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Chapter 1: Adventures with Dana


Let me tell you about my first MFM experience, a wild night I had with my high school sweetheart, Dana, and a good friend, Super Dave, in about 1988. Six of us, Dana & I, Dave, Skip, Joe & BC, took a road trip from STL to KC to see a Chiefs/Browns game in early September. Dana an I were in her drop-top Camaro, Dave & Skip in a pickup & Joe & BC in another car.

Now Dana (23 at the time) really got off on exhibitionism. We would have sex anywhere at anytime. The thought of someone watching us made her want to try anything and everything. We fucked in my sister's living room floor while sis and her boyfriend (now husband) were sleeping about 10 feet away (Mom had their bedroom). We fucked on my Grandma's picnic table in the back yard while Grandma was in the yard hanging laundry. We fucked outside at public parks, rest areas and on the side of country roads and highways. Several times, we fucked in BC's pool while 6 or so of my friends and some of their girlfriends were in and around the pool
watching. One of her favorite things to do was to give me head as we were driving down the highway. We would get beside trucks and sit there so the driver could watch us. When I finally blew my load in her mouth, she would show it to the trucker and then swallow it all. She LOVED to swallow cum! She even had orgasms from just swallowing my load. Needless to say, we had guys ( and a few gals) in a half dozen states wanting us to pull over and party with them.

Well, during our drive to KC, she decided to take of all her clothes, recline the seat back, put one foot out the window and the other on the dash, then masturbate for passersby. I had a tough time concentrating on the road. That was so fucking HOT! Well, she was playing with her clit when Dave and Skip caught up with us on the passenger side. Seeing that it was them, she stuck both feet out the window and laid her head in my lap, giving them a direct view as she finger-fucked herself for them.

When we finally got to the hotel, we got 3 adjoining rooms, Dana & I on one end, Joe & BC on the other and Dave & Skip in the middle. We met in Joe & BC's room to party most of the night. Around 1am, Dana decided to go back to our room and I stayed to party some more. About an hour later, I went to our room and hopped in the shower. When I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw Dave sitting in a chair in the corner of the semi-darkened room, cock in hand. I turned to see Dana lying on the bed, feet on the edge and legs spread wide, playing with her pussy. Turns out, she had invited Dave & Skip to come and watch us fuck. Sweet! Well Skip was too wasted and passed out in their room...his loss!

I couldn't resist taking advantage of Dana's position, so I knelt down between her legs and went to town with my tongue on her dripping pussy. After all, that is what I do best. After about 10 minutes of licking and sucking her clit, Dana said, "I need cum!" When I opened my eyes and looked up at her, there was Super Dave, kneeling on the bed next to Dana's head as she began to lick the underside
of his thick 9" cock (that's why we called him "Super" Dave)! WOW! What a fucking turn-on that sight was!!! Come to find out, she had not only invited him & Skip to watch, but also to play with us. She wanted every hole filled with cock at the same time and I was more than happy and willing to share her with my good friend, Dave.

She sucked on Dave's massive cock for a while as I continued to eat her pussy. Then we switched places. When she could take no more teasing and tonguing, Dana pulled me close and said, "Fuck my ass!" Well I gladly obliged! She climbed on top of me in a reverse cowgirl position and rode me good and hard as she sucked on Dave's cock and balls. Then she turned to look me in the eye and said, "Fuck my cunt, Dave! Fill me with your huge cock! I want your cum inside me!" SO HOT! She then laid back on me, my cock still buried deep in her ass, spread her legs wide in the air and pulled her pussy open for Dave's salami. Now, we had recently been getting into seeing how many fingers she could take in her pussy,
so she had little trouble accepting Dave's cock. He positioned himself and thrust his meat balls-deep into my girlfriend's eager pussy. What a fantastic feeling it was to feel his cock rubbing against mine, separated only by a thin layer if tissue. We pounded her good for nearly 30 minutes, both cocks fully penetrating her holes. When Dave was ready to cum, Dana said, "I want to drink your cum!" so he pulled his cock out of her pussy and she rolled off of me and laid her head next to my cock as Dave shot a thick, massive load into her waiting mouth and onto her face, as well as my cock and balls. The sight of my friend blasting his cum into my girlfriend's mouth and face, as well as the feeling of his load on my throbbing cock, sent me over the top. Dana took my cock deep in her throat and swallowed every drop of my cum load. Then she began to lick up all of Dave's cum from my cock and balls, while alternating between sucking the last remnants of cum from both of our cocks. The real kicker was when she had finished cleaning us up, she came up to me and kissed me passionately, sharing our mixed cum. Well, the thought of that got me rock hard almost immediately and it had the same effect on Dave. We spent the next couple of hours pleasuring Dana in every hole and in every way imaginable.

We hooked up with Dave several times over the next year or so, until we split up. Dana eventually was able to deep throat Dave's monster cock. It was so fucking hot to see her throat stretched as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. She even tried to take his anaconda up her ass, but it was just too thick for such a little girl. I sure miss that little cum slut! What great times we had for 10 years!

Stay horny, my friends!

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Very erotic story! Super hot encounter.


cumontheside4u replies on 7/24/2017 1:18 pm:
Thanks. It was much hotter in person!

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very hot stories tell us more


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what a great way to experience your first MFM


cumontheside4u replies on 7/25/2017 9:11 pm:
Totally uninhibited as we learned the joys of sex together.

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A very hot story indeed!


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Good story! I have an ex who loved to see my mouth around another cock and he loved the way it felt when I would suck his cock while another guy fucked my pussy. Good memories.