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Charity Work


There are times when you sit back and you think that you can
do more, that you can give more to your fellow man. You know;
help out a bit. Well that’s how this all started. Do something
for charity. I always thought that being a good girl was
more than satisfactorily, that going to work every day
and doing the right thing, was sufficient. But I; like all
the rest of us standing here were shocked as shit when we
were paraded out on stage to be bid on by an audience of men.
I was at one of those Charity Auctions…for Free the Whales,
Save the Rainforest, Don’t wear Fur, Shit I don’t know and
I can’t even remember. All I know that if I had a choice I would
run like hell to the nearest exit. But I couldn’t let my boss
down like that. Still wondering why I ever agreed to this
anyway. Thinking to myself, it’s all for charity. But as
the butterflies in my stomach began fluttering about screw
this charity crap was my first thought.
I worked for BET New York headquarters. I am the Public Relations
Director, which in the beginning it seemed a very nice job,
but the more years I put in, I noticed that I was getting more
and more to do, I was now in charge of every event we had for
the company, I had three new hires under me that I had to train
to do things my way. I had computer problems up the ass, and
for some ungodly reason I could never get my work done. But
I tried to manage as much as I could.
It was about two weeks ago that we had a big staff meeting
in the Vice Presidents office and all the department heads
were there to discuss what is going on. When it came to me
I was a born trooper I didn’t complain I gave my speech and
told them that we were up to date on everything, that the
planning of the retirement party for Jim Blake was running
very smoothly. But when I happen to mention the smallest
of the small computer issues that I was having that’s when
the shit hit the fan.
Sitting across from me was Marcos De Jesus. He was the IT
Department head, and I know that I have had my run in’s with
him. I would send a simple request to him and never get an
answer and that would hold up my work. After a few emails
I got so pissed and one day I made my way down to his office
and I told him about what I thought of him and his shitty run
Ever since then we couldn’t be in the same room with out one
of us acting up or saying something we shouldn’t. I know
we are adults but no one holds up my work progress. I mean
who in the hell did he think he was, his was a certified computer
geek if you ever saw one. To be truthful he didn’t look anything
like he new anything about computers. He looked like a bronzed
God. He was tall, about 6’5” and that’s tall for a geek. His
jet black hair was always combed perfectly back with just
a few hairs hitting his pristine white shirt collar. He
wore long sleeve shirts and beautiful ties. One day I remember
him wearing a Hermes silk tie; pale yellow and red silk,
the same deep red color as my Hermes Birken bag.
I never said anything to him because to compliment him would
be foolish. His jet black eyes would always hold me immobile
when I was near him, that’s why I never let him get the upper
hand on me, I would always have the last word and then storm
out of what ever room we were in. I seem to hate this man who
never showed me any indifference. I was attractive, that
I knew for sure. I could have any man that I wanted. Don’t
get me wrong I didn’t want Marcos. I thought to myself.
But he should want me; that’s how it is, that’s how it goes.
All men should want me. Why wouldn’t they. I am tall about
five feet ten and a smidge taller in my heels. I have long
legs that lead to the most luscious thighs, soft and sensitive
skin to the touch, and firm round ass that seems to be the
“thing” of today. A small trim waist thanks to tons of sit
ups. Full breasts, my 38DD never let me down in a pinch, I
have gotten out of many a traffic ticket, got me into many
a club and the VIP sections too. They were plump with dark
nipples that got stiff in an instant, men loved that. Long
slim neck, full thick lips that could suck a man all night
long and make him for get his momma’s name. But it’s my eyes;
my granny always told me that my eyes would capture the man
of my dreams. The right man for me would be captivated by
their cat like features, slanted gently in the corners
and their golden color.
But in the back of my mind I think that I hated Marcos more
because he didn’t give me the attention that I deserved,
he treated me like a regular person and that I am not. So at
every opportunity I had to say something negative about
him or his department I did. I was never worried about my
boss, because he let me do what ever in the fuck I wanted to
do. He knew I was capable of doing everything that they threw
across my desk and that I was a perfectionist. Plus he thought
of me as his daughter, so I was in the clear, but he will take
me aside if he thought I was getting out of hand. I could tell
that he was going to say something to me soon, because of
the interaction between Marcos and me. I kind of thought
the word would get upstairs and it did.
I looked up at Marcos and I could read the message of hatred
on his face. He was pissed and that made me smile. I simply
looked down when his dark eyes met mine; ashamed but oh so
happy inside to put him on the spot.
I purposely sat across the table from her, I wanted to see
and watch everything she did. The way she talks the way she
listened, the way she just breathes. There was something
about her, that drove me insane and if I had a choice, I would
take her on this table and fuck her like I know only I can.
She would love me for it; in fact she would beg me for it.
I knew when I met her that she was going to be the one for me.
That I was the only person who could put that burning flame
out inside her, that she needed me more than she would ever
know. If she didn’t recognize it now, she was made for me.
ONLY ME… he thought sinisterly.
But how could he get over there past, all the arguments all
the hatred that we seemed to have for one another, when she
walked into my office about a month a go to complain about
something I was sitting behind my desk, writing a small
note of inventory. She came storming in her long black wavy
hair in disarray. Her big tits heaving with every explosive
word she said. I could make out her hard nipples behind that
white sheer long sleeve shirt she wore. The black skirt
fit her ass too snugly; I halted my thoughts before something
But the more she talked and the more she complained the only
thing I wanted was for her to shut the fuck up; to close her
mouth and don’t speak until spoken too. She needed to be
tamed, she needed to be controlled, and she needed to know
that she wasn’t going to get everything she wanted, when
SHE wanted it. I stood up and came around my desk, towering
over her so he had to look up at me.
I told her to be quiet and never ever to run into my office
and begin a long tirade of bullshit that he just heard. That
she will wait her turn and I will come to her and fix her problem
when I have the time. She was speechless, as she stared at
me with those cat like eyes of hers.
His voice was strong and commanding. It was deep and smooth
to the sound in my ears, something you could go to sleep with.
The voice that you want to hear utter your name just once,
using a tone that will make your knees weak. He had that voice.
That was the voice that always gets me into trouble. After
that day I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I can hear him over
everybody else, when in the hall ways I could hear him. If
I were in another office and he passed by the door, my radioactive
hearing would detect his voice only.
I explained to the president that we had been having some
computer issues in various departments and that if some
of the employees would stay off the yahoo instant messenger
or surf the net all day looking at Neiman Marcus and
they would be able to make all there deadlines and not blame
others for the sloppiness. I turned my head to stare her
down and watch as her smile faded. I saw the mutinous look
in her eyes and I loved it. Now I thought, let her sit there
and say something… anything…. Yeah… that’s what I thought….
Be silent like a good girl.
As the meeting came to a close and the President gave us his
last remarks on who we were; a team and how we must learn to
work together and get passed all the bullshit that makes
our work suffer. I turned my head her way and glanced at her.
She was fuming. I read her lips….FUCK YOU!” she mouthed
to me and turned away.
That was two weeks ago and I never got her off my mind. I had
to find a way to get her and I think my lucky day has finally
After the meeting, was over and everyone was standing about,
I saw that my boss wanted me. He called me to his side as Marcos
stood on the other side of him. Shit, now what. I knew that
Marcos had said something bad about me to him and my boss
was going to give me his two cents. DAMN!!! I hate that. I
slowly walked over to him as he greeted me with a hug. I stood
facing Marcos not really looking at him but looking at Saul
my boss.
“Lisa, I am very happy with the job that you are doing. You
always surprise me with every event, the ideas that you
come up with. I love them all. Keep up the good work. Marcos.”
he said turning to face him “I have heard nothing but good
things about you and your department. Everything is done
and fixed on time. I wanted to say how happy I am with your
performance.” He stated and then took a sip of his coffee.
We both stood there not saying a word. I was nervous as hell
there had to be a bad part of this, or he would never say anything
to us especially together. Marcos looked at me and I looked
away, I felt bad for behaving like a child.
Saul walked to a far window over looking the city downtown
and we followed him.
Facing us he said. “I have heard a lot of rumors about you
two. I have heard about the shouting matches. You Lisa;
going into Marco’s department and demanding everything
under the sun. And you Marcos are taking your time when it
comes to Lisa and you put her department last in everything
that you do. You both know that there isn’t anything that
gets past me, even with me on the upper floors, but this shit
has got to stop. You are both great at what you do. But this
child like behavior is inappropriate for this office.
I shouldn’t have to be put in this position to tell the two
of you either. Lisa I saw what you said to Marcos earlier
and Marcos, I could tell that you were also ratting her out.”
He said looking at us frowning.
“If you guys can’t come to a conclusion on how to work together
and get along and stop everybody from gossiping about you
and placing bets on weather Marcos has or hasn’t fucked
you, then I will step in and settle this.” He said in a low
“No Saul, I can keep everything on a professional level.
I won’t go to Marcos department anymore. I will follow office
procedure and send him an email to the help desk and wait
patiently.” I mumbled.
Man I hated this, first to be caught by my boss, like we were
having some illicit affair and fucking on top of the copy
machine; then knowing that everyone was talking about
us and taking bets too. I never thought I would let it go this
far, but the man was so damn annoying.
To be called by your superior and stand in front of him like
a condemned man, and have him tell you that everything you
do is great but this confrontation that I am having with
this mere slip of a girl has to got to end. I could barely focus
on what he was saying as my eyes kept traveling back and forth
to what Lisa was wearing is the tightest fitting black suit
I have ever seen. The jacket was tight across her full breasts
and the skirt was even worse, skintight as it fell to her
knees, you could see her figure outlined in the whole thing
even though she was covered from head to toe. Her black leather
high heel pumps had me envisioning her in my bed doing everything
that I asked of her. I knew that I had taken this way too far,
now we are standing in front of our superior like kids. Dammit!!!
She started this anyway, he thought sounding very childlike.
So that day in front of Saul Friedman President of our division,
we made nice and apologized. Marcos reached his had out
and took Lisa’s. They promised to be professional and do
there jobs. Lisa wouldn’t go to his department and try to
tell him what to do and he wouldn’t keep her waiting. All
was settled at least from the outside. But what they both
didn’t know is that, there was a major change coming in there
lives on the horizon and it was going to test each others
strength, passion and courage.
Quickly changing the subject Saul asked me about the Charity
Auction, which I thought I sent him an email that I was going
to attend. He told me that he was going to send me some more
information about it and I thanked him. I then had to go and
see to my department. I said good bye to them both. I walked
away feeling better but still foolish about my actions.
“You know Marcos now that we have some time to talk I want
to tell you something.” Saul told him.
“Sure thing Mr. Freidman.” Marcos said.
“I have known Lisa’s family since her mom and I went to school
together. Her mom was just as beautiful as Lisa is now. I
was there when she was born and I have watched her grow up
from this really skinny young girl with knobby knees to
the lady you see now. She is very special to me; I hired her
on her mom’s request when Lisa came back from spending two
wild years in Paris. After she graduated college she wanted
to spend some time abroad. Her mother didn’t think it was
good idea for her to be there with a bunch of wild ass girlfriends,
and she made her come home.
That’s when she told me. I then offered her a job.” Saul said.
Marcos stood there next to his boss and tired to make sense
out of what was going on, why would Saul all of a sudden take
the time to give me Lisa’s history. What did it mean?
“I know what’s going on between you and Lisa. I also know
that nothing has happened yet.” Saul stared at Marcos.
“But I can see it. I can see it when she looks at you, she wants
you, more than she knows, right now she is in denial and frustrated.
Her body is calling yours. I have watched her when she started
in this company over 8 years ago and she has never had this
problem before. You would think computers have never broken
down before. It happens everyday but there is something
about you Marcos that makes her keep going down to your office,
because you don’t give her what she thinks she wants.” Saul
They walked out of the conference room and down the hall
and into Saul’s big office overlooking Central Park. Saul
sat at his desk after grabbing a stronger drink behind his
bar in the corner. Marcos helped himself to one also then
sat in a big leather chair across from Saul’s desk.
“Sir I don’t understand why you are telling me this. I haven’t
slept with Lisa nor do I plan to.” he lied. “We’ve had our
differences in the past but I intend to remain totally professional
when it comes to her.” Marcos told him.
“I admire your strength and your courage. That’s probably
why I am telling you this long drawn out story. You’re a very
strong, hard working man and I acknowledge that. Lisa is
an only child and she is spoiled rotten, she thinks she can
have everything that she wants, and she doesn’t know the
meaning of the word NO. If she can’t have it, she throws a
fit; same thing with you and your department. She wants
what she can’t have.” Saul told him.
His inner light came on. “She wants me?” he thought and smiled
to himself.
He had to admit that he did look forward to their shouting
matches, that he would sit in his office and patiently wait
for her to come barging in, he would even try to guess what
she would have on, something tight and utterly decadent
and he loved it. But how does this tie in with Mr. Friedman?
He thought.
“I understand Mr. Friedman, but I can control myself. I
won’t let it happen again that I can promise you.” Marcos
“Really now? Son, do you remember what Lisa looks like.
The way she wears her clothes, the way she looks at you, the
way she talks, are you blind? If Lisa wants something she’s
going to get it.” Saul told Marcos.
“Her mother was the same way when she wanted me. It was an
unbelievable attraction to say the least, it was astronomical,
the way we were attracted to each other nothing was going
to stand in her way. She was black as you most likely know
but she fell madly in love with me and I with her but being
in that time and circumstance it was very difficult accept
and a lot of people didn’t. She thought that our love was
strong enough to deal with it all, but in the end I was the
chicken shit coward who couldn’t deal with it. That in my
heart I knew she always would be mine. But I didn’t have the
balls to stay with her. After she had the baby it was too late.”
Saul mumbled and stood looking out at the sunset.
“I still love that woman today. When I see her it’s like we
were in college all over again. I can stand next to her and
my body melts. She married another man but I was always in
her life because of the baby. I hate myself everyday for
not being man enough to do the right thing, for not being
there for my daughter but more behind the scenes. So I keep
her close to me whenever I can.” He said.
“Sir Lisa is your daughter?” Marcos asked in a hushed low
He watched as Saul shook his head slightly.
“Sir I never intended to do any harm to her, or disrespect
her in anyway.” Marcos said in a rush or words.
Saul raised his hand as if he understood what Marcos was
thinking and going threw.
“I know Marcos, I know.” He said sullenly.
Looking the young man in the eye, soft golden eyes looking
into black onyx ones he told him.
“Marcos you want my daughter and even if you don’t love her
you want her sexually. That I understand. I am annoyed since
it is my daughter, but still. You may not have a choice here
the more you try and deny yourself from Lisa the stronger
the desires is, the harder the urge to resist her will be.
Everything you see will remind you of her, her laugh, her
scent, her voice. You will become mesmerized by her. You
will eventually get together, that’s when all the decisions
will come into play. What will you do then?
I am telling you this for a reason. Because I can see it and
you two can’t because I lived threw it. I basically want
to know what you see; now that I have told you all of this.
What would you do in my circumstance?” Saul questioned.
“Well Sir, if something were to happen between Lisa and
I, I think that I am man enough to handle it as an adult. I think
that communication is the number one priority in a relationship.
I also know that Lisa is a brat. Forgive me Sir, and what she
needs sometimes is a spanking. She whines all the time when
she can’t get her way and I won’t let her have it. That’s why
I make her wait her turn and treat her like a normal employee.
I know she hates it, and that’s one of the reasons I keep doing
it.” He said snidely.
Saul laughed out loud.
“But I was never trying to hurt her Sir; I just wanted to teach
her a lesson that she isn’t going to get everything she wants.
You and I both know that. She’s lucky that she works here,
otherwise in the real world she wouldn’t last a second,
they would eat her alive and all of her designer bags.” he
“Call me Saul.” he said to him as Marcos moved to the desk
and offered to make another drink for them.
“Well Saul” he yelled over his shoulder as he stood at the
bar preparing Scotch and soda for Saul and Rum and coke for
“I can’t say if I love Lisa or not, but I do want her. I want
her like I have never wanted a woman before in my life. I can’t
picture her with another man; that would destroy me. I have
to have her; to possess her, she must be mine.” He was shocked
at the ferocity of his voice and the words that came out of
his mouth.
Saul understood for he felt the same way about Lisa’s mom.
That’s why he always remained close in there lives. The
secret was going to come out one day and Saul knew it, he knew
there was something burning under the surface between
these two and he actually liked Marcos, his Spanish blood
was a great welcome here. He was an extremely hard worker
and he knew his job and that’s what I admire. He remembered
when he got wind of the news about Lisa from his assistant
Gloria, who kept him abreast of everything. He was shocked;
in all of her years she worked with him nothing like this
has happened, but then she has always gotten her way with
everyone too. He felt a bit better now that he had spoken
to Marcos.
Saul then mentioned to Marcos, where Lisa was going to be
later that week. He told him about this auction that she
volunteered to be in. It was a Charity Auction, where the
woman are paraded out on stage in various outfits there
choice and they are bid on by a large crowd of men. They are
then required
to spend the next 24 hours with him. Now Lisa doesn’t know
about much of it until she gets there, she agreed to do it
because I asked her. But son I was thinking….
I stood on the stage to the left as watched all the other girls
and some guys go ahead of me. We filled out a small card that
told us a little about ourselves and dressed for the occasion.
I wore this leather outfit I wore a couple of times when I
lived in Paris. I leather bra, that I knew was too small but
it looked too damn good not to wear it. I bought this black
leather pleated mini skirt that barely covered my ass,
allowing an excellent view of my thick thighs and black
leather boots that came over the knee completed the look
I was going for. I heard my name as I walked to the center of
the stage. The spot light was on me, and I heard the lady read
my card, saying that I despite my seductive outfit. I was
soft and warm and cuddly, if you were to rub my tummy in the
right place, I would do anything for you. The crowd of men
went crazy and the bidding began. First bid $100.00 and
they went higher and higher until it was at $750.00, the
crowd of men were at a stand still, the one who thought he
had me for the night, was elated. The announcer said. “Any
more bids for this stunning young lady?” and then that’s
when I heard it.
That voice, it was his voice. But how could he know, why would
he be here?
“Two thousand dollars!” he shouted. There was hush that
went over the room. No one uttered word and everyone was
surprised that the bidding would ever go this high. The
announcer hit her small gavel and closed the bidding. I
stood there all of a sudden shy and very quiet, my mind thinking
the worst. The spot light moved about the room as I squinted
my eyes trying to see him in the vast darkness and there he
was Marcos! walking towards me. As me moved closer to the
stage he lifted his hand up; a signal for me to take it and
walk with him and enjoy the rest of the evening with him.

I looked down at him as he stood there; his eyes told me what
I should be doing. I walked a few steps and placed my hand
in his. His hand was freezing cold when I took it and we walked
off to a table in the back of the room. He sat down first without
pulling out my chair and I just stood there.
“Sit Down!!” he barked. My knees bent and my body slowly
sat in the chair.
Soon a young man came to us and handed Marcos the collar and
leash that I was supposed to wear, since he bought me I belonged
to him for one evening. I was speechless, this was all happening
to fast, there was so much I didn’t know, so much he needed
to tell me but as I sat next to him with leash in hand I couldn’t
open my mouth.
“You look beautiful.” He said with no emotion.
“Thank you.” I muttered.
“Come here” he said as I leaned over to him. He opened the
clasp on the leather collar and placed it around my neck
and snapped it. I leaned back as his other hand still held
the long end of the leash.
I didn’t think she would look like this, I didn’t think it
would cost me two grand either, but everything seems to
have played right into my hands. The way she looks she’s
the perfect slave for me. She’s timid and shy. Not the Lisa
that treats me like shit in the office, screaming and yelling
and demanding. This is how she should always be.
“What are you thinking?” he asked me.
“I’m trying to figure out why you wasted two thousand dollars
on me. Why you even came here? What this all means?” I said.
“I bought you because I wanted you. I have wanted you for
a long time now. Also I wanted revenge on the way you treat
me at work. The way you come into my office and yell like a
spoiled child, the way you keep putting me down in front
of others all the time, How long did you think that you could
get away with it.” He said in a very controlled voice.
“For as long as I wanted to. Marcos when I want you to do something
for me and my people and fix our computers, we are always
the last on the list, you treat us like shit. I hate that.
I know that I am better than that and I want what I want. Plain
and simple.” I said to him.
“Lisa I am my own man and no one tells me what to do or when to
do it. When it comes down to it; I am a man and you just a woman.
So that’s why you wait.” He said simply.
“What kind of bullshit is that!!?” I yelled. Frustrated
that he would say something so passé’ like that. Didn’t
the man know what year it was? We women have rights and opinions
too… I thought.
“It’s not that I am a woman you want me to bow down to you, you
want me to beg and plead for something that is my right to
have and I won’t do it. You want to punish me, because you
are a sadistic asshole.” I said.
Before I knew it he yanked the chain that was attached to
my collar and it quickly pulled me in line. I winced at the
slight discomfort and pain. He brought my face close to
his, by holding the silver chain.
“You will never speak to me that way again. You will observe
that I am the one who bought you and you will act accordingly.
You belong to me for 24 hours.” He ground out at me.
“You will learn your lesson. You’ll do what I say and when
I say it until your time with me is up. Remember this is for
charity.” He sneered.
“I hate you!!!” I grumbled.
He laughed his eyes crinkled at the corners “No you don’t.”

Everything he said was an absolute contradiction of what
I said and wanted. I like doing my own thing, and I hate taking
orders from anybody. I do what I want when I want he should
fucking know this by now. But as I look at him sitting next
to me I can feel his body heat, I could smell his cologne,
a mixture of spices and musk.
He wore a Black Armani Suit, black shirt, pants, and Gucci
shoes, everything was black. He was so sinister in that
color it was frightening, if you didn’t know him. But I knew
he was a certified nerd who probably played on the internet
during the night and pretended to be something that he was
not. Tall, dark and handsome; rich and successful, when
I knew how much of a loser he really was.
“I want another drink!” I told him fully expecting him to
serve me.
He looked at me. “It is your duty to serve me, remember.”
he said.
“I want a Jack and Coke.” he told me then looked away.
I stood and was not sure how far he was going to let me go with
the chain in his hand. I stood slowly as he held on to the chain.
“I’ll go with you, that way every man in the room will see
who you belong to.” he smiled. As much as I wanted her to go
alone and do something by herself and not beg and whine and
have someone else do it. I didn’t trust her as far as I could
throw her. I knew she was going to do something and I had to
be ready for that.
He had the end of my leash in his hand and as he walked in front
of me I walked behind him trying to watch my step so I would
not fall in these tall as boots. We got to the bar and all the
men were so full of themselves each having a woman on a chain
to do with whatever you wanted.
I walked to the bar passing Marcos and told the bartender
what I wanted. My voice was low and supple, as I leaned in
a bit and whispered something in the bartenders ear. He
laughed and so did I.
I knew Marcos wasn’t going to be happy with me, but right
now I really didn’t care. So tonight I was going to be the
biggest bitch he has ever seen. So I flirted shamelessly
with the bartender as Marcos stood to the side with some
other guys. I leaned over a bit to hear what Rudy the bartender
was saying and my skirt had risen high enough for al the men
to get a good view of my hot ass. I took a sip of my drink and
looked to my left. I saw him there scowling and I smiled and
blew him a kiss, he waved his hand for me to come to him but
I ignored it shaking my head no and then turning back to Rudy.
It was then that I felt someone stand behind me towering
over me. It was Marcos; his body was too close to me I couldn’t
think, I couldn’t move. I could feel his hard cock along
my ass, as he pressed his body into mine. I could feel his
large hands come about my waist pulling me back to him. Standing
me upright next to his hard body. I could feel his breath
along side my shoulder. He whispered in my ear.
“What ever you’re doing STOP IT; or you will pay for it later.”
He urged.
I was frozen to the spot his body seemed to take all my will
away. I couldn’t put up much a fight when he was this near.
His hand gripped me as his hips moved slowly against my ass,
as I could feel my mini skirt moving higher and higher. He
lit a burning fire in me, I wanted him.
His hands moved lower down the sides of my thighs as he enjoyed
toying with me, his long fingers glided across my tight
ass, light as a feathers touch. I moaned deeply in the back
of my throat. I had never thought that I could be so excited
by this man that I hated. My hips moved on there own accord
against him, he held me tight, I leaned my head back a bit
feeling him, wanting so much more from him. We stood for
what seemed like hours but it wasn’t; the feel of him on my
body was like a drug, I want so much more, I need so much more.
We moved to a nearby wall as he stood in front of me. I wanted
to kiss him so badly. This game of ours has gone so far.
I didn’t want to touch her, not yet. I wanted her to wait until
I was ready but she made me loose all control, she makes me
desire her so much that I loose all thoughts of propriety
when I am around her. My hands loved the feel of her milk chocolate
skin under them. Her thighs were so soft and quivered lightly
as my fingers ran across them, and her ass, the way she slowly
moved her hips against my hardness. I closed my eyes for
a second to enjoy her sumptuous body on mine and took in everything
she gave me.
My hands gripped her hips and held on, her head resting on
my chest as we stood there moving to the music behind us.
There was too much going on in the room for anyone to notice
us except the bartenders, but as the lights would flash
and flicker, you couldn’t really tell where my hands were
at. As her back was leaning on the wall, I was over her and
had to do something, to let her know I was serious.
My hands moved higher to her delectable mounds of breast.
I placed my hands on the upper top sides and just held her,
I wanted my heat to permeate her body; her body began to move.
I could hear her breathing coming in fast pants. I watched
as her eyes closed, as my hands began to move, slightly curving
them about each globe, making my way to the nipple feeling
its hardness under her leather bra. I rubbed both nipples
with the pads of my thumbs, exciting her.
“Open your eyes Lisa and look at me.” Marcos ordered.
Her golden eyes opened as her head slowly tilted back and
she looked at me. She saw the lust that was there, she knew
that I meant business. I watched her soft angelic face and
her lower lip quiver as the lust ran threw her body. She needs
me more than she thought. My thumbs still causing havoc
with her senses, I can feel her body leaning towards the
pleasure that my hands are creating in her hot ass body.
I can hear her soft whimpers escape her full lips. Offering
me absolutely everything she has.
I was falling in a black hole when it came to her, she was my
center, and everything was centered on Lisa. Her pleasure
was my pleasure, her satisfaction was mine. I placed my
fingers on her nipples as my mouth found the side of her neck
and licked and sucked on her, softly, her body moved more
and more her hands on my shoulders holding on to me. I then
begin to pinch them, and pulled at them and I had her squirming.
The harder I pulled on them the more her body bucked against
I stopped. I looked down at her and asked her who did she belong
to? She was frantic, her eyes wide and luminous; wanting
more needing more; her small hands digging into my shoulders.
Her legs rubbing together as she tried to hold on to the pleasure
and she tried to stand on those high ass heels of hers.
“Marcos ….please!!!” she demanded frustration written
all over her face.
“Tell me Lisa! Tell me what I want to hear.” He asked of me.
“No this isn’t fair! You can’t do this to me and stop. My body
is going crazy, it’s like I can’t breathe; it’s like your
possessing me.” I yelled at him.
Marcos smiled at himself, still the spoiled little girl
I see. She may need a lesson.
“You’re a brat, you know that. You always want what YOU want.
Haven’t you learned by now; that I’m not going to give you
what you want. I am going to do what pleases me. If I want you
to stand there and shake and quiver with lust for me that
that is what you will do. If I want your pussy so wet and hot
dripping for me and only me that’s what you will do. If I want
you to get down on your knees, unzip my pants take out my cock
and suck it in front of all these men… YOU WILL…” I said angrily
in her ear. His body pressing hard into her, giving her no
time to think and only to feel. He wanted her desperate for
him and only him.
His words were my undoing and I knew I was about to make one
of the biggest mistakes of my life. I knew was going to do
whatever it took to get him, then; I was going to turn the
tables and see who is going to want who. He will chase me and
give me what I need, before long; Marcos will be at my feet
worshipping me. They all do it’s inevitable.
But standing here in front of him, he had the power to make
me do anything, his hands on my body tortured me, his lips
on my neck licking and sucking me was unbelievable.
With chain in hand we walked back to our table. He sat first
and then I followed him. We drank our drinks in silence there
were too many things going on that I could barely talk. The
announcer then told the audience that this was the last
girl to be bid on for the evening. She wore this white and
pink gingham short mini dress that gave her the Little Bo
Peep look; as if she was lost and needed someone to find her.

We sat at our table and watched as they all bid on her. Blonde
hair, blue eyes, fresh pinks lips, that’s what all men want
isn’t it. Under the table Marcos reached and lifted my thigh
over his leg and just left it there. I was looking about to
see if someone could see us.
“No one can see us, and if they did would it matter?”
“I hate when you ask me stupid questions like that!” I told
I could hear his strong laughter over the crowd of men who
cheered for the lady on stage. His large hand rested on my
thigh moving just slightly. Nothing bad, nowhere near
my pussy, but was that bad or good? I thought to myself.
I found that I could torture her with making her want me so
much in one minute and then taking it away from her. Getting
her all hot and wet and bothered, then distance myself from
her. Make her beg me for it; then deny her of it. It was a game
of control he mastered along time ago. When she thought
she had the upper hand he would take it right out from under
her and leave her wanting for more. Confusing her mind and
distorting her senses.
Her firm thigh was so soft to the touch, as I ran my hand across
it. Then moving lower to her inner thigh rubbing her from
her knees to almost her pussy but never going any further,
just teasing her, until I looked at her and she was sitting
there her hands gripping the sides of her chair. Her head
slightly tilted backwards, her plump lips parted with
each breath she took. She wanted me in that pussy, I can feel
here legs trying to widen to give me more access, I would
get just close enough then move away, like the tide.
Her hips squirmed in her chair, making small circles as
her hips would come up off the chair the closer I would run
my fingers down her thighs. She was panting like a bitch
in heat. She needed cock and she needed it now.
I kept doing it over and over again, until she couldn’t take
it anymore.
I needed to cum; he was doing too much to me. I needed to release
this pent up frustration, this pent up passion, his hard
body so close to me and his cock that I was dying to get in me.
Everything that ran threw my head was too much; a sensory
My fingers took a new turn and slightly ran across her pussy,
just the sides. Gently grazing her, it was quick she almost
didn’t feel it. Her body jerked. I liked that. Her reactions
were ones to cherish. I leaned over to her and asked her once
again who she belong to. This time my hand slowly fingered
her swollen clit and nothing else, just my middle finger
moving in slow circles, round and round. Her body had gone
almost limp in her chair.
“Ugh…. Ohhhhh…. Yes…..” I heard her say.
“You’re not answering me Lisa, you will tell me now!” he
said fingers still at the same pace. I could see the frustrations
on her face and to be honest I took a lot of pleasure in that.
I like that look on her face, wanting something so badly
that she would sell her soul to the devil to get it. I wanted
her at that point where there was no turning back; that she
couldn’t think of another man ever but me, all men would
be wiped of her memory. Maybe she was right I was sadistic.
I couldn’t be quiet too much longer, I wanted to break him
and all I see happening was me giving in, losing control.
I can have any man that I wanted. Why is this man so difficult?
Why won’t he give me what I want? I thought as my body was giving
in to him, as he made me feel like I would never feel this way
again, but SHIT!!!! I wanted this…
“Marcos….. Please Marcos… I belong to you….please don’t
stop.” he said almost silently.
My fingers with a mind of their own dove deeply inside her
now open cunt. One finger ramming inside going in so smoothly.
Her pussy clenched me tightly and I couldn’t wait to fuck
her. Then two fingers in her pussy as she screamed over the
loud clapping and cheers to the winner to bought the woman
on stage. I finger fucked her expertly under the table and
she loved it. I could see how much of a whore she really was.
No matter what Saul told me about her, she was getting exactly
what she wanted. To be treated like anything BUT a princess,
she loved it. For every bad name I called her she jumped,
for every time I told her I was going to make her suck me off
in this crowd, she moaned. When I told her that I was going
to spank her hot little black ass for being a bitch to me a
work, she smiled.
But it was time to go, what I had planned for her we needed
to leave and be alone.
“Please Marcos, let me cum…. PLEAZZZZZE!” she uttered
in the softest voice that sent waves of pleasure running
up and down my spine.
What I wanted most was to see her cum, I wanted to make her
belong to me, and I wanted to love it. I stopped my fingers
on their wild exploration of her soft wetness. Her body
was defeated and went limp. I could see the fire burning
in her eyes and she was about to explode another long tirade
of what I did wrong now. But instead.
I stood tall and she stood after me, we walked towards the
main doors and left the auction.
We got to my car parked about a block down the street and I
opened the door for her to get in. She climbed into my new
Hummer and leaned to open the far door for me. Ah she is learning
I thought to myself.
We drove a distance and at a stop light I leaned over to take
off her dog collar. She took a deep breath of air. Her body
relaxed as we drove and she yawned. I then took her hand in
mind and gently held it until we got to my place in Tribeca.
I wanted to change the mood for a while. I knew she was full
of fire and I knew what she wanted; actually, I know what
she needs, after what she showed me at the auction, I know
exactly what to do to her.
“Do you know I have tried to think of every scenario to get
to you and this one kind of fell into my lap?” Marcos said.
“So you’re saying that I don’t have to cater to you and be
your slave for 24 hours.” I said excitedly.
He laughed and loud rumble in the car.
“No Lis, I am not saying that. You will serve me until I have
had my fill of you. I bought you remember, paid in full. I
must live up to my reputation.” You have services that you
need to render to Me.” he said chuckling once more.
“What fucking reputation! What do I owe you” I yelled at
him and snatched my hand away.
Feeling instantly used for his own amusement. What kind
of auction was that? Once I got there I thought it was all
for fun, and everybody was playing along, I knew that I had
dressed a bit racy, but so did the others so I didn’t feel
that bad. Now that I think on it, why did I pick this outfit
At the next light he quickly pulled over and stopped.
He leaned over quickly grabbing my chin turning my face
to his.
I looked into his black eyes, staring me down; I saw the power
and the control. His thick dark eyebrows frowned together,
his lips tight in a determined line to keep me under his control.
“You are going to be mine. Think what you want Lis, but so
far I own you!” he said harshly to me.
“There is no going back and you might as well accept it!”
He said stonily.
“I have never had a woman like you before this stubborn this
feisty and if you raise your voice and yell out one more time
you will be sorry.” He told me then removing his hands from
me as if he didn’t want to touch me ever again.
I sat there hurt and dejected. “Is that what he truly thought
of me, selfish and stubborn?”
I never saw myself this way. I think I am a good person I know
that I can be a bit pushy at times, but that was a part of my
personality. I am used to getting what I want. He can’t come
into my life and then all of a sudden tell me what a bad person
I am because I don’t fit into the role that his stupid ass
thinks I should be in. I thought, getting angry for allowing
him to say that.
With out thinking I yelled “FUCK YOU!!!”
In the back of my mind I knew that I shouldn’t have said that
or yelled it either. But my mouth was faster than my brain
and I did what ever in the hell I wanted to and yelling at him
when he told me not to; was the perfect solution. Fight the
power I always say.
He smiled broadly at me and the laughed aloud. His laughter
echoing all threw the large truck. I was taken back by his
actions, but as I thought about it, he became so serious
and sinister. The way he just put the car in Go and took off
into the night. I had no idea where we were going and for some
reason I was immobile and sat there looking around trying
to decipher which part of the city I was in.
It looks like Tribeca but I’m not sure. We pulled up to an
old building with 11 stories and many large windows, on
Harrison Street. He must live here. He pulled to the curb
and then door man moved to open my door.
But before we got out.
“Marcos…!” I stuttered. “I can’t get out the car looking
like this.” I remembered my outfit of choice and regretted
“Lisa you picked that outfit, so I guess you’re stuck with
it. You could have done the librarian look, hair pulled
back in a tight pony tail, tight fitted skirt and your DKNY
eyeglasses, but no you wanted to be the whore of the night,
now you got it. You will allow my doorman to open the door
and you will enter my building as you are supposed to.” I
heard him say and opened his own door and left me sitting
in the car.
I saw the door man fast approaching and there was nothing
in the car that I could throw around myself to cover this
outfit. If he were a gentleman he would have at least offered
me his jacket. But he was the biggest jerk off I have ever
met to date; he wouldn’t know a real lady if she came and sat
on his face, I thought and chuckled.
He opened the door slowly and I looked at Marcos and I could
see that gleam in his eye, that look of ownership. I stepped
from the truck and made my way to him, never uttering a word,
he just watched me.
Goddamn, he thought as he watched her exit his truck, her
long legs encased in black leather, that short mini skirt
rising a bit too high, as he noticed the doorman getting
a great view of her sweetness. Her breast trapped inside
that tight ass bra, that looks like it is about to pop off
any second. But her face, I saw how she was fighting it, how
she wanted to run and yell, but she did as she was told.
I thought she was going to put up a fight, I thought she was
going to scream and yell and start a fight and then I would
have to pick her up and throw her over my shoulder and carry
her inside. Hmm that’s a good thought; her bare ass over
my shoulder as I walked threw the lobby. I will have to remember
that. He smiled inwardly.
He held his hand out to me as I walked over to him. It was comforting
but he was smug as well. But I took it; I wasn’t going to walk
in there like the prostitute of the year, so I did what I was
“Good girl. You please me when you follow my orders.” He
said down to me, leaning over to place a kiss on my cheek.
I felt the goose bumps fan all over my body when his lips touched
me. I chastised myself for feeling to utterly helpless
when it came to him. His body over mine, his nearness, his
words, everything, he can look at me and I would melt into
a pool of water my need for him was so strong.
“You are most welcome Sir.” I answered meekly fitting the
role he thought he had for me.
He placed my hand in his and I followed him threw the lobby
and to the elevators. I moved after him and looked about
slightly, there was just a small skeleton cleaning crew
that looked up and gave me strange looks, but when he spotted
them and stared them down they all went back to what they
were doing.
The doors opened and we walked in and I saw that he pressed
the 11th floor. He stood across from me as I looked everywhere
but at him. I didn’t trust my body’s reaction being this
close to him.
“You do remember you told me that you belong to me?” he said
out of the blue.
I shook my head yes.
“I can’t hear you Lisa.” he said.
“Yes, I remember.” I said to him lifting my head and looking
up at him. I saw him nod at me.
As I looked at her I could see that she wanted to give in to
me and let me take control of her, but there was still a side
that was fighting, there was something in her that she wouldn’t
let go. She can’t take much more of this, she would crumble.
I moved closer to her. Her eyes got bigger.
Oh shit, I thought he’s coming near me. His hand reached
out and gently touched my face, his fingers stroking me,
across my cheek, and then his long fingers running across
my lips, then moving down my chin to caress my neck, I could
feel his breath on my skin; my body selling me out once more.
“I love your skin, it’s so soft and so warm to the touch.”
he whispered.
I took a deep breath.
“Ummmm, the feel of it is intoxicating” he said as his hands
moved across me everywhere.
“Your breasts are so full and ripe, just begging me to release
them and pop them into my mouth.”
“Would you like that? Would you like me suck your hard nipples
into my mouth, flicking them with the tip of my tongue?”
I watched as she closed her eyes and was lost, she was floating
on every word that I said to her. I wanted to overcome her
inhibitions, I wanted her to let down every guard and trust
me. I wanted her on the edge, lusting after me, never getting
enough. I leaned my head low for only a second and kissed
the tops of her big dark tits. Her body quivered in my arms.
“And your waist, so slim, fit and trim, smooth under my touch.
I can span my both my hands around you.” he said pulling me
to him, his chest mashed into mine. He lowered himself a
bit so I could feel his hard cock against my pussy. He moved
his hips to tantalize me. The movements slow and sexy like
his fingers on me before. He was taking what I was trying
to hold on to. He was going to tear down every wall that I had
built up in my brain against him. This was going to be the
end of me as I know it.
“But do you know what I like most of all?” he asked his dark
eyes staring into mine. I shook my head no.
“Your hips, just enough for me to grab onto and hold, if we
were in my bed, I would lay you on your back and spread your
legs, then I would crawl between them and take my cock rub
your soaking wet pussy, all slick with juice and fuck you.
Grab your hips and pull you down on my hardness so I can fuck
you over and over again, until you cum screaming on my cock.”
he said that with so much conviction that it was not a question
it was going to happen and to me. I took another breath.
“This ass Lisa, and these legs, they belong to me now. Don’t
they?” he asked.
“Uh huh...” was about the only thing I could get out right
There was a ding sound and the doors opened. Marcos moved
away from me as I stood there, trying to collect myself.

I can’t do this; I can’t. I yelled to myself, this was destroying
me. He was doing and saying things that only the man in your
dreams would try. I was giving him everything that he wanted
and deep down I wanted it myself. I wanted Marcos from day
one and I chose to run down to his office and make a scene because
he would never acknowledge me. I wanted retaliation, because
he should beg to be with me, to date me, to kiss me. He was an
enigma. Everything that I tried actually backfired on
me, but when he took control that is when the game began and
I had to choose weather I wanted to follow or renig on the
whole thing.
One thing at work, he was professional and knew everything
about what he did. He ran his department fairly and with
a tight fist. But the things he says to me and does to me. The
way he touches me soft and gentle, the way his eyes look at
me as if he can touch my soul. It drives me fucking crazy,
I am losing myself in this man. My emotions are all screwed
up, I want to cry, then I want to slap the shit out of him, but
most of all, I had to be honest with myself and admit that
I wanted him.
I peeked my head around the corner of the open elevator doors
and saw him standing at his front door at the far end of the
“What the fuck am I doing?” Marcos yelled at himself. This
was not supposed to happen, I was supposed to teach her a
lesson, and punish her, but when she is near me, all I can
think about is how much I want to fuck her, or how much I want
her to beg me to fuck her. My cock gets rock hard when I look
at her, I have to get it under control, or she will be the death
of me, I need to think on how much I really want her. Is this
the decision that Saul wanted me to think on, is this what
he went threw with her mom.
No wonder he couldn’t ever let her go, that he had to be apart
of her life somehow, no matter what.
I can’t see myself with out Lisa, and I’m not sure it this
is the passion over riding my senses right now, but is it
fair to have her succumb to me and then not want her forever,
to throw her away to another man. I could never let another
man touch her. “She’s MINE!” he thought angrily.
I caught up to him as he opened the door to his apartment.
I walked passed him and entered the Lion’s Den. It was bigger
that what I thought, but nice, very manly. To my left were
the large windows, from the living room where he had a large
over stuffed burgundy velvet couch and matching love seat
and lounge chair. Glass coffee table sat in front covered
with a few big books and a couple of candles. If front of the
couch was a huge entertainment center with flat screen
TV, Kenwood stereo system and Bose speakers for that surround
sound effect, with videos and DVD and CD’s that lined the
same white wall. To my right was the dining room a Mahogany
table polished to perfection and matching chairs with
black leather seats. Next to the dinning room was the kitchen
small but very well organized, Sub Zero refrigerator,
and Viking stove with 4 big burners and cast iron grill in
the center. Dark wood cabinets and white marble counter
Even though he was male, his place was very welcoming and
very comfortable; it needs maybe a woman’s touch I would
say but not much. I liked it the way it was. It was relaxing
with dark and light colors.
As I walked about the place, I noticed that Marcos just watched
me; observing me review his domain.
“I love it.” I said simply. “It reminds me of you. The colors,
the scent in the air, the powerfulness of you is here” I stated.
He walked to me his body thick and sinewy, I watched the muscles
move beneath his clothing, very smooth and controlled;
taking my hand he kissed the back of it. I actually blushed.
I can’t remember the last time that happened.
“What do want Lisa?” he asked in that tone that melted all
the bones in my body.
“I want to touch you, I want to please you. I don’t know why
but there is something about you that takes my breath away,
that you are controlling me and that confusing part is that
I like it. If I have only 24 hours with you I want to enjoy it.
I won’t yell, I’ll be good, I promise.” I said in a rush of
“You are beginning to learn who your Master is.” He said
He smiled and placed his lips on mine it was the most innocent
of gestures but it was the feeling of it, his warm lips pressed
to mine sent a jolt of electricity to run rapidly threw my
body from head to toe. He held my face in his palms as our lips
touched. I wanted so much more; they were soft simple and
slow pecks on the lips, nothing more.
“Make yourself comfortable baby.” he said in a low tone.

I watched him as he walked to the kitchen and removed 2 glasses
from a high cabinet and then turn his body to the refrigerator
and get a bottle of wine. I walked to the window and looked
out. You could see New Jersey from this view, just like mine
I thought, since I lived in Battery Park City. Some would
say that it’s too busy in the day and too empty at night, but
it suited me fine. In all the hatred we had at work, we were
practically neighbors.
He walked back to me and handed me a glass of cold red wine,
I smiled brightly and thanked him.
“To our first night together.” He said slyly as we clinked
our glasses together. Taking a sip the wine; it was dark
and sweet just like her. My mind
was thinking too fast, I had thoughts about her since I met
her and honestly never thought they would end up here, in
my living room, with her in that outfit, looking at me with
those golden eyes, seducing me, even if she didn’t know
I waved her to the couch so we could sit. She walked in front
of me and I watched her ass switch back and forth with each
step she took in front of me.
Sitting down she crossed her legs. I grabbed the remote
control and pressed the button for the stereo and played
Portishead an English group with music that disturbs the
soul, turns you on and calms you down in the same breath.
Its beats reverberated across the room and as the bass line
thumped in tune with your heartbeat until you became one.
Until you could hear your blood pumping threw your veins,
as you felt your body shake and quiver with each note played.

I sat across from my Lisa in the lounge chair I was still on
a mission to tempt her beyond all reason, until her sense
melted together. Until she was so unsure of herself that
the only thing she knew would calm her, would soothe her
would be me. I opened my jacket and then removed it tossing
it on the edge of the couch next to her. I knew she could smell
my cologne from the nearby crumpled material.
I unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of the black shirt I wore untucking
the hem as I unbuckled my belt sliding the long leather snakeskin
belt off my waist and laying it across my lap. When I looked
up her eyes were glued to the belt.
The wine was seeping into my system as the music played.
I listened and watched Marcos stand and remove his jacket,
then toss it next to me on the couch, it landed with a soft
swoosh. I glanced at the wonderful Armani jacket, admiring
the jet black fabric, the top notch stitching, perfectly
tailored to fit him. Then looking back up at him he unbuttoned
a few buttons for his shirt, my body begged silently to do
that for him. I could see his thick neck and a few soft dark
hairs that peeked threw the opening. I wanted him so, as
my body called out for his.
We sat and listened to the music and I told him that I like
this song, it was soft and slow and mesmerizing. It seeps
into your brain.
He smiled, flashing perfect white teeth.
There seemed to be something in the air, something that
we both dare not speak of for fear or ruining what we had.
I wanted Marcos, and now was shy about how to do this, I also
knew that he was in control and he was going to do whatever
he wanted to do to me. I sat breathless as I watched him beneath
lowered lashed. My legs crossed and uncrossed several
times, as I fought back the urge to crawl over to him and pop
his cock in my mouth. As my cup emptied, the music was doing
things to me, the wine was warming me all over; the scent
of him in this room was penetrating my soul. How was I going
to be away from him, when he touches me I melt, how can I live
if I didn’t have him in my life.
I watched as she lost herself to me, I could read every emotion
on her face. I could see her need her longing. I knew what
she needed and it was me. It was time.
I stood finishing my drink and placing it on the glass table,
I continued to unbutton the rest of my shirt as I walked to
the stereo and adjust something, I knew that everything
could be handled by my remote control, but I wanted her to
watch me and see me, and remember me and only me, as I turned
her full lips were parted as she took a deep breath. Her eyes
wide with anticipation and longing. I opened my black shirt
and removed it shrugging if off my shoulders and tossing
it to the floor.
I looked at him, my eyes glued to every move he made, I watched
him take his shirt off and under it he wore a white cotton
wife beater that fit his body snugly. But his arms, his long
and powerful arms were covered with tattoos, bright and
colorful tats. I could see the Puerto Rican flag, a picture
of a woman’s face, and various figures, that meant something
or other. It was an amazing sight to see, it was breathtaking,
it was so fucking hot and sexy, and I almost swooned.
“My Gawd Marcos..” I uttered slowly.
He was beautiful, I would have never thought he had a tattoo,
and something that was so beautiful on his body made me wet,
my pussy clenching together over and over again as I sat
and tried to clam my hips from moving.
He walked towards me and stood directly in front of me. I
looked up into his dark eyes, wanting and waiting.
He knelt in front of me, spreading my legs wide for his body
to fit between them, he leaned over and we kissed, his lips
parting mine as his tongue slide into my mouth, thick and
sweet and he took over and I loved it. My hands moved to his
shoulders and touching his hot skin, my nails digging into
his shoulders as my passion rose higher and higher.
Our mouths licked and sucked at each other and we kissed,
his tongue delving into my mouth to tease me, and our tongues
played together, his hand were on my things and soon moved
under my skirt, touching me slowly, I remember earlier
when he finger fucked me under the table and how good that
was, I wanted more. His thick fingers would touch me lightly
to tease me, but I was on the edge as I called his name over
and over again.
“Damn baby your pussy is so wet.” He murmured.
“I’m so wet for you Marcos, I can’t help it; you make me juicy.”
I sighed.
“I love it; I want you wet only for me. Can you do that for daddy?”
he asked me in that tone that almost made me cum.
I shook my head yes, yes, yes, and told him “YES! only for
you baby only for you.”
“Good girl, I love your pussy when it’s so hot and wet. That
gets my cock so hard, rock hard.” He grumbled in a very sexy
and sensual way.
His fingers found my clit and I almost lost it, crying out
and gripping him, loving him and wanting him. He rubbed
it slowly until I was in a fevered pitch. Panting heavily
with every move he made.
I opened my eyes as he leaned to kiss me again, I loved his
body on top of mine, and it was a sense of power and comfort.
He leaned back as he watched his fingers moved inside me,
he spread my legs wider placing my feet on the cushions of
the couch and fingered me, he watched as my pussy got wet
for him, it was a challenge, or a mission he had to conquer
my body and make it belong to him. In the back of mind, I was
sad for I didn’t know where this was going to lead us, for
I didn’t want to loose his touch. One finger and then two,
deep inside me.

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