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Crazy College


"Shit!" I snapped quietly as I hid beneath Jenny's
bed. I could see through the bed skirt well enough to make
out two of her sorority sisters at the door, but not well
enough to identify them.

"Come on, " one of the sister's was saying.
"We're going on a road trip with the pledges."
I knew that voice. Kristi was the current pledge mistress.
She also happened to be an ex-girlfriend. We dated the year
before and had a good time until she started getting a little
too serious for me. I broke up with her, and of course she
hated me now.

"It's after midnight already!" I heard
Jenny say. "Where are we going at this hour?"

I nodded silently in agreement from my hiding spot. Jenny's
sorority had strict rules about everything. The house
was supposed to be quiet during the week after eleven. No
boys were allowed after ten, thus the reason for my hiding
under the bed.

"My boyfriend Tommy's fraternity, "
the other girl replied with a grin.

"But he doesn't even go to school here!"
Jenny did not sound happy.

"I know, " the girl said. I still couldn't
place her. "There's a competition scheduled
between his frat's pledges and ours. We need to leave
now if we're going to get there by two."

"Two in the morning?" Jenny complained. "It's
Thursday night! I have classes tomorrow."

"Not until three, " Kristi smiled. "I

"It's a lab and I have an important paper due, "
Jenny said. It was the truth. She'd already printed
it off and shown it to me.

"You shouldn't have bragged about getting it
done early at breakfast this morning, " the other
girl laughed.

"There is no way you got Wednesday's approval..."
Jenny began, but Kristi cut her off.

"It was her idea!" she laughed, sounding almost
as surprised as Jenny.

"Look, count me out, " Jenny tried to insist.
"I don't want to go!"

"Sorry, this is mandatory for pledges and first year
sisters unless it interferes with school, " Kristi

"You know, " Jenny sighed. "Sometimes
I wonder what the difference is between a pledge and a first
year sister in this place."

"Oh come on!" the other sister laughed. "It
won't be that bad! Tommy's fraternity brothers
are fun."

"Okay, " I heard Jenny give in. "Just
let me get changed and I'll meet you out front."

"Ten minutes!" Kristi grinned. "Oh,
and you're one of the drivers!"

"Oh great!" Jenny snapped and slammed the door.
I crawled out from my hiding spot.

"You know, I felt really silly hiding under the bed, "
I said with a shake of my head. "Would it have been so
bad to be caught?"

"You know the current president!" Jenny said.
"Wednesday's a stickler for the rules."

"And she's not crazy about me either, "
I sighed. "Two sisters in the whole house who hate
my guts and one gets voted president and the other pledge

"Wednesday doesn't hate you, " Jenny
sighed. "Although she wasn't thrilled when
you spent half the night teasing her about her name."

"That was over a year ago!" I grumbled. "It
was our first weekend on campus and I was drunk!" Jenny

"I've got to go, " she said, reaching for
her coat. "Sorry."

"And just how am I supposed to get out of here without
getting caught?" I asked, reaching for her and pulling
her close. Jenny was a cute redhead. She didn't have
much in the chest area, but her ass was perfect.

We both lived in the same dorm the year before and hit it off
pretty well. We never did develop into a couple, but occasionally
we got together and had some fun. God, I love college!

Jenny kissed me, but then pushed me away, giggled and added,
"That's your problem. Just don't mention
my name if you do get caught or it will be another couple of
months before we see each other again."

"Hey!" I cried. "This time doesn't
count! We didn't get to actually do anything!"

"That's not quite true, " Jenny smiled.

"The kissing was nice, " I admitted. "But
it was leading somewhere that I was looking forward to getting."

"Don't blame me, " Jenny laughed. "I
was looking forward to it just as much as you!"

"Well, we do have a few more minutes. How about it?"
I asked hopefully.

"I am not driving for over an hour in damp underwear!"

"I would think that it's already too late for
that, " I grinned.

"Pervert!" Jenny snapped.

I shrugged, not really sure why she called me that. I was
and she knew it, but she was the one with the damp underwear.

"So, you're just going to leave me here? Like
this?" I complained.

"Oh!" Jenny laughed. "I'm sure I'm
not the only 'friend' you have to keep you entertained.
Why not visit one of the others?"

"I wish!" I said emphatically. Okay, the truth
was that there were one or two other girls I used to occasionally
visit, but one went to Paris for the semester and the other
stopped talking to me about a month ago. I think it had something
to do with her new boyfriend.

"Later, " Jenny said, turning toward the door.
I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her ass back into me.
I knew she could feel my cock rubbing against her.

"Are you sure you want to go?" I asked.

"I'm sure I don't!" Jenny moaned.
"But it's not like I really have a choice."

I leaned forward and kissed her neck. "Sure you do, "
I whispered softly into her ear. Jenny's ears were
very sensitive.

"I can't!" she cried, but didn't resist
when I continued to nibble on her ear. I reached down and
started undoing her skirt. She gasped out, "Stop!
We don't have the time!"

"We'll make the time, " I said softly.
Jenny was flushed as she bit her bottom lip. I knew I had her.
It was true that I was a pervert, but then again, so was Jenny.

"We have to be fast!" Jenny finally gave in.
"Kristi will be back soon!"

I unwrapped her skirt, let it drop to the floor and pushed
her underwear down past her ass. I took a moment to drop to
my knees and kiss her pussy. It was hot and sticky, just like
I expected. Jenny was ready. So was I.

"Hurry!" Jenny cried nervously. I tasted her
one last time before standing and pulling my cock out of
my jeans. I rubbed it up and down the length of her pussy once
or twice to get the head wet. Jenny stood up on her toes to
give me better access. I smiled and pushed in.

"Yes!" Jenny cried on the second stroke. "It's
been so long!"

"Hey, " I laughed. "You were the one that
was too busy for me."

"Just shut up and hurry!" Jenny replied. "I
have to go!"

"Okay, " I smiled. "But first you have
to cum!" Jenny opened her mouth to speak, but she forgot
what she was going to say once I started seriously moving.
I held her hips tight and pushed in and out of her pussy as
fast as I could go. Jenny leaned forward and spread her legs
even further. She was using both hands to steady herself
on the wall. I reached around her and rubbed her clit with
two fingers.

"I'm close!" Jenny moaned as the combination
of my cock and fingers did the trick.

"Jenny! Let's go!" I heard Kristi cry from
the other side of the door as she pounded on it.

"I'm coming!" Jenny called back, and boy
was it the truth! Her body shook with her orgasm! I pushed
in and out of her three more times before joining Jenny.

"Yes!" I hissed as my cum filled her pussy.

"What did you say?" Kristi asked from the other
side of the door. Both Jenny and I were too busy to answer.
"Are you okay? Let me in."

"I'm fine, " Jenny finally got out. "I'm
getting changed. I just spilled soda on my skirt. I'll
be right there!"

"You've got five more minute!" Kristi
yelled back, sounding annoyed. I could hear her moving
down the hall.

"That was fast thinking, " I grinned.

"Jerk!" Jenny said, but she was smiling. She
pulled up her underwear and took off her blouse. She saw
me watching and quickly snapped, "Don't even
think about it!"

"I'd have to be dead not to think about it with
you standing there like that, " I argued. Jenny laughed
as she pulled a pair of jeans from a draw.

"Okay, then think all you like, " she said.
"But don't touch."

"Aren't you going to change your underwear?"
I asked with a grin.

"No time!" Jenny replied, but I knew better.

"Bull!" I teased. "You just like the feel
of dirty underwear."

"Don't be silly, " Jenny said, quickly
pulling on another shirt. "You came in me so much that
even if I changed my underwear, they'd be dirty in no
time at all."

"Well, that's true, " I grinned. Jenny
shook her head and grabbed her jacket.

"I'll be back probably around dawn. That means
I'll be exhausted. Don't plan on visiting me tomorrow
night, " she said.

"How about Saturday?" I asked. She looked at
me and shook her head again. I had that affect on women.

"We'll see, " she said, but I could see
the slight smile in her lips. She paused a moment at the door
to kiss me.

"Well?" I asked.

"I would like to finish what we started, " she
admitted with a smile.

"I'll be waiting, " I said, and then grinning
added, "Actually, if I can't sneak out tonight
I may still be right here."

"Don't even kid about that!" Jenny cried.
"Get out as quickly as you can and make sure no one catches
you!" She was really afraid of the consequences if
she was caught with a boy in her room after hours. I wondered
what they could possible do to her?

"Don't worry. I'm leaving, " I laughed.
"And if I get caught I'll just say I was visiting
Kristi. We did date last year you know."

"I know, " Jenny shrugged. "But I wouldn't
use her as an excuse. I'm pretty sure you'll regret

"You got that right!" I said, still laughing.

"Jenny!" we heard Kristi cry from down the hall.

"See you Saturday!" Jenny said, kissing me
quickly one last time and then slipping out the door.


I stood there wondering exactly how I was going to get out
of the sorority without someone to make sure the coast was

"Oh well, " I said to myself. "At least
the pledges and a decent portion of the sisters are off on
a road trip."

I needed to wait a little while before slipping out. The
sisters left in the house would all be up after the pledge
sendoff. I lay down on Jenny's bed. I wasn't really
tired, but there wasn't a whole hell of a lot to do in
Jenny's room. I was tempted to snoop, but stopped myself.
First of all, it was wrong. But more important, Jenny was
a friend. I didn't pry into friends' personal

I surprised myself by nodding off for a while, although
it couldn't have been more than fifteen or twenty minutes.
It might have been longer, but the sound of someone unlocking
the door woke me. I looked around the room quickly, but there
was only one place to hide in a room this small. I rolled off
the bed and hit the ground hard. So hard in fact, that the
air whooshed out of my lung. I gasped as quietly as I could
as I scrambled under the bed. It took me a while to catch my

"Okay, Jenny, " I heard a voice say. "Where
is that paper? Where would you put it?"

I frowned. I knew the voice. It was Wednesday's. She
was the president of the sorority and I guess she had the
keys to all of the rooms, but why would she be coming here
now? And what paper was she looking for? I heard her tapping
at the keyboard to Jenny's laptop for a couple of minutes.

"Aha!" she cried. "Here you are!"

I peeked out from under the bed. There was Wednesday, sitting
at Jenny's desk and reading something off of the computer.

"Very interesting results, " Wednesday mumbled
to herself. "I have to admit, you and that bitch did
a good job." I slipped further out from under the bed.
It was dangerous, but I couldn't help myself. I had
to know what she was reading.

"I'll show you for choosing someone else as a
lab partner over your own sorority president!" she
said in a nasty voice. She did something on the computer
and then laughed. "Now let's see how well you
do in lab tomorrow without a paper to hand in!"

"You bitch!" I cried, no longer caring about
getting caught. "How could you?" Wednesday
didn't scream. My guess is that she was too frightened
to even do that. She did however lose all her color and almost
fall out of the chair.

"What are you doing here?" she finally said.
"Boys aren't allowed in the sorority after ten.
If Jenny snuck you in, I'll..."

"You'll do nothing!" I snapped, cutting
her off. "I'm thinking that going into a sister's
room and deleting stuff off of her computer is way worse
than sneaking a boy in after hours."

"It's my word against yours, " Wednesday
said desperately. "And I'm the president. They'll
believe me over you!"

"Not all of them, " I replied. "Jenny
will believe me."

"So what?" she replied. "That's
only one girl and you have no proof."

"Kristi will believe as well, " I added. "She
knows me well enough to know I wouldn't lie about something
like this."

"She hates you! You broke her heart!"

"Maybe, maybe not, " I shrugged. "But
she won't cover for you against another sister. She's
not the type." We stood a moment staring at each other.
Wednesday was trying to stare me down. She didn't have
any luck.

"Look, what do you want to forget this happened?"
she finally asked with a sigh.

"Two things actually, " I smiled triumphantly.

"What?" she asked, sounding a little nervous.

"Move away from the computer and let me see if the paper
is recoverable, " I said. Wednesday hesitated,
but then shrugged and moved. I checked, and then sighed
adding, "You know computers. It's gone."

"So now what?" Wednesday asked.

"It's simple really, " I smiled and reached
for one of the folders on desk. Wednesday watched as I pulled
out the paper Jenny showed me earlier.

"Shit! The anal retentive little bitch already printed
it out!" the sorority president cursed.

"You know, I think you have anger issues, "
I grinned. "You might want to see someone about them."

"Go to hell!" she snapped in reply, causing
me to laugh.

"Definite anger issues, " I said. She looked
ready to say something else, but I reached up from the chair
and put two fingers on her lips to silence her. She looked
at me in surprise.

Wednesday had long dark hair. So long in fact, that it actually
touched her ass. She was on the thin side, but she had nice
breasts. It was too bad that she tried to hide them with clothes.

"What are you staring at?" she asked as she pushed
my fingers away from her mouth. She didn't sound half
as angry.

"You know, you are an attractive woman, " I
replied as I stood. "It's too bad you don't
smile more."

"I'm not going to sleep with you just to make sure
you don't say anything!" she cried suddenly,
but her eyes were darting around. I grabbed her chin gently
and leaned forward. She didn't fight me as my lips slowly
moved toward hers. I stopped just before they touched.

"Sure you would, " I smiled. Wednesday looked
at me in confusion. I could see the fire in her eyes. I was
tempted, but instead of pressing her on the issue I stepped
back and added, "But don't worry. I don't
blackmail women into sleeping with me."

"You mean you're not going to..."

"Oh, I'm willing if you want to, " I smiled.
"But only if you want to."

"Well I don't!" she snapped.

"You're decision, " I shrugged. "You're
a little thin for my taste anyway."


"Wednesday, let's get back to the point, "
I said, changing the subject. "If you want me to stay
quiet about this then the first thing you need to do if retype
the paper into the computer."

"What?" she said in surprise. "But that
will take the whole night! Besides, she already has a print

"Take it or leave it, " I shrugged.


"Well, partially in case Jenny wants to make any last
minute changes, " I replied. "But also so that
you'll hopefully learn a lesson."

"You're not my father!" Wednesday complained.

"Just do it!" I snapped back. She looked at me
and then sat in the chair.

"You said I had to do two thing earlier, " she
said carefully, obviously concerned that I still planned
to do something bad to her. "What's the second

"That one is no big deal, " I smiled. "You
just need to help me slip out of the sorority so that I won't
get caught."

"That's it?"

"That's it, " I shrugged. Wednesday looked
at me for a few moments before finally shrugging and starting
to type.

It took her a few hours. It wasn't a short paper. Thankfully,
Wednesday was a good typist. I did make one or two corrections
before she was done.

"Satisfied?" she asked with a yawn. I looked
out the window and saw the sun rising.

"Yes, " I nodded. "Now let's go before
the others get back."

Wednesday led me to the door. She peaked out and then waved
me forward. Of course, we were in the stairwell on our way
down when the door on the first floor banged open. Somebody
was just stumbling in. I was curious, but not enough to be

I took Wednesday's hand and climbed up the stairs instead
of down. Jenny slept on the second floor. That was where
all the first year sisters were roomed. The third floor
was for the older sisters. Of course, whoever came in was
one of the older sisters. She kept climbing after the doorway
to the second floor.

This time Wednesday took my hand and we darted into the hall.
Halfway down the hallway she opened a door and pushed me
in. She barely got the door closed in time. I looked around
and realized that I must be in her room. It was larger than
Jenny's, but not by a lot.

"Nice room, " I said. She looked at me oddly.
I'm not sure why. She kept expecting me to be some monster
or something, when in fact she was the one who deleted Jennie's


"So, I guess you're into fantasy?" I asked.
Her walls were covered in posters of things like castles
and wizards.

"You think?" she said sarcastically, but she
was finally smiling.

"Who is your favorite author?" We spent about
fifteen minutes discussing some of the books we liked.

"I think it's time to go, " I finally said,
but she shook her head.

"It's too late, " she said. "The
girl's lacrosse team has early practice today and
five of our sisters are on it. They'll be up already.
Plus the pledges are due back any time now." I thought
to argue, but I did hear a door or two open down the hall.

"Oh man, " I sighed in annoyance. "I'm

"Me too, " Wednesday said with a yawn. "I've
got a class this morning, but it looks like I'm not going
to make it."

"How long before you think you'll be able to get
me out of here?"

"It probably won't be safe for a couple of hours."

"That settles it, " I said with a shake of my
head as I flopped down into her bed.

"Hey!" she cried as I kicked off my shoes.

"Come on, " I sighed. "We both need some

"Yes, but..." she began. I wasn't in the
mood to argue. I cut her off.

"Look, I'm going to sleep. It's your fault
I'm stuck here so I have no intention of sleeping on
the floor, " I said. "You're welcome to
it, or you can share the bed with me."

"I can't do that!" she cried.

"Why not?"

"Well, first of all, I have a boyfriend back home, "
she said.

"You do?" I asked in surprise. "I thought
you hated men?"

"I don't, " she replied and fell silent,
but then she continued when I remained quiet. "Jack
and I have had a lot of problems over the last couple of years
and that may have made me a bit unhappy with men in general."

"So dump him?" I suggested with a shrug.

"You don't understand, " she replied.

"I guess not, " I said. "In either case,
I'm too tired to make much sense now anyway. I'm
going to sleep." I closed my eyes and was halfway asleep
in moments.

"Move over, " Wednesday said as she climbed
into bed. "And you'd better not snore!"

I shifted slightly. The bed wasn't very big and I could
feel Wednesday trying hard not to touch me.

"Cut that out!" I snapped and then sighed loudly.
I lost my patience and pulled her close. "I can't
sleep with you so damn edgy. Relax and go to sleep. I promise
I won't molest you or tell anyone."

She remained tense for a little while longer, but didn't
pull away. I almost sighed when she finally relaxed. I noticed
that her hair smelled nice just before falling asleep.
I blinked open my eyes a couple hours later to find Wednesday
still sleeping. Her face was only inches from mine. She
really was an attractive woman when she wasn't frowning.
I was tempted to kiss her, but held back. It wasn't easy.

I tried not to move and wake her, but something did. I watched
as her eyes fluttered open. It took her a moment to recognize
me. I was happy that she didn't scream or jump out of

"I'm hungry, " she said.

"Me too, " I smiled. "Let's go get
something to eat. My treat."

"You can't be serious?" she asked as she
finally sat up in bed.

"Why not?" I shrugged, and then grinning, added,
"It's the least I could do considering you slept
with me." Instead of getting angry, she laughed.

"You wish!" she said as she stood and stretched.
She looked amazing.

"I'm starting to, " I replied, surprised
that it was the truth.

"You're serious!" she said looking down
at me. I shrugged. She shook her head and added, "Let's
go lover boy."

We left the sorority a few minutes later and went to eat.
The conversation was surprisingly enjoyable. We got a
couple of odd stares from the people who knew us, but we ignored

"I'm sorry, " I sighed after a while. "I
have to a go. I've got a class I can't miss."

"That's okay, " she said, and then reached
out and touched my hand. She waited until I looked at her
and added, "Thanks. Thanks for making me do the right
thing with Jenny's paper. I don't know what came
over me."

"Not a problem, " I said, a little embarrassed.

"I think I just haven't been feeling good about
myself recently. It probably has more to do with Jack then
anything else, but Jenny picking someone else for a lab
partner bothered me too. I couldn't do anything about
Jack, but Jenny..."

"You know, " I said. "I think this Jack
guy is wrong one for you. I get that you must love him to put
up with everything, but is it really worth it? You're
a nice girl and deserve to be happy." She gave me an
odd look and I laughed.

"Oh, I'm not the one for you either, " I
said. "I'm not the settling down type and that's
what you need."

"As if I would be interested in you, " she said
with a roll of he eyes. She wasn't fooling either one
of us.

"Look, " I sighed again. "I really do
have to go, but feel free to stop by anytime you feel like
talking. I'd make a miserable boyfriend, but I'm
a good friend."

"I may take you up on that, " she said, sounding
surprised. "See you later."

"Later, " I grinned and left quickly. I was
going to be late.


"Man, you look wiped, " my fraternity brother
Gary said as we left our class.

"I am, " I said. "I'm done with my
last class and heading for bed."

"Busy night with Jenny?" he asked with a grin.

"Something like that."

"Hey, I'll see you later at the party."

"Yeah, later, " I mumbled and made my way back
to my apartment. I was only a sophomore and normally the
fraternity insisted that sophomores remain in the house,
but I was sharing an apartment, house really, with four
of the older brothers. It helped that one of then was the
ex president. Thankfully, they all went on a road trip this

I woke up late and jumped in the shower. I still had time to
make my fraternity's party before it ended. I'd
hear it later if I didn't make an appearance.

"It's about time, " Gary said as I walked
in. He had a hot blond on his arm, which was nothing unusual.

"This is the guy for April?" she said rudely
as she looked at me. She sounded like she was trying to decide
if I was up to her friend's standards. I held back a sigh.
Gary was very much into looks. He'd put up with an awful
lot for a good-looking woman. Me, I just wanted to hang out
and have fun. I didn't have any interest in meeting
one of this blonde's friends. She'd probably
be just as much of a bitch.

"She'll love him!" Gary said nervously.
I smiled slightly. He was really in a tough spot. He needed
me to hook up with this April in order for him to keep the blond
happy, but knew I had little or no patience for this type
of shit.

The blonde said something else to Gary. He pulled her to
the side and replied in a low voice so that I couldn't
hear. I shook my head and turned away from them. Gary was
on his own. I ignored them and took a look at the people dancing.
It was pretty much the usual crowd.

I decided I was ready for a drink. I started to make my way
to the bar, but hesitated when I saw this guy John dancing.
He wasn't the type. He normally just hung out and drank
with some friends. If he was dancing, then he had to be trying
to pick up some girl. It made me curious. John and I had similar
tastes. I stepped to the side to see the girl dancing with

'You lucky shit!' I thought with a grin.

She was a short girl with large breasts and a killer smile,
just my type. She was also one hell of a dancer. Her hair was
brown with highlights and went a little past her shoulders.
I shook my head, went to the bar and ordered a beer, but didn't
get a chance to drink it.

"There you are!" Gary said from behind me. This
time I didn't bother to hide my sigh. I turned to them
ready to say something that probably wouldn't have
been nice, but forgot it instantly because the brunette
who had been dancing with John was standing with them.

"Please tell me your April?" I asked with a smile.

"Yep, " she said barely bothering to look at
me. I frowned but she was oblivious. She took my hand and
added, "I promised Linda I'd dance with you,
so let's dance." She looked annoyed as she led
me to the dance floor. It looked like she was going to be another
'Miss Personality' like her friend Linda. It
was too bad really.

Gary had a way of picking the most stuck up and stupid women
around. Mind you, they were always hot, but dumb as a doorknob.
I wasn't in the mood to deal with his type tonight, so
I figured I'd have some fun.

I was actually a pretty good dancer, but I stumbled around
for a couple of minutes just to see how April reacted. She
looked annoyed for a few minutes, but then surprised me.
I thought she'd disappear when she saw how badly I was
dancing. Instead, she started laughing. It may have had
something to with the fact that I kept bumping into the same

"Sorry!" I said to him for what had to be the third
time. He shook his head, frowned and said something to his
partner. They both moved to the other side of the dance floor.

"You have to be the worst dancer I've ever met!"
April laughed, but it didn't sound like she was trying
to be nasty. She honestly just thought my dancing was funny.
I couldn't blame her because I agreed.

"Hey, nobody's perfect, " I said, tripping
over my own feet.

"Let's go get something to drink before you hurt
yourself, " she said, shaking her head. We walked
to the bar and I ordered.

"Mikey!" I called to the pledge that was tending
bar. "Two of my specials please!" Mike gave
us our drinks and winked at me.

April took a tentative sip. She was obviously worried about
what was in it. She frowned afterward and took a bigger drink.

"This is water!" she cried.

"Shh!" I snapped, putting my hand over her mouth.
"Do you want to get me in trouble!" I liked to
drink beer, but not while I was dancing.

"You're crazy!" she snapped, laughing
again. I suddenly realized that maybe April wasn't
going to be a total bust. She actually had a sense of humor.

"Gather around brothers! Gather around!"
I heard the fraternity pledge master call. "It time
for a chugging competition! Brothers against the pledges."

"I hating chugging, " I sighed.

"Why? They won't let you use water?" April

"I don't know. Let see, " I grinned as I
turned toward the pledge master and called, "Are
we using water again for the brothers like last time?"

"Hey!" one of the pledges called. "Is
that how you guys keep winning these things?" Mike,
the bartender and head of the pledge class looked at the
kid and shook his head.

"Just for that wise ass, " the pledge master
called back to me. "You can be at the end!"

"What's so bad about that?" April asked
with a frown.

"Well, the pledges are actually pretty good chuggers.
The brothers normally win because we make the competition
up and back. They don't have the experience to drink
two cups of beer so quickly."

"So that means that the first guy chugs a beer, and
when he's done the second guy starts, and so on?"
she asked.

"Yep, all ten guys from each team drink a beer in sequence
until the end of the line, and then it goes back to the beginning."

"So the guy at the end chugs two in a row?" April
asked. I nodded and she added, "Think you can handle
it?" I didn't bother to tell her that it wasn't
the first time I held the position.

"We'll see."

I walked to the bar. April followed me. I wasn't sure
if she was interested in the contest, me or just curious
whether I'd throw up or not. The beer was poured and
we were about ready to start when the pledge master took
my two twelve ounce cups and put two sixteen ounce cups in
their place.

"We're going to give the pledges a bit more of
a chance this time, " he grinned.

"Tommy, you are suck a dick sometimes."

"Hey! It takes one to know one!"

"That's a lot of beer!" April said in surprise.

"Tell me about it, " I sighed. I'd get Tommy
back for this someday. At least this would be my first beer
of the night. Okay, first and second. I found myself wishing
I'd skipped the cup of water. There was only so much
room in my stomach.

"On your mark! Get set! Go!"

I waited patiently for the guys in front of me. It was a dead
heat when it reached me. I down the first one quick enough.
The pledge across from me almost kept pace, but he fell behind
on the second beer despite the size difference in cups.
It became worse for the pledges at the contest continued.
They were two people behind when we were done.

"Pledges lose again!" Tommy laughed. I shook
my head and turned away. I almost forgot about April. She
was looking at me and grinning.

"You're actually pretty good, " she said.
"I've never seen anyone chug so much beer that

"Don't remind me, " I said and then couldn't
help it when a burp slipped out. "Sorry."

"He's the best chugger in the house, "
Gary said as he walked up and slapped me on the back, causing
another burp to escape. The hot blond Linda was still with
him. She frowned.

"It's not a talent I'm particularly proud
of, " I shrugged.

"It's better than your dancing, " April
laughed. Gary gave her an odd look, but then just shook his
head at me, realizing what must have happened.

"We're going to dance, " Linda said. "You
two are welcome to join us."

"No thanks, " April said, still laughing.
"I don't like getting my toes stepped on."
The blonde gave me a look and I had to fight hard not to laugh.
Gary always picked the winners.

"Then comes dance with us, " she said, now ignoring
me. "There's a guy out there who dances pretty
good. I'm sure he'll find his way over after he
sees you move." April looked at me.

"Oh, I'm having fun, " I smiled. "But
you're welcome to go if you'd like." She
hesitated a moment longer.

"I'll see you later, " April said to her
friend, surprising me. I was certain she would leave.

"You were impressed with my drinking?" I asked
with a raised eyebrow once we were alone.

"Not really."

"Then why did you stay?" I asked, honestly curious.

"You make me laugh, " she shrugged.

"Well then, maybe there's hope for you yet, "
I said half seriously.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"Nothing, " I replied and then kissed her before
she could say anything else.

"Hey!" she cried. I ignored her protest and
pulled her back to the dance floor, as far away from Gary
and Linda as possible. She came along despite her annoyance.

"Let's dance, " I said. "For real
this time."

"We weren't dancing for real before?"
she frowned.

"No, " I laughed and took her hands as I started
to move. She didn't dance for a couple of steps as she
watched me.

"Wow, beer seems to really improve your dancing!"
she said as she started to dance with me. I frowned and looked
at her. She was laughing again and I realized she was just
teasing me.

"I'm going to like you, " I grinned.

"Why's that?"

"Well, for one thing you're hot as hell!"
I replied. She rolled her eyes, but I saw her smiling slightly
as I continued. "Also, you make me laugh."

"Hey! That's my line."

"Doesn't make it any less true, " I shrugged
and then started dancing in earnest.

April and I fell into step easily. She probably was a better
dancer than me, but there was certainly no other guy in the
place who could do as well as I was with her. We danced for
about half an hour before deciding to take a break.

"What do you want to drink?" I asked as we neared
the bar.

"Think you can get another couple of your specials?"
she asked. "I'm thirsty!"

"Me too, " I smiled, ordering the drinks and
giving her one when they arrived.

"So you can dance and you can chug, " she said.
"What else can you do?"

"Too easy of an opening, " I grinned. She rolled
her eyes. I laughed briefly and added, "Sorry."

"That's okay, " she said. "You're
right. That was a pretty big opening."

I opened my mouth to say something and froze. My mind was
really in the gutter tonight. April saw my expression,
thought about what she'd just said and then slapped
my shoulder.

"I didn't say anything!" I cried in my defense.

"Good thing!" she retorted. "Or you'd
be here by yourself."

"Let's change the subject, " I said. "You
didn't look too thrilled to meet me before."

"I wasn't. I hate when friends try and set me up, "
she shrugged. "Is that why you didn't dance right?"

"Probably, " I replied.

"Well then, I'd say we're even."

"Agreed, " I smiled. "Now tell me where
are you're from? I didn't see you around here before
the winter break."

"I just started going here this semester, "
she replied. "Linda's an old high school friend
who goes here. She's showing me around."

"A good friend?"

"Not really, " April shrugged. I smiled. It
made sense now. I couldn't picture April and Linda
being all that close.

"Where did you transfer from?"

"Home, " she joked. "I took a semester
off before starting college."

"Were you at the big party last weekend?" I asked.
Last week was the first week back from winter break. The
school always threw a big party the first weekend back.

"No, " she replied. "I went back home
for my cousin's wedding."

"In January?"

"It was a rush deal, " she said. I knew what she

"This your first weekend out on campus?" I asked,
letting the subject drop.


"So then you're a virgin?" I grinned, and
quickly added before she could reply, "I mean in regards
to partying at this school."

"I know exactly what you meant, " she smirked,
and then kissed me. "You've broken my cherry."


"In regards to the first guy I've kissed here, "
she added. We both laughed.

"Let's hope it won't be the only cherry I
break tonight, " I said. She slapped me again.

"Hey! I meant in regards to..."

"I know exactly what you meant!" she interjected.
"Now lets go dance before you get yourself into more
trouble." We were back on the dance floor for only
a few minutes when they played a slow song. I didn't
even bother to ask. I took her in my arms and pulled her close.
She felt wonderful.

"You know, I'm happy you decided to come to this
school, " I said toward the end of the song.

"I'm glad you approve, " she said, not
quite sarcastically, but then added, "I'm having
a much better time tonight then I expected. Thanks."

I was just contemplating leaning forward and kissing her
again when my old girlfriend Kristi tapped me on the shoulder.
I turned, saw her and frowned. She hadn't spoken to
me all year. What could she possibly want?

"You need to come with me, " she said.

"What?" I asked in surprise.

"I don't know what you did to Wednesday, but she's
very upset."

"I didn't do anything!" I said defensively.

"Fine, " Kristi said, obviously not believing
me. "Would you just come on anyway? She locked in her
room crying. The only thing she said that I could understand
was your name."

"What? Did you break someone's heart?"
April asked with a frown.

"No, " I insisted.

"Not this time, " Kristi put in. I shook my head.

"You should go if this Wednesday is upset. Maybe you
can help, " April said. I looked between her and Kristi.

"You're right, " I said to April. "But
you're coming with me."

"Why?" Kristi asked. April looked interested
in my answer.

"Because I want her to, " I insisted. April
seemed satisfied with my answer, but not Kristi, so I added,
" Besides, she just started going here this semester.
I expect in the next couple of weeks all of the sororities
will be looking for her to join. This will give you a head
start." The pledge mistress looked at April and nodded

We arrived at Wednesday's door to find Jennie talking
to the sorority president threw the door.

"How is she?" I asked.

"I don't know, " Jennie shrugged. "All
she does is keep on apologizing to me. I don't even know
what for!"

"I'll explain later, " I sighed as I tapped
on the door. "Wednesday let me in!" I called.
She must have recognized my voice because the door opened.
Her eyes were red from crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She was obviously
embarrassed and more than a little drunk.

"Who are you?" she asked April, avoiding the

"A friend of mine, " I answered.

"Also, a possible spring pledge, " Kristi
put in.

"I'm sorry to meet you this way."

"That's okay, " April shrugged. "What's
wrong?" Wednesday started crying again. April took
her in her arms and led her in the room. I followed, but stopped
Jennie and Kristi from coming in too.

"I think I know what this is about, " I sighed.

"Jack?" Kristi asked.

"That would be my guess too, " I replied. "Let
us sit with her for a while. Maybe it will be easier for her
to talk without her sorority sisters there."

"It might work, " Kristi sighed. "Call
us if you need us."

"I will, " I said as I entered the room and shut
the door. April was still holding Wednesday in her arms.
It took a while for the sorority president to calm down.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You were right, " Wednesday said, moving
away from April, obviously a little embarrassed. "I
wasn't happy dating him. I tried to talk to him about
us tonight and I got nowhere, so I broke up with him. After
that I started drinking and well..."

"I'm sorry, " I interjected sadly. This
time I held her while she cried. April watched me with an
odd expression. The three of us sat and talked for a while.
Slowly, Wednesday calmed down. It helped that she wasn't
drinking anymore.

"Thank you, both, " Wednesday said a couple
of hours later. She then smiled at April and added, "I
don't know if you want to join our sorority after this,
but if you do, you have my vote."

"Thanks, " April grinned.

"I don't know, " I put in. "Do you
think the sisters will go for another person with a silly
calendar name. First a day of the week, now a month?"

"Oh shut up, " Wednesday snapped.

"That was lame, " April put in.

"You think that's lame, " Wednesday laughed.
"You should have seen him the first time we met."

"We're not going there again?" I asked
in expiration. They laughed.

"Are you two interested in a movie?" Wednesday
asked. "I know it's late, but my internal clock
is all out of sync. Someone kept me up all night."

"Oh really, " April asked with a raised eyebrow,
but she was smiling.

"It's not as good as that, " Wednesday
smiled. She surprised me by explaining what happened the
night before.

"That's all fine and good, but what exactly were
you doing in a sorority after hours?" April asked
me. I think she was just trying to give the Wednesday a chance
to gather herself.

"Jennie's an old friend, " I replied carefully.
"Just how much of a friend?"

"Hey, " I said, trying to change the subject.
"How about that movie?"

"That's what I thought, " April laughed.

"I've got popcorn if you guys are interested?"
Wednesday put in.

"That sounds great, " I said. "You guys
set it up. I need to go to the rest room. I'll be right

I did go to the bathroom while I was out, but the main reason
I left was to let Kristi and Jennie know that Wednesday was
okay. It took me longer than I expected, but the ladies didn't
seem to notice. They were laying on the floor with pillows
and a blanket watching a DVD on Wednesday's laptop.

"We picked the floor because there's room for
three, " April said when I entered.

"We saved you a spot, " Wednesday added. "It's
easier for us all to see the laptop from here." She
had moved it onto the floor as well.

"I want the middle, " I grinned.

"We figured, " Wednesday laughed. "But
April already called it."

"Damn!" I joked. Okay, maybe it wasn't
a joke.

April fell asleep first. It made sense. She didn't
take the nap both Wednesday and I did earlier in the day.
I waited until Wednesday joined her before relaxing enough
to nod off. It looked like Wednesday was going to be okay.


"I'm so sorry!" I heard Wednesday cry.
It woke me from a dead sleep.

"What's wrong?" I asked, still in a fog.

"She kissed me!" April cried. That woke me up
quick enough.

"She did what?"

"I kissed her, " Wednesday said miserably.
"I don't know what came over me!"

"It's okay, " April said as she got over
her shock and saw how miserably Wednesday was acting.

"No it's not!"

"Wednesday, calm down, " I said sitting up.
"It's been a tough couple of days for you."

"But..." she began. April surprised us both
by stopping Wednesday's protest with another kiss.
I was instantly wide-awake.

"What was that for?" Wednesday asked.

"So you'd calm down, " April replied.
"You kissed me and I kissed you. No big deal."

"I think you should both kiss each other just to make
sure everything is alright, " I said, unable to stop

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
April teased.

"You have no idea!"

"I'm so confused!" Wednesday said, cutting
our humor short.

"What's confusing you?" I asked.

"I'm not gay, " she said, sounding calmer
than I hoped. "But when I woke up and saw April lying
there I remembered just how much you both did for me last
night and I couldn't stop myself."

"That's to be expected, " April said.
"It's really no big deal." I wasn't
sure I agreed. Certainly my hardening cock didn't,
but it was what Wednesday needed to hear.

"Makes me wish I'd gotten the middle like I asked, "
I joked. This time Wednesday smiled slightly.

"I'm sort of glad I got it first, " April
joked back. "Wednesday is a hell of a kisser!"

"Please stop!" I begged. "You're
killing me."

"It excites you that much?" Wednesday asked.

"Two beautiful woman kissing right next to me?"
I asked rhetorically. "You bet your life! There's
not a guy alive who could watch you two kissing and not feel

"Having some difficulties?" April asked.
I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was when she
took a quick look at my crotch. She winked at me afterward
and turned to Wednesday.

"You want to see how far we can push him?" she
asked with a grin.

"We can't kiss again!"

"Why not?" April asked.

"I don't kiss girls!"

"Well, obviously you do."

"This was the first time, " Wednesday said

"For me too, " April said, but then paused before
adding, "Not counting when my best friend Sara and
I practiced kissing before our first dates."

"Did it pay off?" I asked with a grin.

"Not really, " she replied. "It turned
out that Sara was a much better kisser than the guy."

"Did you two..." Wednesday began, but April
cut her off.

"No, although we joked about it for years. We still

"So you really want to kiss me?" Wednesday asked
tentatively. April tilted her head sideways before shrugging
and replying.

"You know, I think I do."

I watched as they kissed once more. It was so hot that I forgot
to breath until they separated! They looked at each other
for a moment and then kissed again, only this time with more
passion. I was in heaven! Or what it Hell?

"Oh shit!" I moaned when I saw April's tongue
slip into Wednesday's mouth. Wednesday moaned even
louder. This continued until I was ready to burst. April
finally broke the kiss and looked at me.

"Had enough?" she asked, looking down at my
hard cock and smiling.

"I haven't, " Wednesday panted, causing
April and I to laugh. It was funny really. Wednesday was
older than both April and I, but she seemed so much younger
at times.

"You know, this is my first real party weekend at college
and I'm up for some crazy fun that I'm sure I'll
regret later, " April said.

"Count me in, " I said quickly.

"I was, " she grinned. "But only if you
promise to keep your mouth shut." I nodded and then
held my breath while we waited for Wednesday to decide.

"It's my last semester, " she said slowly.
"I've been dating Jack since high school. I think
I'd like an experience I'll regret before I graduate."

"Something to tell the grandkids?" I joked.

"Definitely not!"

"We can't do this here, " April said. "I'm
sure we'll be overheard."

"They'll be checking on me soon anyway, "
Wednesday added. She sounded disappointed.

"My apartment is empty until tomorrow, " I
grinned. "Let's go!"

"Slow down, " April laughed. "Wednesday
need to let everyone know she's going to be okay and
I should probably check in with Linda."

"I could use a shower, " I sighed. "But
if either of you back out of this, I'm going to jump off
the nearest bridge."

"Let's meet for a late lunch, " April said.

"There's a pub across the street from my apartment."

Wednesday looked at both of us before asking, "Are
we really going to do this?"

"I'd like to, " I said honestly.

"As long as we all understand it's a one time thing, "
April said. Wednesday and I nodded in agreement, but then
again I'd agree to just about anything to get this to

"Well then, I'll see you both in an hour."

I went back to my apartment and spent the bulk of the time
cleaning up. It wasn't really that bad. My room was
the worse, but I finished cleaning, took a shower and only
ended up being five minutes late.

"We were wondering if you'd changed your mind, "
April said.

"You're joking, right?" They were in a
booth. I sat next to Wednesday.

"You know, " Wednesday said carefully. "I'm
not so sure this is a good idea."

'Damn!' I cursed to myself. I was afraid she would
get cold feet.

"It's your decision, " April put in. "But
think what you'll be missing." She kicked me
under the table and nodded toward Wednesday. I smiled and
nodded in understanding.

"I know, but..." Wednesday began to say, but
I stopped her with a kiss.

"You really are a good kisser, " I smiled when
I pulled away.

"You two are trying to seduce me, " she said,
sounding confused.

"Of course, " April smiled. "But don't
forget. You were the one who started this, not us."
I saw Wednesday waiver.

"We don't need to decide right this second, "
I said carefully. "Let's eat and then we'll
see what happens."

"Okay, " she agreed.

We ordered. I made sure the ladies, especially Wednesday, always
had a full glass. I didn't drink much myself because
the looks April kept giving me promised that I'd need
all my strength later.

We ate and drank for quite a while. The meal was good. We sat
afterward, nursing our drinks and talking.

"So, how old were you when you had first kiss?"
I asked.

"Fifteen, " April answered.

"Was that Sara or the guy?"

"Both, " she replied. "How about you?"

"Ladies first, " I said, looking at Wednesday.

"Seventeen, " she said. "It was Jack."
It started to make a little more sense now. He was obviously
her first love.

"And you?" April quickly asked me, not wanted
Wednesday to think about Jack.

"You're not going to believe this, " I
smiled. "But I was eighteen."

"No way!" April laughed.

"I'm serious, " I shrugged. "We
moved when I was in eighth grade. It was to a completely different
state where the people talked different and I just didn't
fit in. It didn't help that I also happened to sprout
up that year. I was six inches taller than the closest guy."

"Early bloomer, " April teased. I nodded.

"Someone else's turn to ask a question, "
I said.

"Well, I think we can skip the virgin question?"
April asked. Wednesday and I nodded, but the sorority president
also blushed.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

"Seventeen, " Wednesday replied, blushing

"That Jack was a fast mover, " April joked.

"And a fast finisher, " Wednesday replied.
April and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.
Wednesday blushed an even deeper shade of red, but joined

"I was seventeen also, " April said after the
laughter died down. "To a guy I was madly in love with."

"What happened?" Wednesday asked.

"I caught him cheating with my best friend."

"Ouch!" I cried. "You mean Sara?"

"I told you she was a great kisser, " April shrugged.

"Well then, " I said, going back to the question.
"It seems we all lost our virginity at the same age."

"But you said you didn't kiss a girl until you
were eighteen, " Wednesday frowned.

"I didn't, " I grinned. "It's
a long story. Maybe I'll tell you it someday."

"I can't wait!" April laughed.

"It's my turn, " Wednesday said. "How
many people have you slept with?"

"Should I count you two?" I asked. "After
all, I did sleep with you both last night."

"You know what I mean, " Wednesday said with
a shake of her head, and then added, "I'll start.
I only slept with Jack."

"Big surprise there, " April said, smiling
to take the sting out of her voice.

"How about you?" Wednesday asked me. I looked
at them and quickly made the decision to tell the truth.


"Wow!" Wednesday said. "I can't
imagine sleeping with seven different people."

"Give it time, " I smiled, and then turned toward
April. "How about you?" She started counting,
using her fingers. I shook my head when she got to her second
hand. She was close to the end so I added, "You want
to borrow a hand?" She looked at me and laughed gently.

"One, " she said.

"What?" Wednesday asked.

"Don't sound so surprised, " April laughed.
"I've only slept with one guy."

"Yeah, but I'll bet with breasts like those most
of the guys you dated tried for second base?" I grinned.

"They tried, " April laughed. "But only
a few actually succeeded."

"I never understood that whole base thing, "
Wednesday said.

"Well, let's pay the check and go to my apartment
and I'll explain it, " I smiled. "I have
some wine and beer ready."

"Okay, " Wednesday said after a moment's

"You can always back out later, " April smiled.

We paid and left. My apartment was just across the street
and diagonal. We went in quickly. Wednesday looked ready
to jump out of her skin. April looked ready to do a bit more
than that.

"I've got a television in my room. It's on
the top floor. It a big room, but it's always freezing.
I put on the space heater before I went to dinner. I'll
grab some drinks and be right up."

April and Wednesday went up ahead of me. I used the bathroom,
grabbed some drinks and followed them a few minutes later.
There was a queen size mattress in my room, but no box spring.
The ladies were laying on it. The television was on, but
they both ignored it while April explained the bases. I
handed out the drinks and joined them.

"...And going all the way is a home run, " April
finished explaining.

"That's it?" Wednesday said in surprise.
"That's actually pretty easy to understand."

"So, now you get my reference in regard to the boys
April dated, her chest and second base?" I asked.

"I pretty much guessed that while we were at the pub."

"Yeah, guys and breasts, " April shrugged.
"They can be a hassle."

"Oh, I don't know. I liked the fact that Jack was
fond of mine, " Wednesday admitted.

"That's because you have nice C cups. Try and
deal with breasts this size and see how it feels, "
April argued.

"They are big, " Wednesday said, looking at
April's breasts. My cock was stirring. April seemed
the like the attention. Her nipples hardened. Wednesday
watched enthralled and added, "Wow! They get really

"Yours don't?" April asked, sounding
honestly curious.

"Mine get long, but not nearly hard enough to poke
through my bra and blouse."

"Ouch!" I cried.

"What?" April asked.

"Nothing, " I grinned. "I was just pinching
myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming." She leaned
over and kissed me.

"You're not."

"I may be, " Wednesday said tentatively.

"You're not either, " April smiled and
then kissed her.

"Are we really going to do this?" Wednesday
asked once they broke apart.

"You know, I think every guy has a fantasy about being
with two girls at the same time. I'm guessing that only
a few lucky ones actually experience it, " I said
carefully. "But not even they are lucky enough to
have two such beautiful women." Wednesday blushed
again while April looked at me. I met her eyes and added,
"I'm not just saying that." She blushed
as well.

"And I've been a good girl my entire life, "
April sighed. "I'd like to let loose, if only
this once. I like you both and I think you're smart enough
to keep this to yourselves."

"Besides, everyone deservers to have a crazy memory
from college, " I smiled.

"I am graduating this semester, " Wednesday
said tentatively. "I don't really have any crazy
memories to look back on."

"We won't force you, " April added. "But
it's time for you to decide."

Wednesday looked back and forth between April and me before
smiling and nodding slowly. I kissed her wetly and then
so did April. Afterward, April and I shared the same type
of kiss. We noticed Wednesday watching us when we were done.

"I'd like to see those breasts that Jack was so
fond of, " I said with a smile.

Wednesday hesitated and April added, "Show us yours
and I'll show you mine."

"That sounds fair, " Wednesday replied. She
slowly pulled her top over her head. Her bra was frilly and
her breasts spectacular.

"Now I understand Jack's fondness!" I
said in appreciation.

"They're not nearly as big as April's, "
she said in embarrassment.

"No, they're not, " April replied. "But
you're so skinny that still look pretty big! Besides,
they're shaped perfectly."

"Let's see yours now, " Wednesday said
in anticipation. April smiled and took off her shirt. Her
bra was tasteful, but not frilly like Wednesday's.
I'm sure it had to do with the weight it had to hold. Her
breasts looked like they desperately wanted to burst free.

"What do you think?" April asked, her turn to
be nervous. Wednesday licked her lips and reached around
the big-breasted woman's back. She unsnapped April's
bra and it dropped to the floor.

"Holy shit!" I cried. "I've never
seen breasts so big!" April laughed nervously.

Wednesday surprised me when she leaned forward without
a word and took one of April's nipples into her mouth.
I watched her for a few moments before April beckoned me.
I leaned over and kissed her. I could feel her hand at my pants.
She started rubbing my cock through them while we continued
to kiss.

Wednesday noticed what was happening and reached out and
undid my zipper. Both ladies worked together to pull my
pants off. My cock was straining against my underwear.
It popped free and slapped against my stomach when Wednesday
pulled my underwear down. April reached for me, but Wednesday
was quicker. She sucked the head and first few inches of
my dick into her mouth.

"That looks tasty, " April said, biting her
bottom lip. Wednesday smiled and pulled my cock from her
mouth. She held it for April.

"Tonight is all about sharing, " she smiled.

"Thanks!" April cried as she rolled around
and pushed me onto my back. Her head went to my lap and she
started seriously working my cock. This girl definitely
liked what she was doing. Wednesday watched for a couple
of minutes before moving to my other side and kissing me.
Her long dark hair fell around us, cutting us off from the
world. It was oddly exciting to be kissing her like that.

"Take off your clothes, " I told her. Wednesday
smiled and stood just long enough to strip. She was no longer
blushing. Her eyes had a fire that I'm sure all three
of us felt. She really was thin, but her breasts were breath
taking! Her tight little ass was just as exciting.

"Now what do you want me to do?" she asked with
a smile.

"Straddle my head, " I smiled. "I want
to taste you." She lost her smile.

"Jack only tried that once, " she said. "He
didn't like it very much. Are you sure?"

"Then isn't it a good thing you dumped him?"
I asked rhetorically. "I love the taste of a hot and
sticky woman."

"I am that, " she grinned.

"Well then, what are you waiting for?"

She moved and straddled my face. Wednesday was looking
down at me. She had long legs and I had to stretch to reach,
so I took a pillow and moved it under my head. I still wasn't
quite close enough.

"Spread you legs a little, " I told her. She
did and I smiled. Not only could I reach now, but she was also
spread wide giving me full access to her pussy. I took a taste
and cried, "Delicious!" Wednesday laughed
and finally relaxed.

"Wow! That feels good, " she said. A few moments
she gasped before adding, "Actually, it feels amazing!"

Wednesday only had a small patch of hair between her legs,
but it was relatively thick. I didn't mind. I drove
my tongue through it. I enjoyed hairy women, as long as they
limited it to their heads and pussy. Call me odd, but I wasn't
one for facial or underarm hair on women.

I was so focused on Wednesday that I almost forgot about
April. Don't misunderstand, I was enjoying what she
was doing, but for all intents and purposes this was the
first time Wednesday was experiencing oral sex. I wanted
it to be special.

I was pretty sure I was doing a good job by the way she was m

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