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Chance Meeting


Chance meeting


As I walked into the restaurant, I noticed I wasn’t the
only one that decided on a mid afternoon meal. I was shocked
as she was alone, a beautiful woman, with long hair, big
deep sexy eyes, not skinny but full in all the right places.
A woman next door or a mother of one that you would lust after,
just a natural beauty that exudes from her. Then the waitress
sits me at a table not more than 5 feet from her. I sit and she
smiles as I say hi as I face her smiling as well. I ask if she
is meeting someone, she says ”no I am eating alone.” Then
she asks me if I would like to join her since she hasn’t ordered
anything yet besides her drink. I make my way over to her
booth and sat down across from her, thanking her for the
invitation. We made small talk where we were from how we both ended up
here, what kind of jobs we have. Small but subtle flirtations
from both sides to make each other smile more an interest
from both sides. I had been single for quite sometime as
for her only a few months over a lengthy and challenging
breakup with her ex. A verbal abusive guy with controlling
issues, that amounted to her feeling inadequate. I could
sense from her an urge for intimacy, to be pleased, pampered
and to be taken to a level of wanton lust she hadn’t known
in a long, long time. Our conversation turning as the bus boy cleaned our table.
I gently ask her when the last time she had experienced joy
in a manner of succumbing into her lusts. She tells me that
she hasn’t felt like she is sexy nor has she felt like she
has been sexy or wanted in a long time, for years she had been
with this man who hadn’t delved into her being, her true
sexual essence of want, and lustful yearning of someone
to truly take her passionately over the edge. My curiosity
growing, as she is being so open about her life I ask her what
her sex life was like. She tells me that he was very selfish
in his desires, for only to give him head, or just in the missionary
position for what seemed like an eternity for her, not exciting
or doing anything for her but leaving her to feel unwanted.
Only lasting 10 to 15 minutes and then for him to roll over
get off the bed go to the bathroom take a piss crawl back into
bed back facing her and going to sleep. I feel almost at a loss for words for her lack of passion,
for here is a very attractive woman, one for who most men
would love to bed, and here she is opening up and talking
to me about her utmost desires. I think to myself how beautiful
she is and how a man such as myself would love to indulge in
her essence, to take in every part of her being, her body,
to take control in a way that she would have never imagined.
As on cue she blushes and her eyes sparkle with an uncanny
lust, she asks me if I find her sexually attractive, and
to this I tell her I had thought that since the moment I laid
eyes on her, and if she would let me, to take her back to my
place a few blocks down around the corner and show her what
passion lies within my wanton lust for her. To make her feel
sexy, out of control, in pure lust an enjoyment as I show
her the wild and uninhibited side of herself. She blushes
deeply and can see the excitement grow within her, the rise
of her chest as she breathes deeper. I slide out of the booth,
and walk to her side bending down. My check slightly brushing
hers and I whisper in her ear, “are you ready for me to take
you, to show you the excitement of a man with pure wanton
desire for you, for you to relinquish all your fears, and
come with me now so I can savagely ravage your body in ways
that have never been?” Lightly kissing under her ear on
the backside of her neck, her breath exhausting in a heavy
exhale as she takes my hand and she stands as ready to open
her lips to kiss me. I tell her to follow me and not to think
of anything at all on the way to my place. She just nodded
her head gripped my hand a little harder as I left a little
more than I should have for lunch and followed me out to our
cars. I open the door for her and tell her remember don’t
think of anything, just follow me, and what you seek shall
be yours. The short drive seemed endless as this beauty that I know
is now following me for the pure enjoyment of sexual desire.
I can almost not believe it to be so, as for me to be so bold
in propositioning her to come over for pure sex. My cock
is hungry and making its own lair as it stretches out in girth
making the drive thoughtless and longer. We finally pull
into the apartment and park, I rush over to open the door
for her, and she seems surprised and anxious. I grab her
hand in mine and lead her into the building, up the stairs
and to my door. I thoughtlessly spin her around into the
door, pressing her into it, as I lean in and kiss her deeply,
unforgiving, as my tongue forces it way quickly into her
mouth exploring, and teasingly playing with hers. I can
feel her lust as her body presses further into mine, her
not knowing what to do from here, her hand still in mine her
other hand dangling down at her side, My other hand cupping
and pulling her lips further into mine. I slowly but softly
break off the kiss, lips just brushing her cheek, as her
body is hot and loose, relaxed and ready for me to take charge.
I open the door and lead her in her eyes heavy as if this is
her first time. I show her around my apartment asking her if she was nervous,
and she just shyly nodded, speaking that this would be a
first for her, only being with one man all her life. She looks
around at some of the family pictures on the walls, great
great grandparents in ancient photos hanging in antique
oval frames on the wall. I lead her to my patio, opening the
blinds as she pears out, looking at the lake in all it wondrous
natural beauty. I stand behind her, my hands on her hips
as I pull her close and nestle my chin in the back of her neck.
Kissing softly, this makes her weak as I figure it is her
spot, I gently open my mouth and grip my teeth on the back
of her neck. To slowly let my teeth scrape across her skin
and my lips finish with a little slip of the tongue. She leans
further into me, and I help as I pull her in tighter by her
hips, letting my hands firmly gliding up the side of her
body. Cupping the sides or her breast, squeezing with a
firm grip, searching with my fingers to find her nipples
through her blouse and bra. Finding them as she lets out
a whimper and leans further into me. The natural arch of
her back as she pushes her ass into me, I let my hands falter
back to the side of her hips, turning her with me as I lean
against the wall, moving her hips slowly and guide her ass
in a circular motion to grind into me. She catches on quickly,
rubbing her firm ass into my ever so hard cock. I whisper in her ear, “will you let me control you, to relinquish
your body to me, to do as I say without the worry of me hurting
you, to abandon all your past thoughts and just live for
the long precious moments that I am going to give you. To
enjoy in the anticipation of what I am about to do to you,
what I am going to make you do.” Her breath heavy as her ass
still grinding into me, her nod, and then a soft yes, as she
tells me to do everything to her, that she is so wet so hot.
I run my hands under her blouse up across her stomach to cup
her breast once more, pulling her bra up to release her soft
firm mounds. I cup each one firmly squeezing listening
to her soft moans of pleasure ring out, my fingertips once
again find her nipple and slowly gripping tighter and harder
pulling them out from her body as she lets out a small cry
and she starts to shiver and shake up against my body. At
first thought I was hurting her, but then realize she just
had an orgasm. I continue to pull and squeeze firmly on her
nipples and she continues to shake. Then I pull her in close
to me wrapping my arms around her body, kissing her neck
her cheek. Turning her in my arms to look into her glazed
pleased eyes, cupping the back of her neck and kissing her
deeply once again. As our tongues battle, I feel her hands
move in-between us undoing her blouse and letting it fall
to the floor, her hand moving up between her breast to unclasp
her bra and to let in fall in proximity to her blouse. Her
hands finally finding their way to my chest, as she pulls
my shirt up and off only stopping the kiss to pull it over
my head. My hands find their way to her body once again pulling her
into me, to let her feel my hardness up against her stomach.
Her swollen nipples pressed into me, her kisses becoming
more intense. I pull her away from me and tell her to go down
on me slowly, very slowly don’t rush it, take your time;
we are going to be here for a while. She leaves our next kiss
and softly kisses her way around my neck, her hands running
up and down the side of my body, she slowly gets no her knees
stopping at my stomach with her delightful tongue caresses.
She reaches for my belt and slowly undoes it, looking up
at me with big hungry eyes, my cock aching for escape to feel
her mouth around it. She unbuttons my pants and slowly pulls
my zipper down, kissing my navel and kissing my cock through
my boxers. Her hands move to my waist, she pulls my pants
and boxers down with one quick move, letting me take my feet
out one at a time. She grabs the base of my big swollen cock,
and almost has her lips on it when I tell her to stop. Her big
beautiful eyes looking up at me confused as if she had done
something wrong. I reassure her and tell her, “don’t just
start sucking on it, give yourself the pleasure of teasing
me with your talents. Grab it, admire it, get to know it,
memorize every vein, every wrinkle, every turn, and make
me want to have your lips around it. Roll it across your face,
feel the heat of it, deny me the gratification of your lips
around it, make me want it even more. Rub the head of it across
your lips, feel it, make me want it, then lightly run your
tongue just across the head moistening just the tip. Taste
the precum that emanates from it, feel the shaft pulsate
in your hand, now you are in control. I tell her to let go of the shaft, tease me, put your ands on
my thighs pull my legs slightly apart. Let my cock pulsate
in front of you, tease the tip with your tongue, and taste
the pleasantly sweet but yet salty precum hit your taste
buds, enjoy it. Make me buck into you to want your lips engulfing
it, to suckle on it as a baby does on a bottle, to moan in pure
delight in teasing me with your mouth and your tongue. I
want you to be able to trail your tongue from one knee up my
leg to the bottom of my heavy balls just lightly brushing
them with your cheek, then down the other leg. To be able
to look up at me into my eyes see my lust and ask me if I like
it, to say “would you like me to engulf your hot hard cock
with my warm mouth, to make love to your cock till you spurt
deep into my throat?” I want you to enjoy the intensity you
are going to give me by sucking and passionately enjoying
my cock in your mouth and in your hands. Make me beg for you
to engulf me in your pleasures, to trail your tongue from
the base of my cock to the tip. Glazing it all over with your
sweet saliva, lubing it up with just your tongue. Not holding
but to let it hang there in sweet desire for your touch, to
lap at the precum that you are causing to drip from the head
of my ravaged cock. To trail your tongue across my sack,
feel the heaviness of them waiting to spill into your waiting
mouth. Holding my heavy globes up to trail your tongue on
my sacred spot just beneath my sack close to my bunghole.
Feel my boy arch in desire for you, to finally let your mouth
come down and gently suck on my sack, first one globe and
then the other. Let your tongue purr its way up the under
side of my pulsating bobbing cock till you reach the end,
then quickly engulf as much of my cock into your mouth and
throat as you can, make me jerk with desire and lust, make
me moan, and scream in the pure essence of your wondrous
talents. Suck on my hard cock, milk it with your mouth and
your tongue, and stroke it with your hand as you cup my sack
with the other. My hands gripping your hair firmly as you
continue to bob up and down, sucking with all out abandonment
feeling my cock pulsate in your warm wet delicious mouth.
Coaxing the warm hot fluid out of my sack as you stroke it
faster, your hand covered in your saliva as you jerk it harder
and faster, your mouth sucking on the head, as you feel my
globes tighten and pull up in your hand, my cock starts to
jerk as I moan and scream into the air, gush after hot gush
of my sweet cum explodes into your mouth, and you greedily
gulp it down, stroking my shaft and sucking down as much
of my cock as you can, till I am left with my knees shivering.
My body shakes and trembles as you slowly continue to suck
on my hard shaft, swallowing every thing that cums out.
Grasping my balls, gently massaging them in your hand as
you continue to swallow as much of my cock down your throat
as you can. Slowly letting it out of your mouth with a suctionous
smack as it hits the air. You start to kiss your way up my shivering
body kissing softly up my chest, neck, then resting on my
hungry mouth as our tongues collide. Trying to get my composer, I guide you to the couch sit you
down; get down on my knees as we are still locked in a passionate
kiss. I push you back to lean against the couch, as my hands
pull down your pants and panties. Kissing your neck and
softly moving my way down your chest to kissing and nibble
around your breast. First one, nibbling underneath your
breast, as my tongue and soft kisses and subtle nibbles
work it ways around then across, reaching your nipple.
Teasingly my tongue traces circles around your hardening
nipple, fluttering across the tip of it, sucking it softly
into my mouth. Until I urge to purge it in-between my teeth
with a lot of suction as my warm wet mouth engulfs it, pulling
and sucking it harder into my mouth. Hearing your moans
of delight as I pull a little harder each time then letting
it plop out of my mouth, just to suck it back in. Fluttering
my tongue across it harder and harder into my mouth enjoying
the feeling of your shaking body. Then slowly letting go
and working my kisses over to your other breast to indulge
in it blissfully delight. Then as I let go, I lean up and kiss
you so feverently, you can feel the heat between our two
bodies, my hardening cock poking into you as our tongues
dance once more. Our kiss fades as I once again kiss my way down your body,
stopping to delight in your breast once more. Following
further south to your obliques kissing and nibbling and
then working my way back across your navel to the other side.
As my kisses work their way back to your navel you start to
undulate your hips, as you know what is coming. Not having
a man taste your sweet nectar you are in awe and wonder, as
well as nervous as to what it will feel like. My tongue slowly
traces down as I pull your legs further off the couch to where
your ass is just on the edge your velvety mound right in front
of my face feeling the warm breath of my mouth on your thighs.
I can see your moist puffy lips protruding waiting for me
to touch them with my tongue. But I wait; I softly kiss the
side of your V, kissing and nibbling the insides of your
thighs, making you squirm with anticipation. I work my
way down one thigh stopping to lift your leg and kiss the
underside of your knee, slowly working my way down to your
feet, all the while my hands massaging your leg relaxing
you, as my kisses bring out and nibbles bring out the goose
bumps all over your body. I slowly work my way back up listening
to your soft moans of pleasure your shaking body as in one
long orgasmic plane. I then work the same with the other
leg feeling the intensity grow, my cock harder than it has
been in a long, long time, just wanting to impale you with
my long hard spear, but first I am going to bring you to the
edge and back. I start to let my tongue glide around your outer lips, tasting
your sweet nectar, as you are so wet. One big circle after
the other, then up and down the side of your outer lips. Letting
my tongue slowly glide up and down your spreading flower,
I let my tongue go deeper into your depths, finding your
inner flesh. A flash thought pops into my mind, I stop completely,
stand up I grab your hands and lead you into the bedroom.
I turn you way from me so you are facing the bed, I reach into
my dresser and grab a kerchief, I fold it up nice and flat
and whisper in your ear don’t be afraid as your body is still
quivering next to mine. This will only heighten what you
are going to feel. I wrap the kerchief around your eyes and
tie it firmly from behind, making a nice blindfold. I lean
down and kiss your shoulder gently, working my soft kisses
up to your neck. Slowly turning you in my arms, I lean down
and softly kiss the v in your neck line, working my intensions
upward, across you collar bone, up the side of your neck
to the back of your ear, I gently suck in the bottom part of
your ear lobe, listening to you moan with delight. I push you back on the bed sitting you down and cupping my
hand behind your head as we gently land on the top of the comforter.
I slide you around so your head is at the headboard. I stand
up and you hear me fidgeting with something. You start to
ask and I just go ssssssshhhhhhhh everything is going to
be all right. You feel my body weight gently come down on
the bed. My lips softly brush yours as I straddle your body;
I entangle my hands in yours our fingers intertwined as
I bring them up above your head. You feel me wrap something
around both of your wrists, and draw then firmly down then
I tell you I am not going to hurt you and you can tell me to stop
any time you want and I will. You say okay I trust you so far,
just keep going, I am so ready for you. I tie you hands together
at the top of the headboard, and kiss you gently on the lips,
working into more of a feverish kiss. Slowly I stop by sucking
in your bottom lip, sucking it into my mouth the letting
it go. Soft kisses caress your face, down your chin, across
your neck, working down slowly, and a gentle bite here and
there. Your neckline so deep and inviting for a tongue to
explore, moving further down, back to your breasts so supple
and firm. One by one as my tongue, explores the outline,
my mouth engulfing its warm wetness across your aching
nipples, just to be soothed by be gentle suckling. I kiss
the middle of your chest, trailing my tongue down to your
bellybutton, raveling around in slow wide circles, down
to small circles, to tonguing your hole. Sucking and gentle
biting to the top of your soft tuft of hair, working my mouth
around the side, to the delicious split of flowering petals,
so wet and inviting, their fumes ever so intoxicating.
I feel your heat emanating from your flower, just begging
to be opened and explored. I gently place my tongue at the
bottom right next to your bunghole, as I add a little pressure
and slide up, spreading your soft, wet, full, excited,
and luscious lips. Moving upward you feel my tongue exploring
your inner folds, up and down, stopping when reaching the
outskirts of your protruding bud. You feel my tongue slowly
encircle the outline of your precious nub, getting closer
with each revolution. You feel me stop as your hips rise
for me to touch it, as you squirm with anticipation. I wrap
my arms under your thighs coming around to stroke your soft
fluffy well-trimmed mound. You feel my hot breath right
on top of your hard nub wanting me to taste it, to suck it into
my mouth. I reach down spreading your lips further open
with my finger tips, letting just one encircle your hard
clit then pulling back further on your hood to expose to
me even further. I gaze at it the wonder of how much you want
my lips and my tongue to touch it. I slowly again place my tongue at the bottom of your wetness
letting my tongue glide up and finally, softly, touch the
tip of it. You inhale deeply as you feel my tongue touch it,
then slowly swirl around it, nudging it from side to side.
Fluttering across the top of it your climax starting to
rise deep inside you. I keep this up, feeling your dew seep
out of your sweet delight. Then as I suck your clit gently
in my mouth you let out a guttural scream of intense pleasure.
Feeling the warm wetness of my mouth again but this time
on your precious bud, sucking it slowly and deeply into
my mouth. Harder letting my tongue trace round and round.
Harder, as you feel me suck it in-between my lip and my teeth,
fluttering my tongue across it, slowly then faster and
faster. Pulling it as your climax max reaches and you start
to cum hard and heavy your hips buck up and thrash around
wildly. My arms tighten around your legs pulling you further
into my mouth my tongue not letting up as you scream, moan,
and call out my name. I keep going taking you to a new height,
a new place in pure ecstasy, your body wracking in an uncontrollable
reverence, shaking, trembling, your brain is on fire with
the feeling of being over come taken to a new height of pleasure.
You want me to stop so bad that you want me to keep going to
let you fulfill this new and deep exciting pleasure. I start
to slow down, your body shaking and quaking, you screaming,
moaning, telling God of your new sense of hunger. I pull
off completely your scent heavy in the air, the musky scent
of your inner being. I slowly kiss my way up your trembling
body, feeling your stomach tremble, your legs shaking,
and your breathing hard and heavy. You feel my warm breath
close to your mouth, already open from panting you lean
your head up to catch my lips, begging me to kiss you hard
and deep. I oblige letting our tongues be our guides, as
you feel my hands untie you. Your hunger and inhibitions
are lost as you wrap your arms around me gripping my head
and pulling me deeper into our kiss. I pull away gently whispering
to you, “what would you like now my precious?” You tell me
that you want me to fuck you that you want to ride me into submission.
I tell you to roll over, helping you to get there gently so
you don’t fear falling off the bed. I pull your hips up in
the air and pull you back into my hard cock. You feel it right
up against your sopping slit. Begging for it, , saying
“fuck me, oh fuck me now.” I start e teasing you, rubbing
the head of my cock, through your parted wet lips from your
clit back up across your bunghole. You grind your hips as
to except my cock inside you, but I keep you from it, as I just
glide it back and forth, then stopping and slapping it up
against your hard clit. You like this as your body shudders,
something made of flesh that can hit so hard and feel so good.
I pull up, guide the head of my cock to you inviting wetness,
I slowly rub it in a circle as you buck back into me wanting
to feel it inside you. As you start to give up, I grab your
hips with one hand and my cock with the other, and slowly
slide the head of my cock into your tight hot wetness, just
sliding in and out, just the head teasing you, then sliding
in a little more, controlling the tempo with my hand on your
hip, not letting you feel it all yet. Then as you settle in
with your moans of pleasure I burry myself to the hilt in
one quick thrust. You scream not in pain, but surprised
enjoyment, feeling me deep inside you, grinding my hip
into you. Your very tight and wet, very well lubricated,
as I slowly pull out. Slowly fucking you with the length
of my hard throbbing cock. You lust is strong. You start
to pick up the pace, pushing yourself harder and hard into
me. I grab both sides of your hips, and join you in rhythmic
thrusts. Slamming deep inside you, my sack slapping off
your swollen clit. Your juices running out and down my thighs.
Your groans picking up as you feel another climax building,
your pussy starts to tighten, and you start to cum again
this time with me inside you. Feeling you clamp down on my
hard pulsating cock, thrust after thrust deep inside you,
release, the brain teasing of insanity, the inner prison
walls breaking down and gushing out releasing the inner
prisoner. Your thrust stop but mine keep going, holding
on till your climax has come to a stop. Pulling out, and letting
you catch your breath as well as I. I lay by your side spooning
with you as my hard cock rest between your wet thighs. I pull
the blindfold off, you look at me with deep passionate pleased
eyes, sore but wanting to continue the pleasure. My fingertips
slowly and gently caress your body in the soft light of the
room; your soft sighs of enjoyment let me know I have done
my job well so far. I ask you if you’re ready for more and you
nod silently and then say yes, finish me, take me higher.
I reach down and slowly raise your leg, letting my fingertip
trace your legs as you do so. I push your other leg out a little
bit and then you feel the head of my cock running through
your wet lips again. A soft moan and a yes please, fuck me,
come out of your mouth. So I indulge and press the head of
my cock into you. Slowly, deeply, inch-by-inch, my hard
cock probes you, sliding in and out in a nice rhythmic motion.
My hand finds its way caressing your body to your breast,
cupping it, squeezing it gently, and rubbing my thumb across
your stiff nipple. My fingertips grasping it slowly turning
it, as my cock slides in and out of your wondrous wetness.
As time goes by the feeling inside you great and deep, I slowly
roll myself on top of you pulling your leg higher, getting
a deeper stroke, one that I can add some force to. Slowly
at first, short easy strokes followed by a hard quick pounding
deep into you. You moan incoherently, feeling like nothing
else has ever felt so wonderful. My pace quickens, as does
your breathing. My cock burring itself deeper and harder
inside of you, Your inner walls start to quiver, and yet
another orgasm over takes you as your pussy gushes forth
another explosive round. Flooding your inner cavern it
comes out with a force and splashes out around my cock, soaking
us both in your warm delight. The feeling inside you intense
as we keep at it, your pussy keeps quivering, tightening
its grip as another hits you, flushing out it warmness to
keep going. I pull out and leave you in dismay, as I roll you
on your back, feeling the intense heat between us, as I pull
your legs up and position my cock to enter you. I thrust forward,
not giving you a chance; I roll my arms up with your legs pushing
the further into the pillows by your head. Slamming my cock
deep inside you, thrust after thrush, you haven’t even
got over the last orgasm, and you feel it build with more
pressure more intensity than you have as of yet. My weight
upon you, slamming into you deeply, fast and hard, and the
head of my cock hitting your upper wall as it descends deeper
inside you. You start to scream as it over takes you, no warning,
just the thrill of being plowed into, your juices squirting
in and around my cock. Flowing down your crease, my lust
building as I cant stop, I continue to pound into you, my
own climax arising, building, my sack tightening as your
juices continue to flow out, your screams of enjoyment,
blissful orgasmic release take me further over the edge.
I pull out and stroke it hard and fast as it released it self
upon your body, thick hot burst that cover your shaking,
quivering body, seeing the pleasure on my face as I release
turns you on even more, reaching down you continue to stroke
my hard cock, milking it with your hand until all of its white
hot fluid is out, still stroking it making it more intense,
letting it go limp in your hand as you continue to caress
it enjoying it. I crash down beside you in uteral dismay,
out of breath and almost exhausted I lean over and kiss you
gently feeling your body still shivering. I get up and get us a couple of big glasses of water and light
a cigarette, some pure enjoyment the extra relaxation
that it brings from the tryst of our previous moments. You
are under the covers now, and I join you right nest to your
warm body, as mine cool adds to the passionate crown of laying
beside you feeling all the glory that has just happened.
Not saying a word but staring at each other, with childlike
smirks, grins from ear to ear, from what has just transpired.
My hands combing through your hair as once again we spoon
with each other. Slowly drifting off for an afternoon nap.


As I slowly awake, and feel your warm body next to mine, I
come to realize, that I have lived a fantasy deep in the recess
of my mind. To take a woman, give her pleasure beyond her
limits, to train her in pleasing me without question, and
totally enjoy it with all out abandonment. I feel my cock
start to harden as these thoughts rolls through my mind,
realizing the excitement she has not only brought forth
for herself but for me as well. I slowly unwrap my body from
hers and gently slide out of the bed, careful not to wake
her. I walk out to my desk as a new thought arises. I make a
note “come join me in the shower” is all it says, knowing
that she will obey this. I lay it beside the bed, taped to
the dresser so it is the first thing that she will see when
opening her eyes. As you awake slowly from a peaceful slumber, you realize
what has transpired, and dwell in the feeling of being overcome
with such feelings. You see a note right in front of you telling
you to join me in the shower; you smile, get up from under
the covers and look around. You here the water running and
walk into the bathroom thinking what do I have in mind. You
can see it is dark, lit only by candles, the soft warm sent
of vanilla in the air. You slowly peel back the shower curtain
startling me. We both laugh as I hold out my hand to you; you
grasp it and step into the shower. The warm water hits your
body as I pull you into me, kissing you softly as one hand
holds yours, the other caressing the side of your face and
cradling your head right behind your ear giving me complete
control over you, pulling you further under the warm spray.
I turn your body with mine so your back is to the showerhead,
letting go of our kiss and dipping your head back, rinsing
your hair. I reach down and grab a bottle of shampoo, pouring
some in my hand, putting the bottle back down. I rub my hands
together as I lift them to your head, running my fingers
into your hair, massaging the shampoo in. You close your
eyes and feel the tingling sensation over your body as I
massage your scalp, my fingers hitting points you didn’t
realize existed. Then rinsing the shampoo out of your hair
slowly, as if I have just started. I turn you again in my arm
so you’re facing the showerhead; I grab a washcloth and
the soap, sudding up the washcloth. I pull your hair and
let it hang over your shoulder as you feel the cloth come
to rest on your back. Moving in slow circular motions, massaging
it into your skin, you moan softly as this feels so good.
The overwhelming attention to you, as I wash your body slowly,
working my way down your back to the small of it. Wrapping
my other arm around you as I start to dig a little harder into
the small of your back, the muscles easing their tenseness
with my welcomed touch. Turning you once again letting
the warm water cascade down and rinse off this sudsy section,
as I move your hair once again back over your shoulder. I
start to wash the front of your body as you peer down and see
my cock at attention for you. The soft scrubbing sensations
as my hand washes but yet seems as if I am caressing you all
over again, cupping your breast and washing them, with
such concentration making sure I don’t miss a spot, first
one then the other. Working up your chest across your clavicle,
to your neck, and then down each shoulder, back up to your
neck, I whisper to close your eyes as I wash your face. Stopping
to make my way to your stomach and the side of your luscious
body, not missing a wondrous spot. I have you turn yet once
again to let you rinse off, my hands gently caressing your
back with fingertips as you do so. I have you turn and step
to me, as I apply more soap to the washcloth, I get down on
my knees, as I grab your hip with one hand to steady myself,
and with the other start at your stomach and gently wash
my way down and around. Firmly gripping your ass as I get
to the inside of your cheek, then back out again, to switch
hands and do the same with the other. Working my way back
around to the front of your body, I start with one leg, have
you lean against the shower wall as I raise your leg, and
wash it down and all around, stopping at your feet to rub
it, getting in-between each and every toe, then doing the
other leg the same. As I stand I drop the washcloth and pick
of the soap, rolling it into my hands over and over, placing
the bar back down. I lean in to kiss you, as you feel my hand
on your navel working its way south. Through your soft tuft
of hair, spreading your lower lips with my fingers, you
moan as you are wet and feel my hands touching your enlightened
space. As my other hand starts in from behind, joining the
other in washing you. I stop and tell you to rinse your body
as I watch, my hunger grows, my cock straining to feel it
against you, in you, It almost hurts. You turn to face me when you are done rinsing; you see my hard
cock standing out for you. You ask me if I have washed yet,
and I say just my hair and my face. You tell me to hand you the
washcloth. You press me against the shower wall as you grab
the soap, leaning up to kiss me as you lather the washcloth.
You press it against my chest as you let go of our kiss, doing
the same as I did to you, slowly lathering my body, my chest,
shoulders, stomach, sides turning me away from you as you
massage your finger tips firmly into me as you scrub my back,
stopping at the top of my ass. You have me rinse, and then
face you as you get down on your knees in front of me, my cock
staring right at you. You lean in and take the head of my cock
in your mouth, as your one hand grabs onto my hip the other
with the washcloth starting at my hip and lathering around
to my ass. You just take the head of my cock in your mouth sucking
on it, taking a little of the shaft each time, as your hands
wash my ass thoroughly. Your hands start their way back
around to the side of my hips as your suction on my cock increase,
hard suction as you slowly let my cock out of your mouth till
the head pops out with a smacking sound. You hear me moan
and feel me shake as you do this, your hand lathering up the
outside of my thigh, working its way down slowly, down to
my feet to do that same as I did to you, working your way back
up the inside of my thigh, stopping only when you reach my
sack. You do the other just the same. Stopping as I did you
stand up, but this time staring with my ass you lather my
crack up stopping when you reach my hanging globes. Then
dropping the cloth and lathering your hands up with the
soap you place both hands around my shaft and slowly stroke
me as I just mutter words of encouragement. You work your
way down with one hand, spreading your fingers out to gently
caress the soap into my sack, cupping them, and then underneath,
making me buck my hips out as you still stroke my hard shaft.
Letting go all at once you tell me to rinse off, in such a demanding
tone. I am surprised as you say this. It totally excites
me. As I am finished rinsing I reach down and turn off the
water, then opening the shower curtain, I grab a towel as
you do the same, but I tell you to stop as I start to dry you
off as attentively as I washed you, and you do the same to
me. Wrapping the towel around my waste, you dry your hair and
lean in over the sink to look at the mirror as you do so. Seeing
you bent over, legs slightly spread, takes me over the edge.
I drop to my knees behind you grab your ass in my hands and
spread them as I sink my tongue deep into your still moistened
pussy. Swirling it around, and letting it drag up and across
your bunghole. Testing you I swirl it around the outside
edge, as you let out a little moan, I probe your ass with my
tongue. You just arch your back a little higher to give me
more exposure, enjoying the new sensation. I slowly make
my way back to your very tasteful pussy, fucking it with
my tongue. Then moving down to pay attention to your clit,
you feel my tongue fluttering across it, making you shiver
with delight as another orgasm builds within you. I quicken
my speed spreading your cheeks even further apart, as you
start to cum, your juices covering my chin as you buck your
hips away from me. I pull my towel off, wipe my face, and drop
it, then placing my hand in the small of your back, pressing
it down grabbing my hard cock in the other hand. Rubbing
the head of my cock through your wet slit, then pushing the
head inside you, not stopping till I am all the way inside
you, making you shudder even more. Upon feeling my cock
inside you, you notice I am a little more aggressive, fucking
you deeper and harder. You love it as my balls slap off your
clit, my cock sliding deep inside you with every thrust.
You can’t help it and start to cum again, your pussy clenching
down on my cock as you do. I feel your legs start to give out
and pull you up. My cock falling out of you, I turn you around
in my arms, pick you up and sit you up on the sink, spreading
your legs, as I lean in and kiss you. I push you back against
the mirror, and slide my cock straight into you. Fucking
you with a fever, quickening with every thrust. Reaching
down with one hand pulling your hood up and rubbing your
clit with my thumb, my other hand reached up to caress your
breast. As you start to cum once again I grab onto your hips
and pull you further onto my cock, just letting you cum,
not thrusting. As you start to come down from your latest
flash, I reach down pull you up into me; pick you up by your
ass my cock still inside you. Walk you out side the bathroom
door and I back up to sit on the towel chest. Letting you ride
me, you plant your knees down on either side of me on the chest,
pushing me back to kiss me as you slide up and down my hard
pole. Slowly, grinding as you reach bottom, moving your
hips in new directions feeling my cock fill your tightness.
Your juices covering my thighs, you start to scream as you
quicken you’re pace, slamming down on my cock, your head
tilts back as that rush hits you once again, flooding my
cock with your sweet delight. I tell you to stand up and turn
around, you back up slowly grabbing my cock in your hand
and guiding it in as you squat down upon me. Slowly enjoying
every inch. Leaning forward, and gliding up and down my
shaft slowly, as I place my hands on your hips. Quickening
your pace slamming down upon me, harder and faster. I slow
you down and lean back against the wall, grabbing your legs
and pulling you back with me. Grinding my cock deep inside
you as I gently bite your neck, guiding my hands to pull your
pussy apart as I grind into you harder. My fingertip finding
your clit, rubbing it slowly, first in circles, then fluttering
it back and forth enjoying the moans that come from deep
in your body. Placing you’re your feet down on the edge of
the chest to get some leverage I let you take control of riding
my hard thick cock. Feeling it spread you open from a new
position, enjoying the feeling of having control to slide
up and down my pole.

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That was fantastic.... and then there was more. Great!
Great shower...


rm_tootat842 replies on 3/5/2007 1:27 pm:
Thank you still working on it as well as others, trying to write to make the person reading feel as if it is them... So how did I do, ,lol