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Coed Fun


Coed Fun
It was 7 A.M. when Ann hit the showers. She had an 8 o'clock
class what
was it? Psychology? God, why did she sign up for that subject?
well, she needed an elective. How else was she going to maintain
hopefully busy social schedule?
As the hot water beat softly against her young and supple
skin, the fog
started to clear from her head and she remembered that she
wasn't in her
private shower back home. She lived in a college dormitory
now and the
showers were all open to each other. "Why don't they provide
a little
privacy around here?" Oh well, Ann secretly enjoyed the
lack of
privacy. Sometimes she found herself wondering, with
a certain sense of
excitement, just who would be joining her in the shower
each morning.
She would cast her eyes shyly to the floor and become very
quiet as she
struggled to find an excuse to look at her bathing partner.
Just how
long do normal women look at each other in the buff? Would
suspect anything if her eyes stopped momentarily to appreciate
portions of female anatomy?
Ann often worried herself. After all, she only dated men.
She had
never been to bed with another woman. She thought of herself
as quite
heterosexual. And yet?------ Oh God, what was she going
to do with
these feelings?
Ann's troubling thoughts were interrupted by the sound
of another shower
being turned on. Startled, she glanced across the tiled
floor to the
shower head opposite her. It was little Mary. Actually,
little Mary
wasn't so little. She was only about 5 feet 1 inches tall
but she had
round firm breasts the size of cantaloupes which were capped
by perfect
pink nipples which when erect were the about as round as
Ann's pinky and
about three fourths of an inch long.
Ann and Mary said good morning to each other politely and
then looked
away. Ann reached for her soap and worked up a lather. Her
hands went
to her own breasts which were quite large also. She felt
aroused, her
nipples were erect. She started to feel embarrassed. She
pulled her
hands away from these sensitive organs and began to wash
her back and
arms. She dared to sneak another quick look at Mary. Mary
was bent
over reaching for her bottle of shampoo on the shower floor.
Her back
was turned towards Ann and the view left nothing to the imagination.
Little Mary was wide open her firm round ass cheeks were
open giving Ann
a good look at Mary's pink puckered anal rosebud, Ann could
see Mary's
pink cunt lips clearly because they were nicely shaved
and spread
slightly open. Ann's soapy hands darted back and forth
over her own
swollen genitals.
Ann's embarrassment was beginning to turn to guilt. She
wondered what
Mary would think of her if she knew how sexually aroused
the sight of
her nakedness had made her. Oh, how she longed to touch her
just once,
to press her lips against her's-----hard! To wrap her hands
Mary's gorgeous tits and suck each nipple into her mouth.
Would Mary
become wet? Would she want more? Would she want Ann to continue
and to
probe her hot little pussy and lick her tits and cunt? Or
would she
tell everyone that Ann was a freak and that they should keep
their doors
locked? Ann became very frightened by such thoughts. For
a moment she
would lose her sexual desire and retreat into a secret corner
of her
mind. Mary abruptly ended such an escape with "Do you have
conditioner?" She was all cheery and wide eyed, standing
directly in
front of Ann. Her firm breasts heaved with a little girlish
sigh as she
stood spread legged in front of Ann.
Ann stumbled for words as she handed Mary the bottle of conditioner.
"Sure---uh---here you are---uh--." Mary said thanks
in the same cheery
fashion, gently tweaked Ann's left nipple, turned and
went back to her
own shower head. Ann was totally stunned. "Why had Mary
touched her
nipple?" "What did she mean by it?" "Was she just joking
around or
does Mary entertain some of the same sexual fantasies I
do?" Now Ann
was determined to find out if Mary was as sexually aroused
as she was.
To hell with what others might find out or think of her. She
Mary in the worst way and if there was any chance... Well,
the risk is
worth it if she could feel Mary's body against hers.
Ann walked deliberately towards Mary. As Ann approached,
Mary turned
and smiled. "Need your conditioner back, " she said? Ann
took the bottle from Mary's hand and as she did her eyes fell
Mary's breasts. They were so round and firm and they stood
there at
attention as if asking to be admired. Ann's free hand reached
Mary's right breast. She gently cupped it and began tracing
around it with her fingers. Mary stiffened a little at first
offered no resistance to Ann's advance. As she continued
to massage
Mary's breast with her left hand, Ann dropped the bottle
of conditioner.
She brought her right hand to Mary's breast and now squeezed
and fondled
these breasts she had admired for so long with both hands.
The touch of
Mary's skin was ten times more delicious than she had imagined
it would
be. Ann was becoming very aroused and she could feel her
beginning to throb with anticipation. Vaginal secretions
were beginning
to flow in abundance and she could feel them trickling down
the inside
of her left thigh. Ann let out a deep but barely audible moan
as she
gloried in the excitement of the moment. "How is little
Mary's pussy
doing, " she thought as she reached with her right hand
to caress the
little dark patch of hair that covered it. Gently she pulled
at the
curls and then slowly slid her middle finger into Mary's
wet vagina.
She traced the inner and outer lips with her exploring finger,
they were
slippery with Mary's excitement. Ann found her clitoris
and began to
massage it gently. The excitement Ann felt was overwhelming.
struggled to quiet her screams of delight by burying her
face in the
crook of Ann's neck and shoulder. Ann continued to finger
Mary's now
swollen clit. Periodically Ann would bring lubrication
from Mary's
vagina to her clit by inserting her finger a few inches.
Mary's knees
were beginning to get weak and she was holding on to Ann very
tightly so
she wouldn't fall. The water from the shower was drenching
both of them
and it was making things very slippery. Ann decided she
had better lie
Mary down before they both fell and hurt themselves. As
Ann help Mary
to the floor she came face to face with Mary's beautiful
snatch. She
ventured a taste, allowing her tongue to flick lightly
over Mary's moist
clean shaven pussy lips. Ann marvelled at the sweet taste
of Mary's
delicious sex. She went wild with the taste of Mary's slick
juice. She began to suck and lick and mouth every part of
womanhood. Her tongue finally came to rest on Mary's throbbing
As Ann slowly and methodically licked her love button,
Mary was writhing
on the floor of the shower in a state of shear ecstasy. Ann
reached up
to grasp both of Mary's nipples while she continued to feast
on her now
very juicy pussy and as she gently pinched them between
her thumb and
forefinger, Mary came. Mary's supple body convulsed with
waves of
pleasure and she let out a quiet scream. Then her body went
limp and she moaned softly. Ann felt very pleased with herself
as she
looked at the gentle contented smile on Mary's face.
Ann glanced at the wall clock as she helped Mary to her feet.
It was
now 7:45 A.M. Ann thought, "lucky no one walked in and discovered
morning interlude." They began to gather their things
to get out of
there before someone did walk in on them. As they started
to leave the
room, Mary grabbed Ann's arm gently and said, "why don't
you come down
to my room for a few minutes?" Ann obliged.
Mary's roommate had not yet left for class when they arrived.
introduced Ann to Jill, a petite blond with long hair and
a nice figure.
Ann was immediately aroused as Jill was just getting dressed
and stood
in front of her with her firm breasts exposed and her pussy
clad only in
high cut french briefs which clearly outlined her pouting
cunt lips.
Jill seemed very friendly and in no hurry to get dressed
and be on her
way. Mary put her arm around her roommate and whispered
something in
her ear. Jill's eyes lit up and she turned to Ann saying "I
hear you
have been making it with Mary", Ann blushed and nodded her
head. Jill
came over to Ann and pulled open her robe. Ann's nipples
were hard as
pencil erasers and her pussy was flowing with juice. Jill
told Ann that
anyone who made it with Mary would have to make it with her
too. Ann's
eyes shone with delight as she thought of the pleasure that
she would
soon be enjoying. Jill pulled Ann's robe off her shoulders
and lead her
to the bed. Mary joined them and as Jill played with Ann's
full firm
breasts Mary pulled Ann's panties off and spread her legs
to gain access
to her sopping pussy. By the time Ann realized she was laying
on the
bed Mary had her legs spread wide and was licking and sucking
her cunt
while Jill fondled and sucked her swollen tits. Ann could
feel Mary's
tongue circle her erect clit and alternately plunge into
her hot vagina
as Jill sucked and nibbled on her tits. Ann's body was convulsing
orgasm now and she begged Jill to sit on her face so she could
eat her
cunt. Jill removed her panties and spread her shaved cunt
lips giving
Ann a good look at her hot wet pussy. After making Ann beg
for it a bit
more Jill straddled Ann's face and slowly lowered her sopping
slit onto
Ann's eager mouth. Ann reveled in the musky taste of Jill's
shaved snatch and began to lick her clit and probe Jill's
tasty inner
reaches. Jill climaxed quickly and rode Ann's face hard
filling her
mouth with her orgasmic juices while Mary continued to
cause Ann to
climax with her talented tongue.
After her orgasm Jill got up and went to the closet and got
out a large
dildo attached to some straps. Ann watched as Jill fit the
smaller end
of this double headed monster into her own pussy and adjusted
the straps
so that it stood out like a large heavy prick. Jill got behind
Mary who
was still licking and sucking Ann and after licking her
roommates cunt
and asshole positioned the fake cock at the entrance of
Mary's pussy.
Mary feeling the dildo started to push back against the
invading pole
forcing it deep into her cunt and leaving Ann's pussy. Jill
told Ann to
get under Mary and lick her clit while she was fucking her.
reversed her position and crawled under Mary until her
head was between
Mary's delicious thighs. Ann watched as Jill forced the
monster cock up
her roommates cunt until Mary had the full 10 inches of fat
imbedded in her pussy. Mary went to work on Ann's cunt and
which were now just even with he face. Ann felt fully opened
as Mary
licked her clit and forced her fingers up her cunt and anus.
Ann went
to work on Mary's clit as she watched the huge plastic shaft
repeatedly buried in her new friends hot pussy. Jill and
Mary were both
cumming as Ann reached back between Jill's legs and forced
her fingers
up Jill's tight asshole. Both girls worked their way down
from their
tremendous climax as Ann started to cum thrusting her hips
into Mary's
face. The three girls collapsed in a heap of sweating but
flesh and continued to rub and fondle each other until their
returned. Ann was the first to recover and she begged Mary
to fuck her
with the dildo.
Mary rolled over to Jill and unsnapped the straps holding
the dildo in
Jill's cunt and pulled it out then took the end which was
in Jill's slit
into her mouth licking Jill's copious juices from the fat
plastic shaft.
Mary forced the end up her hot well fucked twat and attached
the straps.
Jill moved over and sucked on the free end of Mary's artificial
adding to the juices clinging to it from its previous trip
up Mary's
pussy. Mary told Ann to roll on her side and prepare herself
for the
fucking of a lifetime. Jill layed down next to Ann her face
inches from
Ann's juicy cunt as Mary raised Ann's leg opening her cunt
and exposing
her pink puckered asshole. Mary moved in and forced the
fat plastic
cock up Ann's cunt as Jill began to lick Ann's clit. Ann was
with pleasure as the long fat shaft filled her quivering
slit and Jill's
talented tongue lashed her stiff hard clit. Ann seeing
Jill's slick
shaved cunt in front of her quickly pulled Jill's cunt to
her mouth and
began to lick and suck Jill's hot pussy. As Ann's passion
grew she
reached around Jill's hip and pushed two fingers up Jill's
pulsing anus.
Mary was really fucking Ann, Ramming the fat plastic cock
into Ann's
cunt with quick long strokes and rubbing her fingers over
Ann's hot ass
pucker. Sensing Ann was climaxing Mary pressed her fingers
up Ann's hot
anus setting off a tremendous climax for Ann. As soon as
her passion
began to ebb Mary pulled the dildo out of Ann's cunt Jill
began to
tongue fuck Ann's hot wet cunt. Spreading Ann's ass cheeks
Mary forced
the dildo up Ann's asshole making Ann moan with pleasure.
meanwhile felt a Jill's hand spread her ass and Jill's fingers
her tight nether hole probing in time to the strokes she
was giving Ann.
It took only a few minutes for Ann to reach climax again but
not before
Jill climaxed and Mary got off from the insistent pounding
of the dildo
up her snatch combined with the feeling of Jill's fingers
pounding up
her rectum. The girls were finally satisfied and after
a short rest and
another shower they dressed and went to classes.
All day Ann thought about the events of the morning and her
pussy was
constantly wet with the remembrances of her fucking and
sucking session
with Mary and Jill. Ann wanted it to happen again and this
time Ann
wanted to use the dildo on her new found sex partners. Ann
got back to
her room about 4:00 PM and stripped down naked as soon as
she got their
and began to play with her still wet pussy. Ann's roommate
had flunked
out at mid semester and she had the whole room to herself
so she spread
herself out on the bed with her vibrator and worked herself
into a
frenzy. No matter how good it felt it just wasn't the same
as the
feelings she had with Jill and Mary. Ann was lying back thinking
when a
knock at her door interrupted her daydreaming. Grabbing
a towel Ann
covered up and went to the door.
To her delight it was Jill, Jill had come to look for Ann,
Ann let Jill
in and gave her a passionate kiss. Jill returned her kiss
and their
tongues played back and forth in each others mouths for
a few moments.
Jill then reached down pushing back the towel covering
Ann's cunt and
rubbed Ann's pussy slowly inserting two fingers up Ann's
still slippery
cunt. Jill invited Ann to come to her and Mary's room for
a while
before dinner and Ann gratefully accepted. Ann moved to
get dressed but
since their room was just a short way down the hall Jill told
her to
just come as she was. Ann knew this meant they were going
to have sex
again and the thought of sucking and licking Mary and Jill
made her
pussy throb with anticipation. Ann knew that tonight would
be a night
to remember and she rubbed her pussy as she and Jill walked
to her room.
As they entered the room Mary closed the door and locked
it. "You won't
mind being a little late for dinner this evening will you, "
Mary asked
coyly? Ann smiled, "no, I won't mind at all, " she replied.
Mary undid
the knot in Ann's towel and it fell to the floor. She knelt
down and
spread Ann's pussy lips, exposing her clit. Ann's eyes
closed with a
flutter and she braced herself against the door behind
her. Her pussy
was already wet but as Mary began to lick gently on her swollen
clit the
love juices began to flow like a river down the inside of
both thighs.
The walls of her vagina were contracting so hard that her
stomach was
heaving in and out in an obvious fashion. Mary's tongue
was flicking
and caressing her clit and she could feel a finger thrusting
deep into
her vagina. She felt as if she were going to explode. And
she did, all
over Mary. Her pussy juices gushed out as her entire body
shuddered in
ecstasy. Mary didn't mind the unexpected shower, she just
herself dry with Ann's towel and let out a little giggle.
Ann slowly
slumped to her knees, lost in her own world of orgasmic bliss.
Jill who had been watching the lust filled show came to Ann's
side and
rubbed her tits and cunt twisting her erect nipples. "Ann
would you
like to get fucked by a man now, would you like to feel a real
sliding up your cunt and into your mouth and ass, " Jill asked?
eyes looked up to see Jill, Mary and two boys looking at her
with lust
filled eyes. The guys cocks were obviously hard as the bulged
out the
crotches of their pants. Ann nodded her head in agreement
thinking of
all the possible positions she could enjoy with Mary, Jill
and their
boyfriends. The guys helped Ann to her feet and brought
her over and
layed her spread eagle on the bed. Jill and Mary introduced
boyfriends Bill and Dave, both were juniors and were use
to seeing Mary
and Jill getting it on but were very turned on by the thought
of a three
girl orgy. Jill and Mary told Ann to relax and watch as they
to strip each others boyfriend. Jill started on Dave by
unzipping his
pants and fishing out his cock. Ann was impressed as Dave's
cock came
into view, it was thick and about 8 inches long with a large
head that
was already leaking pre-cum. Jill quickly popped Dave's
cock into her
mouth and forcing his entire shaft down her throat by grabbing
his ass
and pushing his cock into her mouth and throat. Dave was
groaning with
pleasure as Jill throated his cock while she undid his jeans
and slipped
them down. Mary was stripping Bill and she pulled off his
t-shirt and
licked his nipples as Bill squeezed her firm tits. Mary
undid his belt
and pants and shoved them down along with his briefs exposing
monster cock which sprung out almost straight. Bill was
just over 10
inches long and as thick around as the fake penis they had
been using
earlier that morning. Mary started to suck Bill's cock
into her mouth
swirling her tongue around the head of that long hard shaft
licking off
the pre-cum which covered the engorged head. By now Jill
had Dave naked
and was spreading his ass cheeks and rubbing her finger
into his hairy
asshole. Looking back at Mary Ann noticed she too had stripped
Bill and
was rubbing his thick shaft all over her face making her
cheeks glisten
with his clear pre-cum. Mary tilted her head and slowly
forced his
entire cock down her throat and began to fuck his cock with
her mouth
and throat until Bill started to moan and pull back not wanting
to cum
so soon.
Dave turned the tables on Jill and began to strip her, removing
blouse and freeing her firm tits which he rubbed and squeezed
her already stiff nipples making her moan with delight.
Dave held her
facing Ann on the bed and reached around to undo her jeans
and pushed
them and her panties down in one quick movement. Kneeling
behind her
Dave pulled her pants and panties off her legs and licked
his way up to
her firm ass. Ann was watching with rapt attention as Dave
Jill's legs and pushed his thick long fingers into her wet
pussy as he spread her ass cheeks and lick her puckered pink
anus. Ann
could contain her lust no longer and as Mary began to strip
Bill Ann's
hand went to her own sopping cunt and she began to finger
her wet hole
forcing two fingers into her quaking twat while she rubbed
her stiff
clit. Bill pulled Mary's sweater over her head exposing
her creamy tits
and stiff pink nipples. Bill sucked on Mary's nipples as
he undid her
pants making Mary moan with anticipation. Turning Mary
to face Ann Bill
pulled her pants down to her ankles pausing to rub her pussy
in the
process. After pulling the pants off her legs Bill reached
up and
ripped her flimsy panties off in one motion leaving her
dripping pussy
ready to be stimulated. Bill spread Mary's legs and shoved
his long
cock between her legs from behind her as he cupped her left
tit and
fingered her clit. Mary was moaning loudly now as Bill's
cock appeared
between her cunt lips and he squeezed her tit and nipple
and fingered
her clit. Ann was climaxing just watching the show Jill,
Mary and the
guys were putting on for her. Ann's cut was soaking and her
were deep up her pussy as she arched her back in orgasmic
Jill, Mary and the guys climbed on the bed with Ann. Jill
went down on
Ann licking her sopping pussy and pushing her fingers up
Ann's hot cunt
and anus. Dave got up behind Jill and spread her cunt open
and shoved
his stiff prick up Jill's slippery slit ramming it deep
into her pulsing
cunt. Dave licked his fingers and worked two of them into
Jill's tight
rectum as he pounded her pussy with long hard strokes. Mary
had straddled Ann's face and lowered her pussy to Ann's
mouth letting
Ann lick her clit and drink her copious juices. Bill got
in behind Mary
and forced his massive shaft up Mary's cunt going balls
deep on the
first thrust. Mary was moaning with pleasure and Ann had
a great view
of Bill's fat long cock as it spread and stretched Mary's
tight cunt.
The guys kept up their pounding in Jill and Mary's cunts
until both
girls had a screaming orgasm. As Bill's cum overflowed
into Ann's mouth
she also climaxed and Jill drank down her sweet pussy juice.
pulled his cock out of Mary's cunt and pushed it into Ann's
mouth as he
rubbed and fingered Mary's asshole letting Ann taste his
cock covered in
his sperm and Mary's cunt juice. Ann took Bill's long cock
deep into
her throat and soon had him hard again. Jill had been working
on Dave's
cock and his cock was now stiff and shiny from her mouth work
and from
the finger she had stuck up his asshole. Bill's cock had
grown to its
former proportions and Ann was hoping Bill would soon be
pounding that
monster shaft deep into her vagina. Mary had moved from
her position
over Ann's face and was behind Jill reaching around to play
with her
tits and nipples while she finger fucked Jill's cunt and
ass as Jill
sucked Dave's cock.
Ann wanted Bill's big stiff meat in her pussy so she took
the lead and
got up on all fours doggy style and begged Bill to fuck her.
Bill moved
in behind Ann his long fat cock pointed at her upturned rear.
Ann put
her head on the pillow and reached back pulling her ass cheeks
showing Bill her pink puckered anus and spreading open
her hot dripping
cunt. Bill moved forward and rubbed the head of his throbbing
into Ann's cunt and rubbed it up and down from her clit to
her pulsing
pink anus. Ann was frantic now to feel Bill's big prick up
her pussy so
she pushed back forcing the head of Bill's thick prick into
her steaming
slit. Bill pushed forward and slowly forced his entire
cock up Ann's
clutching pussy. Ann let out a long low moan of pleasure
as Bill's
monster stretched her pussy and invaded the depths of her
sweet snatch.
Bill proceeded to ream Ann's cunt with long slow strokes
stretching her
cunt with each stroke and slapping her open pussy with his
big cum
filled balls. Mary and Jill were putting Dave to good use
next to them
on the bed. Dave was on his back with Mary sitting on his stiff
while Jill licked Mary's clit as Mary pounded Dave's cock
up her
slippery cunt. Dave had pulled Jill's pussy to his mouth
and was
licking her clit while he finger fucked her cum filled cunt.
Ann wanted
to help so while Bill reamed her pussy with his stiff cock
Ann reached
over and shoved two fingers up Jill's open anus. This got
Jill very
excited and she bucked her cunt into Dave's mouth making
herself climax
quickly. Mary was enjoying her ride on Dave's stiff long
prick and she
pulled her nipples as she rode Dave's cock with wanton abandon.
Jill moved off Dave's face and slipped under Ann spreading
her legs and
making her pussy available to Ann's mouth. Ann lost no time
spreading Jill's pussy and began to lick her clit while
she finger
fucked Jill's creamy cunt and pink rimmed anus. Jill began
to lick
Ann's overworked cunt just as Ann began to climax squeezing
monster cock even tighter. Bill sucame to the tightness
of Ann's hot
tight slit and began to pump a river of cum up her stretched
slit. Jill
was quick to lick up Bill's overflow as he reamed his cock
deep into
Ann's pussy. To Ann's surprise Bill was far from done and
he pulled
back freeing his prick from Ann's cunt. Jill seeing that
Bill still had
a serviceable hard on grabbed his cock and pressed the still
pulsing head against Ann's asshole. Ann wondered if she
would be able
to take Bill's big cock up her ass but when she heard Mary
cry out with
the pleasure of her orgasm on Dave's cock she knew she had
to try. Ann
pressed back and Bill's cock started to spread her tight
pink anal
pucker while Ann tried to relax her ass to allow that long
fat prick to
enter her asshole. Slowly she felt Bill's long pecker inch
its way into
her tight rectum and finally she felt his balls pushing
against her
pussy lips. Bill's cock began to saw in and out of Ann's asshole
sending waves of pleasure through her pussy and ass. Dave
came around
and grabbed Jill's legs which were hanging over the end
of the bed and
pulled them up in the air in this position Jill's ass was
exposed and open. Mary joined Dave and removed Ann's fingers
Jill's asshole spread Jill's ass cheeks and grabbed Dave's
cock guiding
his prick into Jill's well lubed anus. Dave forced his cock
deep into
Jill's asshole with one quick lunge, Ann could feel his
cock pushed deep
into Jill's rectum and rub against her fingers which were
still imbedded
up Jill's pussy. Ann began to climax an tightened her anus
Bill's big prick forcing him to spew his sticky sperm into
her bowels.
Being a bit fucked out Bill pulled out of Ann's asshole after
his sperm into a creamy froth around Ann's asshole. Dave
was pumping
hard now in Jill's asshole and Jill was climaxing steadily
as she
twitched and jumped under the double assault of Dave's
cock and Ann's
tongue and fingers.
Mary seeing Bill leave his position in Ann's asshole went
over and
sucked his now deflated cock into her mouth sucking the
entire length
down her throat. Seeing Ann's anus still open Mary switched
attention to Ann's open asshole and forced her long tongue
up Ann's open
ass licking and sucking Bill's sperm from Ann's pulsing
sperm filled
rectum. Dave started to cum in Jill's ass and filled her
hot anal
cavity with his creamy load. Dave finished grinding his
cock up Jill's
butt and pulled out leaving Ann to lick his sperm from Jill's
dripping asshole. The guys were done for the evening unable
to make
their cocks rise again despite valiant coaxing by all three
girls. Mary
complained that she had been cheated so Ann licked and tongue
fucked her
asshole while Jill fingered Mary's pussy and licked her
clit until Mary
had another massive orgasm and passed out on the bed. Ann
thanked the
guys Jill and even the unconscious Mary for the pleasure
they had shared
with her. Jill told Ann that this was just the beginning
and that she
was invited to a frat party later that week where tonight's
sex would
seem tame. Ann thanked her again and the girls cuddled and
stroked each
other while Dave and Bill dressed and left. Later that evening
the got
up and went to dinner and as Ann crawled into her bed she thought
the party on Friday.
By the time Friday had rolled around Ann, Mary and Jill were
regular sex
partners. Each morning after their shower together they
would go back
to Ann's room and eat and suck each other off then go to breakfast
their classes. Once Ann and Jill even worked in a nooner
going back to
Ann's room after lunch and licking each other into a frenzy
and going on
to class smelling lick a pair of whores. Ann was delighted
with the
arrangement and hoped they could keep up the relationship
all semester.
On Friday morning Mary and Jill had Ann strap on the dildo
and fuck each
of them in the cunt and asshole. Ann enjoyed it as did Mary
and Jill
and Mary told Ann that tonight they would skip their usual
before dinner
tryst so they would be good and horny for the frat party.
Ann, Mary and
Jill showered after dinner and Jill to Ann that she should
wait for them
to come to her room before she got dressed to go to the party
as there
was special considerations for tonight's affair. Ann
secretly wondered
what was so important about how she was to dress but waited
instruction from her friends.
The girls arrived about 7:30 to find Ann laying on her bed
naked and
dosing. Mary quickly got down between her thighs and woke
up the
sleeping Ann by licking and sucking her pussy. While Jill
rubbed and
licked Ann's nipples. Soon Ann was wide awake and ready
for anything.
Jill explained that in order to attend the orgy party at
the frat Ann
would have to shave her pussy so that her cunt lips were completely
exposed. Ann had wondered why Jill and Mary maintained
their pussies in
a clean shaven condition but had resisted asking for fear
of displeasing
her new sex partners. Ann quickly agreed and Jill and Mary
brought her
over to the old armchair beside the bed and sat her down on
the edge of
the seat so that her cunt was just hanging over the edge.
Jill got
between her legs as Mary left the room returning shortly
with a basin of
hot water and a razor and shaving cream. By the time Mary
had returned
Jill had gotten Ann very worked up and had a finger up her
cunt and ass
while Ann twisted with passion in the chair. Mary pulled
Jill away from
Ann's pussy and placed a warm wet cloth on Ann's cunt. After
a few
minutes Mary removed the cloth and spread the shaving cream
on Ann's
exposed cunt lips. Mary carefully shaved all the hair off
Ann's cunt
lips and all the way up to the start of her slit. After she
completed her pussy Mary got Ann up on all fours and with
Jill spreading
Ann's ass cheeks open she shaved around her pink anal ring
making sure
to clean all the hair off. Ann was nearing climax as Mary
massaged her
cunt and asshole with oil to prevent drying of the skin and
when Jill
joined her and pushed two fingers up her asshole while Mary
inserted her
fingers up Ann's cunt Ann began to climax adding her own
juices to the
slippery mixture between her legs. Jill told mary to shower
and join
them in their bedroom.
While Ann was showering a tall brunette named Carol came
in joining her
and Ann noticed that Carol's pussy lips looked newly shaved
like her own
and wondered if Carol was going to the same party as she was.
Ann could
see that Carol was watching her too and soon Ann's lust over
came her
shyness and she spoke to Carol. Ann asked Carol if she had
been shaving
her pussy long Carol with a bit of a joking tone told her that
she had
just done it. Ann told her that her pussy was just newly shorn
also and
that she was going to a party that evening. Carol warming
a bit to the
conversation, told Ann that she was going to a frat party
and that some
friends of hers had insisted on shaving her cunt before
she could go.
Ann told her that Jill and Mary had done her and that she was
forward to going to the party. Ann being a bit bold now moved
Carol and put her hand on Carol's full firm tit and gently
pulled on her
already hot stiff nipple. Carol sighed and Ann knew that
they were
going to be very intimate friends. Carol placed her hand
on Ann's belly
and slowly moved it down until her fingers spread Ann's
cunt lips and
found their way up into Ann's slick wet cunt. Ann started
to suck on
Carol's nipple and slid her hands down to her cunt and around
to her
firm ass. Grabbing Carol's ass cheek Ann pushed her finger
up Carol's
hot anal pucker as she worked her other fingers into Carol's
pussy. In no time the girls were on the floor in a sixty nine
licking and sucking each others slick shaved twats as they
fingered each
others hot cunts and assholes. Carol came first flooding
Ann's face
with her fragrant pussy juice the taste and feel of Carols
brought Ann to climax and she drenched her new friend in
thick pussy
juice which Carol licked down as quickly as possible. After
shower the girls decided to keep their meeting a secret
at least until
the party was over.
When Ann returned she found Jill and Mary enjoying each
other and
watched their lusty play until they had finished. Looking
up Jill saw
Ann and the next part of the ritual began. Jill had Ann follow
her to
their room where Mary was waiting for them. On the bed she
had layed
out Ann's cloths for the evening. Jill removed Ann's robe
and Played
with her tits and cunt while Mary explained the evenings
plan. First
they dressed Ann in a pair of nylons and a garter belt then
they had Ann
get into one of her nearly see through blouses and a short
skirt. Ann
asked about panties and a bra but Mary told her she would
have no use
for the tonight and she raised her own skirt to show Ann her
black lace
garter belt. Jill too lifted the hem of her skirt showing
Ann that she
was similarly attired. With the dressing over Jill and
Mary explained
that tonight they would be sucked and fucked by as many guys
and girls
as they could manage. Ann was a bit nervous as they left for
the short
walk to the fraternity house but she was determined to go
thru with the
evenings festivities. Ann could feel the wetness running
down between
her legs as they walked the three blocks to the party. When
they got
their they were greeted by Dave, Bill and Don. Bill introduced
Don to
Ann and they all went inside.
Ann could hear music playing in another room and they were
escorted by
some of the frat brothers into a small room off the main hall.
told Ann that she would have to stay here a while they cleared
everything with the guys. Mary came over to Ann and pulled
up the hem
of her skirt in front and in back and tucked it into the waistband
her skirt. Ann noticed the appreciative looks on Bill,
Dave and Don's
faces as they ogled her newly shaved cunt. Mary then unbuttoned
blouse and tucked it back exposing her tits for all to see.
cautioned Ann that she had to remain this way until later
and that she
couldn't leave the room unless told to do so. With that they
all left
and Ann stood around wondering what was going to happen.
Shortly Carol
came in escorted by a guy and another girl they said Hi to
Ann as though
she wasn't standing there with her boobs hanging out and
her pussy and
ass exposed. Carol winked at her and the girl opened Carol's
blouse and
lifted her skirt in a similar manner to Ann's. The girl kissed
and played with her pussy slipping her finger into Carol's
cunt then
licking it. The guy followed suit and as he was fingering
Carol the
girl introduced herself to Ann as Lisa and her boyfriend
Rich. Lisa
kissed Ann and felt her breasts and pussy telling Ann she
was beautiful
and that she wanted to eat her cunt later. After Lisa was
done Rich did
the same slipping two long fingers up her cunt and his pinky
into her
anus. This continued until 4 girls were brought into the
room. After
each girl was left they would exchange stories and wonder
what was going
to happen.
Their questions were soon answered as two guys came in and
ushered them
naked cunts, asses and tits and all into a large room filled
with the
other members of the frat and their girlfriends. All were
a bit drunk
but fully clothed, Ann and the other girls felt a bit odd
exposed this
way to all these strangers but also a bit turned on by the
strangeness of the situation. The girls were directed
to the center of
the room and told to stand in a small circle facing out toward
onlookers. The girls were told to introduce themselves
to the group and
one by one Ann starting then Carol next followed by a cute
red head
named Ceil who's red haired mound glistened with her juices.
The last
girl was a cute brunet named Sue she had nice full tits and
her pussy
was shaved exposing her full pouting pink pussy lips which
were covered
with her flowing pussy juice. Ann could tell Sue vas very
aroused and
wanted to lick and suck that juice from her full lush cunt.
Jill got up
and brought in four guys from another room and had them stand
in front
of each of the girls. The guys were dressed normally except
that their
cocks and balls were hanging out of their zippers. Jill
escorted each
guy to a girl by grabbing them by their now stiffening cocks
and leading
them around. Don was paired with Ann and the other guys were
lead to
the girls they came in with. Ann suspected what was going
to happen and
was glad she had Don as he had a big cock bigger than Bill's
estimated. One by one the guys introduced themselves starting
with Don.
The next guy's name was Alan he had a nice long cock and a cute
and he was paired with Carol. Rich who she had talked to was
with Ceil and his cock was enormous it must have measured
12 inches and
was very fat around, Ann silently wondered how such a petite
girl could
get that monster cock up her pussy. The last guy Mike had
a nice prick
which wasn't quite as large as the others but still measured
in at about
9 inches and looked very inviting.
Jill announced that they would be entertaining this evening
and that
each guy would start by stripping eating then fucking the
girl he was
paired with. Jill continued to explain that they would
then switch
partners and continue the process until all the girls had
gotten their
pleasure with each guy. Ann was a bit reluctant at first
but as Don got
to his knees and began to suck and finger her pussy Ann knew
she would
be there to the end. Each guy started on his partner and soon
all the
girls were naked and very aroused. Ceil had her first orgasm
while Rich
was licking her cunt and finger fucking her tight little
cunt and
asshole. Mike had Sue down on her hands and knees in no time
and spread
her firm ass cheeks slipping his finger up her anus as he
forced his
cock into her slippery twat. Don had Ann down on her hands
and knees
and licked her pussy and asshole until the pleasure overcame
her and she
moaned out her orgasm. Alan had Carol on her back and was
pumping his
cock into her with deep hard strokes making her scream out
pleasure. Looking around Ann saw Ceil get down on her hand
and knees
and Rich move in behind her his huge cock stiff and ready.
Ceil reached
back and opened her cunt and ass inviting him to pleasure
her. Rich
licked two fingers and gently probed her tight pink anal
ring then
slowly forced both fingers up her asshole until they were
fully inserted
in her tight rectum. Ceil started to beg for his cock and
reached back
grabbing for his prick. Rich moved forward and Ceil grasped
his hot
stiff meat pressing the large throbbing head to her tight
little cunt.
Ann watched in amazement as Rich's cock slowly forced it
way up Ceil's
tight little pussy spreading her cunt open until his balls
were slapping
her clit. Ceil was cumming by now and her moans added to Ann's
excitement. Ann felt something going up her ass and looked
back to see
Don forcing two long fingers up her anus. Don's cock was
big and hard
and Ann reached between her legs and grabbed it pressing
the slippery
engorged head to her pussy. Don began to press forward and
Ann rammed
herself back hard burying Don's cock to his balls in one
thrust. Ann
was fully filled her cunt began to spasm almost immediately
and her
climax was the most intense and long lasting she had ever
had. Each
time Don's cock rammed into her pussy a new charge of passion
shot thru
her cunt. Don came quickly filling her cunt with his thick
sperm as he
thrust away in wild abandon. As his cock began to wilt Ann
around to see how the other girls were getting it on.
Sue was sucking off Mike getting his cock hard again and
Ann could see
Mike's cum dripping from her still open cunt. Alan was fucking
mouth with his cock and Ann saw Alan's cream running out
of her open
slit and traveling down between her ass cheeks as her mouth
and throat
bulged with his stiffening prick. Ceil was still being
reamed by Rich
her cunt was dripping evidence that Rich had filled her
tight little
slit and was still going strong. This intrigued Ann and
She was
determined to take Rich's big cock next. Ann turned and
grabbed Don's
cum slick cock and popped it into her mouth sucking his dick
deep into
her throat and swirling her tongue around the head of his
Looking past Don Ann noticed that the show they were putting
on was
getting a rise so to speak from the audience. A number of
the brothers
had their cocks out and were being stroked by their girlfriends.
girls too were getting aroused and they all had their tops
off and were
enjoying a hot tit massage from their frat brother boyfriends.
Once the
guys were all hard again Jill stood up and announced it was
time to
change partners. Both Sue and Ann headed to Rich but Sue
beat Ann to
the draw and grabbed Rich's big dick stuffing it into her
mouth and deep
into her throat. Seeing that she would have to wait Ann reached
Mike grabbing his cock and licking the head of his swollen
shaft. Ceil
her cunt dripping with Rich's thick sperm traded partners
with Carol.
Carol rolled over to Don and engulfed his rod with her mouth.
Alan was
getting a quick head job from Ceil as Ann heard Sue moaning
and watched
as Sue straddled Rich driving his fat long cock up into her
wet cunt.
Ann could only watch and wait for her turn on that massive
prick. Mike
was loosing no time and pushed Ann down on her side and spread
her legs
open raising one over his shoulder. Ann's cum stained pussy
was wide
open and Mike was quick to plunge his cock into her open slit
as he
worked his thumb up her slippery anus. From her position
on the floor
Ann watched as Carol was being reamed doggy style by Don
his big prick
slamming in and out of her stretched pussy as he finger fucked
her hot
asshole. Alan had gotten Ceil to sit on his prick and Ann
watched as
Alan's prick forced it's way up into the little red heads
pussy pulling
her pouting lips in and out with it on each stroke. Ann started
climax and Mike filled her cunt with his cum blasting a huge
load into
her already cum filled slit. Carol started to moan as she
reached her
peak and Ann watched as Don's strokes in Carol's pussy took
on a frantic
pace. Soon Carol felt the blast of Don's thick load and went
over the
top cumming repeatedly and hard. Ceil increased her frantic
pace on
Alan's cock and began to massage his ball's as her climax
hit her and
Alan unloaded his sperm in her pussy. Again Rich was still
going strong
and his first load was dripping from Sue's packed slit.
Sue was
gathering his sperm on her fingers and licking it off. This
turned both of them on and Sue began to climax just as Rich
a contorted
look of lust on his face filled her pussy with yet another
Ann looked around seeing Sue take Rich's big prick into
her mouth and
start sucking him deep into her throat as Rich reached over
her back and
slipped his fingers up Sue's asshole probing her butt with
two strong
fingers. Ann grabbed Mike's cock and began to suck him hard
trying to
be the first to get her guy hard again. Carol had Don on his
back and
was stroking and sucking his cum slick cock while Don pulled
on her tits
and nipples. Ceil had Alan's cock deep in her mouth and was
his ass and massaging his balls. Ann could see that the audience
gotten more into the spirit of the evening as all the girls
were naked
now and a few of them had already taken up a perch on their
guy's cocks.
One slim blond had her guy's cock up her ass and was finger
fucking her
own pussy while she watched the show. Ann had gotten Mike
hard again
and looked over to see that she again was too late to get Rich
as Carol
was already there and sucking his big cock down her throat.
Ceil was
just moving away from Alan and his cock was nice and stiff
so Ann went
to him and plunged his slippery cock deep into her throat.
Ceil traded
with Ann and went to work sucking Mike's prick while fingering
his butt.
Sue her cunt dripping with Rich's double load of sperm went
over to Don
and after giving his cock a quick workout with her mouth
and tits layed
back and begged him to fuck her. Don wasted no time and pulled
her legs
up plunging his horse cock into her well lubricated cunt
going balls
deep in on quick thrust. Don began to suck Sue's tits as he
reamed her
pussy bring moans of pleasure to her lips. Carol layed down
on her side
and Rich licked her cunt while she plunged his big tool down
her throat
and reached around to finger fuck his taught asshole. Pretty
soon Carol
was begging Rich to stuff his monster up her slick twat so
Rich move in
between her legs and pushed his big fat cock deep into her
cum stained
pussy. Ann swore she could see Carol's belly push out as
that bull
sized cock invaded the depths of Carol's hot twat. Carol
began to
mutter and moan as Rich reamed his cock into her sweet hole
and Ann
could tell Rich was fingering Carol's ass at the same time.
Alan pulled
Ann into a doggy style position and pushed two fingers up
her hot
asshole then rammed his stiff throbbing prick up her pussy.
Alan was
pumping Ann's pussy with hard firm strokes as he matched
his cock
strokes with the strokes of his fingers up her asshole.
Ann liked this
double assault and dreamed what it would be like when Rich
fucked her
with his monster prick. Ceil the little red headed dynamo
had Mike on
his back and had shoved his prick up her pussy and was pounding
it up
her slit hard and fast as she reached back and shoved her
finger up her
own asshole. Ann looked over to see how Carol was doing with
Rich and
caught the sight of Rich's first load boiling out around
his fat shaft
and running onto Carol's leg as she climaxed her face contorted
with the
pleasure she was receiving from his massive prick. Ann
watched as
Rich's tick sperm puddled on Carol's thigh and it got her
so excited
that she began to climax squeezing Alan's prick in her throbbing
until he came too and filled her slit with his sperm. Ceil
had just
begun to climax and her high pitch wine filled the room as
Mike filled
her tight pussy with his load of creamy sperm. Sue was moaning
as Don rammed his thick cock balls deep in her open slit bringing
both to climax and filling her hot hole with his sperm. Ann
thru a orgasmic haze as Carol began to tremble clutching
her tit and
belly as she climaxed again and Rich filled her stretched
cunt with
another load of cum which overflowed her already sopping
cunt and matted
the hair on her mound into a white frothy island. Rich pulled
his cock
out and moved to Carol's head pressing his cum covered prick
into her
mouth and pulled her hand between his ass cheeks and helped
Carol shove
her fingers up his asshole. Ann couldn't wait to get at Rich
and she
quickly spun around and deep throated Alan's cock and shoved
two fingers
up Alan's asshole massaging his prostrate.
Alan got hard quickly and Ann left him and went for Rich.
Ann pulled
Rich away from Carol and pushed him on his back his long stiff
stood straight up and Ann went down on Rich's massive dick
ramming his
entire length into her mouth and throat. Rich smiled at
Ann and Pulled
her around so he could reach her cummy cunt. As Ann settled
her pussy
over his face Rich pulled her cunt to his mouth and began
to tongue fuck
her hot slit. Ann was in seventh heaven as she rammed Rich's
shaft deep into her throat scarcely stopping to breath
while Rich ate
her pussy and pressed two fingers up her asshole. Ceil had
getting Mike hard and rolled over to Don tapping Sue on the
shoulder and
kissing Sue as she pulled Don's cock from her sperm covered
lips. Sue
looked around and saw that Alan was waiting for her so she
let Ceil take
over on Don's cock. Ceil rammed Don's cock into her mouth
and forced
her cunt onto his mouth begging him to suck her pussy. Sue
Alan's cock and shoved her face down onto his prick until
her nose was
buried in his pubic hair. Alan played with Sue's tits while
she deep
throated his cock and played with his balls. Carol had finally
from her multiple climaxes on Rich's stiff cock and joined
up with Mike
who was watching the proceedings and stroking his cock.
Carol pulled
Mike on top of her in a sixty nine position and guided his
stiff prick
into her mouth as Mike began to eat her cunt and probe her
lubricated anus with two fingers. Ann wanted Rich's big
dick in her
pussy so she moved around and squatted over his prick guiding
massive cock toward her cunt while she spread the lips of
her sperm
soaked pussy. Ann sank down and screwed her cunt with Rich's
long fat
prick until her cut lips pressed against his balls. The
feeling was
tremendous, Ann had never felt this full before Rich's
cock felt so big
and hard that she could feel it pushing on her insides. The
took over and soon Ann was plunging his big tool in and out
of her cunt
with mindless passion. Rich grabbed her tits and pulled
her nipples
while Ann reamed her pussy with his engorged cock. Ceil
had Don up
behind her and he had already pushed his thick prick into
her cum
stained pussy and was finger fucking her tight little pink
anus. Ceil
was nearing climax and her face was giving her pleasure
away. Sue was
astride Alan reaming her cunt on his cock as she finger fucked
her own
ass adding to her pleasure and bringing her near climax.
Carol had
gotten Mike to mount her missionary style and he was fucking
her cunt
hard ramming his cock balls deep on each thrust as he chewed
on her
erect nipples and fingered her cute anus.
Ann was looking around and saw the level of excitement in
the room had
been raised significantly. All around the room there were
naked people
fucking and sucking and one cute blond was being triple
fucked. One guy
was under her and she had his cock stuffed up her pussy as
fucked her anus and a third was pounding his pick into her
mouth. Ann's
watching was cut short as she felt Rich begin to climax thrusting
into her stretched cunt and filling her deepest reaches
with his hot
cum. This pushed Ann over the top and she began to climax
hard ramming
herself onto Rich's prick hard and fast. Rich shot so much
cum into her
that it ran out around her stuffed pussy. Ann rubbed her
hand in his
cum and licked it off her fingers. Ann got so excited that
she raised
up and let Rich's cock slip out of her pussy. Ann was so desperate
get his cock back in that she came down fast and felt the head
of his
big cock go up her anus instead of her cunt. Not wanting to
stop Ann
slowly forced her hips down ramming his massive dick up
her asshole.
The feeling was tremendous and she found that it didn't
hurt at all
although she could feel the head of his prick deep in her
belly. Rich
loved it and began to fuck her ass with hard thrusts making
Ann climax
over and over again. Meanwhile Ceil started screaming
out her orgasm as
Don filled her tight little red haired slit with his load
pumping his
sperm deep into her hot cunt. Sue was climaxing as Alan thrust
into her pussy filling her cunt with his cream until it ran
down her ass
crack lubricating his fingers which were planted deep
in her pulsing
rear. Carol had taken Mike's cock up her ass and was fingering
her cunt
as she climaxed and squeezed his cock with her strong anal
bringing him to orgasm and milking his sperm into her hot
asshole. Ann
was screaming now and she could feel Rich's cock getting
bigger again as
his orgasm approached. Ann could no longer keep track of
her orgasms
and she peaked again as she felt Rich's hot load boil into
her hot
stretched anal cavity. The pleasure was so intense that
she passed out
on Rich's cock.
When Ann came to there were people all around her fucking
and sucking
and two girls were on her licking her cunt and asshole sucking
up Rich's
hot sperm from her open cunt and asshole. The rest of the
evening was
just a blur of bodies and passion but Ann did remember taking
on three
guys at once and fucking them until the had all taken her
in her ass,
cunt and mouth. And toward the end of the evening She ate
Ceil's cunt
as Rich probed the pert little red heads asshole with his
big prick and
two guys were fucking Ann's cunt and anus. Needless to say
there were
parties each weekend but those stories will have to wait
for another

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The story tired me out. I went from one cum to another. My cock is rather sore. Wish I could have been watching.