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The tall, dark haired man pushed his chair
back and stood to address the audience. Chris crossed her
long legs, enjoying the rasping sound as her nylon stockings
rubbed together and the warm dampness of her panties as
they were squeezed in the apex of her thighs. Ashamed and
excited by her thoughts, she stared at the handsome man,
lost in erotic imaginings as she fixed her gaze on his body.
The beautifully tailored Italian pants clung to every
curve of his firm behind and the well cut material only highlighted
the slight swelling at the front. Together with the tapered,
crisp white shirt, Rick Manning exuded power and sexuality.

Chris shook herself out of her reverie, telling herself
firmly that she could not afford to swoon after some 30 year
old married man who, even if he was a partner in her office,
was both out of her reach and a distraction to her ambitions.
At twenty-two, with no college education, she had things
to do and places to go. She was not going to be distracted
by some testosterone-driven macho man. She was on this
course to learn, improve herself, get closer to her dream
of becoming a legal executive, and no handsome control
freak was going to stop her achieving her goal. And yet!
. . . Ever since she had joined the firm six months ago, Rick
had been her friend. He seemed instinctively to understand
her desires and her frustrations and of course, curse him,
had suggested this course for her to Clifford McKay, the
senior partner.

Not hearing a word of Rick’s presentation on how the legal
profession could be made more accessible for women, Chris
slipped into reflecting on how much this man had become
an obsession with her.

On her first day in her job as the partners’ PA, Rick had been
in Clifford’s office as her responsibilities had been

“Clifford, I don’t think we need be so formal. Let me take
Chris to meet the troops and show her around. She seems a
bright girl. I’m sure she’ll pick things up as she goes along.
Anyway, Karen and I can always help if there’s any problem.”

Opening the door, he had ushered her out with a friendly
touch on her shoulder that had made her shiver.

From that moment on he had looked after her like an elder
brother. He had introduced her to all the staff in the small
office, including Karen Harding, the other partner.

Despite his hectic life and constant traveling, Rick always
had time to talk to her, explain things to her. On evenings
when they had worked late, he always insisted on taking
her, Karen and any others around, for a pizza or a Chinese
meal before driving her back to her apartment on his way
home to his wife.

He couldn’t know what he was doing to her. The friendly pats
on the back, putting his hand on top of hers, the innocent
peck on the cheek when he dropped her off, were the actions
of a close friend, yet she had become infatuated with him.
Why had she never invited him in? Why did she go to sleep stroking
her pussy and imagining that the fingers were Rick’s?

“And that, ladies and gentleman, concludes what I wanted
to say to you. Are there any questions?”

The enthusiastic round of applause shook Chris back to
reality. Rick was quickly surrounded by his admiring audience,
congratulating him on his lecture.

“Typical!” thought Chris with frustration as she gathered
her things and started for the door. “A last minute replacement,
an impromptu speech and he’d knocked their socks off. I
wonder if he’s as good in bed.”

Still shocked by her lewd thought, Chris felt her cheeks
burn when suddenly Rick clutched her arm.

“Hi you bit of a madhouse in here. No time to chat now. I will
see you at dinner though, won’t I?”

Nonplussed, she gazed up into his brown eyes and replied,
“Yeah, I guess so, but… I didn’t think you’d be staying on.”

“The prospect of a fine meal was too tempting for me. Couldn’t
be bothered to drive home anyway, so I’ve got a room here
tonight. See you later, must go and lap up the fan worship.”

With that he disappeared back in the throng and Chris made
her way to the lift up to her room. Once safely inside she
tried to collect her thoughts. Rick was staying! She and
Rick were going to sleep in the same hotel! Her mind raced
with the possibilities. She told herself to be sensible.
Was it remotely likely that Rick, a happily married man,
her boss, would let anything happen between them? Above
all, a successful lawyer would know better than to step
out of line with a colleague, especially one so much lower
down the food chain.

She looked at her large double bed with its rich burgundy
comforter and saw the scene in her mind’s eye.

The two of them were lying naked, clasped in a fierce embrace
with their lips locked together and their tongues exploring
each others mouths. Rick’s hand was exploring the crease
at the top of her thigh, stoking the fire that seemed to be
raging in her loins. As the fingers began gently stroking
her engorged outer labia, the fire began emitting sparks
that shot through all her body. She felt one finger, then
another invade the tight wetness of her vagina. The tempo
of the fingers moving inside her increased and she could
feel the friction against the sopping walls of her pussy
driving her to the edge. When his thumb found her swollen
clitoris and started rubbing she exploded in climax, bolts
of lightning spreading from the depths of her belly. Her
whole body shook with the electric sensations between
her thighs.

She saw, as her head slowly cleared the fantasy away, that
the bed was still empty and unruffled and shamefully realized
that she was standing with her hand under her skirt. Her
hand was jammed inside her dripping panties with moisture
dribbling down the inside of her thighs and two fingers
deeply embedded in her pussy.

“Get a grip, girl!” she told herself crossly. It was utter
madness to let herself get so carried away by her fantasies
of this man. It was more like the blind passion of a schoolgirl
crush than the mature desires of a 22 year old wannabe executive.

And yet …. She had never given herself such powerful orgasms
until she had the image of Rick to masturbate to.

She looked at her watch. Time was slipping by and she only
had an hour to get ready for the evening. This was the formal
end of course dinner and she must make an effort, Chris told
herself. For herself. Of course it had nothing to do with
the fact that Rick would be there. He was just a secondary
factor she frantically tried to convince herself.

She poured herself a large gin and tonic from the mini-bar
fridge, an expense account was a wonderful thing, and went
into the bathroom to run a bath. As the hot water gushed from
the faucet, she tossed in a capsule of the aloe bath oil thoughtfully
provided by the hotel. Stripping quickly, she dropped
her clothes in an untidy heap on the floor. A sense of guilt
made her bend down and stuff the soiled panties out of sight
under the skirt and garter belt before walking naked back
into the bedroom to get her drink.

There was a certain erotic decadence in wandering nude
round a hotel suite she felt, made more exciting by the glimpses
she caught in the mirrored wardrobe doors of her slim, tall,
olive skinned body with the jet black triangle of hair at
the top of her legs. Damn it, couldn’t she stop thinking
about sex for a moment!

Putting her glass on the side of the bath, she slid into the
steaming, foaming water, enjoying the feeling as the heat
slowly swallowed her body; legs, thighs, stomach and breasts.
Her breasts were too small, she thought as she fondled them,
touching the dark brown nipples that had become firmly
erect in the hot water. Still, a girl can’t have everything,
she mused. The rest of her lithe body was OK; enough curves
to turn a few male heads anyway, even if there was no-one
close enough to appreciate them fully.

Luxuriating dreamily in the silky liquid, her hands moved
down her body and slipped between her long, willowy legs.
Exploring the tops of her thighs, she began stroking her
still puffy labia. She pulled herself up sharply, telling
herself this wouldn’t do. If she didn’t get a move on she
would be late. She stepped out of the bath and, wrapping
a large fluffy towel round her, went into the bedroom.

The choice of clothes was fairly simple as she had decided
what to wear before she left home, and she laid the garments
out on the bed. The towel followed and she sat naked in front
of the dressing table mirror to fix her hair and make-up.
She was pleased with the result. Her curly, jet black hair
shone and the understated blue eye shadow highlighted
her chestnut brown eyes.

Fifteen minutes later she was ready. As she took a final
look in the mirror she wondered if she hadn’t perhaps been
a bit too risqué. The pale blue long-sleeved blouse did
not expose much flesh but the ultra thin material was very
revealing. Her body was clearly visible through the material
as was her white bra. Also, the beige silk skirt was a bit
short and clung too closely to her contours to allow her
to wear a garter belt and stockings. Well, it couldn’t be
helped. She didn’t have any other options! She grabbed
her bag and room key, closed the door and walked down the
corridor, her long, bare legs shimmering in the light.

Downstairs, her high heels clicked on the marble floor
of the atrium as Chris crossed to the private dining room.
To her great disappointment she saw there was a formal seating
plan giving her no chance of a place close to Rick. In fact,
she could hardly have been put further away from him. At
least that would stop her making a fool of herself, she thought.

By the time she found her place, all her fellow table companions
were already seated. From the round of introductions it
was depressingly clear to Chris that dinner conversation
was unlikely to be very stimulating; boring sport from
the men and banalities about work and babies from the women.

Thank goodness Rick’s prediction about the food had been
right. It was superb. Asparagus and smoked salmon followed
by magret de canard with a bittersweet cherry sauce, attentive
waiters ready to refill wine glasses as soon as they were
half empty. Chris knew she was drinking too much but didn’t
care. She might as well drown her sorrows she told herself

The sound of raucous laughter from Rick’s table was impossible
to ignore. Across the room she could see him grinning broadly,
whispering something in the ear of the beautiful blonde
course director. He had his hand on her bare shoulder and,
although Chris tried to suppress her emotions, anger and
jealousy welled up inside her.

A loud rattling of plates and cutlery indicated that the
meal, which had seemed interminable to Chris, was finally
over. Now for the closing speeches but she knew she couldn’t
stand this torture any longer. Muttering something about
not feeling very well, she slipped from the table and went
to the lobby. Not ready to go upstairs, she ordered a glass
of white wine at the bar and took it to one of the comfortable

She knew she had to sort her mind out. This was getting crazier
by the day. What she needed, she told herself, was a sensible
plan of action. If she couldn’t have Rick, and that looked
pretty obvious, she would have to get him out of her life
and not have to see him every day, hear his seductive voice.
A new job, that’s what she needed. But why? She liked it where
she was. She felt she was making good progress and she got
on well with her colleagues and the other partners, Clifford
and Karen. What could she do?

“Well, well. What have we here? A naughty girl who’s sneaked
out of class early. Perhaps I should go and tell teacher
about you.”

A shiver ran through her as Rick’s hands rested on her shoulders.

“How about you then?” was all she could think to reply.

“Oh, I couldn’t face all that speechifying nonsense, so
I made an excuse about having work to finish for tomorrow.
Can I get some more wine and join you?”

“What about …” She had been going to say, “What about that
well endowed blonde woman you seemed to be joined to surgically
all evening!” but bit it back just in time.

“What about what?”

“Er, nothing. Of course, you’re more than welcome to sit

As Rick went to the bar, Chris wondered if she really needed
this, a friendly chat with a man who was shredding her emotions,
powering her lustful fantasies. She was sure it was a mistake
but desire was stronger than good sense.

As he sat down next to her, putting a bottle of wine and two
fresh glasses on the low table, the back of his hand briefly
brushed her bare knee sending goose bumps along her leg.
She breathed in the sweet aroma of his cologne, Calvin Klein’s
Contradiction she guessed. ‘Obsession’ would have been
more appropriate for him, she told herself bitterly.

“You look absolutely stunning tonight Chris, ” he said
whilst putting his hand on top of hers. “And that blouse
is to die for, elegant with just a hint of naughtiness.”

“It’s yours if you want but I don’t think it would suit you, ”
she quipped nervously and immediately cursed herself
for such a crass remark.

She was a bundle of nerves and just couldn’t think straight.
Looking into his soft brown eyes only six inches away from
her face, her senses swimming with his manly smell and the
sound of his voice, her brain had gone into overload. This
was so different from usual. The way he was talking and touching
her wasn’t his normal brotherly manner. Well, if it was,
there was more than a hint of incest in the air!

He took his hand off hers to take a sip of wine. She almost
gasped as he then drew his cold, damp fingertips across
the back of her hand making her skin prickle. Chris wasn’t
sure whether he was serious or it was just the effect of too
much wine. Anyway, she decided, it was something of what
she had craved for so long and she was going to make the most
of it while it lasted.

“Chris, look, I’m sorry, ” the soft voice broke into her
reverie. “I didn’t mean to be rude about your blouse. I just
meant it made you look so sexy.

“Look, I’ve a confession to make to you. I lied to you earlier
about staying the night…”

“What!” she blurted out in panic, her concern showing only
too clearly in her face. “You mean you haven’t booked a room?”

“No, no, no. Of course I’ve got a room. After this much wine
I couldn’t possibly drive home.”

“Then what? I don’t understand what you mean.” Chris’s
fear and bewilderment could be read in her face.

He hesitated, searching for words. Chris had never seen
him anything less than totally poised and confident and
she began to worry about what he was going to say next.

“I just wanted to... to spend some time with you… away from
the office, ” his voice had dropped to an earnest whisper.

“I couldn’t say it before and I’m probably wrong saying
it now but, Chris, I’m …I’m very attracted to you. More than
I should be in the circumstances I suppose.”

Chris’s heart stopped, her mouth fell open and she just
stared, speechless and incredulous, at his anxious face
only inches from her own. His searching eyes and furrowed
brow clear evidence of his worry of having said too much.

A torrent of conflicting thoughts and questions cascaded
through Chris’s mind all at once as if a floodgate had been
opened suddenly. Had she heard him correctly? Did he mean
what she thought he meant? Why now? What did he want? What
should she do?

The last answer was clear. Common sense told her she should
make her excuses and escape. But she didn’t want to! She
could politely laugh things off, walk away and preserve
her secret fantasies; and her job. But desire kept her immobile
and silent. She craved whatever he was offering her.

Rick saw the confusion in her face and spoke first, “Look,
I’m so sorry. I’m out of line. I shouldn’t have said all that,
it’s probably the wine talking. I didn’t mean to embarrass
you. Will you forgive me?” His distraught face was a picture
of agony and Chris felt tears welling in her eyes seeing
him struggle.

“Rick …”

“No, no! It was completely out of order. Forget what I said
and I’ll just say goodnight and go upstairs, ” he said,
beginning to lever himself out of the armchair.

Suddenly the turbulence cleared from her mind, to be replaced
by a deep serenity. Chris knew she had to seize this moment
or lose it forever.

Not knowing where she found such a firm and authoritative
voice, she began,

“Listen to me Rick, please”

“I’ve wanted you from the moment I set eyes on you. I knew
it was ridiculous. What would a man like you, sophisticated,
educated and all that see in a silly, young innocent like
me. All the time you were being nice, helping me, I was trying
to read much more into it than there was.”

“But, Chris, there was so much more in it. It’s been all I
could do not to touch you or tell you how I feel about you.
It all just seemed so wrong and, anyway, I thought you’d
be repulsed if a dirty old man came on to you.”

Chris’s melodic laugh echoed round the lobby.

“You are many things, Rick Manning, but I don’t think ‘dirty
old man’ will ever be one of them.”

Rick fiddled nervously with the stem of his wine glass.

“No, you don’t understand, it’s complicated. Not just
because I’m older than you and your boss. I can’t explain
the details to you but, believe me, there are a thousand
and one good reasons why you should let me leave now and forget
tonight. Let’s go back to where we were before ‒ unfulfilled
fantasies. A sweet angel like you shouldn’t get mixed up
with me, I promise you.”

Chris looked incredulous. Nothing seemed to make any sense,
certainly Rick didn’t make sense. She knew him; this sexy,
intelligent man, gentle and strong at the same time. Whatever
black stain he thought he had on his soul was probably something
that most people would regard as nothing, she was sure of

“Rick, don’t tell me what to think or do. You may think I’m
still wet behind the ears but I’m old enough to make my own
judgments and decisions. Maybe, in comparison with you,
I’m still a bit naïve but I know what I want and I want you.
If I understood the nonsense you were saying, you feel the
same about me.”

“Yes, but…”

“There are no ‘buts’. I’ve waited too long for this. Take
the moment, before it’s gone.”

They sat silently staring into each other’s eyes until
a loud burst of applause coming from the dining room broke
the spell.

“Oh, hell, ” exclaimed Rick crossly. “That’s the speeches
ended. I can’t be seen here after saying I had work to do.
I must disappear.”

“Right, ” said Chris, taking charge. “Grab the bottle
and follow me!” As she marched purposefully to the elevators
she smiled to herself, thinking how the roles had been completely
reversed and she was now in control. Rick trailed behind
her and she swung her hips more than usual, fairly certain
that his eyes would be glued to the tightly sheathed globes
of her round bottom.

The doors closed and they started to go up. Chris threw her
arms round his neck and pulled his face down to meet hers
as she pushed him against the side of the elevator, crushing
her soft body against his firm one. Her bra encased breasts
were mashed against his muscular chest and she could feel
his hardness pressing into her lower belly. Their lips
were just touching when the elevator shuddered and came
to a stop at Chris’s floor. “Damn, ” cursed Chris as she
broke away from the clinch. Taking Rick by the hand like
a small child, she strode purposefully to her room, her
high heels sinking in the plush pile of the carpet.

As she fiddled in her bag for her card key Rick finally found
his voice.

“A bit forward aren’t we? I thought it was customary to invite
someone up for a nightcap rather than kidnapping them.
Perhaps I’m a nice boy who doesn’t feel safe in the clutches
of a marauding Amazon.”

Chris gave a nervous giggle. “If I were, you’d be quite safe.
Amazons weren’t too keen on men as I recall.”

“Anyway, ” she added, opening the door and going in, “If
I hadn’t done something, you’d have run away like a startled

“Perhaps I should’ve done just that, ” mused Rick, closing
the door. He was beginning to wonder if his hormones hadn’t
given his brain a night off.

Once inside the room, Chris could feel her heart pounding
in her chest. She didn’t know if it was excitement or fear;
probably both she thought. To give herself time to think,
she turned towards the sideboard.

“I’ll get some glasses, take your jacket off and make yourself
comfortable, ” she blurted out, trying to control the
opposing emotions fighting within her.

In her fantasies it had all been so easy. He would come into
her bedroom and the next instant they would be lying naked,
entwined together. She had never imagined the practicalities
between the two scenarios. Here she was with a tall, handsome,
virile man in her room and they were both fully dressed.
What happens next? Should they have a drink and talk some
more, or should she start taking her clothes off?

This was excruciating. She had never stripped in front
of a man in her entire life, had never been naked in front
of a man. What would he do? Would he just sit and watch her
undress or would he be getting naked too? She couldn’t face
the embarrassment. She just couldn’t stand there fiddling
with hooks, catches and zips while he took off shirt, socks
and pants. No, however much she wanted Rick, she would have
to tell him it was a mistake and ask him to go!

As she leant forward on the furniture, racked by confusion,
she suddenly felt two strong hands on her hips. She was gently
but firmly turned round and the sweet smell of male cologne
filled her senses as he pulled her towards him and clamped
his mouth onto hers in a hard crushing kiss. At first she
resisted but then, driven by some unconscious force, she
yielded, returning the passion of his kiss and letting
his searching tongue explore between her lips deep into
her mouth. She held him tightly, feeling his firm hands
on her back, pulling her into him. Chris wanted to stay like
that forever.

Reluctantly she tore her mouth away and tried to pull back
from him but his hands took her shoulders in a powerful grip,
keeping her close as his brown eyes searched her face intently.

“Chris, what’s wrong?”

“Er … nothing. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing at all.”

“Don’t be silly! I could see you getting the glasses, or
rather not getting them. You looked as if you were having
heart failure, so tell me, what’s the matter.”

Her mouth suddenly dry, Chris stood still, incapable of
speech or movement. She could feel her cheeks burning with
embarrassment and couldn’t raise her head to look him in
the eyes. Suddenly the dam burst and with tears streaming
down her face, she threw herself in his arms.

“Rick, Rick, oh Rick! It’s so awful! I’m so stupid! We shouldn’t
be here like this, ” she cried into his chest, making a wet
patch on his shirt. Her whole body was shaking with her uncontrollable

Steering her gently, Rick guided her to the bed and sat down,
pulling her down beside him. He just waited, with his arm
round her shoulder, until the storm began to subside. She
felt like a naughty schoolgirl who had just been found out
in some terrible sin.

Finally, he said quietly, “Well! I’ve had many reactions
from women when I’ve gone into their bedroom but no-one
has burst out crying before!”

Despite herself, Chris couldn’t suppress a slight giggle.
How like her ‘big brother’ to find the right words to comfort
her. She snuggled in closer to him wanting to be a little
girl protected by her big, strong friend.

“Listen to me, Rick, ” she finally plucked up the courage
to say. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have … I … I think I got you
here on false pretences, I mean ….”

“You mean all evening, until you opened your door, you wanted
to make love with me but now you’ve gone right off the idea
and wish I wasn’t here.”

“Yes, I mean, no, I mean …. I’m confused. I mean I’ve never
done this before.”

“What? You mean you’ve never enticed a poor male into your
bedroom and suddenly found he repulsed you so much you couldn’t
dream of him touching you?”

The mocking tone made Chris feel so small and childlike.

“No, I haven’t, I mean… I’ve never had a man in my bedroom
before. No, that’s not right … well, I suppose it is.” Burbling
incoherently and mortified with shame, Chris knew her
clammy hands were shaking terribly.

“You see … it’s like this … it’s … I’ve never made love with
anyone. I … I’m a … I’m a … virgin, ” she finally managed to
force out in a whisper.

There was a long pause. Chris waited for Rick to burst out
in anger, tell her she was a stupid girl to lead him on and
storm out. Instead, he shifted her position on the bed so
her back was leaning against his chest and linked his arms
round her waist, resting his clasped hands at the base of
her belly. He spoke softly in her ear.

“Dear, dear Chris. I’m so sorry; I never imagined … I mean
it never crossed my mind. Beautiful, sexy Chris ‒ I just
assumed you had a string of conquests behind you. Hot, passionate
sex and a heap of heartbroken, abandoned lovers.”

She could feel the warmth of his hands between her thighs
through the thin material of her skirt. Desire and embarrassment
fought a battle inside her.

“Oh believe me, Rick, I’ve wanted, dreamed of that but…
but it never seemed possible. You see, it’s only in the last
few years I’ve found any confidence in myself and, anyway,
living at home until last year, there wasn’t really any
opportunity. Well, not apart from a gymnastic session
in the back of a car. I would have hated that, especially
the first time. I’ve always imagined that it would be so
special… so memorable.”

Rick stayed silent, just holding her more tightly, willing
her to unburden herself.

“Until I met you, I’ve never felt passionate about a man.
Sure, the physical gropings were nice but, sort of, like
picking up the tab for something… I don’t know. I’ve fantasized
about you for months, dreamt of being with you like this
and now…”

“Chris, don’t punish yourself.” Rick was fighting to put
her best interests before his own physical desires. “We
need to take things slower, let you get comfortable about
it all.

“I’ll leave you now but at least we know now what we both want.
We’ll get there when you’re ready.”

“No, Rick! Please don’t go!” Chris almost shouted as she
felt her desire build again in the arms of this attractive
man, “Help me, please. I want it to be you…I want it to be now…
I want you! I’m just shy. Be the one to teach me, show me how
good it can be. It feels so right with you.”

In the silence that followed Chris felt him move. Through
the thin fabric of her blouse she felt his hands lightly
stroke her arms from shoulder to elbow. When teeth began
gently nibbling her ear, a shiver ran through her whole
body. As the mouth slid down and began planting butterfly
kisses on the nape of her neck, she sighed and let herself
fall back against his chest.

“Like this?” he said as his hands moved to caress her stomach.

She knew her guttural groan of submission had been understood
when Rick deftly unbuttoned her blouse, slowly tugged
the hem out from the waistband of her skirt and began drawing
his fingers over her skin. The touch of his fingertips was
soft and feathery as he caressed her stomach. He moved upwards
tracing the sides of her breasts through the soft silk of
her bra.

There was a feeling of loss as the hands were taken away.
But this was only to slide her flimsy blouse off her shoulders.
Experienced fingers then unclipped her bra and eased it
over her arms. Blushing as her naked breasts were exposed,
Chris was grateful she had her back to him, her body shielding
the wanton sight of her hard, erect nipples from his eyes.
Even this protection was stripped from her as he guided
her down. She was stretched across the bed in languid surrender,
her arms splayed wide; embarrassingly, yet excitingly,
exposed to his gaze.

The fingers returned tracing gossamer whorls on her abdomen
that made her skin tingle and her breath come in short gasps.
She felt his touch move slowly down to her waist, her hips,
undoing the clasp at the side of her skirt. She heard the
zip being opened. Sensing him tugging the hem of her skirt,
she raised herself slightly to ease the smooth slide of
the silky garment down her legs. She had surrendered to
him, trusting this gentle, sexy man to lead her to nirvana.

He moved to between her feet and the hands resumed their
relentless descent. As they passed the waist of her panties
and made contact with the flesh of her thighs, she sighed.
He stroked her calves, her ankles, her toes before starting
a thrilling journey up the inside of her thighs. It was all
Chris could do to stay still as every nerve ending in her
body tingled.

When his fingertips reached the warm, damp silk at the top
of her legs, she moaned softly, involuntarily spreading
her legs wider to accommodate the exciting invasion. Drawing
a fingernail across the soft fabric, he gently probed her
secret cleft. Chris could feel the moisture seeping from
her swollen vagina and, when the persistent fingers eased
under the fabric to lightly kiss her secret lips, a bolt
of electricity sparked through her.

“Oh, Rick, ” she gasped.

“God, you’re so wet, ” she heard a vague, faraway voice

Chris reddened wondering what he must be thinking of her.
He had hardly touched her and already her juices were flowing
like a river. She didn’t care if he thought her a slut. She
was too much in thrall to the arousal he was creating at the
base of her belly to worry, just wanting more of this attention
that was so new to her. As his fingers continued to delicately
explore her virgin opening, she closed her eyes, almost
giddy from the waves of pure pleasure that were washing
over her.

His hands moved to her waist and, as he began tugging on the
sides of her panties, she eased her bottom off the bed to
let him slide them over her hips. The silk gone, her last
protection, she felt a sudden coolness of air on the moist
heat of her pouting sex. Chris spread her shaking thighs
wider, yearning the return of his tantalizing touch.

For what seemed an eternity, but was probably only a few
seconds, nothing happened. She was panicking, feeling
abandoned. He didn’t want her!

Humbled, she thought, “With all his experience of practiced
lovers, how could an ignorant novice like her excite him?”

She looked up. Rick’s face was between her knees, her soaked
panties clasped to his nose, his eyes drinking in the blatant
display she was making of her swollen sex.

Completely mortified, she tried to close her legs but his
elbows pushed firmly against her knees, forcing her thighs
even wider apart until she could feel her inner lips parting.
Squirming, she willed him to stop his obsessive scrutiny
of this secret part of her that no man had seen before, yet
at the same time, with wanton abandon, hoping he continued
the humiliating exposure.

“Oh, Rick, don’t, ” she pleaded, “No one’s looked at me
there, please don’t. It’s embarrassing.”

“Sshh! You’re more excited than when I was touching you.
I can smell it! It’s turning you on.”

Chris went crimson and closed her eyes. He was right! The
air was strong with the musky scent of her arousal, more
powerful than any time when she had masturbated in the past.
Although acutely, humiliatingly embarrassing, she couldn’t
ignore the extreme excitement of the knowledge that she
was totally exposed to him, letting him stare deep inside
her body. The proof was the trickle of her juices between
her bottom cheeks from her pulsing vagina.

The fingers returned. Still gentle, he followed the contours
he had been admiring so recently. With two fingers he traced
down the engorged flesh of her inner lips then drew a fingernail
back up inside the slippery cleft to just under the clitoris,
sending tremors through her loins. Chris’s senses were
in frenzy. The heat in her crotch was almost unbearable.
Her whole body felt oversensitive, the soft bedcover grating
on her quaking shoulders, her rock hard nipples throbbing
painfully the other hand sank into the soft hair of her mound,
fingers gently pulling the thick black curls before pressing
down on the pubic bone causing Chris’s hips to rise up.

She was almost delirious now, her breath coming in short
rasping pants. The need for release was almost physical.

“Rick, Rick, oh Rick! Please, I want you, now, I need you

He chuckled, “I don’t know. A while ago you were begging
me to leave and now this. Are you really sure you know your
own mind?”

Before she could reply, he broke away and stood up. She opened
her eyes and watched as he quickly unbuttoned and shook
off his shirt, then shoes and socks followed. He undid his
belt and, in what seemed a single movement, unzipped and
slid pants and underwear down his legs and over his feet.

As he straightened he noticed the astonished look on Chris’s

“What’s up? Seen a ghost?”

“It’s just … I’ve never seen one before, I mean a man’s… penis.
Well, not in that state and … not in the flesh, ” she giggled
nervously, eyes fixed on the large erection jutting proudly
from Rick’s groin, wondering how her small vagina could
possibly accommodate such a huge object.

“Well, I hope you’re going to get much better acquainted
soon, ” he quipped as he moved back down to lie beside her.

“Now put your hands above your head.”

While she obeyed, feeling more exposed than ever, he began
to nibble the lobe of her ear. Instantly the sexual tension
began to mount in her again and she wondered lazily why the
teeth on her ear were having such an effect between her legs.
Then it was the crook of her shoulder, nuzzling and nipping,
making all the fine downy hairs on her arms stand on end.

As his mouth licked and kissed the firm mounds of her breasts,
she shivered as the cool air touched the dampness his tongue
had left on her skin. Her small dark aureoles were a mass
of goose bumps and her already stiff nipples seemed to be
about to explode. When he took one in his mouth, his teeth
firmly holding it at the base while his tongue ran round
the tip, her whole body was racked in a spasm of pleasure.

The tongue traced down her breastbone setting off a series
of detonations in her vagina. Past her navel, when he began
licking the hairy covering of her mons, he reached over
her to put his hands under her hips. Suddenly, his erect
penis was pressing firmly against the flesh of her breast
and Chris was amazed at the incredible heat of it. She longed
to touch it but didn’t dare move her hands from above her

She bent her knees to allow him to stroke the firm globes
of her bottom. The embarrassment, the mild humiliation
even, of her total exposure was arousing Chris. She left
her hands submissively above her head even though nothing
prevented her from moving them and spread herself even
wider open.

Rick moved round on top of her, sliding down until his head
rested between her thighs. When his tongue teased her engorged
outer lips, her mind was dizzy with erotic sensations.
Her pussy pulsed, sending darts of electricity to her straining
nipples. As the tongue continued its wickedly slow invasion
of her inner labia, Chris felt she would explode if she didn’t
climax soon.

The tormenting stopped as Rick slithered his way up her
body until he lay on top of her, his thighs pressed between
hers and gripping her hands on the pillow above her head.
Nothing had prepared Chris for this feeling of willing
helplessness. Trapped under a strong male body, she gasped
as the head of Rick’s penis pushed against the open lips
of her sex. She shivered in anticipation, yearning for
the violation of her virgin body.

“Rick, please, now… I want you inside me, ” she whispered

“Be patient, darling, ” Rick’s voice was like warm treacle.
“This may hurt a little at first but it will be all right.
Trust me!”

Oh God, she did trust him but her body was craving release.

Slowly, so slowly she felt her pussy being invaded by Rick’s
shaft. He gently moved in and out and Chris could feel her
inner lips sliding as they gripped his penis. Each time
he moved deeper inside her until he stopped, pressed against
her hymen. He raised himself to look piercingly at her.
Looking deep in her soul, she thought.

The words were like silk, “Are you really sure?”

“For Christ’s sake, do it!” Chris didn’t know where in her
depths this crude urgency had come from.

With one savage thrust, Rick broke through the thin membrane
and rested embedded to the hilt in her slippery sheath.
Chris screamed with the sudden pain and lay rigid for a while
until the sharp pangs subsided. As Rick began to move inside
her pussy, warmth began to spread through Chris’s entire

The penis inside her began to move with more urgency until
it was pounding her virgin passage and she could feel Rick’s
balls slapping her buttocks on each stroke. Sensation
followed sensation as Chris grunted and mewed. Her pussy
was so full and her body quivered under the onslaught. The
shuddering gained intensity as Chris gasped for breath.
She had never experienced such reactions in her body as
the penis inside her drove her over the edge.

As a series of quite exquisite and powerful orgasms racked
her entirely, Chris screamed, “Yes…Oh, yes…oooh, yeeess!”
before losing consciousness.

It was only for a few seconds as, when she came round, Rick
was still thrusting into her urgently. The intensity quickly
brought her back to the brink, as she gasped, “Rick, cum
in me. It’s safe.”

Rick arched his back and, driving into her a final time,
made them both explode in violent orgasm. Both panting,
they lay in the afterglow for a long time. Chris clung tightly
to Rick, desperate to hold on to the powerful maleness that
had taken her to extremes she never knew existed. Finally,
they regained the power of speech.

“Thank you, Rick, that was incredible, beyond all my imaginings!”

“My, oh my, your mom did bring you up well! That’s the first
time I’ve been thanked for doing what comes naturally!”

Chris kissed him and laughed, “You know what I mean. I don’t
know if it will ever feel so good again, but that was an experience
I’ll never forget for all my life. I’m just so glad it was
here and now… with you.”

For the first time, she tentatively moved her hand down
and took hold of Rick’s flaccid cock, marveling how the
hard rod of flesh that had filled her was now so soft and delicate.
Feeling bolder, she cradled his dangling balls in her palm
and was amazed by the texture of the skin of his sac, the pliant
firmness of his balls. Her fingers were sending an urgent
message to her loins and her breathing became shallow.

As she toyed with his balls, she felt them tighten and the
cock in her hand stirred into life. The sexual power was
intoxicating and, when Chris heard Rick groan with pleasure,
a small climax rippled through her body.

“Rick, ” she breathed huskily, “I’m greedy. I need to feel
you inside again.”

They made love twice more that night. Gentle, passionate
love that drained them until, exhausted, they fell asleep
in each other’s arms. Hours later, Chris lay in a lethargic
state, only half awake, as she luxuriated in the events
of the previous night. The slight, almost pleasurable,
soreness between her legs confirmed she hadn’t imagined
her delicious deflowering. Just thinking about it was
making her wet and her hand slid between her thighs, stroking
her swelling sex lips. She was becoming insatiable. She
wanted, no needed him again! Chris stretched a hand across
the bed to touch him and suddenly sat bolt upright, fully
awake now. She looked at the other half of the bed. It was
empty, just the disheveled sheets bearing witness to the
man who been sleeping there a short time earlier.

“The bastard, ” she thought. “In spite of all his fine words,
I was just an easy lay, another virgin scalp to notch on his
belt. How could I have been so stupid?”

Looking round in anger and panic, she didn’t notice for
a few moments the sheet of paper resting in the hollow made
by his head in the pillow. She unfolded the page of hotel


it was wonderful, you were wonderful, and we were wonderful.

Sorry to abandon you but there are some things I have to do.
You looked far too peaceful to wake up, so I let you sleep

Take your time, don’t rush and I’ll see you this afternoon.


Chris didn’t know what to think. She reread the note several
times, trying to decide whether it was saying, “Thank you
and goodbye, ” or hinting that last night had been just
a beginning. There was no question about what she wanted
the answer to be.

Clambering out of bed she noticed, with a pang of embarrassment,
the stains on the crumpled sheets together with a couple
of spots of dried blood. As her hand slid down between her
legs she told herself not to be ashamed. The bed bore the
proud evidence of her glorious, ecstatic passage into
womanhood. She was already aware of some of the changes.
After last night, she knew that two fingers deep in her slippery
pussy were no match for the wonderful feeling of being filled
by a rampant, thick penis.

She took a leisurely bath, dressed slowly and gathered
her things together. Standing at the doorway, she took
a final glance at the hotel room that would be etched forever
in her happy memories. She walked away, down the corridor,
already beginning to worry about what the afternoon held
in store.

To be continued

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Read a number of yr stories and they are really intelligent
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