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Chapter 3 Erica the Succubus (Learning)


Chapter 3 Erica the Succubus (Learning)

Erica awoke her body pulsing with the need for sex, she
sighed and got up and showered. Erica knew not to even try
masturbate she just washed up and as much as her body tingled
and her tits begged for the touch of a man, Erica pushed past
her thoughts and brushed her teeth. Erica was to cranky
to call Grid so she fixed herself up and headed down to Macys
hopefully to put her mind on other things. Erica was so agitated at not having her sexual needs met
that until the car honking started she forgot that she was
having some kind of strange effect on people. Erica sighed
all this sexual power and all she wanted was Grid to fuck
her senseless. Erica soon arrived at Macys and walked in
the manager was waiting for her at the entrance to the personnel
office and she smiled warmly. “Come into my office I will show you what you need to know.”
The manager gestured. Erica was confused but went in to the office. The manager
entered and sat at her desk playing with her button she subtly
licked her full bottom lip and played with a strand of hair
that fell forward. Erica was surprised at the manager’s
appearance yesterday she had been very straight laced,
her hair had been very straight and she had been wearing
a conservative business suit. Today the manager was wearing
a short pencil skirt with stripes and a very low cut silk
blouse. The manager’s hair was riotously curled today
and pulled up to show off her neck, her makeup was done to
accent her full lips and large eyes. The whole look was more
what Holly Wood would want a manager to look like in a porn
video not an actual business. “Well what do you need to know about this job?” The manager
asked playing with her neck line sliding forward in her
chair to lean forward tell her small breasts brushed the
desk. Erica couldn’t believe she was even bothering to notice
this stuff. Erica had never wanted a woman in her life. Erica
chalked it up to maybe not knowing herself as well as she
thought she did. Erica had run into a few other surprises
in her life that had always surprised her about herself
like the fact that giving a blow job was one of her favorite
things to do. Erica had always thought for the longest time
that it was gross but with Grid she felt such incredible
power when she got him off that way. Grid said she was the
only woman who had ever got him off that way. Erica didn’t
know if he was telling the truth he was a lot more experienced
then her even though he was younger then she was. Either
way Erica loved knowing that when she got him off that way
Grid was breathless with satisfaction. Erica felt so powerful
when Grid was out of control and grabbed her head and pushed
her down on his cock tell he was choking her Erica could always
tell he didn’t want to do that but couldn’t help himself,
Erica loved it. Erica shook herself silently cursing herself,
what the hell was wrong with her all she thought about was
fucking. Erica smiled at the pause and said, “I am sorry, I am so excited
about working here that my mind is unable to focus. I thought
we talked about teaching me how to use a cash register. As
well as um anything you think I need to know…” The manager seemed distracted as she stared at the length
of Erica’s body the unusual silence started to make Erica
want to fidget as the manager’s eyes raked over her body
while she fiddled with her neck line and kept licking her
lips as if she was terribly hungry. “Miss?” Erica croaked out desperately as her pussy started
to drip and her nipples started to harden. The manager startled and the smiled sweetly and said, “Oh
call me Tina my dear, I don’t want you to feel like you need
to be formal with me.” The manager smiled at her and then just stared at her with
long silence feeling the office. Erica shifted uncomfortably and said, “Well I guess um
maybe you and I should um go to a cash register and you can
show me how it works… err… Tina.” Tina stood up smiling and said, “Of course silly me.” Tina gestured for Erica to follow and began swaying her
hips as she walked down the hall in a provocative fashion
she kept looking back and bit her lip giving Erica a coquettish
look. Erica smiled politely but ignored it trying to focus
on her future work. Tina took her to the men’s wear area and
took her over to the cash register and began talking about
how it worked and what buttons to push and codes to put in
but Erica had to prompt her, because Tina kept turning to
look at her and seemed to get lost when she stared at Erica’s
unbelievable cleavage. Erica started to get impatient
and turned to Tina and smiled, “Um I am sorry I bet I am taking
your valuable time up. I think if you have one of the other
salesperson show me I can learn and you can get your work
done” Tina seemed startled as if her mind was completely on a different
subject. Erica knew it was. Tina for some reason was particularly
turned on by her she wasn’t sure why but she figured that
it was because of the lightening and the changes that had
happened with her body. Tina smiled and said, “Of course
my dear your right I… I am not feeling much like myself today.
I will see you later won’t I” The last part was said almost
like Tina was pleading. Erica smiled and said, “Um yes of course you will I work here
now.” Tina chuckled and said, “Yes of course will have plenty
of time together.” Tina walked off after ordering another sales woman Shandi
a lovely black woman to teach Erica how to use the cash register.
Shandi seemed less enamored of her but also stared at Erica’s
body her eyes lingering on Erica’s mouth and traveling
down to her breasts. Erica was some what used to people staring
at her breasts even women tended to because the where large
and even before her transformation firm, she had, had very
little sag to her tits. (Largely due to an intelligent mother
who told her unless you want your tits around your knees
no matter how uncomfortable they maybe where a bra.) Shandi thankfully made short work of teaching Erica the
finer points of the cash register and didn’t seem so enamored
of her that she couldn’t talk to Erica. “So is this the first
time you’ve worked in a store?” Shandi asked her hand sliding
across her own legs as if she was caressing her body to show
its softness Erica made up her mind as she watched this strong minded
woman beautiful and full of pride that she had better find
out what the hell she was before she made every woman gay.
Erica shook her head and said, “No I have worked before in
a Macys but not as a salesperson just as a display artist.”
Shandi nodded at that moment and older man came up and seemed
to home in immediately to Erica, “Miss I… You are so lovely;
ahem I am here for a suit.” The man said his eyes affixed on
Erica’s tits Erica almost laughed because she didn’t think he looked
up even once from her breasts to have a clue what her face
looked like. Erica smiled and asked, “Of course what kind
of suit” “Oh any old suit will do my dear.” The old man replied distractedly
Erica gestured and asked him about slacks and jackets as
well as ties and shirts the old man seemed completely unconcerned
and said he would take it all whatever she advised. At first
Erica was excited but she tamped down on her excitement
to realize that this man didn’t have the money that he could
just buy everything that she could sale him. Erica carefully
stirred him to two of the cheaper suits and promised him
that she would make plenty of commission if he just bought
those. After Erica rang up his purchases two more young
men showed up she could tell they where here for school clothes
and the like but they insisted that they wanted suits. Erica
tried explaining a couple of times that they could just
go get other clothes and she would be happy to ring it up but
they wanted her to take their measurements. One of the young
men actually groaned when she measured his in seam which
of course made Erica blush because she could tell that he
was having as Grid called it “a hard time” Erica ignored
and worked on helping countless men into suits and even
women who would never dream of flirting with a women bought
as many things as they could for the males in their families
just for the chance to talk to Erica and hopefully be touched
by her. Erica would have been a liar if she didn’t like the attention
her already sexually frustrated body was so turned on by
all the attention that she wanted to scream “fuck me” but
Erica was a bit conservative with her body and not without
good reasons. Erica’s break finally came and she made a
quick race to the bathroom largely to escape the men lingering
around and also for some much needed privacy. Erica locked
herself in the stall and leaned up against the door. The
cold metal, invading past the thin cloth of Erica’s clothing,
a welcome recite from the heat of her own body. Erica slid
her hands shakily over her body and licked her dry lips.
Moaning Erica wondered what the hell was wrong with her,
her pussy was saturated with need, her nipples so hard that
they ached. Erica’s body was so sensitized that the mere
caress of her hand by the customer’s exchange of money was
enough to make her gasp. Erica closed her eyes as but could
not escape the looks of those men who all wanted her and would
have done what ever she wanted. Erica knew she could have
taken them right there in the store and no one would have
protested they would have only begged for her to do it to
them next. Erica banged her head loudly against the stall
and thought I am not like this. What the hell is my problem?
I am not this type of person. I am shy; I don’t even know how
to talk to most guys. Hell Grid had flirted with her first,
it took her ten years to get up the courage to kiss him for
gods sake. Erica had had three lovers in her life one when
she was fourteen with another boy who had been her friend
sense she was eight. The other two had been in high school
and where just friends. They had been nice young men but
Erica had known it wasn’t love. The only guy Erica had loved
besides Grid was the boy who had been her first Sean. Sean
had been scrawny and nerdy but she had loved him he was fun
and funny and so sweet to her. Erica had, had a hard childhood she was always the weird
kid and when she hit puberty her tits bloomed over night
or so it had seemed. Erica’s older brother Marcus had gotten
into more then one fight defending her honor. The boys had
been so cruel copping feels and then laughing at her calling
her fat and ugly and then grabbing her ass. One guy and his
friend had humiliated her by slamming her into a locker
and grabbing her ass. Erica had smoldered with humiliation
and hatred for so long over that. Erica knew her self esteem
wasn’t the best and this power was going straight to her
head. Erica knew it was just like when she had known Sean
liked her that way, the way women wanted to be liked. It was
like when Grid looked at her, the way she felt when he touched
her it made her weak in the knees the feel of his kiss his hands
on her body it made her feel whole. It made all the mean and
terrible feelings that she thought about herself slip
away all the doubt was gone and all was left was herself a
person Erica could love. Tears built up but Erica did not
let them fall in frustration she dashed them away and shook
herself free of the feeling and gritted her teeth. Quickly
Erica peed and then washed her hands and face smoothing
her hair and straightening her clothes she pirouetted
and smiled until it looked real. Then she straightened
and went out to face those men who wanted a piece of her. The rest of her work day men continued to stop and buy and
buy, Erica tried very hard to make sure that it was less then
a thousand and that everyone got their receipts. When her
shift came to an end Erica retreated quickly to the clock
out and then rushed to the first cult store she could find.
The only cult store was in a mall that was particularly popular
it had wonderful shops and a playground inside the mall
itself and It was crowded with teens on their summer vacation
and young and old couples on vacation. People moved aside
for Erica like the parting of the red sea it was crazy. Erica
felt all their eyes on her with admiration a child cried
out, “Mommy it’s an angel!” Erica blushed and finally ducked into the cult book store,
Mysteries and Magic. The woman looked up at the chimes as
the smells of candles and incense hit Erica and smiled and
said, “Hello dark spirit.” Erica startled protesting she said “dark spirit what makes
me dark” The woman smiled and said, “You have much power” Erica shifted and asked, “Umm do you have some books that
might help me learn what I am?” The woman smiled and said, “Yes of course” The woman gracefully lifted the counter barrier and walked
over to the shelves and grabbed several books about demons
and put them in a bag. Erica shifted uncomfortably and was
going to ask to have her hold them but the woman just smiled
and said, “Read them and then return them” Erica smiled gratefully and said, “Thank you so much”
Erica hurried home ducking her head down as she used to
do when she was in high school she hadn’t done that in so long
but she had learned that most of the time if you ducked your
head down and sloped your shoulders men and women alike
tended to over look you. Much to Erica’s relief she arrived
home entering the house she sighed as Finder jumped all
over excited to see she was home and protesting his need
to go outside and relieve himself. Erica let him out and rushed the books upstairs and got
a drink while she waited for Finder to finish his business
once he came to the door and she let him in she went upstairs
and started to read the books. The first book was “Out of
Body Experience for the Dark Spirit. The first book talked about the succubus power to go to
men’s and women’s rooms as an invisible spirit form and
seduce them for power largely for food or souls. Erica put
the book down after she read the part about how to transport
your self and thought hard about being in Grids room. Erica
was sitting on his bed and looking at his back he was sitting
on the edge of the bad playing a fighting game and cussing
at loosing to what he called a “Pansy, faggot ass” Erica
grinned he never talked that way when he knew she was around
unless he was over come with anger. Erica reached out and
slid her hands around his shoulders and bit gently down
on his ear. Grids body stilled and then he turned around
and he roughly grabbed for her body pushing her down to the
bed and working his jeans and underwear from around his
cock. Erica smiled she was glad that when she teleported
she was naked Grid kissed her and licked her invisible body
his hands rough from his need. Erica’s whole body tingled
as he moved his hands across her body. Grid was all heat and
hardness as he moved over her body making her ready for his
cock. Grid always teased and seemed pleased that as tall
and large a frame as Erica had she had a very tight small pussy.
Grid was a little over average size and there where times
particularly when Erica and he had been separated for a
long time that he was almost too large to fit in her. Grid
would have to force his cock in even when she was wet and slick.
Erica wondered if it would always be like that his body always
felt like an invading force she loved it she hoped that it
always felt like his body was taking hers over. Grids hands
scraped down her arms and he said, “I am sorry baby it has
been to long I can’t wait any more.” Grids hard cock pushed into her body and Erica’s heart
and body thrummed in response as she instantly came under
him. Grid groaned as started to move in her his hands pushing
against her tits. Grids pounding picked up speed as more
of Erica’s cum slid down his balls. “Gods woman you pussy
is to fucking good” Grid groaned Erica screamed as she came again but Grid couldn’t hear
her she shuddered again as ripples of fire slid up and down
her body all centering at the apex of her thighs where Grid
made his magic. Erica gasped for air and watched him as he
came into her for the first time ever. Erica climaxed again
and again as hot liquid sperm filled her body for the first
time in her life. Erica couldn’t believe the feeling as
Grid collapsed on top of her Erica clasped her legs around
him to keep him in her even as he started to become limp. Erica
arched up and her vaginal muscles clutched him like a fist.
Grid groaned and shuddered at the sensation all the while
he felt spent by his lust for her. Erica moaned as she felt
his cock answer her silent demands and hardened and she
rocked her hips upward. Grid groaned and laughed and asked,
“Was it over to quickly my sweet don’t worry I will help you.”
and pushed himself up and closed his eyes. Erica supposed it would feel a little odd if you where trying
to look at her and all you saw was your bed. Erica laughed
god she loved this feeling. Rivulets of fire lapped at her
clit as Grids cock slid slick with cum past and over it his
balls slapping her while he plunged his cock harder into
her each time and then slowly pulled out tell just his tip
was in her then slammed as deep and fast as he could into her.
Erica began to grip his arms and tried to concentrate in
making him come with her she loved it when he came it was her
favorite part when he lost his mind fucking her and couldn’t
stop himself from rutting on her. Erica figured that she
was made for him her pussy was perfect for him her favorite
part was having him cum she loved it when he played with her
tits. Erica thanked the gods again for Grid as his dick plunged
in again and made her scream. Erica gasped for air feeling
the need to grab hold of something tangible her fingernails
duck deeply into Grids back as he exploded into her again
as she whimpered her happiness. This time Grid was laid
out like the dead. Oddly he seemed to fall partially into
her body as if they occupied the same space. It felt so wonderful
and Erica felt contented but she knew that as much noise
as Grid made their might be a good chance his roommate might
wake up and come check on him. Erica giggled at the thought
of the poor man coming in her and finding a naked Grid half
floating in the air defying the laws of physics while sperm
was splattered all over the bed. Erica teleported to the
side of Grid and covered him and hesitated on leaving him
she loved laying next to him but she knew that his Christian
roommate would freak out if he found out his roommate was
fucking a succubus. Erica sighed regretfully and returned
to her room. Erica entered her own body and sat up she felt
refreshed healthy flush with life as if she just had the
best sleep she had ever had. Erica puzzled it over and figured
it was based off the old mythology of succubus needing sex
for food. Erica groaned a little and thought great I am a
principled largely conservative women with powers to
bring men and women to their knees. Apparently the gods
where laughing at mortal kind and especially her these
days. Erica kind of wondered did the conversation go like
this. “Hey Loki what are you doing watching the mortals its boring
we have been doing it for years and nothing has changed”
“Ah but I am about to change that I am going to find a girl
who is ethical has sexual hang-ups and is really shy and
turn her into a succubus” “Ha-ha-ha that sounds like fun move over I want to watch”
Erica grinned and apologized for her less the reverent
attitude and asked for forgiveness for whining. Erica
shrugged sex issues aside they had made her a physical dream
of a woman healed her injured knee and back fixed her eye
sight and remnants of a cold that she had, had was gone. All
in all Erica figured with that and the ability to teleport
and make love to Grid she aught not to whine too much about
her life. Erica reached for a book and the phone rang. Erica let answering
machine get it and Ross’s voice came on, “Hey this is Ross,
I really wanted to talk I guess your not home please call
me” Ross sounded so sad that Erica went down to the phone and
picked it up before even really thinking about what she
was doing. “Hello?” Erica said “Oh you are there um hi Erica.” Ross said sounding slightly
angry and happy at the same time. Erica asked “What is wrong Ross?” “Oh I had a bad day and it becoming a bad night but I was hoping
I could hang out with you and that would improve it.” Ross
answered “Well I don’t have much money, actually to be honest I just
got a job so I don’t have any money but we could go to the library
or something.” Erica replied “Great I will pick you up”, Ross said his voice changing
to a sound of pleasure. After Erica hung-up she rolled her eyes what the hell was
wrong with her she shouldn’t lead him on. Erica knew it was
partially because he reminded her of Grid when he was a teenager.
Erica had a soft spot for young men full of anger and in need
of a kind word and a person who would listen to them. It rarely
if ever occurred to her that they might want something more
because she didn’t see herself that way she figured it was
from being a big sister to a brother five years younger then
herself. Grid had actually been her Brother Ron’s friend.
Until Grid had started making moves on her then Ron had pretty
much gotten angry and fucked up his friendship with Grid
by being a complete ass. Erica was used to young teenage
males hanging around the house and trying to be a sister
to all of them. Erica’s mom had died the year after Erica
graduated high school putting her whole life on hold while
she tried to comfort her father and her much younger brother.
Ron was particularly possessive of her because she wasn’t
just his big sister but also his stand in mom. Erica rubbed her forehead in frustration and pep talked
herself reminding herself that just because kids needed
a role model and a friend didn’t mean that she needed to be
that person. Just because she perceived Ross as a teenager
didn’t mean Ross perceived her as an old lady, in fact it
was obvious that he thought of her as a woman that he could
possibly seduce in to his bed. Erica washed her makeup off figuring that it might at least
help to play down her new looks and knowing some how she was
fooling herself. Erica wanted Ross, his youth his looks,
his seductive speaking, all was a major turn on. It didn’t
help that Grid would be OK with her playing with this young
Adonis. It really didn’t help that he reminded her of Grid
so much. The door bell rang and Finder went nuts after getting Finder
back from the door and grabbing her coat Erica went outside
to Ross and his youthful problems hoping that all he really
wanted was a kind ear to listen to his problems and knowing
that she was full of it if she thought that was why she was
going out to him. Ross seemed to still be wrestling with his anger as he drove
them to the nearby library and Erica and Ross went inside.
Erica picked up a few books covering the topics she was studying
in her online classes while Ross perused the vampire novels.
When they collected them Ross and Erica sat down at the table
and looked at each other. Erica asked, “Quietly what is
wrong Ross?” “My parents want me to get a haircut and a real job.” Ross
smirked Erica smiled and said have you ever heard of George Thorogood
& the Destroyers?” Ross laughed and the groaned, “Yeah well it is all fine for
them they have a rock band and are making serious money.”
Erica nodded and said, “Yes true but in all honesty don’t
be to mad at your parents they just are worried about you
parents sometimes don’t say things the right way but what
they really worry about it their children’s security they
forget what it felt like to rebel and fight for something
more then food and a roof. The daily grind kills their dreams
so they hope that their children’s will achieve them but
they forget what they really dreamed of and confuse security
and financial success for security.” Ross sighed and said, “Yeah well I don’t want what they want.”
“Well what do you want”, Erica asked Ross shifted as if uncomfortable with such a direct question
and said, “I want to be a pilot you know for planes.” Erica nodded and asked, “What is getting in the way of that?”
“Well for one you have seen the mess everything is in they
are grounding a lot of planes and entire companies are being
dissolved because of 9/11.” Ross sighed “SHHHH” The librarian said glaring at them Erica was a little surprised both Ross and her where being
very quiet but because many where trying to eavesdrop on
their conversation it had become very quiet in the library
even for a library. Erica shifted uncomfortably and continued
more quietly, “Perhaps that is true but there is a great
demand for private planes and people to pilot them because
of the hassle with security” Ross perked a bit and said, “You think so?” Erica nodded as the librarian came over and said, “Would
you to be quiet your so loud we all can hear you.” Erica looked up at her a cross hung around the woman’s neck
and she glared down on them like she was the wrath of god herself.
Erica felt an uncomfortable need to turn from the cross
which immediately infuriated her. Great she was allergic
to a slave god! Erica stood up and smiled at Ross who looked ready to fight
for her and shook her head and said, “Let it go will go outside
and sit on the bench.” Ross gathered their books and walked out with her into the
night air sitting on the bench by her Ross put the books down
and slid his arm around her shoulders while she looked out
at the traffic and city lights. Erica’s breath caught in
her throat and she rushed forward with her thoughts to try
to ignore what his touch did to her body. “So see you could go to school and become a pilot.” Erica
said a little breathlessly “Yes if I had the money”, Ross replied continuing, “I thought
maybe I would join the Air force but for that you have to have
twenty/twenty eyesight.” “I am not sure but I believe they don’t require that in the
Army for rescue pilots, it’s not a plane but it is a helicopter
and not only that but there is financing for learning to
pilot at most schools just like a college. If you join the
military you would still have to cut your hair though.”
Erica smiled not really noticing tell it was too late as
she reached for one of his long strands of brown hair. It
was incredibly soft to the touch almost as silken as her
hair. Ross smiled as if he caught her looking at him naked
and started to massage her neck very nicely indeed and said
softly, “Yes but it would be on my terms” Ross’s mouth moved in but Erica smiled turned her head and
grabbed his arm and placed it firmly on her shoulder. Ross smiled at her knowingly and said, “No, your right it
would be on your terms if you joined the Army. I need to get
home I have to go to work in the morning.” Ross smiled and picked up her books Erica’s eyes skittered
across his crotch and blushed hotly at the size of the bulge
in his pants. Erica’s mind screamed “Yummy!” at the same
time it said “get your ass home!” Ross drove her back and walked her to the door Erica could
tell he wanted to come in with her but she smiled and said,
“Good night Ross I am sorry you had a bad day today.” Ross moved forward and hugged her. Erica’s body thrilled
at his touch and he smelled of books and soap. Ross’s voice
in her ear his lips brushing against the delicate shell
of her ear thrilled her as he said, “Erica my day has gotten
immensely better now.” Erica pushed away shakily and smiled, “Good night” walking
into her house and bolting the door once again more to keep
her from running after him then to keep him out. Greg was sitting at the computer and smiled, “Hey you I assumed
you got that job hey wait what happened to your hair and well
damn you look good Erica.” Erica smiled, “Thanks for noticing.” Erica loved her cousin
even more he seemed completely immune to her affect which
made him all the more precious. Greg turned back to the computer but asked, “So what about
that job?” “Oh I am working at Macys it’s working out I guess.” Erica
said while she cleaned up after Greg’s mess in the kitchen.
Greg nodded and said, “Hey I think I found a job for Grid at
my work place one that pays enough to cover the cost of his
medicine and then some. You should get him to apply” “OK, that would be awesome” Erica said excitedly Erica picked up the phone and dialed Grids number it rang
twice and then Grid picked up. “My Love” Grid whispered with a growl Erica smiled as her body responded. Grid continued, “You
left my love I need you come back to me my love I am not done
with your beautiful body.” Erica answered, “Like a moth to a flame baby.” Erica hung up and took the phone upstairs laying on the bed
she teleported back into Grids waiting arms. Grids mouth
came down on hers his tongue thrusting into her slipping
across her own his teeth biting her lips and his hand sliding
across her breasts and down her belly. Grid pushed her back
on the bed his head moved down her breasts biting her nipples
then skimming across her stomach to her pussy. Lifting
her “lips” he felt for her clit with his hot wet tongue and
groaned in triumph as her hands came down into his hair her
nails scraping across his scalp as his tongue tortured
her clit and his fingers first one then two slid into her
pussy increasing the wetness that his sweet voice had already
started. Fire raged across her limbs ice climbed on the
surface of her skin while her pussy was an inferno of sensations.
Grids tongue at first was gentle and almost more torment
then pleasure but the tauter her body became the more her
nails gouged his scalp and pulled his hair the rougher his
tongue was his teeth scraping across her lips and tender
flesh as his fingers caused havoc half hurting half pleasuring
her vaginal walls as cum slipped across his large fingers.
Searching for her g’ spot Grid continued to like and suck
and push his tongue against her clit while all she could
do is hold on as tension and fire built in her body. Erica
whimpered and groaned shouts of pleasure escaped her as
she panted while Grid licked and sucked her pussy to a fiery
bliss. Almost as if Grid could hear her, he groaned baby
don’t hold back cum for me baby, I want to feel your lovely
body shudder. I want to know that it’s my mouth doing it to
you, please baby, I need to make you happy. It was to much
for Erica as his fingers continued to ram in her and his tongue
came down hard on her clit mashing it into her body she screamed
and quaked cum spilling onto Grids thrusting hand. Grid
lifted his hand and glided it up until it tapped her mouth.
Erica smiled although he couldn’t see it and opened her
mouth as his finger slick with her cum came into her mouth
and she swirled her tongue across his finger tasting the
salty sweetness of her own cum on his fingers. Grid groaned
and then laughed. I love you baby you’re the sexiest woman
in the world. Grid lay down and looked at the place she would
be closing his eyes he ran his hands over her body. Erica
slid down his body and grabbed his hips so he shifted tell
he was laying down and slid between his legs laying on her
belly and kicked her legs up and began playing with his cock.
Licking furiously Grid began to groan and shuddered and
Erica finally sucked on his cock swirling her tongue as
much as she could around is cock and licking as hard but as
genteelly as she could while she massaged his balls with
her hands. Grid bucked slightly gagging her but she just
encouraged him as she continued to suck on his cock by chasing
his thrusts down. Grid groaned, “Baby don’t tease I need
pussy baby, this time I need your pussy baby. Please sit
on this cock.” Erica smiled and crawled up his body the tips of her breast
brushing across his cock. Grid groaned and then she raised
herself up and slid his hot pulsing cock into her body. Erica
gasped at the pleasure there was nothing like Grids cock
in her body it was like the gods made him for pleasure. Erica
shuddered and cum leaked down Grids cock and balls. Grid grinned and said, “Baby you need me as bad as I need you,
can you feel your cum sliding down my cock baby? Can you feel
how slick you have made me? Grid thrust up slightly. Erica moaned and tried to move but Grid grabbed her hips
and said, “No baby hold still just feel that cock in you”
Erica tried to hold still while Grid held her hip and licked
her tits as she leaned forward because Grid’s cock actually
felt it was getting harder and thicker. Erica whimpered
as he seemed to thicken even more she started to see pen pricks
of light and her pussy kept pulsing around his cock like
crazy and then she shuddered and came so intensely that
she fell forward. Grid started roughly pushing her hips
slamming her pussy with his huge cock and Erica screamed
as she continued to cum over and over again liquid drenching
Grids cock and balls until he yelled out as if he had triumphed
and hot delicious sperm filled her body. Erica fell forward
on him and shakily raised her face to his and kissed him he
held her she could see tears in his eyes from his happiness
and then he tapped the bed as if he was tapping out. Erica
laughed and lay on him to comfortable to move and they fell
asleep together. Erica’s last thought was if her body was still in Portland
and her spirit was here, this should be the safest way to
have sex without babies showing up unexpectedly. Or at
least she hoped so Erica figured that in the morning she
better really read those damn books.

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This is the worst story that I have read on here.


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I think you ar a very hot woman and would love to see you naked
and eat your pussy and lick your sweet ass-hole until you
cum lots of times in my mouth..


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You have one very hot body -

One I would love to kiss all over and a set of tits that look
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