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Controlling Sarah


At 21, you were one of the most popular girls in college. Friendly and co-operative, you had developed
many close friends and no real enemies. Home life was pleasant and your family was extremely supportive in anything you wished to do. You were the neighborhood babysitter and for the past 8 years had used this as one of your sources of income.

Summer was fast approaching and you were finished classes in two weeks. Exams would then be over and it would be time to relax and look forward to the summer. No permanent job yet but with a part time job and the babysitting, you would try to save enough for the last year of college.

Getting home after classes, your mom informed you that
the Jensen's needed you tonight to look after their
two children. They paid real well so you reluctantly accepted as you had planned to go to the movies with your boyfriend. Oh well, he would understand so you phoned Mrs. Jensen and said you would be over at seven.

You never felt all that comfortable at the Jensen's
as their son was 15 and seemed to be overly occupied with watching you all the time. April, their daughter, was a
dream and at 8 was very easy to look after. Bobby, the boy was a nerdy type who was preoccupied with computers
most of the time and was very good with them. The parents didn't trust him to look after April, as he
was always mean to her so they insisted on having a babysitter whenever they went out for any length of time, longer than a couple of hours.

At seven you walked down the block and knocked on the Jensen's door. Bobby answered and had his only friend
in the world, Jimmy, beside him, both with shit eating grins a mile wide. They showed you into the living room and said that Mrs. Jensen would be down shortly.

Mrs. Jensen soon entered and said they would be out till well after midnight and you could sleep on the couch once the kids were in bed. Oh yeah, Bobby was having Jimmy stay over so hope you didn't mind. With
a shrug, you said no problem. What else could you say?

The evening went smooth as you and April watched TV while you could hear the boys in the computer room, talking and giggling. At 9 sharp, April went to bed and was soon fast asleep. It was quiet and you settled down to watch some more TV when Bobby and Jimmy came in to join you. Bobby asked if you would mind if they watched a DVD he had just made. With no particular good shows on, you agreed.

Silently, you slouched into the soft cushions of the sofa and the first pics of the DVD came on the screen. Your eyes slowly widened as the scenes flashed in front
of you. You recognized yourself right away, almost naked and on your knees in front of your boyfriend. There was no sound but it wasn't needed. Your breath
caught as the horror show continued and you could hear the giggling from the boys.

There for all to see, you were slowly pumping the hard cock in and out of your mouth. Your hand was closed around the thin shaft and your head bobbed up and down on the flared head. Speechless, you watched as your boyfriend thrust his hips and you knew he was about to fill your mouth with his seed.

Suddenly you screamed at Bobby to stop the show and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. You were the adult here and he was the child. It was time for you to take charge. With an evil grin, he moved quickly to position himself overtop of you.

The brashness he displayed and the sure way he moved surprised you. With as stern a voice as he could muster, he told you that you would do as he wanted or everyone in town would see you sucking cock. He would show it to your parents, his parents and to everyone at school. Also, he would put in on the Internet for all to see. "See the beautiful Sarah sucking her boyfriend
until he came in her mouth, " he said. "See her
big, bouncy tits with their hard nipples as her boyfriend plays with them, " he continued with a confident

"Yes, you would do as you were told or else!"
he told you. He knew that as long as he was in possession of the DVD, he could blackmail you to do anything he wanted. Many, many hours it took him to formulate a plan so he could be rewarded with having sex with the beautiful Sarah.

You were in big trouble and the tears began to flow. Crying, you pleaded with him to stop this silliness and
get rid of the DVD. Looking into his eyes told you that he was not listening. Even at 15, Bobby was much stronger than you and already a few inches taller. Roughly, he pushed you into the soft cushions, as he demonstrated his superior strength.

There was a way to get the DVD and not have him show it to anyone, he told you with a smile. All you had to do was exactly what you did for your boyfriend. It shouldn't be too hard he told you, as you were already
very practiced at giving blowjobs. Then he said that you had to suck Jimmy's cock, and then suck his. It sounded so simple. Keeping your body pressed back into
the cushions, he continued in a very serious voice, "Remove your top so we can see your beautiful breasts.

Crying louder and begging him to stop at once, the two boys just sat there and stared at you. "Ok, "
he suddenly said, "You don't have to do anything.
I'll just show it to your parents and see what they have to say." "What do you think they will say?"
There was no way this show could be seen by anyone and you just had to get it from him. Weeping and sobbing, your whole body shook as his hands went to yours and guided them to the buttons of your top. "Do it, "
he ordered and looked you directly in the eyes.

Slowly, your trembling fingers undid one button at a time until all five were open. Your hands were then motionless as he slowly grabbed the open front and moved the material to the sides, revealing the lacy bra. The boys' eyes opened wide as the sexy sight was
revealed. Their breathing was now labored, as their plan was proceeding better than expected. The erotic show on the DVD was one thing but the sight of your real breasts was overpowering.

Now Bobby's voice had more confidence, as he knew he
had power over you. You would do anything to stop him from showing the movie to anyone else. "Take off the
bra as we want to see your sexy breasts, " he ordered.
Still weeping, you did as he requested, undoing the front clasp and letting the stretchy material relax. Again, he grabbed the material and removed it from your
chest and their breathing was suddenly silent. The two
gorgeous tits were there in all their beauty for them to admire.

You felt absolutely helpless, as you realized he was in
control and you were powerless to resist his demands. Your parents, or anyone for that matter, could not see the DVD. With resolve, this was the only way to get it away from him. Oh, why? You had told your boyfriend not to do this sort of thing when you were babysitting but after a session of heavy petting, you both gave in to erotic lust.

Suddenly, a hungry mouth dropped to the exposed flesh and devoured the extended nipple, which had hardened from hitting the cool air. You flinched and began crying harder as the sensitive bud was sucked hard by Jimmy. Looking directly into Bobby's eyes, you begged
for mercy. You continued to sob and your slender body shook from the weeping. Ignoring your pleas, he began to feast on the free tit. Closing his hot mouth over the nipple, he nibbled on it until you could feel it stiffen more, even against your will. No, no you begged
but the boys were determined to fulfill their fantasy.

You were now resigned to the fact that Bobby was the master of your destiny and you were to follow his commands. You would do as he said until you could find a way out of this dilemma. Next, you felt his hand move lower to the waist of your jeans and you sucked in your breath as he touched your tummy. This enabled him to slip his fingers under the button and unfasten it. Then
the sound of the zipper being lowered roared in your ears and your stomach muscles tightened as his hand slipped beneath the elastic waistband of the panties.
Again the begging, no, no, no but he still wasn't listening.

He was holding one of your arms against your side while Jimmy held the other, and now he had the freedom to do anything he wanted. When the slender finger slipped into the wetness of your most private part, it felt like someone punched you in the belly. Unable to move away, you rolled your head from side to side, pleading with them to stop.

Obediently, you let the strong hands push your shapely
legs apart. Wider, wider they were spread until it allowed Bobby all the room he needed. His fingers slipped down, into the wet slit and immediately pinched
the protruding nub. Rolling the most sensitive clitoris
between his strong fingers made your hips jerk up and down, seemingly out of control. Many books and Internet
articles had given him the knowledge of what made a woman's body respond, and now was the time to put what
he learned into practice.

The clitoris was the most vulnerable part of many women
and he attacked it with vigor. Rolling, pinching, pulling and caressing the wetness, he made your hips react to every movement. Your sobs grew louder as shame
and guilt now filled your mind. How could this be happening to you? But you realized that the power this young boy held over you was enough to make you submit to his demands.

He had to speak louder the third time he said to you that it was time to suck Jimmy's cock. "Get up
and do it now, " he ordered, as he pulled his hand out of your
pants. Relief spread over you as suddenly nobody was touching your body. Then you heard his orders and looked to see Jimmy sitting beside you on the sofa. His hips were sort of pushed into the air and he held them there for you. You were to undress this boy and do what Bobby ordered without any further delay. No, no you kept pleading with Bobby, but he just smiled and started to push you towards Jimmy. The tears ran down your flushed cheeks but they had no affect on either boy.

Numbly, you shifted off the sofa to a position between Jimmy's spread legs and proceeded to undo his pants.
Slowly, you pulled the zipper down and revealed his shorts. You could see the hardness pushing up and waiting to be released. You hesitated long enough for the sound of Bobby's voice to scold you for the delay.
Jimmy raised his slender hips in an indication for you to lower his clothes and you obeyed. With a flop, the long, hard cock bobbed up and down only inches from your face.

Your eyes opened with surprise as the 6-inch rod jerked, then stood proudly before you. This was not your intended response and you felt guilty for letting
these boys force you to do this degrading act. Your response should have been one of anger for what they were making you do, not one of surprise at the size of his cock. Not the most experienced at sex, you had been with only three other boyfriends and all had been slightly smaller than this.

Almost in a trance, you felt Bobby push your head toward the weapon. Obediently, your dainty hand went around the steel shaft, leaving 3 or 4 inches above your fist. With a whimper, you succumbed to the demand and brought the hot meat to your lips. Suddenly, Bobby grabbed a handful of hair and pushed down to embed the cock deep into your mouth. Holding you steady, you were
forced to suck the young cock.

The heat from your hot mouth was enough to drive Jimmy past the point of no return. His hips started to thrust up and down and you felt his cock begin to pulsate. Suddenly, the hot lava shot deep into your throat and with a gasp from the loss of breath, you swallowed. Then shot after shot of the burning liquid flowed down your throat, and you were powerless to prevent it. Swallowing as quickly as you could, some of the hot, white cum still trickled down your chin.

You were so pre-occupied with Jimmy that you didn't
realize what Bobby was up to. He had shifted to a position behind your kneeling body, and was admiring the action. Reaching out, he grabbed the waist of your jeans and rolled them down your thighs to your knees. Raising your head off the still throbbing cock, you protested his maneuver. Vaguely, you felt the last couple shots of cum hit your flushed face as you looked back at Bobby.

Jimmy sensed what was about to happen and put his hands around your shoulders to hold your upper body against his. Then Bobby grabbed the elastic waistband of your panties and franticly you tried to reach back with one hand. In one swift jerk, he lowered the skimpy silk to join your jeans.

As Jimmy held you firmly, he lifted your hips and removed your dignity, tossing the clothes to the side.
Then he slipped his narrow hips up against you, and nudged your knees apart with his knee. Once apart, he rubbed his hand across your now exposed flesh, which made you jump from every touch. Moving his hips back slightly, he exposed your tender ass cheeks. The sound
of a hard slap echoed through the room as he turned your right cheek bright crimson.

Jimmy continued to hold you steady and Bobby leaned forward to whisper into your ear, "Now you do as you
are told or else!" Then he moved back and slapped the
vulnerable ass, first one cheek, then the other as hard
as he could a few more times. Your ass was instantly on fire and with a small whimper, you turned your face and pleaded with him. "Bobby, please forgive me, I won't
resist anymore. Please don't spank me, " you
begged. You now realized exactly who was the master and you said, "I'll do what you want; I'll do anything
you say." Nobody had ever treated you like this in your life and for some unexplained reason, it had a profound affect.

Smiling with approval, he quickly removed his pants and
shorts while your remained motionless. Now naked below
the waist, he guided his hard shaft under your body and let it rest up against your flat tummy. The meat burnt your skin and your mind was totally confused. Leaning forward again, he said softly into your ear, "Now
I am going to put my hard cock against your pussy." With
that, he reached down and grabbed his thick shaft. Moving his hips back, he brought the head of his cock to your wetness. You felt the flared tip push along your wet channel, up and down through the wet juices. Oh, how could this be happening, you kept repeating over and over in your head.

Too much was happening all at once and you didn't see
a way to stop it. Soon his up and down movement had soaked the flared head and it moved easily through the wetness. Then he jerked his hips forward and threatened
to drive his cock into your pussy. Your free hand quickly swung to the rear in an attempt to stop the invasion. At the same time, Jimmy released the hold on your body and reached under you to put his strong hands on your tits.

You twisted your body, which caused you to wobble to the side, and you had to place your hand on the floor to regain your balance. This left Bobby free to molest you and quickly he took advantage. A quick thrust split
your pussy lips and the head of his cock entered your tight, little pussy. The intrusion forced your upper body to push into Jimmy and he once again brought his hands up to your shoulders. Seeing what Bobby was planning to do, he held you steady to give his friend freedom to act.

You screamed loud as he pushed a couple inches of his cock into you and it felt like the biggest cock of your life. With a quick jerk forward of your hips, you managed to remove his weapon and it slipped under your belly again. Sensing your resistance, he knew it was time for the ultimate humiliation and proceeded to become your master.

Exposing your tender ass again, he rained a few more slaps to the reddened flesh. This took your breath away
momentarily, and he leaned forward to be able to speak into your ear. "This is your last chance, and if you
don't do as you are told, I will put the movie on the web, " he warned you.

Still sobbing from the slaps, you nodded your head. "Yes Bobby, I am sorry. I'll do as you say, please
give me another chance, " you begged. Without hesitation,
he ordered you to reach down and grab his cock. With a whimper, you slowly reached your right hand under your
midsection, until it was touching the long pole. It shocked your hand as the heat was intense, and then you tenderly closed your small fist around the thick shaft.
The rod seemed to go on forever, and mesmerized you moved your hand down to the base of the monster. Holding still for a few moments, he became impatient.

Whispering, he told you to rub the head of his cock through your pussy lips. Unable to find a way out, you did as he requested. Almost in a trance, you shifted your body until the tip of his cock lightly brushed against your inflamed pussy. The electricity almost made you pass out as you slowly ran the tip down your wet slit until it pressed on your exposed clitoris. Quickly you moved the head up to the other reaches, attempting to hold it there away from the love button

All he had to say was, "Sarah!" and you began
moving his big cock again. Down slowly and when it got to the inflamed clit, he put his hand on yours and held them firmly. Pressing directly against the center of your being, he pushed harder so the head of his cock squashed your clit. Then he jerked it violently all the
while remaining firmly on top of the throbbing bud. After what seemed like forever, he knew it was time to possess Sarah. Leaning forward, he gave you the next humiliation command. "Sarah, I want you to put my
big cock in your pussy and do it right now!" he ordered.

There was no recourse, and you did as he requested. Shifting your body with his help, you shuttered at the size of his big cock. Bobby was only a boy but his cock was certainly man size. For some unknown reason, your mind had a deep, burning desire to see his cock and you vibrated with guilt.

Slowly you moved the head to the opening of your cunt, and then held your breath as you pulled it forward. Soaked with your love juices, it slipped easily into your hot channel. With only 3 or 4 inches above your hand, that was all you allowed in. You were surprised that there was no pain or discomfort, as nothing this big had ever entered your pussy, not even the large, favorite dildo you kept in your bedroom.

Holding still, the passion seemed to build at a rapid rate and you could feel the lust rush through your loins. You were unable to hold still any longer and began to move back and forth over the top half of his cock, holding the shaft tightly in your fist. It seemed
to caress every nerve of your being and soon your breathing became quite ragged.

Bobby held steady and was enjoying the moment. This had
all been perfectly planned for months and now was being
carried out with even better results than expected. Neither boy had seen such a sexy, female body before except for girlie magazines. They didn't realize
how good it felt to touch a real woman. Jimmy had already climaxed but his cock was as hard as a rock again from watching the scene in front of him. Actually, you could
feel his hardness pressing into your chest as Bobby pushed you hard against him.

Needing fulfillment, Bobby moved his hands to your round hips, spreading his strong fingers over the upper
region at your waist. Then he whispered something to his buddy, and the next thing you knew Jimmy had grabbed your arms, bringing them to the sides of your body. By removing your hand from the steel shaft, it allowed Bobby all the liberty he needed.

You screamed loud from the pain as he pushed more of the thick dick into your cunt. He then realized the need to go slow to give your muscles time to stretch and relax. Slowly, he pushed a couple more inches into your pussy, and then withdrew. Newfound strength enabled you to plead and beg him to stop. Held firmly between the two boys, Bobby was able to do as he pleased. He began moving in and out more easily and you were surprised that the pain subsided so quickly.

Soon he began to pump freely and he reached around your hips, seeking your tender control button. Finding the
top of your spread pussy lips, he pinched the exposed bud between his two fingers. Your tight channel was now
stretched enough to accommodate the first few inches of
his big cock and he moved his hips with more determination. Fucking your cunt like no one before, his fingers immediately robbed you of any remaining restrain. His thrusting hips quickly consumed your desire and loud moans escaped your throat. Nothing like
this had ever happened to you during sex and you felt immense quilt for enjoying the rising passion.

Now when Bobby slapped your heated ass cheeks, it felt like someone caressing your inner most secret desires.
A few love slaps quickly inflamed your flesh once again
and without hesitation, you pushed back hard. Slap, slap, slap he rained the punishment over your baby white ass and every time he hit you, the need for more increased. The electricity met his hands and your body
quivered because of the high intensity.

The desire was so great that you didn't feel any pain
from his ramming more of the long cock into your heated pit. He then helped you by grabbing your rounded hips and pulling back. He felt his orgasm nearing and it was time to sink all of his cock into the burning inferno. Thrusting with all his might, he rammed the entire length into your womanhood. This time your mouth opened
wide and your back arched as you cried out for him.

Suddenly a gigantic explosion erupted deep in your cunt
and your heart stopped when the head of his cock crushed your cervix. It was so sudden and quick that you couldn't believe it was happening already. Both
lovers stilled when the orgasm burst, each enjoying the
moment in their own way. No boyfriend had ever filled you like this and his big cock seemed to caress every part of your vagina. This young boy held every emotion that was within your body and was about to give you what no other man had given. As hard as you had resisted, you were on the verge of loosing all control and about to give your entire soul to this teenager.

In and out, slowly now, Bobby kept up the fucking until he moved easily in the lubrication created by your body. You hated yourself as the orgasm rushed over your
body. Your breathing became very ragged as the spasms rocketed through your loins. To hide your shame, you pleaded for him to stop. "No, no, no, " your
pleas sounded but what were you pleading for? The orgasm flowed and nothing was going to stop it now, not even all your might. The bastard had taken your dignity and forced you to fuck him against your will.

You cried out in shame as you gave yourself totally to the young boy. He took you through uncharted territory
as none of your previous boyfriends had given you such an explosive orgasm. Your body shook violently from the
spasms and the attempt to quell the rising passion. Tears flowed and the shame built from the realization that you were his slave.

How such a young boy could have such stamina was unbelievable and his thrusts intensified. The sound of
bare skin slapping against each other filled the room and his friends fucking mesmerized Jimmy. This was the
most erotic sight he had ever seen. He reached under the naked body to find the two firm globes, then his fingers closed on the rock hard nipples. Twisting and pinching them with more strength than was needed, only
seemed to build the fire in you. Any other time it would have hurt but now the buds screamed to be caressed.

Bobby's impending orgasm was nearing but he wanted
to hold out as long as possible. He slammed into the cunt with all the power in his loins, then out till only the flared head was held by the hot box. Then in and out, he pumped with long strokes and he robbed you of the last bit of dignity. Every muscle in your body tensed as you went over the apex, then drifted down the far side. Your love juices flowed to surround his cock and soon the wet sounds roared through the room.

Slowly, your climax subsided but still your body clung
to his out of duty or obligation. You could feel his need and the electricity flowed from his long cock, shocking the walls of your pussy. Small tremors rocked
your lithe body as you continued down the mountain. For
some unexplainable reason, your passion flattened out
but still far above the point where you could regain control. Suddenly his fingers reached under your hips
and quickly found the wide spread lips. Closing over the throbbing clit, he began to roll the protruding bud
vigorously in the wetness. Almost immediately, he had
your hips meeting his lustful demands and they thrashed
wildly back and forth.

Without warning, new erotic feelings filled your belly
and more juices began to flow to meet the big cock. Easily it glided in and out of your cunt and touched every nerve possible. Striking the cervix on every entry, another powerful orgasm built, increasing to newfound heights. Pressing your hands into the sofa, you raised your upper body to allow Jimmy better access
to your tits. "Squeeze my tits, " you begged
him and pushed your chest out farther. "Harder, harder, "
you pleaded with him, as you needed the pain from his molesting your nipples. Jimmy obliged and squeezed and
pinched as hard as he could which caused you to cry out.

You had no idea where you were or what was happening to your body. Suddenly, his orgasm was like a dam bursting
and it rolled over his entire body, as he was unable to hold out any longer. The fiery heat from your loins stole his remaining stamina and he blew his hot seed into every deep crevice of your cunt. You threatened to
collapse from the intense fury as a second orgasm exploded to join his. Both bodies madly thrust and joined in erotic lust. The boy seemed to know exactly what you needed and how rough you had to be fucked. It felt like punishment and you told yourself you could do
nothing to prevent it from happening. They were too strong and powerful to resist and you had to give into their demands.

Bobby reached forward to grasp your hair and pulled back. This forced your body back even harder so his cock slammed in to the hilt. This was the final straw and your eruption caused sweat to run over your naked flesh. The big cock swelled and jerked uncontrollably.
Like a gusher, the hot lava shot deep inside your cunt and mixed with your juices. It presented a beautiful picture, two sweaty bodies going over the top of erotic
passion and climaxing together. A woman being taken by
a boy to heights of sexual pleasure not known or felt by her before.

Your cries of pleasure were loud and mixed with the grunts and groans of the two boys. Even Jimmy was overtaken by it all and he began pumping his rod with all the passion of the couple in front of him. Eagerly, he grabbed your head and forced your hot mouth to the tip of his cock, where it easily split your moaning lips. You and Bobby were at the peak of orgasms and quickly Jimmy rose to the occasion. Hot cum shot out of his shaft into your mouth and quickly ran down your throat. To keep breathing, you had to swallow and drink
the white liquid as fast as you could. Hours ago this sort of thing was not possible. You sucking and swallowing cum, and fucking a big cock like an out of control slut, didn't seem possible.

Slowly, the movement of the three bodies subsided and came to a mere occasional twitch. Every muscle in your body ached from being tense for so long. Your mind was now blank, as the shattering climax had taken its toll.
You collapsed on the plush carpet and Bobby sank down with you. All the while keeping his long cock buried in your cunt, even in its semi-hard state. Jimmy loved the
feel of your large, firm breasts and put his hands on them as he too sank into the carpet.

It was only 11 o'clock and there were still a few hours
before Bobby's parents would be home. Normally they
stayed out till 2 or 3 and Mrs. Jensen had told you that they would be late. She had said to sleep on the couch but certainly didn't mean with the two boys.
And when she said to look after the boys, she didn't mean
in this sort of way. Oh, how could this have happened you thought, as your mind was now racing for answers? A small shutter shot through your body as you thought of what had just transpired. Two innocent 15-year-old boys
had been shown the sexual passions of a mature woman. Guilt now filled your mind and you wondered what to do now.

That was soon answered as Bobby began to stir. He had fantasized for months about making love to you and now that it had happened, he was not going to let it go until he had experienced everything. No girl had ever touched his cock with her mouth before and he needed that feeling now. He moved to raise you up to a kneeling position in front of him and he looked you directly in the eyes.

He told you how beautiful you were and that he thought you were the sexiest woman in the world. Normally this type of compliment would have trilled you but tonight it only brought deep shame. You almost had the DVD and now you only had to do what he wanted to get it, he told you. Pleading with him, you said that you had already completed your side of the bargain and shouldn't have to do more.

He moved to sit on the sofa and spread his muscular legs to reveal his semi-hard cock. This was the first time you had seen it and your eyes widened in amazement. It was definitely the largest cock you had seen and he didn't even have a hard-on. You could not
believe that you had fucked such a big one. With your eyes fixed on his manhood, he grabbed it with his fist and began pumping it with long up and down strokes. Like magic, you watched it grow and grow until it stood up long and proud. He shifted his fist to surround the base and moved his prick around in a circular motion, your eyes following it like they were in a trance. Five or six inches remained above his fist and it was overpowering to think of such a ramrod.

You are going to suck it, he told you and with that, he pulled you into his lap. Like the obedient slave, you were brought to the tip of his cock and he pressed the head against your tightly closed lips. Holding out so as to save face and not let this boy think that you wanted any of this, you held your mouth closed with every ounce of your strength. With a short jerk on your hair, your mouth opened in protest and quickly the head
entered your hot cavity.

Unable to resist the control of this boy, he was soon moving your head up and down on his length of steel. To have some control on how much cock he shoved in your mouth, your small right hand closed on the thick shaft just above his own. Your fingers barely went around the
shaft, and with his hand and yours on the long pole, the top 3 or 4 inches was allowed to push into your mouth. Holding you perfectly in this position, you were
commanded to suck. Like a slave, you followed his orders without hesitation. He smiled with satisfaction
as you started the expert blowjob, one that would fulfill his next fantasy. The salty taste of semen was present but that didn't seem to bother you as you continued.

Vaguely aware of the movement behind you, you soon felt
Jimmy feeling the wetness of your pussy. Pushing between your legs, he soon had them wide apart which enabled him to see his target. Trimmed neatly and glistening from the mixed juices, the cunt looked almost surreal. You felt him touch the tender lips and slip a finger inside. Searching, he soon found the sensitive bud. Closing on it, he rolled it back and forth between his fingers. This caused your hips to jerk and thrust in anticipation. Without control, they
were wanton and began to move to indicate they were pleased with what he was doing. When his hot tongue hit the slit, your head shot forward and a couple more inches of cock was shoved down your throat.

In a matter of minutes, these very immature boys had you starting to experience new throes of passion. All movements began to get faster and more demanding. Bobby
wanted his cock sucked, Jimmy wanted to suck pussy, and
you needed satisfaction. The flames built deep inside
your loins and it was almost relief when you felt Jimmy shift into position. With the quickness of a young lad,
he thrust his cock to the hilt in one strong push.

In seconds he was pumping with all his might and strength. All the way in, then out till the flared head of his cock felt the pussy lips. Grabbing your slender hips, he began ramming in and out with the velocity of a soldier. No one could stand this pace for long and his cock soon began to swell in anticipation. He was determined to hold back as long as possible so it could last a long time.

Bobby's hips began to push up and down and he was getting close to cumming as well. You had given many boyfriends head but this time you were in for a surprise. The large cock swelled and began to jerk, out
of control and jettisoned the hot cum. Shot after shot entered your mouth, some flowing down your throat but much trickling out the corners of your mouth.

There was so much cum, much more than any other guy you had sucked. It seemed to go on forever and you began to be afraid that you would choke. Eventually, and with a deep loud moan, his orgasm came to an end. This was beyond belief, as you had given him the best blowjob. All his plans and fantasies, and now this was far better than anything he had dreamed.

Jimmy had reached a feverish pace and he began to shoot his load deep inside your tight pussy. The heat of your channel had taken its toll on him and his stamina. Certainly not as big as Bobby, his cock was still bigger than any other you had experienced. You shuttered and moaned as the pit of your stomach reacted
to the fucking. Your hips pushed back hard and needed to be fulfilled just as the two boys had been.

His fucking now brought on the orgasm and it exploded with fury. Your cunt closed on the shaft and held it tightly as your juices flowed to meet his. It was like two lovers reaching an erotic climax and there was nothing wrong with it. Everything was beautiful and the
two orgasms rocketed to a finish.

After, all three bodies collapsed in complete exhaustion. These two boys certainly had never experienced such a thing and even though you had some experience, this was far beyond anything you had lived
through. Innocently, a hand caressed your naked breast
and you were unable to stop it. It actually began to feel good and it stroked softly and lightly all over. Then another hand, maybe that of the same boy, or one from the other, but it reached out to rain loving caresses on the other breast. It was tender and the softness made you feel better.

Bobby reached around the end of the sofa and found the DVD. Taking it, he gave it to you and said that it was now yours. Eagerly, you grabbed it and held it with all the might and strength you possessed. Nobody was going
to take this from you, as it had been a nightmare for you up until now. You would destroy it so this could never happen again. Oh, how could you have let this happen?

For the first time in hours you relaxed. Filled with self-satisfaction for coming out on top and winning the
battle, you did finally have the prize. They couldn't
blackmail you anymore and you gave a sigh of relieve. Alone in your own world, you were oblivious to the four small computer cameras spread throughout the room. With
a smile, Bobby glanced at them one by one and thought to himself, now we have the blackmail material to make you do whatever crossed his evil mind. And evil it was as he had some exciting things planned for you down the road.

He was determined to take it slow and easy, allowing you to become accustomed to his control and not to be scared off. He was a thinker and planner and he had it all thought out. These new movies would give him absolute control and he would blackmail you into his sex slave. Some people were leaders, other were followers. You were a follower and indeed happy to be one. You gained much pleasure from pleasing people and
saw no reason to use power or control on people. Even being more mature and older than the boys, you were a child when it came to deception and mind control. Your life was changing already and would change even more in
the future.

After a little more petting and some kisses on the more sensitive parts of your body, the boys finally got ready for bed. It was one o'clock and the Jensen's
would be home anytime. The boys headed up to bed and you gave the biggest sigh. Proceeding to the living room, you cleaned it up so nobody could tell what had just transpired. Then you settled into the soft cushions of the sofa and your tired muscles finally got
the rest they needed.

Shortly, your eyes closed and you dropped off to sleep.
Mrs. Jensen gave your shoulder a little nudge and you sat up with a start. She said she was sorry for scaring you and thanked you very much for sitting with the kids. Asking if they were any trouble, you lied and said that everything went okay. A crisp, new fifty was nice to see as she paid you for the evening and off you went for home.

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