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Convent lust to Alien rescue by hominoid


Introduction: When a group of young convent girls got stranded
on an island, they never would have dreamt that some dark
force would turn them in desperate sexual beasts.

The little English convent decided that it was time to do
something about all the suffering they were getting reports
about. A team of twenty one was carefully selected, put
on a ship and sent off to wild Africa. The team consisted
of ten old ladies that would be responsible for nursing
the sick and of cause discipline, and eleven young energetic
girls who would be able to do the hard work. The team was on
route for about six days when the storm struck. For hours
they were driven by the wind, and massive waves where pounding
their ship. Early the next morning they hit the rocks, and
two hours later there was nothing left of the ship and most
of the people on board. A few survivors found wreckage to
float on, but by daybreak the next day the only people still
alive where nine of the young girls and one of the older ladies.
They found themselves washed up on a beach, with not the
faintest idea where they were.

They were very thankful that they managed to survive, but
felt sick thinking about the many lives that were lost.
They felt extremely self conscious because of the lack
of appropriate clothing, having had to ditch the heavy
convent gear as they hit the water or face a certain death.
For the next few days they watched the shore lines to see
if some of their belongings would wash out, but it was all
in vain. The older lady immediately took charge and three
of the younger girls were send inland to investigate and
report back. They soon found out that they were stranded
on a small island, but they had absolutely no clue where
or what this island was, and it was clear that there were
no other humans apart from them.

They tried to organize themselves the best they could,
but with no tools, and only women around, it wasn’t easy.
Thankfully, the days and nights were hot, but they had little
protection from the rain and every so often they would all
get soaking wet. Food and water was not a problem, since
there were lots of edible fruit, and fresh water streams
from the hills provided for liquid refreshment.

Margarette was seventeen years old and was picked for this
mission because of her absolute dedication to the cause.
She has been living in the convent since a very young age,
and hasn’t seen much of the world. She was very grateful
that her life was spared, but for some strange reason felt
very uneasy on this island and could not shake off the feeling
that something terrible was waiting for them here.

It is now a week since they arrived on the island and it is
a beautiful windless early evening. They are all getting
ready to sleep, which, with their very few belongings,
basically meant picking a spot of grass that looked comfortable
enough to lie down on. Margarette finds a spot that looks
as comfortable as she expected to get, and settles for the
night. Soon, everybody is fast asleep.

With peaceful sleeping bodies scattered around in the
clearing, nobody notices the tiny little plant that appears
almost under Margarettes nose. Within about an hour, the
tiny plant grows a single white flower, and before long,
it starts to excrete a small amount of pollen like substance
that is slowly being inhaled by the girl. Soon, her body
starts reacting to the substance. Blood starts to concentrate
around her groin area, making her virgin pussy lips swell
as if they are been stimulated by expert touch, her nipples
starts straining against the material of her bra, and she
starts to feel hot and uneasy. She is still fast asleep and
dreaming that she is standing on a beautiful beach. She
sees something lying on the sand a few hundred feet away
and walks closer to investigate. As she gets closer she
realizes that she is looking at the body of a naked young
man, and although she feels extremely uneasy about his
nakedness, she is concerned about his wellbeing and walks
right up to his still body. After checking for vitals, she
realizes that he was alive. She looks for injuries, and
cant help to noticed his private parts. She tries very hard
not stare, but having never seen a naked man before, she
finds her gaze wondering over his muscled body. As hard
as she tries, her attention would keep focusing on his penis
and scrotum, and as her young female body and susceptible
mind reacts to the visual stimulus, it isn’t long before
she convinces herself that she needed to check that specific
area for injuries as well. Her hand is shaking as she slowly
reaches out to touch the tip of his penis, but she quickly
jerks back when it moves. She feels something stirring
in her panties, and feels the overwhelming urge to touch
him again. While dreaming, Margarette pussy starts producing
little droplets of sweet smelling love juices, and again,
nobody notices the little flower as it seems to be sniffing
the air and inhaling the intoxicating aroma coming from
the young girls body. Nobody also notices the root like
growth appearing from the little plant, getting stronger
and growing further and faster as it seems to feed from the
airborne particles of innocent lust.

Margarette is very quiet the next day, the feeling of guilt
plaguing her. She can’t understand where that awful dream
came from. Nothing like that has ever happened to her before,
and never before has she woken up with that funny wet feeling
in her panties. As soon as she gets a chance she disappears
down to the beach to wash off the stickiness between her
legs. She finds herself looking up and down the beach a few
times, trying hard to convince herself that she is looking
for salvage rather than a young muscled male body. She blushes
as the images of her dream plays in her mind again, and tries
to force the memories out of her head. She is convinced this
island has something to do with it, and she decides to find
a different spot to sleep that night.

As the sun sets and it starts getting dark, the girls settle
into their sleeping spots for the night. Anne gets the spot
Margarette had the previous night, and after some chatting
amongst the girls and moving around to get more comfortable,
it isn’t long before she is lying curled up and fast asleep.

It doesn’t take long for the tiny plant to make its appearance
again, having dried out and disappeared in the heat of the
sun that morning, and once again, the single flower produces
a small amount of the pollen like substance right under
Annes nose. Soon, her body starts reacting, her breathing
gets heavier causing her chest to strain against her clothing,
with just the tiniest little bulges starting to show as
her nipples get excited. As her delicate little pleasure
areas fill up with warm blood, a thin root like growth appears
from the ground. It slowly, ever so slowly, finds its way
through the layers of clothing to get inside Annes panties.
She wakes up feeling a warm fuzzy feeling in her lower body.
She doesn’t understand much about it, being a sixteen year
old virgin living in a convent with no sex education, but,
she instinctively knows that this is bad, very bad. She
can feel a strange wetness in her panties, and having only
being taught about the pleasures of the flesh and how sinful
it was, she felt ashamed that she was enjoying it. A sudden
rush of guild comes over her, and she tries to get up to clear
her mind and get back to reality, but to her surprise, she
finds that her muscles are not responding at all. She also
becomes aware of another sensation; the root like growth
has is now inside her panties, and is reaching under the
hood of her clitoris. The feeling is indescribable, delicate
and slow, yet extremely powerful on her sensitive little
knob, and to her embarrassment, a soft but high pitched
moan escapes her mouth. She feels the wetness in her panties
increases, and the root grows another shoot which dips
directly into the little drop of pussy juice that formed
in between the folds of satin skin just outside the entrance
to her virgin hole, sucking it in and passing it down to the
little plant. The plant now grows stronger, as if the sex
fluid fills it with energy, and the root tip starts rubbing
Annes clitoris head, causing her little body to spasm in
enjoyment. Anne is still not able to move, the tension is
building in her panties like nothing she has ever felt before.
She has an overwhelming desire to touch her nipples, but
is unable to do so. The root grows another shoot to suck up
her juices, and is gaining strength all the time, it tangles
itself around the clitoris shaft, squeezing in pulsating
movements while rubbing the head. Anne feels her first
orgasm building in her, not knowing what it is, she feels
scared to death, but also not wanting it to stop. Electric
waves rip through her body, her vagina muscles contract
involuntary, over and over, causing little bubbles of
girl cream to be squeezed out, wetting the material of her
panties, and a series of moans escape from her lips. She
falls asleep almost immediately afterwards, and the root
gently sucks up the remainder of her juices before retracting
itself back under the ground.

The next morning, Anne is not sure if her experience was
real or just a dream. She decides that it must have been just
a very strange dream, and something that is definitely
to embarrassing to talk about. She can however not forget
the absolute fantastic feeling she experienced in her
little pussy, and found herself fantasizing about it through
the day. In the mean time the strange plant now moves quickly,
shooting roots under the ground in all directions. Before
the sun sets that evening, most of the area where the girls
sleep was covered.

Judy just turned twenty two a week ago, she joined to convent
because she has a secret, a secret that she could not live
with and one that she did not have control over. She discovered
her secret at an early age, and because she new that she would
be an outcast in her town, the only option for her was to get
out of it all together. Since she can remember, Judy liked
girls, she dreamed of them, she looked at them in the shower
at school, and she fantasized about them. The girls at the
convent were too innocent to even comprehend something
like this, and for years Judy was able to hide her terrible
little secret. Now, on the island, surrounded by sexy young
girls, she feels the old temptation coming back. Living
in nature like this, and outside the walls of the convent
she finds herself looking at the other girls in a way she
knows she should not. That night, she falls asleep with
the silhouette of Rubys full breast in the moonlight a few
feet from her, and it wasn’t long before she started having
a deliciously naughty dream about the young girl.

It is also not long before the root starts getting active,
but before it can fill the air with its magic dust, Judy wakes
up because of the discomfort of a full bladder. She gets
up and, too scared to go into the bush in the dark, she walks
down to the beach, sits down on the soft sand with her legs
spread in front of her. She digs a little hole and for a few
seconds she sits listening to the sound of her own pee splashing
into the hole.

The root has sprouted little plants all over the area where
the girls sleep, and soon the air is filled with the fine
pollen that it excretes. As before, the girls bodies start
reacting almost immediately. The root is now much stronger,
and getting much bolder. It sprouts fine roots that immediately
start growing to the girls hot little areas, seeking out
the heat and the smell of sex. The pollen is also much stronger
now, able to bring the girls bodies to a state of extreme
arousal, while paralyzing them at the same time so that
they are unable to resist or damage the delicate roots.

Judy is still sitting on the beach, naughtily enjoying
the thought of her exposed naked pussy in the night air.
She lies back, pushing her pelvis up to feel the slight breeze
playing through her pubic hair, then she sits up and forward
pushing her soft vagina lips in the sand, enjoying the roughness
of the cold sand against them. She lifts her lower body up
carefully and looks at the imprint her pussy made in the
sand. Very cute, she things and smiles to herself. She looks
around and when she is certain that she is alone, she removes
all her clothes and lie back on the sand again. She lifts
her arms over her head and stretches her body out. Her nipples
are fully erect because the cool sea breeze and she admires
their shape. She takes hands full of sand and slowly let
it slip through her fingers and over her nipples, making
them stand out even further. She lies there for a few minutes,
thinking about all those young sexy female bodies on the
island with her, but then she angrily gets up, cursing herself
for thinking such things of those innocent girls, and starts
walking back.

As she reaches the camp area, Judy immediately notices
that something was different. A husky moan escaping one
of the younger girls makes her stop dead in her tracks. She
turns to face the sleeping beauty, lying with her sensual
mouth half open, her facial expression that of a women experiencing
ecstasy! Intrigued, Judy moves closer and kneels next
to the girl. The thought of the lovely young thing having
some kind of naughty dream makes Judys pulse race, and she
moves her gaze down to the girls bosom. The girl is breathing
much faster now, her chest heaving up and down. Judy stares
intently at her breasts, she can see the nipples pushing
against the girls bra, it is obvious that they are rock hard.
Judy slowly extends one arm, and cups one of the girls breasts,
it feels warm and firm, and to her amazement, the girl immediately
responds with a sharp gasp, her facial expression making
it obvious that she enjoys it. The girl still appears to
be fast asleep, and Judys own body is starting to get excited,
her dirty little mind concocting all kinds of naughty ideas.
She squeezes the soft flesh under her palm, and watches
the girls face reacts. She puts her other hand on the other
breast and starts massaging them together, the girl is
now moaning like she is about to have an orgasm. Judy is so
involved with what she sees in front of her that she doesn’t
notice at first the little moans coming from the other girls.
When she does, she quickly gets up to look around and finds
herself standing surrounded by young helpless bodies,
all in some stage of sexual ecstasy.

Judy can not believe her eyes, although all the girls seem
to be fast asleep, they all appear to be in some state of sexual
arousal. There bodies are lying still, but their chests
are pumping from heavy breathing, their nipples straining
against whatever material is keeping them. Judy feels
an overpowering euphoria taking hold of her, her pulse
racing, lust making her head spin, she is shaking as she
stands their watching those innocent girls now aroused
to the point where she can smell their pussies, the unmistakably
smell of female sex coming from between their legs. Judy
doesn’t know, nor does she care what is going on, all she
knows is what she feels, and what she feels is that years
of oppressed desire is about to explode in her body, and
nobody is going to stop the shockwave that will result.
Judy grabs her own dress with both hands, and with one violent
movement, she pulls it from her body, buttons shooting
loose, material tearing, until it lies in a bundle by her
feet. She grabs her bra and pulls hard, snapping the strap,
her tits jump out and shake around as if they are freeing
themselves, her full panties is torn off in similar fashion,
and then she stands there naked her eyes fixated on the steaming
bodies around her. She moves to one of the other girls, watching
in awe the expression on her face, she stands with feet on
either side of the girls head, facing her outstretched
body. Slowly, she lowers herself until her own pussy is
about an inch from the girls nose. Her own juices are now
adding to the thick smell of sex in the air, and she notices
the girls nostrils flair as she inhales the smell of lust
just an inch from her. Judy moves a bit closer until her pussy
touches the tip of the young girls nose, and starts moving
in small little circles, her juices forming a thin glistening
strand as she pulls away slightly. Suddenly the floodgates
of lust open, and she pushes down hard on the girls face,
rubbing her pussy all over her nose, eyes and mouth. She
reaches forward and tears the clothes of the young girls
body, bra and panties follow. She takes about two seconds
to admire the sexy virgin body before she starts ravishing
the delicate parts, roughly kneading the girls tits, pulling
and slapping at her clitoris, while all the time still gyrating
her pussy violently in the girls face. A deep moan from another
body gets her attention. She looks up and sees the silhouette
of the slender body of Margarette with her big round tits.
She gets up, leaving the young girls face covered in pussy

She quickly gets rid of Margarettes clothes and looks at
her naked body with admiration and excitement. She grabs
hands full of soft tit flesh and massages them roughly,
then she takes the nipples between thumb and index finger
and squeezes them hard. Margarette cries out as her tender
nipples are brutalized and this encourages Judy. She starts
slapping the huge tits, then she grabs the nipples pinching
them hard. She sits on Margarettes abdomen, legs on either
side, and reaches behind her with one hand feeling for the
swollen clitoris. When she finds it, she starts rubbing
it between her fingers, and Margarette starts moaning
like a whore. Judy grabs one of the nipples in front of her
with her free hand, and shakes it back and forth, then the
other until they are both red and swollen from the abuse.

Judy looks up and sees the tiny little body of Anne. Anne
was the youngest and most petite girl on the island, with
small perky breasts and the cutest little butt Judy had
ever seen. She gets up and walks over to where Anne is lying.
She looks down at her, and feels the tension building in
her own pussy. She squats over her face, then she grabs her
head with both hands and pulls it in between her legs. She
rubs the girls face violently against her own pussy lips
until her tender clitoris pops out from under its hood.
Annes face is now covered and slippery with pussy juice,
and Judy positions it in such a way that her sensual lips
are rubbing against her swollen clitoris. She continues
to ride the girls face for a few seconds longer, and then,
letting go of her head, she rips the clothes off the tiny
body, tearing anything that resists. She admires the beautiful
little vixen for a few seconds, and then she moves from one
girl to the next, like somebody possessed, tearing the
clothes from their bodies until all of them are lying totally
naked, still seemingly asleep, but in some stage of extreme
sexual arousal. Judy is finding the sexual tension in her
own body absolutely unbearable now, and she knows she wants
to come. She walks back to Anne who is moaning particularly
load now, and looks down at her sexy physique. While standing
over her, she balances on one leg while massaging the cute
little tits with her foot. She pinches a nipple between
her toes and giggles as Anne immediately squirms. Like
a school bully she keeps on pinching one nipple then the
other, until both are red and swollen, making them look
too big in comparison with the small tits. Judy touches
her own aching pussy. She has never been this wet before.
Her slippery cream has oozed out of her lustful cunt covering
her thighs and anus lubricating the folds of tender skin.
She just had to come! She squats down with her pussy right
on top of the girls face. She starts rocking her body back
and forth, rubbing her pussy up and down. She grabs the girls
tits, squeezing hard, and as she hears the load moans coming
from the girl somewhere between her pussy lips, she bends
over, spreads the girls legs and starts slapping her pussy
with one hand, while violating her nipples with the other.
She can feel the girls orgasm building with her own as the
first wave of her own orgasm spills over her, she bends over
again, pulling the girls legs towards her, and takes her
clitoris in her mouth, nibbling on the gorged little member.
She puts one finger on the girls tight anus hole making little
circles as she massages the area. Everything is covered
in lubricating girl juice and she only has to use a little
bit of force before her finger slips up Annes ass. Anne reacts
violently. As Judys finger enters her anus, her pussy muscles
contract into a spasm and Judy watches in awe as Annes pussy
lips seem to retract into her hole before suddenly exploding
covering Judys face with a hot pussy come shower as the girl
orgasms. The waves of her own orgasm paralyze Judys body,
and she collapses on top of Anne. After about a minute it
subsides, and Judy is able to relax her muscles.

Judy lies still for a few minutes, catching her breath,
and then feels the urge to pee again. She gets up, and sees
the older women lying a few feet away, her mouth wide open,
nipples erect, and with legs slightly open, and it is clear
that whatever is going on with the rest of the girls is affecting
her as well. Judy thinks about the stern voice she heard
so often when she stepped out of line, the look she got when
she tried to explain her way out of something, and a naughty
little smile slowly appears on her pretty face. She walks
up to the old lady, swinging her naked hips like a parading
street whore. She touches her own nipples, teasing the
already hard little knobs, and looks intently at the sleeping
face of the old lady. She stands over her with her legs on
either side of the old ladies face, and starts playing with
her own pussy, massaging her swollen lips, then pulling
them apart to reveal her wet pleasure canal. She rubs one
little finger slowly over her pee hole, around and around
in circles, as if deep in thought, or lost in the pleasure
she is enjoying from her own touch. She turns around to face
the old ladies body, and again put her legs on either side
of her head, then she squats down until her pussy is only
centimeters away from the gaping mouth. She grabs one of
the old ladies nipples, and gives it a sharp twist. The old
lady gasps for air, either from pain or pleasure. Judy grabs
both nipples, one in each hand, squeezing them between
thumb and index finger, then shaking them around violently,
and looks in amazement as the muscles in the old ladies abdomen
starts contracting in rhythmic waves as she starts to orgasm.
She looks down at her own pussy, still just above the old
bags mouth, and starts squeezing gently. At first nothing
happens, her own arousal making it virtually impossible
for urine to pass, then just a trickle of golden liquid escapes
through her little pee hole, and drips in the old ladies
mouth who swallows instinctively. While squatting over
the old ladies face, Judy folds her arms around her own butt
and grab her pussy lips with her fingers to pull them apart.
Her pee hole is now pointing straight down the old ladies
throat and she pushes as hard as she can. The hot pee comes
rushing out and down the open mouth, the old lady having
no choice but to swallow repeatedly. Judy then buries the
old face between her own legs, squashing her pussy against
it, while letting go of her bladder. She rocks back and forth,
smearing her pee and pussy juice into the old ladies skin.
She grabs hold of the old ladies legs, pulling them up towards
her and open to reveal her pussy. She sticks two fingers
up her cunt as far as she can, instantly breaking the still
intact hymen. She starts finger fucking the old pussy,
her own mind totally carried away because of her nastiness.
She can feel the old lady orgasm, and as she senses the peak
of her orgasm, she plunges two more fingers up her cunt and
finger fuck the tight hole as fast as she can, enjoying the
shockwave she feels going through the old ladies body as
a result of this brutal treatment. Her own orgasm follows
quickly, and in the heat of it she grabs hands full of tit
flesh, twisting the nipples and slapping the old womens
pussy as if she cant get enough of that which she has been
denied so long.

Judy gets up and look at her handy work, the old ladies body
looks truly spent, pussy juice and pee all over her face
and hair, her tits and groin area swollen and even in the
moonlight Judy can see the skin bruised and red. She looks
up and sees more beautiful sleeping female bodies lying
in different states of arousal. She spends about half a
second pondering what on earth is actually going on here,
but then her mind turns dirty again as she spots two young
girls lying next to each other, panting, faces contorted
in sexual ecstasy. She walks over to them and stops just
a few feet away to admire them. They both had athletic, slender
bodies, like tennis players, with small breasts and tiny
nipples. Judy bends over them touching them softly, again
surprised about how sensitive they are to her touch. She
turns one of the girls over to look at her ass. This was definitely
the best part of her body. She had a perfectly round, firm
butt. The crack of her ass flowed down from her spine to disappear
into the cuties little pussy lips. Judy stares at this for
a few moments, then slaps the girls ass as hard as she can.
Even in her sleep the girl cries out, then Judy slaps her
again and again, laughing as the girl cries out every time.
She stands up, turning to the other girl. She picks up one
leg, and takes the girls big toe in her mouth, sucking on
it for a few seconds, then she stands with her own legs wide
apart, and inserts the girls toe into her own pussy, fucking
herself a few times. She takes the foot out and licks her
own juices from the girls toes, after which she plunges
the foot with force up her pussy. This time it is she who cries
out, but she continues to push until the whole front part
of the foot is in her love nest. She starts to slowly fuck
herself, then faster and faster until the girls body is
jerked back and forth, tits shaking around, head bouncing
on the floor. Judy feels another orgasm building, and grabs
her own tits with one hand while still fucking herself with
the foot in the other hand. She twists and pulls her nipples
until her eyes start to water, the intensity of her orgasm
making her loose total control. When her legs buckle under
her, she falls down to the ground, lying on her back, legs
open as wide as she can with the cute girls foot still in her
pussy. She continually stuffs her pussy full of foot with
both hands, harder and harder, then she grabs first the
one breast and then the other, squeezing them. She takes
a nipple and shakes her own tit up and down, left and right,
all directions until her orgasm reaches a peak that makes
her mind explode, girl come squirts passed the foot stuck
up her hole, and then she passes out.

The root was not sitting around idle all this time. Although
Judy destroyed many of its roots during her fuck frenzy,
it was very busy sucking up girl juice, consuming the enormous
amounts of energy, and now it was ready to mutate. It would
take some time though, because it would re-appear as a totally
different life form.

The next morning there is absolute pandemonium in camp.
The girls wake up to find themselves totally naked, their
bodies sore and abused, their nipples swollen and tender.
So confused are they that nobody notices that Judy wakes
up far from where she went to sleep the previous night, nobody
notices her hastily pulling the young girls foot out of
her love hole, and just in time, because seconds later the
girl also wakes up. There are tears everywhere, some girls
react with quiet shame, remembering some of the dreams
they had had the previous nights, other scream hysterically
when they find their bodies bruised, their clothes torn
in pieces. Judy tries to emulate the general behaviour
around her but find it difficult to not burst out laughing.
She sees her own dried up girl love juice on most of the girls
faces. The old lady has it in her hair, her eye lashes, some
girls have their tits covered in it, and they don’t have
a clue where it came from. The girls now turn to each other
for comfort, hugging and crying. The young girl whose foot
made such a nasty dildo turns to Judy and looks in horror
at her swollen nipples and bruised breasts, not knowing
that is was all self inflicted. She feels sorry for poor
Judy and hugs her to comfort her while she is crying herself.

Judy finds it very strange that nobody really asks what
happened to them. It is as if they all just accept that somehow
their naughty dreams became reality, and since they cant
even begin to imaging talking about it, they have to just
pick up the pieces and go on. As far as their clothes are concerned,
that is exactly what they have to do. The girls pick up what
is left of their clothes and try to wrap it around their bodies.
There isn’t much to work with, and Judy finds herself staring
at the scantily clothed girls all through the day.

For a few days nothing much out of the ordinary happens.
A strange change in the general behaviour of the girls is
starting to become apparent. They appear to become much
more liberated, and every now and again somebody would
get irritated with the fuss of trying to keep the torn pieces
of clothing on their bodies and just leave some of it off.
Most of them are not nearly as thorough anymore when they
wrap the pieces of torn material around their bodies, and
Judy is thoroughly enjoying the view of cute little body
parts sticking out every now and again. Another interesting
development is that it seems as if Judy is not the only one
noticing this, and she finds it very interesting to see
that the girls are often looking at each other. Other than
these subtle differences, everybody is going about their
daily activities as normal as one could under the circumstances,
as if they are all waiting for something to happen, something
that will change their lives again, maybe let them have
those dreams again…

It is about six weeks after that glorious night, and Judy
is starting to feel very desperate. Many nights she got
up to walk to the beach, hoping she would come back and find
her companions helpless and horny, but every time she got
disappointed. Tonight however, things are a little different.
Everybody is fast asleep, even Judy, when the soil starts
moving. At first it looks like an infestation of tiny little
moles because all around the girls the soil would be pushed
up. The creatures that appear from underground is nothing
like moles however, in fact, they more resemble slimy little
slugs. As they appear from underground, they seem driven,
knowing exactly what they are looking for. One by one they
come out from their underground dwellings, and as soon
as they reach the service, they start heading straight
for the nearest girl. The slug like creatures are only about
two centimeters long and half a centimeter wide, and as
they reach the girls bodies, they immediately start the
short journey up the girls leg and head straight for the
girls clitoris. The fact that Judy tore the girls clothing
from their bodies that night comes in handy for the slugs
now as they are having very little resistance in the form
of tight fitting panties etc. As they reach the girls little
knob, a tiny tentacle would appear which would promptly
be injected right into the clitoris head. The slug would
then stay still for about a minute while some sort of liquid
is pumped into the delicate flesh of the clitoris, causing
it to swell to an enormous size. As with the pollen that the
plant excreted, this substance causes an immediate reaction
in the girls body, but now, the effect on the brain is much
more dominant. The extreme stimulus of their hyper sensitive
clitorises combined with the effect of the drug which dissolves
every bit of inhibition, causes them to conjure up the most
amazingly naughty dreams. Within just a few minutes the
girls pussy hole would be hot, wet and slimy, exactly what
the slug wants. It would quickly worm its way into the girls
vaginal cavity, and then, through its skin, it would start
consuming the girls pussy juice which causes it to expand
rapidly in size. By now, the girl would be producing copious
amounts of lust juice, but as if this is not enough, the creature
would start pulsating the muscles in its body, stimulating
every erotic spot inside the girls cavity, causing a state
of arousal that is almost unbearable. Soon, it has grown
to the point where it snugly fills every part of the girls
cunt, stretching her muscles to the limit. The drug that
was administered has another function that now becomes
apparent. Somehow, it ensures that the girl is never allowed
to go beyond the point of no return. This would continue
through the night, with the girls unable to wake up, dreaming
all kinds of weird and wonderfully naughty things, but
unable to be satisfied. By dawn the next morning, the desperate
moans coming from the girls are almost deafening, with
every muscle in their horny bodies tensed up in anticipation
of the inevitable orgasm, but this doesn’t happen. As the
sun is about to come up, the creatures would exit and disappear
in the bush where they continue to evolve. The girls would
wake up with a overwhelming, burning desire to be fucked
and an aching empty feeling in their pussies. Most of them
had never tried masturbation, but now they coyly disappear
into the forest on their own to touch themselves. While
they stimulate their young bodies to orgasm, there are
always creatures watching them, wanting them, but unable
to react because of their current state. The creatures
know that their time will come, soon, very soon!

The girls are now very familiar with their surroundings,
and feel totally at ease walking around the island… well
almost. Even thought they were beside themselves from
fear that morning when they woke up bruised and naked, that
now feels like a distant memory, and spend much more time
contemplating what is currently happening to them. Without
exception, every girl thinks that she is the only one having
these strange thoughts, feelings and dreams, and for this
reason, the topic is never discussed. The would wake up
in the mornings with their fingers teasing their little
holes, or caressing their erect nipples while secretly
fantasizing about the cute butt sticking out from a next
door neighbor, or a breast or even pubic hair that is visible
from under the little bit of clothing that they have.

The root is very aware of these changes in the girls, it is
aware because it is not just a root anymore. The root has
evolved through three stages now, it has evolved into a
very interesting create with the most amazing talents,
talents that it cannot wait to put to the test.

It is later afternoon and the girls are all sitting in the
clearing they call their camp. They enjoyed a wonderfully
sunny day splashing in the waves and tanning their young
bodies. They find it difficult to keep their eyes off the
sexy bodies around them. For reasons unknown to them, their
sexuality has been awakened in a way that made it difficult
for them to think about anything else. They now sit around
talking about this and that, giggling and joking with each
other, talking about how much they appreciate the other,
and then hugging for no real reason other than to feel the
others body. The general level of arousal is increasing
slowly but surely, like a very slow acting drug they come
under its influence, and the aroma of hot pussies starts
filling the warm summer air.

This does not go unnoticed. On the edge of the clearing,
and out of site, dozens of piercing eyes are watching the
group of girls with anticipation. As the air becomes thick
with the smell of lust, the eyes look at each other and agree
that the time has come. The creatures open their mouths
and slowly breaths out in the direction of the clearing.
The wind takes their breath and carries it to the silly girls,
and as always, their bodies start reacting almost immediately.
The playful nature of their embraces changes almost instantaneously.
So strong is the airborne substance that their arousal
becomes uncontrollable in seconds. The girls now look
at each other with pure lust in their eyes, for a few seconds
they just stare at each other motionless, then lunch forward
and start ripping whatever pieces of clothing remained
on their bodies. Moments later they are all naked, rolling
around in frenzied embraces, exploring each others bodies
with hands, tongues and limbs. Their juices are flowing
freely, and they eagerly drink the love nectar from each
other’s steamy pussy lips. Soon, they start feeling the
burning need to be penetrated, to have their sex cavities
explored and massaged, and hands become a blur of motion
as they fuck each other with whatever means in reach.

The creatures were waiting for this exact moment, and come
out of hiding into the clearing. The girls see them immediately,
and freeze. They have never in their wildest dreams imagined
something like this. The creatures were only about two
feet tall and there were well over a hundred of them. The
girls can only stare at them, paralyzed with fear. The creatures
had a human like head with eyes and mouth, but their skin
appeared to be rubbery. They had thin elastic arms without
elbows, and in stead of hands, each arm ended in what looks
like a suction cup. Their legs were much the same, but the
girls did not notice any of these. Their eyes were all fixed
on something about halfway down the creatures’ body. There,
pointing proudly up in the air, was the biggest penis the
girls had ever seen. Not only was it close to a foot long and
as thick as their own wrists, but the shape was what really
caught their attention. The head was about twice the thickness
of the shaft, and all along the shaft itself were tentacles
about two inches long that looked like they were alive.
These tentacles were reaching around continuously looking
for something to latch onto. A gel like substance was oozing
from both the penis head and each of the tentacles. The creatures
move forward, and one by one the girls find themselves moving
in position lying on their backs with legs wide open as if
their minds were being controlled by the creatures.

Margarette is one of the girls lying closest to the creatures,
and she feels herself lying back and opening her legs involuntary
as wide as they can go. She looks at the hideous penis with
wild excitement. It feels like her pussy is going to detach
itself from her body and jump that penis if something doesn’t
happen soon. The creature comes closer, his own sex juices
now dripping from the penis head and tentacles. He positions
himself between her legs and looks at the moist pussy as
if he is admiring its shape and design. Her vagina muscles
are already contracting in spasm like convulsions, causing
the gorged exterior of her cunt to move in unison stretching
her gap open so the creatures precome drips right into her
hole. He moves forward and softly pushes his penis head
against the velvet skin of her pussy lips. Margarette gasps
as the closest tentacles immediately reach out and start
touching her, caressing her clitoris and swollen lips.
Her head spins, her mind fills with a rush of obscene thoughts
she didn’t know she was capable of. She had an overwhelming
desire to be fucked by this creature, for him to penetrate
her with his huge tool. She felt an aching in her pussy, the
muscles contracting uncontrollably, squeezing her own
love juices out so that it slowly runs down her ass cheeks
before seeping into the ground. Suddenly, the creature
pushes forward with force and buries himself inside Margarettes
pussy. She cries out in surprise, and then feels her love
tunnel being fucked like never before. As if this was the
sign all the creatures were waiting for, they lunge forward,
burying their rods into the closest girl and starts fucking
her with vigor, their mates looking on, eagerly awaiting
their turn.

It was no coincidence the creatures were built the way they
were. Where they come from, their natural shape was nothing
like this, but because they needed the energy these earth
creatures produced in such abundance when sexually aroused,
they carefully examined the girls bodies during the root
phase and noted all the areas that seemed to increase the
production thereof. During the mutation phase this intimate
knowledge was put to expert use and their bodies took a shape
that they believed would be capable of stimulating the
girls to the ultimate levels of sexual pleasure. It is for
this reason that their own bodies now shift slightly, and
new abilities become apparent. First, the creatures extend
their necks until their heads reach the girls tits. The
mouth then opens wide, swallowing the whole tit while muscles
inside start massaging the soft flesh. Down the creatures
throat, a sucker quickly latches on to the girls nipple.
It starts pulling and squeezing while at the same time sucking
hard causing more and more blood to flow into the nipple.
It grows bigger and longer than it has ever been, the nerve
endings become super sensitive with the huge amount of
blood pulsating through them, and Margarettes moans grow
loader with her enjoyment reaching unknown levels.

Down under, things are also getting more interesting for
the girls. A very thin long tentacle appears at the base
of the creatures penis. It snakes through the air trying
to anticipate the wild fucking movements of the create.
When it eventually manages to latch on the girls clitoris,
it seems to inject something into the hood which causes
the skin to become totally elastic so that it can be pulled
back far enough to fully expose the clitoris from root to
tip. The tentacle now grows thick like a worm, and starts
sniffing around the clitoris. Because of the extent to
which it is exposed, the clitoris is enormously sensitive,
and the girls body jerks every time the thick tentacle touches
the tender member. As if it is getting aroused itself, the
worm tentacle starts oozing a clear thick liquid which
it careful drips on the clitoris head and shaft. The girls
body stiffens as soon as the first drop lands. The liquid
causes a hot, almost burning sensation and blood immediately
starts pumping through it.

The worm opens its mouth, and quickly swallows the whole
clitoris up to its base. This is too much for the girl, and
she screams at the top of her voice as her body is almost ripped
apart by the power of her appoaching orgasm. The creature
moves its head from one breast to the other, sucking the
whole tit in its mouth, then latching on the nipple, squeezing
and pulling it. Margarette feels the extreme tension in
her muscles as her body tries desperately to spill over
into full orgasm, but once again she is prevented from getting
over the edge by the drug that was injected earlier. Her
orgasm lingers, every muscle in her body is pulled tight,
her voice becomes hoarse from screaming with lust. So much
blood is concentrated around her inflamed loins that she
feels light headed, her cunt reeking of the pungent sap
of female desire. The creature is now using his arms to slap
her tender tits, then latching the suckers at the end of
his arms on her nipples sucking hard and shaking her tits
up and down. All the while, every ounce of sexual energy
that the girl produces is consumed through pores in the
creatures skin. Slowly, it starts glowing, its whole body
getting brighter and brighter until you can see its penis
fucking in and out the girls pussy through her abdomen.

The creature knows one last trick to get every bit of ecstasy
from the girls body. Another thin penis appears under the
main one and as the creature lunches forward , the short
penis is driven against the girls anus. Margarette is instantly
aware of this new assault, and waits in inpatient anticipation
for penetration, her sphincter muscles sensitive and
eager to be stimulated. As the creature keeps on fucking
her cunt, the second penis grows in length until suddenly
it is stuffed into the girls anus. She screams at the top
of her voice as her backend is violated, and within a few
strokes the penis starts growing thicker, stretching
her little hole, stimulating every cell until her whole
body is vibrating. Her voice reaches a crescendo as her
orgasm goes over the edge, her own pussy juice is oozing
out of her hole and on the short penis, lubricating her anal
fuck. The girls orgasm appears to overload the creatures
very being, its body stiffens, eyes closed tight, face
contorted and then a blinding flash as his body is evaporated
and he disappears.

Margarette does not have time to reflect on all this. She
lies with eyes closed in the aftermath of what has to be the
ultimate orgasm, her body still contracting and her muscles
vibrating from an overdose of hormones and whatever was
injected into her. Her body feels spend and tired, but as
she looks down between her legs, the next creature has positioned
himself, and is looking intently at her pussy lips and dripping
hole. The girl looks around in amazement as she sees her
friends in various stages of orgasm with creatures fucking
the living daylight out of them. The noise coming from these
women is deafening, but again, she does not have much time
to think about this. The creature bends over and starts
licking between her legs savouring the taste of her love
juices. She can see his penis getting excited, the tentacles
reaching, searching in the air. The creature nudges her
thighs with its arm tentacles, and she willingly lies back
pulling her ankles back to behind her ears. He starts licking
around her ass, circling closer and closer to her asshole.
She can feel the anticipation building in her body. Damn
these creatures are good! She shudders as his moist tongue
reaches her little hole, and feels him licking her ass gently
at first, then putting pressure on the tight muscles to
penetrate her. He pushes her spinster muscles apart penetrating
her with his long tongue, sliding in and out of her asshole
making her whole body shiver. She feels her clitoris expanding
again. The hood is still pulled back over itself, and her
clitoris starts growing again as if trying to get attention
so it can be touched. The creature reaches out with one arm
and start flicking the clitoris head gently sending shockwaves
through her body, she grabs her own tits and squeeze them
hard as the feeling in her loins drives her insane.

The creature now moves in position, and inserts his colossal
penis in her pussy. The tentacles on the side of his penis
immediately start working their magic, grabbing at the
insides of her vagina walls, then rolling into a tight ball
which teases her sensitive areas. One of the tentacles
wrap itself around her g-spot, tightening the grip to resist
being pulled of by the movement of the penis in and out of
her pussy. The penis head itself now comes alive, it contracts
itself with the inward motion, then, quickly expands to
twice its normal size before the penis starts moving out.
This causes an enormous vacuum deep inside the girls hole,
and she cries out in pleasure. She can feel her orgasm building,
and her mind goes wild. She feels the need to suck on something,
she wants to be dirty, she wants to be slutty. As if he is able
to read her mind, another creature quickly moves in. Almost
magically, his penis reshapes itself to resemble the penis
of a human male. They learned about this from studying the
girls dreams. At first they could not understand why a women
would enjoy taking the male penis in their mouths. They
could after all not find any pleasurable zones inside the
earth woman’s oral cavities, but soon they realized that
it was the mental connection that made this practice such
a stimulant. They realized it was the thought of sucking
a mans penis that made the women go wild. It was the act of
licking the penis head and taking the balls in their mouths
that made their loins stir. It was eating the forbidden
fruit. The creature recreates the human penis down to the
its smell, and the girl eagerly takes it in her mouth. She
takes the balls in her small hands and squeeze them, she
has dreamt about doing this for so long. She always wondered
what it would feel like to take a mans cock in her mouth, what
it would taste like. This is enough to drive her orgasm right
up to the peak again, and she starts rocking back and forth
wanting to be fucked faster and harder. The creature between
her legs quickly injects her again to prolong her orgasm
while he soaks up the energy. A few moments later he starts
glowing brightly, the time is right for the girl to orgasm.
His comrade at the other end knows this, and excretes a thick
liquid which he pumps down the girls throat. Believing
that she is getting her first taste of a mans come, the girls
orgasm become inevitable. The dirty thought pushes her
over the edge, and as her sexual energy reaches a crescendo,
another lightning causes another creature to disappear
into thin air.

The girls soon lost count of the number of creatures that
brought them one orgasm after another. Their bodies would
eventually be totally spent, unable to produce more orgasms.
The remaining creatures would then bring water and fruit
and allow them to eat and drink while they bathe and massage
their bruised bodies to revitalize them. As soon as the
girls showed any sign of recovery, the relentless fucking
would continue, the creatures impatient to escape from

Afterwards, the girls were uncertain if their ordeal took
hours or days. All that was left was the memory of the most
fantastic orgy possible. Once the last creater disappeared
in a white flash, the girls were left with tired, bruised
bodies, swollen pussies, sore nipples and assholes, and
covered in their own pussy juices. It would take a few hours
of rest before they could muster enough strength to get
up to go down to the sea to clean themselves, their minds
in a maze of unanswered questions.

Life had to go on, and soon the girls found themselves again
bored on the island with not much to do. It was during this
time that they discovered that the alien creatures did
leave something for them. The little plants with the single
white flower still grew on the island, although it did not
possess an alien life form anymore. The girls soon discovered
the power of the pollen that came from the little white flower,
and would frequently drug each other for their own evil
entertainment. When a rescue boat finally picked them
up, each of them secretly had a few plants hidden in their
belongings, and all over the world, people would wake up
with bruised, over sexed bodies and a memory of the most
erotic sexual encounter, but not able to understand how.

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I cannot begin to state the immense pleasure I recieved
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