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Cold and Rainy


Cold and rainy it was as she stood outside his front door.
Foolish she felt after driving all the way from Louisville
to see someone she hadn’t seen or talked with in years. She
hadn’t actually seen him in over 20 years since her wedding
day and had only talked once or twice on the phone within
the past 6 years. Oh, what was she doing here?
She rang the doorbell one more time, half hoping he wasn’t
there. She knew she should have called before driving so
far on a whim. What if he had someone with him or was involved
with someone right now? How would that help her? The tears
began to flow again and she couldn’t believe she could still
cry this much.
It began a long time ago but finally reached a pinnacle
when Brian, her husband of twenty years admitted to having
an affair with a woman who was now pregnant by him. When he
told her, it was like her life flashed past her eyes in those
few moments. Yes, they had been married for twenty years
and had two beautiful children and life hadn’t been the
best between them but they had survived “together” she
thought. The more Brian talked, the more he confessed to.

She remembered her wedding day…”He” gave her away. Before
that, “He” was the one she called when she finally lost her
virginity. Then she had called “Him” both times first when
she discovered her pregnancies. Was “He” going to answer
the doorbell or not? Impatient with weather and waiting
she sat on the bench on his front porch. She recalled the
days “they” had dated and when “he” asked her to marry him.
She couldn’t believe she was in love with him then. She knew
she was attracted to him but she was still a virgin and wanted
to “know love” first. So she had said, “No, let’s just be
She never forgot how he had remained her friend after that.
When she finally lost her virginity, she had found herself
fantasizing about him during the lovemaking. How strange
others would have thought her after waiting so long to “give
herself”. She refused to admit it to even herself until
now. Then when Brian had hit her, she called him from her
car phone. “He” told her to get the kids and get away from
Brian. “He” said come down to him if necessary but at least
get away from Brian before he does anything else. She had
convinced herself that it wouldn’t happen again and it
hadn’t. What she didn’t know was that Brian was already
seeing other women outside their marriage then.
She had been faithful to him as a wife and even put up with
his clumsy attempts at lovemaking. She was the first to
admit she didn’t know much but she knew it should have been
better. Then as her daughters had grown, she had gotten
less and less enjoyment until she just put up with him once
a month or so. To all of their friends, she and Brian were
a loving, heavenly couple who had no problems.
And now, she was sitting on another man’s porch, a man she
had actually dated and once fantasized about.
He heard the doorbell ring; strange as most knew to come
around to the back door. He was busy moving things away from
the door. His first day of a week’s vacation that had been
two years in coming. It was a cold, rainy day and he only had
the dogs to share it with. If it was one of the Jehovah Witnesses,
he swore he was going to embarrass her to death after they
had been bothering him for weeks now. So he got to the door
with just his boxers and t-shirt on.
Looking through the peephole he saw a woman’s back sitting
on his porch bench. Yeh, them damn JWs: he would show her.
He pulled his boxers up so that his cock ran down one leg noticeably
and stuck the front of the t-shirt down the front of the boxers
as if tucked in a hurry. She stood and started to turn as if
to ring the doorbell again and he realized it was someone
different. She didn’t even have the little track books
in her hands. No, she had tissue. She started to step down
off the porch to leave but he couldn’t let her go. He was going
to stop this foolishness once and for all before the rest
of his vacation was ruined.
Opening the door and turning the porch light on, he called
out to the woman. She stopped and turned looking right at
his face. What a shock! He hadn’t seen that face in twenty
years and now it was at his front porch -- tear stained, looking
so lost.
“Delaine!” he cried out.
“Paul” she replied and ran up the steps to him. They hugged
as two people who meant much to each other. She had burst
into full tears now and he was dragging her into the house.
He took her jacket as the dogs rushed in to meet this new person.
Shaking her wet coat at them, he shooed them back to rest
of the house and closed the doors.
She sat down on the sofa and was looking around at the room.
She had forgotten his interest in naval vessels and saw
the photos and paintings tastefully displayed around
the room. The room and house had a kind of male aroma that
was gentle yet notable. She knew in that moment there wasn’t
another woman in his life and she felt her heart jump and
she felt more…the warmth of woman’s attraction.
He came back and offered her a box of tissues. She thanked
him and he just stood there looking at her. In that moment,
she saw him in his t-shirt and hiked up boxers, wondering
what she had interrupted when she rang the bell. He realized
his appearance at that moment and tried to pull his boxers
back to more normal state.
“Delaine, what in the world are you doing here?” he said.
“Oh Paul, I wasn’t sure you would even be here, but I had
to try, ” she cried.
“Is Brian or the girls with you?” he asked.
She shook her head saying no and blowing her nose. He reached
for a trash can beside the sofa and moved it within reach.
He sat down beside her and took her hands in his.
“What’s wrong? Has something happened to Brian or the
girls? Tell me, Delaine.”
She took a hand back and tried to smooth her face down. She
was all puffy from crying and her makeup was a mess she was
“No. He is okay and so are the girls. The girls are with my
mom and dad in Corbin. I am by myself.”
The way she said that last part seem to hint to him that she
had problems with Brian.
“What has Brian done? Has he hit you or the girls?” he asked.
“No, we are getting a divorce. He is involved with another
woman and he got her pregnant.” She began to sob again.
He reached over her and took her in his arms. He suddenly
remembered the last time she was in his arms at his place.
They had been making out and gotten just a little too heated
for her. He had wanted to give her some physical release
but her mind was set that she wouldn’t be involved with another
man unless it was her husband. Then four months later, he
gave her away at her wedding … to Brian.
She was still a physical wonder of a woman to him: 5’10”
tall, slim as beef jerky, even after bearing two children,
very little curves or weight on her frame, black hair without
a hint of gray. He began to feel the old urges coming back.
He held her and then let her pull away.
“Would you like a cup of hot tea?” he asked.
“That would be great, I am so cold and damp from that rain, ”
she replied. She began to feel her body unwind after the
long drive and emotional racking she had put it through.
The tea was just right and she could feel its affects radiating
through her body.
“Delaine, why did you not call me, ” he asked.
“I couldn’t…just couldn’t take the chance you were with
someone or not here. I needed so much to just talk with you.
I don’t know what to do or where to go.” She shivered and he
realized she was damp even though she had had a coat on.
“Delaine, listen to me. We have all the time in the world
to talk. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes and warmed
up some and rested.” He took her by her hands and led her to
the guest room. At one time he had boarded female students
and the room still had a female slant to its d├ęcor. He showed
her the bathroom and laid out fresh towels. Then he went
back to another room and brought her out some old flannel
shirts of his and a large terry cloth robe.
“Delaine, go in there and get off those wet clothes. I’ll
put them in the washer and you get into the shower. I have
gas heated water so it should stay hot for as long as you need
it.” She hesitated a moment, turned and then hugged me tightly.
I felt her damp but warm body against mine and my body began
to react, dressed as little as I was. She shuttered a little
and then leaned away looking at me with her deep brown eyes,
reddened from her crying. I couldn’t resist the urge and
I slipped a light kiss on to her lips. Her lips trembled slightly
and then she pulled away just as I felt them relax.
She looked at me and then asked, “Can I trust you while I
am in the shower?” Recalling how we used to be together when
dating, I replied, “If you can’t now, we are both in big trouble,
She looked slightly disappointed and then smiled saying,
She turned and went into the bathroom. I told her just throw
her wet things out the door and I would get them later. I left
and let the dogs out to keep them happy. I then grabbed up
some scented candles I still had around and lit them in the
guest room. I wanted the room to seem warm and safe when she
came out. I turned on the CD player trying to recall what
she used to like; not figuring it out, I just turned on some
relaxation CDs.
I checked the refrigerator for what food I had and realized
I had nothing to share. I would have to go out or send out for
food later. I tried to straighten up the house a little and
picked up the stray clothes I left around. I tried to clean
up around the dogs’ beds and then as I was thinking about
running the vacuum, I heard her call for me. I dashed back
to the guest room to see her leaning out of the bathroom door
with a bare arm and shoulder out throwing her wet clothes
I told her that I got them and asked if she needed anything
else. She asked was I trying to get an excuse to scrub her
back again. This again heartening back to our dating days
over twenty years ago. The bare shoulder and arm was enough
to get my cock stirring. I knew I needed to change as well
as I couldn’t very well run around her half naked.
I threw her clothes into the washer and started it up. I
went into my room and pulled some sweat pants on over my boxers
and then a sweater over my t-shirt. Throwing on my hunting
socks that I use for winter slippers around the house, I
went back to the guest room. I knocked on the bathroom door
and opened it slightly.
“Delaine, is everything okay? Can I get you anything?”
She was relishing in the steaming water of the shower feeling
it wash away her physical aching and chill. She began to
play back in her mind how he looked and how he felt holding
her only minutes ago. She felt the warmth emanating from
her center as she recalled how they used to get all “hot and
bothered” together when they dated and how she had always
left him frustrated. Her frustrations at no sex life for
the past years were still pent up inside of her and she felt
herself begin to give in to the warmth from her center. Scrubbing
hard trying to overcome the urge to relieve herself, she
just made it worse. She began to rub her pussy and she felt
her clit come alive as it never had. She now realized she
had nothing else but herself so she gave in and began to manipulate
the “little man in the boat” as “he” used to call it.
Oh, how she had wanted him to make love to her when they were
dating. She realized that he never knew how close he came
to having her if he had only pushed a little harder once or
twice. The warmth was spreading over her like the hot water
out of the shower. She was going to cum and it was going to
be big. Why had she put up with Brian’s ineptitude at sex,
marriage, parenting, the whole lot, when she knew she could
have done better? The warmth spread with urgency and just
as the wave crashed, she heard his voice. “…anything?”
she heard but then she couldn’t hold back and let out a moan
from deep inside.
“Delaine, are you okay?” he said insistently. She had
to answer or else he would come in.
“I’m fine, Paul, this shower is just what I needed to relax.”
“Okay. When was the last time you ate? Can we get something
ordered? Maybe a pizza?”
Suddenly, she realized how long it had been since she last
ate. She had driven all night to get to her folks and leave
the girls. Then she had driven on to here. She was famished
and the idea of a pizza was intoxicating at the moment.
“That would be great, Paul, go ahead and get whatever you
want. I’ll eat some with you.”
He saw her outline against the shower curtain and, yes,
she was still the skinniest most attractive female body
he ever had the hots for. He closed the door and tried to shake
the image from his brain. Grabbing the phone, he called
for a pizza. After hanging up, he suddenly realized he might
not have anything for her to drink. He had plenty of beer
and wine, but she hadn’t done any drinking that he knew of.
He looked in the fridge and saw some cans of diet pop he still
had from the last diet he tried. He then thought about making
some fresh iced tea.
Not sure, he went back to the guest room to ask her. As he
came in, he saw her standing by the bed clad only in one of
his old flannel shirts and it was slightly open at the buttons.
She was leaning over with a towel wrapped around her head
trying to dry out her black mane. He stopped and quickly
noted the darkness between her legs, he would have bet she
never shaved and then allowed his eyes to move up to her breasts.
She had been what she called an “AAA” cup when they dated
and he was curious to see if childrearing had added any substance
to her small breasts. He could just make out a breast line
with the shirt covering the rest.
She raised her head and saw him looking at her. She blushed
realizing she, a married woman with two grown girls, was
almost naked with a single man in his house. She pulled back
her hair and wrapped in the towel. She turned away from him
and buttoned up the shirt. Grabbing the terry cloth robe,
she pulled it on.
“I don’t guess it would safe to assume you haven’t any ‘undies’
that will fit me do you?” She asked.
“Uh, uh, I’ll get you some old clean shorts of mine, ” I
replied and almost ran from the room. My cock was trying
its best to stick through my boxers and sweat pants. I needed
to get this under control fast. I pushed it down and tried
to will it soft. I dug through my chest of drawers and came
up with an old pair of satin boxers that were now too small
for me.
I took them back in to Delaine and she was sitting on the
side of the bed. The robe was slightly parted showing her
mature slim legs but nothing else. I muttered something
about maybe this would be okay and she thanked me. I then
told her the pizza would be arriving soon but what would
she like to drink with it. She looked at me and said, “What
are you going to drink with it?”
“By myself, I would probably have a beer or two, but with
a guest, I can open a bottle of wine, if you would like?” I
She looked at me and grinned, “that would be great, ” to
my surprise.
I left her and went to get the bottle. As I opened the bottle
and prepared two glasses, the pizza delivery came. Paying
them off and bringing it into the kitchen, I was pulling
out some plates when I felt her behind me.
“Quite the little homemaker aren’t you, ” she said.
“Well, the last time you and I had pizza was on a ragged sheet
sitting in the middle of a hayfield with hot cokes because
we didn’t have a cooler.”
“I wondered if you remembered or not. What else do you remember?”
she asked.
I looked at her, with her hair wrapped up and the robe all
around her. She could see that I was looking her up and down
and she blushed.
“We don’t need to remember that, do we?” she said.
I then said, “Let’s eat.” We made our way to the table in
the dining room. I was a little nervous about sitting to
close to her so I took the farthest seat at the table. We began
to eat and nothing was being said. One of those pregnant
times with no talk but ready to erupt like a volcano. After
my second glass of wine and several pieces of pizza, I sat
back and just watched her eat. It had been so long since I
watched her do such a simple personal thing like eating
She looked up at me and then, with half a mouth full, asked
for more wine. I poured her some more and then asked her when
had she started drinking.
“Oh, Brian and I got to doing it on our anniversary and I
realized that I really like the flavor and refreshment.
Brian got to drinking more and more. He used to try and get
me to drink and get drunk with him. I just wouldn’t go that
“Do you want to tell me now about you and Brian?” I asked
She took a long drink from her wine glass and set it down.
She looked at me and then back at her plate. For a moment I
thought I had pushed too hard, but then she stood up and with
her glass, she said, “Can we go sit on the sofa first? It would
be more comfortable for me.”
I got up with my glass and we went into the living room. Sitting
on the sofa, she turned to me and began her tale. She and Brian
had not been sharing their bed with each other for over a
year now and she had begun to suspect he was seeing another
woman. With the girls in college, she had returned to teaching
full time to make up for what she thought she was missing
in her marriage. One night she had stayed late to have a parent-teacher
conference and then decided to eat out for once. She went
to a restaurant she and Brian used to go regularly and while
she was there, she saw him with a pregnant woman. When he
noticed her, he grabbed the woman and ran out of the restaurant.
His actions told her what her heart instantly knew: that
he had been seeing someone.
She drove home and didn’t cry once. She replayed their
marriage over and over in her mind. She came to the realization
that she no longer loved him like she thought she had over
the years. Arriving at home, he came in right behind her
and began yelling at her about sneaking up on him. She responded
to that outrage with her own about why did he think such a
thing. He then dropped the bombshell that the woman he was
with earlier was pregnant with his child and he had decided
to leave Delaine for this woman.
She said her first thoughts were about her girls and then
realized that they were old enough to handle this if she
could. So she kicked him out of the house and called the girls.
Each was surprisingly not too surprised and the oldest
admitted that she thought her daddy had been unfaithful
to her mom for a long time. Delaine realized how much she
had missed seeing when her own daughters were not surprised.
After talking with them and then calling her folks, she
had suddenly realized how lonely she was.
I drained my glass and she did hers as well. She was wringing
her hands like she needed to do something with them. I reached
over and took them in mine. I then said, “They are cold as
ice!” She laughed and replied, “And yours are so warm, as
usual.” We laughed and I reached to her and just hugged her
close. She sniffled a little and then hiccupped. I laughingly
said, “No more wine for you, missy.” We laughed and fell
into each others arms.
I wanted so bad to take her and show her how much a man could
give her…how much she deserved a man to give her. I pulled
her around laying her on my lap. I supported her head with
my left arm and my right arm encircled her body. She pulled
her knees up like she was trying to cuddle up to a warm bear.
I held her tightly to me. I laid my head next to hers and quietly
asked, “Do you want to stay awhile with me?” She pulled her
head back and looked at both my eyes as if seeking a particular
answer. She said, “Can you put up with me for a couple of days?”
I told her no problem but did she need to call her folks or
her daughters. She said not for another day or two. They
knew she had to do some thinking on her own.
I told her that she had the guest room for as long as she needed
it. That she shouldn’t worry about the dogs, they would
love her, and that I had plenty of time on my hands if she wanted
me around. With that, she tensed some and then she looked
at me and said, “Will it be a problem for you to be around me
now?” I looked back into her eyes and with light kiss to her
nose, I said, “Not at all.” She pulled closer to me and we
sat there like that for almost two hours. No words, no movements,
just my holding her still and close. I realized she had drifted
off to sleep when the dogs started making noises about going
out for a run.
I stood up still cradling her in my arms. Asleep, she still
seem to sense my movement and pulled me tighter in her arms.
I quietly carried her to the guest room. The candles were
low burning and the scent was heavenly. I laid her on the
bed and covered her with the comforter. I blew the candles
out and turned the bedside lamp on low setting. I turned
the tuner off and quietly shut the door.
The dogs and I went out. The dogs seem to sense a change in
me, one most obvious as they continued to sniff at my crotch.
That’s all I needed after holding her like that was to have
warm moist breath against my cock. I pushed them away and
made them run and do their business. I was at a crossroads
in my mind and I didn’t know where I (we) would go at this point.
My life was pretty stable and I wasn’t dating anyone at this
time. My old feelings had begun to resurface, not just counting
the hormones. I remember how much I cared for her years earlier
and how much I knew I had loved her then.: enough to give her
away in marriage. And now her marriage was over.
I walked around the perimeter of the house wondering what
the next day was going to bring to me. The dogs finished and
we went in. I cleaned up the pizza and the glasses of wine.
There was about a glass full left in the bottle so I drained
it down. Putting the dogs to their beds, I then went to mine.
I took off the sweats and the sweater and left the boxers
and t-shirt from earlier on. I was just sitting down on the
bedside when I heard her again. Not making out what she was
saying, I made my way back to her room.
I opened the door and peeked in. She was rolling in the comforter
and crying out. I walked to her bedside, sat down, and took
her in my arms. She awoke suddenly and frightfully. I looked
at her and asked, “Having a bad dream?” She reached up and
hugged me tight to her. A little sniffle snuck out of her
and she mumbled a yes.
“I was fighting with Brian again, ” she said. “He was after
me to forgive him but to let him bring his bastard into our
family. I told him I couldn’t put up with him anymore and
for him to leave me and the girls alone forever.” I held her
and let her sob against me.
Under the comforter with the robe on, she had gotten quite
warm. In her dream, she had found herself back dating Paul
again and the dream had let her go farther than they ever
had. She had been moaning from her dream of making love to
Paul once and for all and knowing that was the way it should
feel. But she couldn’t tell him that. So she just told him
what she thought he should hear.
“Don’t worry, Delaine, you are here now and we will work
it out for you.” I told her.
She sat up and looked at the comforter on top of the robe and
said, “This is a little too warm for me right now.” I stood
away from the bedside and she got up. She took the robe off
and draped it on the foot of the bed. She pulled the covers
and sheets down and sat on the bedside. I joined her and took
her hand in mine. She looked up at me and then with her hand
pulled my face to hers. She kissed me softly with tender
lips. I brought my hands to her face and cupped it. Holding
her, I then kissed her harder and let my tongue reach for
Her lips trembled open but let my tongue cross hers. She
put her arms around me and returned my kiss. Sitting on the
side of the bed made us turn to each other in a cramping position,
so I slowly stood up and pulled her to me. She came against
me and I reached around her to hold her against me tighter.
Kissing her over her face and neck, my cock began to rise
in my boxers. Her body against mine prevented it from coming
to full attention but she could feel it knocking at her door.
She let her hands go down my back to my butt and pulled me closer
to her, if possible. I was reaching a point of no return fast.
I slid my hands under the old flannel shirt and felt the outline
of her small butt against the satin boxers she barely had
on. Bringing my hands up her back under the shirt, the satin
boxers fell off her narrow hips. She giggled slightly and
I knew I could go further. I pulled back a little allowing
my hands to come up under the front of the shirt. There I found
her small breasts and the nipples I used to suck on so much.
She moaned in my ear and ground her abdomen against my hardon.
I kissed her passionately again and she responded. She
pulled my t-shirt up over my head and I broke the kiss to let
her pull it off of me. Letting it drop, she slid her hands
down my stomach to my boxers. There instead of tenting,
my cock had found the open flap and she grasped it. She then
said, “You know we would have stopped here twenty years
I said back, “I hope we don’t now.” She dropped to her knees
and began to run her fingers over my hard on. She pulled the
boxers down to my knees and on off my feet. I pulled the flannel
shirt up over her head and we were naked together for the
first time in over twenty years. Her body was just like it
was when we dated. So slim, many thought at that time she
was anorexic. Perfect for me to make love to then and now.
She reached her mouth over my cock and began to make love
to it. Not suck it, not blow it, but make love to it. I held
her head in my hands as she continued to bless my cock.
Slowly, I began to feel the cumming moment approach and
I pulled her back up to my mouth. As tall as she was, her mouth
went right to mine. My cock went right between her legs and
I could feel the heat of her nexus radiated against me. I
tasted my cock on her lips and tongue. I held her close as
I could and then laid her on the bed. I covered her with kisses
starting at her neck and trailing down to her beautiful
breasts. As I reached each breast with my mouth, I would
suck as much of it into my mouth and circle the engorged nipple
with my tongue. Leaving it, I would trace my teeth across
the nipple and she reacted with moans and her hands holding
my head.
I then had my lips make their way south slowing at her navel.
I gave it just as much attention as her breasts. My chest
was over her pubic region and I was feeling heat rising like
a toaster. I slid on down to her pussy and clit.
I felt his lips against mine and found myself melting in
his arms. I knew it was right and it was good. If we stopped
here, it was better than anything I had felt in years. But
I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him to take me and I wanted
to take him. I sucked his cock knowing full well I never would
have done that when were dating and I had only done it a few
times with Brian. But I wanted HIM. I wanted ALL of him. I
felt his shaft grow in my mouth, something I never knew happened.
I was afraid I would choke but at the same time, knew instinctively,
I wouldn’t.
He pulled me up to his mouth and kissed me knowing where my
mouth had just been. Brian never let me do that. I was so flying
high, my orgasm was rising to peak just on this kiss. He laid
me back on the bed so gently I thought I was lying on clouds.
Then his lips, tongue and hands began to love me as I knew
I he would. When he got to my breasts, I was so afraid I was
too small for him. Being pregnant twice had made my breasts
grow out to a “B” cup which I so enjoyed only to have them shrink
back as they lost their milk. I considered implants just
like every other woman with small breasts but we couldn’t
afford it and I was too embarrassed after living so long
with small ones to show up suddenly somewhere with bigger
“Agh!” I came suddenly and it was just his sucking my breasts.
Oh, I knew this was what I yearned for. Paul could take me
now and I would be satisfied. That dipshit husband couldn’t
even do that for me for all the years we were married. But,
oh, it’s building again, he is sucking the other breast
and I am…“Oh Godddddddddddd” cumming again. He hasn’t
even touched me down there and I have cum twice!
She gasped and he knew she was cumming. He had always loved
her small breasts and the tiny nipples that would stand
up like rubber erasers. But now he was concentrating on
her clit buried beneath her jet black hair. The thought
of Brian having this treat retreated as it grew in his mouth,
larger than her nipples. He let his teeth slide against
it as he worked a finger into her pussy. She cried out again
and nearly sat up. He stopped a moment to look at her face
and what he saw was relief and ecstasy.
Oh God, I have never cum that hard before, what is happening
to me, she asked herself. Had she become such a wanton slut
to desire her pleasure over any normal behavior? Oh, he
is fucking my pussy with his fingers. I remember when we
dated so long ago how much I loved having his finger in my
virgin pussy. Is he going to fuck me now? Oh I hope he does.
I have wanted him to for so long.
She reached and pulled him around so she could hold his cock.
She never would have gotten Brian to do this even though
she fantasized it almost daily. He was putting two fingers
in her pussy and she could feel the orgasm begin to build
again. He has already made me cum three times and not yet
cum himself; I knew he would be this type of lover. She put
her hands around his cock. Its head all purple colored as
if it were about to burst.
She had let Brian cum in her mouth once but thought it was
so dirty she had almost vomited. Now, however, she wanted
Paul’s cock in her mouth and she wanted to swallow him completely.
She was becoming the slut she was afraid of being.
He felt her mouth around his cock and it took all of his willpower
to keep from cumming that very moment. Having been excited
all afternoon, he was ready to pop but he wanted to make full
love to her first. He went back to her clit and sucked it with
the same motion and rhythm she was sucking his cock. He felt
her pussy walls begin to squeeze his fingers in pre-orgasmic
tremors. He pulled his cock from her mouth and leaving his
fingers fucking her pussy, he moved his mouth to her nipples.
“Ohhhhhhhh…” she cried out and came. This orgasm was different
though for her. She came but it left her wanting more and
his cock in her pussy is what she wanted most.
“Fuck me, Paul, now, ” she begged.
Shocked, as she had never used the fuck word in his presence,
he pulled his fingers out of her pussy. He licked them clean
and then moved over her. Putting his lips to hers in a soft
but growing passion, he put his cock at her pussy’s opening.
Slowly, he sank into her.
She felt his cock climbing in her pussy. A pussy that had
only known one cock in all of its life. The feeling was overwhelming
and she thought she was cumming just by his entrance. Then
she felt it all the way in her and she knew what she was feeling
was a precursor to a very large orgasm.
He slid into her and then held it there for a moment. He relished
the feeling of her pussy accepting him and gripping him
at all points. Their first fuck and it was growing better
by the minute. He wondered what she thought but then concerned
himself with getting his cock moving in her pussy. He pulled
it slowly almost all the way out only to have her put her long
slim legs around him and pull him back into her. Slowly he
began to move it in and out of her.
His kissing her lips grew more passionate. She wanted his
tongue in her mouth just like his cock had just been. She
sucked his tongue like his cock and she felt his fingers
around her nipples. God, if Brian had only known how sensitive
her nipples were. Then she felt a pang of guilt lying in bed
being fucked by a former lover and she was still married.
But the guilt faded away as Paul’s cock continued to fuck
her. Her orgasm was building to a crescendo.
He was sure he wasn’t going to hold out much longer. He hoped
he would be enough to satisfy her. His fucking was becoming
more urgent and harder. She had put her hands on his butt
and was pulling him in to her as he tried to pull out. He broke
their kiss and looked into her eyes. He saw tears forming
and running down her cheeks. He whispered he was about to
cum and she said told him, “please.”
With that he came with a mighty rush. He pushed his cock as
deep as he could and let loose stream after stream of his
cum. He felt as if he was having multiple orgasms. Her pussy
gripped his cock tightly and milked it empty; all the while
she was screaming that she was cumming.
He felt her legs begin to release their hold on his body and
he lay against her breathing hard. He could hear her heartbeat
pounding away and he raised his head to look at her. She was
crying freely now and her arms encircled him holding him
tightly to her body. He was a little concerned that he might
have hurt her during his lovemaking. But he realized her
hurt wasn’t physical.
As his cock slid out of her delightful pussy, he pulled back
and brought her closer to him. He just cuddled her in his
arms and lay with her as she regained her breath. As she relaxed,
he felt her fall asleep and realized how tired she must have
been after the past emotional roller coaster ride she had
been on.
He held her like that for about an hour without moving. Finally,
he got up and went to the bathroom. He remembered that he
had her clothes in the washer. So he tiptoed out of the room
and went to put them in the dryer.
She awoke as he was leaving the room. She was basking in the
orgasmic glow even though she had drifted off to sleep.
She had never had an orgasm while in intercourse. When they
were first married, she and Brian had rubbed themselves
raw a couple of times trying but she had decided she was really
frigid and apparently he had as well. Now she knew it wasn’t
her. Now she was only saddened by the knowledge of how good
it would have been twenty years ago with Paul had she let
him go all the way with her.
As she lay on the bed, she felt his cum seeping out of her.
She giggled thinking about whether or not she could get
pregnant by him. Her OB/GYN had told her she was going through
menopause now, so that would be a surprise to everyone.
She even thought about her daughters and how they had talked
about sex when they started dating. She wondered if either
of them had gone “all the way”, yet.
Then she realized her hand was playing with her pussy hair.
She remembered one daughter claiming she would shave everyday
if necessary to keep that hairy bush down. Delaine thought
to herself, how she had never thought to do so. She arose
and went to the bathroom.
Paul pulled the wet clothes out of the washer. She had only
been wearing a pair of jeans, a blouse, bra (not stuffed),
and standard ole cotton panties. He placed the jeans and
blouse in the dryer and started them. He laid her bra and
panties out on top of the dryer to dry. Holding her things
in his hand, his cock began to stand out again. Damn, he was
acting like a teenager and his heart was, too.
He plodded around a minute or two and then went back to her
bedside. She was in the bathroom, so he grabbed on his boxers.
He saw the mess in the bed that he had caused and suddenly
worried about her. Was she afraid of getting pregnant,
he thought. He had never told her that he had gotten a vasectomy
during his brief marriage even before they dated. It had
just never come up.
She flushed the toilet and took a moment to examine herself.
Had she physically changed much since the last time they
had played around twenty years ago? She looked in the mirror
to see her tussled black hair frame her face that did show
lines and creases of age. But her breasts were showing only
a slight blush from him sucking on them. She could feel herself
getting wet again just thinking about it. And her nipples
stuck out so hard they almost ached. She ran her hand across
them and fell the juices between her legs. She grabbed some
tissues and tried to blot up herself. She was becoming the
slut she knew in her heart. How could she explain this behavior
to her girls if they asked?
Tossing the tissues into the toilet, she left the bathroom
and realized he was back on the bed. God, he looked so good,
so handsome just sitting there in his boxers. She had never
felt this way about Brian and she felt another pang of guilt
knowing that. Paul had put on a little weight; he had some
“love handles” but not much hair on his chest. His head hair
showed some white streaks but was pretty much the way it
was when they had dated. She had never told him that she colored
her hair even then because she was prematurely gray.
He turned at her coming out of the bathroom. What a vision
she was to him. Her black hair all around her head, her small
nipples jutting out like a little girl’s in a cold room,
her hips framing a jet black covered pussy that, yes, was
showing signs of wetness. God, he was awful knowing what
she was feeling and yet thinking of nothing but getting
back to her pussy. His cock was tenting his shorts
She looked at him and realized his cock was trying to push
through his shorts. She blushed as she thought how it had
felt in her hands, her mouth, and in her pussy. She felt her
nipples go extra hard and the juices drip down from her pussy.
She realized she was standing there nude doing nothing
but thinking about making love again. Has she did, her hands
went to briefly hide her breasts and pussy, then realizing
how stupid that was, she looked at his cock poking out of
his shorts.
“Are you ready for round number 2, ” she asked.
He blushed and responded, “Whenever you are ready.”
She walked around the bed and came up to him as he stood. His
cock found the open flap and was standing straight as if
reaching for her. Her left hand reached out and took it lightly.
She looked at his face and finally saw some lines and creases
to match hers. Holding his cock in her hand, she took his
jaw in her other hand and pulled it to her face. She reached
her lips out to kiss him and then sank into his arms.
He lay back down on the bed pulling her on top of him. She held
his cock as if she would never let it go. He ran his tongue
across her lips and her mouth opened. She was beginning
to breathe heavily as he was.
He felt her eraser tipped nipples digging into his chest
and she move her chest some as if to relief them. She opened
her legs with his cock between them and began to rub his cock
against her pussy lips and clit.
He took his hands down her back and pulled her butt pressing
her against him. She pulled her hand away from his cock and
she felt it enter her on its own. She felt his cock slide up
into her without restriction.
She was so wet and he was so hard. She passionately kissed
him sucking his tongue out of his mouth. His hands were over
her butt pulling her cheeks apart and pushing her deeper
on him. This was new to her. She had never had sex on top before.
When they had dated, they had rubbed themselves silly this
way but never any penetration.
Her nipples were driving her nuts. She lifted up and felt
the joy of his cock sticking in her pussy with her riding
him. He took his fingers and began to rub her clit as she unconsciously
began to rock and move up and down on his cock. It felt so good
and right. She could feel her passion rising in her again.
Unbelievably, she knew she was going to cum again and she
wanted to.
He felt her clit standing out so proud just like her nipples.
His cock felt so masterful sliding around in her pussy.
Her pussy felt so perfect. He didn’t want to cum but just
sit in her and give her as much pleasure as he could. She was
so wet that his fingers playing with her clit were soaked
so he switched hands and sucked the wet ones dry. He watched
face as she rode his cock. She looked so relaxed and so happy
at the moment. His heart ached that he knew she was hurting
inside so badly.
She felt it rising in her. Her orgasm was building and she
wasn’t holding it back. She wondered if he would cum again
as Brian’s just folded up and went away after his initial
blow. She didn’t care, though, at this moment. She could
only feel her passions rolling downhill without a stop.
With him rubbing her clit and she feeling his cock moving
in and out of her pussy by her motion, she found her own hands
sliding up to rub her nipples. As she gripped those small
nipples, she felt herself slide over the cliff of passion.
She came and came hard. She continued to ride up and down
his cock, continuing to cum. Was she ever go to stop?
He saw her hand grip her nipples, God, how he wanted to put
his mouth around them. Then he felt her pussy walls grip
him as she began to cum. She increased her motion up and down
on him, but having cum once, his cock was ready to hang on
for awhile. He watched her face and her body cum. What a pleasure
he felt having helped her to this point. Her wetness was
pouring over him and at one point, she was so slick he almost
fell out of her, so he grabbed those narrow but soft hips
and held on.
She almost fell over on him and grabbed his shoulders to
support her. She was crying out how she was cumming and felt
the tears flow down her face. She was cumming so many times,
she never knew it could be like this. She felt herself grip
his cock and realized it was still hard in her. God, there
she went again. Will I stop cumming, she wondered.
“Ohhhhhhh Paul, thissss is toooooooo much! I’m dying!”
she exclaimed.
With that she fell against him too exhausted from her orgasms
to hold herself up any more. Her breath was ragged against
his shoulder, her heartbeat was rapid and pounding against
his chest. He felt her pussy release his cock one last time
and it plopped out of her as she lay on him in exhaustion.
He hugged her to him and held her as her breath and heart rate
slowly returned to normal. He rolled out from under her
after she had relaxed.
He sat up and admired her beauty, her back and butt exposed
laying flat on the bed. He reached over beside the bed into
the bed table and brought out a bottle of lotion. With a large
squirt in his hands, he warmed it and began to rub her shoulders,
back, and wonderful tight little ass. She moaned as she
lay on the bed getting this massage. This was an old memory
as they used to do each other this way when they were dating.
Why had she been so insistent upon waiting for marriage?
She had always loved his touching her both in massage and
He felt her muscles tense then release as he rubbed the oil
into the skin. She was so beautiful why anyone would not
appreciate her enough, he asked himself. His hands continued
their massage and he added more oil. He worked slowly but
methodically down her back and onto her butt. He had always
loved her ass. He had never been an ass man but her’s excited
him unbelievably. He worked the oil around her cheeks and
slowly moved into her crease. He wondered if she was too
sensitive to play anymore but decided just to continue
until she said stop.
She was so relaxed from his ministrations on her skin and
back. His fingers had lightly flirted with her breasts
as they had worked down her back. She was thinking that she
was getting turned on again as he worked her butt. This was
unbelievable, to what depths of debauchery had she fallen
to have driven here only to have this man bring her such passion.
She felt herself getting wet again. Would she ever run dry?
She could feel his hard cock bumping her legs as he rubbed
her butt.
Paul slid back off her legs some and spread them a little.
His hands with the oil continued down from her butt onto
the back of her thighs. As he let each hand rub each thigh,
he could smell her aroma rising from between her legs. He
looked and could see her juices pooling on the bed under
her. His cock was straining at itself. He let one oiled hand
reach down and slightly rub it, hoping to appease it. The
oil coated his cock and his hand slid around it. It did indeed
help some but it wanted back in her.
Looking back at her drenched pussy, he saw her ass hole winking
at him. This they had never tried back in the old days and
he didn’t know if she wanted to or not. But he began to work
his hands and the oil back up to her cheeks and then down her
crease. An oiled finger tapped her ass hole in passing and
she moaned deep into her pillow. Her cheeks clenched under
his hands and the star shaped pucker hole winked at him again.
While his left hand began to explore her pussy lips still
swollen, he let his other fingers start to pop in and out
of her ass hole. She continued to moan and move her butt up
and down. Finally, he pushed an oiled finger down into her
ass hole. She groaned and lifted her head up. He felt her
pussy twitch on his other hand and he began to work his finger
in and around her ass hole. He felt it relax and the tried
to add another finger. This time her butt was bucking back
at his fingers, obviously, wanting his fingers to fuck
her ass hole.
Her pussy twitched and ground against his fingers while
her ass hole opened wider. His cock was straining again
and so he moved and placed its head right on her asshole as
he withdrew his fingers. She was moaning and groaning in
her pillow as her hips bucked up and down. Her hands clasp
the sheets open and close. He pushed and the cock head entered
her asshole.
His fingers in her asshole felt so strange but wonderful.
She had never had this done to her before. At first, she wanted
to tell him no but it began to feel so good. The more he worked
both sets of fingers in her, the more she wanted him in her.
She wanted his cock in her pussy until all of sudden she felt
his cock on her asshole as she felt his fingers leave. She
wanted to tell him “NO!” for pulling his fingers out of her
but it came out just as his cock head entered her. Oh, it was
too big, she felt like it was splitting her apart. Losing
her virginity had not hurt this bad. Then she felt the rush
of another orgasm in her pussy.
Her “NO” turned into an “AHHHH” and she felt him push his
cock on into her rectum. God, it filled her up. She couldn’t
believe after all of the orgasms she had just had, she could
feel this one building too. She heard him whisper, “Are
you okay?”. And from her mouth she heard her own voice, say
“fuck me now, please.”
Again, his internal shock at hearing her say “fuck” but
that just made his cock go harder if possible. In and out
he fucked her beautiful ass. Staring down on her pale white
globes as his cock went balls deep into her. He reached a
hand up and began to tweak her nipple. She began to buck against
him. He heard her saying, “Fuck… fuck… fuck me” into her
pillow and he continued to do just that.
She couldn’t believe how out of control she was. Hearing
her own passioned cry for him to fuck her. She never let Brian
use that word with her. She thought it was so dirty and wrong,
but right this minute it was what she wanted over anything
else. She felt him fill her ass with his cock in and out. She
never thought this could feel so good. Then she felt him
swell she thought. How could he get any bigger and then she
felt his hot cum in her rectum. It triggered another orgasm
and it was different from what she felt earlier.
He felt his release building and as she bucked against him
harder and harder, he let loose deep in her ass. He felt as
if was cumming using a water hose, the pressure release
was so great. He continued to fuck her as his cock shrunk
out of her ass. Looking down he could see the white of his
cum as it dribble out of her anus.
Oh God, I’m such a whore now, she thought. I have let this
man fuck my ass. This is what prostitutes do, isn’t it. But
why did it feel so good? Did it feel that way to them as well?
She felt him move out of her and then lay up beside her. His
arms reached around her and held her to him. He was so sweet.
Brian never held her after his clumsy attempts at love making.
Didn’t men want to be held after cumming?
He cuddled up to her and held her to him. He hadn’t felt like
this in years. He had some great sex with some beautiful
partners but nothing like they had just done in the past
several hours. He snuggled his head against hers and kissed
her on her neck below her ear. He remembered this was one
of her “zones” but wasn’t trying to get her up and going again.
He was so sweet holding her. She felt so good in his arms even
with his cum oozing out of her anus. She had no great desire
to jump up and clean herself as she did when Brian came in
her. She began to think about how miraculous it was that
she ever got pregnant as he would cum once and she would run
to the bathroom to clean herself up. But then she thought
of her two daughters, how beautiful they had grown up to
be. They were so smart for their age and so good. She was so
lucky to have them.
Then she felt how lucky it was she had Paul with her at this
moment. She began to feel a little guilty about what they
had done today when they were just friends. She remembered
when he asked her to marry him. She had laughed at first thinking
he was kidding around. She even accused him of trying to
use it to get her in bed before marriage. Then she had seen
the hurt look in his eyes. God, his eyes had always told her
the truth. She never doubted him as she knew his eyes couldn’t
lie to her.
He felt her squirm against him warmingly. A slight draft
blew over them and he reached around grabbing the sheets
and comforter over them. She snuggled even closer this
time, if it was possible, and for a worried minute, he was
afraid she wanted to start up some sex again. Even he had
his limits, he thought. But then he realized that he would
give her whatever she wanted if he could.
They fell asleep holding each other that way. For several
hours both slept the sleep of contented sex. Then Paul awoke.
He awoke and needed to go to the bathroom. He felt is sticky
cock stuck to the inside of her leg. He slowly pulled away
from her and slid from the sheets. He went into the bathroom
and as he peed, he examined his face in the mirror. A little
haggard looking but he thought he looked much the same as
he did when they dated. He heard the dogs begin to whine about
going out and swore to himself he was going to build a doggie
door one day soon.
Finishing in the bathroom, he quietly checked Delaine
as she slept and then went to the dogs to let them out. It had
finally stopped raining and the dogs took out over the yard
barking making the entire neighborhood aware they were
on guard. He heard a few far off barks of others answering
his. He laughed to himself and said what a world I have around
me. This made him draw back and think of Delaine and her problem.
Even as sure as she was about not needing to call anyone,
he decided to call her mom to let her know where she was.
I dug up her parents’ number in Corbin and gave them a call.
A young voice answered that sounded just like Delaine’s
voice and I knew it had to be one of her daughters. I introduced
myself and she exclaimed that she knew who I was. She had
seen the photos of her mom’s wedding and it showed me giving
her away. I told her that was so but that I was calling to let
them know their mom was okay and was with me in Tennessee.
There was a short silence then she said, “Daddy is looking
for her.”
Here I have a married mother in my bed, just having fucked
her silly, and her husband is looking for her. What do I say?
I told her to tell her grandparents where her mother was
and that she was staying with some friends for a few days.
Her daughter quietly said, “I understand. I know about
Daddy and her. I know they are going to divorce soon.” I told
her that her mom just needed some time alone to figure things
She said, “Granny knows about you and said she thought that
is where Mom was going.” I told her that her mom was safe and
that all she needed was time off to get her head and heart
together. Her last remark was, “Take care of my mommy, please,
sir.” And she hung up. I hope I hadn’t started problems for
Delaine but I thought her family should know she was safe
and sound.
Hanging up I turned around to decide what next to do. I checked
in the guest room and she was still asleep. I decided to take
a shower and go to bed myself. Tomorrow was going to be a different
I heard him talking on the phone as I awoke looking for him.
My body felt so warm and contented, I was just a little frightened
to awake and he wasn’t there. Another feeling I never had
with Brian. What am I going to do? I know I going to divorce
the son of a bitch. She caught herself for a moment. She was
using language in her thoughts that she would not tolerate
in her own house. Then she recalled how she had begged to
be fucked out loud, no less. God, she was a whore and a slut.
If Brian found out about this, her divorce would crash down
on her fast. She might even lose her daughters over it.
She cried a little softly as she thought about her daughters.
Would she have had daughters that beautiful in mind and
body had she married Paul? She’ll never know now but she
was so happy with them. And now, she was very happy with Paul.
Life wasn’t fair, or at least her conscience wasn’t being
fair to her.
She heard his shower come on and she pictured him climbing
in the shower. She thought about his strong back and arms,
he had always been able to pick her up like a small teddy bear
and hold her forever. Then she imagined him washing in the
shower and saw his hands washing over his hard butt. She
began to tingle some inside and as she asked herself how
she could start feeling this passion again, she imagined
him washing his cock. Oh how great it had felt having his
cock in her pussy and then, oh it hurts still a little, she
remember how good it felt in her ass. She had never believed
that could feel so good and yet be so dirty.
The tingle increased until she felt a warmth coming up through
her from between her legs. She pulled the sheets off and
sat up. She saw the dried cum stains on her legs and the still
damp sheets where she had cum as well. She needed another
shower as well. Getting up, she decided to check on her clothes.
She went in the kitchen and found the dryer just going off.
On top lay her underclothes, her blushing at the bra and
panties out where anyone could see them. Then she thought
how nice he had been to let them dry separately from her jeans
and blouse. She pulled them out of the drier and folded them
neatly to the side.
She heard him singing to himself in the shower and she wanted
to get clean herself. She looked out the window and so how
dark the night was, wondering if it was still raining. She
saw her reflection in the glass and decided to try and join
Paul in the shower. Why not, she had gone much further already
and she needed cleaning up too.
He was just rinsing off the soap from his cock, slightly
erect from washing it, when felt a cool draft and as he turned,
Delaine joined him in the shower. She looked at his cock
and smiled at his face.
“Don’t tell me you are ready for more again?” she asked.
“Ugh…well…not hardly…” he replied and to his dismay, his
cock came completely erect.
She stepped into the flow of the water and asked him for the
soap. He reached a bar over her shoulder to her and then proceeded
to use a soapy washrag on her shoulders and back. Brian would
have either tried put his cock in my dry pussy or just stepped
out of the shower grumbling. Here Paul is actually helping
me wash myself. The warmth continued to grow in her.
She turned around to see him as she washed and he just continued
with the washrag on her breasts and stomach. Her nipples
jutted out again betraying her inner desires. She could
feel the liquid seeping down her legs because it was warmer
than the water splashing down on her. She looked at him and
saw he was concentrating on her so hard. She reached for
his cock and remarked, “Remember how we used to do this when
we dated?”
He lifted his head and leaned to me kissing me lightly on
my lips. His only remark was, “Don’t tell me you are ready
to go again?” and laughed, making fun of me now. I jerked
his cock hard a couple of times to scold him but then just
held it as he continued to wash me. He got down on his knees,
forcing me to let go of his cock, and began to wash my pussy
and my legs.
He asked for the soap bar and sudsing the wash cloth, he proceeded
to clean my privates better than I ever thought could be
done. And yet, he did so lovingly. I was sure that he noticed
how wet I was but then I felt the rag near my pucker hole, still
sore from the ravages of our early ardor. I must have winced
when he washed me there because he stopped and asked if I
was okay.
She moved a little as I washed her pussy and asshole and around.
I realized she might be a little sore after my taking her
anal virginity. “Are you okay?” I asked. She merely lifted
her leg to open up and let me get closer. She rested one hand
on my head and the other on the wall. With her pussy staring
me in my face, I couldn’t hold back. So I dipped my tongue
into the thatch of black hair. She moaned as my tongue found
her lips and caressed her clit. She held my head now against
her mons as if never to let my tongue leave her.
Oh, God, he’s done it again, I am going to cum and big. God,
why couldn’t I have married this man years ago and known
this delight all this time. I came and then his tongue began
to tickle me, so I pulled his face away from me.
“You are tickling me now, ” I said.
He grinned and said, “So? Have you ever thought about shaving
down here? It is like a jungle.”
She blushed a little embarrassed but then replied, “You
seem to make your way through it pretty good.”
He offered up, “Where there is a will, there is a way. Well,
what about shaving?”
“I don’t know. I’m afraid of itching and having to scratch
or something later, ” she confessed.
I said let me do it and show you how to keep it from that kind
of itching.
I stood up and grabbed my razor, sacrificed for a great cause,
and some shaving lotion. I knelt down and began to rub the
lotion into her pussy hair. It would have been easier to
use scissors first, but since I started I’ll get it done.
Slowly, I scraped the razor against her curls. They came
off in clumps into the tub. Starting at the top, I thought
about shaving it into a shape but then went all the way for
the clean shaven look.
I was reaching between her legs with the razor when she asked
me did I intend to do her legs as well. I slipped back and ran
my hands up and down her legs. They were smooth as glass,
so I responded with a “no need now.”
She was dripping juice not water down on my hands as I got
between her legs cleanly. I took the wash cloth and soap,
then with a lot of suds, I wash her pussy lips again. This
time it was like baby’s skin, so smooth and precious. I had
to taste. So I placed my whole mouth over her mons and lips.
Another moan left Delaine’s mouth. Then the water went
icy cold. I jerked up and she had turned the hot water off.

“Don’t start something again, I’m too tired, ” she begged.
The cold water also helped my cock deflate adequately and
I laughed.
“Okay, turn off the water and we will dry up.”
I only had one towel out so I stepped out first and ran to the
closet for another towel. I walked back into the steaming
bathroom to find her looking down at herself where she was
freshly shaved. I reached around her and gathered up her
curls blocking the drain throwing them in the trash basket.
I stood up and she was drying my back so I offered to do hers
alone. She said only her back nothing else, understand?
I laughed again and agreed. Dried, we left the bathroom
and went to my bedroom. I was actually just following her
not knowing what she intended to do. She pulled the comforter
up with the top sheet and said, “My bed is damp and messed
up. I have to share yours now.”
I grinned and watched that beautiful alabaster white body
climb into my bed. As I joined her under the covers, I said,
“There is one thing you should know about my bed.”
She perched up on her elbow and looked down at me, “And what
is that?”
I felt the bed move a little and then I said, “I usually don’t
sleep alone.” She started to say something when she realized
both dogs were climbing in bed with us. The small one was
already under the covers inching up between us and the big
one was settling down on the foot of the bed.
Between us the little dog crept and it was tickling us with
her claws against our nude bodies under the covers. I rolled
over to Delaine and the little one scampered out from between
us and took position behind my back. I looked into her face
and said, “You’ll just have to sleep in my arms, then.” She
snuggled up to me and I felt her warmth against my body.
We slept until morning as the alarm I had forgotten to reset
took off. Of course, with the alarm, the dogs needed to get
up then. So I slammed the alarm off and climb out of the warmth
into the air to let the dogs run; I’ve got to get that doggie
door done soon. I checked the weather and it was clearing
and then went to the bathroom. Coming out I decided to change
the guest room bed sheets so as to allow her that luxury if
she wanted.
Throwing them into the washer, I suddenly remembered her
clothes. Opening the dryer, I saw they were not there. I
looked around and then saw the neatly folded clothes to
the side. I put new sheets on the guest room bed and changed
the towels in both bathrooms. In the guest room bathroom
I could still smell her sex and my cock, being a morning cock,
stuck straight out like a dog on point. I turned on the exhaust
fan and put the dirty sheets in the hamper.
I fixed up the dogs’ food and water, checked my voice mail
and then turned on the PC to check my email. No phone calls
but I did have emails. So I sat down and started going through
them, completely unaware of being totally nude with a hard
cock in my lap. The dogs barked and I let them in. They went
to their food bowls and were happy. I sat back down to my emails.
One stuck out at me, it was from Brian. At first I didn’t think
about how he could have my email except that he must be using
Delaine’s PC at home. I opened it up and he was going off about
Delaine leaving him and he didn’t know where she was. If
she contacted me, please tell her to call him. I checked
the IM and sure enough he was still online, so I decided to
run one back to him. I asked him why she was gone and him not
knowing where. Were the girls alright, I queried. He wrote
back that they had a big argument and she had locked him out
of the house. When he went to the house with a locksmith,
he had discovered her and the girls’ things gone. He called
his in-laws and found the girls were okay but they didn’t
know where their mother was. He further said that she had
told the girls some things about him that was not true and
he needed her to take them back.
I felt hands on my shoulders and Delaine was reading his
remarks. She said in a very spiteful voice, “I hope you never
find me again, you bastard!” I looked up at her and said,
“He can’t hear you but do you want me to tell him that?” She

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