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Chance Encounter


Readers should remember that this is a fictional story
‒ ok, quasi-fictional ‒ and that the male character’s priapismic
performance (don’t you love that alliteration) is . . .
fictional. To paraphrase Toby Keith, I’m not as long-lasting
as I once was, but I’m long-lasting once as I ever was . . .
. *S* At least that’s my story and I’m stuck with it. ;-{)
* * * * * * * * * *
The train lurched and the tall blonde fell backward into
Boone’s lap. He cushioned her fall with his hands, holding
her by the ribs as she flailed out with her right hand to grab
the support pole. Off-balance, she fell back against Boone’s
chest, her shoulder bag swinging around widely and smacking
him soundly on the shoulder. The bottle of water she’d been
sipping on slipped out of her right hand and landed across
his lap, drenching his khaki pants. He grabbed the bottle
off his lap and turned it upright.
She struggled to get up, but the motion of the train, the
weight of the bag and her inability to get a handhold resulted
in an erotic squirming motion. Boone gently pushed against
the young woman’s shoulders to help stabilize her. She
lifted pulled herself off his lap, her face flushed in embarrassment,
smoothed her flower print skirt, and then forced herself
to look the stranger in the eye. He lifted the bottle and
she took it from his extended hand.
His reaction to their brief physical encounter was noticeable
underneath the sodden fabric.
“I’m so sorry, ” the woman apologized profusely. “I hope
I didn’t hurt you.”
Before he could reply, the train lurched again as the operator
slowed to cross a junction. She almost fell a second time,
but caught the pole just in time. “Here, sit down before
this train kills us both, ” he grinned, lifting his computer
bag off the seat and sliding over. “No, you didn’t hurt me.
And I guess two showers in the same morning won’t hurt me.”
“I’ve always thought it was better to shower with someone
anyhow, ” she quipped, struggling to cover her embarrassment,
“to conserve water.” Then she noticed the erection and
blushed slightly, looking away.
“Is that an invitation?” he asked, eyes wide as he watched
for a reaction.
She turned and stared at him. “Would you accept it if it was?”
she rejoined.
She smiled. Her eyes were a mesmerizing Caribbean blue.
He knew he was staring, but couldn’t break eye contact.

“Great comeback, ” he smiled. “In fact, I’m a little nonplused.
Can I have a minute to think up some witty reply? By the way,
my name’s Boone, Boone Randolph.”
“Take all the time you need, ” she laughed. “I’m not usually
so forward, ” she smiled, “but you caught me off guard,
too. I’m Tammy Woodson. Look, can I do something to make
up for the mess I made of your pants? I hope you didn’t have
a meeting or anything this morning. Can I get them dry cleaned?”
“One hundred percent drip-dry wrinkle free cotton. They’ll
dry quickly enough.” Boone stopped. “But you could buy
me a drink. IF, ” he paused for effect, “you promise not
to spill it into my lap.” He brushed the wet fabric with the
back of his hand, conscious of the hardness and his reaction
to her.
“Isn’t it a little early in the morning for drinking?” Tammy
“I meant OJ, ” he said. “And besides, it’s not every day
that the gods drop a goddess in my lap.”
“Oooh, that was . . . dreadful, ” she groaned, cocking an
eyebrow. “For that, you should be treating me.”
Boone took a moment to appraise her. She was fairly tall
for a woman -- five foot seven -- narrow waisted with a soft,
easy flair to her hips. The cut of her pearl white silk blouse
exposed the outline of cleavage, offering a hint of what
was lying beneath ‒ firm, medium sized breasts with large,
sensitive nipples. In her mid to late 30s, married, based
on the ring she was wearing, her waist-length blonde hair
was in a tight bun for the work day.
Her skirt rode several inches above her knees. It zipped
on the side and consisted of thin, clingy material that
accented her long, tanned legs with firmly shaped calves
that weren’t encumbered by pantyhose in the Atlanta humidity.
Boone was definitely a leg man. And these were great legs.
Tammy’s face was one that anyone would describe as girl-next-door
sensually wholesome. She was a very desirable woman.
“Or did your wife warn you about talking to strange women?”
There was a slight mocking challenge in her voice. She looked
away briefly, then her eyes locked onto his.
“So, you’re a strange woman?” teased Boone.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out, ” she retorted.
It was a childhood taunt, but she made it somehow seductive.
The MARTA train stopped and she stood up, smoothed the skirt
over her lithe form and looked down.
“Why don’t we talk about this over that orange juice. . .
and a bagel?”
She stepped off onto the platform. Boone was frozen for
a second, then quickly picked up his briefcase and followed
her out, trying not to look hurried as he took long strides
to catch up with her.
They found a small corner table at the Einstein Brothers
bagel shop near the top of the escalator. He bought them
both a medium OJ and her a plain wheat bagel with creme cheese.
“Watching my figure, ” chided Tamy. “That makes two of
us, ” he grinned.
Their conversation was tentative at first, but there wasn’t
any pretentious sparring. There were the arched eyebrows
as each took the opportunity to use a double entendre whenever
possible. They finally reached a point when the polite
conversation was through and each knew that this was the
crunch point. Boone took a deep breath.
“So, since Fate serendipitously tossed you into my lap
and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this morning, where are we
going with this?” Boone asked quietly, looking down and
away, unsure of her answer.
“Where do you want it to go?” Tammy asked. He looked up and
found her looking directly into his eyes. “If you were writing
an ad for the personals column in Creative Loafing, for
example, what would it say?”
He thought for a moment. “Probably something along the
lines of highly-educated WMW professional Boomer ISO
sensual Atlanta businesswoman, possibly married with
kids, who revels in her sexuality, but not the hassles and
entanglements of a relationship. She knows that the mind
is the most sensual organ, and fully appreciates the difference
between sensual and sensuous. She wants to be able to enjoy
uninhibited, unrestrained erotic discovery and play
that two consenting adults can share, but has to suppress
this dimension in her business and professional lives.
She's open to an exclusive, uncomplicated, no commitments
arrangement in which she controls the when and the where,
whether they're languid afternoons of exploratory
passion or zipless quickies on the run.” He paused. “I guess
that about covers it.”
She was quiet for a moment. “Sounds like you’ve been practicing
that for a while.”
“No, ” he said honestly. “But I’ve thought about what I’d
do if an honest opportunity happened. And what I did was
ask her to have OJ and a bagel with me.” He smiled, the crow’s
feet crinkling at the corners of his eyes.
Tammy looked at him thoughtfully then glanced down. He
could tell she was making a decision.
“What about you?” he asked, filling the awkward silence.
“What would your personal ad read?”
She looked up, her gaze again direct, forthright. “I wouldn’t
write one.”
He laughed. “And why not?” he probed.
She reached across the small coffee table and took his right
hand. Turning it over, palm up, Tammy began to idly trace
a design with her fingertips.
“Because I just answered one, ” she said quietly.
Less than an hour later he’d registered at the Swisshotel
and, at her direction, had gone to the room, undressed and
slipped between the sheets while she made a call to her office
from the lobby.
He’d barely gotten comfortable on the huge feather pillows
when the hotel room door opened and Tammy stepped in. She
put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside door handle,
closed the door, turned the safety lock and put the chain
She turned toward the center of the room and saw Boone up
on one elbow, watching her.
“We don’t want to be disturbed for a while, ” she said, laying
her purse on the first open chair. Tammy moved to the end
of the bed and stood there for a brief moment, then unsnapped
her skirt and slid the zipper down. Her hands pushed the
garment to the floor.
If Boone were a betting man, he’d have bet that she’d pick
it up and carefully fold it. She didn’t. She stepped out
of it and let it lie where it had dropped, her eyes never leaving
his face.
Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse. He wasn’t sure
whether she knew how provocative her deliberate stripping
was. Whether an intentional striptease or not, the effect
was the same. He was tempted to throw back the sheets, grab
her and rip the remaining garments off. The blouse dropped
unceremoniously onto the floor.
Tammy turned so that her back was to the bed. Boone was mesmerized
by the suppleness of her back, the curve of her hip, the flawless
legs which seemed to stretch forever and ended in well-shaped
calves. She reached back and undid the bra and dropped it.
She bent and rolled the panties down her legs. From the back,
Boone could see her cunt hair through the vee where her legs
met her ass. She was clearly having the desired effect;
Boone’s prick grew large underneath the bed sheet loosely
draped across his bare thighs. Tammy looked back under
her left shoulder, appreciating the effect she was having.
She straightened and faced the bed. Tammy’s high, firm
tits stood out in front and her nipples grew hard and ready.
She stood a little higher on one leg, her firm ass tilted
a little to one side.
"Very, very provocative." Boone’s compliment
was appreciative and sincere. She stood on tiptoe and did
a mock pirouette. She laughed sending ripples through
her breasts. His eyes never left her beautiful body.
"Now what?" Tammy asked coyly, pursing her
"Come here and I’ll show you, " Boone said,
extending his hand to draw her to the bed, pushing the sheet
off his lap, exposing his erection. Boone watched Tammy
approach, her breasts rising and falling rhythmically
with each breath. His eyes swept from her large, brown nipples
to her beautiful green, catlike eyes to her sensual lips.
As if she could read his thoughts, her tongue slipped from
between her teeth and moistened her lips until they glistened.

Boone’s eyes dropped past her hips to the triangle patch
of strawberry blonde hair that framed her cunt. He felt
like his penis was growing even larger and it throbbed almost
Primal urges incited him to jump up and grab her, and throw
her on the bed, plunging his member up into her. But he didn’t.
It wasn’t his way. Though pulsing with desire for her, he
would rather restrain himself, follow her lead, focus
on giving her pleasure than to give in to his baser instincts.
Tammy took stock of him as she lay down. He had the average
build of a middle aged man, not as well-built as her twenty-
eight-year-old husband. And his cock wasn’t the largest
that she’d ever seen, although it was thick and fit comfortably
in her long, slender fingers. On body alone, she never would
have become involved with Boone. But it was his sexy mind
and non-judgmental lack of inhibitions as a sexual partner
which had attracted her and caused her to repress her inhibitions.

His cock stood out from his body. She took it in her hand,
feeling her cunt juice slowly seep from the crevice of her
beautiful blonde cunt. Tammy wanted to take his cock in
her mouth, to feel the head against her lips, to feel the
power of it forcing its way down her throat. She loved to
feel a man's cock in her mouth and throat, loved the
feeling of lust.
Boone lifted her hand away and moved toward the end of the
bed, out of her reach. Lifting her left ankle, he kissed
and licked the top of her foot, then inside the ankle, his
tongue trailing slowly up her calf to the inside of Tammy’s
knee. Her intake of breath and rasping “oooooh” let him
know how pleasurable it felt.
Tammy spread her legs wide apart so that her pink cunt opened
like a flower. Boone looked into her face and saw the lust
in her crooked smile. His cock surged. He looked down at
her feet, dainty and shapely for a woman her size, and swept
his eyes up the length of Tammy’s body, stopping at each
place and reminding himself that, at least for a little
while, she was his. And each time his eyes stopped, his cock
spasmed in anticipation. He wanted to stick his tool deep
inside that cunt.
Tammy knew this. She understood the power of sensuality
over men. "Come here, " she whispered huskily.
Boone climbed on the bed in front of Tammy. He knelt over
her, savoring the sweet smell of her. He began to kiss and
lick her belly just above the line of her cunt hair. Tammy
lifted her long legs onto his back and thrust her cunt upwards
into his face. Boone looked for one short instant and then
plunged in, licking and sucking the juices that ran freely
into his mouth and down over his chin.
He rolled his head back and forth into her, nibbling the
folds of her cunt. Tammy’s body spiraled into a rising mode
of ecstasy. She moaned and undulated, moving her legs back
and forth so that one side of her pussy and then the other
rubbed against Boone’s chin.
She put her fingers into her cunt so that he was licking them,
too. He tongued her deliberately, savoring her juices,
passionately lapping at both sides of her labia, then stopping
to flick the tip of his tongue at her protubing clit.
Suddenly, she pushed his head away and up. She grabbed his
prick and pointed it toward her dripping pussy. "Put
it in there!" she breathed in his ear, "Fill
me up with your cock."
“Come in me, ” she urged. Boone sat back on his legs, his
cock bouncing with each heartbeat. She reached to the small
chest and handed him a condom, which he expertly slid on.
Tammy opened her legs straight out to the side, her hands
at the back of her knees holding them apart. Boone positioned
himself, put the helmet of his gorged member at the tip of
her cunt, then drove into her well-lubricated pussy like
a proverbial pile-driver. Tammy’s legs bent. She raised
them over her head.
"Oh, Boone, ” she gasped. “That. . . feels . . . so .
. . good.”
Boone worked his cock completely into her, then began a
primordial fucking motion as he pistoned in and out of her
vagina. “You are so fucking warm, so tight, ” he managed
to say between clenched teeth. Tammy screamed with pleasure,
clawing his back, searching out his mouth with hot, hungry
kisses. He moved in and out of her with a frantic motion,
pulling out until his cock head was wrapped by her pussy
lips, and then plunging into her again. “I feel like my cock
could drive out your back, ” he told her between ragged
breaths. “And I can’t wait until . . . .” Boone took a deep
breath and shuddered, fighting the climax which was building.
“. . . I’m in your ass . . . .”
She wrapped her legs around him tightly and moved her hips
in a circle, clenching her vagina muscles to milk him each
time he withdrew from her cunt. They were two people fucking
as one.
The muscles in Tammy's pussy began to quiver and then
tighten, and Boone could tell she was about to cum. Priming
her with a few short strokes, he powered his erection in
until their two pelvic bones collided. Tammy sobbed, pulling
at his hips, drawing him deeper into her. He drove in repeatedly,
a few short strokes and then full thrust. The orgasm burst
free and wracked through her body, curling her toes, flaming
up the backs of her thighs, radiating through her lower
stomach muscles, forcing itself into her chest, around
the beating heart and out of her open mouth, the lips forming
a perfect “O” to shape the cry which startled them both.

Boone suddenly felt the most unbelievable sensation along
the length of his shaft, as if someone were massaging it,
starting at the base and working toward the tip. He ground
his teeth, moaned. “What the hell?” he asked of no one. Looking
down, he expected to see Tammy giving him a hand job.
But he was still firmly lodged in her cunt. The feeling was
unbelievable, unlike anything that he had ever before
known. Time and time again he felt the fingers running up
and down the length of his shaft and he felt his balls quicken
with come. It was Tammy.
She had mastered the kegel pelvic floor exercise, tightening
and relaxing the pelvic muscles over and over, about 200
times a day, slowly, in five-second increments. Boone
stopped moving, his penis completed seated in her cunt.
Each time she tightened and rippled her muscles, he groaned
and gasped and invoked the name of God. She knew he was enjoying
the kegel fuck and smiled. The bonus was that, each time
she did a kegel, she massaged her own clit so that she came
again and again herself.
Boone’s moans were growing in frequency and intensity.
“Oh, god, don’t stop, lady. Fuck me! Milk me! Squeeze me!
In-cre-di-ble!!” He laughed a deep chest laugh which was
swallowed in a groan, followed by a roar that was so loud
they both looked at each other wide-eyed and grinned, aware
that anyone in the hallway would have no doubt about what
was happening in Room 318.
Tammy loved to hear him scream with the pleasure of her cunt.
Men were always so cocksure with women, she often thought.
While the women screamed and whimpered, the men were always
so quiet. Not so with Boone. He was anything but quiet.
Boone could feel his semen work its way up the shaft of his
cock until it seemed to bulge to the breaking point. Tammy
tightened one last time at the base of his prick and flexed
her pelvic muscles repeatedly, quickly until Boone couldn’t
withhold his orgasm any longer. He flooded the condom with
a stream of cum, just as she came in a scurry of gasps and moans.
They lay quietly together. There was nothing to say. Their
hands traced idle patterns on each other’s skins. Boone
finally pushed himself off the bed and went to the bathroom
to remove the sagging condom and its fluid. He washed himself
with a lukewarm cloth, pleasantly surprised at his semihard
state, due in no small measure to the beautiful young woman
lying in the bed in the main room. He slipped back into bed
and started to draw the covers over the two of them, but she
stopped him, leaving him exposed against the hospital
white sheets.
Tammy sat up and slid her long legs underneath her body.
She moved slowly along the smooth cotton sheets until she
was kneeling at Boone’s waist. She reached out one hand
and circled the base of his cock. Leaning forward, she swung
her body left and right over his cock so that her breasts
brushed against it. She felt her nipples harden. She looked
up into Boone’s face and saw his eyes widen quizzically,
wondering what was next.
She breathed heavily, still swinging her breasts on his
cock. She began to move the hand on his cock up and down, squeezing
his swollen prick ever so softly. Her other hand reached
between his legs where she found the bulging sac of his testicles.
Boone spread his legs slightly to allow her better access.
She began to massage them, realizing that his cock was all
hers for the moment.
Rearing back and straightening up, she pulled his cock
toward her and lowered her head upon it, circling the tip
with her moist lips. She sucked on it long and hard, and her
mouth was suddenly filled with cock, its head pushed at
the walls of her throat. After a few more sucks she raised
her head slightly and began to tease him with little flicks
of her tongue on the tip and base of his cock. Her teeth found
a fold of skin on the underside and began nibbling it. “Ar-r-r-g-g-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h-h-h-h.”
It was a wordless, deep sound of torture, anguish, desire
for release.
Tammy sucked harder on him, raising and lowering her head,
forcing the cock into her throat as far as it would go. Her
saliva dripped from the sides of her mouth, lubricating
the entry of the prick as she slid it in and out of her mouth
deftly and effortlessly.
Boone thrashed, bounced his hips, began an inane recitation
of the Gettysburg address, anything to keep from cumming
immediately. He watched as her mouth plunged rapidly down
from tip to base. He could feel his prick pushing against
the walls of her throat and her gag reflexes tightening,

He could hear her slurping and feel her saliva running out
of the corners of her mouth and down his cock. He looked down
at her hair, golden blonde and smooth, framing his crotch
like strands of golden wheat. He could feel his balls begin
to bulge in their sac and he wondered if he could hold out.
Tammy loved to give head and prided herself on her skills
as an oral lover. And she was giving him the full treatment.
She wanted him to stop holding back, to cum in her mouth,
all over her face. She sucked him even more furiously, her
tongue whipping around the sides of his cock as her mouth
moved up and down like a dervish. Her free hand massaged
his balls. She couldn't wait for his hot cum to drip
down her throat.
Suddenly, Boone grabbed the back of Tammy’s head, clenched
two fistfuls of hair and pushed her head down as his heels
dug into the mattress lifting his hips into her face. She
moaned, but it was a moan of delight, sexual hunger, gratification.
Her neck muscles relaxed as she let his hands guide her head
as he fucked her mouth, urgently, violently, unrestrained.
She gagged and he let go, but she shook her head and plunged
down again on his cock. He opened his fingers, splayed his
palms against the back of her head and resumed the rhythm
of his cock thrusting between her lips.
…..”Suck . . . it. . . suck . . . . You . . . are . . . a . . . born . .
. cocksucker!”
The sound of Boone’s voice turned Tammy on even more and
she tightened her lips on his shaft. She opened her mouth
all the way as he pulled her head down so that the cock could
slide easily to the back of her throat. Boone’s hips bucked
off the bed, his legs tightening from the sensation of Tammy's
hot, slippery lips and tongue on his member, her brushing
against his thighs, erotic in its light touch.
She reached forward and cupped his ass in both of her hands.
Then with one last fantastic effort she pulled him forward
and pushed her head down, taking all of his cock in her mouth
and sliding it down her throat.
Boone’s cock was primed. The pleasure of Tammy’s mouth
was unrelenting, exquisite, consummate. Suddenly, he
felt flushed and heady, the blood flooding his brain, making
him feel as though he was falling through space.
He felt his cum rising from his balls and following her lips
up the length of his cock. With a mighty effort at concentration,
he managed to hold it for one more stroke and then shot his
wad over and over again as Tammy continued to move her head
up and down. She swallowed, trying to suction every last
drop. But cum escaped and dribbled down the side of her mouth.
Tammy felt warm inside. Knowing that she had just given
him so much pleasure always filled her with a sense of womanly
accomplishment and power, added to her sense of satisfaction.
"Did you enjoy that?" she asked demurely, a
coquettish smile playing across her tantalizing lips.
Boone’s breathing had slowed only slightly. “If I’d enjoyed
it any more, you’d be calling 9-1-1 right now, ” he was finally
able to reply.
Tammy looked up at him and smiled. She lowered her head and
began systematically to clean the come off of his half-limp
prick. Holding the tip with one hand she twirled it slightly,
as she licked it, loving every minute of the taste of his
cum. She really loved the taste. Boone felt her tongue lapping
up his cum, and her soft tongue and warm saliva bathing his
prick and he felt his desire reawaken. He couldn’t get enough
of this women
"You have a beautiful cock, " Tammy said. "It
just fits all of my holes so perfectly.”
"How do you know?” Boone countered quickly, arching
one eyebrow. Tammy felt an unconscious kegel spasm deep
in her cunt.
Boone reached down and pinched one of Tammy's nipples.
She looked at him. His eyes were etched with rising desire
and he reached down and grabbed both of her firm breasts
in his hands. Tammy moaned very softly. She had always had
very sensitive breasts, and Boone’s rubbing them was turning
her on indeed. He kneaded them against her chest in large
circles, then suddenly grabbed her by her sides and pulled
her to him, crushing her mouth in a deep kiss. Her mouth opened
and his tongue found hers and probed deeply into her throat.
He could still taste his cum in her mouth.
Their probing tongues met and locked. Tammy’s left leg
was thrown over Boone's hip so that her pussy lips brushed
teasingly over his cock, which responded appropriately,
surprisingly, he thought, pushing the thought away, not
wanting to jinx the reaction. Reaching out, Boone grabbed
one of Tammy's nipples and rolled it between his fingertips
until it was taut and firm. Tammy moaned, a deep-throated,
half-animal cry that burned Boone's brain. He forgot
everything except the writhing Tammy and her delicious
boobs and her warm, wet hole.
"Well, you’ve only sampled the appetizers, ” Tammy
said in most sensual voice. When are you going to want the
entrée ??" The sexual challenging hung in the air,
the look in her eyes signaling that she was totally turned
on, giving in completely to her inner slut.
Tammy deftly turned over onto her stomach, reached back
with her hands and separated her ass cheeks. The two soft
mounds of her buttocks rose invitingly. She bumped her
ass up in the air a couple of times, added a practiced grind,
then released her cheeks. She grabbed a second condom,
fumbled briefly in the small black purse on the night stand
and pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly.
Looking directly at her morning lover, she threw the items
on the bed next to her hips, folded her arms, put her head
face down into them and pushed her ass into the air.
“You have GOT to be kidding me, ” Boone muttered under his
breath, blown away, humbled by the visage beside him.
He crabbed to the end of the bed, a pillow clenched in one
hand, knelt between her calves and pushed her legs apart..
Crawling forward, he used his knees to spread her legs until
they were as wide apart as they could go. He noted how limber
she was and he dropped the pillow on the middle of her back.
His hands dropped to the back of her knees, gently, softly,
slowly smoothed up the back of her thighs.
A muffled groan came from between Tammy’s arms. “Oh-h-h-h-h-h,
y-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s.” Her thigh muscles flexed
underneath his fingers.
Boone grabbed the pillow with his left hand, slid his right
under her right hip. Lifting, he thrust the pillow under
her from the left, caught it with his right hand and jockeyed,
moved into position under her hips, raising her ass into
the air. Scooting down between her knees, he again ran his
hands up the back of her thighs until his thumbs met at the
crack of her ass.
Sliding them between the cheeks, he separated them until
he could see the puckered anus, wrinkled, pink, clenched.
He bent forward and his tongue hit the center. Tammy’s hips
jolted up, pushing her ass against his face. Boone held
his head steady, pushed his face further into the folds
of her ass and stuck his tongue tip into the opening. He felt
the sphincter tighten and Tammy’s legs twitched, ass pushing
up again, against the wetness of his tongue.
Taking a deep breath, Boone’s face pushed forward. His
tongue probed further into the anal opening, his mouth
opening around the anus so that he could thrust his tongue
is as far as was physically possible. He heard the moan reverberate
in Tammy’s belly. It seemed to last for minutes. He withdrew
the tongue and circled the anus twice, languidly. Tammy
raised her head. “That’s nice, ” she whispered, “but not
as nice as when your tongue is IN my ass.” The final words
were a strong chiding.
Boone raised his chin just enough so that his nostrils had
access to air. Taking another breath, he deliberately,
slowly, insistently began to fuck Tammy’s anus with her
tongue, probing, pushing, breathing through an open mouth,
then rimming the edge of the anus until she lifted her hips,
clearly indicating she wanted the tongue inside.
Running out of air, Boone lifted his head and plunged his
thumb deep into the hole which had been moistened with his
saliva. Tammy lifted her hips in response to the penetration.
Her forehead burrowed into the pillow, muffling a slight
He inserted his second thumb so that the knuckles and nails
were touching, and drove both thumbs past the sphincter.
Pulling the thumbs apart, he stretched her asshole until
it tightened, then released slightly, then pulled again,
gradually opening the anus until he was convinced that
she could comfortably accommodate his width.
“Please . . . .” It wasn’t a plea or a statement or a question.
It was . . . a reflex. Tammy’s hips began to undulate as Boone’s
thumbs pulled and plunged in, then pulled and eased out.
Without warning, he dove forward again and pushed the tongue
between the thumbs, withdrew them and felt the muscle scrunch
against his oral organ (gad, must be Saturday night with
all of these alliterations.)
“No, no, no, no, no!” Tammy chanted into the mattress. “Fuck
me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Boone sat up and slapped her
“Tell me where, ” he ordered.
“You know where, you prick, ” she grunted, pushing he ass
in the air.
“No, you tell me. Ask me. I want to hear it. And be specific.”
“OK, you needle-dick bug fucker. I want you in my ass. I want
you to fuck my ass. Put your cock in my ass. Asshole fucker.
Fuck it.”
Boone leaned down and kissed the reddened area. “Your wish, ”
he grinned, nipping her skin with his teeth, “is my command,
you anal slut.”
She pushed up and glared at him, then broke into a wild-eyed
grin and grabbed her ass, again spreading the cheeks.
“Come ON, then, ” she challenged, looking directly at
Popping the K-Y cap open with his thumb, Boone squeezed
a generous globule of the jelly on Tammy’s tailbone, playfully
spanking her buttock when she wriggled her hips like a Hong
Kong whore. He ripped the condom package open with his teeth
and positioned his cock at the entrance to the hole, which
had all but closed.
"Don’t be gentle!" she growled impatiently,
knowing that he wouldn’t. She thrust her hips up off the
bed to provide him with easier access. Her thigh muscles
were incredibly strong.
Boone drove (thrust, plunged, rammed?) the head of his
penis past her tight sphincter muscle and she let out a slight
cry. The pain was erotic. He pushed his hips forward, easing
another two inches of his dick up into her. Tammy spread
her legs wider to accommodate him, pushing back until he
was seated fully into her stretched anal cavity, his lower
belly flattening her ass.
Tammy forced her anal muscle to relax as he withdrew, then
she tightened as he again drove down and in. He looked down,
thoroughly enjoying the sight of his cock in her ass. He
began to fuck her ass, her hole gripping him, milking him,
the pleasurable-pain of a moment before replaced with
only pleasure.
She increased the pace of her hip thrusts, matching his
penetration cadence. He could feel the walls of her rectum
convulse with each thrust and she moaned with each stroke.
He pumped into her in short strokes, then long, then resting
before pulling out slowly, only to pound forward again.
Her head whipped from side to side, hands grabbing the sheet,
clenching the fabric. He reached under her with his left
hand and came up from underneath her left tit, squeezed
and pulled and pinched the nipple with his thumb.
Her moans changed to directions. "Oh yes, yes, do
it to me like that. Oh, yes, Boone. Oh, god, fuck my ass. Don't
stop. Push. Push more into me!" What was intended as encouragement drove Boone to the edge.

“I’m going to cum, cunt!” he growled. “In your ass. I’m going
to fucking cum in your ass.” The fact that he was wearing
a condom was irrelevant. Boone pulled back until the head
of the cock slipped outside the sphincter. He stayed suspended
for a second and then rammed the entire length of his cock
deep within the stretched hole, impaling Tammy completely.
“I’m . . . CUMMING in your ass. Grind it.! Move it! Fuck it!”
he yelled.
As the last inch of his cock pushed inside her, he shot a tremendous
load of cum into the condom tip, pumping furiously, draining
himself with repeated strokes into Tammy’s ass.
She pushed up, tried to get to her knees, but his wait, the
pummeling of his stomach and thighs against the back of
her legs made the move impossible. She screamed. They stiffened,
both pushing and panting, locked in a primal ritual of crashing
bodies, oblivious to anything but their individual and
mutual release.
Boone could feel himself shrinking, shrinking out of her
ass. He leaned down and nibbled on her right shoulder, kissed
the shoulder blade, let his tongue trace idle patterns
in the flesh. His left hand still held her breast and began
to manipulate it, tenderly, lovingly. His cock head popped
from her anal recess and lay limply between them, sheathed
in a milky latex.
It was a quiet ten minutes of lying together wrapped in a
spoon position, the silence broken by an occasional sigh,
fingers exploring, touching and entwining, breaking
away to explore further before Boone pushed away and rose
from the bed, staggering slightly.
He walked over to the large oak desk and poured a glass of
ice water. He took a long drink, refilled the glass and then
turned again toward the bed. He paused for a moment, entranced
by the sight of the naked beauty still lying there on her
stomach, moaning slightly. She looked beautiful as she
lay there, covered with sweat and come, her hair tousled
and wet, clinging to her forehead and back. Her long legs
were behind her and held close together, as if she was still
trying to hold him in.
He reached the bed and put the water down on the small chest.
He dipped his fingers into her glass and stroked the cool,
refreshing water on the back of her neck. She seemed to revive
slightly with this action and turned her head to him, her
pupils in her blue eyes large and dark.
They still didn’t speak. He put one hand on her face and cupped
the curve of her jaw, feeling its firm shapeliness, and
then bent down and kissed her long and hard. He handed her
the glass of water and she raised it to her wet, parted lips
and drank deeply, her breasts heaving with the rhythm of
her panting. Her eyes peeked over the top of her glass, and
again he found himself looking deeply into her eyes and
something moving him and turning him on, and once again
his crotch began to quiver and rise.
“She’s incredible, ” thought Boone, savoring the moment,
lamenting that this might be the quintessential zipless
fuck and hoping that it wasn’t.
“Where are you?” Tammy asked, interrupting his reverie.
She raised herself up on one elbow.
“I was just musing about how timing is everything, ” he
smiled, lying down next to her, a mirror image of her pose.
“And how easy it is to miss an opportunity. And how I don’t
want this moment to end . . . for fear that we may never have
Her hand covered the back of his and gave it a squeeze, then
lifted it and pulled it to her lips. She kissed the back of
his hand, a lingering, tender memento of their passionate
He shifted onto his back and she rolled into the crook of
his arm. They lay there, too exhausted to move, the sweat
on their bodies a sexual afterglow. Boone reached over
lazily with his left hand and gently pinched Tammy’s right

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