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Christine’s Awakening…Fantasies to Realities


Chapter 1 Nothing Like Friends
Debbie called from her cell phone to tell Christine that
she would be a few minutes late getting to her house. Dan
was a little behind with his last appointment and didn’t
get home till just a little while ago. Chris told Debbie
that a little late was fine since she was still working on
her make up and couldn’t decide on what to wear. Debbie half
jokingly told her to wait on getting dressed since she would
love to help dress her. Chris knew that Debbie did have pretty
good taste in clothing so she decided to stay in her bathrobe
and finish her nails.
Debbie arrived and was knocking on the door just in time
for Chris’s nails to be dry. Chris opened her front door
and had to look twice at this woman, dressed in a sexy short
leather skirt, sheer blouse and high-heel “come fuck me”
shoes just to make sure it was Debbie. Since her last experiences
hanging with Debbie involved family type outings like
going to the mall with the kids or spending the day at the
lake, Chris was almost unprepared for this very sexy woman
standing outside her door. Debbie, seeing Chris’s surprise,
asked if she was going to let her in or if she was going to attract
a crowd on her front porch. Smiling a warm smile, Chris opened
the door and told Debbie that she looked beautiful. Debbie’s
already bright smile widened and Chris was rewarded with
a warm hug. As Debbie moved back from the embrace, Chris
didn’t notice that her robe had opened, revealing her cleavage
and a tuft of pubic hair between her legs. Debbie looked
down not trying to hide her gaze and told Chris that she didn’t
look too bad herself. Chris self-consciously closed her
robe, blushing as Debbie smiled and hugged her again and
told her not to be embarrassed about having a beautiful
body and that she should never be afraid to show it off a little.
Chris smiled, not pulling at the knot holding her robe closed
quite so hard and letting the robe remain a little open.
Chris told Debbie that she would love to wear something
as sexy as she was wearing but didn’t think she had anything
like that. Debbie took Chris by the hand and led her toward
the bedroom. The feeling was electric at her touch, like
an arc across two bare wires with energy passing between
them. Chris didn’t know if Debbie felt this but thought
that she must. Chris began to have thoughts of Debbie leading
her to the bed, laying her back and using her beautiful painted
lips on her breasts and between her legs. She almost started
to pull Debbie toward the bed but Debbie was focused on the
closet, and began moving clothing as she searched for just
the right outfit.
Debbie first chose a white silk blouse Chris had once worn
long ago to a wedding, back when she was still with her husband.
She hadn’t worn that blouse since then although it cost
her almost seventy-five dollars. At first, she was tempted
to put it back in the closet but then thought, she had a new
life now and her ex wasn’t going to paint what she did or how
she did it regardless of the old feelings that would tend
to creep in from time to time. Yes, that was a beautiful blouse
and she looked good in it then and would look even better
in it now. Chris told Debbie that she still had the sexy white
bra she wore with this blouse in the back of her drawers.
She quickly found it and laid it on the bed next to the blouse.
Debbie had also found a black skirt she hadn’t warn in years
and wasn’t sure if she could still wear it. Debbie told her
to keep an open mind so open she was. Finally, Debbie found
the sexiest black shoes stashed in the back of the closet,
covered with dust and not worn in a long time. Too long, Chris
thought. She didn’t realize how much she had stopped living
during her marriage since she once enjoyed dressing like
a two bit hooker as her mom might say, talking about other
women she might see at the mall or out to dinner, never realizing
that her own daughter might also be wearing something similar
had it not been for her ex and his attitude.
Debbie turned to Chris and told her to put on the blouse to
see how it would look. She picked up the blouse and bra and
began moving toward the bathroom but Debbie said that it
was just us girls and not to be self-conscious. Chris turned
back, blushing and told Debbie that it was just habit. She
unknotted her robe and let it fall to the floor and reached
for her bra when Debbie picked it up first and told her to
just stand there and let her do the work. Chris always dreamed
of being pampered and relished the attention she was getting.
She also enjoyed seeing Debbie look at her with admiring
eyes. She wasn’t sure if she was attractive to another woman
and now she knew she was at least attractive to Debbie.
Debbie took the bra, slid the straps over her arms, and moved
behind Chris and placed it on her breasts, lining up the
hook at her back. Wanting to make sure it was set properly
before fastening, she used the palms of her hands to smooth
out the fabric over her breasts. Chris felt a tingling as
her nipples hardened under Debbie’s touch, beginning
to feel self-conscious but then just enjoying the sensation.
Debbie moved back to look at the bra and shook her head no.
She moved behind Chris and unsnapped the bra and removed
it, snaking it off of her arms. She backed up again and looked
at Chris’s bare breasts and smiled and nodded and said that
it was a shame to cover those beautiful breasts. She picked
up the white silk blouse and helped Chris but it on, taking
her time to button each button. Chris enjoyed feeling Debbie’s
warm hands against her breasts as she buttoned the blouse,
wishing she would unbutton it and caress her nipples, now
straining beneath the fabric. Debbie moved Chris to the
mirror and asked Chris what she thought. Chris looked down
at her own chest and clearly saw the nipples, aureoles and
curves or her breasts beneath the fabric and told Debbie
that she has never worn something so revealing. Debbie
put her arm around Chris’s shoulder and squeezed and told
her that she shouldn’t hide such a beautiful body. Chris
nodded, not sure but feeling very sexy at this moment.
Debbie moved back to the bed and began to ready the skirt
for Chris to put on. Chris began to protest saying that she
hadn’t put on her panties and hose, but Debbie just smiled
with a twinkling in her eyes. Chris got this message and
moved her leg into the skirt, leaning against Debbie’s
shoulder for balance. She then moved her other leg into
the skirt and noticed Debbie looking at the patch of pubic
hair between her legs as her hands moved the skirt up over
her hips. This made Chris feel even sexier knowing that
Debbie was getting as aroused by dressing her as she was
by getting dressed. Debbie told Chris that this wasn’t
quite right and that she had one more thing to do before they
finished dressing.
Debbie left Chris sitting there while she went to the bathroom
to find a few things. Chris had not idea what Debbie was thinking
but was happy to just sit here waiting to find out. Debbie
returned with a towel, a bowl of water, shaving cream and
a new razor. Chris began to protest that she had just shaved
her legs when she took a bath, but Debbie only smiled and
nodded and told her that she had a little trimming to do.
Debbie then helped Chris up and removed the sexy skirt,
allowing Chris to step out of it and then folding it carefully
and placing it on the edge of the bed. She then placed the
towel on the bed near the edge and moved Chris to sit on it,
feel still on the floor. Debbie knelt between Chris’s legs
and spread them wider and told her to lay back and relax and
let her take care of everything. Chris, feeling her wetness
growing between her legs, happily complied, now only beginning
to realize what Debbie was up to. Debbie put some shaving
cream in her hand and began softly spreading it across Chris’s
pubic hair, making sure to cover the areas around the folds
of her pussy. Chris was feeling a tingle in her pussy with
the warm soft feeling of shaving cream spread across her
pussy. She laid there, eyes closed and feeling the sensation
of Debbie’s hand as it moved expertly across her mound and
around her pussy lips. She felt the razor as Debbie began
slowly trimming away her pubic hair, stopping to wash out
the hair in the razor every few strokes. Chris felt her wetness
grow as she felt the cool air across her pussy lips, now wet
with her own fluids as well as the shaving cream and the warm
water. Debbie continued shaving, moving around the folds
of her pussy lips, moving them with her fingers as she methodically
shaved away every last hair. Chris was in heaven with this
new sensation and the thought of Debbie kneeling between
her legs and her fingers on her pussy lips. Debbie cleaned
off the last bit of hair and took the edge of the towel to clean
off the last bit of shaving cream and hair clippings, making
sure to dry some of Chris’s pussy juices now flowing from
her bare pussy. Chris was about to sit up when she felt Debbie’s
hand press against her chest to keep her down and she moved
her lips to the now shaved clean pussy lips, flicking her
tongue around the edges and upward toward the clit. Chris
wanted to tell Debbie to stick her tongue hard into her now
steaming pussy, desire taking control of her completely.
Debbie continued her light licking and nibbling, moving
slowly upward toward Chris’s engorged clit. Chris’s hands
went instinctively to the back of Debbie’s head, holding
her face against her pussy and beginning to grind her pubis
into Debbie’s waiting mouth and tongue. Debbie quickened
her pace, now plunging her tongue into Chris’s hot steaming
hole, lapping up the juices and fucking her with her tongue.
Chris felt an orgasm rising as Debbie moved her beautiful
painted lips around her clit, using her tongue and suction
to create a new sensation of pleasure Chris had never before
felt. Chris’s hips bucked forward, her hands still holding
Debbie’s head as she pressed her clit harder against Debbie’s
waiting mouth, feeling her orgasm explode against Debbie’s
expert mouth. Debbie slipped her finger into Chris’s pussy
as she sucked harder and licked, causing Chris to orgasm
again and again, her pussy juices flowing and soaking the
towel still beneath her body. She made a final buck forward
and then relaxed as the last orgasm washed across her, feeling
Debbie remove her finger and place a final soft kiss on her
throbbing clit.
What seemed like an hour laying there in the afterglow of
orgasm was little more than a few minutes. She opened her
eyes to find Debbie’s lips close to her own, planting soft
butterfly kisses on her lips, her soft tongue moving between
her lips and mingling with her own tongue. She lost herself
in this sensual kiss, still basking in the afterglow of
her orgasm, content to just stay here with her new lover.
But Debbie had other ideas for tonight.
Debbie told Chris to relax on the bed as she knelt back down
next to her legs, moving the skirt back up her legs. She helped
Chris stand up while she continued moving her skirt up and
around her waist. Debbie rolled up the towel and told Chris
to sit back down, taking the sexy black high healed shoes
and grasping Chris’s calf as she lifted her leg to place
the shoe on her left foot. Debbie’s hand was so gentle and
loving and she moved her hand from the back of her calf to
her foot in such a sensual manor. Chris almost couldn’t
wait for Debbie to start with the other foot.
Chris was so aroused that she could feel the wetness growing
again between her legs and she could smell the gentle musky
scent of her sex emanating from between them as Debbie moved
to put on the other shoe using the same care. Debbie must
have known what she was doing to her with the goose bumps
growing on her legs, her nipples straining the fabric of
her blouse and the scent growing in strength from between
her legs but Debbie just continued with her effort, smiling
and obviously enjoying this task.
Once her shoes were on, Debbie helped Chris to her feet although
her legs felt much more wobbly than they should. She led
her to the mirror and watched Chris’s face as she gazed on
her beautiful and sexy body, dressed in a way she would never
have dressed herself. She felt like a school girl sneaking
a cigarette behind the fence after first period, knowing
what she was doing could get her in trouble but enjoying
the adventure. She smiled at Debbie, a little tentative
but more confident now as Debbie beamed back and told Chris
how beautiful she looked and how she couldn’t wait to see
how the guys would fall over themselves to get close enough
to see those beautiful breasts. Chris moved closer to Debbie,
put her arms around her waist and hugged her, conscious
of her braless breasts rubbing against Debbie’s firm breasts
and hard nipples and the feeling of air across her now bald
pussy. Her hands grasped Debbie’s back and she was tempted
to move them down to her beautiful ass and caress but knew
that the evening would end right here in a sexual embrace
that Chris was still not quite sure about. She desired Debbie
like no other woman and wanted to just move her back to the
bed and experience her with the inquisitiveness of a child,
but knew that once started, she would be committed to things
she had only dreamed of. Fantasies which had kept her awake
some evenings as she pleasured herself with her own hands
or one of her toys lying in her bureau. She knew that Debbie
was the right woman, but she wasn’t sure if this was the right
time but she decided to at least give Debbie a hint of her
longings by telling her that she made her feel like a princess
and a very sexy one at that. Debbie rubbed the small of Chris’s
back, her hands moving lower than Chris’s dared and told
her that she looked good enough to eat and she was tasty too
and chuckled, making light of a comment which had much more
meaning after Debbie’s erotic shaving session.
The evening was still young and there was so much to explore;
so the two of them began an adventure which neither knew
just where it would lead, but knowing that the path was clear
and the company was right. Debbie laughed, patted Chris
on her behind and told her that she had a sexy ass as she moved
out of the embrace. Chris stepped closer to Debbie, moved
her lips to Debbie’s cheek and left the gentlest kiss as
she told Debbie she was so happy she was here with her now.
Debbie gazed into Chris’s eyes, began to reach for her shoulder,
hesitated for a moment and grasped Chris’s waist, pulling
her close and said, just wait until you see where I’m taking
Chapter 2 The Adventure
Debbie drove her van, since only see knew where they were
going at the moment. Chris did ask a couple of times at the
beginning of the trip, but only got a smile and a mouthed
kiss in return. So travel they did, almost an hour north
of Charlotte just coming to the outskirts of Greensboro.
Chris did use this time well to chat with Debbie, turning
to admire the way her skirt hiked up on her creamy white thighs
and how her hand absently fell to her lap from time to time,
rubbing her skin absently with her finger tips, moving
them closer and closer to that secret spot tucked away between
those beautiful legs. So many times, Chris was tempted
to rub those legs, instead, using a joke or accentuating
a comment with her hand landing on Debbie’s leg, giving
a playful pat and rub. Once, Debbie’s hand landed on hers,
holding it firmly to her thigh for what seemed to be a long
time, yet not long enough for Chris to work up the courage
to move her hand to where it wanted to go between those beautiful
legs, to the moist fold Chris knew was just waiting for her
to touch and feel. She could almost feel Debbie’s hand wanting
to move hers closer to that waiting pussy. The thought of
putting fingers in Debbie’s hot, wet box was almost too
much to bear, making her own pussy, unencumbered by panties
or hose begin to drip. She could smell her own scent again
as she felt a slight drip from her own pussy onto the seat,
since her skirt was also hiked up slightly and much too short
to cover much of the seat anyway.
Debbie enjoyed the ride, allowing her legs to spread a little
more than was ladylike, giving Chris a view of her thighs.
She also enjoyed glancing at Chris from time to time to see
those beautiful breasts poking out of the sheer silk material,
so wanting to touch them again and feel the firm silkiness
and knowing that her time would come but only with patience.
Chris was more than curious, that Debbie could easily tell,
but Chris didn’t quite understand that yet. Debbie knew
that a slight tug back in the bedroom would have mean’t the
difference between the two of them now making mad passionate
love or driving in this van toward a special destination.
Although continuing sex back at Chris’s house would have
been nice, Debbie knew that it had to be on Chris’s terms
and that she would need to make that decision when the time
was right. Tonight, the time would be more than right, of
that Debbie was confident. Tonight would be a very special
night which Chris would remember for a long time to cum.
They left the highway as Debbie drove through town, obviously
knowing where she was going. Chris could still not see even
a hint of what was to come in Debbie’s eyes and Debbie was
not ready to tell her, that was certain. But then, Debbie
pulled into a parking lot of a nightclub called The Back
Door as she turned and smiled at Chris, telling her that
they had arrived. The only hint of what was inside was the
sign next to the front door showing two women dancing and
advertising “Ladies Night Every Night!” It still didn’t
click, what this place was and why they were here. Debbie
parked in a spot at the side of the building and turned off
the engine, turning her body to face Chris, now more curious
than ever. Debbie’s hands dropped to Chris’s lap, sending
chills up her spine and a warmth through her loins, as she
slightly moved her knees apart, hoping that Debbie would
put her hands between her thighs again. Debbie moved her
lips closer to Chris’s face, almost as if to kiss her own
lips but stopping to speak in a low tone of an intimate lover.
Debbie told Chris that they were here and that they would
leave if she wanted but that she wanted to at least show her
this place. Chris was still confused, not knowing what
this place was but happy that Debbie was concerned about
her feelings to be ready to leave if she wanted, Chris nodded,
putting her hands over Debbie’s, still in her lap, now wanting
to move them to her own pussy but not ready to act just yet.
She smiled, leaned over and gave Debbie a gentle kiss on
her lips, obviously surprising her. Then she told Debbie
that she was ready to party so let’s do it! Debbie smiled,
returned the kiss with one of her own, and moved away, getting
out of the van. She went around; opening the door for Chris,
still sitting with her knees open, showing the baldness
of her pussy to Debbie, whose face was close to pussy level.
Debbie stole a glance at that secret spot between Chris’s
thighs, smelling the musky scent of sex as she took Chris’s
hand, helping her down from the van. Chris had to pull her
skirt down, now almost up to her waist. Debbie patted her
on the derriere and told her that she had a nice ass, smiling
a playful smile. Chris blushed, than beamed, taking Debbie’s
hand as they walked to the bar entrance.
As Chris was about to open the door for the two of them, it
swung open, held by the most beautiful, tall blond woman
in a very sexy short pink dress and very high heals. Debbie
smiled, moving her hand to Chris’s waist and led her inside
into the darkness, almost completely black with their
unaccustomed eyes. As their eyes adjusted, Chris saw the
crowd of women standing at the bar, in the aisle ways and
on the dance floor. Hundreds of women, in all shapes and
sizes and outfits ranging from sexy feminine to women wearing
what Chris thought was a business man’s business suit and
casual attire. Women sporting hair from long and silky
to short cropped “butch” doo’s. She looked closer, trying
to find a guy in the crowd but couldn’t spot one. She turned
to Debbie, smiling as she put her mouth to Debbie’s ear and
asked her if they were in a gay bar. Debbie patted her ass
again and nodded yes, not wanting to try to yell over the
loud music. Chris smiled even more, putting her arm around
Debbie’s waist as they wandered toward the bar for a drink.
Before they even got to the bar, a beautiful black woman
walked up to them, looked at Debbie and made a squeal of pleasure
as she wrapped her arms around her. Debbie, smiling, hugged
back, giving a kiss on the cheek as they parted. This woman
turned to Chris and introduced herself as Geraldine but
told her to call her Gerrie. She then put her arms around
Chris, giving what seemed to be her standard greeting,
and surprising Chris with her embrace and kiss. Gerrie
took Debbie’s hand and led them both to a table near the back
of the bar with three empty seats. The three women sat down,
relaxing with the sound of New Age music with some hip hop
beats mixed in, watching women dancing together, holding
hands, hugging, kissing and having a great time. Chris
was excited watching everyone seeming to be so free and
having such a good time.
Gerrie asked Debbie if she wanted her usual to which she
nodded, turning to Chris to see what she wanted. Chris thought
for a moment and asked for a strawberry daiquiri, having
the urge for something sweet. Gerrie nodded and left the
two ladies together. Debbie turned to Chris, putting her
hand on Chris’s lap under the table and leaned forward to
ask her what she thought. Chris moved herself forward,
forcing Debbie’s hand to move up her skirt as Chris’s legs
opened, allowing Debbie to feel the moist fold of flesh
between them. Debbie almost pulled back, and then kept
her hand there as she saw Chris’s smile. Debbie let her hand
move a little closer to the moist fold, and let her index
finger peak through, feeling the wetness and warmth envelope
her finger. Chris’s eyes closed for a moment as the electricity
coursed through her pussy, causing her pelvic muscles
to spasm in an almost orgasmic fashion as her own hand grasped
Debbie’s hand, moving her finger deeper into her pussy
lips. This is what she had desired for so long, the feel of
Debbie’s finger buried deeply in her own pussy as she thought
back to her own bedroom with Debbie kneeling between her
legs. Debbie moved her lips closer to Chris’s and kissed
them, soft at first and then adding pressure and the tip
of her tongue. She was rewarded with Chris’s tongue moving
to her own and then into her own mouth, pushed deeper with
a soul-searching kiss. Just as the kiss got deeper, Gerrie
returned with the drinks, asking Debbie if she should take
another walk. Debbie smiled, moved her hand slowly out
of Chris’s pussy and told Gerrie that they were just enjoying
each other’s company. Gerrie jokingly told Debbie that
any more enjoyment might mean sex in the aisle! Chris thought
that she should feel embarrassed, but oddly, didn’t in
the slightest. She felt like kissing a woman was the most
natural thing in the world, although this had been only
her second time.
Gerrie asked Chris if she would like to dance to which she
nodded no and looked at Debbie, not sure about this. Debbie
told her to go ahead and have some fun and that Gerrie was
a great dancer. Chris, not quite sure, but having a lot of
trust in Debbie so far, decided to go for it. She nodded to
Gerrie as she began to get up, allowing her skirt to move
back down to cover her exposed pussy and ass. Gerrie glanced
down at her lap as she got up, obviously enjoying the sight,
and turning on Chris who was enjoying the attention. Gerrie
grasped Chris’s hand and led her to the dance floor, moving
to the beat of a new song which sounded more like acid rock
and started with the words, “I wanna see your pussy, show
it to me…” Chris had to laugh when she started following
the words and watching women on the dance floor lift their
skirts, showing their pussies to everyone around them
watching the action. Chris was getting into the beat, enjoying
watching the women around her picking up their skirts,
pulling their panties tight, those who were wearing them,
and watching Gerrie stealing glances to her legs only slightly
covered in this all too short and tight skirt. Rather than
feel self conscious, Chris felt liberated and twisted
a little harder to the beat, allowing her own skirt to twirl
up, showing her own ass and pussy to the dance crowd. A tall
brunette woman next to her, obviously enjoying Chris’s
show, egged her on, singing the song louder than the music
during the refrain of “I wanna see your pussy, show it to
me…” Chris let her skirt ride higher on her hips, knowing
that her ass was now showing and her pussy lips were just
about visible to the women closest to her so she moved her
hips a little harder, how completely baring her cleanly
shaven pussy to the world, with now more women close by watching,
clapping and enjoying her show. Gerrie moved a little closer
and placed her hands on Chris’s hips, moving her own rhythm
to hers and moving the skirt a little higher with the movement.
Chris, now extremely excited moved herself closer to Gerrie,
opening her legs to straddle Gerrie’s leg and letting her
skirt ride high as she ground her wet pussy into Gerrie’s
bare thigh, wiping pussy juice against Gerrie’s bare skin
and feeling her own clit move against that dark, smooth
skin bringing her close to orgasm. The song ended just a
little too soon, just before Chris was about to climax right
there on the dance floor as Chris help her hips and kept her
balanced. The women around them laughed, clapped and patted
Chris on the back and on her ass and lavished compliments
on her dancing. Chris, still sober, was feeling lightheaded
as if she had already had a few too many. She was in the spotlight
and she was enjoying it immensely.
As they made their way back to their table, Chris noticed
that Debbie was gone but her drink was still sitting there,
partially empty. She took her own seat, asking Gerrie where
Debbie went although only receiving a nod that she didn’t
know. Chris took a deep drink on her Margarita, enjoying
the coolness flowing down her throat and the strong alcohol
making its way into her bloodstream. In three sips, her
drink was almost gone and Chris was already feeling the
effects. She wasn’t sure if it was only the alcohol or if
she was high from the sexual energy coursing through her
veins and right toward her hot pussy, now drenched and so
needing attention. Chris became a little self-conscious,
noticing the smell of her own sex now that she was still,
but if Gerrie noticed it, she didn’t let on. Chris did notice
that Gerrie’s skirt was hiked a little high on her hips,
showing her black creamy thighs and a little tuft of black
curly hair between her legs. Chris wondered how that kinky
hair would feel to her fingers or her tongue, and how that
pussy would taste and smell. She caught herself for a moment,
almost not believing she was sitting here with a stranger,
a black woman she just met, wondering how her pussy tasted.
She started to laugh out loud, catching herself although
Gerrie looked at her questioningly and finally, moved
closer to ask her to share the joke. Chris just told her that
she was having a great time and was enjoying the company
although wondering where Debbie had gone. Gerrie used
this conversation to tell Chris how much she enjoyed dancing
with her and that she was not going to wash her leg for a while
as she giggled. Chris had to think for a moment and then broke
out laughing; putting her hand on Gerrie’s thigh, in the
same spot her pussy was rubbing just a little while ago.
Gerrie, not missing this chance, put her hand on Chris’s,
moving it between her legs and against her own pussy as Chris
kept her fingers rigid as they felt the course, kinky hair
and the moist folds of flesh. She couldn’t believe she was
doing this, but she let Gerrie move her hand so her fingers
found that hot, moist flesh and her fingertips moved easily
into the pussy lips, deeper and deeper. Chris pushed her
fingers as far as they would go, leaning forward as if talking
to Gerrie but not saying a word. Gerrie moaned a low guttural
moan only Chris could hear but obviously close to orgasm.
Chris moved her thumb to where she knew the clit should be,
finding it large and engorged with blood, pulsating under
her thumb. Chris thought for a moment that this must be a
man with a small penis but then thought about the hole her
fingers were in, warm and wet. Gerrie bucked slightly,
her pussy contracting around Chris’s fingers as her knees
clenched and her body became rigid. Chris could feel Gerrie’s
hands tighten on her own and her nails beginning to cut the
skin on the back of her hand, making the feeling that much
more erotic. Chris made one last thrust with her hand and
thumb, feeling Gerrie’s legs tighten and then loosen their
grip. Gerrie’s hand also loosened its grip and Chris began
to pull her hand back. Gerrie caught her hand again, pulling
it up to her own lips and kissing the juices and sucking on
her fingers, one by one. She then moved the hand to Chris’s
mouth, letting her smell and taste the pussy juices still
wet and fragrant. Chris, her senses reeling, Gerrie’s
her fingers in her mouth, tasting her pussy juice and the
feel of her fingers in her own mouth. Her own pussy gushed
and she felt the wetness under her thighs with no panties
to absorb the fluid. She spotted Debbie moving toward them
and put her hand back down in her lap and then picked up her
drink, trying to maneuver it to her lips but finding it difficult.
Debbie leaned forward, asking Chris is she was having a
good time, and acknowledging her nod as a yes and not knowing
that Chris was unable to speak at the moment, still captured
in the moment which had just passed. Debbie asked Chris
if she wanted to take a walk to see something in the van. Chris,
feeling the effects of the alcohol and the sexual energy
still affecting her, nodded in agreement and began to get
up. Gerrie, seeing that Chris was a little shaky on her legs,
helped her up by placing her hand on Chris’s ass, moving
it down to her thigh. Chris wanted to stand here and let Gerrie
have her way with her ass and pussy but instead continued
to move, allowing Gerrie’s hand to drop off as she moved
to Debbie. Debbie grasped Chris’s waist and let her back
to the entrance.
Chapter 3 If the Van is a’rockin, don’t come a knock’in
As Debbie and Chris were leaving the bar, the tall blond
opened the door for them, smiled and said good night. Debbie
smiled back and said, yes, it was, wasn’t it. Chris turned
to Debbie to ask her why they were leaving after just arriving,
and Debbie responded that she said nothing about leaving.
Chris was perplexed but decided against questioning.
As they arrived at the van, Chris noticed the windshield
sunscreen in place although the sun wasn’t out. Debbie
opened the side door and turned to help Chris enter, although
Chris lingered, looking questioningly at Debbie. Debbie
smiled and told her to go on in and get comfortable. Chris
did as she was asked, going to the back of the van which was
now a large bed with oversized pillows around the edge making
the entire back of the van into a kind of a hippie love wagon.
Chris started to laugh as Debbie placed her hand on Chris’s
ass, moving it under the short skirt and onto her bare bottom.
Chris took this as a sign to keep moving so she moved to the
rear of the van, kneeling down on the soft bedding, removing
her high heel shoes to get comfortable. Debbie closed the
van door behind her and joined Chris, seating herself against
the back door against some pillows. Chris was still not
sure what to make of this since Debbie did not make any moves
on her although she was getting close to making a move on
Debbie. She turned to Debbie again with a questioning look
on her face and only received a smile and a delicate kiss
on her lips as Debbie leaned forward. Chris waited for more,
but Debbie made no more moves, not even putting her hand
on her open thighs and exposed pussy, now that her skirt
had hiked up her hips.
Debbie was waiting for something, but Chris was not sure
what, until the front door opened, and in walked Gerrie.
Chris could barely make out her features in the dim light
in the back of the van, but Debbie turned on a small lamp which
lit the van in an eerie glow, showing as many shadows as features.
Chris thought Gerrie was closing the door behind her but
then saw another person entering the van behind Gerrie.
It was the tall blond woman by the front entrance. Gerrie
moved easily to the center of the van, removing her shoes
and placing her purse against the sidewall. She then sat,
waiting for this beautiful blond woman to move back and
take the other space at the center of the van. Debbie introduced
Gerrie by mentioning that she had met earlier in the bar.
Chris had already rubbed her wet pussy against Gerrie’s
leg so she didn’t feel that she needed to be introduced.
Debbie then turned to the tall blond, now sitting next to
Gerrie with her arm around Gerrie’s shoulder and introduced
her as Lisa. Lisa smiled and told Chris that is was very nice
to finally meet her since she had been admiring her earlier
as she walked in the bar. Debbie finally turned to Chris
to explain this meeting now taking place in the rear of her
van in the parking lot of a gay bar. This had to be good, Chris
thought with a smile growing on her lips.
Debbie told Chris that, as a “curious” woman, the best way
to decide if she enjoyed women was to watch women experiencing
each other. As she spoke, Chris’s eyes widened and her mouth
began to open, hanging slack jawed in disbelief. She was
about to witness these two beautiful women make love with
in inches of them. This was Debbie’s surprise. It wasn’t
the gay bar after all which was the purpose of this trip,
but the chance to watch two women have sex. Chris turned
to Debbie, smiled a very wide beaming smile and grabbed
her by the shoulders and pulled her against herself. Debbie’s
hands immediately found Chris’s thighs to balance herself
and her lips found Chris’s neck and ear she kissed and nibbled.
Chris felt Goosebumps rising on her as Debbie licked and
nibbled her ear, but this quickly ended as Debbie sat back,
taking Chris’s hand in her own and told Gerrie that the floor
was now hers. Gerrie smiled a big grin.
Gerrie turned to Lisa, placed her hands on Lisa’s face and
moved her own lips to meet those two beautiful lips, covered
in red lipstick and waiting to be kissed. Lisa was more than
willing and prepared for the kiss as her own hands found
Gerrie’s breasts. This kiss seemed to go on for some time
with neither seeming to stop for a breath. Gerrie moved
back, took Lisa’s now hiked up dress and pulled it over her
head in one smooth motion. Chris could almost not believe
how smooth this effort was without even a hair on Lisa’s
head seeming to be out of place, although she was as naked
as the day she was born. Chris’s eyes went immediately to
those two gorgeous breasts, rounded and full with large
aureoles and very pointy nipples. Her mouth watered with
the thought of her own mouth on these beautiful mounds of
flesh, and her jealousy increased as she watched Gerrie
move her hands across the nipples, making them rise even
more. Gerrie moved her face down to the left nipple, kissing
small kisses from the top of her breast to the nipple, stopping
to place the entire nipple between her lips and letting
her tongue move around to soft but firm tip. Lisa’s head
fell back and she moaned, obviously enjoying the sensation.
Lisa’s hands moved around Gerrie’s head, cradling it lovingly
as this beautiful hot tongue caressed her now aroused nipple.
Lisa moaned again, pulling Gerrie’s head harder against
her breast, and told her to nibble and bite with her hot mouth.
This seemed to arouse Gerrie who was eager to comply and
began sucking loudly and using her teeth and tongue, moving
now from one breast to the other. Lisa’s head began to sway
and her eyes closed almost trance like as Gerrie sucked
and licked and nibbled those firm, hot breasts. Gerrie’s
right hand dropped from cradling Lisa’s left breast and
moved between her legs, now exploring the moist folds of
flesh between her legs. Lisa moaned louder and said a throaty
“Yes” as Gerrie’s fingers worked their way into her hot
and waiting pussy. Lisa spread her legs farther apart;
her right foot now pushed up against Chris’s leg. Chris
wanted to grasp this foot, caress it and move her own hands
up the calf and thigh and to that beautiful waiting pussy,
but was captivated by the sight of Gerrie, still nibbling
those firm breasts and fingering that wet pussy.
Almost about to cum, Lisa laid back, pulling her breast
away from Gerrie’s mouth and opened her legs farther, grasping
Gerrie’s head and guiding it to her love spot, now on fire
between her legs. Gerrie was more than happy to comply and
moved her expert mouth quickly to the blood engorged clit,
spreading the soft pussy lips with wisps of trimmed pubic
hair as her tongue moved in circles around the clit and between
the pussy lips into her hot cunt. Lisa was moaning louder
now and steadily, with her breath coming in a rapid pace,
in and out and in and out, her hands still grasping the back
of Gerrie’s head, tangled in the mass of hair as Gerrie’s
tongue continued it’s motion around the clit and between
the pussy lips. Lisa let out a wail, a loud grunt and a steady
moan as her orgasm peaked, causing Gerrie to work even harder,
keeping pace with Lisa’s movements, now bucking against
Gerrie’s lips and her hands forced her head harder against
Lisa’s pussy. Gerrie moved her hand and plunged her index
finger into Lisa’s now soaked asshole, sliding in easily
as her other fingers pushed deeply into her pussy. Lisa
bucked harder against this new sensation moaning louder
still, as a new orgasm washed through her loins and up her
body. Lisa made one final buck and fell back, exhausted
as she enjoyed the afterglow of the orgasm, still washing
though her body in waves. Gerrie slowly and gently removed
her fingers from Lisa’s soaked pussy and ass, moving her
lips to Lisa’s thigh and leaving little kisses as she moved
herself away from that beautiful pussy. Chris was entranced,
not able to speak or move and unable to even think. Her mind
was absorbing the pleasure seen just inches from her body
as her own pussy gushed its love lubricant now beginning
to soak the soft bedding. Debbie moved her face to Chris’s
and asked her what she thought. Chris was barely able to
say one word, “Wow, ” although she said this one word very
clearly. Gerrie, now focusing on Chris and Debbie, moved
herself close to them, placing her hands on Chris’s thighs
and feeling the heat emanating from them and her hot pussy,
open and wet and inviting just in front of her. Gerrie asked
in her most gentle voice whether she would like to experience
that as well. Chris turned from Debbie, looked deeply into
Gerrie’s eyes, and told her that she would love to, but the
first female lips on her pussy would be Debbie’s. Debbie
smiled and told Chris that it would be her pleasure.

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That was the most incrediblbly hot and erotic story I have
ever read.
It made me hard as a rock for the entire read and for quite
some time afterward.
Keep writing please I can't wait for the next one


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Beautiful writing..can imagine the enjoyment and the
erotic excitment as her world of sexual enjoyment becomes
a reality. We enjoy it this way ..others do to..being comfortable
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