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Connie's Cream


Connie's and my affair seemed to have been confirmed
by last night's late tryst. We had tried to stay apart
and let the flame die, but the flame wouldn't go out.
When I came to her in the wee hours our passion exploded in
a lust-filled hour of love making and affection. We became
exhausted and fell asleep without thinking about how our
relationship was to continue. We didn't even know
how we would arrange to be togther the next day. Connie had
to work and I needed to be home in late afternoon or early
evening to be available for the daily conversation with
my wife, Debra, up north helping her mother with a medical

Connie had slept in her bed and, to be sure she got the best
possible sleep out of the few hours left after our love making,
I had slept on the couch. I awoke to soft lips kissing my cheek.

"Hi, Lovely Creature."

"Good morning, Handsome Hunk."

"I'll bet you're still tired."

"Mmmm mmmm, I was just a little slow waking up, but
I feel terrific. The injections you gave me last night must
have been full of vitamins." She kissed my cheek again.
I wouldn't let her kiss my mouth until I had brushed
my teeth. "I'm making some tea. Want some?"

"Sure." My sleepy eyes began to focus. I could
see that Connie already had showered, done her hair and
makeup, and partly dressed. She was wearing her sexy little
silk dressing gown. "What a great way to wake up ...
being kissed by a lovely vision." I sat up and kept
the sheet covering my lap to retain a little modesty in a
relatively non-romantic situation.

"Mmmm, flattery will get you everywhere."
She brought our tea to the coffee table, poured, and sat
in the chair opposite. "I'm keeping my robe closed
so that I don't start enjoying your lusting stares
again ... and so you can keep a certain something reasonably
under control. I should leave for work in a little while."
She sent me a string of tiny air kisses. "Are you going
to go home this morning?" Sipping her tea.

"I don't know ... I don't need to, but I'll
definitely have to go back later on."

"I know ... " She looked hesitant ... as though
unsure of the strength of my feelings for her and what my
thoughts about when our next time together might be.

To reassure her I went on, "Lover, ... last night was
wonderful and no matter how covered up you are right now,
my hunger for you doesn't go away." I sent her
a kiss. "Tomorrow is Saturday ... I was kind of hoping
you'd want to spend some of the weekend together ...
unless you're busy ... or think we should try to stay
apart again?" I thought I'd better give her some

"Marrrkk - nnooo - I want to be with you!" She
looked brighter and relieved.

"Staying apart was very hard for me ... and it didn't
change my feelings."

"I know. Me either." She sent me a bunch of happy,
little air kisses. Cute.

I sent her one back. "What would you think about coming
to my place after work today and staying the weekend?"

"I'd love it!" Her face lit up in an affectionate
smile. "I'll come home for lunch and pack some
things and leave for your place right from work."

"I'll stay and make lunch for you so you don't
go without eating. I don't want you to lose your, er
... strength."


"Sex Goddess!"

She put her tea down, came to the couch and sat in my lap. Before
I could protest my "morning mouth" her lips
were on mine and our tongues were dancing. Hopefully, the
tea had cleansed. Without her lips leaving mine, "There's
tuna fish salad in the fridge. Make me a sandwich and some
tea." More kisses, "You're a sweet Lover."

"I'm inspired." Our hugging began to evolve
into caressing and our kisses were becoming softer, moister
and more lustful. I began groping for the opening in her
robe so I could feel her tummy, boobs and bottom. We were
heating up. "If you have to leave for work soon you'd
better get off my lap, because that 'certain something'
is coming to life, and so is the rest of me."

She whimpered and whined into our kisses and reluctantly
rose. "Ohhh, Honey ... my ... you know ... is tingling
already. I hope your 'certain something' can
hold that thought until I can nurture it later."

"Never fear."

"Mmmmmmmmm." She headed for her bedroom to
finish dressing. After a few minutes she called out, "You
could help me pack more quickly if you'd get some of
my things together ahead of time?"

"Gosh, you don't want me going through your things,
do you?"

She came out dressed for work. "I won't mind.
After all, you've gone through everything I have on
my body. I guess it won't matter if you go through the
same things in my drawers."

We kissed cutely, "Makes sense to me."

"When I get home I'll just finish up and pack my
secret beauty potions." She was peppering my lips
and cheek with tiny kisses, "I don't think I'll
need many clothes ... will I?"

I kissed her lips, "What a tease ... the bare necessity
would be something to keep you covered up while you're
driving over."

"Uhnn ... you're such a bad boy."

She left for work a short time later. I got my toiletries
from the car and showered and shaved. After a little breakfast
I started my assigned chores. Connie's drawers and
closet were very neat. Actually, she wouldn't need
to take very much. I found her shortest shorts and her shortest
sport dress (the sun dress we pinned together). I found
two pairs of panties and a bra with a bit of lace trim as well
as a fairly sleek tank swim suit. Dressy sandals, sport
socks and tennies finished the ensemble. I set it all out
on the bed and added toothbrush, comb, brush and shower

I had time to burn and decided to make her a present of some
feminine undies. I'd noticed that most of her's
were either cotton or very tailored. I found a Victoria's
Secret in a nearby mall and selected matching bra and panties
of the same sizes as those I had found in her drawers. They
were briefer and lacier and silkier than her stuff, of course.
I chose a creamy pale brown color which seemed to be Connie's
favorite. I avoided the raciest, sexiest styles because
I didn't want to make Connie embarrassed or uncomfortable.
I resisted other temptations, like garter belt and stockings
- or a teddy - or crotchless panties. Those things were attractive
to me, but they seemed out of character for Connie and might
be off-putting this early in our relationship and at our

I got back in plenty of time to make her sandwich and tea.
I put the new undies with the others on the bed.

I heard Connie drive up. I met her at the door and when she
was inside I welcomed her with a warm hug. Our 'Hello
kiss' began with closed mouths but lasted longer and
longer with mouths opening and tongues playing lush games.
Finally she murmured on my lips, "I could get used
to this kind of homecoming."

My hands began searching and caressing the soft, feminine
places I enjoyed. I whispered, "I've done my
chores. Your lunch is ready and I've put some things
out for you to pack."

"You're such a good boy!" Her lips lingered
and feathered mine and her hands began feeling my body.
Her tummy and groin merged and blended into me. "I
suppose you think you should be rewarded?"

"Mmmmmm, the thought never crossed my mind."

"Of course it didn't." She flexed her groin,
"Then why is your man thing poking into my tummy?"
Her hand rubbed over the rising penis making a lump in my

"Well, maybe one or two thoughts, " and after
another kiss a few hugging strokes over the curves of her
hips, "You gorgeous sex goddess, it feels like you're
not wearing any panties." With my hands on her soft
bum I nudged my hardness into her and kissed her with hungry

She squirmed against me, "Mm, Lover, I've been
dreaming all morning of making you get stiff, and what you'd
do to me then." Her lips covered mine and she murmured
on, "It made me so wet I had to put a tissue in my panties
... I got so hungry for your stiff penis that ... before I
left work I took my panties off and stuffed a tissue you-know-where
to keep my dress dry." More kisses, "Could we
have dessert before lunch?"

"Your morning dream has obviously come true ... I'm
stiff as a stick." Our lips were together again. I
lifted her skirt and found her bare hips and soft, naked
bottom, "Mmmmmm, I love feeling you naked under your
skirt. ... Help me lose my shorts." Connie had my shorts
around my ankles in seconds and began fondling me. After
another long kiss, "If your beautiful pussy has been
getting wet I'd better kiss it and ... make it better."
I dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt. She held it for

"Oh, Maarrrkk." She leaned against the wall
and opened her knees and thighs in a wider stance - thrusting
her pelvis out to present herself. I removed the tissue
and my hands grasped her bum between her legs and held her
hungry vulva to my mouth. "Mmmmmmm ... uhnn ... uhhnnn
... Honey, your mouth on me ... ." She lifted one leg
and rested her thigh on my shoulder.

Through my avid lips and tongue I breathed, "Your
pussy is puffy ... and pink ... and wet. ... It's so beautiful
when it puffs up like this. It's so sweetly expectant
... and ready for me."

My tongue was licking through her moist, pink lips and poking
into her vaginal opening. I sucked the luscious honey from
her opening and, when I licked up to her clitoris I found
it sticking out. I nibbled and feathered it, she flexed
rhythmically. She sighed, "Mmmm, so very ready ...
unghnnn right there ... and inside." First one and
then two fingers began their loving work. Her tummy shivered
on my forehead. "Oh, Maarrrkkk, don't stop!"
Her bum shook in my hand and I could barely keep her clitoris
in my lips, "Aauuuhhnnn ... ooo ... uhnn .... Loverrrr."
She went limp and I held her close.

"Your pussy is so lovable." I kissed and licked
it softly. "I think it needs more penetrating attention."

"Mmmmm, lots more. ...I'm glad you like my pussy.
I daydream about your fingers and mouth loving me."
She regained her strength and pressed my head to her. "Lover,
take my dress off ... and let's go in on my bed."
She began to unzip. After the dress came the bra. She took
me in hand, "And I dream about this beautiful, hard
cock ... slurping and sliding and pushing way up in me."
I knew Connie was deeply aroused when I heard her refer to
my ‘cock'. I stepped out of my shorts on the floor.

When we reached the bed she ignored the things laying on
it. Leading me by my stiff erection she pulled me with her
until I was kneeling between her welcoming legs. She didn't
let go but guided me to the plunge into her excited, expectant,
succulent vagina. Her legs hugged and pulled me close while
she pushed up into me. I leaned on my elbows and loved her
breasts and coaxed them each to my mouth. Our squirming
and plunging was slow but strong. She began to shudder and
shiver with her second orgasm while I fed on her nipples.
I followed right behind her.

We lay quietly, softly caressing. She began to be aware
of the things I had set out for her. "Oh, Honey, are
these the things for me to pack?"

"Mm hum, I hope I did OK."

She took inventory. "You did just fine ... What are
these?" She held the new bra and panty set.

"Oh, I don't know ... I had some time on my hands
and went to the mall."

"But you shouldn't ..."

"I couldn't help it! I just happened to stumble
into Victoria's Secret and ..."

"Sure, sure - just stumbled ...!"

"OK, I confess. I wanted to give you something pretty
and feminine ... because you're so pretty and feminine
... and I ... I'm very ... fond of you."

"Oh, Marrkk, they're so pretty ...", kisses
and hugs, "I love them. This is my favorite color!
... Thank you." Our hugs and kisses were getting a
little warm again. "I'm very fond of you too ...
can you tell?"

"Mmmmmmm, I can tell." I would like to have spent
the afternoon like this, but Connie needed to get back to
work, "You'd better cut this out ... or I'll
chain you to the bed ... and you'll never get back to

"Lecher. You're always making promises."
A last, affectionate caress and kiss. "Can I wear
my new things?"

"I'd be flattered."

"I love them."

"I'm glad." I held her snugly. "I'm
going now. I need to clean my house up a little."

"OK. I'll miss you."

"Not for long." I kissed her love lips, hugged
her thigh to my mouth, nibbled a nipple and finally kissed
her. "I'll be very hungry for you by the time you
get there."

"I hope so. I'll hurry."

I dressed and gathered my things, "I had a bite to eat
at the mall. I'll get some steaks and salad things for
our supper."

"Mm, that sounds good. Do you want me to bring anything?"

"Just your sweet, naked self." I chuckled.

"Sex fiend!"

And then it dawned on me that we needed to be careful and discreet
to avoid my neighbors noticing our weekend tryst in Debra's
absence. "But it just occurred to me - when you get
to my place we'd better put your car in the garage - out
of sight."

"Oh! Riiigght."

"When you're almost there call me on your cell
phone and I'll open the garage door for you."

"OK, Sweetheart." Connie hadn't moved
off the bed yet. "I wish you didn't have to go just
yet." Her sweetly feminine body was lazily arranged
exuding an aura of languid, compelling sex. She was half
sitting up with one knee over the other. The other hand was
down in her nether region doing something in her crotch.

I leaned down and kissed her, "Me too, but I should."
I couldn't resist, I sucked on her nipples and kissed
my way over her tummy. She opened her legs and I kissed my
way down to caress her clitoris and labia with my lips, finishing
with soft kisses on her thighs. She brushed my cheeks with
her thighs while I kissed. When I arose she opened her thighs
more widely and lay before me in lush display. The warm,
soft, pillowy cushions of her inner thighs where they cozied
her loving place beckoned me, lured me, promised me their
comfort. She stroked them in sexual presentation.

Her vulva squirmed in tiny sexual undulations and she sighed,
"Mmmmm, you made me want you again ... your lips are
wonderful." Her labia were moist and pink where they
led to her welcoming vaginal flower. Her love juices were
oozing down from her vaginal lips toward her anus. With
graceful fingers she parted her petals and squirmed her
vulva in sensual invitation. Her gaping vagina glistened

"I can't resist ... you're making your pussy
and thighs so inviting ... so beautiful." I sent her
an air kiss, "But I'll make you late."

"I won't be late, Lover. Don't be cruel ...
I'm starving for your beautiful penis." She
lay there pouting cutely, "Come here and give me a
little kiss."

I moved closer and bent to kiss her. Her mouth was soft and
moist and she gently sucked my tongue while I began to undo
my shorts. I had tried to leave but I was as consumed with
desire as she. In a few moments I was standing beside the
bed naked again. "Bring it to me, Darling."
She raised up on one elbow, grasped my hard erection and
pulled me to her mouth. She kissed my thrilling penis tenderly
and gently laved and sucked.

I looked down at her and hungered to have her hug my cheeks
in the cushions of her beautiful thighs. I also hungered
to bury my hardness in her beautiful, oozing vagina. Her
vulva was puffy with desire and her thighs were so widely
spread that her labia were partly open and their inner pinkness
glistened with the moisture of love. "Sweet Love,
your mouth is magical. ... You're making me so hungry
for you ... Your thighs are open so wide, and your pussy is
so beautiful ... and pink and wet."

Connie whispered with lips brushing my glans, "Mmmmm,
Lover ... your penis is sexy. I like to kiss it ... mmmmm it
feels so soft and stiff and eager in my mouth." Her
mouth took me in again. "But my pussy wants more of
it." The way Connie was loving my penis with her mouth,
I knew she must be filled with the same wonderful lust I was

Her ministrations began to focus my lust on her lips and
an urge to cum in her loving mouth. "Darling, your
mouth ... and lips ... are being so sweet." I caressed
her cheeks gently with my fingertips and thrust gently.
Suddenly I was afraid cumming in her mouth would be a rude
surprise, "Honey, Im almost cumming!" She
whined quietly when I began to ease it out. "You're
so beautiful, I want to give your beautiful pussy another
present before I go." I pulled away from her mouth
and bent to nibble on her clitoris. While I moved to mount
her my fingers reminded her vagina of my coming.

"Maarrrkkk?" She was moaning softly.

"Mm hmm?" I slipped my ardent lover into her
liquid glove.

"Aahhnngg ... Thank you. My pussy loves your presents."
She devoured me and squirmed into her third lunchtime orgasm.
She slithered and moaned and pulled me down for luscious
kisses. "Unnhhnng ... your cock feels so good in me.
... Do you like to fuck me, Sweet Love?"

"I love to fuck you, Darling. Your pussy makes my cock
... feel so good."

"I like it ... when you kiss me down there."

"I love to make love to your sweet pussy. Your love
lips are warm and wet, and I think they like to kiss me."

"Mmmmmm, they love to kiss your lips ... a lot. And
I love your cock so much ... especially when it's fucking
me." Her sweet vagina felt like warm liquid caressing
my plunging penis. In between kisses she whispered in my
ear, "Lover, ... would you like kissing and sucking
my pussy ... without hair?"

I whispered, "Mmmm, I'd love it."

"We'll see." She squirmed around my stiffness
and hugged me in her soft thighs. "I liked kissing
... and loving your cock, Sweetheart. I want to love you
like that again ... soon." And she emphasized her
wish with more vigorous thrusts.

"I loved it too ... your mouth felt wonderful - your
tongue and your lips - and your gentle sucking." I
squirmed around in her. "But if your mouth were too
loving to my penis ... for a little too long ... uh ... uh ...
it would squirt in you." My rhythmic thrusts were
interrupting sweet nothings.

"Mm, I know ... I'd love it. ... That would make
me feel so close to you." She squirmed with me and pulled
me deep until I could feel her cervix nudging me. The sweet
feeling tingled under my glans and started the pumping
in my root. Connie felt it, "Uhhnnn ... Lover, you're
going to cum, I feel it. ... Uhhnnn, me toooo, nnnn ... so
good ... uuhhhnnnn."

Our afterglow was affectionate - but short. Now Connie
really did have to get back to work. While I was still in her
and nuzzling her neck I murmured, "I'm glad you
wanted to kiss your "Admirer" goodby. I still
wanted to be in you ... but I didn't want to make you late."

"Don't worry, Sweetheart." Her thighs
hugged me and she held me in her while she continued, "Maarrk?"

"Mmm hmm, " still nuzzling.

She squirmed her pussy to massage my half hard, happy penis.
"Sometime this weekend ... I want you to cum in my mouth.
... Would you let me take you in my mouth?"

"I'd love it ... but only if it would be nice for

"I wanted you to cum in my mouth when I was loving your
sexy penis a few minutes ago." Her thighs hugged and
she squeezed her vagina around my penis. "I feel very
warm and close to you when you suck on my clitoris and I cum
on your lips and mouth, ... and I want to feel even closer
... when you ooze your cum into my mouth while I'm loving

I squirmed and thrust into her, "I'll love it."

"Mmmmm, I'll add that to this afternoon's
fantasies." We kissed lushly and merged our loins
one last time before our necessary parting, "I think
I'd better get dressed."

I dressed again too and gave Connie a parting kiss, "See
you soon, Lover."

She squeezed her Admirer in my shorts, "Mm hmm, bye."

By mid-afternoon I had the house cleaned up and the groceries
in. I put clean sheets on the twin beds in the guest room.
I wasn't sure either of us would be comfortable in Debra's
and my bed.

I shaved again, cleaned my teeth and took another shower.
Just as I was toweling off the phone rang. I wrapped the towel
around me and went to the kitchen to answer it. "Hello."
It was Connie! She had left work early. "I'm just
two blocks away, Lover!"

"Open Sesame! See you in a minute'" I went
to the garage and pressed the door opener button. I had parked
my car outside close to the edge of the driveway to make room
for her. She drove into the garage moments later and I closed
the door, hoping none of the neighbors had noticed. She
got out of her car with her little weekender bag and came
to the door. I held it open and closed it behind her.

"I'm so glad you're here!"

"I umphmmmm ..." I covered her mouth with mine
before she could finish. When our kissing softened she
murmured on my lips, "I left early ... (kisses) I couldn't
get anything done ... (kisses) all I could think of was our
being together. ... (kisses). When I dressed to go back
to work, I left my undies off. I can't believe I went
to work and drove over here ... almost naked."

"You feel wonderful."

She pulled my towel loose and let it drop. I lifted her skirt
and thrilled to the softness of her warm skin. "Undo
my dress." While I worked her zipper she fondled my
scrotum and stroked me. "Every time I think about
how nice and hard you get when we're together I get wet
... and hungry ... I love it when I make you stiff."
I lifted her dress over her head and watched her soft handfuls
of jello roll and jiggle as the dress pulled over them. I
squeezed and sucked on her nipples. Her hands returned
to stroke her Admirer and my lips returned to hers while
one hand trailed down to find her clitoris and slip gentle
fingers into her vagina. We fondled and loved each other
while we kissed. I loved it when Connie fondled me - it was
very sensual. Her hands were graceful and feminine and
gentle. When she cupped my scrotum and gave it light finger
caresses on the underside I melted and throbbed. Her graceful
fingers handled my penis in the same way. She paid special
attention to the corona and sensitive underside of my glans.
She frequently coaxed early drops of fluid from it when
we fondled each other - like we were doing now.

She murmured on my lips, "You're leaking."

"Mmmm hhmmm."

"I want to taste it, " and she bent to take me
in her mouth. She hummed while she laved and sucked. "Mmmm,
salty ... earthy ..." She came back to my lips, "You
have a nice, hard cock, Lover ... It feels warm in my mouth."

"You're so beautiful ... I want you so much."

"Me too, Lover. Let's have dessert again."

With arms and hands holding and fondling and caressing
we found our way into the guest room. The sheets were turned
down on one of the beds. Connie backed up to it, lay down and
pulled her Admirer with her.

"When you lay down and open your lovely thighs like
this I get so stiff ... you're so beautiful .... you
look so sexual, so inviting. I hunger for you."

"I hunger too. I can feel how stiff you get ... I can
feel you twitching ... I love it, Darling ... It makes me
tingle down there ... and get so wet. My thighs are open ...
they want to hug you ... and I want to feel you pushing into

We both were nearly breathless, "Your love lips are
so pink and shiny ... there are little droplets on your vagina."

"I know, I can feel the oozing. ... I'm so ready
for you to slide into me ... and ..." She guided me between
the soft cushions guarding her loving place, through the
wet, pink lips that flowered open, and into her warmth -
her nurturing, slippery, snug inner sanctum. "Mmmmm,
Yes! Like this ... you ... fucking me. ... God I love it ...
uhnn ... when you fuck me." Connie was so lush with
love honey that my penis, sliding in and out, created sensual
slurping sounds.

"Mmmm hummmm. ... I can tell ... you're so slippery
... so warm inside." This coupling was more leisurely
than our lunch time tryst, but it was deeply lustful. Connie
had a little orgasm when I first entered her and a longer,
deeper series of beautiful spasms while we slowly pleasured
ourselves with squirms and thrusts and teases and plunges.
I made sure to push against her clitoris every time I plunged
to the bottom. When I felt my moment approaching I stayed
all the way in her and squirmed so that her clit was always
being loved. I began to throb in her. She felt it and enjoyed
a deep and thrilling final orgasm. After quiet kisses and
afterglow fondling, I slithered down until I lay between
her legs with my head resting on her soft upper thigh and
my mouth on her love lips. She tasted and smelled earthy
and feminine. The rich, fresh scent of her love nectar blended
with a faint hint of her perfume - she must have daubed a little
on her thighs and around her pussy before leaving work.
I also caught the salty hint of my deposit.

"You taste wonderful ... you smell wonderful ...
Mmmmm, your rich juices ... and your perfume." I slowly
licked through the pink channel between her labia and kissed
and sucked on those open petals. Finally my mouth covered
her vaginal opening and my tongue slipped inside while
I sucked on her. She squirmed and moaned and gently thrust
into my mouth while I french kissed her hungry, gaping love

In a groaning whisper, "I'm having such nice
feelings ... Auhnn." My tongue trailed up through
her love lips to her clitoris where I sucked and feathered
and nibbled. "Maarrkk ... Oh, Honey ..." Her
fingers were in my hair and began to hold me to her while she
fucked my mouth. I went on ministering to her clitoris while
my fingers loved her vagina. "Uuhhhnnnnn ... uhn
... Mmmm ... Marrkk ... Mmmmm!" She was beautiful
when she shuddered and shivered in orgasm. Her whispering
moan was that of glowing joy, "You've made me
cum ... so much ... I feel wonderful."

We lay quietly for a while until each needed to go to the bathroom.
When we both were finished I said, "Shall I start putting
supper together?"

"Mm, yesss! Did you get steaks and the salad things?"

"Mm hum."

"I'll do the salads while you do the steaks. I
want mine medium rare."

"You got it!"

"I suppose I should put something on." She put
her arms around my neck and squirmed close.

"You'd better cut that out or dinner will be delayed."

"Big talker." We both chuckled. "Are
you going to put on something?"

"Maybe a pair of thin silk shorts?"

"Mmmmm, OK. Can I wear the panties and bra you got for

"Of course. I'd love to see how they look on you.."

Connie retrieved her overnight bag from where she dropped
it near the door to the garage and took it into her room. I
went into the other bedroom and got a pair of shorts. When
I came out to the hall Connie was in a model's pose. "Mark,
I love these. They feel so nice ... and the bra even fits.
How do you think they look?"

She looked very fetching. The accents of lace trim were
very feminine and the semi-sheer fabric was sexy. The bra
was moderately skimpy, swooping low in the middle and just
barely covering her areolae. The material wasn't
quite transparent but the darker areolae were discernable
and the modest bra cups were snug enough that Connie's
sweet breasts filled them with no wrinkles. Her nipples
made saucy bulges. The panties were cut higher on her hips
than I had expected, and her pubic hair was not only discernable
through the fabric but also sticking out of the leg openings
near her mons - no bikini trim here! Her tummy button wasn't
covered. The high cut panties showed off her long legs and
accentuated her very generous hips and upper thighs. She
wore medium heeled satin mules. Wow!

"Mmmmm, you look like a fantasy from the pages of a
Victoria's Secret catalogue." I put my arms
around her waist. "They look terrific on ... but I
hope they aren't ... too skimpy. I wanted them to be
things you would like to wear ... and not be shy about."

"Lover, with you I don't feel shy about my body
... or self conscious. And I love these, I feel good in them
... so sexy ... and kind of like a tease. Of course, you're
the only man who'll ever see me in any kind of lingerie."
She gave me a thank you kiss, "But your Victoria's
Secret Catalogue fantasy is a bit of a stretch." Smiles
and knowing looks.

"I'll have whatever fantasy I like." I
gave her a long soft kiss. In a few moments I began to twitch
against her tummy.

She whispered on my lips, "Mmmmm, that's nice."
Her tummy snuggled against me.

"I'd better fix our steaks before a 'certain
something' gets out of hand."

"Or in hand." Connie stroked me once and gave
me a flirty look.

We both went about our chores. Touches, caresses and kisses
were frequent. While I trimmed the filets I reflected on
the ease with which Connie had turned into a sexual being.
Only a couple months ago she had been a maiden lady who disdained
sex - didn't desire it and had no use for it. She had been
celibate for a decade. I almost felt guilty - except that
I was not an accomplished Don Juan and hadn't actually
initiated our affair. In fact, I had tried to ignore the
signs and attraction at the outset, and kind of tried to
discourage the happening - for a very brief time. I sometimes
felt as though I was happily in bed with a nun. On the other
hand, Connie hadn't initiated the affair either.
And she had been the one who had insisted on the cooling off
period. Both innocent - Both guilty! Pheromones!

Oh, well. We hadn't yet contemplated how long this
might go on. Maybe we never would. It didn't seem that
either of us would be badly scarred or hurt, regardless
of the duration or outcome. But one thing was well understood
between us and was important to each of us - one as loving
husband and the other as life-long friend - Debra must never
know of or be hurt by our relationship.

Ah! I was sparked back from those thoughts by a simple kiss.
"I'm ready with the salad. Where's my steak?"

"It will be done to perfection in a few minutes."
I had the fork in one hand, poised to turn the steaks. My other
hand went around her waist. I returned the kiss. "If
you'll mind this fork, I'll close the curtains.
It's getting dark outside." I handed Connie
my chef's tool and went through the house closing the
blinds. Daylight was waning and we didn't want prying
eyes when it was dark out and easy to see in. "How are
the steaks doing?"

"Well, this one feels wiggly and is still very rare.
This one is firmer and has just started oozing blood. It's
approaching medium rare."

"Excellent! You're exactly right. We're

We put the steaks on small plates. Connie had the salads
in wooden salad bowls at the dining table with our dressing
choices already applied. Connie never drank alcohol so
she had iced tea and I had water. We sat across from each other
at the glass topped dining room table. We didn't talk
much while we ate - just a little bit of her work day and the
drive over. Every once in a while we reached toward each
other to touch fingers and exchange air kisses. A couple
of times I thought I noticed Connie looking through the
glass at my shorts. Several times I think she caught me looking
at her breasts, so attractive in the sexy bra or, more often,
at how the high cut panties flattered her hips and legs.
Her legs were crossed and were irresistible - the sculpted
knees and especially those tapered, generous, wondrous
thighs with the smooth translucent skin and faint blue

My bare foot snaked up her calf. She took a sip of tea and said,
"Are you flirting?" She sent me a kiss.

"At least."

Her foot came over and nudged deep between my legs. She confirmed
what she could see - I had risen to half-staff. "Mmmm,
that's encouraging."

"I'm sitting across the table from irresistible

"Flatterer." She put her fork down, "That
was delicious. I'll wash - you wipe."


While my luscious creature was busy with the frying pan
I stood behind her and nudged her soft bum with a now stiff
adventurer. I held her close with my hands on her tummy while
my man thing pleased itself against her softness. They
then slid up to cover her bra cups - pinching her nipples
through the material. Her hands were wet but she leaned
her head back and turned for a kiss, "Mmmm, you're
very distracting. Uhnn ... my nipples love what you're
doing, ... Honey, ... take my bra off."

"Mm hmm." I unhooked it, slid it off her shoulders
and lay it on the counter. I took my shorts off and returned
to hug her from behind. My stiff penis poked into the crease
of her panties and my hands lovingly returned to her breasts.
"You look wonderful ... and feel wonderful."

"Uhhh ... my nipples are sending tingles ... down
to you know where." She turned her head for another
kiss, "I feel you poking me. ... Let me finish the dishes.
I need ... lots more attention you wonderful lecher."

"We just finished eating ... but I'm so hungry."

"Start drying ... and I'll feed you dessert in
a minute."

When we finished she dried her hands and did a slow, sensual
turn toward me. Her fingers were hooked in the waist of her
panties and were edging them teasingly over her swaying
‘Hula' hips. When they were down just beyond her hips
and her vulva was exposed she sashayed invitingly toward
me. I cradled my eager hardness in the open palm of my hand
... in symbolic offering with my groin thrust forward.
She reached for me and fondled and stroked while she steered
me toward her inviting mons. She flexed her groin until
she had coaxed me between her outer labia to rub my glans
on her excited clitoris. She hummed as her lips approached
mine, "Mmmmmm, dessert is being served, Lover. ...
You can have as much as you want." Our kiss was voluptuous
- as though we had been apart for days. My hands found the
cheeks of her generous bum and held us close.

I murmured on her lips, "Take your Admirer in on your
bed ... and ravish him until you're ... full."

"Mmmmmm ... full of your cum." She held me between
her moist nether lips and flexed and squirmed, "He's
making me feel wonderful ... already. Uhhnn ... I have a
nice, warm place ... he can fill. ... Come on, Lover."
She pulled away from me to slip her panties the rest of the
way off and reached for my wagging penis again. With a kiss
on the cheek she led me away holding and caressing her Admirer.
She turned her head and sent me a kiss with limp, pouty, lust-filled
lips. Her long, naked legs were stunning in the half heeled
mules. Her generous hips swayed haughtily - her bum cheeks
jiggled invitingly. A low whistle escaped my lips.

When we reached the bed Connie turned and put her arms around
me. We softly, wetly kissed and she whispered, "Can
I be on top, again, Darling?"

"Mmmm hhmmm."

I lay back and welcomed her. She moved to mount me but stopped
to lower her mouth to her proud Admirer. She kissed the tip
lightly and, for a moment, slipped her lips over the glans
- kissing again when she drew away, "Mmmm, such a wonderful
lover." She was speaking to the object of her attention
and feathering her lips on it. Her mouth gently sucked me
in as far as she could take me. Her tongue massaged luxuriously.
She was consumed with the sensuality of the moment. "Mmmm,
not right now ... but soon." I knew what she meant.

She finally positioned herself over me and, holding me
straight, lowered her loving place until she enveloped
me to my root. With her thighs and knees hugging up along
my ribs she sat on me and began rotating and squirming. We
could hear the squish of her moist vagina making love to
my penis while her clitoris delighted itself on my attentive
thumb. Her eyes were molten and she sighed through pouting,
limp lips, "Oh ... Darling ... I love this ... so much."
My hands caressed the smooth skin of her full, hugging thighs
and trailed up over her voluptuous hips to find her soft
breasts. My hands made love to them - gently squeezing and
pinching. "Uhhnn ... mmmm ... the tingles ... uhnnn
... pinch harder." I pinched and pulled her puckered
nipples, caressed and squeezed. "Uhhnn ... Oohh
..." Her squirming became more rhythmic - she braced
her hands on my shoulders and began moving up and down on
me - slapping hard into my pubis. "Uhnn ... mmmm ...
mmmm .... Oh! ... Honey!!" Her entire body shivered
and quaked while her liquid glove squeezed me warmly until
I went rigid in my own eruption. When I relaxed from my spasm
Connie began the sensual movements again until her thighs
began to shiver at my sides. Then she stretched out to lay
on me, legs close together, rubbing her clitoris into the
base of my trapped penis, gasping and moaning in my ear while
she shuddered through a long series of orgasms. Finally
I began to soften.

She collapsed on me and, after we returned to normal breathing,
our lips came together in lush softness. I murmured on her
lips, "That was wonderful. ... your beautiful pussy
was good to me."

"Honey, my pussy loves to have you inside ... I love
to be with you like this. I had so many orgasms just now I almost
fainted. I feel wonderful. ... You've made me cum so
many times today."

"Is your pussy sore?"

"Uhnnn uhh, ... not yet, Sweet Love." She sighed
softly on my lips, "The way I'm feeling ... my
thighs will be open for you to fuck me as much as you like all

"Mmmmm, your beautiful thighs ... a beautiful weekend."

We kissed quietly for a while - hands slowly caressing -
pelvises squirming and flexing now and then. My hands were
smoothing over her bum and hips and down to her outer thighs.
I thought about her soft inner thighs and how warm and moist
they would be on my cheeks. And how wet her pussy was - full
of both our juices. I flexed my half-hard penis.

"Mmmmmmm, you're not soft yet."

"Mm mm ... I was thinking how soft and warm your thighs
are ... and how wet and loving your pussy is ... and how I love
you to hug my cheeks with your softness while I kiss and suck
and adore your beautiful love nest."

"Oh, ... Darling ..." Connie squirmed around
my penis. She whispered, "Let me lay on the bed ...
so I can hug you in my legs. I love it when you feed on me ...
when you lick and kiss and suck our juices out of me. My pussy
loves you so much." Connie slithered off me - moaning
when my penis slipped out of her. She seemed to be in a warm,
sexual zone - relaxed and serenely focused, as though our
sexual lovings were all she wanted or cared to enjoy.

Surprisingly, I was in a similar zone - even though I had
had three orgasms since lunch time, sex was still foremost
in my thoughts. At the moment I was only partly engorged
and not avid about intercourse, but I felt an unusually
sensual affection for Connie and wanted very much to give
her pleasure and enjoy the soft comfort and generous promise
of her wonderful thighs and the eager loving her moist,
swollen pussy sweetly offered.

Connie smiled softly and sent me a loving kiss. I sent her
one back and watched as she settled into comfort. I sighed,
"I love your soft, sweet loving place."

I felt little surges of affectionate warmth as she moved
in sensual squirms to open her thighs and present herself
to me. "I know, Lover ..." Her graceful hands
caressed her inner thighs close to her vulva to offer the
comfort of her soft cushions and the nectar of her loving
lips. Her graceful fingers caressed her vulva and gently
parted the petals of her flower. Her voice was soft, passionate,
moaning, "Here is my soft, sweet loving place ...
just for you, Darling." She was moaning sweetly while
her hips swayed and flexed in little, inviting movements
that foretold the increasing urgency of her sexual feelings
and beckoned me to feed. The oozing of her clear, sweet honey
glistened around the entrance to her gaping vagina, now
open, relaxed and receptive after our many couplings.

I was sitting close between her open thighs with a hand and
fingers leaving feathery, loving trails from sweet breasts
and nipples, over round, soft tummy and broad, generous
hips to the sensitive creases of her groin that led to her
loving place. My voice was low and gravely, "You're
very beautiful. ... As many times as you've let me fill
you ... I still can't resist ... I'm hungry for
you ... hungry to enjoy you. You're so irresistible
I rarely get completely soft when we're alone together."
"I know. ... That's why I'm always oozing
for you. I can see that you want me ... and my pussy responds
to your lust and makes herself ready for you and aches for
your attention. ... Come, enjoy me in whatever way you like.
Just hold me and cuddle, or feed and suck on my nipples, or
lick and suck my pussy and finger me, ... or if you want, fuck
me some more with your wonderful cock, whatever. I'll
love it." Her voice was a whisper and her vulva was
languidly undulating - eager for attention - her honey
and my semen now leaking down between her thighs, over her
peritoneum to her anus. I moved to lay between her legs with
my head resting on a soft inner thigh. My legs surrounded
one of hers and hugged her calf against my growing penis
- flexing into her. "Mmmmm, I can feel your penis rubbing
my leg."

My arms and hands hugged and caressed tummy, hips, thighs,
and pussy. My lips and tongue wetly kissed their way over
soft inner thighs to drink our oozing love nectar and lick
around her anus and over the sensitive area between it and
her vagina. Connie moaned and whined and squirmed when
my tongue teased her nether regions. When my lips found
her inner labia and my tongue laved her gaping vagina and
then her clitoris, Connie's hands caressed my cheeks
to hold me while she gently fucked my mouth. Soon she began
to shudder and shiver around me and her thighs came together
to squeeze my head in sexual reflex. Her orgasm passed and
I continued to feed on her and love her. My cheeks and chin
were wet with her honey and my fingers were gently caressing
deeply in her vagina when she went into a long series of beautiful
orgasms. My now hard penis ground into her calf and I hugged
her soft thighs and bum close while I nibbled and sucked
her clitoris. Connie moaned and whimpered and was beautiful.

When she had quieted she whimpered, "Lover, I feel
so wonderful. Come up and let me kiss you." She opened
her legs to release me and held her arms out to gather me in.
I slithered up her body, stopping to suck her nipples. "Mmmmmmmm
... tingles." When my lips reached hers she began
kissing away the love honey from around my mouth. "Mmmm,
I think I taste your cum, Darling. ... You've put so
much in me today it must be seeping out." She kissed
my lips and whispered on them, "Put your wonderful
cock in me ... I'd love it if you'd fuck me again.
My pussy feels so hungry and ready. You're thrilling
it so. I want more of your cum and I want to feel your stiffness
pushing way up in me, poking my cervix."

My penis already was flexing stiffly in the valley of her
labia - my glans rubbing up and down on her clitoris. "Push
me down." She reached between us and pushed me down
to her wet, pink, gaping entrance. I slid in without effort
and slowly plunged through her warm, slippery glove until
we were glued together in a slow, squirming love dance.
"Darling, your pussy is being so good to me. So warm
and loving. Your pussy cuddles and caresses ... and you're
so wet and luscious."

Connie whined and moaned wantonly, "Mmmmmnnnn ...
uuhhhhnnn ... Lover, I love you in me!" Her whole body
began to shiver again. She was grinding her clitoris into
my pubis and her legs were holding me into her flexing vulva.
"Maarrrk. I'mmm cumminnngg again. ... Oohh
... Loverr ... you're fucking mmmeeee."

I was braced on my elbows squeezing and loving her breasts.
My penis squirmed and rooted deep inside. "You're
so beautiful when you're cumming. ... Uuhhnnn ...
you're making me feel soooo .... wonderful."

Finally her tummy and thighs shuddered and then quieted.
She relaxed with her legs resting widely open. Her hands
brought my lips to hers. Quietly moaning through her kissing
lips, "My pussy feels so good ... with your cock inside
... please fuck me all you want. ... Fuck me and squirt in
me, Lover. Mmmmmmm ... I'm still having little cums."
Her tongue danced with mine and she flexed her pussy in rhythm
with me - shivering softly every few moments.

My thrusting became more insistent until I felt the excited
pumping rise thrillingly from my roots to my tip. I became
immobile for a few moments and then collapsed. "There
you have a little more of me in you." We kissed softly
and lay quietly for a long time - almost dozing off together.

It was completely dark outside when I shifted a little and
Connie stirred, "I think I dozed off a little - Mmmmm
you feel cuddly."

"It's dark outside - a warm, beautiful night
- let's take a swim." I was speaking softly in
her ear.

"Mmmm, that sounds so nice ... " Connie stretched,
"I'll put my suit on."

"No need. It's dark ... and ... the fence ... ."

"No one will see?"

"Uhnn Uhnn."

We splashed and swam and flirted. After hugs, kisses and
caresses, my gladiator looked like a sword again. While
we hugged in the shallow end Connie rubbed me into her crease
and pleasured her clitoris, "Oh, God! You feel wonderful
... " She tried to push me into her loving place but
it didn't feel right. "Oh, Honey. It's hard
to get you in ... it doesn't feel right!"

I kissed her and whispered, "The water is rinsing
away some of your sweet juices."

We didn't want the neighbors to hear us - in case they
were outside - so she whispered back, "What about
all those sexy stories about making love in a pool?"

"Slight exagerations ... or else they're using
Vaseline." I finally managed to get into her. The
usual in and out moves didn't feel quite as lush and
pleasant as they normally do, but remaining buried and
squirming and rutting felt wonderful to both of us. We couldn't
quite reach ‘Nirvana' and gradually parted.

That cooled us off for a while. When we seemed to be tiring
of the splashing and flirting I said, "Would you like
to walk on the beach. The moon is coming up and I think the
tide is out. It should be very nice."

"That sounds like a marvelous idea. Mmmmm ... romantic."

"Mm hmm ... very."

We exited the pool and toweled off - stopping to kiss and
fondle every once in a while. "What should I wear?"

"It doesn't matter. Be comfortable. There are
very few people on the beach now ... and we'll drive
down where there are no houses. It'll be quiet ... and
nearly deserted."

"What are you going to wear?"

"A pair of light silk shorts."

"Mmmmmm, OK."

We smooched on the way inside and she disappeared into her
room. I found the "shorts" I was looking for
and put them on. They were a very light satiny silk material.
Actually they were underwear - with the customary slit.
They were quite stylish though, and if you didn't notice
the slit, they looked like fancy lounging shorts. While
I waited for Connie I found a large beach blanket and put
it in the car with our beach towels.

This seemed like a good time to call Debra at her Mother's.
We chatted for a few minutes updating each other. I felt
very guilty about being in the middle of a weekend tryst
and not being honest with my "update". After
we hung up I sat quietly for a minute or two in a bit of self

By the time Connie came out I had gathered myself back together.
When she re-appeared I was transfixed. "Ohhh ...
you look so beautiful!"

"Thank you, Lover." Her hair was in a ponytail
and she was wearing her sexy little thin-strapped leather
sandals. But her dress was out-of-this-world. It was a
loose fitting little micro-mini - like a very loose tennis
dress made of lots of filmy material. The upper part was
like a generously draped scoop neck-line jumper cut very
low under the arms. It seemed to be gathered in at the waist
- perhaps with elastic. The material was heavenly - a very
light chiffon-like fabric in a diffuse, indistinct print
of muted shades of sea-foam greenish grey with lavender,
teal and pink accents. The ultra short mini skirt hung straight
from her generous hips in drapes of filmy folds that ended
just a few inches below her vulva and just barely covered
her derriere. Even though the fabric was sheer, she was
discretely covered because of the many folds of draping
material. I could, however, vaguely make out her areolae
where her breasts pushed and separated the loose folds
of the bodice. When she walked her mons likewise was occasionally
visible as were the lower curves of her softly swaying,
jiggling bottom.

Her strut was languid and sexy.

"That's a beautiful dress. I didn't pack
that for you today ... I didn't even see it today!"

"I've been looking at it in a small, intimate
shop ever since we first made love. I stopped and picked
it up on my way here. Do you really ... like it?"

"It's gorgeous ... it's so feminine ...
and seductive." I took her in my arms and we merged
- she felt wonderful.

Through busy lips, "I'm glad you like it ... it
seems to be working."

Murmuring, "It's working."

"I love your shorts. .. They feel sexy ... and I can
feel something else ... almost like you were naked."
We squirmed. She found the slit. "Mmmmm ... Now I really
I like them." She snaked her Admirer out and down until
it snuck under the skirt hem and snuggled into the channel
of her labia. We hugged and squirmed and moaned.

We began moving toward the door to the garage still smooching.
The moon was just up over the horizon when we pulled onto
the beach road and headed south. We had gone just a little
way when Connie asked quietly, "Was that Debra you
were talking to?"

"Mm hmm."

"That must have been quite ... difficult."


"I'm sorry, Sweetheart." We were holding
hands and Connie squeezed my hand to lend me her affectionate
support and let me know she understood and that she shared
the feeling. The warmth of her concern helped me to deal
with my feelings and return my thoughts to our sweet adventure.

Connie's legs were crossed - looking long and gorgeous.
The skimpy skirt of the lovely dress was pushed up a bit and
barely reached her thighs. Her gorgeous legs were bare
to nearly mid hip and cuddling close at my side. The sweet
love center between her thighs was in shadow barely discretely
covered. She liked to present herself. Her head was resting
back against the seat. Her eyes were half-lidded while
she looked at me and sent an air kiss. She looked content
and sensual. When I came to a stop street I leaned over, braced
my hand on a naked thigh and softly kissed her. She moaned
quietly and held my cheek to prolong the soft melding of
warm lips. She turned toward me in the seat, raised the hem
a bit higher to pleasure me with her puffy mons, snaked me
out of the slit and held and stroked me tenderly for the rest
of the trip.

I drove on until we passed the last of the beach houses and
condos before the National Seashore. The park was closed
for the night, but at the end of a little side road just before
the park entrance there is a beach access dune walkover.
We parked on the side road behind one other car, a convertible
of some kind. We kissed and caressed before getting out,
gathered up our blanket and towels, and headed for the walk-over
to the beach. The ocean sounded magnificent and smelled
heavenly. Waves washing ashore, foam gleaming in the moonlight,
insistent sea breeze brushing our ears. It definitely
was very romantic. We walked down the beach with blanket
and towels in opposite hands and holding each other with
free arms and hands.

Connie's hand had slid down to my bum. "I love
your little, hard butt." She gave me a squeeze.

"And I love the softness of yours, " while my
hand slid from her hip to her roundness. I let it slide a little
further until I felt her naked thigh. I slid back up under
her skirt to caress a naked hip and cheek. An arrant breeze
lifted her filmy skirt and momentarily pleasured me with
a moonlit glimpse of her tummy and hip and pubic hair. "Ummmm
... pretty."

Connie sighed, "That breeze feels so nice."
She held the skirt up and wafted it to encourage the wind
and let me look.

"Very, very ... pretty." We stopped our slow
stroll to come together for warm kisses. Behind us there
was a cove-like spot in the dunes that looked cozy. We smoothed
our blanket out in it and set the beach towels on the blanket.
We turned back toward the ocean - the view of the moon was
breathtaking. We stopped and gazed. I came up beside and
slightly behind Connie and put my arms around her. She covered
my hands with hers and leaned back so I could kiss her cheek.
Soon one hand drifted down over her round tummy and the other
slipped inside her dress under her arm pit to squeeze and
caress her breasts. She slipped one of her hands behind
her and through the slit in the front of my shorts. She grasped
the stiff intruder that had been poking her hip.

She leaned back for another kiss and moaned when I pinched
a nipple, "Mmmmmmm." She was caressing tenderly,
"Can I take him out, Darling?"

"Through the slit?"

"I was thinking ... like ... all the way out ...?"

"Mm hmm." She pushed the waist down and snaked
me out. I left her tummy unattended for a moment while I pushed
the shorts further down until I could step out of them. I
tossed them on the blanket.

Mmmm, Lover, ... do you want me to take my dress off?"

"Mm mmm, you're too pretty in it ... and when the
breezes blow the moon shines on your loveliness."

"Can we walk on the beach ... without your shorts?"

"Sure ... there's no one around." The beach
was deserted as far as we could see in both directions. She
held and stroked me softly. There were no lights - if not
for the moon, it would have been pitch black. We began walking
slowly again - stopping now and then to caress and kiss.
During one of our stops my fingers feathered between her
lush, swollen labia. I murmured on her lips, "You're
deliciously wet. ... I'd love to kiss and suck on you."

"Mm, lots of it is your wonderful cum ... oozing out
and running down my thighs ... It feels so sexy ... let me
feel it ooze out for a little longer. It reminds me of what
a wonderful day I'm having." She turned toward
me, rubbed the head of my penis on her clitoris and moaned
into our loving, merging lips, "You've cum in
me so much today ... you've made me cum dozens of times
... and you're hard again. ... I know you're going
to fuck me in a little while. Thinking about it makes my clit
tingle ... and my vagina ache."

We walked on enjoying the gorgeous moon and soothing ocean,
arms around each other. Connie's hand was caressing
my naked bum and mine was under her diaphanous skirt stroking
her hip and bum. Once in a while we'd stop for more intimate
touches and kisses; Connie loved to have my fingers tease
her clitoris and gently probe inside her vagina. I loved
her gentle fondling of my scrotum and stiff penis and the
way she rubbed my penis on her clitoris and down through
her slippery channel to her vaginal lips. Our stroll was
a delicious, extended, teasing foreplay. We were keeping
each other on sensual edge. I was on the verge of orgasm several
times and I loved licking the love dew off my fingers from
Connie's continual oozings.

We were kissing softly, wetly, hungrily during one of our
stops when I noticed over Connie's shoulder another
couple. They were about a hundred feet away, up in the dunes,
half-reclined on a blanket in a protected cove similar
to ours. They were kissing avidly. The woman's hand
was inside the man's trouser fly. The darkness of night
shrouded them kindly, but the moon made it possible to see
their activities. We weren't close enough to be physically

I whispered in Connie's ear, "We're sharing
the beach with two other lovers ... up in the dunes ... behind

She turned to look. They hadn't noticed us yet, and
he was sucking on a breast exposed through her open blouse
and unhooked bra. Connie whispered, "Oh my!"
She turned back toward me, "We probably shouldn't
be looking. Should we leave?" Her lips feathered
mine and she was still feather touching my hard penis. In
spite of her respect for their privacy, her interest overcame
her shyness. She turned back to watch the lovers.

By now the woman had pulled her sweetheart's penis
out of his pants, and while she began to caress it he raised
up from her breasts to kiss her again and caress up her thigh.
We heard her moan of approval as his hand traveled upward.
She raised up a moment and he slipped her panties down her
legs. When his hand caressed back up her inner thigh she
parted her legs slightly. We barely could hear her sigh,
"Oh, Harry."

"Oh, Mark! ... they look so loving." Connie
held me closer. "His penis looks so stiff ... she must
be as wet as I am. ... his hand is loving her ... so far up her
thighs ... Look, she's pushing herself into it."
Connie turned back to me for a passionate kiss. She squeezed
my penis and pushed it into her clitoris ... flexing sensually.
"Oh, Maarrkkk!" She shivered. "She's
feeling ... just like I am." We kissed again before
we both looked back. They were pleasuring each other's
genitals and the moon made it possible to see the man's
penis standing proudly in the woman's loving hand.
"I can tell by the way she's loving his penis,
that she wants it ... Oh, God! He looks so stiff ... Mmmm,
just like you are." She kissed me again - more hungrily.
"We shouldn't look."

I looked over Connie's shoulder again, "Ooops!
They've seen us." I wondered if they could tell
I was naked - we probably were silhouetted a little by the
moon reflecting on the ocean, but I bet they could see my
hands under Connie's skirt and probably the moonlight
shining on my bare hip and bum.

She turned back toward the couple and waved. "We'd
better go. I hope we haven't spoiled their loving."
The couple waved back and stared in surprise for a few moments.
We embraced and kissed warmly to show them we understood
their feelings. Connie surprised me when she stepped back
from me enough to let them see her hand stroking the stiff
penis between us. Then she turned to them and sent an air
kiss with her stroking hand. As we turned to stroll on I saw
them return to each other and embrace and kiss. We walked
a few minutes, arms around each other and then Connie reached
for me again. Her voice was intimate, "I loved the
way they were loving each other ... it was sweet ... and very
sexual." She kissed me and caressed my stiffness.
"His cock looked so beautiful in her hand."
She squeezed me and bent to kiss my excited penis. She took
me in her mouth and sucked sweetly for a few moments.

I whispered, "You were sweet to let them see how you
were loving me."

She murmured around my glans, "Mmmmm ... I wanted
her to know ... I'm making my lover's cock stiff
and hungry ... just like she is ... and that you're going
to fuck me soon ... just like he's going to fuck her."
Connie rose to kiss me lushly, "I feel like we're
kind of phantom sisters of sex ... Mmmmmm, wonderful sex."

The loving during our last stop before returning to our
blanket became inspired. After strolling further down
the beach, we had wandered back close to the niche in the
dunes where we had encountered the other lovers. I thought
they might have left. We had stopped for one of our loving
moments, and when we heard sensual moans and grunts, we
realized how near we were to them again. They didn't
seem to have noticed our return, because their loving was
very intense. They were no longer hugging and kissing and
petting. They had taken off the rest of their clothes and
her legs were hugging around him and she was moaning in rhythm
with his plunges into her. Her legs and thighs and hips were
absolutely gorgeous. They seemed a brilliant white because
of the moonlight. Her legs were very long.

We watched in awe for a few moments and turned to each other
for a sensual merging. My hands on Connie's soft bum
held us close and I gently thrust my groin into hers. Her
thighs were slightly parted and her hand was rhythmically
rubbing my glans on her excited clitoris and then down through
her dripping labia. She whispered as we watched, "Oh,
God, that's so beautiful ... Look how he's so hard
... how his penis is so shiny ... in and out of her ... Oh, Maarrkk!
... Now he's way inside her ... he's squirming
around ... like you do ... Oh!, God! I know how that feels
... she must be having wonderful cums!" I whispered back, "They're ... fucking so hard
her breasts are jiggling ... and her legs are holding him
close ... just like you hug me in your lovely thighs ... Oh,
God, you feel good!"

While we were melting into one another the woman muffled
her moaning orgasmic scream into her lovers neck - bucking
wildly into his plunges. His grunting moan followed closely.

Ordinarily we might have been embarrassed to be there,
but we were in such a sexually euphoric state that we were
perfect voyeurs. We loved every moment of their beautiful
joining. When the woman orgasmed, Connie too quaked. Her
thighs and tummy shivered against mine. I nearly flooded
her hand but managed to hold it to a tiny leaking onto her
clitoris. When she orgasmed, Connie brought our lips together
and moaned into our kiss.

The moan drew the attention of the other loving couple.
Connie sent them a kiss with her hand again and turned to
me for more kissing to be sure they knew they were in sympathetic
company. She reached for my penis again and pulled me back
to her for another merging. We were silhouetted by the moon.
Now it had to be clear to the couple that I was naked, that
I was stiff as a poker, and what Connie was doing with my stiffness
while we flexe

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Hot and erotic story. Thanks and please keep the stories


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soft as i started reading this, really held my attention,
not much further, instant erection keep up thre great work connie