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I once said that a true lady doesn't kiss and tell all of the juicy details, however, exceptions can be made when the mood is right.

Besides that... There wasn't a lot of kissing going on that night anyway...

This is the story of a night I will never forget. The night that my MFM fantasy was fulfilled perfectly. The night that I had the most erotic moment of my entire life.

I was with my ex boyfriend, K, at the time. It was December and he had asked me what I wanted for Christmas. He couldn't hide his surprise when I told him that I wanted my fantasy of having a MFM encounter to become a reality. It was very bold of me to ask for that, but I felt it was only fair. He always wanted to have a FMF, and I had given that to him on numerous occasions, with two different beautiful ladies. K agreed to my request, and we started our search for the man that would help make my ultimate fantasy come true.

After about ten days of talking to various guys and not quite finding what I was looking for, we received a message from a handsome guy with the screen name truckerlove1964. He wrote a message that got my attention and turned me on at the same time. I can't remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of "I would really like to slide swiftly and deeply inside of your beautiful lady." Don't ask me why it hooked me, but it certainly did!

I immediately scoped out his profile and noticed that we had a few things in common and I really enjoyed how straight forward and honest he was in what he wrote. I also noticed that he was on IM and I sent him a message. We had one conversation and I knew, I had found the man I wanted to help bring my fantasy to life. I had found my Joey.

But there was a catch... He was 300 miles away and that was further than K and I wanted to travel. I was bummed out, but still chatted with Joey on a regular basis. We exchanged phone numbers and we texted a lot and got to know each other pretty well. The more we talked, the more perfect he seemed. And when asked, Joey had no problem driving all that way to meet us. He told me, "300 miles is nothing to a truck driver." And I could tell he truly meant it.

Plans were made to meet up at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino up near Ruidoso, NM. It was the perfect place to meet, I was heading to the casino to get lucky! Hell yeah!

When K and I arrived, I felt incredibly sexy and confident. I was wearing my favorite little black dress. It is sexy with cutouts in black mesh on the sides, but still it is classy as it leaves everything to the imagination. It also fits all of my curves in a way that perfectly accentuates my assets. Under my dress was a surprise for my guys, my sexy garter slip. I was wearing thigh highs with lace on the thighs that coordinated perfectly with both the dress and the garter slip and sexy black high heels. I didn't bother wearing panties, I wanted to get myself into a slutty frame of mind, because that's what I was that night. And I have no shame in admitting it.

I decided to sit at a slot machine and K went looking for Joey. A few short minutes later and K came back and I finally got to meet my Joey. He was more handsome in person and I had to give him a big hug. I felt him squeeze my ass as I hugged him and I smiled to myself at how naughty we were already being. He offered to show us to the room we were all sharing and off we went.

I was desperately trying to keep up with my two handsome men as we were walking through the casino and into the hotel lobby but my heels were making that difficult. I stopped in the middle of the lobby and slipped my shoes off so I could lead my men to the room. I was already soaking wet and literally aching for more. I needed them both, right then.

We got to the room and I could tell that Joey was nervous. He was sitting in one of the chairs and I decided to calm his nerves by sitting on his lap. His body immediately reacted and I felt him getting hard. I had to sneak a feel and I was very pleased to find that he is very well endowed. I took that moment to whisper in his ear about my lack of panties.

"Prove it," he demanded. "I want to taste your sweet little pussy." I looked at K and he gave me the nod to have fun. I am very proud of my flexibility, so I put one of my legs over Joey's shoulder. He firmly grabbed my ass and helped me position myself. My back was arched and both of my feet were on the chair behind him. I braced myself on my arms and he pulled me to his mouth. His expert tongue explored me ever so slowly. He teased my clit with short flicks of his tongue and made me ache for more. He paused just long enough to tell me how sweet I tasted and then he was relentless. I couldn't hold back and I exploded under his tongue.

After taking a moment to breathe, I got up from Joey's lap and slowly removed my dress, revealing my sexy lingerie. I beckoned for both of my men to come over to me. I took my time as I removed their belts in turn. I removed their pants and boxer briefs as I slowly dropped to my knees in front of them. I was in heaven. My absolute favorite thing to do sexually is to suck cock and I had two big hard cocks in front of me, ready to be sucked. I took one in each hand and then I slowly took K into my mouth and eased him back out again. I did the same for Joey. I went back and forth between them, exploring one cock with my mouth and tongue while stroking the other. I could have stayed right there on my knees the whole night, pleasing my two men, but Joey and K had more in store for me.

They both gently took one of my arms and helped me to the bed. They each unclipped one of my thigh highs from the garter belt and slowly removed them. My garter slip was gently unfastened and pulled off over my head. I was blindfolded, just how I had always fantasized. K whispered in my ear that it was time for me to be a good little slut, as he fastened the velcro cuffs to my wrists and ankles. He connected the cuffs to the straps and I felt my legs spread open as the straps were tightened. My pussy was aching to feel one of my guys enter me. I never wanted to be fucked more in my life. I needed to feel a hard cock inside of me at that moment, just as I needed air to breathe. That moment of waiting seemed like an eternity to me.

I felt movement on the bed next to where my head was at and I eagerly opened my mouth. I felt K slide his cock inside my mouth and down into my throat. I was distracted just enough that Joey took me completely by surprise as he slid his hard, throbbing cock into my eager wet pussy. I wanted to cum the moment I felt him enter me, but I held back. He fucked me like the slut I was so willing to be. His strokes were hard, fast, and relentless. I wanted to moan, but I couldn't with K's hard cock fucking my throat. I could feel myself losing control, my body aching to be overcome by the lust-filled bliss of my orgasm. Just as I was about to explode, Joey and K traded places.

"Taste yourself on me. Clean my cock with your tongue, slut," Joey demanded. And I was all too eager to oblige. I longed to taste myself on his cock. I took my time to clean every last trace of my pussy juices off of him. When I finished, I licked all of the precum off the tip of his cock. His taste combined with my own and it was absolutely delicious. I wanted to savor the taste and lick my lips, but he eased his cock into my mouth and into my throat. As Joey was entering my throat, K entered my pussy with one hard and swift thrust. He continued the thrusting, hitting me in just the right spot. I exploded around him and drenched the bed. I squirted for the second time ever. It was one of the best orgasms I ever had. My entire body started shaking and I needed a break.

We ordered some room service since we never made it to dinner and I took a shower. After my shower, I was ready for more and I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted my men to cum for me and all over me. I climbed onto the bed and called the chit-chatting men over to me. I told my guys that I wanted to be spit roasted by them and that I didn't want them to be gentle with me. I wanted them to use me like the slut that I was and I got onto my hands and knees and offered myself to them.

K got behind me and started fucking me doggy style. Joey got in front of me, grabbed my hair, and lowered my mouth onto his cock. He throat fucked me with no mercy. They matched pace, stroke for stroke. I was being thoroughly used and fucked exactly how I envisioned in my fantasies.

I started to build up and I knew I would explode once more. I tried to hold back, but I was entirely overcome by the pleasure that was being given to me. I exploded around K's cock and I felt him explode inside of me in response. Joey's pace in my mouth hastened as he took notice of my ecstasy.

Joey called out, "Baby, you better aim it where you want it, because I'm gonna cum!" As he started to explode, I pulled him out of my mouth and I was bathed in his cum. It was on my face and tits. I felt it in my hair as well as on my lips and tongue. He gave me the biggest load of cum I had ever received in my life and I was overcome by ecstasy once more. I had back to back orgasms, one from each of my handsome men.

It was so incredibly erotic to me that we all came with seconds of each other. It was the absolute perfect ending to the night. My ultimate fantasy had come true and it was truly better than I could ever imagine.

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no holds barred, and you did an amazing job of describing everything from the action to what you were feeling


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That was a good read and made me hard!


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Very good nothing like that first time three some.