban's dick being
gobbled by
Shelley's mouth while Eduardo dangled his cock inches
from Nancy's

Nancy was exhausted from a day of constant orgasms but she
was still
excited by the sexually explosive situations. The young
actor's meat
was there for the taking and she reached for it, stroking
it, feeling
his hardness.

"Do I make you hard, Eduardo?" she teased, "an
old woman like me makes
you hard?"

"Nancy, " he answered, "You make me hard;
now, be a good slut and put it
in your mouth."

Nancy started at the base and licked the length then her
lips encircled
his cock head. Nancy licked Eduardo's tube and gave
love bites to his
thighs. Her head came inches off the pillow as she took his
length in
her mouth, deep throat. His dick glistened with silvery
streaks of her
saliva as Nancy allowed the mushroom head to slip out of
her mouth
before trapping the shaft head once more between her teeth.
Her tongue
circled around the head once more, her hand stroking his
shaft. Then,
her lips wrapped around his hardness in a perfect pink circle.

Her mouth was warm and Eduardo bucked his hips, fucking
her willing
throat. Next to them, Shelley was sword swallowing the
Cuban's cock.

I can't believe this is happening, Nancy thought as
she stroked and
licked the young actor. I'm giving head to an actor
I've just met; a
stranger is fucking my mouth. This is madness.

Nancy was completely overwhelmed with the prick in her
mouth, licking,
chewing, moaning, feeling the warmth of him, thrilled
at the taste of
the cock almost ready to spurt its load, ready to climax
with him,
holding back until his meat pumped the salty cream in her
mouth and
Nancy gasped hard, joining him in her own explosive orgasm.

She was spent, drained and the Cuban was saying something
but she was in
a haze. Hands grabbed her and placed her on all fours, pillows
jammed under her to raise her ass and give her support.

Nancy, on all fours, spread her legs more, opening up her
ass cheeks,
offering both cunt and ass for penetration.

"Nancy, " the Cuban said, "I'm going
to fuck your ass."

Before entering her, he kissed between her white, round
cheeks, the tip
of his tongue almost teasing her rear entrance. She groaned
in delight
and he positioned his cock meat against her rosebud opening.

There was a moment of stillness, a pause before penetration,
a second of
teasing anticipation. As he pushed into her she gasped,
feeling his
thick cock spreading her open. The Cuban meat slid into
her rosebud
hole inch by inch, filling her slowly as she helped the anal
ass cheeks open, pushing back, accepting, clenching her
ass on the
Cuban's cock, squeezing his thickness and he groaned
in delight. His
balls were banging against her clit with each pounding
stroke. She
pushed back some more and whimpered in delight as he stretched
her and
her ass engulfed his prick.

"You like this, Nancy?" he asked, "like
having your ass fucked?"

"I love it. I love taking it up the ass...Oh, fuck me
deep...I am such a
whore....stick it in me, fuck me, use me... I love your dick
in my
ass...fuck me, crack my ass.... my ass... I'm
your toy, your are so thick... yes... that's it... I like
being fucked up
the ass....fuck me deep with that thick, fat cock...."

The other couple was in the bed next to them, imitating their
Eduardo's cock deep inside Shelley's ass. Nancy
gasped as she looked at
them, while the Cuban grabbed her hips and drove that thick
cock of his
as deep as he could between her white ass cheeks. The two
couples moved
as body and shadow, pushing, pumping, ass cheeks opened,
giving and
accepting the rite of defilement. Both women were pushing
back as both
men bucked their hips, their hairy balls slapping against
their ass
cheeks. All four were fucking hard, using deep, long strokes,
back in total acceptance.

Eduardo and Shelley moaned loudly, coming in muffled screams,
next to them, at the same time that Nancy felt the fire inside
her, the
molten heat exploding her nerve endings. She bucked back
slamming into
the Cuban's belly, his hard dick sinking deep into
her ass, spurting a
thick load of warm cream inside her as her mouth opened in
a silent
scream and her body jerked with the orgasmic, jolting spasm
of her own

It was the hardest, most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.
collapsed on the bed, drifting off, falling asleep from
being totally
fuck drained.

"Green eyes, " she heard the Cuban say before
she passed out, "You were

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