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At school I was quite a shy, socially awkward lad and consequently
I joined the chess club. Full of like-minded individuals
we sought solace in each other’s company and it provided
a momentary shelter from the bullies we were frightened
off and the girls we were even more frightened off. No grandmaster
in the making I assure you, I did love the game and had my fair
share of victories. The club wasn’t entirely comprised
of boys either and there were a few girls who for some reason
or another seemed to find succour in the stuffy club.

The slightly higher ratio of boys to girls in the club however
precipitated competitiveness among the boys to befriend
the girls in the hope that one of us could be seen with a girl,
and perhaps use this as a stepping stone to social acceptance
amongst our more popular peers.

Even though I was shy and awkward I still possessed a modicum
of charm and friendliness towards the opposite sex and
as such seemed to be slightly more popular with the girls
than my contemporaries, who were pretty much hopeless
when it came to matters other than chess and academia. During
one lunchtime (the club convened at lunchtime) I had just
finished a game with a worthy adversary that had ended in
stalemate. He left the table and was promptly replaced
by who I assumed was my next opponent, my friend Michaela.
A slightly chubby but lovely girl with a mind as sharp as
a razor, we were actually good friends and saw a lot of each
other, both of us being in the top set for most subjects.
We played and she beat me soundly. I begrudgingly congratulated
her and she left, and that was the last I saw of her. Twenty
years later I met up with her again.

We met again on a night out quite by chance. She was out celebrating
a promotion to senior copywriter and I was out celebrating
a friends 30th birthday. In a bar, I watched her intently
for a few minutes trying to place her and she seemed to be
reciprocating my behaviour. Our recognition as to who
the other was almost dawned on us simultaneously and we
both smiled and approached each other. We withdrew to a
quite part of the bar and chatted at length. I asked her about
the sudden nature of her departure from school and she told
me it was because her father had gotten a job in Turkey. She
had spent most of her adolescent life and twenties there
and had only recently returned to England. Her time abroad
had changed her, for the better. Gone was chubby girl with
the puppy fat to be replaced by a slender, elegant, very
attractive woman. Her skin was darker, the result of living
in warmer climes and she looked healthy, very healthy.
She wore a short floral dress that displayed a generous
amount of cleavage and thigh and I fought hard not to stare
for too long, after all this was a friend from school. I asked
if she would like to meet up at some point for a coffee and
she readily accepted.

I thought a lot about her in the interim, how attractive
she’d become. I guess for my part I must have looked and
behaved differently from the boy she knew. We met for coffee
and talked about our lives up to that point. Despite a marked
improvement in her appearance her mind had not lost any
of its keenness. She was as sharp and attentive as ever.

We got to reminiscing about the last time we met and our conversation
turned to the one subject that we both shared an equal passion
for; chess. She then surprised me by reaching into her bag
and pulling out a small beautifully crafted miniature
chess set. She’d gotten it from her fiancé in Turkey.
‘Hold on’ I asked..’Fiance?’ She explained that
she was engaged to be married but her fiancé it turns out
had other ideas, namely sleeping with someone else. Suffice
to say that when she found out she called the engagement
off and packed her clothes and chess set and returned to
Blighty. She then took great pleasure in relaying to me
her fiancés character defects, top of the list was his
complete inability to understand the game.

We then set about having a rematch twenty years later in
the coffee house and this time I actually won. ‘I guess
you’re mind is still on your fiancé’ I remarked slightly
teasingly. ‘Hah’ she said ‘no chance’. ‘You’ve
obviously been practicing’. I confessed to still playing
the odd game. ‘It’s not the right environment for me’
she said. ‘Too much noise, too many distractions, some
other environment and I’d wipe the floor with you’
. ‘Excuses, excuses’ I said haughtily. She seemed
a bit flustered. ‘What do you suggest?’ I asked sipping
my coffee nonchalantly. She pursed her lips, very sensual
lips I might add. ‘Tonight’ she said. I immediately
stopped sipping and looked at her. She was looking at me
quite intensely, an expression that I read as partly inviting,
partly lusty and something else that approached caution.
I gulped down my coffee. ‘Tonight?’ I asked. She then
grinned a self-assured grin and scribbled down something
on a napkin. She then looked up at me with wide, mesmerising
eyes and slid the napkin over to me. With slightly shaky
hands I picked up the napkin and through slightly unfocused
eyes I made out …an address and time. ‘Let’s see how
well you can concentrate tonight’ she said. Then as if
history were repeating itself she got up and left.

I ruminated the rest of the day about my pending rendezvous.
It seemed very forthright of her to invite me so soon after
we had been reacquainted to where I believed was her house.
But in my mind I kept up the pretext that it was only for a rematch.
Dressed, casually in jeans and a t-shirt I drove to the address.
I parked my car outside a modestly sized modern house and
at the allotted time made my way to the door and knocked.
Little did I know then that my car would remain parked where
it was overnight.

Michaela answered the door dressed similarly to me in jeans
and a t-shirt. She bade me welcome and I went in. Following
her down the hallway, I glanced admiringly at her figure.
She was lithe athletic, the figure hugging T-shirt showed
off her slender waist. The skinny fit jeans revealed round
hips, a perfectly pert bottom and toned legs. She wore pumps
on her feet similar to mine. I confess to my pulse quickening
at the sight of her and being in her house. She ushered me
into the living room which was tastefully decorated. Aside
from the chess set it seemed she had bought back a number
of souvenirs and trinkets from Turkey all of which adorned
the walls and shelves in the living room.

At the centre of the room was a large Turkish rug atop of which
was an oaken coffee table and on top of that I noticed a chess
board (larger than the one she produced out of her handbag)
with the pieces all set, ready for a game. She asked me what
I would like to drink and I asked for a soda. As she went into
the kitchen I used the opportunity to take in her living
room. Her taste in furnishings was exquisite. Some people
have a need to populate every bit of wall space with all manner
of gaudy decorations but her taste was slightly more Spartan
and everything was arranged so it was aesthetically very
pleasing. Speaking of aesthetically pleasing she re-emerged
with two drinks and proffered me a glass which I took. As
I took the glass our fingers briefly touched and I felt a
slight vestigial tingling sensation run through me. Unsure
as to how to read the sensation I quickly took the glass and
smiled politely.

She had a sofa but for some curious reason she did not sit
on it and rather made her way onto the rug. I did likewise
and sitting on the rug at opposite sides of the coffee table
we talked for a while. The conversation progressed easily
and comfortably. I began to notice her more. Her time in
Turkey had indeed made her very beautiful but it also gave
her an other-worldliness. She seemed wise, mature, erudite,
philosophical and confident. I for my part did my best to
keep up with her conversationally and we were both equally
matched (I feel) in terms of intelligence. After about
what must have been an hour long conversation punctuated
only by her going to get more drinks, this time wine instead
of soda we both agreed to a game.

Both of us played cagily. I was concentrating very hard
but I couldn’t help but feel that she was going a bit out
of her way to distract me by occasionally playing with her
hair. Stretching her arms out feigning tiredness and ever
so slightly seductively sipping at her wine. As we approached
the latter stages of the game I had lost marginally a few
more pieces than her, she made a move which exposed her queen.
I scanned the board to ensure it wasn’t a trap and quite
confident that she had erred took her queen with my night.
That was it. The next move she performed seemed to come out
of nowhere and not only took my knight with her bishop but
also placed me in check. ‘Shit’ I exclaimed. She laughed

The next few moves for me were painful as she systematically
decimated my collection of remaining pieces and I out of
sheer manly pride refused to capitulate. This inevitably
led to checkmate. ‘Checkmate’ she said sweetly and
sipped at her wine looking at me over her glass. I scratched
my head looked at her and then at the board and back at her.
‘Where did you learn that?’ I asked. ‘Turkey’
came the reply. ‘It’s called Aldatma or the deceit’.
I sighed, exasperated and truly beaten. ‘Well ‘ I said
‘haven’t I been taken for a fool’. ‘Yep, she said
and not only here but at the coffee house too’.

‘What?!’ I exclaimed, you mean you. .. ‘Let you win?’
she interrupted. ‘You catch on quick’. ‘But why?’
I said completely flummoxed. ‘To get you here so I could….
She trailed off mid sentence and leaned seductively over
the table her breasts knocking over the remaining chess
pieces. Grabbing the neck of my T-shirt she pulled me close
to her face and kissed me on the lips. A slow lingering generous
kiss that felt simply incredible. I kissed her back our
lips locked. I took in her scent distinctly eastern combination
of sandalwood and vanilla. We continued kissing, my heart
was definitely beating faster and my whole body became
warm and electrified. She then pulled slowly away and left
me with my face stuck out and my eyes closed still enveloped
by her heady aroma and a tingly sweet sensation on my lips.
I opened my eyes gradually and saw her rearranging the pieces
on the board.

‘Another game?’ I asked a huge grin on my face. She nodded
and said. ‘Yes but this time I’m going to make it even
harder for you to beat me’. ‘How I asked?’ ‘This
time you’re going to find it very difficult to concentrate’.
‘I kind of had a hard time concentrating in the last match’
I said. ‘That was nothing’ she replied. She then, with
the all the pieces set, explained the rules. ‘Every time
you lose a major piece’ she said. ‘Yes’? I asked enthusiastically.
‘You lose an item of clothing’ she replied very straight
faced and intently. I can see now what she meant about the
difficulty I now faced. To have to play her in her house fully
clothed was hard enough, to do so whilst shedding my clothes
and in turn having to play her whilst she was slowly stripping…I
knew the outcome before I had moved my first piece. She went
to the kitchen and this time returned with two full glasses
of wine and we started to play.

The game started very cautiously on both our parts. Taking
time to even lose a pawn, we watched each other carefully.
This had the dual effect of us studying each other for the
game, but also promulgating an intense feeling of desire
for each other to be naked. I felt increasingly horny as
the game went on and by her facial expressions and body language
I knew she felt the same. I was the first to lose a piece my bishop went in a stupidly
ill-conceived move and as such so did my shoes. Somewhat
flustered I followed up my silly mistake with another and
lost a knight. Off came my t-shirt.

She now glanced admiringly at my torso this must have distracted
her for she ended up conceding a knight and her shoes. I now
rallied and focused hard and took her rook. She muttered
a curse under her breath and I nodded at her t-shirt which
she removed reluctantly. As she pulled the t-shirt over
her head I gazed admiringly at her slowly revealing her
stomach. Tanned and toned, I saw as the t-shirt rose over
her bra. She was generously endowed, her black bra cupping
two marvellous breasts. She pulled the t-shirt off over
her head and threw it wildly on the floor and looked somewhat
vexatious at me. I stared with my mouth open.

‘Your move’ she said somewhat peevishly. I refocused
my attention to the board but I couldn’t concentrate.
Somehow though I managed to muster enough presence of mind
and ended up taking her bishop. I now with my breath coming
in short gasps watched as she casually stood up. With my
hands gripping the sides of the table and my muscles flexed
I watched as she slowly unbuttoned her jeans. With my heart
in my mouth I watched as she slowly peeled off her tight jeans
bending down to remove them completely. I gawped at her
breasts suspended like some divine drops of heaven. She
then rose majestically and stood in her bra and thong slender,
miraculous, flawless. She then sat back down on the rug
at the table. I watched every part of this display and watched
it again in my head.

I’d lost my concentration so much that I didn’t even
realise that she’d moved and that my second knight was
lost. Sensing this she held the piece in front of my face
and I snapped back out of my trance. ‘You just lost you’re
knight boy’ she said. I nodded and stood up to remove my
jeans. She watched me as I had watched her take my jeans off.

She glared at my body as I stood in just my boxer shorts and
smiled approvingly. I lowered myself back down onto the
rug very warm and very horny readying myself for the next
onslaught of eroticism. The next piece to go was her second
bishop and with that her bra. Staying put she reached her
hands back and undid the clasp. The sheer roundness and
fullness of her breasts and the expert fit of her bra, meant
she had to do nothing more than to undo the clasp and the bra
literally sprang off her and fell onto her lap to reveal
a monumentally perfect bosom. She had filled out and no
mistake. Round, tanned and inviting the stuff which would
cause a thousand grandmasters to lose a thousand matches

The question on both our minds would be who would see the
other first. This seemed to focus both our attentions back
to the game in earnest, and we played a very cautious game,
neither willing to concede. We danced around each other
gazing longingly over the table wanting to see each other
but not prepared to be the first. More pawns went and we became
frustrated. She deliberately and maddeningly pressed
her arms together which pushed her breasts together in
the hope of breaking my concentration. I stretched, tensed
and flexed trying to fluster her with a show of my musculature.
She then did something which almost had been crying out
‘no fair’. As she took her wine to take a sip she, I’m
sure deliberately, allowed a small amount to trickle out
of the glass down her chin. I stopped concentrating on the
board and watched the rivulet of wine snake its way down
her chin past down her neck and then over her breast where
it trickled down into her cleavage.

I watched in stupefaction the whole display and looked
back at her lascivious grin. That was it, my mind had reverted
to that of Neolithic man and Neolithic men don’t play
chess. I lost my second bishop and my rook almost one after
the other as she began to enforce the Aldatma. She watched
me waiting for me to shed my boxers. I spoke up in a broken
voice ‘I’ve still got my queen and rook’ ‘You don’t
think the game ends with clothes do you’ she said. ‘What
do you mean?’ I said my heart pounding and my cock beginning
to harden. ‘You lost a bishop, for that you lose your boxers, ‘You
lost your rook and for that…’ ‘For that what?’
came my reply. ‘For that you have to suck my tits whilst
I make my move’.

As the words left her mouth my mind blew into a thousand fragments.
A loud ringing started in my ears, my mouth became dry, my
heart pounded with inviolate passion. I stood up and slowly
removed my boxers. My penis was now entering the game semi
erect it looked like a scaled up version of the bishop piece.
‘Come over here’ she said beckoning me over with her
finger. I walked over to her completely naked and knelt
down beside her. ‘Kiss them’ she said her eyes still
on the board focused. I acceded and slowly began to kiss
the side of her left breast. She remained focused on the
board pondering her next move. I began to kiss more forcefully
and then proceeded to lick her tits. My mind was as far away from chess and considerably closer
to chest. I craned my head around and began to flick the nipples
of her left breast. She began then to sigh very softly and
I knew if I could keep this up it would compromise her ability
to concentrate and in turn maybe cause her to lose a piece.
I turned up the intensity of my licking circling and oscillating
my tongue faster and with more serpentine attentions.
I could see goose bumps on her skin and her breathing became
shallower. I could sense her excitement. She then with
great effort made her move. I stopped pleasuring her and
returned to my end of the table. I looked across at her face,
flushed and a light sweat had broken out on her brow.

I now refocused briefly and remembered where I was. She
was definitely in a better position than I was. One more
major piece in a knight where I only had a rook. We both still
had our queens but she also, I noticed, had a pawn dangerously
close to my end of the board. The next few moves were spent
in defence of our queens. She used her rook artfully to guide
her pawn closer to my end. I was getting increasingly desperate
for some inspiration. I then through some master stroke
whilst completely naked and unfathomably horny managed
to take her knight without sacrificing a single one of my
pieces. I looked up smugly and she looked at the board completely
taken aback. ‘You know what comes next’ I said. She
looked at me and her look of disbelief hen turned into something
more licentious. ‘I think you’re gonna cum next she

I gulped as I watched her stand up and turn her body away from
me. I ogled her body from the rear. Slender shoulders, an unblemished
feminine back her rounded hips and her staggeringly sensual
bottom perched atop her long tanned legs. She then with
her hands either side of her hips placed her thumbs into
the waist band of her thong and in one fluid mind shattering
motion, she peeled down her thong, pulling it out of her
ass crack down her thighs and when they finally came loose,
she let the skimpy material fall. I watched the thongs descent
and my eyes then went back up to her flawless bottom. I caught
a perfunctory glimpse of the rear aspect of her puss….
Too late she turned back to face me. I was now treated to the
sight of her front as naked as the day she was made. She was
phenomenal, built for magisterial passion and sensuality.
Her labia were completely hairless, smooth, well crafted.
She then quickly sat back down shielded the glorious visage
of her lower half behind the table, leaving me the generous
gift of her breasts and torso and leaving me fighting my
sanity and concupiscence.

Sat as we were we only had an idea as to what we were doing to
each other’s genitals. With one hand now on the table
and one underneath, we both participated in an increasingly
frenzied bout of onanism. This had the curious and not unfunny
effect of plastering our faces with strange looks of occasional
pleasure, as I slowly stroked my ever hardening cock and
she, well I could only guess what she was doing to herself
under the table. The air in the living room became imbued
with that smell. That slightly musty smell that heralds
the onset of intercourse. But we still had the game to finish.
It was now a battle of wills. Who could go the longest without
clambering over the table knocking over all the pieces
to assail the other. But we were both in charge of our desires
we knew we had a game to play.

A rook and a queen each we played fervently and ferociously,
each move imbued with purpose, with symbolism, fucking
each other metaphorically over the chess board. Each move
was followed with a hard, burning look into each other’s
face. Our hands switched from pleasuring ourselves to
moving the pieces and as such the pieces themselves began
to become slightly moist, sticky and pungent. My rook went
and almost simultaneously so did hers, it would have been
stalemate had it not been for the last of her pawns that had
made it to the end of the board and she claimed another queen.

It was endgame and we were unbelievably in need of each other.
She was merciless in bringing the game to an end. I tried
desperately to fend off her attacks all the while imagining
what position we would be in in the next few minutes. I saw
her arm, the one under the table moving faster as she moved
the pieces with her other hand. I could hear her fingers
stroking her wetness and the air became thick with hers
and my musk. I could have conceded but I knew the longer I
resisted the attack the more primed we’d be for the inevitable.
With an intensity and focus brought on by interminable
desire she then closed in. She took my queen, ‘CHECK’
she said aggressively .. I went hard. I moved… she moved
her second queen and that was the end of me. ‘CHECKMATE’
she said gutturally. She then brushed the remaining pieces
forcefully of the board and lunged over the table at me.

It was all a blur as she moved with rapidity and ferocity.
I caught a brief glimpse of her stupendous breasts coming
towards me and beyond that a glistening mound. Before I
had time to steady myself she was on me grabbing my hands
which I had put in front of me to steady her repost. She fell
onto me, the weight of her miraculous body pinned me down
on the soft plush rug. She sat with her legs astride my torso
I could feel her sex pressed against my stomach. She forcibly
pressed her lips onto mine. I had never been wrested in such
a way and by a woman to boot. We kissed hard this time her tongue
immediately pushed its way with little invitation into
my mouth and with our lips locked and our bodies in a clinch
we continued kissing.

I used my arms tried to prop myself up to a sitting position
and with some force I managed to do so. With my back against
the sofa, still sitting on the rug we embraced tightly and
the kissing became more passionate still. My cock which
was now being pressed down by her perineum was throbbing
against her bum crack, being painted with all manner of
lubrications and sweat from her genitals and bottom respectively.
She now wrapped her arms over my shoulders and broke away
from the kiss. With our faces mere inches apart we looked
into each other’s eyes. Breathing heavily into each
other’s faces we could smell each other’s scent. ‘You
checkmate very well’ I gasped. She licked her lips as
if administering some self, first aid after the violence
of the kiss. She laughed through her panting and we resumed
our kiss. This time it was more languorous and sensual and
this for some reason really made me hard. I could sense my
throbbing penis still pinned down with nowhere to go just
pulsing against her crack. It made me think how she was feeling
it. Almost immediately I found out when she stopped kissing
and said in hushed tones. ‘I can feel your cock knocking
at my door, I think it wants to come out and play’. ‘I
think you’re right’ I whispered.

She then rose up slowly and as she did my cock sprang up like
an obscene veiny jack in the box. She rose gracefully like
a geyser of fuck flesh and I again marvelled at her scandalously
incredible body. She then turned and began to lift the coffee
table and move it to the right. I sat watching her whole body
from behind as she moved the table. Every muscle and sinew
flexed and it was a wondrous sight. When she had finished
I saw she had cleared a decent space on the rug, for what purpose
I could only fantasise.

Standing now in the centre of the rug she turned to face me
and again beckoned with her finger for me to join her. I rose
up, sweaty and turgid and walked over to her. She then gently
brushed her fingers past the tip of my cock and I let out a
small exclamation of pleasure. Looking straight at me
she began to lower her body down, down until her face was
directly positioned opposite my erection. Gently placing
her hands on my buttocks she lightly kissed the tip of my
penis and then began to circle her tongue around my bell
end. I let out another small gasp of pleasure as my sensitive
tip was being teased by her tongue. Kissing and licking
gently her hands began to stroke my buttocks and then slowly
moved their way around my waist and hips and onto my thighs.
She then slowly opened her mouth and began to swallow my
cock. I gently ran my fingers through her hair and tried
to steady myself as she began to fellate me. I tilted my head
back as she proceeded to administer a remarkably adept
blow job, traversing the length of my pulsing shaft with
her mouth.

She then took my cock out of her mouth and began to lick the
underside of my prepuce and frenulum. The pleasure made
my vision blurry and my head began to swim. I felt mightily
aroused, still massaging her head as she visited every
section of my penis with wanton lust leaving a residue of
her spit intermingled with my semen. She nuzzled at my testes
licking my scrotum and then moved onto my thighs taking
playful bites before making her way back to sucking my granite
like cock. Her motions became faster and gripping her hair
I attempted to guide her head along me. The fellatio became
more pleasurable the faster she went and I managed to cry
out ‘checkmate’ and she slowed down and stopped removing
her mouth I saw her back away trailing a long string of fluid
bridging her mouth and my cock. She then rose up and with
her hand gave a few gentle tugs at my swollen member, before
releasing me and planting a passionate kiss on my lips.

I kissed her forcefully, the ecstatic energy she had imparted
to me was now trying to transfer itself back to her. I firmly
grabbed her pert bottom and began kneading it. I moved my
lips away from hers and kissed her down her neck and onto
her tits. I kissed her breasts hard taking perfunctory
licks and small bites. I circled her nipple my tongue. With
one hand still kneading her bum I used the other to force
more of her breasts towards my mouth. She moaned in pleasure
as I began to suck her nipples harder. She then reached over
whilst I was still kissing her tits for something and came
back with a glass of wine in her hand. Tilting the glass she
let some of the wine fall onto her chest and I drank from her
bosom. She tipped the glass a bit more and more wine was deposited
onto her. I lapped it away as soon as it fell off her neck,
tits and her stomach and hips, pursuing the trail of wine
across her torso like a bounty hunter hot on the heels of
a felon.

The wine trickled its way down and I followed it with my tongue
to a place I knew she wanted me to go. More rivulets snaked
their way down and came to run over her stomach and thighs.
I licked there and the sounds she made informed me of my next
move. Squatting down now I licked her thighs like a man who
has experienced a lifetime of thirst. The taste of wine
and sweat was intoxicating but so was the aroma emanating
from nearby. I allowed my sense of smell to take me away from
the wine towards another smell, the smell of her sex. I gently
licked my way up the inside of her thighs and not taking any
break my tongue went straight up onto the crack of her front
bottom. It was here that the smell of her became really strong.
My head was swimming with the scent of her and using my tongue
I began to lick feverishly at her cleft. My hands now moved
from her buttocks and onto her hips. I felt one hand massaging
my hair as I began to assault her mound lapping up every part
of her genitals.

She slightly widened her legs and this caused her labia
to part slightly. Without a moment’s hesitation I began
to lick her inner sanctum and this caused her to drop the
wine glass spilling the remaining contents onto the rug.
‘Shit’ she exclaimed immediately followed by ‘oooh’
as I carried on licking her. My hands moved down her hips
and using my fingers I parted her further and my tongue found
more places to explore. As I moved my appendage up I glanced
something swollen and moist and as I did I felt her whole
body twitch. I knew what it was I had incidentally hit and
proceeded to lick it more.

Wave after wave of tremulous juddering exploded through
her as I licked and oscillated my tongue over and around
her clit. She opened her legs wider as I now ferociously
assaulted her bud. She began to moan louder and gripped
my hair harder. I licked away almost mechanically at her
pleasure zone and I felt her getting wetter. I could hear
above her moans the sound of the blood pumping in my ears.

I then repositioned myself so rather than squatting I was
sat in between her parted legs with my head just below her
pussy. With my hands propping me up, I licked up using my
tongue to hammer her cleft. She moaned louder and her dewy
pussy now looked like she’d just stepped out of the shower.
She then bent down at the waist and I was treated the sight
of her ass crack splayed out wide. This was new for me but
I thought hey why not. Relishing the smell of her natal cleft
I tenuously at first began to make small jabs at her perineum.
She gasped. I then, now in uncharted territory, began to
repeat my fellatio this time circling and licking her anus.
The smell was pungent but not unpleasant. Some of her pussy
juice had made its way as had the wine before down into her
crevice and I licked it away. Bent down as she was she didn’t
squander her opportunity to pleasure me and began to re-stimulate
my cock with her hands, wanking me slowly as I carried licking
her ass.

We carried on in this manner, both of us immune to any idea
that we were beings capable of higher intelligence. We
became animal with no regard for propriety. I licked insanely
as she stroked my penis as if trying to gently wrest it off
my body. I then with my left hand stroked her hips and down
her thigh and then with no thought whatsoever slapped her
hard on her bottom. ‘Ow!’ she giggle- gasped and I repeated
the action. She then let go of my cock and stood up immediately
bringing her butt cheeks together and closing off that
area that I had just been pleasuring. Still standing over
me and with me now vainly trying to tongue those parts of
her that were still accessible she stepped forward. She walked into the kitchen and came back with another glass
of wine. I in the meantime had not moved still sat taking
in the vestigial smells and taste of her. I looked at my cock
and said ‘you lucky boy’. She squat down close to me
and proffered me the glass and I took a sip. She sipped a bit
herself. ‘Some game huh?’ she said breathlessly.
‘I never thought chess would make me this hard’ I replied.
‘Or me this wet’ she said.

She then set the glass down and in one lithe movement straddled
her body so that she kneeled on my lap facing me. ‘Endgame’
she said in a catastrophically seductive voice. I acknowledged
my assent and reaching past her body gripped the shaft of
my cock. She with her arms wrapped around my shoulders,
raised her body slightly and I positioned my member. She
then banked her body down and backwards and gradually I
entered her. We both let out a long sustained moan as I slowly
introduced my monstrously hard cock into her well lubricated,
implausibly tight snatch. We fucked slowly at first as
she rhythmically bounced her body atop my member. I held
onto her waist as she wrapped her arms around my shoulder
and she rode me like a knight traversing the board taking
all the chess pieces of my sanity one by one.

Then she became more excited and energetic and began to
ride me harder. I went in deeper my shaft sliding in and out
of her. She was bouncing like she was possessed and my dick
was now experiencing a bombardment of pleasures the likes
of which I had never known. She bounced and gyrated up and
down screaming in pleasure as she went like a goddess riding
a fiery chariot down from heaven. She continued and my cries
became louder. She laughed maniacally and then gasped
and then moaned and screamed.

I now lay back on the rug and she continued pummelling my
rod. I then forced her to slow by holding fast at her hips.
She then put her arms either side onto the rug. Still in her
it was now my turn to move. With some exertion, and while
she steady herself I began to fuck her mercilessly by thrusting
with the aid my bum, thighs and abs. I rammed my cock faster
and faster into her pitching her body up and down. She was
more or less stationary as I jackhammered my dick into her
warm wetness. I knew this position was sure to make me climax
bit I also knew it was bound to get her to cum. I was nearing
orgasm I could feel it and this spurred me on. She had her
eyes closed and I could see she was preparing herself also.

I thrust faster, harder and suddenly her eyes opened wide
as did her mouth. I then heard her loud and clear oh ..oh.ohhhh..fuck
! I felt her moisten even more as she orgasmed. ‘Oh god’
she said. I carried on pounding and a few seconds after it
was my turn to narrate the fuck. ‘Oh yes..oh fuck’ I
bellowed and I tapped her still orgasming body on the hips
and she immediately released me and I released me also.

I sat up quickly my whole body on the verge of orgasm. The
next few seconds were a blur. I got up quickly the tingling
in my balls increasing my cock hardening even more. I moved
quickly a few steps the short distance between me and her,
lying devastated by her orgasm which she was still trying
to prolong by rubbing at her clit, on the rug. I knelt down
beside her, cock in hand and with a few strokes and a final
‘oh fuck..oh god’ from me, I climaxed and fired my spunk
determinedly and forcefully at her stomach. I plastered
her with my seed and some errant spunk splashed her thighs
the top of her mound and even I regret to say the fine Persian

When I had finished orgasming my eyes came back into focus
and I saw he lying there still massaging her clit. I bent
down and assisted her fingers with my tongue and after a
while and we both brought her to orgasm again. ‘Checkmate’
she gasped as I took my tongue out of her and kissed her softly
on the lips. We both then embraced lying intertwined on
the rug kissing, caressing and nursing each other’s
hot sticky sexually exhausted bodies. We stayed in this
position chatting late into the night sipping occasionally
from a shared wine glass. Then gradually through a combination
of wine, exhaustion and elation we fell asleep on the rug.

I woke the next morning to her she was fully dressed and making
breakfast. I cleaned myself and got dressed. We sat down
and enjoyed a hearty breakfast, famished after our night
of physical and mental exertions. After breakfast she
walked me to my car and before I got in she handed me a small
box, it was her engagement present, the ornate chess set.
‘What’s this for I said?’ ‘to say thank you’
‘I should thank you’ I said. She smiled and said ‘You
made me forget about things I no longer care to remember
and I guess me giving this to you is part of that’, and besides..’
she trailed off. ‘Besides?’ I asked. ‘You need a
set to practice with’. We kissed goodbye and I got in my
car and drove home.

Michaela was and continues to be a very big part of my life.
We still play together. I’ll let you make up your own mind
as to what that means. Recently she got promoted again and
is deputy director of a small publishing company in London.
She told me she plans to move down there and she also told
me that she doesn’t expect she’ll find anyone who she’ll
enjoy playing chess with as she does with me.

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chess a game of the mind but also of sex tell us more


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Very well written and exciting story


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Excellent Story. Well written prose.


rm222atrgrs 55 M
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Great story !

My most memorable chess game was with huge pieces on the deck of a ferry - full sun - fully clothed though


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If you don't make that woman yours, you're an idiot! CHECKMATE!!


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Glad you enjoyed folks Michaela has recently asked me for another game !