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Cold Front/ Heat Wave


Cold Front/ Heat Wave

The fat, bearded man in the front office had gruffly directed
Natalie to the far building of the sprawling self-storage
compound. As she parked her car she felt uneasy about being
in such a desolate place alone, so late at night, but she
pushed her fears to the back of her mind and quickly made
her way into the building. She walked down the long, wide,
dimly lit hallway, which was lined on either side with rusty
metal roll-up doors.

The flashing neon sign out front advertised the place as
"temperature controlled", but the temperature
in here was very much out of control. She paused to squint
at the dingy number plates over each door: 105C… 105D… 105E…
105F. She smoothed the wrinkles from the note she clutched
in her hand and held it up to the light. Yes, this was her destination,
storage unit 105F.

As she peeled away the tape that held the key to the note,
it slid from the page and hit the floor with a clink that echoed
down the long, empty hall and back. She stooped to pick up
the key and a bead of sweat dropped from her forehead onto
the pavement. ‘Hot’ did not begin to describe the stale,
stagnant, oppressive air in this place. Natalie tried
in vain to keep her silky blouse from clinging to her damp,
sweaty body. "105F, " she chuckled to herself.
"The unit number and the temperature. And I dressed
up for this?"

Jason, her husband of two years, had been very explicit
about what she was to wear, where she was to go and when. As
was customary on all of their M&m dates, he was in total control
of everything. M&m was their shorthand term for Master
and mistress.

This time the instructions were delivered that morning
to her office via Federal Express. When she spotted Jason’s
name on the return address label she knew this was the start
of another adventure. She quickly got up from her desk and
closed the door to her office. Her heart pounded as she opened
the box. Inside she found the note with her instructions
and the key, together with the new outfit he had bought for

The package also included a small, red jewelers box that
contained a little golden key charm on a gold rope-chain
necklace. The necklace was a signal to Natalie that this
was to be an M&m night. Jason had given it to her during their
very first M&m date, 3 months ago, and explained to her that
whenever she would wear it she was to be in total submission
to him: him as Master and her as his mistress.

The day had been unusually long, even for a Friday. Natalie
read her instructions repeatedly, searching desperately
for a clue to help her figure out what lay ahead that night.
Around lunchtime she exchanged the heart pendant she had
been wearing for the key necklace. All afternoon she found
herself daydreaming frequently and in detail about past
M&m dates…

She recalled how it started one day when he sent her a message
on her pager when he knew she would be in a boring weekly staff
meeting: "Emergency! Make up an excuse to come home
right now. Leave your panties in your desk." She excused
herself from the meeting and dashed home (after removing
her panties as instructed) to an afternoon of absolute
sexual delight under Jason’s total control. This was when
she first awakened her desire to be a submissive.

Then there was the time he surprise her when she was in Portland
on a business trip. He sent her a dozen roses with an attached
card, which instructed her to call him. For over an hour
Jason directed her every move over the phone. How to remove
her clothes one button, one zipper, one hook at a time. He
described in infinite detail what he would be doing if he
were there. He gave her explicit instructions on how to
touch every intimate part of her body as if it were his fingers,
his tongue, or his cock.

The darkness at the end of the hallway made it difficult
to fit the key into the padlock on the roll-up door. Her anxiety
at being alone in a deserted place did little to help steady
her hand. She finally got the key into the lock and released
it with a loud clank that rattled the steel door. What would
be waiting inside? She stood and straightened her short,
tight skirt. She attempted without success to pull her
blouse away from her sweaty, braless breasts. With a deep
sigh that only partly relieved the tension in her body,
she pulled up on the door. It made a deafening noise that
seemed to shake the ground as the squeaky wheels rattled
up the metal track.

The first thing that hit her after the door opened was a distinctively
fresh, almost sweet floral smell that contrasted sharply
with the stale odor of the hallway. The second thing that
hit her was the heat that radiated from the room. "Could
it be even hotter in there than out here? " she thought.

She stepped carefully into the dark, hot room and found
the light switch. When nothing happened as she flipped
it on, her pulse quickened as her anxiety heightened. She
quickly considered her options. There was nothing in her
instructions that explained what to do next. Soon her eyes
began to adjust to the darkness and with the help from what
little light came from the hallway she made out a large object
in the center of the room. As she moved slowly toward it she
realized it was a big brass bed.

She felt the relative cool of the satin sheets against her
legs and decided to sit. The coolness of the sheet quickly
dissipated against her sizzling skin. She felt as if she
was in an incubator. Sitting alone in the scorching quiet,
questions raced rapid-fire through her mind. Where was
Jason? Was he late? Was she sure it was tonight? Why had he
brought her to this steaming hellhole of a place? Did she
misunderstand her instructions? Did she miss some clue?
Should she wait? Is it safe to stay? Should she leave? Should
she call Jason?

As soon as she made the decision to get out of there and call
Jason, the silence was shattered by a loud, ear-piercing
electronic ringing sound. Deetle-leetle-leetle-leet.
She screamed in a gasp and jumped up from the bed. Deetle-leetle-leetle-leet.
She tried to compose herself and listen hard for the source
of the sound. Deetle-leetle-leetle-leet. It’s a damn
cell phone, she realized at last. She began breathing again.
Deetle-leetle-leetle-leet. She ran her hands frantically
over the surface of the satin sheet, feeling for the phone.

She picked up the phone and pressed the answer button, blurting
a furious greeting, "You bastard. You scared the
shit out of me! This place is hot as hell and dark and creepy
and then you have to go and scare me like this. I can’t …"

"Hey, hey, hey" interrupted the voice on the
other end of the line. "Calm down. You’re all right.
I won’t let anything happen to you. I love you. You are my
sweet mistress and I am your loving Master. I will always
protect you. Always. You only need to continue to obey as
you have so far. I’ll take complete care of you, OK?"

Just hearing his voice was enough to relieve part of the
anxious feeling in her stomach. She knew she was under his
control, and therefore safe.

"Time out Master, " she said, "I’m afraid."

These words had special meaning. As part of their M&m date
arrangements they had worked out coded phrases that Natalie
would use to signal Jason:

"Time out, " meant that she needed some reassuring
or to talk through a concern.

"Discontinue, " meant the M&m date was immediately
off. This was her safety valve.

Natalie had never had to use the ‘discontinue’ signal before,
but knowing that she could call things off at any time gave
her extra assurance that their games of submission would
never get too far out of hand. Yet she found an unusual excitement
in allowing Jason to push her into new territory.

Jason explained to her that she was never really alone.
He was parked where he could watch the building. He’d seen
her go in and that’s how he knew when to call. He told her how
sexy she looked in her new outfit and asked her if she liked
it too.

"Yes Master, " she replied, nervously fingering
the key charm that hung around her neck. At that Jason knew
she was ready to continue with the scene.

"On the table in the corner there are some candles
and a lighter. Light them."

"Yes Master, " she answered. She set down the
phone and went to do as she was told. She discovered that
the candles were the source of the sweet aroma that greeted
her when she first opened the door. The warm glow from the
candles dispelled the darkness from the room and relaxed
her further. She returned to the bed and picked up the phone.

"Next Master?" she asked, seeking his instruction.

"Are you hot?"

"Yes Master, it’s so hot in here."

"I bet you’d like to take off your clothes, wouldn’t

"Yes Master." What she really wanted was to
get out of there, but she didn’t say that. She was trying
her best to play along as a submitted mistress.

"Take off everything but the panties, " Jason
instructed. "I love your perfect ass in a thong, "
he added.

She disrobed unceremoniously, leaving only the silky
thong he had supplied as part of her outfit. Her nakedness
provided little relief from the oppressive heat. As she
stood there almost naked, she hoped that he was indeed watching
the building and that he would warn her if anyone approached.
It felt very strange to be so naked in a semi-public place.
She reached for the phone again.

"I have done as you instructed, Master."

"Good mistress, very good."

"May I close the door, Master?" she inquired.

"No mistress, the door stays open." His tone
was suddenly serious. "You will hang up now and use
the silk scarf that is under the pillow on the bed to blindfold
yourself. Make sure your eyes are completely covered.
You will lie on your back with your head on the pillow and
spread your arms and legs very far apart. You will not move
or speak. Not a twitch. Not a whisper. Do you understand?"

"I understand, Master, " she replied.

"Good, because you need to know that there will be
punishment for any disobedience." Click. He hung

The threat caught her by surprise. During the three months
since they began M&m dates, he had always taken total control
of her physically, emotionally, and sexually. She had
always submitted to his commands, even the most extreme
ones, though sometimes she required a little coaxing and
reassurance. Despite this total dominance, he had never
before threatened punishment. This was a new twist. Perhaps
he was pushing another of her boundaries.

She put on the blindfold and assumed her commanded position,
on her back with limbs spread wide, perfectly still except
for the rise and fall of her chest with each anxious breath.
She listened hard for Jason’s approach. Nothing. As the
minutes passed she wondered how long he would leave her
there, exposed for anyone who might come in. Was he testing
her willingness to submit to him? She thought more than
once about calling it off. She probably would have if there
had not been an element of excitement in the fear. Despite
the layer of sweat that formed a film over her entire body,
she was aware of a distinctly different dampness between
her legs. Could it be that she actually liked this?

Her heart jumped when she heard the door to the building
open and shut. She hoped like hell it was Jason. There were
footsteps in the hall, then footsteps in the room. The visitor
didn’t speak a word or make a sound. It must be Jason, she
assured herself. She wanted so badly to ask for the identity
of the intruder. Yet she remained silent and still, sprawled
out on the bed before the unknown individual.

She listened hopefully for the intruder to close the roll-up
door. After all, if it was Jason, there would no longer be
anyone looking out for unexpected visitors. Instead his
footsteps circled the bed slowly several times and stopped
on her right side. There was a long silence. What was he doing?
Just watching her? She felt his eyes burning into her hot
skin. The footsteps moved away from her, then a thunderous
rattling sound filled the room as the door rolled down.
Bang! It was shut. Natalie exhaled deeply, a silent sigh
of relief.

The intruder returned to her side. Another pause of silence,
much longer than the first, left Natalie’s mind racing
with wonder. Suddenly a shock wave rippled through her
body as a single drop of freezing cold water dripped onto
her bare right nipple. She flinched in reaction to the stark
cold sensation against her hot skin.

"Remember, do not move, mistress, " came the
quick response. "The slightest movement will bring
the swiftest punishment."

The voice was Jason’s, and she felt a sense of relief, but
this second threat of punishment tempered her relief.
Was this really necessary? Before she could sort it out
in her mind another cold drop landed exactly where the first
one had. This time she was ready and held her body rigid,
fighting her instinctive reactions. She felt the third
drop stream off her breast and roll down the side of her breast
across her underarm. She fought the urge to pull her arm
down to her side.

More footsteps. He was now on her left side.

Oh no, she thought, the other nipple. She braced. Drip…
Drip… Drip… There was no pattern that would allow her to
predict when each drop would fall. It was random and maddening.

From their first M&m date Jason had agreed not to use any
bondage on her until she indicated that she was ready for
it. Now she found herself wishing he had tied her down to
the bed. At least that way she could let her body react as
it willed, letting the bonds do the restraining. This way
it was all up to her own self-control to fight her instinctive

Several drops landed machine-gun fashion across the tender
skin on her belly. This is impossible, she thought to herself.
And Jason knows how much I hate this. She stiffened her body
against his continual frigid barrage, stifling to whimpers
the gasps and cries she felt inside.

He moved to the headboard. Each cheek received two drops
apiece, followed by her chin and neck. He moved down to her
thighs and calves and feet. This wasn’t so bad. Except for
a few tortuous locations, the cool water felt almost refreshing
against her hot skin. This must have gone on for ten minutes
or more, and it was exhausting her to keep still. She was
afraid to relax, even when it seemed he had stopped, until
she heard him step away from the bed. She remained spread-eagled
and still, awaiting his next move or instruction, hoping
that the torturous cold-water treatment was over.

During the long silence that followed, she felt the heat
press in on her again. The brief, cold "shower"
had provided only temporary relief. She felt the last of
the cold drops boil from her skin.

The pause in the action gave her a chance to reclaim her thoughts.
Not only was the idea of punishment new, this was the first
time an M&m date had ventured into such physically grueling
territory. Most of their other games had involved sexual
or psychological dominance, sometimes in the extreme.
They agreed that the games would not include anything dangerous
or painful, but this was definitely on the borderline.
Yet she couldn’t deny that this physical dominance added
a sense of exhilaration that she had not felt in their prior
games. And she knew she could trust him.

She heard him return to her side and felt his lips on hers.
They were cold and wet. He forced a single ice cube into her
mouth from his and broke off the kiss abruptly.

His mouth moved quickly to her right nipple. The initial
cold of his lips faded into warmth as he sucked on her breast.
The heat in her fleshy mounds came from the inside now. His
mouth found her other breast and he sucked her nipple into
a state of firm arousal. As the last of the ice cube dissolved
in her mouth, she felt a deep stirring between her legs.
Ooh, it felt good. She wanted to moan, but she took his instruction
of silence literally. She knew he probably had plenty of
ice and cold water left and she didn’t want to think of what
he might do with it if she disobeyed his instructions.

His mouth continued to work at her breasts. A roller coaster
of sensations washed over her as he alternated between
gentle nibbles and rough bites, soft kisses and hard sucking,
long slow licks and fast little flicks. She wanted him badly.
Was he going to fuck her right here? How long would he make
her wait? She wanted him now.

As if he anticipated her very thoughts, his lips moved to
Natalie’s ear. "Do want to be fucked, mistress?"
he asked in a whisper.

She nodded her head, assuming she was still not allowed
to speak.

"But you aren’t nearly ready to be fucked."
he whispered. His tongue traced slowly along her ear lobe.
"I must prepare you adequately. Do you want me to prepare

She nodded again, unsure of what it was she was asking for.

He moved away, and she heard the sound ice rattling in a glass.
Please, she begged in her mind, no more ice-water torture.

He returned to her side, and she felt something cold and
rubbery against her lips. "Open, " he barked.
She parted her lips and felt cold rubber slide across her
lips, over her tongue. Despite the cold, she recognized
the shape and taste of the cock-shaped dildo immediately.
On their last M&m date he had ordered her to give the dildo
a blowjob while he watched and graded her performance.
She had put on a grand show, and he rewarded her by pounding
her with the dildo while she masturbated herself to a massive

He pressed the rubber shaft in deeper, forcing her lips
wide apart, until it hit the back of her throat. She fought
off the gag reflex and swallowed hard. He pumped the length
of it in and out of her mouth several times, fucking her mouth
with the toy. She felt the life-like veins and ridges pass
through her lips as she sucked it.

"I’m going to let go, " he informed her. "I
want you to keep this cock in your mouth. You are such a fantastic
little cock-sucker, I’m sure you can do it."

He pushed the dildo deep into her mouth again and released
it. The length and weight of it caused it to tip to one side.
She bit down hard and sucked it as deeply into her mouth as
she could. He hadn’t threatened punishment for dropping
the dildo. He didn’t need to. She now assumed that punishment
would cum if she failed to do as he instructed.

She resisted the urge to stabilize the dildo with her hand,
knowing that movement would also result in punishment.
She bit and sucked and swallowed, managing to keep it in
for now, but she wasn’t sure how long she could keep her jaws
clenched around the thing. And she had no idea how long she
would be required to.

Jason slid his fingers under the elastic of her thong between
her widespread legs and gave a firm tug. Natalie felt the
material wedge tightly into the crack of her ass. He tugged
again, pulling aside the material that covered the opening
to her sex, fully exposing her wet hole. She heard the rattling
of ice cubes again and feared the worst. She panicked when
she felt something cold and wet pressing against her hot
swollen lips, but when he pushed the chilled vibrator inside
of her, she realized, thankfully, that it wasn’t an ice

He easily pushed the full 7-inches into her swollen and
excited passage and pulled it all the way out again, repeating
this motion several times. Each time the cold sensation
sent a chill up her spine. She wanted to cry out, but she simply
bit down harder on the rubber cock in her mouth and gave a
slight, muffled gasp. On the last stroke he slowly pushed
it into her deeply, and pulled the thong back over her pussy
to hold the vibrator firmly in place, buried to the hilt.
She felt the cold dissipate as her hot box warmed the rubber
dick inside her, but it left her with a slightly numb sensation.

Suddenly the vibrator jumped to life. Jason was at the remote
controls and was driving her at full throttle. But for once
she was able to anticipate his move. She’d guessed that
it was a vibrator between her legs and had mentally prepared
for the sudden sensation. She forced herself to keep from
clamping her legs down in response. Despite being buried
deep in her pussy, the vibrator buzzed furiously. Anyone
in the building would certainly hear it. She didn’t care.
It was feeling wonderful, and she was in another world.

In fact the feelings were more intense than any of her many
previous encounters with a vibrator. She and Jason made
regular use of sex toys in their lovemaking, but this felt
different. Perhaps it was a new "turbocharged"
model he had purchased for this occasion. Perhaps it was
the contrast to the initial cold of the tool. Or maybe it
was the outrageous location. Whatever the reason she was
in heaven.

She felt herself begin to build toward a climax when the
humming stopped abruptly. Oh how she wanted more. She waited.
Nothing. She contracted her muscles around the pleasure
toy, trying to squeeze it back to life. After what seemed
like an hour, but was in fact only a few minutes, she sensed
a slight movement between her legs. It was an almost undetectable
hum. She squeezed hard again, wanting more.

Please turn that thing up she pleaded in her mind. But he
would give her no more. Not yet. He kept it at this teasing
speed for at least five minutes. It was too much to ignore,
but wasn’t nearly enough to bring her off, and he knew it.

Natalie became totally focused on the low buzz inside her
and strained everything in her being toward the orgasm
that was just out of reach. The intensity of her concentration
was a critical mistake. When Jason suddenly traced a single
icy cold finger along the elastic waist of her panties,
the shock of the cold in such a ticklish location instinctively
made her draw her knees up in response. When she cried out,
"Ooohhh" the dildo fell from her lips onto the
bed next to her head.

"Uh oh, " Jason said calmly, almost mocking
her failure. He pulled aside her thong and slid the vibrator
out of her love hole. The low buzzing noise gave way to silence
once he turned off the control. The ensuing silence seemed
to last forever. Natalie’s mind raced with the anticipation
of the "punishment" that would be hers for her
failure to maintain the stillness and silence her Master
had commanded and for dropping the dildo.

"Sit up, mistress" Jason said, his voice calm
yet firm. Jason slid the blindfold off over her head. She
discovered that Jason was completely naked and sporting
a raging hard-on. At Jason’s direction Natalie slid to
the edge of the bed. She wanted to reach for his stiff cock,
thinking that perhaps he would show her more mercy if his
cock was in her mouth. Instead, however, she sat staring
at the floor, afraid to make eye contact with him, afraid
to see his disapproval, afraid to read in his eyes the punishment
that was coming. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, but what
would he do?

Jason walked over to a small trunk with it’s lid propped
open against the wall and dropped the dildo and vibrator
inside. He closed the trunk and returned to stand in front
of her. He took her face in his hands and tilted it up toward
his, staring into her eyes. "I love you, mistress, "
he said in a sweet voice. "I know how hard you tried
to do as I told you. Actually, it took much longer for you
to break than I expected. You did well, but there is still
the question of punishment for your failure to obey you
Master. Do you think I should punish you?" he asked

She paused, unsure how to answer.

"You may speak now, " he assured her.

Finally she replied, "Yes Master."

He sensed her hesitation and leaned down and kissed her
forehead. "Do you trust me?" he asked. .

"Yes Master, " she replied.

"How should I punish you?"

"However you wish, Master."

Delighted with the submissiveness and trust in her answer,
he took her hands in his and pulled her to her feet. Her heart
raced. A slight feeling of fear gripped her. Should she
give him the signal that she was afraid? What did he intend
to do to her? He placed his hands on her hips turned her slowly
to face away from him. He ran his hands over her gently over
her ass. He loved how her ass looked, especially in a thong.
He slowly peeled the thong off her hips and down her long,
sexy legs. She stepped out of it. Jason stood back to admire
her completely naked body in the glow of the candlelight.

"You are incredibly beautiful, mistress."

"Thank you, Master." She stood, looking away
from him, staring into the candlelight coming from the
corner. She waited for his next move. He moved in behind
her. He pressed the length of his naked body against hers,
and their sweaty skin melted together. It was an erotic
feeling. She loved his skin on hers, even slick with sweat;
it made her feel safe and wanted. She felt the stiffness
of his manhood pressing between her buns. It made her want
him, and she forgot for an instant about the punishment
due her.

He wrapped his arms firmly around her shoulders and cupped
her breasts with his strong hands. He fondled her gently
and her nipples stiffened at his touch. He slowly moved
his hands down to her hips. He pulled her back to him as he
slid his cock up and down the slippery crack of her ass. Was
this it? She thought. Was he going to fuck her ass as punishment?
He had suggested anal sex before, but she had never let him
enjoy her in that way. Was he going to just take her ass? The
thought scared and excited her at the same time.

He instructed her to bend forward at the waist and place
her hands on the bed. She did. He continued pressing himself
between her buns. He told her to spread her legs. She moved
her feet apart. He stopped the sliding motion and pressed
the tip of his cock against the puckered opening of her asshole.
She tried hard to relax, anticipating his entry. She knew
it would only hurt more if she fought it.

"Do you want me to put this in your ass?" he asked,
gripping his hard cock in one hand and spreading her ass
cheeks apart with the other.

"Yes Master, " she replied as sincerely as
she could. "Use me for your pleasure. Please fuck
my ass if that is what you want."

The sudden slap of his hand against her backside was not
at all what she expected. He pulled away and slapped the
other cheek. His voice matched the sudden harshness of
his actions. "I would like very much to fuck your tight
little ass, but I’m afraid you just might like it too much.
And this is supposed to be a punishment.’

"Get on the bed, " he ordered sternly. "Face
down. Spread our arms and legs wide for me. And don’t’ move."
She climbed up on the bed and spread herself out for him as
he had directed. Her ass stung from his blows.

"I told you before not to move, but you failed to restrain
yourself, mistress. What do you think we should do to keep
you from moving this time?" he asked.

"Tie me to the bed?" she asked in a tentative
voice that clearly indicated her reluctance.

"I’ll give you a choice, mistress, " he said.
"Either I can tie you to the bed or you can try to control
your own movements. But I must warn you, if you fail again,
the punishment will certainly be more severe."

"Tie me to the bed, Master, " she pleaded without
hesitation. "It’s just too impossible the other

"Very well, then, if you’re sure."

"I’m sure, " she said, trying to sound confident.
But she wasn’t sure at all. She had always been hesitant
to play with bondage. The idea of such total surrender and
helplessness scared her away from it. Now she found herself
wanting it.

Jason walked back over to the trunk and opened it. She followed
his movements with nervous anticipation, watching him
through the brass bars of the headboard. She felt her heart
pound into the bed as she watched him remove several lengths
of rope from the trunk. He secured her wrists tightly to
the headboard. Then he moved to the foot of the bed and bound
each of her ankles with a piece of rope. He ordered her to
spread her legs as far apart as she could. As he tied the loose
ends of the ropes to the brass footboard the muscles in Natalie’s
arms and legs were stretched almost to the point of pain.

When Jason turned to walk back to the trunk Natalie raised
her head to examine the bonds on her wrists. She was surprised
at how strangely erotic it looked and felt. She strained
against the ropes trying to ease the tension in her tightly
outstretched body, but she found that she was practically
immobile. The slight sense of uncertainty was overwhelmed
by her exhilaration and anticipation at how the Master
might take advantage of her helplessness.

Jason returned to the trunk and pulled out a box with several
knobs and switches and a series of wires extending from
it. He pulled on the wires and up from the box appeared three
cylindrical objects dangling on the ends of the wires.
Two of the objects were smaller, shiny and silver. She was
sure they were bullet vibrators - her favorite kind. The
third object was a much larger, maybe 10 or 12 inches long,
at least 3 inches thick and black. Natalie’s eyes widened
with excitement.

He carried the box and it’s attachments back to the bed and
placed them in a pile between her outstretched feet. He
carefully untangled the wires and separated each probe
from the other. She heard the click of some switches and
several pitches of buzzing noise. She sensed vibrations
on the bed. The various noises grew louder and softer, swirling
in her ears. She began to feel an eager ache between her legs.
Click. The sounds stopped.

"All set, " Jason exclaimed, sounding pleased
with himself.

Set for what? Natalie wondered.

She felt an oily liquid drop onto both ass cheeks. Within
a few seconds she felt a warm sensation working its way into
her skin where the liquid had been applied. It grew warmer
and warmer, to the point of being uncomfortable. She squeezed
her buns in an attempt to ease the mild burning. It didn’t

"What is that?" Natalie questioned.

"Silence, " Jason barked back. "You
are not to question your punishment. Accept it like a good
mistress. Understand?"

"Yes Master. I’m sorry."

Jason leaned down and blew softly across her backside.
The temperature rose further. Natalie now recalled having
seen a special kind of lotion once when they were surfing
a sex-toy web site. It’s the kind that heats up when exposed
to air. She had never experienced it before, and she wondered
how much hotter it would get.

Jason dribbled a large amount of heat lotion down the crack
of her ass. It began heating up instantly. He quickly dipped
one of the small silver bullet vibrators into the pool that
formed between her cheeks and rolled it around several
times, coating it well on all sides.

He slid his hand under her left tit and squeezed firmly once.
He pulled her fleshy globe up off the bed and wedged the slick
silver bullet beneath it, being certain that the barrel
rested directly against her nipple. The heat quickly radiated
the entire left side of her upper torso. He coated the other
bullet and slid it under her other tit, lodging it too against
her nipple. Her entire upper body now was burning. She wanted
to cry out for him to stop, but she knew she must accept her
punishment quietly or risk more severe treatment.

The heat was having a strange affect on her sexually. Despite
the discomfort, she found herself extremely aroused by
the sensations emanating from her sensitive tits and burning
into her ass. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would
feel like in her pussy. She actually found herself hoping
he would allow her to find out.

Jason picked up the large black vinyl vibrator and coated
it liberally with heat lotion. He rested the head of the
massive tool against her soaked lips and inserted in just
an inch or so. The additional heat sensations made her head

Wow! she thought. This is incredible.

She felt her hot sex forced open as he pushed the massive
cock deeper into her. Was the burning from the oil or from
the fact that she had never had anything so large in her pussy
before? She didn’t know. She didn’t care. Slowly it went
in deeper and wider, until she could take no more. She whimpered
slightly. She was completely filled and completely dizzy
with delight. "Where does he come up with these things?"
she thought to herself.

He freed her right arm from the rope and pulled it down to
her side. "Hold this big black dick in your sweet little
pussy." She raised her hips and slipped her hand between
her legs. She wrapped her hand around the base of the vibrator
and discovered its girth. It was huge. She felt her own wetness
pouring out from her excited pussy as she eased the tool
in and out slightly, rocking her hips in anti-rhythm.

Her concentration quickly moved from her pussy when her
breasts began to tingle. This was a different kind of tingle
than the oil was providing. The tingling moved from one
tit to the other, slowly undulating back and forth. Jason
was twiddling the control knobs on the box that connected
to the two vibrators. He increased the magnitude of the
vibrations and continued the seesaw action. She pressed
her aching chest into the bed, trying to increase the pleasure
in her buzzing nipples.

Both bullets were now operating at full power. She was moaning
and writhing against them. Her squirming caused the heat
oil to spread to fresh skin, bringing on new waves of heat.
She was almost trembling now, as the bullets were blasting
her nipples. She wondered if she could cum from breast stimulation
alone. She never had, but she knew that if this kept up she
was going to go over the top.

But it didn’t keep up. Jason set the bullets to a low hum and
left them there. She felt his hand remove hers from around
the vibrator between her legs, then felt the stretching
in her cunt ease as he slid the black beast out of her. After
retying her hand to the headboard he shoved the cock back
into her, just as deep and wide as before. She moaned with
pleasure as it re-entered her, but the brief exposure to
the air had started to raise the temperature of the cock.
He pumped the thick probe in and out, each time the temperature
in her pussy increasing.

It was an amazing combination of sensations: ass and chest
burning, nipples humming, pussy filled to capacity and
completely on fire. Jason took another piece of rope and
looped it several times around the tops of her thighs then
around the massive vibrator, securing it in place deep
within her burning pussy.

Jason picked up the box and went back to the adjusting the
controls. He switched off the bullets and switched the
black vibrator on full blast. Natalie immediately began
squirming furiously against the humming tool. Her hips
writhed in a fucking motion, her pussy clamping down hard
to keep it as far inside as she could. As suddenly as it started,
it stopped. It cycled on and off like that for five minutes,
maybe ten. Each time she felt her climax approaching he
would shut it off and wait. He was making her crazy.

She had never felt so desperate to cum in her life. This was
her punishment.

With a flick of another switch and the twist of a knob, Natalie’s
left tit began to hum. The intensity of the vibration grew
slowly to a peak then began to subside. As it did, her right
side started up. It rose to its peak and rolled off. Next
was her pussy. Up and down. Round and round her body the sensations
raced, each vibrator in turn peaking at its maximum amplitude
and backing off. After several rounds, the pace began to
quicken, as the wave of each toy grew shorter and shorter.
Eventually it reached a point where it was making the entire
round in only a few seconds. The faster it went the closer
her orgasm came. She had never approached her peak so gradually.

Jason read the contortions in her face and listened to her
moans growing louder and more frequent. She strained desperately
against the ropes that held her immobile. She was getting
close now. He quickly pushed her legs apart and drew out
the long black buzzing vibrator.

"No!" Natalie shouted. "I have to cum!
I beg you Master. Please let me cum!"

Without a word, Jason pushed the tool underneath her, up
along her soaking, pouting pussy lips, until the tip pressed
into her belly and the base rested on her clit. The heat rocketed
into her most sensitive places. He flicked one more switch
and set the controls down. All three tools were now running
full out.

Jason quickly climbed on top of her sweaty, writhing body
and pushed his cock into her wide-open pussy. He felt the
temperature of his cock rise as the heat lotion that coated
her walls took affect. As he pushed in deeply his balls rested
against the big black vibrator beneath her. It was an incredible

Loud sloshing sounds mixed with buzzing noises from the
three vibrators and Natalie’s loud whimpers, as he pounded
into her hard and deep. It was an erotic symphony. Despite
the burning sensation in her clit, she thrust her hips and
pressed her clit hard against the humming pole beneath
her. Her tits buzzed delightfully. She alternated between
pushing back to meet Jason’s pounding hot cock and pushing
forward to rub her clit against the vibrator. Each movement
provided a different and amazing kind of pleasure.

It took less than two minutes of this frantic action for
both of them to reach their peak. Natalie exploded first.
She screamed with her face in the bed as she came. And came.
And came. She rode wave after wave of the most intense orgasm
she had ever experienced. Jason exploded into her on her
third wave, emptying his full load deep in her convulsing,
fiery pussy. His cock finished spurting into her, and he
rolled off.

Natalie continued to squirm and cry out for at least another
thirty seconds, until she thought she might pass out from
the intense pleasure of it. Finally, when she could take
no more, she begged Jason to turn the vibrators off. Jason
reached up and flicked the switch on the control box to the
"off" position.

The two of them lay motionless in a sweaty heap on the bed,
both completely spent. In the hot, sweaty silence Natalie
quickly drifted into a deep sleep, still tied to the bed.

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