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Clark and Sylvia Swap Photos


I had seen a photo posted on a website devoted to married
couples who enjoyed swapping intimate photos. The husband
who had posted it insisted that those who wanted to trade
include shots showing faces and wanted proofs of the photos.
He wrote, “We have been played in the past.” I tried to understand
what had happened. Had someone sent this couple photos
that were taken from the Internet to trade for genuine naked
pictures of the wife? If so, so what? Clearly this couple
was exhibitionistic and got off on the thought of strangers
seeing them exposed in revealing, erotic poses. Why should
it make a difference whether the photos they received in
return were genuine or not? Maybe it offended their voyeuristic
side. But, it also occurred to me that perhaps the now cautious
couple had been inveigled into posing in positions and
doing things that they wouldn’t normally have done. That
was an exciting prospect. What if I found a couple that was
so sexually obsessed that I could manipulate them into
such self-display by offering them candid shots of my wife
and me? What if they were unguarded enough to be fooled with
bogus photos, since I didn’t have a wife? I began my search
and soon found a likely couple.

The wife, Sylvia, was 36, full-figured but not fat and
had shoulder-length, dark brown hair; full, sensuous
lips; and a broad, high-cheeked face. Her pendulous breasts
were full, round, as were her ass cheeks. She was an accounting
supervisor with some corporation. The husband, Clark,
was 45 and ran the Information Technology Systems department
at the same company. He was tall and sinewy with lots of body
hair and a somewhat geeky manner. He was fairly handsome.
His “grooming” was corporate conservative, clean-shaven
with neatly trimmed hair and he wore rimless glasses–a
textbook image of a super straight guy. They were keen on
trading photos and videos with the possibility of a meeting,
in person, once they got to know us. Of course, there was
no “us” since I was single.

My first letter to them was as follows:

Dear Clark and Sylvia,

I am most interested in swapping photos. I am enclosing
some snapshots of my naked wife, which I hope you will like.
(I hope you like hairy cunts.) If you are pleased with them,
I would like to see yours. You indicated in your posting
that you would be willing to accept suggestions as to poses,
so here goes. I would like Sylvia to wear a business dress
or skirt as if she were going in to the office except I would
like her to wear stockings, garter-belt and high heels
and to leave off her underpants. Then, I’d like Clark to
snap some shots of her sitting at a computer. Your wife should
be facing you and her legs should be parted enough so that
you can get some shots up her skirt that plainly reveal her

I would also appreciate some action shots. Perhaps you
could put your camera on a tripod and trigger it with a remote
switch. I would particularly like to see a shot where you
are lifting your wife’s skirt with one hand and rummaging
in her cunt with your other. Maybe she can snap the shot as
your hands will be occupied. At this point, Your wife’s
knees should be spread wide open with a completely unobstructed
view of her cunt as it juices up. Perhaps, if the chair has
arms, you could hook her legs over them. What do you think,
Sylvia? Would you enjoy showing me your hairy cunt in this
way? I promise you that I will be most interested in the view.

Then, Clark, it would be really super if you were to get a
vibrating dildo and work it over your wife’s wide-open
cunt. I would love to see her bouncing up and down under this
stimulation. I would especially like it if your wife opened
her blouse and pulled out her naked bubbies, maybe pinching
the nipples, while you were busy with the dildo. I’d also
like it if she started humping and squirming under this
treatment. Would you do that for me, Sylvia? Perhaps, Clark,
you could get a couple of shots of your wife straining her
cunt up to meet the dildo. Another possibility is to show
your wife spreading her pussy lips with her fingers while
the dildo is deeply inserted, stretching her pussy wide
open. I bet your co-workers would like to see that, Sylvia.
In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they have been
fantasizing that view. Is this fantasy getting you hot,
Sylvia? What about you, Clark?

Now, I would love to see some shots of you, Clark, licking
up your wife’s gushing cuntal juices. That’s it, Sylvia,
stretch your pelvis up to meet your husband’s mouth. Oh,
that’s really hot. After a few minutes of that, I’d like
Clark to stand up and pull his boner out of his pants, offering
it to his wife to lick and suck. At first, just tease your
wife with it, Clark. Make her stretch out her tongue to lick
the head. Then, Sylvia, open your mouth wide and let your
husband put it all the way in. Do you know how to deep throat,
Sylvia? Maybe, Clark, you could grab your wife’s ears and
pull her head toward you as you saw your cock in and out between
her lush lips.

Finally, I’d like Sylvia to stand up and stretch her upper
body over her desk, presenting her plump ass for display.
And perhaps you, Clark, could flip her skirt over onto her
back and take a few shots of her fuzzy cunt from the rear while
your wife spreads her legs as far as she can. Is that hot enough
for you to fuck, Clark? Well then, shove that big schlong
into your wife’s gushing cunt. Don’t forget to snap some
photos on both in-strokes and out-strokes. Maybe you could
get your wife to hump and squirm some more by working a finger
into her upturned ass hole. Take some shots of that, too.
I can almost picture it. The two of you humping in your business
clothes like a pair of hot monkeys.

I will be counting the days until I receive the photos. Next
time, we need to do this on video. In the meanwhile, you can
expect to see some equally hot shots of me and my wife in the
next few days.



A couple of days later, I received a packet in the mail that
contained the requested snapshots. There were some pretty
fine shots of Sylvia showing off her hairy cunt. I couldn’t
complain. There it was...penetrated by fingers, dildos,
a tongue and a cock. Her body position was lewd, sometimes
bordering on the obscene. In other words, I thoroughly
enjoyed myself peering at the photos and beating off.
me hard to please, if you will...something was missing.
Where was the heavy breathing, the panting and moans, the
squeals and grunts? I knew I needed to see a video of Sylvia.
Furthermore, though I enjoyed Sylvia’s exposure, it was
still too private. I wanted to see her stripped and put through
her paces in front of an audience of guys with, maybe, a couple
of black guys in the group. I wanted it to be a group of friends
so that they could share in each other’s pleasure and even
try to outdo each other in exposing her, exploiting her
and humiliating her. And, if they humiliated Clark sexually
and made him feel helpless, that would be so much the better.

In our ensuing correspondence, I suggested the idea that
driving to a secluded place in the nearby national park
and fooling around in the car, the way they did as teenagers,
could be an exciting experience. Since I lived in the next
town from them, I knew just the spot and gave them directions
to it. Meanwhile, I contacted a couple of friends, Ed and
Jim, who worked at the movie studios and had access to the
costume room. I told them about Clark and Sylvia and showed
them the photos the gullible couple had sent. Then, I told
them that I would arrange to find out which night Clark and
Sylvia were going to follow my suggestion. My idea was to
have Ed and Jim dress up as cops, sneak up on the parked car,
and jump up and snap some photos. Then, using the photos,
threaten to arrest the couple for public indecency and
point out the public exposure and ridicule to which such
an arrest would subject them. Of course, the only way to
prevent this embarrassing outcome was for Clark and Sylvia
to “cooperate.” The meaning of that “cooperation” would
soon become clear. Once Clark and Sylvia were properly
intimidated, they could make them get out of their car and
strip naked, and the “cops” could indulge their wildest
and kinkiest sexual fantasies, making the married couple
perform all sorts of humiliating and erotically entertaining
things. Here is the letter I got from Clark a few days later.

Dear Jack,

I don’t know where to begin in telling you about the disaster
that resulted from your suggestion. It was horrible but,
in some strange way, powerfully exciting. We had parked
where you told us, and Sylvia unzipped my fly and pulled
my big schlong out. At first, she stroked it while I slipped
a hand into her blouse and began playing with her tits. Then,
she stuck it in her mouth and began sliding her lips up and
down its length. We were only at it a few minutes, when there
were a series of bright flashes from the side window. The
next thing I know, I hear an authoritative voice say, “Police!
Are you aware that you are committing acts of public indecency
in a national park! Please step out of the car!” What can
I say? We did as we were told.

Ed, the stocky and balding 50-ish white cop, turned to his
partner Jim, a tall and sinewy black cop of about 35 with
broad shoulders and said, “Jim, show them the evidence.”
Jim showed me the series of clear photos of Sylvia with my
cock in her mouth. Then, Ed turned to us and said, “You know,
it’s our policy to be lenient with first time offenders
if they are cooperative.... Are you cooperative?” he asked
with a leer. I didn’t need to have this spelled out for me.
Sylvia and I were ready to do anything to avoid public exposure.
Our standing in the community...our jobs...our terrible
embarrassment. But, just in case I didn’t get it, Jim showed
me a series of photos of a teenage girl sucking an older man’s
cock, followed by a series of shots of the two cops getting
blowjobs from both the teenager and the older man. Meanwhile,
the cops had taken our ID’s and discovered that we were husband
and wife. You could see by the glint in their eyes that they
were almost drooling at this opportunity to watch a married
couple strip each other and perform for their amusement.
Sylvia was in shock, but she managed to blurt out, “We’re
cooperative...we’re cooperative!”

“Okay, ” said Ed, “Why don’t you help your wife out of her
dress, Clark? Show us what she’s got. We’re just dying to
see her naked cunt. I wonder, is it nice and hairy? Does she
know how to shake it?” I knew that Sylvia was naked under
the dress except for stockings, garter belt and spike heels,
but not wanting to seem “uncooperative, ” I began pulling
her dress over her head. While we were so engaged, Ed turned
his squad car spotlight on us so that everything was well-lit
and clearly exhibited, and Jim slipped his night-stick
up between my wife’s legs until the side of it pressed firmly
against her cunt. You could see by the glitter in his eyes
that he was enjoying manipulating this married, middle-class
white woman sexually, even if it wasn’t with his hand but
with a nightstick. Then, he slid it back and forth, rubbing
it against her pussy lips. At first, she jumped and squealed
(to the lewd amusement of the two cops), but with her hands
tangled in the sleeves of the dress and her eyes covered
by its skirt, there was nothing she could do to protect her
private parts. We finally got the dress off her. The cops
said not to take off her stockings, garter belt and heels,
grinning at each other as though they had lucked into an
especially tasty treat. I was so outraged that they could
see my wife stark naked like this and that I had been forced
to participate in her humiliating exposure, but there
was nothing I could do.

Then, the two cops walked around Sylvia, examining her
from every angle, while she stood there, blushing and absolutely
mortified. Ed pulled her round ass cheeks apart so they
could peer at her naked asshole. Jim seemed particularly
interested in her round, pendulous breasts, slipping
his nightstick under one breast and lifting it. Ed, observing
this, thought to give Jim an extra thrill. Turning to me,
he said, “I’d like to see your wife jog in place. Why don’t
you have her do that for us?” In spite of my consternation,
I knew that we were helpless in their hands, so I turned with
a pleading look to my wife. Seeing no alternative, she grasped
her tits to keep them from bouncing and began jogging on
her toes so as not to sink her heels into the soft ground,
but this clearly did not satisfy the filthy-minded cops,
so Ed told her to put her hands at her sides. Then, as my wife’s
titties began bouncing, at times jouncing against each
other, the two cops exchanged lewd grins. Jim snickered
lasciviously as he watched my wife’s antics. “Oooh, that’s
it, girl. Let’s see those bubbies bouncing.” Ed added,
“Her bush looks mighty interesting as she jogs, too. Jim,
why don’t you snap a few photos of her action?” Jim gladly
followed Ed’s suggestion. I was obliged to stand by and
witness this sexual exposure and humiliation of my wife,
unable to do anything about it as she put on a thoroughly
tantalizing exhibition. Sylvia, blushing anew, continued
to jog until the cops allowed her to stop, her titties rising
and falling with her breathless panting.

Then, Ed told Sylvia, “Okay, honey. Now, bend over from
the waist, reach back with your hands and pull those nice
round cheeks apart again. Let’s have a really good look.”
Though she had a look of consternation on her face, she did
as she was told. Then, Ed came up behind her, and dipping
one fat, hairy finger into a jar of vaseline, he pulled it
out all coated with goo and wormed it into her asshole. My
wife’s mouth fell open and she tried to jerk forward, but
Jim, anticipating this move held her immobilized by the
shoulders while Ed drove his finger all the way in, grinning
lewdly at me as he did it, watching the reaction on my face
and waggling his tongue back and forth in obscene glee.
“Ooooh yeah, that’s it, honey. Slide your ass hole up and
down my finger. Ooooh, this is nice.” Turning to me again,
he added, “Are you watching what I’m doing to your lovely
wife’s sweet, hairy cunt, you lucky dog, Clark. You get
to do this anytime you like.” Then, addressing my wife again,
he asked, “What do you say, honey? Do you like it when your
husband does this to you? I’ll bet you squirm and hump real
nice when he slides his greasy fingers in and out of your
asshole. I can just picture him doing it in your private
bedroom. But, this ain’t so private now, is it? This time,
you get to show it to all of us, ” he said, grinning broadly.

Then, Jim put in his two cents, “Maybe we should let him do
it while we take photos.” I must admit that at this point,
I was getting pretty hot and, judging by my wife’s movements,
so was she. I started to step towards her when Ed said, “Not
so fast, bud. First, open your belt and drop you pants.”
It was useless to struggle. I did what I was told. “No...your
boxer shorts, too.” Feeling extremely humiliated, I did
what he said and waddled over to Sylvia, my stride hampered
by the bunched pants and underpants around my ankles, but
when I got behind her, Jim handed me a towel and told me to
wipe the vaseline off her asshole. Then, he told me to lower
my face and lick my wife’s anus. I was shocked. I never would
have thought of such a thing, but I must admit that once I
got into it, I felt some surprising erotic flutters in my
gut. While I was bent over in this position, Ed began toying
with my dangling balls, using his nightstick to do it. As
I jerked this way and that, licking Sylvia’s sphincter,
Jim snapped a series of photos (for later amusement at the
station house, I’m sure). Meanwhile, my wife was so caught
up in her lustful feelings that she stretched her ass as
high as she could, trying to make closer contact with my
tongue. As she did so, Ed stopped toying with my balls and,
stepping up beside me, bent down and stuck two greasy fingers
in my wife’s dripping, hairy cunt. “That’s it, honey, fuck
my fat fingers. Ooooh, yeah. Oh, oh, oh, that’s nice. You’re
doing it real good.... Oh, yeah. Are you catching all this,
Jim?” Jim, grinning lewdly at me as he snapped more photos,
added, “Yeah! Your wife is one hot cunt. Oooh, oooh, that’s
it. Wiggle it, baby, and hold it high for Uncle Ed to play

Ed’s action jostled me away from ass-licking my wife, but
Ed had other “work” for me. He told me to get on my knees, unzip
his fly and pull his big, fat lob out of his pants. Then, he
told me to start licking it. After I had wet it pretty good,
he told me to stick the head of it in my mouth, watching as
I did so with great relish and a lewd grin. I was humiliated
and furious, but was soon distracted by his thrusts that
bumped his cock head against the back of my throat, making
me gag. “Oooh, yeah. That’s it. Lick it good, you cocksucker!”
Then, turning back to my wife, he snickered lasciviously
while she humped and squirmed her gushing cunny on his fingers.
“Oooh, yeah, baby. Show me all you got!” Meanwhile, Sylvia
was getting seriously excited, panting heavily, “Whooo,
whooo, whooo!” “Hey, ” he said to my straining wife, “Look
to the side of you and down. Look at how enthusiastically
your husband is sucking my cock. Do you like watching him
slide his lips up and down my choad while I finger fuck your
cunt?” The words must have excited Sylvia, because the
next words I heard from him were, “Yeah, yeah, that’s it,
wiggle and squirm that hairy cunt of yours around my fingers.
And you, Clark, look up here while you suck my cock and see
what I’m doing to your helpless, naked wife and how she wiggles
and writhes around my fingers. Does it get you hot? Then,
lick a little faster, you delicious cocksucker.” It did
get me hot, and my head was bobbing, my lips sliding frantically
up and down his boner All this while, Jim was videotaping
the action.

“Hey, Ed, ” he said, “You take the camcorder and let me get
a little of this.” Ed released Sylvia’s cunt, seemingly
seconds before she got off, leaving her waving it in the
air with frustration. The two cops grinned at her show of
naked need. Then, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, rolling
me over on my back. As Ed took the camcorder, he urged Jim
to stick his black cock in my mouth to “lube it” before sticking
it into my wife’s gushing, hairy cunt. While he dipped his
long, slim cock into my open mouth, he pulled Sylvia closer
by one dangling breast, obviously enjoying the soft feel
of it and her helpless humiliation, and ran his black hands
all over her crotch, wallowing in lust as he pulled her pink
pussy lips open for his perusal and relishing the sight
of her white ass as it squirmed and wiggled under his very
personal examination. “You like my black hands all over
your white ass, don’t you?” Sylvia was so hot at this point
that she offered no resistance. In fact, she spread her
legs wider to give him easier access. “Oh, oh, oh, shake
that pussy while I finger fuck it!” he urged her. “Do you
like watching your husband sucking black cock?... That’s
nothing. Watch this....” With those words, Jim pulled
his long, black dong out of my mouth and jammed it into her
upraised and defenseless white pussy. She took it all in,
humping it whorishly, panting, “Hou, hou, hou....” Meanwhile,
Jim pulled my head up by my hair and ordered me to lick his
balls. “Oooh, that’s it, white boy. Lick those hairy scoops
of chocolate ice cream.”

Ed caught all of this on tape, but decided to liven things
up a bit. Setting the camcorder on a rock and aiming it so
that it would take in the action, he put a condom over the
end of his nightstick and greased it up. Then, nudging my
legs apart so that I was laying on my back all open as I continued
to lick Jim’s hairy balls, he grasped my cock with his greasy
hand and began stroking it. He soon had me fucking his fist
in earnest. Then, positioning the end of his nightstick
against my asshole, he slowly wormed the club up my ass.
The sensation was one of deep fullness and the eroticism
of the image got me so hot that I was soon loosening my sphincter
and sinking way down on the club. Ed was enjoying himself
immensely, reducing me to an animal in heat, watching me
cooperate in my own sodomization. My panting “Whooo, whooo,
ooo, ” soon had Sylvia looking down to see what they were
doing to me. I could see that the sight of me licking those
dangling black balls and twisting and sliding up and down
the black pole that impaled me were getting her red hot.
Jim reached back and began fondling my white balls in that
long-fingered black hand. I spread my legs wide and let
them do whatever they wanted to me. Suddenly, Ed and Jim stopped what they were doing. Jim pulled
out of my wife’s cunt and, stepping around in front of her
slipped his black cock, all coated with her cuntal juices,
directly into her mouth. Holding her head up by her hair
with one hand, he slid his wang in and out of those full lips,
squeezing and fondling her tits with the other. “That’s
it, baby. Lick your pussy juice off that big black cock.
I love to fuck your face. Give it your all.” Then, Ed pulled
the club out of my ass and, standing me up behind my wife,
he guided my rock hard erection into her sloshy quim. As
I started rocking back and forth in that silky tunnel, he
stepped behind me and stuck his fat cock up my ass to the hilt.
As I looked over my shoulder, I saw him grinning with lustful
delight and amusement as I humped my ass onto his prod. “Move
around, Jim, so she can see me fucking her husband in the
ass while we watch him fucking her cunt. This will make for
a really hot tape. We can see everything your husband is
doing to you, honey. Can you see me fucking him in the ass?”
Grinning at me again, he asked, “How does it feel to know
that we can do whatever we want to you and your lovely wife,
and you can’t do a thing about it but take it? Does that get
you hot?”

I screamed out my “Yes!” in an orgasmic wave that swept over
me. “Yes, yes...touch my wife wherever you her
most private places. Make her lick your cocks and swivel
her ass as you penetrate her sphincter with your fingers,
as I watch. Tug her pubic bush while I drive my cock into her
cunt for your amusement.” Suddenly, I felt Ed drive his
dick in hard and his legs stiffen as waves of cum shot into
my waiting colon. Jim also thrust hard into my wife’s waiting
mouth and I saw her lips overflow with the sheer volume of
his cum. “Lick it all up and swallow it, bitch!” I felt the
walls of Sylvia’s cuntal passage tighten as they milked
my cock. And heard her shriek in ecstasy. Then, we passed
out. When we came to a little later, Jim and Ed were gone.
We found the towel that I had used earlier to wipe the vaseline
off my wife’s ass, and we wiped ourselves off, removing
as much of the cum as we could. Then, we got dressed again,
got into the car and went home.

Your idea didn’t turn out exactly as we expected, but I must
admit–it was red hot! Meanwhile, they left us some of the
snapshots which we are enclosing. I hope you can match them
with something equally hot.


Well, at this point, we had progressed far enough that I
was very interested–you might say urgent–about getting
together with Clark and Sylvia with the idea of blindfolding
her, stripping her and exploring all her private places.
In short, I wanted to see her hairy person. The
problem was that I had no wife. At first, I had used photos
of various women taken from commercial websites. Then,
when they insisted on shots of me, I began using old photos
of me with various girlfriends. Now, I had to come up with
a wife. I decided to tell them that my wife had run off with
another guy and that I was quite devastated (perhaps in
need of sexual healing from my good friends). I wasn’t sure
how they would take that. Sometimes, a relationship that
involves a wife-swap doesn’t translate easily into a ménage.
I could have spared myself the anxiety. Clark was one of
those husbands whose sexual motivation is fired more by
the sight of a stranger exposing, fondling and fucking
his wife than the prospect of getting a chance to do all those
things to someone else’s wife–not that he would have objected
if those were the terms. But, he came through like a champ.
He wrote me to tell me that he understood exactly how I felt
and insisted that I join him and his wife for some “cheering
up.” He assured me that Sylvia had concurred in the decision
to extend this invitation and that, in fact, she was quite
anxious to finally meet “the man with such an adventurous
and creative erotic imagination.”

On the appointed evening, I rang their doorbell, and Clark
opened the door. Surprisingly, he looked over his shoulder
as if to assure himself that his wife wasn’t in earshot,
the said, “You know she’s not wearing any underwear. She
and I discussed it and we agreed that you should feel free
to let your erotic imagination run wild. Just do whatever
strikes your fancy.” Then, Sylvia came in wearing a white
blouse that buttoned down the front and a short, full skirt
that came to about mid-thigh. She wore dark brown stockings
and two-inch heels. At shoulder height, she carried a small
tray with drinks on it as if she were a waitress. “Well, what’s
taking you boys? Come on into the living room.” With that
she spun around and headed for a double doorway. As she spun,
her dress flared out and I got a glimpse of bare buttock,
but as she was balancing the tray, she had to move carefully
and I quickly caught up to her. I reached out and, catching
the hem of her skirt, lifted it high to get a more leisurely
look at her ass. She spun around and demanded, “What do you
think you’re doing?”

Since her husband took the tray out of her hands and was holding
her arms behind her, I saw no reason to answer. Instead,
I lifted the front of her dress, exposing her hairy little
cunt, and jammed my hand between her thighs, cupping it
with my palm. Her eyes shot open in shock, but as she didn’t
resist, I worked two fingers into her moist slit while she
stood there staring at me, glancing down at my working fingers,
but making no move to get away. It wasn’t long before her
cunt was all gushy. She spread her thighs a little and began
gently humping my fingers, the look of shock replaced by
one of sexual arousal. Meanwhile, Clark had run out of the
room and returned with a camera with which he snapped several
photos of me holding her dress up and finger fucking his
wife’s hairy cunt while she stood there, arms hanging at
her sides, thighs spread and pelvic movements sliding
her juicy cuny up and down my fingers which were already
gleaming with her cuntal secretions. “Clark said this
would be okay, ” I explained as I grinned lewdly at her humping
puss. “Look, ” I said, “Let’s forget about the living room
and head straight for the bedroom. I’ve been waiting for
this for a long time, and I want to get to it right away.” As
I said this, I pulled my fingers out of her quim, allowing
her husband to put an arm around her shoulders and lead the
way to the bedroom.

When we got there, I told her to climb up on the bed on her knees
and elbows. Once she was in this position, I told her to lower
her face and shoulders to the bed. In this position, with
her arms folded above her head, her skirt was pulled up so
that the hem dangled just a fraction of an inch below where
her pubic bush reached. Any movement on her part would cause
the skirt to flap around her thighs and reveal tantalizing
glimpses her hairy nest and her cuntlips. Naturally, I
told her to spread her knees, arch her ass up and to stay perfectly
still. Naturally, once I started rummaging in her juicy
quim, there was no way she could remain still. Every humping
movement afforded us more fascinating glimpses of her
fetchingly humping cunt. Clark’s eyes were positively
gleaming with lust as he snapped photo after photo of his
wife’s obscene display.

After a few minutes of this, I stopped my ministrations
and we rolled her onto her back. Thoroughly aroused at this
point, Sylvia needed no prompting. Putting her hands over
her head, she drew her knees up as far as she could and splayed
her thigh outward as if inviting more fingering. Clark,
meanwhile, had blindfolded her and handed her a vibrating
dildo. “Come on, sweetheart, show Jack what you look like
when you are red hot in the midst of masturbation. I’m sure
he would be most entertained by the sight of your twisting,
squirming and humping.” His hapless wife, resigned to
this indecent display her husband was insisting she offer
and, no doubt spurred on by her own mounting excitement,
she proceeded to run the dildo up and down her slit, sometimes
inserting it into her cuntal canal, sometimes pressing
the point to her fully erect clitoris, all the while humping
and squirming delightfully for her audience, panting
and moaning in an escalating frenzy of licentiousness.
While her husband continued taking photos of the action,
I lay down next to her and, reaching over her spread thigh,
inserted a finger between her working ass-cheeks into
her anus. She squealed at the intrusion but never missed
a beat in her humping.

I started speaking to her and soon discovered that my words
were inflaming her further. “Oooh, I like to watch you showing
me all your private parts and movements. Oooh, look at that
delicious little cunt waving up and down. I can feel your
sphincter spasming around my finger. Do you like it when
I finger fuck your ass hole?” So caught up was she in her frenzy,
it was with difficulty that she managed to nod–yes. “Do
you like me to watch you? Does it excite you to show me all
your intimate movements? Oooh, you’re such a hot cunt.”
Between her panting breaths she said, “Oooh, oooh, yes.”
Moving her hand with the dildo out of the way, I pushed my
face between her thighs. “Oooh, oooh, I can smell your intimate
scent. Does that embarrass you?” “No, oooh, oooh. Lick
it. Eat my cunt, please! Now!!!” I spread her pussy lips
with my fingers and started licking lightly up the shaft
of her clit. Her husband was in a frenzy of excitement seeing
me expose her and use her in this intimate way. “Harder,
deeper, ” she pleaded, humping frantically into my face.
“Stick your fingers into my cunt while you lick my clit,
please, please, oooh, oooh, oooh, yeah! Oooh, oooh frig
me good. Suck my clit and tongue lash it from side to side!”
She was definitely ready. “I’m going to fuck you, now, ”
I told her. “Yes, yes, do it, do it...Now!” I slid up the bed
and, putting the head of my rock hard erection against her
gaping slit, I lunged forward, burying my dong in her sweet,
gushing cunt to the balls. As we got into the rhythm of our
ride, Clark put down the camera and, pulling his cock out
of his pants, began stroking it with unswerving concentration.
All three of us were frantic with lust. There was no grinning
or giggling now. I felt the pressure build as Sylvia started
picking up the pace. Clark had moved onto the bed, jerking
himself off right next to her face. She turned her head to
him and stuck her tongue out, touching his cock head. The
first jet hit her square in the face, dribbling down her
eyes and nose. She immediately engulfed him with her hot
mouth as the subsequent jets shot down her throat while
she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Her husband’s
first jet, triggered her own orgasm. I could feel the powerful
contractions around my cock, spurring me on to my orgasm
as well. I heard a shriek of sexual ecstasy, as if from a distance
or as from under water, and I lost all control... plunging
and plunging, spurting hot jism all the way up to her cervix,
splashing against it.

Slowly, slowly I regained consciousness. I found myself
sprawled over her, her soft breast clutched in one hand,
the thumb of my other hand mashed between our pelvises where
it had been rubbing her clit at the moment when the wave hit
us. She slowly opened her eyes, then grinned at me in a glassy-eyed
way. Clark had rolled off her face after he finished coming
so that she could breathe and was now lying crosswise on
the bed over her head. He sighed a deep sigh and grinned happily.
“We really must do this again.”

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