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Creating our Memory


I sit outside your house just down the street far enough
so that you cannot see me, but I can see your house, however
just barely.

I'm there purposely at 2:45, with a book to read so that
I don't get anxious about sitting in one spot for a long
time because I figure that I may well be here for some time.

I have not warned you about my being in Waupun because you
would strongly object but I know that my intentions are
innocent and I know that if anything should happen beyond
innocence it would be because of your doing, and even then
I would strongly object unless I felt very comfortable
with anything that you might suggest.

So, I'm there innocently sitting in my red truck, radio
playing a CD that I put together myself with the kind of music
that I love, which is mostly love songs. Maybe that's
odd for a guy that played with the polka bands for many, many
years, (since I was 16 years old), but that's what I
like to listen to.

Playing the kind of stuff that you are good at doesn't
really mean that you have to like it, and besides once in
awhile somewhere in the middle of a four hour dance job suddenly
there is a "set" of my kind of music and then I
can really "lean into it".

Oh well, I digress.

I glance up very regularly at each passing car and thank
goodness there are not many of them and so I'm not attracting
attention by being simply parked in a residential area.
I do have a good view of that driveway of yours and as 3pm nears
I pretty much put my book away and devote my attention solely
to watching for your garage door to open.

And soon it does, and yes just as anticipated, Jerry backs
out with his pickup and turns to the east. I immediately
fire up and slowly, cautiously follow him the 5 or 6 blocks
to the bank. As I drive by your house to follow him I see the
garage door closing, and I can see that your BMW remains
and so I feel quite sure that you are at home.

I follow Jerry all the way to the bank and watch him go in.

That suggests to me that I have time to get back to your house
and make an innocent approach.

I'm a bit nervous now, for one thing knowing that I'm
going to see you once again for the first time in quite a few
years, and also nervous because I approaching another
mans wife even though at this point I'm completely

It seems forever before I get there, and even then I probably
am speeding a little bit

But soon I'm there and it's time! I park at the curb
and walk to the door and ring the bell.

It takes a minute or two and it seems like my heart is right
in my throat, but suddenly your door opens and our eyes make
contact at the very same instant.

The look on your face tells me how astounded to see me there.
I quickly say, "Hi Bev, surprised to see me I'm
sure but do not have fear for I'm only here for a moment
and just to say hello and I don't even expect to step
into the house."

You blurt out, "John I told you never to do this to me".

I reply, "Yes, I know, but as I told you, I'm here
very innocently, do not expect to come in, and if your neighbor
runs across the street my conversation will be to simply
begin to ask you a question about ebay". Completely
innocent and no one could make anything more out of it. I'm
just an acquaintance that you know through the internet.

"John, it's good to see you, but you have me so
startled, I don't know what to do or say."

I reply, "Bev, you don't have to say or do anything,
just talk with me for a minute, maybe two, and then I'll
leave if that's what you want. I know Jerry is at the
bank and so we would be safe for perhaps five minutes, although
you know better than I how long he normally takes to do his

"Well, this will come as a surprise to you, but Jer
is not there to clean tonight, he's stopped to do some
banking, pickup some cash because he's heading out
of town to go to a 2 day meeting in Milwaukee. So, if you promise
to be a gentleman you can step in for a minute".

Of course. I enter your house and for the first time I look
you over, head to toe, to see what you are wearing, and I'm
excited to see you in "everyday clothes"',
because I've never seen in anything but a long dress
that you wore to work.

"John, you have me very nervous and upset, and I wish
you wouldn't have come but now that you are here I'm
not going to kick you out just like that!"

"Bev, we are alone, I would dearly love to kiss you
but I have promised and I am a man of my word."

I no sooner get those words out of my mouth when you step forward
the two steps between us, reach your hands out for mine,
and moved even closer saying, "kiss me my dear, it's
so good to see you".

Our lips meet, and the same spark flew that happened in your
car that day in the park, and that was at the very instant
that our lips met in what began as an innocent type of kiss,
almost like one would kiss their mother.

But, after that first second or millisecond, your lips
parted and your tongue slipped forward, immediately slipping
between my lips that opened very quickly to accept you.

But that time in your car was a long time ago, and for years
we have talked about what it would be like for to actually
have physical contact with each other.

Yes, today the kiss becomes quite passionate, and lasts
for the best part of a minute, all the while our bodies move
closer and closer and began to "grind" against
each other at least somewhat.

Then I sort of push you back, saying, "Bev, I just need
to remind you, I'm terribly nervous being in your house,
only because we are having this physical contact, but I
pointed out I didn't come here to make love with you......
remember I promised".

You respond with, "yes, you're right, I , we need
to cool it, the neighbors might......tell you what my dear,
even though I have said for years that we would never be able
to meet, you have me so excited at the moment and the opportunity
is 'SO RIGHT', that I'm going to suggest that
we both drive individually to this motel that I know of down
by Beaver Dam, can you go along with that?"

"You KNOW that I am just waiting for that chance, tell
me where it is, and I'll drive there right now. Do you
want me to follow you or......"

"John, it's going to be couple minutes before
I can leave, but I'm going to write out some brief directions,
the place is not hard to find, and you go ahead, go there and
get a room and be there, in the room when I get there for I will
be about 15 minutes behind you. Now I must warn you that I
can only stay for about an hour and a half, and I want you to
be aware of that, but if we get going now, ,, ,, "

"Bev, just tell me about where it is and the name of
the place and I'll meet you there as soon as you can get

With that you quickly jot a name on a little paper, we kiss
very briefly and I am out the door, heading for my truck.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to this small motel just
on the north edge of town I think it's the same one you
had mentioned to me once before. I got a room, my red truck
parked right out in front and went into the room to wait for

I turn on the TV to have some noise, turn up the A/C for it was
warm, (maybe it was perhaps because of the apprehension),
and then slipd off my shoes and lay back on the bed, check
my watch and wait thinking, "I can hardly believe
it, finally this little dream that I've had for a number
of years might come true."

Just then I hear a car pull up and looking out the window I
see you get out of your car and with a quick glance around
you immediately step to the door. Just as you were about
to knock on the door I open it and extend my hands to you.

"Hi baby, you made it."

"Yes, John, I made it and am sure that I'm all alone,
I turned back a couple of times to see if somehow anyone was
following me, but as I hoped and expected I am alone!"
You step in the door and close it behind you, then still holding
my hand and moving closer to me, I look into your eyes and
say, " Well Bev, it has been a long time coming but we are
finally alone and we have at least a little time for the two
of us to be alone and get to know each other. Let me look at

My eyes move across your body beginning by starting at your
legs and moving slowly up over your fine body. I take in those
sleek calves now encased in sheer black stockings that
seem to fit with the black skirt that you wear. Belted at
the waist, the belt emphasizes the hourglass figure that
causes me to take a deep breath of air for you are such a desirous

"Bev, it has been so very long and for the very first
time you stand before me. Always in the past there was that
desk at the bank that was between us, but now I get to see your
wonderful body." As I continue to look upwards and drink in all that I see,
my eyes wander a bit to take in the curvature of your wonderful
body. Your breasts are now pressing hard against the white
silkiness of the nylon blouse to the extent that I can see
your nipples slightly swelling through and pressing against
the nylon even though encased in a light weight bra.

All this while your eyes are moving about my body, quickly
then slowly taking in the growing bulge at my crotch. Then
we once again move toward each other , and our lips meet a
bit, lightly for a second but immediately we each open to
accept the other, and the kiss becomes more and more passionate
as the seconds tick off. It's almost as if we are fucking
with our mouths and tongues, very, very sensuous!! It seems
as if our kiss lasts forever as the passion continues to
climb perhaps higher and higher than either of us ever remember
from the past experiences of our life.

That makes the encounter really, really wild and hot. It's
as I had hoped and expected, the most concentrated physical
encounter that I have ever had with another human, my entire
body is oblivious to anything except for you my dear. And
to compliment what is happening is the knowledge that we
each have that soon we "will be one, that is I will be
deep within you and you will be swallowing and gripping
me, my most sensitive part of my body. My cock, that soft
bulbous head will be slowly stroking on the very tip of your
cervix, prodding to enter and be afforded the ideal place
to shoot out and spill my baby batter all over your insides.
But we both feel the need to take our time enjoying all the
little touches and caresses both by hands, fingertips,
lips and tongue can instill.

Just as we both attempt to restrain ourselves, no, not to
restrain ourselves but instead to regain control of ourselves
I say to you, "It's as if this were a new first for
me, obviously I've made love to other women but none
that makes me as excited as you do my dear. I only want to be
able to control myself to only make this last longer and
experience anything you wish for me to do to and with you,
and hope that you offer any suggestion that you think might
be pleasurable to you.

With that my fingertips begin to roam about your soft, smooth
body, the nylon of your clothing making it all even more
sensuous. You feel that my hands are strong yet tender,
they are the hands of a businessman, not calloused and rough
but smooth, tender and soothing to everything that they

As we have been standing with our bodies pressed together
our hands now begin to move more anxiously about each others

As my arms lightly encircle you those tender, sensitive
hands and fingertips move slowly down to the firm sleek
hips and then slightly beyond to sooth and stroke the cheeks
of that beautiful bottom that I admired so much as you moved
before me in the bank. Now I will soon be able to not only see
it without clothing but also to feel the softness, yet firmness
of your wonderful body.

It is at this point that our kissing has developed to the
point where my lips have slid along your cheek and beyond
to that sensitive spot just beyond your cheek yet not quite
to your ear lobe. I cannot help but to nibble a bit every time
either I or you move at all. Soon I find your ear lobe and ask,
'Does that give you the chills as I nibble on your ear
and suck it slightly."

"Yes my dear, it surely does, just as I am soon going
to do to you as I suck on a different part of your body, for
I want to first see and then arouse that stud that you have
hidden in your jeans".

With that I immediately feel your hands move to my belt and
unfasten it, undo my button and I get a shiver and a chill
as I feel you gently slide my zipper down.

You tell me, " I want this to happen very, very slowly
so my mind can absorb EVERYTHING that is happening so I might
be able to relive all of this in days and months to come, and
I want us to be able to do all that we consider to be at all pleasurable".

"God Bev, this is like a dream come true, you don't
know how many times I have dreamed of this very opportunity,
these very actions, it is almost as if this has happened
before or I suppose it is what I wanted to happen so desperately".
By this time we have moved to being seated on the edge of the
bed, " John, please stand before me as I too have tried
to dream this in slow motion in my early morning dreams.

Your face is flushed and your breathing is coming in quick
gasps. Your breasts are bulging out of the top of your bra
as I undo the zipper on your skirt and begin to slowly, seductively
slip it down off over your smooth hips and silky thighs.

You have managed to get my shirt and shoes off, and were pulling
my pants down as we moved back onto the bed. Once again we lock into a kiss, a kiss that
would start a fire in the arctic. Your eyes, in their beauty are misty with passion, it will
be our dream come true!

I kiss your lips again, then move to your neck…where I
nuzzle and bite you earlobe, which sends a shiver up your
spine and you hold me closer, kissing my neck and running
your fingers through my hair.

I lay you down on the bed, never bothering to pull down the
covers, never releasing my hold on you with either my arms or my lips.

I reach behind your back and unclasp your sexy black bra
, to reveal two of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. The breath catches
in my throat as I gasp at their fullness.

I take a breast into each hand and gently cup them and start
to fondle them using the palms of my hands. Your nipples
react like soldiers at attention. As they harden under
my touch, you begin to moan under your breath, and you reach
under the waistband of my Jockeys to grasp my stiffened
cock, and you gently fondle it, cupping my balls gently
in your soft hands.

Your hands are warm, but my cock is red hot and your touch
causes it to jerk and get even harder I start to lick your
nipples and play with them with my tongue, while the other
one is a playtoy for my thumb and forefinger to roll and pinch.

I switch back and forth between breasts to keep the nipples
hard and long.

You have your hands full with my cock at full alert in your
hands. I get off of the bed to pull my underwear off, with
you still holding on to my cock.

As you sit on edge of the bed you pull me by my ass to get me closer
You look up into my eyes and smile as the sight of my rigid
dick, all glistening in the light.

You place your lips to the very tip of my cock and give it a
"sisterly kiss", then your hot lips grasp the
end of my manhood and encompass the head. You start to take
more of it into your mouth slowly, inch by inch. I am going
crazy with lust, my cock is so hard it hurts, as it is captured
by your face…I feel like I am going to explode

.You start to squeeze my balls and roll them in your hand
as your take more cock into your mouth, you start to lap my
prick with your tongue and then close your lips around it
again, swallowing the pre-cum and sex juices filling your

.As you start to suck, my hips involuntarily tighten up
and start to buck , as I start to thrust my cock deeper into
your hungry mouth. It touches the roof of your mouth your
teeth graze against the throbbing veins along its length.God,
it is heaven!

Your passion is mounting as fast as mine is as I thrust in
and out, fucking your mouth, in and out, your breast are
bouncing , my hands reach behind your head to help guide
my enormous prick into your mouth and down your throat.
The boiling in my loins starts to come to a head, I tighten
my hold on the back of your head.

Your dark soft hair framing the sex act like a famous painting,
That hair that I had never seen allowed to fall onto your
shoulders until today, today it falls softly on my upper
thighs and just feels so very wonderful.

I pull your head back as I feel the molten lava -like cum reach
my prick, with the intentions of spraying onto your tits,
but passion takes me over

I say to you, "Sweetheart if we continue like this
I'm going to cum and I don't want to yet my love.
I'm not going to be able to stop. You have me so close
to having me make the leap off the cliff, I beg you to stop
sucking my deeply but please don't please take it all
if you are ready. Do you want me to cum baby"?

You respond, " John, I can feel your cum building up,
I can feel your prostate swelling and your balls are pulled
up tight, they have left your sack and have traveled right
up tight to the bottom of your beautiful swollen cock. Yes,
baby I need your cum, I want you to tell me the instant that
your prostate and balls flip the switch to start the huge
surge up the tunnel of life, will you do that baby".

As you are saying that you continue to suck me deeply and
stroke me and so the sounds made with your lips slurping
at me while you are trying to contain the precum is absolute
symphony to my ears, I have never heard anything more sensuous.

And then the time has come, and with a huge groan I moan, "Baby
I'm cumming, right now, and now, and now and now. God,
it's just shooting from deep within the very core of
my body, shooting and blasting and I can feel your mouth
and throat and tongue just draining me."

I let out a groan as I pull you into my crotch as hard as I am
able to and WHAM…the first load explodes into your mouth..
WHAM the second…WHAM, the third, as you frantically
try to swallow as fast as the cum fills your mouth, your lips
are cum covered as is your chin, caused by leakage from the
corner of your mouth…

.I withdraw my tired weapon, as your suck the last of my seed
from it. The throbbing hasn't stopped yet, and surprisingly,
it' still pretty hard.

You try to gather your breath and settle your heartbeat
as I adjust you position on the bed. I lay you back and kiss
you on your full lips, and taste myself on you…

Once again your wonderful kissing with our lips parting
and our tongues exploring allows for me to lick out some
of my own cum deep within your mouth.

Oh wow, baby, I roll to my back and just suck oxygen as if it
was going to be my last breath. You immediately join me, snuggling into my arms as we lay
side by side, slightly turned toward each other looking
directly into each others eyes.

"God you feel so absolutely wonderful, both before
and right at this moment, it's as if these two bodies
were made for each other, the positive and negative of a
mold", I say to you.

You simply smile in agreement and snuggle in a bit deeper.

We both simply bask in the glory of what has just taken place.
You say to me, "John, you need to know that I got as much
enjoyment out of that as you did, can you believe it. Do you
possibly wonder how and why I love it so much

As you lay beside me, I can now see your exquisitely beautiful
form...your lovely face, and supple firm breasts, and
your perfect shape... I can see the triangular mound of
light brown hair above your smooth, shaved pussy...your long, shapely legs, with your perfectly
pedicured and painted toenails....

After while I slowly reach over to your beautiful, flat
stomach and began to gently rub my hand on your stomach,
slowly stroking the distance from your breasts and cocoa
brown nipples, down the length of your abdomen, slipping
my fingertips then my hand under the band of your sexy, lacy,
"boy shorts", a memory I will forever remember,
and then I continue to move carefully, slowly grazing into
your bush and along your soft, moist pussy lips.

I take my time and I watch you accept my touch, putting up
no opposition to my caresses.

I continue to caress you with my left hand as I slid my right
hand under your back and pull you close to me and deeply and passionately kiss you once again.

As I kiss you , holding you close with my right hand, I gently
slid my left hand down along your back, to the small of your back, then around to your
pussy now beginning to moisten up again.

Soon as I gently play with just the lips of that sweet lady
as it becomes so wet it almost feels like it's dripping
with love juice creating a wonderfully wet pussy.

I continued to kiss you, and began to slide my middle and
ring fingers of my left hand in and out of your pussy, gently but firmly massaging your clit.

You begin to moan and spread your legs further apart as you
begin to control the pace as you ride my fingers.Your body
begins to involuntarily "buck", with your
hips thrusting toward the source of the pleasure that your
pussy and clit are feeling.

Your breathing becomes very heavy as you moan louder, and
your pussy becomes even more wet... you gasp and began to
whimper as your eyes dilate and your entire body relaxes

Then you begin to breathe more rapidly, I gently kiss your
neck, and kiss my way down to your beautiful breasts. I begin to lightly suck and lick and kiss your nipples,
and those lovely rosebuds respond with swelling from the
blood source within becoming more and more erect and ready
for the use that God made them for..

You take my cock in your right hand as I licked and sucked
and kissed you, and then you gently massaged my balls and
stroked my rock hard cock again

I roll you onto your back and positioned myself between
your legs now spread open which also opens the sweet wet
lips of your pussy as she, (also involuntarily), prepares
to accept a hot, rigid cock. At the same time you massage
my balls with one hand, and stroke the length of my cock with
the other.

I balance myself above you with your spread legs wrapped
around my legs, and I reach for the base of my cock with my
right hand and guided its thick head just inside the little
cup made by your swollen, wet pussy lips.

I move it up and down within those lips, the silky lips just
slipping as they seem to almost grasp for the head of my cock
which although swollen rigid still has that soft head or
helmet that nearly acts as a cushion for the power that remains
controlled behind it.

Soon your fingertips are felt joining mine on that rigid
shaft as you take control of him and guide him exactly where
he feels best for you.

Up and down, nearly to the spot where pussy ceases and slowly
and gently upward and upward toward your waiting clit.

Now and then the upstroke takes him to the clit and you circle
that clit with him.

It's almost as if you have a tiny penis, (your swollen
clit), which it sort of having a little sword fight with
my much more massive penis.

Then suddenly and without any warning you position him
at the very entrance of your vagina, you just buck up a tiny
bit to insure that he is properly positioned, I feel your
hands quickly move up so there is one hand on each of my ass
cheeks, and you say to me, "John, I want you to fuck
me, fuck me very gently, but fuck me very deeply, and jam
your cock deep into me.

And with that, a combination of you pulling and your hips
bucking, I feel my cock slowly sliding into heaven!

Deep within your wet pussy, between your delicate pussy
lips...your slick, tight pussy has clamped firmly around my long, hard thick

And then you rhythmically begin to move your hips as I slide
the entire length of my cock deep within you and retrieve
it out again.

It's as if the feeling is so wonderful that I want to
leave it sunk deep within your wonderful pussy without
moving it, but I cannot do that, something within my body
causes me to begin to stroke your insides with the head of
my cock.

I cannot stop, I cannot control that swollen dick, it absolutely
needs to penetrate deep and then retrieve only to penetrate

It's almost as if it is seeking the absolutely best
place to prepare to dump it's load of seed!

Time and again, and unbelievably, each time seems a tiny
bit different, but again and again it seeks the perfect

We passionately kiss and fuck in this missionary position
for several minutes before I pull out, kiss you deeply and
passionately, and kiss your neck and down your breasts,
to your stomach, and then to your dripping pussy.

I take a deep breathe, taking in the lovely aroma of your
beautiful cunt, and began to lick the length of your pussy
lips, lapping up your juices.

My tongue swirls about your pussy, I want to be all over it
and all at the same time.

With my tongue on your clit, hearing and feeling your body
becoming more and more excited as I progressed around that
responding pussy I continue to lick and taste you and am
even more excited by the heady sexual smells that your body

After awhile you begin to buck against my face more and more
furiously, and I realize that you have come to the point
where your body has decided to cum to an orgasm and unless
we stop with our actions you are soon going to cum to me.

You say to me, " John, if you don't stop that I'm
going to cum baby!" Then ' John, John, I'm
cumming closer and closer, stop honey or I'm going
to cum all over your face".

I reply, " Bev, sweetheart this is the very moment
I have waited for, I WANT you to cum and cum hard and spray
your love juice all over me face baby!

I want you to fuck my face and just dump your load of love juice
when you are ready baby, just cover me with your love, give
it to me, give it to me NOW!"

And with that your body does a tremendous arch, your legs
clamp hard against my head, you let out a tremendous moan
and then, "God, John I'm CUMMING, I'M CUMMING,
I'M CUMMING, I have jumped off the cliff, I'm floating
in the air, I'm still cumming! Oh God!"

The gush flooded my face although I licked and swallowed
as fast as I could which seemed to even create more excitement
as you just sprayed me with your love juice.

We stayed in that position for a very long time, your legs
holding me exactly where you wanted me to be and my lips still
sealed against the very wet lips of your wonderful pussy.

Knowing that you did not want me to lick hard at this time
because your clit was very tender at the moment, I just stayed
in place.

Every so often I would very gently and tenderly, very slowly
draw my tongue from bottom of your pussy, slowly, ever so
slowly, upwards to the top and then a very gentle swirl about
your clit, now settling down and relaxing.

After ten minutes of bliss, or maybe more, you moved, unlocking
my head and pushed me over onto my back.

Soon you clenched me close and rolled over on top of me and
began to kiss your way down my chest, with your pussy sliding
down the length of my left leg, leaving her juices along
my leg.

You gently took my now semi-hard cock into your mouth, and
began to lick and suck your juices off of my cock.

Soon I began to swell again and you said, " I love to
watch a cock get hard, I love to be able to realize the control
I can have over you my love"!

Then she began to take it deep down into her throat as she
massaged my balls...kissing and sucking and licking my penis, which has now become rock hard.

After a few minutes I positioned your dripping pussy above
my face and again lapped the delicious juices you were dripping.

You took my cock deeper and sucked more enthusiastically
as you pressed your pussy onto my mouth.

I nibbled and licked and gently scraped your pussy with my teeth, enjoying your taste.

This went on for several minutes before you lifted yourself
up from my cock, sitting your beautiful ass on my face as I ate
out your pussy.

You slid your wet pussy down my torso leaving your wetness
and womanly aroma on my chest, and then you sat on my hard
cock and slowly lowered yourself onto it, impaling yourself
on him.

You began to ride him again and rode the length of my cock,
slowly at first, then more wildly.

You also began to rock your hips in every direction imaginable
causing the greatest feelings imaginable. It was fantastic and it seemed to move deeper and deeper
into you. This time it was not a matter of my cock finding
the prefect spot but instead it was your interior finding
the most pleasurable spot to be probed by a rigid cock.

I do not know how long we stayed locked in that position,
you being in complete control and me absolutely enjoying
every thrust you made onto me.

We just fucked and fucked and fucked, you riding me like
a cowgirl riding a horse on a long enjoyable journey.

We most often would look deep into each others eyes, knowing
that we were giving the ultimate pleasure to the other.

We are completely oblivious to time. It is just you and me
and our pleasures. It seems like we could go on like this
for an eternity, moving from one position to another simply
trying to find a way that feels better than the previous
way, which is nearly impossible as it is all so very good.

After awhile you said, "John, do you like it doggy
style"? I replied, "It isn't my favorite
position of all of them but I'm game for everything.
The only thing I don't like about doggy is that I can't
see your face and the expression on your face and the love
in your eyes."

They you pointed out, " If we face the top of the bed
I think this mirror will be positioned so we can both see
the faces of each other, for I too love to see the ultimate
pleasure in your eyes as well as seeing when you moan with

Then we moved around, you facing the mirror while on your
hands and knees near the end of the bed and I came up behind
you and slowly began to position myself.

You were reaching back between your legs and soon gripped
my hard cock as I moved up toward you. As soon as you had me
you began to slide the head of my cock up and down withing
the lips of the swollen, pussy now still dripping slightly
with love juices, both yours and mine.

I slowly, deliberately slid into you, taking as much time
as I possibly could. Each and every little ripple within
you pussy did it's little number on the rim of my cock.That
rim is so very loaded with nerve endings that I could feel
each and every of those sweet ripples that make up the body
of your love canal.

But soon you began to back into me, I looking down at your
beautiful behind then up into the mirror to see the ecstasy
on your face as we began to get buried deeply inside of you.

Soon our bodies demanded that our thrusting occur more
and more quickly and it became so good that I whispered,
"Bev, my love if you continue to fuck me like that and
allow me to drive so deeply into you I'm going to loose
control once again"

Your response was, "Oh baby just fuck me deeper and
deeper, faster and faster, I feel that wonderful head now
caressing my cervix and you will soon be giving me the ultimate
climax and I'm going to pour my love juice all over you

That was all it took for me and with a loud groan I drove it
all the way home, my balls up tight against your ass and I
blasted my thick, hot load of cum deep inside your pussy,
grabbing your hips firmly as I thrust myself as deep as possible, emptying my load inside

I collapsed momentarily onto your back as you rested on
all 4's, then we slowly rolled onto our backs side by
side on the bed, soon turning our bodies to face each other,
our legs entangled, my soft flacid cock now simply laying
across your silky thigh with still some cum slowly oozing
from it's head.

As we talked we agreed that when we had done our doggie style
manuver, using my cock to paint the inside of your pussy,
we got one of the greatest sexual experiences either of
us had ever had. And as we managed to get the length of my cock buried deep
into you, then the seed I had just deposited into you actually
had seemed to be the very best for you.

As I think back on the look of concentration almost a look
of pain on your face at the exact moment that we both had exploded.
I remarked, "you were very silent that time",
and you said, " baby I couldn't have said a word
at all if this building was on fire, my whole body and mind
was in the process of blending our love juices as thick as
we could get them".

Amazingly enough after we had talked for 20 minutes and
since you had been playing with my cock I suddenly began
to swell AGAIN!

It remained hard as I rolled you onto your back and quickly,
forcefully pumped my cock into your pussy again and again as my desire
was at a peak once again. With your legs spread wide, I grab
your ass as I pumped deep within you , and pounded against
your clit.

I pound you rhythmically and deeply and soon you begin to
moan and whimper as you cum again, huge long shudders of
pleasure rack your body, your pussy clenches my cock so
as to nearly rip it from my body.

As you came and your breathing became gasps, your eyes dilated
and your pussy tightened...I was so into you, that I came again as you were reaching your
climax, depositing yet another load deep inside of your
beautiful cunt.

. WE BOTH collapsed and lay beside each other, gently caressing
each other.... it was nearly 4pm now, and we had been at it
for more than 3 hours... we held each other close, youv on
yourside with my cock nuzzled against her ass, my arms around
you, holding your beautiful breasts, breathing in the
pleasant aroma of you ash-brown hair...

We fell asleep in each others arms, at least for 45 minutes, before you once again turned back toward me and
took my cock into your mouth again

I said, "can you possibly be looking for more"?

Your response was, "baby, you always talked about
'making a memory' and that's exactly what
we are going to do today, make a memory that neither of us
will ever forget, a memory that we can use again and again
as we masturbate, all alone in the weeks and months and years
to come".

Soon your lips began their journey toward my crotch, licking
and sucking me back to life. And when you had accomplished what you had set out to do, the
next thing I knew you were sitting on top of my cock and riding
me for the next several minutes...causing me to cum in you
yet again.

As I asked about how long we dared to stay here without your
husband getting suspicious, you said, "don't
you remember baby he's going to be gone tonight, and
I'm going to get the fucking of my life"

Before morning I came in her 5 times, as we fucked and sucked
and passionately kissed and caressed and held each other
all night... We stayed in bed most of the next day, alternately
sleeping and making love together, before you said you
had to go to home, but then you said, "one last time
my love"!

I move your legs so your feet are on the floor with your knee
bent and your ass is on the edge of the bed and I push you back
so you are laying with your legs off the edge of the bed…..the
position spreads your legs up and out and makes my dick hard

I kneel down on the floor as if I was your slave, and approach
your pussy again with my face, My arms circle your upper
thighs and as I reach the mouth of your pussy, I lift your
legs up and outward. Your cunt lips open wide, and they are
still wet from your excitement. I attack your pussy with
a hunger that I didn't realize remained for you.

My mouth immediately starts sucking all of the juices from
the cavity and then my tongue goes back to work on your clit.
With my teeth, I bite the clit lightly and draw it to my tongue,
then I suck the clit again, jerking it off with the tip of
my tongue.

Your hips are jumping and thrusting, as you pant, NO MORE!!

But I am deaf to your requests with my ears buried into your
thighs, and my cunt-lapping in full force.

You quickly come to another climax, which even surprises
you, as you scream YES!! YES!! YES!! I'M CUMMMMINNNG!

Before the last convulsions of ecstasy have subsided,
I turn you around, with your knees on the floor and your elbows
on the bed. Your glorious ass sticking out , framed by the
garterless black stockings, that you had put on in preparation
of leaving for home.

Your auburn hair covered pussy gleaming with you recent
cum discharge, your auburn hair gracing the curve of your
back, your love swollen breasts hanging down like ripe
fruits from a forbidden tree.

I was hard before, but now, I have a fucking steel pipe for
a cock. I put my hand around it and pump it a couple times,
like it was a shotgun, I put my hand on your back for balance,
and I guide my cock into your awaiting pussy.

I feel the muscles in your love nest tighten around and squeeze
my shaft as I begin the fucking machine sequence.

You are dripping wet, so I plunge it in to the hilt with vengeance,
pushing you and the bed almost on your face. You recover
your stance and I stroke in and out , my hands grab for your
tits and find them. I hold on to these beauties for balance
and squeeze and knead them as I fuck you like a dog.

Your tits shake and your hips quake as my seed starts to develop
again and you are starting to flood from your own cum gusher.

Faster and faster I thrust , the heat building up as my sweat
drips down onto your back, until finally, I shoot the shotgun
into your pussy with a guttural UUUUGGHHH!!!!

The act is over. But the vibrations are still going through
both of our bodies, like the death throes of an animal, we
both twitch and twitch, time and again, and little by little
we regain our composure…. You turn to me with a look on
your face that says your satisfied, and you say MY GOD, WHY

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This has been here before! Correct not to long ago! Great
story butttttt?


Seeknlovepartner replies on 2/12/2013 5:01 am:
Oops, I'm sorry, I forgot that I had put on the beginning of this months ago. If you look at the first story you'll see that I end it by pointing out that Chapter two shall follow. When I posted the "new one", instead of continuing where I left off, I simply posted the entire thing, having forgotten that the first portion was already there. Sorry about that.