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Coming of Age (Part 3 of 3)


“Look, we’re almost there.”

Joan read the sign Andrea was pointing to: State University
12 miles. They’d just graduated from high school a scant
three weeks ago. Next up was college. ‘After I get my degree
I’ll be out on my own!’ That meant having to support
oneself, and if she completed her schooling, paying off
student loans too.

With such looming bills, it made getting a good education
all the more important; at least to her. Ronnie disagreed,
arguing that he already knew all he needed to run a ranch—without
the expense of additional schooling; that farming was
a good honest living. Having spent her whole life in a rural
community, she couldn’t disagree—it just wasn’t
the future she wanted.

Ronnie and she had argued about it a lot lately. “If you
go off to college, ” he complained, “we’ll hardly
see one another.”

Although it was true, she was beginning to wonder if it would
be all that terrible. She really liked Ronnie—and she
absolutely loved their sex life, but truth be known, she’d
never considered him husband fodder. His world was simply
too small. She sighed. This trip likely heralded the beginning
of the end of their relationship. After dating one another
for two years, the thought of him being with another girl
made her want to vomit. Conversely, there was no denying
that lately the idea of dating other guys was gaining in
appeal. Was that having a double standard?

She thought it odd that Andrea and she were the only girls
from her town to be invited to pledge Beta Phi. Rumor had
it that it was the most popular sorority on campus. So…
why had she been invited. And why Andrea? Andrea had moved
to town from the city earlier this year when her father had
been appointed City Director. Joan barely knew her, she
liked what little she’d seen of her so far; save possibly
for her racy reputation. The fact that the two of them had
been paired together puzzled Joan.

After a couple of wrong turns, they drove past a Welcome
to our Campus sign. Students were milling everywhere,
most of them guys Sorority life. Campus life. College life
out from under her parents’ watchful eyes. The allure
of it seemed too good to be true.

Andrea giggled. “This looks like as good a place as any
to lose our virginity, huh?”

This from the alleged school slut? “Are you telling me
you’ve never?” Joan asked, wide-eyed.

Andrea bounced her eyebrows. “I’m hoping after winter
term I’ll no longer be able to make that claim.”

She a virgin! Why did people perceive of Andrea the way they
did? Was it because of her bawdy humor? Her quips were inevitably
laced with sexual innuendo—remarks like the one she’d
just made about losing their virginity. Given that Ronnie
and she had been having regular sex for two years now, the
backwardness of their respective reputations made no
sense. She mused over the irony of it.

Then it struck her. Ronnie opened his big mouth about our
sex life. Andrea and I are considered birds of a feather.
THE BASTARD SPILLED THE BEANS! She continued to fume as
they drove across campus. Maybe it was time to move on—to
some more interesting—with a more discreet guy. It would
serve the blabbermouth right.

They had no trouble finding the sorority house thanks to
the humongous ‘Welcome Beta Phi’s Pledges’ banner
draped above its porch.

Andrea and she turned out to be two of roughly thirty aspiring
wannabe’s, all of whom were assigned a big sister to guide
them. Joan’s was named Julie.

Julie was a tiny thing, barely five feet tall and likely
a few pounds short of weighing three digits. Cute and bubbly,
she made Joan feel like an Amazon, despite being only a couple
of inches taller than her. What guy would ever notice her
with petite little Julie around?

Apparently Julie disagreed. They’d no sooner been introduced
than Julie looked her up and down and said, “There’s
no way in hell I’m introducing you to Tommy.”

“Who’s Tommy?”

“My boyfriend.” Julie leaned close, whispering.
“I’m just joking. Keep this to yourself, but you’re
going to meet him tonight. His fraternity is throwing a
party and we’re invited.” She looked around. “That’s
a no-no during pledge weekends, so keep it on the QT, OK?”

A fraternity party! You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.
Joan beamed. “Your secret’s safe with me.”

The group spent the better part of the day touring the campus.
It started with the sorority house, then the commons, finally
proceeding to a ton of buildings and classrooms. It was
as if Scotty had beamed her into some strange new world—a
magnificent alterverse full of promise and excitement.
It made Ronnie’s criticisms of college foolish and trite—the
braggadocio bastard! The word sayonara popped into her

With their big sisters dragging them to and fro, she hardly
saw much of Andrea, so it surprised her at how glad she was
to see her new friend again when she came rushing up to hug
her. “Sh-h!” she warned, holding a finger to her mouth.
“Jeannie—my big sister—is taking me to a party tonight.
She told me not to tell anyone. Apparently it’s officially
a no-no during pledge weekends.”

Jeannie’s warning matched Julie’s almost verbatim.
Joan choked back a grin. All the pledges were apparently
being read to from the same script.

Andrea clapped her hands together. “Want me to see if
we you can come too?”

Joan laughed. “Actually, Julie has something planned.
You have fun. We’ll compare notes tomorrow on the drive

After dinner Julie showed Joan to her evening’s quarters.
The two of them rifled through the clothing Joan brought,
choosing what best to wear. An hour later they were walking
up the sidewalk of a fraternity house with scrumptious
looking guys decorating its porch.

Julie’s face lit up as they stepped inside. “Tommy!”
she yelled, waving across the room. “Come on, ” she
said, tugging Joan’s wrist, “I told him to bring a friend.”
She gave Joan a reproachful look, “The friend’s for
you, so keep those pretty eyes—and hands—off of my
man, ” she warned as they approached the guys.

“Tommy, meet Joan. Joan, this is Tommy.”

Joan practically wet her pants as she scoped out the guy
with Tommy. He had to be way taller than six feet with broad
shoulders, jutting cheekbones, blonde hair, white teeth,
and a steal-your-breath-away smile.

Tommy introduced him. “This is my friend Apollo, ”
he said, gesturing to the hunk.

Apollo! How appropriate! Julie’s admonition about
staying away from Tommy was wasted breath; she had her sights
on something far better. “Hi, my pleasure, ” she said,
offering her hand. “Is that your name for real?”

“Actually, it’s Todd, ” he said, looking abashed,
“but ever since my freshman year people have been calling
me Apollo.” He shrugged, “It sort of stuck.”

Way to go, Joanie; you’ve known him less than thirty seconds
and already made him uncomfortable.

To her dismay, Tommy and Julie disappeared fifteen minutes
or so after introductions, leaving her alone with Apollo
the Greek God. It turned out that not only was he good looking,
he was polished and a tremendous conversationalist. Judging
from the way his eyes devoured her, he was also cocky confident.
But then, how could he not be?

The music got louder and the alcohol flowed more freely
as the night wore on. With Julie having abandoned her and
with her knowing no one else there, Joan was grateful for
Apollo’s attentiveness. He was drinking a lot however,
as was virtually everyone else. Knowing how little it took
for her to get looped, she paced herself, sipping slowly,
periodically dumping portions of her drinks into other
people’s empties; the sink; even flower pots; anyplace
she could offload it. Despite her cunning, she still consumed
enough to make her light headed.

She looked around the room. “Any clue where Julie and
Tommy went?”

“I think Tommy took his little Beta Phi upstairs.”
He winked, “I’m guessing they’re busy right now.”

“I…” She stopped short of finishing her sentence.
Her eyes flared. With a party going on downstairs? Despite
her shock, she gave Apollo a knowing smile, trying her best
to not seem like the just-off-the-farm rube that she truly
was. “Oh!”

“I hear you’re pledging Beta Phi, right?”

The twinkle in his eye made her ponder the sorority’s
reputation; and Andrea’s; and hers. Fuck you and your
big mouth Ronnie. She smiled. “I haven’t made any decisions
yet, but yes, I’m here to check them out; and let them check
me out.”

Apollo’s eyes raked her body, mentally undressing her.
“I’m sure you’ll check out just fine.”

A part of her was offended by his boldness—a very small
part of her. The butterflies in her stomach and the tingling
in her crotch completely overwhelmed that small piece
that was piqued, however. She smiled, doing her best to
appear unflustered. “Beta Phi is supposed to check me
out, not you.”

He laughed; a deep and incredibly sexy one. “Too late,
that ship sailed the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Her crotch was no longer tingling, it was absolutely vibrating,
making her speculate what would it be like to do it with a
guy other than Ronnie? Would someone as tall as Apollo have
an unusually long…? She bit her lip, amused by her scandalous

“How about a tour of the fraternity house, ” he said
taking her hand, leading her toward the stairway. She needed
no further urging. Getting away from the crowd, alone with
this guy, was gaining in appeal by the second.

The second floor was all bedrooms, save for the one marked
toilet at the end of the hall. Although this was a fraternity
house not a dormitory, she’d heard many dorms had gone
coed. She took a deep breath, imagining herself walking
down a hallway like this one, clad only panties and bra,
with a bunch of half-naked guys checking her out as she walks.
God, girl, you’ve had too much to drink!

The third floor had a kitchen and a game room, and several
other rooms as well. One had its door closed. Apollo opened
it and peeked inside. Smoke rolled out the doorway—strange
smelling smoke. She stepped for a closer look. A group of
students were sitting in a circle on the floor. At its center
was a smoking device with several tubes coming out of it.
A hookah! They’re smoking pot. Although some of the kids
in her school smoked it, marijuana had never interested
her. She suspected that resolve was about to be tested.

Everyone cheered as Apollo and she entered, widening their
circle to make way for newcomers. Apollo sat. Not wanting
to look ridiculous, she did too. He took a hit off of one of
the tubes and handed it to her.

What to do, stick to her values and have everyone think her
a bumpkin, or try it? She looked around the circle trying
to discern how it was done. One of the girls took a large puff
and held it in her lungs. Joan mimicked what she had done.

Smoke exploded from her mouth as she fell into a coughing
fit, her lungs on fire. Laughing sympathetically—if
such a thing was possible, Apollo took the tube from her
and handed her his beer.

“Thanks, ” she said, taking a sip, feeling every bit
the idiot.

“That was a pretty big hit for a beginner.”

“Who says I’m a beginner, ” she said, reaching out
for the tube.

Laughing, not nearly so sympathetically this time, he
handed it back to her. “Take a smaller dose this time;
and don’t take so much of it into your lungs.”

She did far better the second time. Oddly, taking a successful
toke had her feeling sophisticated; altogether even.
Her ties to Farmsville were quickly unraveling—which
was fine with her. Things grew even finer a few minutes later
when the pot kicked in.

She felt giddy. No wonder everyone was laughing and cheery.
She felt other things too. The drug had her senses on overdrive—all
of them. She watched the girl who’d taken the earlier
hit rub her boyfriend’s thigh, then slide her hand up
to his crotch to give it a suggestive squeeze.

Watching the girl’s actions made Joan even more aware
of her senses; especially her favorite ones. Her eyes fell
to Apollo’s crotch. Was his cock long; or thick; or thin?
Was he circumcised like Ronnie?

She glanced up and found him grinning at her. God, he saw
where I was looking.

“Ready to continue our tour, little Beta Phi?”

Blushing, she stood, avoiding eye contact.

They headed back down to the second floor. He had his arm
draped around her—she leaned into him—this great
masculine hunk with a bulge in his pants. She sneaked another
peek. Yes, definitely a bulge. She tore her eyes away. “I
never asked… do you belong to this fraternity?”

He smiled. “As a matter of fact I do. My room’s at the
far end of this hall. Care to see it?”

Her butterflies returned. So did the tingling sensation
between her thighs as she thought about what Julie and Tommy
were most likely doing in one of the very rooms on this very
floor. “Sure!”

She was feeling a little woozy, but aided by his support,
she made it to his room without stumbling, albeit barely.
He opened the door and led her inside. It was a medium sized
room with a bed, desk, and chest of drawers. It was typically
guy, with clothes strewn about the floor and crumpled McDonald’s
sacks and empty pizza boxes piled on the desk’s chair.
Apollo locked the door behind them.

She tensed. She turned, facing him, about to ask why he’d
done that, and stumbled, losing her balance.

“You OK?” he asked, catching her, looking concerned.

“My head’s a little spinney is all; I just need to not
move for a bit.”

“The reason you’re spinney is because you took such
a big hit off that hookah. Why don’t you sit and gather
your bearings, ” he said, leading her to his bed, the
only available place to sit.

She sat, and he plopped down beside her—right beside
her. And he’d locked the door, the subtlety of his action
not lost on her. I’m alone with a hot college guy, half
drunk and stoned out of my mind, sitting on his bed with the
door locked. I’d best get out of here or be or be prepared
to suffer the consequences.

An awkward silence ensued. The longer they sat there, the
more labored her breathing became; the faster her pulse
was. “Perhaps it would be best if you were to lie back and
let your head stop spinning, ” he said finally breaking
their silence.

He eased her onto her back. She looked up, giving him a mischievous
grin. “Don’t think the fact that you just secreted
me up and into your room, ala Tommy and Julie, has not gone

“Busted!” he guffawed, but the smile in his eyes quickly
faded, becoming hot and smoky. “Also not unnoticed is
the fact that you willingly came with me, ” he said, leaning
do to capture her mouth with his.

A hand found her breast. No sooner did she brush it aside
than the other one took its place. Back and forth their sensuous
battle ensued, the two of them kissing throughout. Deciding
her efforts were futile, that he must be part octopus, she
finally stopped pushing his hands away. No sooner had she
done so than he started undoing her blouse.

“Apollo, but I can’t do this, ” she said, placing
both hands on his chest, albeit, not pushing him away.

“And why is that?” he asked, continuing to unbutton

“Because!” Her voice sounded strange, as if not hers.

“Because why?” he asked, parting her blouse.

“For starters, I already have a boyfriend, ” she whispered.
His tongue slipped inside her bra, evoking a gasp. “Secondly,
I hardly know you.”

He opened her bra clasp and pushed its halves aside. Each
hand found a breast. She squirmed beneath his pinching
fingers and canny hands. Nothing aroused her more quickly
than having her titties played with. “Thirdly, your
hands know way too much.”

“Not half as much as my mouth does, ” he said, closing
his lips over a nipple.

“No-o, ” she protested, arching her tit to his mouth.
She’d always been sensitive there, but being stoned
took things to a whole new level. Her ensuing gasps drowned
out the unsnapping of her pants and the lowering of her zipper.
A hand slid into her pants, inside her thong, going down,
deeper and deeper, until his finger found her very drenched
slit. Her pelvis jumped at the contact. “Tease and torment
me all you want …it’ll do you any good.”

“What does that mean?” he asked, suckling her tit.

A stray finger found her opening and wormed its way inside.
Reflexively, her thighs opened. “It means no matter
how much you try to excite me, tonight ain’t your lucky
night.” A spasm rocked her lower torso. “There’s
no way I’m having sex with you.”

“I think your body thinks otherwise, ” he said, probing
her squirming love canal.

God, but it felt good. “What my body’s telling you doesn’t
matter, it’s what my mind thinks that counts.”

He rose to his knees and grabbed her jeans at the waist. “Since
your mind seems made up, ” he said, giving them a tug,
“it won’t make any difference one way or the other if
I get these clothes out of my way then.

The idea of letting him get her naked excited her no end.
She grabbed his hands. “Only if you promise you won’t
fuck me.”

“Tell you what, I’ll take that promise one step further—the
only way I’ll fuck you is if you beg me to.”

“OK, ” she whispered, grateful for any excuse to turn
him loose on her body, to let him do whatever he wanted short
of screwing her—which down deep was what she wished would
happen, but not on their very first date.

Apollo removed her shoes and socks before tugging her pants
and thong down and off her legs. She was letting this scrumptiously
handsome man strip her naked, secretly as impatient as
he was to have those knowing hands and that hot wet mouth
turned loose on her hot, willing body. She spread her legs,
enhancing the view for what was only the second guy ever
to lay eyes on her pussy.

Placing a hand under the small of her back he lifted her torso
with amazing ease, lifting her just enough to relieve her
of blouse and bra. Once they were gone she lay back down and
assumed a snow angel pose, offering him the Full Monte as
she awaited his next move.

He began. Once again those octopus hands were everywhere,
as were his lips—and his tongue. There wasn’t a single
body part capable of holding still once those roving appendages
assaulted them. She lay there in total submission, allowing
him do whatever he wanted short of fucking her. It was the
stuff of fantasies.

“God, but you’re sexy and beautiful, ” he whispered
as first one finger, then another, found that hole at the
center of her femininity, probing it, encouraging it,
coaxing it into a gush of love juices. Had any torture ever
been more exquisite? “Are you sure you won’t change
your mind? Nothing would please this fellow more, ”
he said, pulling her hand to the bulge in his pants. He followed
that up with a most inexplicable and out of left field remark.
“By the way, you should sign up for LIT204 when you register
your classes.”

She caressed him, fondling his manhood in much the same
manner the girl in the hookah room had done to her boyfriend;
when Apollo had gotten her stoned and set her senses afire.
“What’s LIT204?” she asked, wondering at his remark
as her hand explored his cock.

“An analysis of Sherlock Holmes’ mind.”

She dug her fingernails into his erection, assessing its
firmness, once again wondering how it might differ from
Ronnie’s. “Wasn’t he that fictional detective?”
she asked, her palm rubbing his manhood.

“Not just any detective, he was the definitive detective.
The class teaches you deduction—how to solve mysteries—kind
of like this one.” He unzipped his pants. “Reach in
there and tell me what you deduce.”

God, he wants me to touch his dick. Without giving it a second
thought, she reached inside his pants, groping for his
member. Finding it, she wrapped eager fingers around it,
relishing the touch and feel of her second ever cock.


If he was encouraging her to explore it, he needn’t ask
twice. She squeezed it, assessing its girth. He was slightly
longer than Ronnie, but other than that their cocks felt
very much the same. “You’re hard as a rock, ” she
said, stroking it, “leading me to conclude that you take
sadistic pleasure in getting unsuspecting little pledges
like me all hot and bothered so you can do as you please to
their sweet young bodies.”

He grinned. “Well said and a most excellent deduction;
you’ve seen right through my subtle ploys. What else?”

She continued to stroke his heated flesh, wondering how
he could possibly expect her to attempt to reason with her
hormones raging out of control. His naked flesh! “You’re
not wearing underwear—you’re going commando.”

“That’s right, ” he said, rolling to his butt, sliding
his pants down and off his legs. He removed his shirt, watching
her eyes rake his naked body. “So what is it you discern
now, my sexy Dr. Watson?”

She took hold of his erection again. “That question’s
hardly a challenge for a girl of my deductive talents.”
She looked up at him. “Now that we’re both naked, ”
she said, resuming her stroking, “you plan to test my
resolve, hoping I’ll recant my refusal to let you fuck

He flashed a Cheshire grin. “Right again.”

He lowered himself, sliding his flesh along hers until
the tip of his swollen penis nestled her crotch. Was it him
rubbing his cock along her dampened gash, or whether was
she the one instigating this intimate massage. Either
way their sensuous contact had her clit and labia distended,
full of blood, ready to receive him. She dare not let him
know that however.

“You know, ” he said, “there’s no rule against
changing one’s mind.”

“Sorry, no can do, ” she barely managed, sliding it
up and down his cock.

“Why not?”

Her eyes fluttered shut as she turned her head to one side,
doubting her ability to resist this seduction much longer.
“Because I only just met you.”

He laughed at her remark. But then, how could he not? So far
she’d given him about as much resistance as a fart in a
wind tunnel. Fucking her was about the only thing he hadn’t
done to her so far, and that was becoming highly problematic.

He licked his way down from her chest, stopping briefly
to probe her belly button before diving into her muff.

Mouth and tongue found those fully distended organs. Impossibly,
they came even more alive. “Gawd!” she squeaked, grabbing
his hair. But as much as she loved what he was doing to her,
if she let him continue she was lost. “I can’t let you
do that, ” she said, trying without success to push his
face away.

Holding her by the hips, he nibbled her clit, causing her
pelvis to twitch. “And why is that?”

“Because…” in it a night of unprecedented embarrassment,
this took the cake, “…I get very loud when that’s
done to me. People will hear me and know what’s going on
in here. And since we’ve been together all night, they’ll
know precisely who’s making the ruckus—and deduce

“Hey, it would enhance my reputation, ” he teased
as his mouth resumed its ministrations.

“No, no, no, no!” she demanded, gripping handfuls
of hair, tugging his face away. “I meant what I said.”

He rose to his knees. “Damn woman, you’re gonna have
my balls sore for a week with that kind of talk.” Grabbing
her by the thighs he twisted onto her stomach. Tugging her
hips, he pulled her to her knees. “Let’s discuss the
matter further and see if we might somehow prevent that
travesty, ” he said, once again rubbing his cock along
her slit.

She moaned, sure he was about to take her regardless of his
promise, knowing full well he had her far beyond the point
of offering even token resistance. “You promised, ”
she whined.

He brought the tip of his cock to her opening. “Yes, but
if you beg me to fuck you, that promise is voided.”

He can’t be serious!

“Perhaps it would help were I to show you what it would
be like were you to change your mind?” he asked, pushing
his hips forward.

He eased his cock forward, and since he had her wetter than
any time in her life, it easily slid into her. For the first
time ever a cock other than Ronnie’s had entered her kitty.
Gawd, I’ve known this man less than two hours and here
is, already fucking me.

“The way I would do it would be to slide my cock back and
forth like this…”

Her vagina squeezed his invading cock as he demonstrated
what it would be like were he to do to her … exactly what
he was already doing to her. Her mind was awash, confused
over such a conundrum. “Wouldn’t it feel good if you
were to let it happen?” he asked, stroking deeper.

She bit the pillow, unable to answer, her physical and mental
energy consumed in resisting the urge to push herself back
on him.

“Give me some sign Joan, some indication that it’s
OK to revoke my pledge…” he started stroking faster,
“…so I can fuck you with the abandonment you so desperately
want, ” grunting, he drove himself deeper, “…and

They both knew he was spot on, so why wasn’t she relenting?
Lord knows she wanted him to take her—to ravish her. But
something deep within her psyche—some stubborn piece
of ego—didn’t want to lose face. She whimpered, too
conflicted to respond.

“Was that the go ahead?” he asked, slowing his motions.
“Or would you rather I stop and we go back downstairs?”

God, would he really leave me in this state?

“Is that what you want, Joan?”

As disappointing as it was to submit to such an obvious ruse—to
be so weak willed—she shook her head.

“I’m confused, was that a yes or a no? Are you admitting
that what you really want…” he sped up his thrusts,
“…is to have this big old cock of mine fuck you ‘til
you cum all over it?”

She nodded, vigorously.

“All right then, ” he said, laughter in his voice.
But despite what he’d just said, his cock had stilled.
“Oh yeah, I forgot—you need to free me of my promise
first—now beg me!”

“Oh God, ” she moaned, completely and totally humiliated.

“I’d have thought Julie would have taught you your
sorority’s credo by now. The proper way for a sister of
your house to let a guy know she wants his cock is to say, please
fuck this Beta Phi.”

How could she, she wasn’t a sorority member—at least
not yet, but this wasn’t the time to split semantical
hairs. “Please fuck this Beta Phi!” she blurted. “There,
I said it. You win. Now do it!”

“Excellent. I’ll let your sisters know.”

She whimpered as he plunged his length into her. Yes, he’s
longer than Ronnie.

It was Joan’s last rational thought for quite some time.
Like every other aspect of Apollo, he turned out to be a fantastic
lover, as he proved over the course of the ensuing hour.
She ardently obeyed his every demand, letting him fuck
her in ways she’d only previously read about or imagined.
She even sucked him back to firmness the one time he softened.
He reciprocated by introducing her every orifice to the
glories of sex, giving her an education she would never
have thought possible on her first visit to a college campus.

She never did find Julie that night. Had Apollo not walked
her home, she’d never have found the way. Finding it,
he took her up to her room, stripped her naked again, and
bent her face-first over her bed. Then, opening his fly,
he took his little Beta Phi plaything from behind one last
time. Even biting her pillow, it was all she could do to muffle
her cries.

She lay unmoving after he finished, her cunt twitching
in the aftermath of what she suspected would be her last
ever coupling with this incredible stud. The door closed
behind him as he exited her room.

Still she lay there, marveling in stunned disbelief at
the evening’s events. She knew she ought to feel shame
at what she’d done, at what she’d allowed to happen
to her, but somehow that glee pulsing through her still
aroused body refused to let that happen. She just let a man
she’d only just met fuck her just about every way possible,
and had loved every blissful second of it. She grinned.
Being a Bet Phi was going to be great.

The next day, after a brunch and goodbyes to all, it was time
to go. Joan was loading her suitcase into the trunk when
Andrea came rushing up, waving two envelopes. “We did
it!” she yelped. “We’ve both been accepted into
Beta Phi.” She stopped beside Joan, catching her breath.
“We’re two of only ten that were.” She hugged Joan
so hard it made her laugh.

They finished loading the car and hopped inside. Andrea
gave her a big grin. “I’ve something else to tell you—when
I work up the nerve.” She started the engine and they were
under way.

Joan opened the envelope with her name on it. Sure enough,
she’d been accepted. “Why do you think we were accepted
when others weren’t?”

“Jeannie said we spoke the magic words. What they were,
I have no clue—but apparently they were witnessed and
that’s all that counts. I’m just glad I said them, ”
she looked over at Joan, “that we said them.”

Joan’s breath caught as she remembered Apollo’s words.
I’d have thought Julie would have taught you your sorority’s
maxim by now. “Andrea, pull over to the side of the road
and shut of the engine.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” she asked, frowning as she
pulled aside and shut off the engine.

“I know what your secret is.”

Andrea turned a deep shade of red. “I… You couldn’t…”

“You lost your virginity last night, didn’t you?”

Andrea’s jaw fell. “How?”

She laughed. “Just call me Sherlock Holmes. Want to know
which magic words you spoke?”

Andrea nodded, looking all the more dumbfounded.

“Please fuck this Beta Phi. It’s our sorority’s

If possible, Andrea turned ever redder. Suddenly her eyes
went wide and she broke out laughing, pointing at Joan.
“Wait! If that’s true, then…”

Giggling, she nodded. “Yes, I said the words too.”

Andrea gave her a questioning look, her eyes twinkling.
“You said ‘our sorority.” Does that mean you’re
going to join Beta Phi and cancel your other pledge visits?”


“Me too!” Andrea broke into a grin, raising her hand
in a phantom toast. “Here’s to my new sister!”

Joan raised a mock glass too, as chanting in unison they
chorused, “Please fuck this Beta Phi.”

After laughing hysterically, they resumed their trek.
“Tell me everything, ” Andrea begged. “Use lots
and lots of adjectives.”

Joan laughed. “OK, but you have to too.”

By the time they got home their saucy exchange had Joan chomping
at the bit to pay Ronnie a visit. She still planned to break
things off with him, but that could wait until Fall—when
she’d officially become a Beta Phi. Until then he’d
serve a useful purpose, one Andrea’s and her lewd stories
had her most anxious for him to fulfill.

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.

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AWESOME Story! Waiting with a Hard-On for Part 4.......Get it On and Get it Dealt With........LMAO!!!


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Cann't wait for part 4 to come --