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Chu, 18 years old



This happened many years back when I was in the military.
I had returned from South East Asia a few years earlier and
had developed a “taste” for those cute little golden skinned
ladies. I had my share for sure and the memories lingered
long. The tour there may have been not in the best of times,
but the times away from chaos where enjoyable.

One Saturday I headed for the Club on base to take in some
rays by the pool. My then wife and I grabbed a table and some
cool drinks and sucked some rays. My EX is Thai and had many
friends here in the area and a few filtered into the pool
area. Even though I had a cutie of my own, the other SEA women
still whet my appetite. This day little did I know the caviar
would materialize.

We soaked some rays and chatted with the three other couples
that arrived and joined us. These were the days where Americans
married to Asians pretty much had to stick together, as
the cultural climate still did not quite relish the “mixed
marriage” idea where we were stationed.

All my friends had gorgeous wives, one Thai, Japanese and
the third Korean. In my mind I knew with half a chance I would
knock the bottom out of any of them. I gazed at each and fantasized
at the opportunities. My reality came back when I head Pan
my wife call out “Sawadee” to three people entering the
pool area. I looked up and recognized them immediately.
It was Fred, and his wife Anne, an American couple, but they
had this cute golden skinned little lady with them.

Fred walked over and clasped my hand, crushing it as usual,
and greeted us. He then introduced the sweet looking Asian
girl with him. “Meet Chu, she is our adopted daughter. She
just turned 18 and we decided to take her here for a nice afternoon
of swimming and sneak her a few drinks” Fred laughed.

Chu was wearing a pair of tight jeans, and small top tied
in the front. She looked meek, but beamed as she shook our
hands. Chu was about 4’10’ and maybe 90 pound soaking wet.
Her built was lean and from what I saw, tiny. She greeted
us in Thai and they pulled some lounges up next to us and relaxed.
We ordered a bottle of champagne from the waiter and eleven
glasses. He hesitated looking at Chu.

“Hey, don’t sweat it, all Asian girls look young. My wife
is 26 and looks 17. Just get the booze!” I interjected. The
waiter paused and shrugged scanning the other ladies and
finally said, “Yes sir” and proceeded to go for our order.
“Quick thinking John!” Fred laughed. I smiled and said
you gotta do what ya gotta do. Chu giggled and smiled at me.

We popped the bubbly soon after and toasted her birthday.
Chu wrinkled her nose from the bubbles as she sipped the
beverage. She clearly had not drunk much before. We lounged
and chatted as it got hotter outside. Finally I said, “I
am taking a dip, time to cool off. Any =one want to join me?”
As I waited, no one was in the mood to swim, so I got up and took
my robe off and headed to the pool.

I sat on the edge of the pool and dropped my legs into the cool
water. As I did I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Looking
up I saw Chu. She had shed the jeans and top and was wearing
the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. My dick about leapt from
my swim suit. “May I swim with you?” she queried. “The others
are just talking stuff I don’t enjoy and drinking.” I looked
back and saw the group in animated conversation.

“Sure, it would be nice” I smiled, looking at her form. Chu
slowly sat down as I looked at her body. Her Legs were long
and tight; her ass was two nice little handfuls and looked
luscious. Chu didn’t have a large bust, maybe 31 or 32 B at
the most, but firm. Her stomach was flat as a pancake and
her waist was so tiny. What a package.

Chu sat on the edge with me and we chatted. She had a fairly
heavy accent, but was easy to understand. Her laugh was
soft and little girl like, yet she was a woman. She told me
she was from Takli in Thailand and orphaned. Fred had taken
her in while his wife and he were assigned there when she
was about 10. He was like a Dad, but gave her the freedom to
be herself. She had been in the States for about three years
and been bored.

“Why is that?” I asked. “Well, I had everything I wanted,
but making friends was hard. All the guys in high school
only wanted to have sex, not be friends. The American girls
hardly talked to me” she explained. I smiled and said I was
glad she joined us and that yes she was attractive, but being
Thai was not a big issue. “Let’s take a dip” I changed the
subject. I dove in and she followed.

We swam for over an hour and played, splashing each other
and laughing. The group at the table was locked in conversation
and drinks and ignored us. Chu was beaming at me as we frolicked.
Her long black hair thrashed about in our play and I swear
her tiny nipples pressed into her top. My brain went evil
a bit and I tried to imagine them between my lips. My cock
was like a log in my suit.

“John, I am tired, can we go back to the group?” Chu asked.
“Sure” I responded and followed her to the ladder at the
deep end. She grasped the rail and I did too just above her
hand. My hips swayed in the water and my crotch pressed into
her ass accidentally. I flushed pink, knowing she felt
my hard on. Chu glanced at me and just smiled. Knowing I could
not get out now with a huge erection in my tight trunks, I
said, “Chu let me take a few laps and I will be up soon. Let
the others know.” She giggled and said “Okay”. I think she
knew I had to cool down.

I swam about four laps and the exercise cooled me off. My
dick was down enough to get out and I headed to the table.
I quickly donned my robe and flopped into the lounge. Pan
said we were going to have a cook out at our house and I said
great. “Can you go to the commissary and get some steaks?”
she asked. “Sure, not a problem” I responded. We finished
our drinks and got ready to leave.

In the parking lot, Pan said she would ride with Fred while
I went to the commissary. I said fine, but needed someone
to help me with the food and beverages there. Chu immediately
volunteered to go with me. I was a bit worried on this. Then
Fred said, “Go ahead, he is harmless!” Everyone laughed
and she climbed into my car. Pan had not even flinched as
I expected.

The commissary was at another base and about a half hour
away. I started the car and we headed off. Chu and I chatted
a bit and she went back to her earlier topic of not having
fun. “John, I didn’t mean it was not all fun, just not the
best. I do not like kids my age.” Shit I thought, she was just
barely not a kid. The tone got sexual and I squirmed. “John,
I am not a virgin, I did it once” Chu commented.

Just to clear readers up here, Thais are very open and not
embarrassed over sex and their bodies. I being American
and knowing this still was uncomfortable though. I tried
to relax and explained that to Chu. She giggled again and
my friggen cock started to get hard in the jeans I was now

She continued to talk endlessly to me, and finally looked
at me. “Am I boring you?” I laughed and said, “No, feel free
to talk. Just sex talk and personal stuff kinda makes me
a bit nervous. I am 30 and you are 18 after all”. She blushed
for the first time and said, “Sorry, but you are so easy to
talk too. Daddy Fred is so old and mom avoids this talking”.
I smiled sheepishly and said no problem.

We talked more comfortably and she confided in me the guy
she tried making love too was so excited he just came as he
was getting inside her pussy. My dick was a friggen redwood
by then. She then told me she thought it felt good, but was
that all there was to it. Chu also said she had done oral a
few times and sucked the guy off, but he never did anything
for her. “Are men the only ones that feel good making love?”
she finally exclaimed.

I pulled over on the shoulder of the freeway and stopped.
“Chu, hell no. You were a kid playing with kids. All of us
guys are just out to pop a nut when we are young. When you get
older, you learn pleasure comes from giving as well as getting!”
I responded. Chu’s eyes widened and she was silent for a
minute. Then she surprised me, “Show me, please” she softly
said. I was lost in confusion. “Let me think about this Chu,
this is a difficult questions considering I know you dad
and mom and I am married.”

She smiled and said, “Okay”. We pulled back on the freeway.
My dick was raging and hurt. “All thin info in 10 minutes
and we have 20 to go” I thought. We drove for about five minutes,
he looking out the window at the sites. Then I felt her hand
touch my thigh. I glanced over and she and her eyes were smiling.
Chu reached up and began to pull my fly open. Then she unbuttoned
my jeans. I had no underwear on and my cock jumped to the open.

Chu and I said nothing as I heard her unsnap her seatbelt.
She leaned down and blew on my dick as she grasped it. I swerved
a bit and tried to focus. Her hair fell into my lap as I felt
her lips engulf my rod. Lightly she skimmed the head and
bit tenderly. Then Chu sucked me as deep as she could. Damn,
I nearly wrecked the car. Without a word she began pumping
my cock in and out of her mouth. My hips were jumping.

With one hand she rubbed my stomach as her other cradled
by balls and squeezed gently. I had had a lot of blowjobs,
but not like this at 65 mph. My mind was hard to keep on the
road as I felt her bite and suck me. My balls were getting
tight. I had not been laid in about a week; Pan just wasn’t
into it anymore. I knew I was not far away from blowing a load.
Chu kept sucking me.

I saw the off ramp and was glad. My nuts were twitching hard
and I was about to shoot. As I pulled on the ramp I said. “Chu,
I am going to cum” With this she pressed her face harder to
my crotch and sucked. I lost it and nearly ran the stop sign
as my cock erupted in her mouth. I could feel Chu drink my
sperm as fast as I delivered it. I laid my hands on her soft
hair as she sucked me dry.

I was startled to reality as the guy behind me blew his horn.
“Get going asshole” I heard him yell out the window. Back
o reality, I reached over Chu’s body and shifted the car
to pull ahead. Chu leaned up and licked my still hard cock
clean. She then tucked him into my jeans and sat up. I glanced
at her for a moment and saw a trace of cum on her lips. She licked
them and buckled her seat belt.

We sat in silence for the next few minutes and approached
the gate of the other base. The guard saluted and we passed
through towards the commissary. Finally I pulled in the
parking lot of the store and shut the engine off. “Chu, that
was the most intense thing I have had. You are a woman!” I
blurted. “What brought that on?” I asked.

“I knew you needed it and wanted to please you. In the pool
I felt him press to my ass and knew he needed help. Besides,
I wanted to see if I could make an older guy happy” she finished.
“God, did you ever. But you know we can’t do this!” Chu grinned
as she fixed her makeup and we got out of the car.

Chu grabbed my hand and cuddled next to me as we walked. At
this point I did not care. We went to the store and got the
beverages and steaks and headed to my house. On the way home,
Chu asked me if I was mad. “No dear, I am not, but let’s be careful”
I replied. She smiled and said okay. “Will you make love
to me sometime?” She then dumped on me.

My friggen head reeled and I stumbled for an answer. My head
said “hell yes” as I remembered her body from earlier. But
my mind was a bit confused. “Let me think about that one.
I would love to, but…” I trailed off. “John, I want you too.
I am on the pill and want to feel a man make love to me!” she
softly answered. “We will see” I replied as we got to my house.
Gawd I was hard again…..18 years old and want me to fuck her!


Chu and I gathered the groceries and drinks and headed to
the house. She pinched me on the ass and as I grabbed the door,
she kissed me for the first time quickly. Her mouth opened
briefly and our tongues twirled. I could taste the cum still
in her mouth from an hour ago. Damn.

The door opened and we went in. Pan and Pei, another wife
were in the kitchen preparing food. “John, grab a beer the
guys are out back” Pan casually said. I was worried she would
know something was up, but seemed unconcerned. I relaxed
a bit. “Chu, help us out” Pan asked. Chu cheerily agreed
and I headed for the patio.

Fred, Bob and the other husbands all there were getting
the fire going for the steaks. “Where ya been big guy?” Fred
asked. I got embarrassed and lost for words. He laughed
and said he was teasing, he knew it would take over an hour
to get to the commissary and we all laughed. I was relieved,
I thought oh no, busted.

We soon had the steaks on and some good music. The ladies
were inside preparing and we talked BS on the patio. “John,
isn’t Chu the cutest little button?” Fred asked. I laughed
and agreed. I even joked, “If I was single and she was not
your adoptive daughter, I might make a play for her!” Everybody
roared at this and I felt better. Fred looked at me laughing
and winked.

We all settled back and enjoyed the meal. The ladies had
tossed together a few Asian delicacies with some of the
steak and it was great. We cranked up the music and ended
up with many of the neighbors joining in to the party. Chu
sat close to me all night as we partied and talked. I kept
looking at her body and lusting.

At around one thirty Pan came up to me in the kitchen as I was
putting leftovers away. “Would it bother you if Chu stayed
with us for a week? Fred and his wife need to go to London on
business and I said she could stay here”. I about shit, but
keeping cool said, “Sure, she can have the back bedroom.”
Pan said fine and headed upstairs. “Let me get it ready,
Fred leaves tomorrow” she shouted back. “Holy fuck” I thought.

A bit later everyone was getting ready to leave and we exchanged
thanks with all. As Fred’s wife carried some left overs
out with Chu, he thanked me. “John, she is a good kid and will
take care of you while she is here. Thank you for helping
us out. “You got a bottle of good single malt coming for this”.
I laughed and let him know it was not a problem.

Al headed to the door after giving me another hand breaking
shake. Chu slid past and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks
dad, I will take care to be good and not be a burden on John
and Pan” she chirped. He smiled and kissed o her on the forehead,
waved and left. “I will do the dishes, you to go to bed!” Chu
told Pan and me.

She and Pan chatted a few in Thai and then Pan headed upstairs.
“John, I am going to shower and go to bed. I have to work tomorrow.”
I said fine and that I was going to have one more beer and be
up. She disappeared up the stairs. I grabbed a beer and sat
at the kitchen table as Chu rinsed dishes.

“I had a great time today!” she chirped. “Chu, so did I. You
are surprising. I am not sure I can stand a week of you in the
next room”. She smiled and shook her tiny butt. I finished
my beer and she the dishes. “Okay, done” she spoke. “Time
for bed”. Back in lust I stood and walked to her. I pressed
her to the counter and kissed her deep. I took my hand and
slid it down her jeans. They were tight and she unbuttoned
them. My hand hit her pussy.

I sucked her tongue and pushed a finger in her pussy. Damn
it was hot and tight. Chu started humping my hand as she nearly
sucked my tongue off. “John, you coming to bed now?” I heard
Pan call“. Breaking my embrace, I called back, “On my way”.
Pan said okay and that she was going to bed. I leaned back
and kissed Chu, jamming two fingers in her pussy. She was
soaked and I could smell the sex in the air.

“This will have to wait Chu” I said. “I need to go to bed”.
She smiled at me and said okay as she fastened her jeans and
headed upstairs. I could feel her juices on my fingers and
quickly licked the clean. Damn it was sweet. I was hornier
than hell and had one more beer.

I finished about 3 AM and headed upstairs. I was still half
hard and figured I need a shower before bed. Pan was not dumb
and I worried she would smell Chu on me. I hit the shower after
checking Chu’s room. She seemed asleep and I smiled. Damn,
a fucking week with her here would kill me.

In the shower my dick was still hard and refused to go down.
I gave up and thought of pulling myself off. “No, maybe Pan
will feel up to it” I thought. I finished and naked crawled
into bed. Pan pushed her ass to me as I held her. “Hmm, looks
like the sun and food got you going John” she murmured. “Guess
so” I whispered.

Pan reached back and guides my hard dick to her pussy. I jammed
hard into her and began to fuck her hard. My mind was on Chu,
but my wife’s pussy was the relief. I rolled her over and
mounted her missionary. My cock was a rock. I fucked her
hard and fast. Pan was sweating and finally arched her back
coming hard. “John, shoot it, shoot it’ she screamed. I
did and the cum fired from my balls hard.

I pressed to her and finished shooting into her tight pussy.
Pan said, “Damn, I don’t know what got into you, but I like
what got into me as a result” she joked. Still in her pussy
I lay upon her. “I wonder if Chu heard this” I thought to my
self. My dick twitched in Pan and she jerked. “Fuck me again”
she whispered. I did. Then we both still locked fell to sleep.

Morning was broken as the alarm rang at 7. Pan had to work
at 8 and we dragged ourselves out of bed. I smelled coffee
and smiled. Pan hit the shower and I said I would in a bit.
Donning my robe I headed downstairs. Chu greeted me with
a mug of coffee and said she was making breakfast for us.
I kissed her forehead and smiled. “Thanks” I uttered. She
smiled and headed to the stove.

Pan came down, dressed for work and thanked Chu for the coffee
and breakfast. “Pi Pan, that is what I will do to repay you
for letting me stay here!” she replied respectably. Chu
grabbed a plate and coke and joined us. She was wearing one
of my long shirts as a night gown and sat down.

As Chu ate quietly, Pan said she may have to work late. “If
I do just come to the club and have dinner.” I said okay and
she got up to leave. She kissed me and said to Chu, “Keep an
eye on him, John is a handful!” Chu laughed and said she guessed
that as Pan left. “You are a hand and a mouthful” she chided
to me after Pan left.

Chu looked at me as I sipped my coffee. “We are alone now,
right?” she asked. I said yes for the next 10 to 12 hours.
With that she slid her chair back and in one motion pulled
the shirt off. Now she was butt naked in front of me. My dick
jumped. “You are trying to kill me” I exclaimed.

Chu laughed and leaned back spreading her legs. Her 18 year
old pussy spread and was beautiful with that little bush
above it. Her pubic hair was not kinky, but straight and
stuck up from her crotch. Her belly was so tight and she stared.
I made my mind up.

Chu’s body was so tiny and tight, golden and absolutely
beautiful. I wanted it, badly. I scooted my chair back and
knelt on the floor. I moved forward and looked to her face.
She put her hands on my head and pulled me. My face was now
pressed into her pussy down. Damn she smelled good.

I opened my mouth and began to lick her lips. Chu’s hips jerked
and she spread her legs wide. I poked my tongue into her and
felt her juices drip on my tongue. “YES, do it!” she hissed.
I leaned up and sucked her clit as I slid a finger into her
pussy. Chu jerked and dug her nails into my head. Her hips
began to pump my mouth.

I grabbed her waist, my hands almost circled her body she
was so tiny. I felt her body undulate to my sucking and soon
her head was thrashing from side to side. All I could hear
was her ragged breathing as I ate her pussy. Her thighs alternatively
gripped my head and opened to take me deeper to her. Chu’s
juices were dripping out and I cold not swallow all of them.

Chu then stiffened and jammed my face to her pussy. “Oh damn!
OH DAMN, DON”T STOP!” she cried over and over as her hips
came of the chair and she went rigid. My face was bathed in
her sex juices and I lapped the up as she bucked and grunted
in orgasm. “Make love to me” she meekly whispered gasping.


“I need a shower first” I told her. She smiled and said, “I
figured I heard you fuck Pan last night. It made me finger
myself as I listened to you fuck her. I bet you were thinking
of me. I decided I had to today. But I want just you, not her
in me” he trailed off. I blushed and said I was.

Slowly standing, my dick harder than ever and pointing
out, I said let me shower. Chu gasped and got up shaking.
“Let me fix the shower”. The Chu locked the door and went
upstairs. I watched her tiny butt and sweat covered body
leave. “God, this is going to kill me” I thought.

Soon she was calling me as I caught myself jerking my hard
dick. I stood up and headed upstairs. Chu was in the shower
waiting when I opened the door. I climbed in and she immediately
grabbed my cock and lathered it up. I felt I was going to cum.
Chu then rinsed and bathed me all over finishing by swallowing
my cock.

I stood there watching this tiny lady take me deep into her
mouth. Chu was fingering herself as she sucked me. Suddenly
she leaned back freeing my cock. “Don’t cum yet!” she blurted
as she inhaled my cock again. The water pelted her long black
hair. Felt my cock head enter her throat. “Chu, if you keep
this up, I will shoot” I grunted as my knees got weak.

Chu backed off and turned the water off. She grabbed my dick
and pulled me from the shower. Chu spent 20 minutes drying
me with the towel and her tongue. Then grabbing my cock,
led me to her room. Chu leaned up and kissed me. My cock pressed
into her belly. I could feel her breathing as we shared tongues.

I pushed her lightly onto the bed. Her hair flared out as
she fell back. Chu’s legs were wide and her pussy was dripping.
Chu’s nipples though tiny were erect and asking for my tongue.
I lay on top of her and kissed her. Then slowly moved and sucked
her right nipple to my mouth. Chu’s hips bucked and I heard
her suck air as she grasped me and pulled me closer to nurse.

I broke and kissed her lips. Chu sucked my tongue. Then I
moved to her left nipple. I sucked it and slowly placed my
hand on her pussy. My fingers played with her and she bucked,
gasping. I pressed a finger into her and she stiffened and
came. “Oh yes, oh yes” she cried as her hips bucked against
my palm. I felt her love fluids pour out.

Slowly I moved down her body, kissing her ribs and stomach.
I tongued her navel and she pressed my head downward. Finally
I dropped to her open legs and sucked her clit. Chu again
arched and dug her nails into my head. Her hips slammed into
my face as she came hard.

“Make love to me, NOW!” Chu blurted. She was reaching to
grab my cock. I slid up and kissed her as he finally got my
dick in her hand, she had her legs wide and I was between them
as she fumbled with my cock. I felt the heat of her pussy as
she finally got me lined up. Her hips rose and as her hand
fell away I felt my dick entering her.

I rose up and looked at her. Chu was flushed. Her breasts
heaved with her breath and she pressed to my crotch. I felt
myself slide a bit further as my cock head finally slid into
her. I had to watch this and leaned up. I looked down between
us and saw my dick wedged in her little pussy. Chu was so tiny,
I worried about hurting her. She bucked again.

My cock slid further and I could actually see her tummy swell
as I invaded her insides. Chu groaned and bucked. I lost
it and started cumming. “Oh God!” she swooned as my dick
gushed cum into her. The intensity of this had got me, but
to my surprise the old dick stayed hard. I pushed into her.

Chu’s face was contorted and as I went deeper she grimaced.
I felt a bit of resistance and suddenly her cervix hit my
cock head. I was buried and could see our pubes locked together.
Chu’s belly swelled a bit and she grabbed me. We locked in
an embrace for what seemed forever. My cock was all the way
into her.

After a bit she whispered. “You came in me already? Is that
it?” I pressed my hips and she felt my still hard dick hit
her cervix again. “Guess not” she giggled. As she laughed
I looked down and saw a ton of cum oozed out of her tiny pussy
over my cock. I leaned back again and started stoking her
body. My cock glided into her pussy and our cum kept oozing
out. The sucking of her pussy and the wetness filled the

Our nostrils lair together as we smelled our sex. The sweet
odor was an aphrodisiac and I fucked her harder. Her tiny
body wrenched every time I buried my bone deep into her.
Chu gasped as I hit her cervix. Then I pressed hard to her
body. I felt a pop and she tensed. I froze.

She sucked air and pulled me. “I don’t know what you did but
don’t stop. I want you to cum right there” she groaned. Chu
held me against her not letting me move. Her pussy was grasping
my cock and I felt the stir in my nuts. My ass tightened and
it was over. My balls clenched and as she softly rubbed them
I shot into her deep. My head went blank.

I felt her heart pound to mine as I held her and pumped my sperm
into her. Her pussy held me like a vice. My head was light
and I pressed harder. I must have fired for 2 minutes, each
one draining me. Chu kept her nails in my ass pulling me.
3, 2, 1 till I was drained. I fell on her and we held each other.
Our chests gasping and hearts pounding as we felt the passion
of the moment. We fell asleep.

I awoke first, my cock still inside her. I leaned up and felt
it grow inside Chu. This must have touched her mind as she
opened her eyes and pushed back. I fucked her again slowly
and felt like a king. I turned Chu over and got behind her.
Her ass was gorgeous. I pressed my dick back into her pussy.

Her pussy lips hugged me cock as I stoked her. It looked like
I was pulling her insides out the way her pussy held my dick
as I pulled out on the back stroke. Holding her tiny waist
I needed to cum and hammered her. Chu’s head rolled back
as she gasped at each in stoke. She trembled.

Slamming Chu hard she went stiff and moaned. My cock flexed
and surprisingly I fired another load into her. It shot
out around my prick as I pounded her from behind. We finally
locked and fell to her bed. My cock twitched and started
to soften. Chu moaned and we rolled over. My dick fell from
her pussy and was followed by a flood of fluid.

We held each other tight. The bed was wet and so were our bodies.
“Damn, I knew there was ore to it than a grunt” she said. “Oh
yes, but it is not like this all the time” I whispered. “I
know, but it was now, thank you!” Chu answered. We lay together
and finally got up to shower.

We were both drained and fulfilled. As she walked from the
room, cum ran from her pussy and down her legs. Damn I had
really busted. It dripped out and even ran to her ankle.
Chu laughed spreading her pussy as a big gob dropped to the

After the shower Chu said. “Lunch?” I said “You or are you
cooking?” She laughed and said, “Cooking we need energy.
The day is young!? I am not done yet!” Chu giggled. I sighed
and wondered if I would be alive later.

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Nice story. I'm now in Thailand and would like to try