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Cindy's Awaking


The first thing that you need to understand about Cindy
and her sexual awaking is how she happen to find herself
at her 18th birthday party with three large cocks in each
of her holes, and why each of those cocks were related to
her. In order to do that we need to go back ten years, to the
time when Linda (Cindy’s mother) began dating again after
the loss of her husband in a tragic accident and how that
would change Cindy’s life for ever. Cindy’s parents were college sweethearts and had been
married soon after they graduated from Arizona State in
Tucson; Linda was pursuing a career in physical therapy
and Phillip was going on to Medical School. Phillip and
Linda seemed to live the perfect life after college, Cindy
joined the family a few years after the marriage and they
all lived happily in their small home in Tucson. But, that
all changed one night when Phillip was driving home from
the hospital after working a late shift for a friend in the
emergency room. He was attempting to avoid a drunk driver
and swerved off the road and into a construction site that
had not put any barriers up to keep traffic out of the construction
site, his car fell off the side of the work site falling forty
feet, the car landed on its roof, and Phillip was killed
instantly. Between the life insurance and the legal settlement
from the construction company, Linda and Cindy were OK
as far as money was concerned but they were now with out a
father and a husband. This now brings us up to the point were Linda has spent the
last four years getting over her loss and getting up the
courage to begin dating again. She has been on plenty of
dates these last three or four years, but now she is ready
to get a little more serious about dating. I’ve forgotten
to let you know what Linda looks like, she has long blond
hair that reaches the top of her small yet firm ass and has
always looked like it was just done up for a photo shoot.
She stands about five feet six inches with a slim but very
athletic build, she looks like she’d had implants but those
tits are all hers, even with 32-D’s she only tips the scale
at an average of 120 pounds. When she is dressed in her physical
therapy whites, she makes all of the men work harder to get
better even though they never think they are ready to leave
her care. Phillip her late husband soon after he had started working
at the hospital had introduced Linda to another doctor;
he was working on becoming one of the better plastic surgeons
in the city. Donald was married at that time to a woman that
was in the Air Force and stationed at the local base, they
had a set of twin boys that were a few months younger than
Cindy was. They had been having some problems and were divorced
a few years later; she took the boys and moved on with her
career in the Air Force. Don and Linda seemed to hit it off
from the start, they both enjoyed their work and found that
they had many of the same interests and found that they enjoyed
exploring new and different things together. When Linda finally took Don to introduce him to Cindy and
her parents, which took place at her parent’s ranch, which
is located south of Tucson about 60 miles, just north of
the border with Mexico. Cindy was a little shy at first but
soon she could see that her mother was happier than she had
been in years, when her grandfather winked at her she knew
that he approved of the man at that she could let her guard
down and let things go from there. Now Don is about 6 feet
2 inches tall and is just shy of 180 pounds, he is very well
built because of the time he spends working out when he is
not working on a patient. The dating lasted less than a year before Don asked Linda
to let him take care of her and Cindy, Linda said that she
need to clear it with Cindy; but she didn’t know that Cindy
had already asked Don when he was going to marry her mom.
The wedding was small yet impressive, the only down side
was that Don’s ex-wife would not let the boys fly back from
Germany to attend the wedding. Linda and Cindy moved into
Don’s large home northeast of Tucson, he had purchased
it from one of the other doctors at the hospital that was
moving the east coast. With over 7000 sq ft of living space,
a massive pool and hot tub with its own pool house, it was
more than either of them could ever have dreamed of living
in. Cindy had a large bedroom over-looking the back and
side yard with a view of the mountains. Cindy was getting
very attached to her new father and she was even more excited
to see her mother smiling all the time too. The years passed and the three of them enjoyed their newfound
happiness, Cindy even began to introduce Don to her friends
as her Dad. She still had memories of her father but they
were of a different sort and from long ago. Cindy was sixteen now and her body had been going through
many of its own changes, she was as tall as her mother was
and her body did not look like that of 16-year-old girl.
She had plenty of girl friends and a few boys that she liked
to spend time with, but not in an extra special way… not yet
anyway, maybe Tommy whom she had been riding quad-runners
with might be the one that she would give her cherry to, but
that was a BIG maybe right now. Cindy was suppose to spend
the night at her friend Jill’s house, but Jill had come down
with something and Cindy said that she would walk home since
it was only a mile away. When Cindy got home, she went into
the house through the side door and was going to go up the
back stairs to her room when she heard a loud moan coming
from the kitchen. She tip-toed down the hall to see what
it was; when she stopped to look around the corner she was
shocked to see her mother sitting on top of the counter naked
with her legs spread wide and the maid Amanda also mostly
naked with her face buried between her mothers legs. Her
father was standing behind the maid shoving his penis in
and out of her while he was asking Linda if she was enjoying
herself. Linda said that she was ready to spray her juices
all over Amanda and then she wanted to trade places with
him. Amanda moaned again and began to thrust her hips back
onto Don’s massive shaft. Linda let her head fall back and
said that she was cumming, her legs went stiff and she reached
down and pulled the maids head deeper into her pussy and
EAT MY PUSSY. Then Cindy watched as her mother was helped
down off the counter and then her father and the maid helped
strap something onto her mother, Cindy couldn’t see what
it was but she also could not get herself to move away from
that spot either. Now her father hopped up on the counter and Amanda began
to suck on his huge cock, Cindy had never seen anything that
big in her life. The maid was pulling and sucking on it as
if her life depended on getting it all inside her mouth.
Cindy heard her mother say that it was now her turn to FUCK
her maid in her PUSSY and maybe she would even shove it in
her back door if she was a good little girl and moved her ass
like she was suppose to. Linda was wearing an 8-inch strap-on
dildo that was about two inches thick with a slight upward
turn toward the end. When Linda guided the head of it into
Amanda’s glistening hole, she said that she just loved
to watch her husbands cock being sucked while she FUCKED
the other end of the person doing the sucking. Cindy was so shocked to hear her mother and father talk
that way, never mind the fact that she never thought of them
as doing anything like this. While she was shocked and amazed
at the events that were taking place right in front of her
in her own kitchen, she could not stop herself from watching
or make herself move from that spot. The sight of her mother
thrusting a fake cock into their housekeeper, while her
father was stuffing his long hard penis into her mouth was
having a effect on Cindy that she had never considered possible
before. There was a tingle deep in stomach that began to
make her own crotch wet, her own nipples were growing harder
and straining against her bra trying to poke their way through.
As she watched her mother pound on the maid with the strap-on
and continue to talk dirty, her left hand began rub her own
moist mound through her skirt at first. She than lifted
her skirt and slipped her hand inside her panties, moving
her fingers back and forth across her wetness. Soon her
fingers found her clitoris and they began to move all by
themselves, her right hand was squeezing her left breast
and nipple making her body move in unison with her mothers
thrusting. Amanda began to moan louder and her body began to tremble,
Don said that he thought that their little sex toy was about
to CUM and that Linda should FUCK her faster and harder so
she would force his cock deeper down her throat. Amanda
was holding her breasts with her hands while Don held her
head and slid his meat in and out of her mouth. Linda had grasped
Amanda by the waist and began to thrust and pound her own
hips causing a loud slapping sound to echo throughout the
entire room. Cindy was also getting closer to something
that she did not understand but knew that she did not want
to stop what she was watching or doing. She had even slipped
one then two fingers inside her wet little box, this sent
jolts of electricity throughout her entire body, she began
to switch between rubbing her hard little button and fingering
herself. She was nearing her first ever orgasm and didn’t
even know it. Then it all seemed to happen at once; Amanda let out a muffled
scream and said that she was CUMMING, then Don said that
he was blasting his load deep into the back of her hot little
mouth, Linda said that she was also having another orgasm
and let out a long deep moan while she continued to hump the
maids ass. All of the moaning and screaming was more than
Cindy’s eyes and body could take and her own juices began
to flow filling her left hand with more fluid than she could
hold and it started to run down her leg. Linda popped the snaps on her strap-on and left it buried
deep inside her maid's still clenching pussy, she
pulled her backwards off her husband’s still hard cock
and helped him down off the counter. When Don was standing
in front of her, she reached up and placed her hands around
his neck and then hopped up and wrapped her legs around his
waist and slid herself down onto his cock. She said that
she wanted him to take her upstairs to the spare bedroom
and FUCK HER until she passed out. So Don carried Cindy’s
mother upstairs with his cock shoved deep inside her and
they were not seen until late the next morning. Cindy was still standing there when Amanda stood up from
the floor were she had fallen while her body finished its
climatic convulsions. Amanda was 22 years old and had been
in the US since she was a young child; she had become a citizen
on her 18th birthday. Amanda was not sure what she wanted
to do with her life at this point, but she did need to support
herself and she also was sending some of her income to help
her parents and her siblings that lived outside of El Paso.
Amanda had been introduced to the Don & Linda at a party
about 2 1/2 years ago, they told her that they need a live-in
maid to help take care of the house and from time to time their
daughter, they also said that there might be some other
things that she might choose to help them with but that would
be up to her. Amanda turned to see Cindy standing there at the corner
of the hallway with her hand still moving under her skirt,
her shirt pulled up and her hand still pinching her left
nipple. Amanda was first scared that she had been seen by
her employers daughter in such a compromising position,
but as she stood there watching Cindy shaking from the orgasmic
eruptions that were flowing through her body, she stepped
towards Cindy and reached out to steady her before she fell.
When Cindy felt Amanda’s hand on her arm her eyes bolted
open and there was a moment of fear at being caught spying
on them and what had happen; But then the look of care and
concern in Amanda’s face removed all the fear and concern
from Cindy’s mind. Amanda helped Cindy up to her room and into her bathroom
where she helped her out of her cloths and cleaned her up.
She walked her back into her room and sat her on her bed and
then knelt down on the floor and began to tell her about why
she was doing those types of things with her parents. Cindy
sat quietly listening to everything that Amanda said to
her, she asked a few questions about how something was done
or if she ever was hurt or abused by her parents. Amanda said
that Linda and Don had never hurt her once and that they were
always very careful when they engaged in their sexual sessions.
She said that there were times when she would have sex with
her mother and there were other times when she would be with
Mr. Don as she called him, but mostly it was the three of them
together having various types of sex. During the time that Amanda was explaining things, Cindy
had let her legs slide apart and her hand had begun to lightly
rub her pubic mound. Cindy asked if it felt weird for a woman
to give oral sex to another woman. Amanda said that as long
as you are confident in yourself and are not pressured into
it, it is usually very easy for a woman to give oral pleasure
to another woman. Amanda moved closer to the bed between
Cindy and spread her legs wider; she pulled her closer to
the edge and slowly laid her back running her hands along
her sides and lightly along the sides of each of Cindy’s
breasts. Amanda kissed Cindy on her belly and then began
to lick and kiss her way down to the finely trimmed hair of
Cindy’s sweet virgin pussy. A soft moan escaped from Cindy’s
mouth and her body completely relaxed when Amanda sucked
her clitoris between her warm lips. Amanda spent the next
ten minuets flicking and licking, sucking and fingering
Cindy until she felt her body tighten, Amanda then arched
her two middle fingers of her left hand up toward Cindy’s
“G” spot while she sucked her clit back between her lips.
Cindy grabbed the back of Amanda’s head and pulled on it
trying to force it deeper into her burning pussy. Cindy’s
floodgates opened and she sent a wall of orgasmic juices
spraying out and covering her maid’s pretty young face.
When Cindy had regained her breath and stopped quivering,
she told Amanda that she was sooooooooo very grateful for
the experience that she had just given her and that she wanted
to learn more, as much as she could so she too could provide
that much pleasure to a man or a woman. Cindy sat up and pulled
Amanda close to give her a hug, what she got a unexpected
but very enjoyable, Amanda gave her a long tender kiss and
shared the tastes of Cindy’s very own juices with her. The
taste was strange yet had a very pleasing aroma that made
Cindy want more, when the kiss was broken, she asked Amanda
if everyone tasted the same. Amanda said that there were
as many different tastes as there were women, it depended
on many things and the taste of a woman would change for as
many reasons as before. Cindy said that she would like to taste Amanda, but Amanda
said that she thought that Cindy had had enough for one evening
and that she had plenty of time to explore and learn; besides
Amanda was going to have to get up is a few hours to make breakfast
for Cindy’s hungry parents. Amanda also told her that if
Cindy wanted to continue to learn about the various sexual
things that she had questions about, that she needed to
be extremely careful about what she said and did when her
parents were around. Amanda could make sure that Cindy
was able to watch her parents during their sexual escapades,
so she could watch and learn from them as well. Amanda leaned
in, kissed each of Cindy’s nipples, and then gave her another
long deep French kiss that made Cindy get goose bumps before
they were done. Amanda laid Cindy back on her bed and pulled
her sheet and covers over her and said that she would see
her at Breakfast. Cindy’s head was still spinning when she finally drifted
off to sleep; she slept a very deep and restful sleep, with
a smile of complete contentment form the rest of the night.

The next morning when Cindy walked into the sunroom for
breakfast, her parents were quite surprised to see that
she was home. They asked when she got home and why she was
there and Cindy explained about her friend and that she
got home after everyone had already gone to sleep. Don and
Linda exchanged a wink and a smile think that they had gotten
away with their secret for a little longer. Amanda walked
in and asked Cindy what she would like to have just like any
other morning. Without missing a beat, Cindy said that
she would like to have some large sausages and creamy eggs
if it was possible. The bigger the better she said because
she had worked up a huge appetite last night before she went
to bed. Amanda was standing behind her parents, looked
at Cindy, gave her a wink, and blew a quick kiss toward Cindy
before she turned to go a fix her plate. Last night before Cindy drifted off to sleep, she thought
it was time for her to stop being a virgin and join the adult
club, she was sure that Tommy would be more than willing
to bust her cherry. Therefore, after she finished her large
breakfast she gave her mom and dad a big hug and said that
she was going to call Tommy and see if he wanted to go four
wheeling for a while. She made the call and he said that sounded
great, that he would be over in about thirty minuets to get
her. Cindy packed her backpack with a sheet, some small
hand towels and some extra lotion and sunscreen. She put
her swimsuit on under her riding pants and top, she new her
plan would work much better if they were at the small desert
pond that they had been to before. She raced downstairs
to get her quad-runner gassed and ready, she stopped in
the kitchen long enough to give Amanda a hug and tell her
that she would talk to her when she got back. Cindy had just finished prepping her ride when Tommy came
racing up the long driveway and pulled up in front of the
garage, he yelled that if she was ready then they should
go before something stopped them from making a clean get-a-way.
Cindy winked at him and blew him a kiss, she gunned her quad-runner
and raced down the drive and turned left onto the power line
trail that headed east into the desert. They rode for about
fifteen minuets before she pulled over to the side and motioned
for Tommy to pull over too. She said that she wanted to go
to the pond that they had been to a few months ago, she felt
like taking a swim and working on her tan, she than pulled
her shirt off and revealed her pink string top that emphasized
her young firm breasts. Tommy said that if she had on the
rest of that suit, he wouldn’t mind going swimming with
her at the pond, but he may have to wear his tighty-whities
as his suit. Cindy said that she would try to restrain herself,
but that she may not be able to considering how sexy he would
look. It took them about another twenty minuets before they
reached the pond, they parked their wheels under an old
oak tree that would keep them cool in the afternoon sun,
Cindy pulled the sheet from her pack and spread it on the
ground. She then asked Tommy if he would put some more lotion
on her back, she tossed him the bottle and then turned so
he could apply the lotion. She first unsnapped her pants
and then bent over to slide them off, taking her time to show
her round firm ass to her unsuspecting accomplice. Tommy
said that she sure had a nice ass for someone that could ride
like a guy, that she had better take care and not get any bruises
on her sweet little butt. She said to stop staring at her
ass and put the lotion on so she could get in the water and
drowned his skinny ass. After making sure that he had thoroughly
rubbed all of the lotion into her shoulders, Tommy quickly
picked her up, carried Cindy over to the water, and walking
out about three feet into the pond he threw her off his shoulders
and then ran back out of the water. Cindy let out a scream when she hit the water; saying that
she was going to get him if it took her all day. Tommy said
that he didn’t think that she would be able to get him in the
water ever. Cindy asked if he wanted to make a bet, Tommy
said that if she could get him in the water, that he would
clean her quad for the rest of the year. Cindy said that she
would do the same for him if she didn’t win. Cindy dropped
down under the water so that only her head was exposed, she
slipped her bottoms off and then undid her top, she slowly
moved into the sandy shallows and then said that she was
ready to pull him in now. Tommy said that he was waiting,
that’s when Cindy stood up and threw her suit at him. Tommy
stood there looking at the water dripping off Cindy’s tanned
body; he was amazed at how sexy his moto-cross riding partner
really was. He said that he was surprised at the extreme
measures that she would go to just so she did not have to clean
her own wheels. That’s when Cindy started to run her hands
over her nipples and make them stand at attention, she also
started to move her hips in a side-to-side motion and lick
her lips. Tommy was starting to become extremely hot in
his riding cloths; he pulled off his shirt, but said that
he still did not think she was going to win the bet. Cindy
took her left hand and slowly moved it down her stomach to
her trimmed mound and began to finger herself; she began
to moan louder and louder. She said that she wanted to suck
on Tommy’s cock and feel his hands all over her body; she
wanted to feel his shaft fill her pussy and blast its hot
load deep inside her dripping hole. Tommy was fumbling to get his growing dick out of his pants
when Cindy stepped forward and said that she wanted him
to FUCK her in her MOUTH, PUSSY and ASS before they got out
of the water. Tommy said that if all it was going to cost him
to get the pleasure of filling her holes with his dick was
that he would have to clean her quad-runner for the rest
of the year, then so be it, he finished stripping and stepped
into the water saying I loose, here is my COCK, START SUCKING.
Cindy dropped to her knees, grasped his six inches of young
steel, and began to lick and suck on the purple head. She
pulled on his sack and played with his balls; she lifted
his rod and even took them into her mouth. She placed the
head of his cock back between her lips and then slowly forced
as much as she could into her mouth, she got about five inches
in before she began bobbing her head on the shaft. Tommy
said that he was already going to shoot his load if she did
stop. She stopped long enough to say that she was not going
to let it get soft, so that he should go ahead and fill her
mouth with his HOT CUM. Tommy grabbed Cindy by the head and
began to help her move her mouth up and down his shaft, she
tasted the first dribble of pre-cum escaping from his shaft
and it was a little salty, she wanted more. Tommy stood on
his toes and said that he was going to explode. He sent his
first blast of white hot cum deep into the back of her mouth,
the rest of the load was covering her tongue. She pulled
most of his shaft out of her mouth keeping only the swollen
head inside, her lips sealed tightly around it to keep any
of the salty liquid from escaping. Tommy continued to spurt
into her warm cum filled mouth while Cindy lightly pulled
on his balls, milking them to get his entire load into her
receptive mouth. Tommy said that he was finally done filling her mouth with
his cum. Cindy then released his cock from her lips and opened
her mouth to show Tommy how much of his load she had captured
in her mouth, she then rolled her tongue around the insides
of her lips and then swallowed his entire load in one gulp.
Tommy said that she was unbelievable and that he never new
that she was so wild and sexy, he only ever thought of her
as a good girl that would never do anything like this. Cindy
said that he was going to be in for a big surprise then because
she was going to have him FUCK her and take her virginity,
in both of her holes. Tommy looked at her and couldn’t believe
what he was hearing, Cindy said that was exactly what she
wanted him to do. He was going to bust her cherry in her pussy
and her ass, right here at the pond before they left to go
back to her house in a couple of hours. Tommy’s dick had already
begun to get hard again just by listening to what Cindy was
saying that they were going to do. Cindy moved over to where she had put the cover on the ground,
she sat in the middle, then spread her legs, and asked if
Tommy would like to taste her sweet dripping pussy before
he shoved his hard cock deep inside? Tommy raced over to
the cover, dropped in between her legs, placed his mouth
directly over her glistening pussy lips, and began to lick
and suck her shaved honey hole as if his life depended on
it. Cindy began to tell him where to lick and suck, when he
finally found her clit she said that was the spot and he should
use his tongue and lips on it because it was making her pussy
burn and feel like it was going to explode. Because of his
inexperience and excitement, Tommy was having a hard time
controlling himself. He was getting so turned on that his
cock felt like it was on fire, he said to Cindy that he wanted
to put his hard pole into her dripping pussy now. Cindy was
so close to going over the edge that she also thought that
having him insert his cock into her pussy would do the job
and send her over the edge. She said yes that he should FUCK
her pussy now and make her a real woman. Tommy moved into
position above her and she reached down with both hands,
one taking hold of his swollen member while the other spread
her lips to assist in the entry of the head of his throbbing
cock. Tommy knew that he need to go slowly at first, he listened
to Cindy as her breathing got faster and then stopped as
she worked past the initial pain of having her first cock
inserted into her willing and egger pussy. The wetness
of her hole helped greatly in reducing the amount of pain
that she was experiencing, it still took about ten minuets
before she felt comfortable enough to have Tommy begin
to slide his shaft back and forth. As his cock moved in and
out of her tight hole it occasionally hit or brushed her
clit which sent electric jolts throughout her entire body,
she began to say that it was feeling better and that she wanted
him to force his cock deeper and pull it out almost all the
way before sending it back into her tight pussy. Tommy was
also sucking one of her nipples and then the other while
his was thrusting into Cindy, She told him to change his
position so he was higher up and that he could hold her tits
with both of his hands while he pounded his cock into her
dripping cunt. When Tommy moved his legs under himself more, Cindy lifted
her legs and grasped them behind her knees. Tommy was now
hitting her clit with his cock almost every time he thrust
into her. The added pleasure of him flicking her nipples
and holding onto her tits began to move her close to her first
orgasm while having intercourse. Cindy began to say over
and over; YES, TOMMY, FUCK ME, FUCK ME… it soon turned into
TOMMY FUCK ME and then she could only get out FUCK ME, FUCK
ME. Tommy was pounding his six inches harder and deeper
into her dripping hole. Cindy had never felt so completely
overcome by the feelings that she was having that when the
first wave of her orgasm hit she was not ready when her pussy
convulsed and spasumed, it paused for a few moments and
then it did it again and it kept getting bigger and more intense.
Cindy finally screamed that she was CUMMING, CUMMING,
HARD, I’m CUMMING. Tommy slammed his dick into her soaked
pussy and his cock sent a much smaller load deep into the
back of Cindy’s trembling pussy. Tommy collapsed on top
of Cindy, while her body continued to thrust and move against
his. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him
closer while kissing his face and neck. After a few moments
she finally collapsed and her legs and arms fell to the ground
as her pussy clenched one last time and spat Tommy’s glistening
soft cock from her dripping and sore pussy. They lay there for about ten minuets before either of them
had the strength to move. Cindy said that she was so happy
that Tommy was the one had finally taken her cherry and made
her a true woman. Tommy told her that he was also happy that
she had chosen him too. He never would have thought that
they would be laying in the desert completely naked having
just fucked each-others brains out, he said that he was
still having a hard time believing that she was the same
girl that he had known all these years. Cindy told him that
she had not really thought about doing anything like this
until just a few days ago. She briefly told him how she had
seen her parents one night and that set the gears in motion,
she wanted to experience all of the pleasure that she saw
her mother experiencing that night and she said that the
only one she considered was he. Tommy had rolled of to one side and was now lying next to her
on his back. Cindy then rolled on top of Tommy and said that
she felt like she could stay out there all day and let him
slide his cock in and out of her pussy, it felt soooooooooooooooo
good that she was sure that they would be back out here before
long. But there was one more thing that she wanted him to
do and that would complete her wish for the day. She moved
her left hand down to his soft cock and said that if he had
rested long enough, she was going to get him ready for the
last event in their sexual Olympics. She first gave him
a big French kiss and then moved her body down between his
legs and using only her mouth, she began to suck his cock
back into working condition. Tommy just laid there rolling
his head back and forth saying that Cindy was just so amazing,
it took her about 5 to 10 minuets of using her mouth and hands
finally to get his shaft ready for its next mission. Cindy stopped sucking and quickly remounted his cock sliding
it into her still dripping pussy, while she was sitting
on top of him she reached into her back back and pulled out
a small jar of KY jelly, she ground her pussy down onto his
cock and said that she was ready if he was. He said yes and
asked her how she wanted to do it. Cindy got up and took some
of the KY and coated the head and shaft of his pole, she then
took a small glob and put it into his right hand and told him
to put it on her hole before he began to put his cock inside
of her. Cindy said that she would get into the doggy style
position first and see if that was the easiest way. So with
her head down and her ass towards the sky, Tommy smeared
the KY over her tight little back door and jacked his hand
on his cock to get it good and coated. Cindy was already fingering
her pussy and clit with both hands to insure that she was
completely ready for her ass fucking. Tommy began to apply
pressure to her bunghole, Cindy could feel her ass pucker
and try to repel the invader, she was trying to relax her
ass and focus on her clit. She even began shoving three fingers
into her pussy while fingering her clit. Tommy moved to
adjust his weight and slipped forward forcing the head
of his cock into the opening. Cindy let out a short scream
but said that she was Ok, that he should push it in a little
further. He got about another inch in when she said that
she wanted him to pull back and then go forward, he did this
and sure enough it felt much better when he pulled back and
then slid it back forward. Her fingers were really getting
her pussy to burn again and the pain in her ass was not so bad,
she thought she could feel the makings of another orgasm
somewhere off in the back of her pussy. She said that Tommy
should grab her tits if he could and pinch her nipples while
she fingered her pussy, when he reached forward his cock
slid deeper into her ass and just as she was ready to tell
him to pull back he grabbed her nipple and it sent a jolt through
her entire body and straight to her clit, this caused her
ass to relax and then Tommy pushed the rest of his cock into
her ass. Cindy was almost certain that she would have another earth
shattering orgasm as long as she continued to rub her clitoris
while Tommy slammed his cock into her ass. There was only
one small problem; the rocks under the cover were starting
to become too uncomfortable to lay on in the doggy style
position. Cindy told him to stop and pull out so she could
standup and lean over the back of her quad-runner. Cindy
slowly stood up, then leaned over the back of her quad, and
then decided that she would sit on the cargo rack with her
ass at the edge and lay on her back on top of her rack and seat.
Tommy moved back into position, with Cindy holding her
legs up in a large “V” he had easy access to here well lubed
and exceptionally tight little ass. He applied another
coat of KY to his shaft and then pointed the head back into
Cindy’s waiting hole. It slide into her much easier this
time, Cindy said that it was much more comfortable and that
he could already begin to pound his cock into her ass. She
resumed her fingering on her clit and Tommy now could more
easily pinch and pull at her nipples. The juices were soon
flowing from her young pussy and dripping down her crack
onto Tommy’s shaft as it buried itself deeper and deeper
into her ass. Cindy once again said that she was close to Cumming and that
he needed to FUCK her harder and faster, she could sense
that this was going to be even larger than the one she had
experienced only minuets earlier. She stopped fingering
her pussy and clit and with both hands grasped her chest,
pinning his hands tight to her tits. She screamed as the
first wave of orgasm roared through her body, she yelled
for Tommy to FUCK HER ASS and never stop. She no longer had
control of her body, her pussy was contracting like a vise
and then it would send waves of her juices spraying out and
onto Tommy’s cock and belly. She was actually spraying
him with her cum with each contraction of her pussy; her
ass had completely relaxed and was open wide enough to get
a truck through or that how it felt to Cindy. Tommy was trying
his best to slam is meat so far up inside of Cindy’s ass that
she would be able to taste his cock in her mouth. Cindy’s
whole body began to shake and tremble as her orgasm grew
and grew; her legs were spread wider than she had ever been
able to spread them in her life. All her body knew was that
it wanted to continue having that cock slamming into her
ass period. Tommy said that he was going to blast another
load of his hot cum into her hot fucking ass and that she had
better hold on to something. Cindy took her legs and closed
them together and then placed them on his shoulders, this
caused her pussy and ass to tighten up and increase her orgasm.
It also increased the sensation for Tommy and his load began
to spew from the end of his dick filling her bowels with his
white hot liquid, it seemed as thought his balls where empting
its life contents into her ass. It began to leak out from
around his moving cock and drip on to the ground. They were
one large fucking orgasm, moving in time with one another
completely unaware of the world around them. Their world
only consisted of his cock and her ass and the earthquake
that was taking place between them. When Tommy’s cock had shot its last bit of cum into her gapping
hole, he started to fall backwards onto the cover, she attempted
to stay locked onto his pole but was unable too and his glistening
tool slid from her ass. Tommy fell back onto the cover with
his legs spread and his head spinning, Cindy hopped off
the quad-runner and grabbed his pole and said that as long
as it was hard she was going to FUCK HER ASS with it. She began
to move her ass up and down, back and forth, slamming and
pounding her ass onto his ravaged cock. Her body was so over
come by her orgasms that she soon lost the ability to sit
up, fell off to one side, and lay there shaking as her body
came down from its high peak. They both lay there for about twenty minuets before either
of them was able to move, she finally crawled over to him
and snuggled into his arms, once again thanking him for
helping her to become a full and complete woman. Tommy said
that he was happy to have been the one to make her a woman.
But, he wasn’t sure if he would ever make it as a man if that
was what was expected of him ever time a woman wanted him
to have sex with her. She grabbed his sore and soft cock and
said that she would try to be more careful with it the next
time she used it. She said that they should wash off in the
water and get started back before somebody came looking
for them. They cleaned up, got dressed, and ever so slowly
rode back to Cindy’s house where they exchanged a long and
passionate kiss in her garage. She also reminded Tommy
that he had lost the bet and he could come back later to clean
her wheels and grease the rest of her parts any time. Cindy ran inside the house and found Amanda in the laundry
room folding cloths, she asked where her parents were and
was told they were out back in the hot tub. Cindy briefly
told Amanda everything that happened and how powerful
her orgasms had been, especially her last one while being
fucked in her ass. Amanda said that she was so very happy
for Cindy and that she hopped that she would have many more
exciting and wonderful sexual experiences, Amanda also
said that she would do her best to teach her and help her learn
all that she could about sex and everything that went along
with it.

Things around the house stayed normal for about a 2 or 3
weeks, when Cindy asked if she could spend the weekend with
her friend Jill again. Her parents said yes if her homework
was completed and her room was clean. She assured them that
it would be and ran up to her room to call Jill. As she was leaving
her parents, she overheard them tell Amanda that there
would only be the three of them for the weekend and that she
should plan accordingly. Cindy had told Jill that something wonderful had happened
to her a few weeks ago and that if she were willing to keep
a secret that she could never tell anyone, then she would
include Jill in the next time it came around. Of course,
Cindy did not tell Amanda that there would be two of them
hiding out and watching the sex show that weekend, but Cindy
did not think that Amanda would mind if there was another
interested and willing student for her to teach. Friday rolled around and when Cindy got home from school
she checked to see if her mom was home and then went to see
if Amanda had any news. Amanda told her that her mother and
father wanted to have a completely cloths free weekend
at the house, Don was not on call and Linda did not have any
appointments until late Monday morning. She also said
that Friday night they were planning to spend most of the
evening out by the pool. That would allow Cindy to be in her
bedroom and watch most of the happenings without any chance
of been seen or heard. Since Cindy’s room was on the second
floor and her parents had their master suite on the other
side of the house on the first floor, Cindy and Jill could
be upstairs for almost the whole weekend and not be seen
by either of her parents, they never went up to her room unless
she was there, this would be perfect. It was about 8pm when Cindy and Jill sneaked into the house
and up to Cindy’s room. Cindy told Jill that she had to promise
that no matter what she saw or did that she could never tell
anyone, ever, that it would possibly cause someone to go
to jail or worse. Jill was even more excited and quickly
assured Cindy that she would not tell a soul. Now Jill is
the same age as Cindy, but she is a few inches taller and has
about the same chest measurements as Cindy. Cindy told
Jill to sit on her bed while she checked to see if the show
had started; looking out her window she saw that it was in
full swing and that they were in for quite a show. Jill was called to the window, when she looked out at the
pool she saw Linda laying on her back on top of the diving
board completely naked, Don was standing over her head
shoving his large cock down her throat also completely
naked. Amanda was on the end of the board wearing a French
maid’s outfit that did not cover her ass or chest; she had
her face buried between Linda’s legs slurping away. Jill
stood there with her mouth open and in complete disbelief
as to what she was seeing her best friend’s parents doing.
Cindy had stepped behind Jill and placed her arms around
Jill’s shoulders, telling her that this is what she had
seen those few weeks ago, she had watch them at been so turned
on by it that she could not move until they were done and had
gone to their room. They stood there watching the threesome for more than
an half an hour, they watch them change position repeatedly,
and they could hear each and every moan, squeal, and grunt
as they pleasured themselves. Just as it had happened to
Cindy, Jill began to feel warm and a tingling in her belly,
she did not realize that Cindy had been rubbing her arms
and moved her hands over her breasts causing her nipples
to grow harder. Jill’s right hand moved to her pussy and
began to rub it through her shorts, her left hand moved up
to her chest to find that Cindy was un-buttoning her blouse
and had exposed her bra. Cindy asked if Jill liked watching
her parents FUCK their maid, if she was feeling a burning
deep down inside of her panties. Jill said “Yes, Yes, Yes”,
watching them is making me very warm and my heart is bounding
beneath my chest. Cindy unsnapped Jill’s bra and cupped
her breasts in her hands, Cindy said that she too felt the
same way when she watched her mom and dad “FUCK” the maid
in the kitchen a few weeks ago. That her nipples were hard
just like Jill’s were now, that her pussy was moist and soon
began to soak her panties like Jill’s was doing right now.
Jill let her head fall back against Cindy’s shoulder as
she moaned in delight; she placed her hands over Cindy’s
forcing them to squeeze her tits. Jill turned her head and
was met by Cindy’s lips; they kissed lightly at first and
then with much, more force and intensity as Cindy began
to roll the nipples between her fingertips and this cause
Jill to suck Cindy’s tongue deeply into her mouth, where
she rolled it over and over with hers. They continued to
kiss as Cindy finished removing Jill’s top and bra, she
then slipped her left hand down the front of Jill’s shorts
and rubbed the top of her mound and then slowly moved her
hand so that her middle finger was directly over Jill’s
hot little button, she moved her finger back and forth over
it and got the desired effect. Jill pushed her hips up against
Cindy’s hand and moaned a deep throaty “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS”.
Cindy then stepped back in front of Jill and placed her
against the window so she could continue to watch the show
beside the pool; she then finished pulling down the shorts
and knelt down in front of Jill. She began to kiss her thighs
and slowly work her way up the trimmed bush that was glistening
in the moon light. Jill could see that the maid had her face
between Linda’s legs and was licking her pussy while Don
was licking hers, Linda was sucking on Don’s penis and she
seemed to be taking almost all of it into her mouth. The moans
that they were making added to the heat the she was feeling,
while her best friend was kissing and licking her very own
pussy. Cindy had been using only her mouth to explore Jill’s sweet
honey box, but now she slipped her middle finger inside
of the soaked pussy and bean to move it in and out like a small
cock. Jill was finding it hard to stand and watch the threesome
at the same time; she was leaning more and more on Cindy,
which caused Cindy to push her finger deeper inside of her
hole, which seemed to be on fire. Jill said that she needed
to sit down before she fell out the window, so Cindy helped
her to the bed and then she moved back to eating Jill pussy,
which was now fully exposed to her mouth. Cindy took her two middle finger of her right hand and worked
them inside of Jill while she used her left hand to squeeze
and pull at the rock hard nipples that Jill had. Jill was
moaning, groaning and wiggling due to the efforts that
Cindy was focusing on her naked body. Cindy began to moan
as she sucked and fingered Jill, she also started to focus
on Jill’s clit with her tongue and lips. Jill said that her
pussy was on fire and that she did not want Cindy to stop until
the fire was out. Cindy replied that the only way to extinguish
this fire was with liquid, and Jill was going to have to supply
the liquid but she would help her get it. Jill said that she
would do anything that Cindy said as long as she didn’t stop
what she was doing. Cindy was waiting for her to say that, without taking her
mouth away from Jill soaked pussy she maneuvered herself
up onto the bed and into a sixty-nine position over Jill.
Before Jill could say, anything Cindy lowered her shaved
wet pussy onto Jill face. Jill was so overcome with the sights,
smells of everything she immediately open her mouth, placed
it on Cindy’s swollen pussy lips, and began to lick and suck.
She was soon trying to mirror Cindy’s movements but she
would get lost in her bodies roller-coaster ride. Jill
began to moan and say that she was getting closer and closer,
but she didn’t quite know what she was getting closer to.
Cindy rolled onto her back and pulled Jill on top of her.
Cindy placed her hands on Jill’s ass, forcing her pussy
down on to her mouth, and forced her tongue as deep into the
pussy as she could get it. Jill said that she was going to
explode if Cindy didn’t stop soon; Cindy continued to fuck
her tongue against Jill’s clit and waited for the flood
that she knew was close at hand. Jill felt the first bolt of lighting come from deep in the
back of her fiery pussy, the next came from the end of her
clitoris that was being sucked between her best friends
lips. All of a sudden, her entire body felt like it had been
plugged into an electrical outlet. Her nipples were tingling,
her toes where curling, and she actually felt a rush of liquid
burst from her pussy and spray all over Cindy’s waiting
mouth. Cindy licked and sucked as much of the juices as she
possible could, there was just too much, it covered her
entire face and poured down her chin and neck. Cindy released
her grasp of Jill’s ass and reached down to take each of Jill’s
breasts into her hands and squeeze them and the rock hard
nipples. This caused another flood to erupt from Jill’s
drenched pussy. Jill was now grinding her hips down onto
Cindy’s face, she did not know why, but she just knew that
she needed to get that tongue or something else hard back
inside of her throbbing pussy. Jill said that she whished that Cindy had a big hard cock
that she could fuck her with. Cindy rolled Jill off her and
said that she had the next best thing if she really wanted
to get fucked by a big cock. Jill was fingering her clit and
said, “Yes, Yes, Yes, I just want you to FUCK MY PUSSY”. Cindy
crawled over to her dresser and in the back of the bottom
drawer; she pulled out a strap-on dildo that she a barrowed
from Amanda. She quickly put it on and moved back to the bed
where Jill was laying with her eyes shut fingering herself
towards another orgasm. Cindy said spread your legs and
play with your nipples, Jill obeyed immediately and grasped
her chest and began to roll her nipples between her wet fingers.
Cindy guided the head between Jill’s swollen pussy lips
and then began to move it up and down covering the head with
the juices that were flowing from it. Jill moved her legs
even wider when she felt the head touch her pussy; she opened
her eyes and looked down to see Cindy slowly push the eight-inch
dildo into her fiery little cunt. Jill’s pussy seemed to
grasp the fake cock and pull it inside; she said to Cindy
that she wanted to take it all the way, before she started
to fuck her with it. Jill let go of her mounds and took each
of Cindy’s in her hands, holding and squeezing them, pulling
her down closer until their lips met in a feverish French
kiss. Their tongues spared and exchanged the cum that was
still covering Cindy’s face and mouth, they melted into
each others bodies as Cindy began to stroke Jill’s pussy
with her temporary dick. Cindy began slowly at first and made long even strokes
into Jill, they were now making soft tender love to each
other. Their hands moved freely over their bodies, they
moved from nipples the pussy to mouth in a big circle. Cindy
began to increase her tempo, the fire in her own pussy was
begging for more friction and speed; she placed Jill’s
legs in between them and on her shoulders. She began to talk
to Jill and say how much she loved fucking her and that she
couldn’t wait until Jill was pounding this cock into her
pussy. Jill said that she also loved how it felt when her
best friend “FUCKED HER”, that she wanted to cum again while
being fucked by Cindy. So she asked Cindy to hurry and pound
her pussy so she could cum all over their fake cock; then
she would put it on and she would fuck her until her pussy
exploded. The speed increased again and Jill could feel her pussy
begin to contract as the rubbery shaft pushed against her
clit on its way into her burning hole. She took her nipples
between her fingers again and started to roll them causing
the electric bolts to fire throughout her entire body.
Jill started to moan and tell Cindy to “Fuck Me Harder”,
“Fuck Me Harder”, “FUCK ME HARDER”. Cindy said that she
need to keep her voice down or her parents would hear them
and they would be caught. Jill kept getting louder so Cindy
placed her mouth over Jill’s and sucked her tongue into
hers while she pounded their pussies together. A few moments
later Jill’s body went ridged as hers orgasm erupted and
sent her juices flooding out, covering the fake cock and
splashing onto her belly. Cindy continued to slam into
Jill’s flooding box because the excitement and passion
that they were sharing had brought her close to her own climax.
Her hips were moving faster, she was forcing her body harder,
and harder onto Jill’s, she was so close that when Jill was
throwing her arms around during her orgasm, she grabbed
one of Cindy’s nipples and squeezed it so hard that the pain
sent Cindy of the edge and she began to cum too. They were
thrusting their pussies against each other with such force
that the bed was moving across the floor. They both collapsed
in one final spasm and then Cindy slipped off to one side
with the dildo making a popping sound as it was pulled from
Jill’s trembling pussy. After five minutes or more passed, Cindy stood up on wobbly
legs and walked to the window to check on the outdoor sex
show, it was still going strong with her dad fucking her
mother in the ass while Amanda was locked in a “69” with her.
Cindy commented on how long they could keep up their pace
without dropping over dead. Jill replied that she felt
that she could keep going all night, of course that would
be when she caught her breath and was able to use her legs
again. They both laughed as Cindy slid back onto the bed
next to Jill; Jill asked if what they had just done made the
Lesbians? Cindy said it most definitely did not! She loves
to feel a hard cock in her pussy and ass, but she also loved
the feeling of a hot juicy pussy Cuming all over her mouth.
She then asked if Jill was ready to return the favor and fuck
her until she couldn’t stand up? Jill said that she was but
she need some help strapping on the fake cock. Cindy pulled
it off and gave the head a quick lick and suck to get some of
the remaining cum off before it was used on her; she also
asked if Jill wanted to taste her own sweet juices? Jill
took the dildo from Cindy and licked the sides and the fake
balls before she pushed the head between her lips and sucked
about six inches into her mouth. She pulled it out making
another popping sound and said that it was ready for its
next coating of CUM JUICE. Cindy helped place and tighten the strap-on on to Jill,
then with them facing each other while kneeling on the bed,
Cindy wrapped her arms around Jill and pulled her in close
and gave her a long sensual kiss that started the action
again. The dildo was poking into Cindy’s pubic area already,
they slowly lay back on her bed with Jill on top and Cindy
guided the head of her best friend’s new cock into her wet
pussy lips. Jill started out slowly just as Cindy had done
with her earlier, they pulled and pinched each other’s
nipples, Cindy asked Jill the make love to her pussy before
she FUCKED IT ROYALLY. Jill made love to her best friend for almost fifteen minuets
before Cindy said that she could feel herself nearing another
orgasm; Jill took Cindy’s legs and forced them as wide apart
as she could get them. She began to push them up towards the
headboard, lifting Cindy’s pussy in the process. Jill
would slam down into the drenched pussy and then slowly
pull back out. Cindy was fingering her left nipple and clit
while Jill was sucking on the right nipple. “FUCK ME NOW,
FUCK ME NOW” Cindy began to say in a deeply horse voice, so
Jill pulled the out stretched legs together and began to
fuck her big fake cock into Cindy’s dripping cunt. Jill
pounded into Cindy for a couple of minuets before she told
Cindy to roll over; she wanted to FUCK her from behind doggy
style. Cindy quickly rolled over and thrust her ass up at
her friend; Jill grasped the shaft and in fluid motion shoved
the entire length deep into Cindy. Cindy had her face buried
in a pillow, which is the only reason that no one heard her
screams of ecstasy as Jill fuck her pussy like a mad man.
Jill was squeezing Cindy’s ass cheeks and pulling her back
to meet her own thrusts. Cindy said that she was about to
CUM when they heard a loud noise from outside. It sounded
like Don was spraying a load and both Linda and Amanda were
screaming in delight. This pushed Cindy of the edge and
she began to shower her liquid cream all over herself and
Jill. Jill pulled the dildo out of Cindy and began to lick
her friends flowing juices as her climax subsided. Jill
flipped Cindy over and then remounted her; slowly sending
the dildo back deeply into the quivering depths of Cindy’s
young pussy. They actually fell asleep in that position
for more than an hour, until Cindy need to go to the bathroom
and empty her bladder, when she crawled back into her bed,
she saw that Jill was still wearing the strap-on, so she
spooned in front of Jill and worked the dildo between her
pussy lips and then placed one of Jill’s hands on her tender
nipple, she was soon drifting back off to sleep completely

Amanda had finished making breakfast for her benefactors
and was hurrying to get the kitchen cleaned up so she could
check to see if Cindy, whom she was sure had spent the night
watching them by the pool last night, needed anything.
Just as she was finishing up in the kitchen, Linda walked
in and said that her and Don were going to go for a morning
ride on their Harley’s, that planned to be gone for about
two or three hours. Then they would be back for lunch and
possibly some more poolside activities, Linda walked
up behind Amanda with her hands still in the dish water and
reached through her arms and took each of her breasts in
her hands and gave them a firm squeeze while she gave Amanda
a small bite and then a kiss on the back of her bare neck. We’ll
see you later my little Mexican flower. Amanda finished the dishes just as she heard the motorcycles
pull out of the garage, she walked to the front windows to
make sure they were gone and then headed upstairs to check
on Cindy. Before she got to Cindy’s door she could hear what
sounded like two hands clapping or bodies slapping together,
Amanda peeked into the room and saw Cindy wearing the strap-on
dildo she had loaned her, she was thrusting it into her friend
Jill while Jill was holding onto Cindy’s bouncing boobs.
Jill was saying that she was close to Cumming and wanted
Cindy to fuck her harder like she had last night. Amanda
watched as Cindy increased her speed as she drove the dildo
into Jill’s drenched pussy. Amanda’s pussy began to boil
from the actions that were taking place right in front of
her. Amanda stripped off her uniform and quietly stepped into
the room and moved to the side of the bed where the girls would
see her when they opened their eyes. Amanda was cupping
her large breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingertips
when Cindy opened her eyes and saw her maid standing next
to them. Cindy asked Jill if she wanted to eat some pussy
again, Jill answered yes without opening her eyes. Cindy
held out her hand to help Amanda up on the bed and onto Jill
hungry mouth. Jill opened her eyes when she felt a second
pair of hands on her chest, she was shocked and scared at
first, but when she saw Amanda’s lovely body with her large
tits and hard nipples, she relaxed and laid her head back
down and opened her mouth. Amanda moved herself over Jill’s head and lowered herself
down until Jill’s tongue made contact with her wet pussy,
Cindy was still pumping into Jill when she took her hands
and placed them on Amanda’s massive tits. Jill let out a
loud moan and squeezed Amanda’s tits making Amanda moan
as well. Amanda said to Cindy that she was fucking her best
friend very well for someone that had only been fucking
for such a short time. Cindy replied that they had fucked
and sucked each other many times last night while they watch
the show by the pool. Cindy said that Jill was a fabulous
pussy fucker and egger cunt licker, they had “69” each other
until they both showered their cum all over the bed. Amanda
said that she believed Jill was a fine cunt licker because
she was already close to spilling her juices over her face.
Jill was bucking against Cindy and forcing her mouth and
tongue a deeply into Amanda as she could, her moans let the
others know that she was very close to her climax too. Jill pulled her face back from Amanda’s dripping tunnel
long enough to say “I’m CUMMING” and then she clamped her
mouth back onto Amanda’s erect clitoris. Cindy began to
pound even faster and harder into Jill’s exploding pussy;
Amanda let her head fall back and she said that she was now
cumin also. Amanda began to rock her hips on Jill’s face
as she would if she were riding a mans’ cock, Jill had moved
her hands to try to pull Cindy deeper into her fiery pussy.
Cindy was the last to cum, she had been watching the expressions
on Amanda and the nipples of Jill get harder and harder,
that and the fact that Amanda was fingering her nipples
had finally sent her over the edge. The three of them continued
to lick, suck, probe and fuck each other for the next two
hours, Amanda even went to her room to get another toy, it
was a double headed dildo the was 18 inches long and two inches
wide. Cindy and Jill got to take turns fucking Amanda on
the dildo while the other wore the strap-on and got to fuck
the maid in her nicely rounded ass. They all took a shower together in Cindy’s parent’s large
walk-in shower, where they each had their last orgasm before
the girls left to go back to Jill’s house. Where they could
both take a long and well-deserved nap before coming back
to Cindy’s home to try to catch the next sex-show by the pool.

Things kind of calmed down after that amazing weekend
for Cindy, of course she did try to spend as much time with
Amanda after school learning many new things, but they
only had a few hours before her mother would get home and
she did have to keep up her studies so no one would get suspicious.

Two weeks before school ended Jill got some bad news from
Tommy, his father had been given a promotion and was being
transferred to the east coast, and Tommy would be leaving
Tucson by the end of June. Cindy and Tommy spent the next
four weekends screwing their brains out, they went back
to the desert lake. Cindy even gave Tommy a surprise going
away gift of having a three-some with Amanda and her, Tommy
got more pussy in four weeks than he was going to get in the
next year, he was never going to forget his riding partner
or her maid for the rest of his life. It was late in July when Cindy was over at Jill’s house when
she got a call to come home as soon as she could, her parents
had something that they needed to talk to her about. She
hurried home and was a little concerned about what they
might want to talk to her about. She had been extremely careful
about her sexual exploits and was sure that she had not left
any clues that might give her secret away; she was also sure
that Amanda would never reveal their secret because she
could be sent to jail if they were found out. Cindy walked into the house and found her parents outside
by the pool, they asked her to sit and if she remembered Don’s
boys Paul and Kevin? She answered yes, but what did they
have to do with her? Her mother said that the boys mother
had been given orders for a deployment into the country
of Kuwait and she could not take the boys or find anyone to
take care of them for the entire time she was gone, she had
called Don to ask if he could take care of them for the next
year or until she got back. They wanted to know if it was all
right with Cindy if they came to stay with them. They said
that they knew things would be hard at first. However, they
were sure that things would get back to normal very quickly.
Cindy’s mind flashed to the last picture that Don had received
of his sons, they were drop dead gorgeous as far as Cindy
and Jill were concerned. They had talked about how nice
it would be to have Paul and Kevin eat their pussies and fuck
them afterwards. Cindy asked if they were going to have
the room across from hers or a different one; Linda said
that if she did not mind sharing the bathroom with two boys,
that it would make living arrangements much easier for
everyone. That way Amanda could stay in her room and the
soon to be high school seniors could have the other end of
the house all to themselves. That was exactly what Cindy
had in mind, her parents at one end of the house and her at
the other with two young studs, hopefully with cocks as
big as or bigger than their fathers to shove into her whenever
she wanted them to. Of course, she would have to be careful
in just how she went about getting those cocks. Cindy said
that she thought it would be fun to have her “Little Brothers”
around for a while, she even joked that she would baby-sit
them if her mom and dad wanted to go out for a night on the town.
So it was settled then, Paul & Kevin would be there in
less than a week, and Cindy had to let Jill know that they
might be getting one of their fantasies fulfilled very

They had to borrow a van from one of Don’s co-workers, it
was the only way the could fit all of the boys luggage. Cindy
had asked if Jill could come with them, but her mother said
that they wanted to just have the family at the airport,
Jill could come over later and meet the boys. Therefore,
Cindy decided to wear something that might get Paul &
Kevin to start thinking about how they could get into her
pants all on their own. She wore a pair of her tightest jeans
with a sports bra and a shear white cotton top that she would
leave un-buttoned and un-tucked. She had gotten each of
them a single red rose to welcome them to Tucson and their
new home, her mother thought that was a very nice thing to
do and said that she hopped that they all got along. Cindy
said to herself that she hopped that they got along and into
her pussy real soon, she was getting tired of rubber cocks,
she wanted the real thing again and fast. There were the usual hugs by Don and Linda, but when Cindy
gave her hugs, she made sure that she pressed her tits into
their chest as much as she could get away with, her hands
pulling them into her firmly. They got out to the van and
began to load the suit cases into the middle, Cindy had climbed
into the back seat hopping that the middle seats would get
filled with the luggage and the boys would want to sit back
by her. While the last of the suit cases were getting put
in, Cindy made sure that no one was looking and began to pinch
her nipples to get them hard so when the boys climbed in they
would get an eye full. She insured that her shirt was pulled
out of the way and that she was facing them, Paul was first
and smiled and then did a double take when he saw her headlights
were on high beam. Kevin almost missed the seat because
he was staring at her tits. Cindy was sure that she had laded the ground work successfully,
she caught both of them turning around to look at her nipples
during the ride home, she also made sure that her nipples
stayed hard the entire way home, she thought that they may
even be able to smell her juices that were soaking her panties.
If she didn’t stop playing with her tits, she might have
an orgasm in the back of the van, that would be so great, but
it would also be hard to explain her moaning to her parents
sitting up front. She happened to hear Paul say that his mother had arranged
for him to work as lifeguard at the airbase pool, she s

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cjg045 65 M
Score 3.8

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Oh come on, Please keep writing this most delicious story


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Kinda long, but SO worth the read! Thanks


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HOT HOT HOT What else is there to say but HOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!
Hope there is a part two to this fabulous story. Thanks.


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Please post this again, maybe in two parts, the last part
of the story is missing.


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omg awesome story get me cumming lol mmmmmmmm wished ur
cock was fucking me so hard now arrrghhhh


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great story one , little problen arizona state is in
of arizona is in tucson


Jen69Stubby62 replies on 1/17/2009 6:05 pm:
So sorry, but it is a fictional story, maybe they moved the college after they read my story? Besides, it didn't really have that much affect on the story line.

Thanks for the correction anyway.

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I just love it when three woman eat each others pussy out

I am a bi-sexual male that loves to suck on a guys cock.. just
as he is about to cum he puts his cock down my throat and cum's
an fills my tummy up...


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That is one hot story --


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Hi. It's been a few year's since being posted,
but, I'm hoping you have this story archived somewhere
and are able to repost it in smaller segments. Both Parts
1 and 2 were apparently cut short when uploaded. I really
liked them both, and it would be nice to know how they each
finished, or to get the full story in 3-4 parts. Hopefully,
this will start you writing again, too.


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That is a very hot story -- I just love three-somes - with both two men or two women --


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A tad long , but well worth my throbbing cock and explosive cum shot - twice !!!