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Cuckhold evil


My wife loves to rut with other men, while I watch. We got
married quite young, and as usually happens after the first
few years our sex life got kind of dull and predictable.
One day I suggested expanding our horizons to have a threesome
and to my surprise, my beautiful young bride Janet agreed!
What I did not grasp at first though was, she met me and another
man. This idea took a little bit of getting used to for me,
but after all she was no virgin when we met and neither was
I. So the conversations that night turn to the question
of who it would be.

I really should not of been surprised that this came up,
because before we had this discussion I was trying to spice
up our sex life by waiting until her special moment was upon
her and then as I pounded away as best I could I would whisper
the name of other man into her ear. I knew that psychologically
this would force her to picture the person without even
thinking about it, and therefore implant the idea that
it was them who was plowing away madly between her legs!
This fantasy play grew into her out right fantasizing about
these other men, some of who she had actually lain with before
we met, and others who she had not but had perhaps always
wanted to. This current of the game of way laying her as she
walked into the bedroom, slipping a blindfold hood over
her head which we purchased online at an adult toy store,
roughly removing her clothes and taking her to bed and then
pretend her.

This play got her incredibly hot, and as long as she never
called out the safety word I would have no mercy on her young
luscious body. I began pretending I was these other men,
and began to enjoy the game even more than I believe she did.
It got to the point where merely the idea of another man -
or men - opening my wife's legs, grasping her around
the delicate instep of her lovely bare feet and entering
her hot wet ready hole, roughly and perhaps a bit too deeply,
would give me a terrific hardon! And this was the point at
which we had these discussions of making our fantasies
of having a devils three-way real. Now the only task remained
to choose the man we wanted to include an approach them with
our idea. Perhaps I shouldn't have been too surprised
when everyone we talked to about it jumped at the opportunity.

Janet was a little nervous about the whole situation when
the first of the guys came by the apartment. His name was
Ed, a neighbor of ours. His wife was a real little bitchy
ball buster and the idea of getting his meat inside somebody
who would appreciate it appealed to him greatly. But with
Janet of that weirded out about doing it in front of me with
somebody, and add also nervous on that account, I decided
to just leave them to it that afternoon and go run a couple
of errands. As I was out running the car through the car wash
and making a stop at the hardware store and stopping over
to see a buddy and drink a beer on his sofa with him, I knew
that Janet was back at the apartment with him probably doing
everything she enjoyed so much. She enjoyed having a man
undress her, and make her naked in front of him while he was
still fully closed. Then she would sit on the edge of the
bed, or sofa whatever, and watch as he stripped himself
nude for her. And then while sitting there she liked for
him to walk up to her as I had on so many occasions since our
wedding, and present himself for her practiced and expert

She was one of those rare girls that actually enjoyed feeling
a man's member go hard within her mouth, while she reached
down between her own tightly close legs with one hand and
let those delicate slender fingers make yourself ready
for him. Traditionally then she'd love to go onto her
back and have the man take her firmly by the ankles and open
her legs so that he could use her. She always threw her head
back in ecstasy as she was entered for that first time! But
I had talked to Ed earlier, and I knew that he preferred them
on all fours. And so, looking at my watch, I imagine her on
the bed or the floor in front of our living room sofa taking
it doggy style from one of our best friends. His bitchy little
wife Laura would be so pissed off she knew! But fortunately,
Janet and I had no problem keeping secrets like that. I killed
pretty much the whole afternoon, and when I got home I noticed
the curtains were open on the windows facing the parking
lot of the apartment buildings which was our predetermined
signal that it was all clear. Ascending the stairs and sitting
my key in the lock, I entered and found Janet sitting there
right mind on the sofa wearing her old faded friendly genes
and comfy T-shirt, and reading a magazine. Setting my stuff
down and kicking off my flip-flops (we had a no shoes/barefoot
rule) I moved to join her on the sofa and she drew her toes
up enough to give me room. Reaching down and laying my hand
lovingly on her pretty bare foot, I said "so how was

Dropping her magazine contentedly, she repositioned
and turned her head to look at me. "Oh God sweetheart,
it was fantastic. He's not as long as you are, but he's
a little bigger around and after he was finished with me
I didn't think I was good able to walk!" Grinning,
and happy for her that she had a good time in bed with our friend,
I asked her "did he come inside you?" She nodded
her head up and down happily and confirmed that not only
had he come in her, but it had evidently been a long time since
he had as he had flooded her out. She said "why was in
the shower it took me two disposable douches to get them
all out of me". I was a bit disappointed as I had held
onto the fantasy all afternoon but when I walked in the door
she'd still have his shots of jizz pooling within her.
But there would be plenty of other opportunities for that,
and if she had felt the need to clean herself out, well, I
could live with that. "Well good sweetie, I'm
glad you had a good time" then I stood up and went into
the kitchen to get us both a drink. After all, it was a warm
afternoon and she had expended a lot of fluids working up
a sweat!

We spent the evening together after a simple dinner, and
then finally came bedtime and we readied ourselves to slip
between the cool clean sheets together. As had always been
our habit we both slept in the nude, as most Americans do.
We marveled at the foolishness of some people who actually
wore some kind of pajamas or other clothes to bed, since
it just never felt right. We settled ourselves comfortably
for the night and as I had hoped, I felt Janet's cool,
slender and amazingly strong and agile fingers seeking
out my manhood. She dallied there, toying with me absently
as she recounted for me how it had been with Ed earlier that
day. The things she had done, the things he had done, the
things he had made her do, all the dirtiest details were
related to me in a quiet bedroom voice. And when I was fully
firm in her grip she began moving her hand, her wonderfully
closed fist, length my is my cock jacking me slowly there
beneath the covers, in the dark. She did this expertly,
drawing on her years of practice with me sensing my readiness
and approaching need. And at just the right time - or from
my point of view, the wrong time - she stopped her actions
and released me, just as my need was becoming undeniable
and my release imminent. Then she shifted position and
turned to kiss me full on the mouth, our tongues finding
each other briefly before she pulled away and said "I
love you more than you can imagine, you know. Good night
my love" and then she turned over onto her side away
from me, and forbid me to touch myself because what I had
down there belonged to her and was not mine to waste. Then
she settled herself to drift off into sleep leaving the
delay there on my back in my need. Aching agony, but unable
to do anything about it as I had been for bid and the touch
myself. She was breathing softly and evenly in her sleep,
for what seemed like hours before I finally managed to lose
my erection through cuckolded frustration if nothing
else, and drift off to a restless sleep myself.

This last play had been on a Wednesday, and now is Friday
and she was ready to play again. I called Ed and invited him
over and told him this time we were going to be sharing her.
Ten minutes before the prearranged time for him to come
across the hall from his apartment, I told Janet to go into
her bedroom stripped naked lay on the bed and wait for us.
Obediently she turned and moved away down the hall toward
the bedroom, and I heard the soft skin on the soles of her
feet padding softly against the tile of the hallway floor.
After a few minutes there came it's soft tapping at
the door, and when I opened that he stood there in only his
boxer shorts. I grinned and asked him, "didn't
have the balls to come out your apartment naked, huh?"
to which he grinned and said that he was still scared of getting
caught in the hallway. But I laughed and said the fear of
getting caught is half the fun! I stood aside so he could
enter, then I closed and latched the door and turned toward
the bedroom gesturing for him to follow me. The bedroom
door was closed, so I turned the knob and the two of us entered
and there lay my bride on the bed nude is I had instructed
her to become, with her fingers laced behind her head as
she lay there on the pillow. Her legs were slightly apart,
not wide as in the invitation yet casually exposing her
sex. I moved toward the end of the bed and stripped my shirt
off over my head, and then looked at it in confirmation and
as I and snapped my cutoffs and drop them to the floor his
boxer set the carpet at the same instant. And so we stood
before her too cock switch were about to make use of her body.

I looked at it and asked him, "would you like to eat
my wife's cunt?" which made him grin, and he moved
instantly between her legs, parting them, and without
preamble began nuzzling and lightly kissing her cubes.
She made a yummy sound and willingly opened them up bit farther
for him as I join her on the mattress laying on my side next
her, and laying one hand softly on her belly reached in and
kissed her lovingly. She opened her mouth to receive me,
and our tongues quickly found one another as we began to
deeply soul kiss and share one another's breath. Her
breathing deepened as she turned on and as I pulled back
I saw both her nipples were standing erect upon their perfect
mounds, and so moving my hand up from her belly I cupped one
breast lightly fingering that nipple as I lowered my lips
to the other one and suckled her. She took her hands from
behind her head and unlacing her fingers, gripped firmly
posts of the headboard as she arched her back and side saying,
"oh my God, yes!". It was now actively sucking
her clit, flicking it with his tongue rapidly, and penetrating
her with his tongue as she opened to him. I did so love it when
my wife behaved like a slut! But then of course, most husbands

I kept suckling her, fingering cupping and playing with
her perfect breasts, and deeply kissing that luscious
mouth as Ed brought her to her first climax with his practiced
oral skills. Then he stood up at the end of the bed and his
erect cock stood proudly for her to look at. I said to her,
"look honey, look at what's about to use you!"
to which she laid her head back down and said to me, "whatever
you say honey. Whatever you want. I have to do whatever you
say". I nodded that Ed and he moved into position above
her, positioned the head of his penis against her opening,
and then without a word slid effortlessly inside her. Again
she threw her head back in the ecstasy of what was happening
to her body and moaned with pleasure. I rolled away from
her slightly and guided her hand down to my own now fully
erect shaft so she can hold it and stroke me slightly as it
began pumping and plunging his cock between her legs. I
stared at him there, one of the only instances where you
can openly look at another mans hard cock without it being
weird - watching it sliding in and out as he fucks your wife!

After a few minutes of this and slow down and then withdrew
slowly from her, as evidently he was getting close to blowing
spume. I took that as my cue to have my turn, and I replaced
them between her thighs and said to her "you know babe,
the only thing better than watching you get fucked is fucking
you myself!" and with that I positioned the head of
my cock down where belongs, and stressed myself within
her where my friend just been, and began pumping my meat
into her. I reached down beneath the small of her back and
with my strength hoisted her pubes up so that I was on my knees
and her holes out the right height the list let me plunge
away madly. She was moaning and sighing with the pleasure
of the fucking, and her cunt was wide open and sloppy-wet
and ready, which I found most satisfying. Then dad tapped
me on the shoulder and said "mind if I cut in for another
turn?" so I slowly withdrew politely, freeing her
up so he can have another turn. We continued in this manner,
trading back-and-forth sharing her between us until we
were both dangerously close to the edge of coming, and at
this point I decided it was my turn to chow down so I placed
my face between her legs and began eating her muff to give
us both a break. I watched as Ed then took the place I had previously
occupied laying beside her, on his side, and started taking
his turn holding, suckling, and tweaking her nipples,
and kissing her full on the mouth which she opened to receive
his tongue as she had for me earlier. Although my cock was
going without attention at the moment, it brought me nearly
to the point of orgasm again to think that I had my tongue
in the hole and lips against the snatch which the two of us
had only moments before had filled with our cocks.

While I had no problem remaining firm, eggs erection had
begun to will slightly having taken the break from the action,
and as I watched he moved into position straddling those
perfect breasts and lowered his cock so she could begin
sucking it. Just as she had opened readily for his kisses,
so she parted her lips and let them begin to fuck her beautiful
mouth. Again I drew excited thinking how she was tasting
herself on him! I felt needful of her hole again and so changing
position again I thrust myself back within her, causing
her to moan suddenly even though her mouth was full of the
moment. Again I grew fearful of coming too soon and so I placed
my shaft fully within her, balls deep as I could go, and held
perfectly still as I reached down with practiced thumb
and fingers and started jazzing her clit. Her cunt went
absolutely wild on my shaft, her muscles internally squeezing
and gripping feeling like she wanted to tear it off of me
as the orgasm to which she had been dangerously close to
begin with rippled through her body from head to toes. As
she did so it reached down and lightly pinched both nipples
simultaneously, which made her ride even more wildly.
God I was glad I'd married this woman-child!

Ed was ready for another turn, and I wanted some of what he
just had so we traded places she began cleaning herself
off my organ as he filled her a new between the legs. However
we had flipped her over so now her asked was in the air, Ed
was sucking her dog style, and I was sitting on the bed with
my legs out and then angle so she could literally go down
on me my hard cock pointing straight up from where my aching
needful balls laid against the bed spread. I was dangerously
close to pumping my product into her mouth, and that's
not where I wanted it to end up so I signaled her to stop and
remove myself from under her but then laid down with my head
for the balls had been so now she could lower her face and
again soul kiss me, with tongs and deeply, as Ed banged away
at her cunt and with his strong hands parted her cheeks so
that he could see the tight pucker of her butt hole as he took
her for his pleasure. And then as we kissed, my tongue detecting
the taste of her sex and both of our cocks on her lips, it began
grunting and held his cock fully in her motionless as he
spewed forth this product for the day. She moaned into my
mouth with the sensation of his molten cum splashed deeply
within her. Breaking free from her kisses I rapidly moved
to take place behind her as Ed was now removing his rapidly
fading erection and leaving that space available for my

Without preamble I smacked her sharply on the ass as I reentered
her in this position and began beasting her as roughly as
I could. And so I fucked myself into her reveling in the feeling
and knowledge of another man's come coating my cock
and her delicate insides as I prepared to add to the mess.
It had laid down on the bed and she had turned to the side and
was now kissing him as she had kissed me earlier, and the
site of his wet glistening spent cock laying across his
thigh as my wife's breasts jiggled with the pounding
I gave her and she made love to the mouth of my best friend
from across the hall was more than I could take, and so with
a loud grunt and several mighty thrusts I too began to shoot
and spill my seed inside my wife. Again I smacked her hard
on the ass turning the cheek a pleasant pink color as I finished
orgasming into her depths. I withdrew from her as I was rapidly
wilting, my balls aching from the need and effort and repeated
banging against her snatch, and laid down on the other side
of her to rest. Then she repositioned and laid down also
on her back between us, and as each by the hand intertwining
fingers and said with a sigh, "oh thank you, thank
you both. That was amazing". We lain there for a minute
and then gently we both extricated ourselves from her grip
and move to the end of the bed, looking down on her and viewing
our handiwork. Janet was starting to drift off into a postcoital
slumber so I flipped part of the bed spread across her body
is a cover, and one into the bathroom to wash myself off.
When I came out Ed was gone, having returned to his own apartment
but I noticed his boxer shorts were still laying on the carpet
by the foot of the bed. Evidently he had finally found the
courage to go across the hallway buck naked! Looking back
at my lady one last time before I left the room and closed
the door so she could rest, I thought to myself... that is one well fucked fox!

Although sharing her body with other men had originally
been my idea, as most women do she took to it readily and soon
discovered how much great fun it was. It just bears out my
series that all women have an inner slut, an inner whore,
and all they need his permission to let her come out to play!
And so it was that two or three days a week, every week, she
would be out and about in the apartment complex meeting
and mating with different men, and sometimes women, just
so she could tell me about it in detail that night and then
turn over and go to sleep, knowing that I was laying there
in throbbing needful agony wanted to get between her legs
myself, but not being allowed. And the more she did this
to me, the more deeply in love with her I fell and the more
devoted to me she became.

After two months of this during which time I had ejaculated
involuntarily in my sleep three times out of the frustration
she left me in, she planned a special treat for my birthday.
I wasn't quite sure what it would be but I was sure it
would be special. And that night in her bedroom there was
a new addition to the furniture. A large sturdy solid wooden
frame chair, the kind school teachers used to sit in. She
undressed me stripping the nude, and set me upon a folded
towel on the seat of this chair. And then she secured me to
it. There were no arms on the chair, so my arms hung to my sides
and were restrained with straps of the tape to the chair
frame where the seat met the back. And though my ankles were
taped to the front legs were they hit the floor she had pushed
my knees together and secured them that way with a single
strap just below the knees. And so there I was, sitting there
quite restrained and helpless with my manhood in my lap.
At least she had taken the care to move my balls up from between
my legs before she shoved them together! She then stripped
a small length of silver duct tape off a role applied across
my mouth. Then she moved and dimmed the lights in the room
to only a single pink colored 15 watt bulb in a small bedside
lamp, and then went to her closet and slowly opened the accordion
doors. And into the dimly lit room, out stepped the largest,
already nude and greatly hung black man I had ever seen!
His head was shaved smooth, and his six pack belly and huge
biceps rippled with the simple movement of stepping out
into the room. And then standing before him, my darling
little bride began to strip herself naked.

"Now are you sure you want to do this?" he said
in a quiet yet deeply booming voice. And standing before
him, looking up into his eyes for her head came only up to
his shoulders, she said in a quiet voice simply "yes"
and then he asked her, "well I hope so because there
ain't no safety word!" to which again she replied
in the affirmative in the smallest most childlike voice
I've ever heard her use. And then as I sat there restrained
and helpless to do anything about it, or even voice of protest,
I watched as he pushed her roughly to the floor and forced
his amazing member between her pink pouting lips and told
her to start sucking his cock or he'd smack the shit
out of her. Now of course I'd seen Janet with a face full
of penis on several occasions, mind of course and several
others from the men she'd serviced since we began playing
this game. And I had it on good authority she had been well-versed
in the skill in high school before we met and began dating.
But this was something different, yes something very much
altogether different. Because even in a merely partially
erect state his organ was choking her and causing her to
gag, yet he kept both huge hands firmly gripping her skull
and forcing the thing down her throat. When finally her
choking became serious he withdrew from her now fully and
amazingly erect, and taking her under the arms lifted her
effortlessly and tossed her onto the bed. And then she said
to him, "now me you big dick bastard!" and
with that he grabbed those slender white ankles of hers
and literally threw her legs apart. Then he moved forward
using his powerful body insinuated between her thighs
to keep them that way, even in this light I could see that
he'd left faint red marks where he'd grabbed her
just above her delicate bare feet. The man was incredibly
powerful, I watched his muscles ripple as he once again
took hold of my wife.

"All right now slut" he said, "you asked
for this!". He had done absolutely nothing in the
way of foreplay to get her excited, and ready for intercourse.
And yet he was about to take her and forces way inside her
body. He retrieved a small tube which I had not noticed,
from the head of the bed and on capping it squirted a quantity
of strawberry scented lube onto his immense shaft, and
took only a moment to distribute it evenly around himself
and over the head of his huge cock before tossing the tube
over against the wall and then still grasping his cock positioned
it at her tender entrance and then pushed. And as he made
his initial thrust he placed his other huge hand across
her mouth which completely muffled scream she tried to
utter. And then he was stifling her protests with his own
mouth, kissing her hard and roughly as he pinned her delicate
wrists to the mattress, at her sides. And there I sat pinions
to my solid wooden chair and muted against all protest by
the tape my bride had applied my mouth is this huge African-American
rates my woman before my eyes, and all this amid the realization
that she had found him and brought him here, and paid him
money that I brought home from work to do this! And then the
realization crashed into my brain, as I started to grow
a throbbing painful erection of my own, that this was her
birthday gift to me - because she knew that I had always had
the fantasy of watching this happen to her. And again I realized
how much she loved me, as I watched him grunt and painfully
ream her delicate precious cunt that had at one time then
just for me.

He removed himself from her mouth and the pain she was in
was evident as he used her viciously, the girth of his manhood
was such that the stretching had to be painful and I knew
that the tremendous length of him was ranting itself into
her soft internals with every stroke, and with every stroke
he was literally knocking the wind out of her. And yet if
she looked over at me with tear filled eyes, for he had now
removed his mouth from hers and it appeared that he was doing
his best to tear her up inside, but amazingly she held her
silence. She was intent on giving me this gift of having
my long-held fantasy of watching her be , fulfilled
in real life! My heart swelled at realizing the love she
had for me to give me such a gift. I looked down at my own shaft,
literally half the size of the one she was taking now, and
where my heart swelled at realizing the depth of her love
for me, now my cock swelled with the excitement of watching
her be roughly taken by this brutish stranger. My organ
was now larger and more swollen than I had ever seen it. It
literally ached, and had I had a free hand there is no way
I would've been able to resist the urge to grab it and
begin stroking myself. The man so where she was looking,
and then turned his head to the side and also met my gaze.
"Your bitch has one tight white girl pussy!"
he said, and then "but I'm gonna take care of that
for you. It won't be so damn tight by the time I get done
with it!" And then he turned his attention back to
the business at hand, roughly grabbing her perfect B-cup
breasts and squeezing him until the nipples popped out
so that he could suck them, and hurt them as well. I was so
excited at what I was seeing I thought I might just squirt
my come into the air as I sat, but I did not. I simply sat there
watching how much my wife loves me, and enjoying the fantasy
driven live sex show she was giving me.

He withdrew from her now and unceremoniously flipped her
over, not drawing her up into the doggy position but simply
flat on her belly and forcing her legs impossibly wide open
reentered her already abused sex from behind. She reached
up and grabbed firm hold of two of the posts in our headboard,
and he said "that's right bitch, you better hang
on!" as he began pounding his way inside her just as
deeply and forcefully as before. This must've been
an effort for him, for now he did grab a hold of her below the
belly and hoist her ass into the air so he could use her while
on his knees, as I had done during the three some with Ed.
As he forced her to take his full girth and length she made
a slight mewling sound. Almost a whimper, and then she buried
her face in the pillows and moaned. I was starting to become
truly alarmed for her well-being, for this was my wife after
all and I loved her more than life itself! But then she raised
her head and turned to look at me through slits of Misty,
lust filled eyes, and I recognize that look. She was thoroughly
turned on, and receiving this more willingly than
I had imagined possible. The man was now perspiring, and
grunting with his efforts.

He looked over at me bound in the chair and watching what
he was doing to my soulmate, and he couldn't help but
notice the erection which was-for me-fully engorged,
and needful in its own right. I got the impression he was
amused at its size, as I said only being about half the size
of what he was swinging, but he looked over his shoulder
of the closet and said "okay girl, come on out, it's
your time to join the show" and out of the closet stepped
a young nude and breathtakingly beautiful black girl,
which I can only assume was maybe his daughter. The age difference
seemed far too great for her to be his wife, or even girlfriend.
But I didn't know. She stepped out of the closet and
came across the room to my chair and without looking at me
or acknowledging my existence as a person, she knelt down
and taking my cock in her mouth began sucking me, and marking
the expertly with a small and incredibly pink tongue. Janet
had her head turned and was again watching me get a blow job
from this beautiful stranger. But then one she had fully
lubed with her spit, she turned her back to me and backing
up so that her firm muscular ass was nearly against my belly,
she lowered herself down onto my cock which slid effortlessly
within her. She was so completely ready to delete take me
that I knew she had been in the closet fingering herself,
perhaps masturbating as she watched what was happening
on the bed. And I wondered again what relation these two
were to each other, what they meant to one another if anything.

Again that man mountain pulled himself from out of my wife's
sex, which from the sound of it was now quite open and dripping
for him. He said to her, "you see that bitch? That's
which are gonna do to me now!" and with that he lay down
on the bed and made her to straddle him, and guiding her hips
shoved down on her forcing her to impale herself upon his
incredibly massive shaft. Again a small yelp of pain escaped
her lips, but he'd have none of that shit! He said to
her in a cruel voice, "now get to bouncing that cheap
cunt on me girl" at which she obeyed and regardless
of the discomfort and stretching she still had to do to accommodate
the man, she began going cowgirl on him. From where I was
sitting and being ridden likewise except the girl was reversed
and facing away from me, I could see in the mirrors at the
end of the bed the back view of what was going on, my wife's
flawless white skin of her back and perfect globes of her
ass as she bounced on him. And again I noticed her preference
for being barefoot as a lifestyle, regardless of where
we went or what we were doing, for the soles of her feet were
absolutely black from the parking lots and sidewalks and
city streets she had trod over the past few days.

As she eased into her task, she looked over at me and I could
tell her gaze was falling on the girl facing her and the way
she was me. For what else could you call it when I was
bound and gagged, completely helpless and being used in
the most impersonal manner you can imagine by a girl who
had an even looked me in the face or otherwise acknowledged
me as a human. For all she cared my cock could've been
a silicone dildo on a mount for her to ride and then forget.
But what she was doing to me, she was doing most expertly
and I just couldn't resist any longer, I groaned through
my nose as I breathed and ejaculated up into her young ebony
body. Of course she could feel the hot spurting semen being
shot up inside her, because suddenly she knew her job was
done and standing up and getting off of me she walked slowly
out of the room without giving me a second thought. On the
bed, her father - or whoever he was - again made Janet change
positions putting on her back once more so he could mount
her missionary and finish the job of her.

And get down to it he did, cleaning her wrists to the mattress
above her head while he kissed her again, harden against
her will because now she was getting actually sore from
the banging and the reaming that his once attractive huge
organ had given her. But he was just tuning in her now, jackhammering
with such ferocity they finally won over the edge of his
own orgasm, and it sounded like she was trying to scream
into his mouth as he pumped her full to overflowing, as her
cavity was so full of him that there was no room for all of
his spew, and even while he continued to hump and pump it
leaked out of her around his shaft, and ran down the crack
of her ass onto the bedding. But finally he was finished
whether, and as he withdrew even then it's satisfied
wilting state his meat was impressive as he stood and just
like the girl, turned and walked out of the room without
saying a word. Unknown to me their clothing was in the guest
bedroom where they had disrobed prior to Janet stashing
them in the closet for their performance. For moments later
the man walked in and came over to my chair and with the flick
of a small bladed knife sliced the duct tape which was restraining
my left arm. And then handing me the knife handle first in
a safe and careful manner, he said "here, you're
gonna want to cut yourself free" and then he said with
a grin and a nod of the head indicating my wife, "it's
gonna be a while till she can walk right" and then he
walked away, and neither of us have ever seen him or the girl

The end

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