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Caught at the Airport


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Collin stood anxiously in the line, waiting along with
the others with no intent to conceal his irritation with
how this was playing out. Their handling of the stranded
passengers seemed painfully slow. In truth, it was probably
nothing more than his own impatience to find a remedy to
a situation he chose not to accept easily.

He was staring with frustration at the sign that seemed
to taunt him with the word - cancelled - next to the flight
number that identified is trip home when he was distracted
by movement in the line ahead of him. His eyes were suddenly
drawn to the shapely backside of a startlingly slender
redhead that moved forward to the airline counter. “How
could I have not noticed that standing just three people
ahead of me in line?” Collin asked himself as he watched
the sleek legs carry her forward to the waiting agent. Her
black skirt clung with a beckoning sensuality to the roundness
of a sweetly curved ass, each step revealing its saucily
pert form, and a hemline revealing the back of her legs to
just above the knee.

Collin felt suddenly removed from the fact that they had
cancelled his flight and from the looks of it, there wasn’t
another for at least twelve hours. He was more interested
in the way the white blouse draped her shoulders and hung
loosely from where it was tucked at the waist of the black
skirt, denying any sense of the shape beneath it. He was
certain the sight of her from behind belied the truths that
might be apparent were she to turn and face the crowd behind
her. He was consciously aware of his own staring as she shifted
her weight from one leg to the other while waiting for the
agent to rebook her flight.

When she finally did turn to walk away, as guys tend to do,
he tried to measure her look against his expectation. She
never quite turned far enough for him to get a good look,
but as guys also do, he was ogling. She bent slightly to retrieve
the handle of her suitcase and started to step away. She
appeared to glide in slow motion, heels clicking on the
imitation marble floor, as her hair tossed lightly and
fell forward when she looked down to the bag. She looked
ahead to where she was walking and he was relieved to have
escaped being caught in his ogling stare. He was slightly
embarrassed, though, by his own continuing gaze, and by
the fact that the agent was trying to get his attention.
While he was preoccupied with boyish staring, he had failed
to notice that the two people remaining in line ahead of
him had moved to the counter.

Had he known that she had to force herself to not look back
in his direction, he might have been more bold. Alex slowed
her pace and let her hips swing naturally. She was feeling
incredibly sexy and she wondered if the guy in line was watching.
That thought made her feel just that much more erotic. She
felt too, like an exhibitionist. Alex loved to flaunt.
She had chosen the skirt and the light fabric blouse carefully
and had decided her figure flattered the clothes. She had
tried so many blouses before finding a particular one that
allowed the faintest hint of the bare nipples beneath it.
Before turning the corner, Alex realized she was feeling
so sexy she might make herself cum just walking across the
lobby of the airport.

The ticketing agent confirmed what Collin had already
suspected. It would be at least a day before flights would
be getting into his hometown. He wasn’t thinking about
the redhead any longer; he was trying to decide how to waste
some time. He rebooked on the next scheduled flight, knowing
full well that it wouldn’t get out either, and decided to
check out the football game in the lounge while he figured
out what to do next. He was absorbed in the game and a draught
beer when he suddenly realized she was there too. Again,
she had just appeared without him realizing it. She was
seated at the bar, also watching the game, although with
a distracted degree of interest. Collin had no reason to
suspect she had been hoping he would show up there. The truth
was, she felt her own chemistry change when the guy she had
been trying to catch the eye of in the ticket line finally
enter the bar.

The airport was uncharacteristically quiet at this hour.
Save for one distant table of four businessmen, Collin
and the redhead were the only ones in the place and he had
just lost interest in the game. It wasn’t that he had any
expectations but they did have something in common and
visiting with an attractive lady would certainly be a better
way to pass time. He stepped up to the bar to order another

Collin turned to her and asked, “Can I buy a drink for a fellow
stranded flier?” In that same slow motion fashion, she
turned her stool slightly and looked toward him. She concentrated
on seeming aloof.

“What makes you think I’m stranded?” she asked in a voice
uncharacteristically deep for a female. It had a lightly
raspy quality that Collin always found sexy in a lady, and
that made her seem just that much more attractive.

“Well, it has something to do with having been in the re-booking
line behind you” He had to make a concerted effort to look
at her face rather than the way the slit in her skirt had exposed
her thigh.

“Ah, ” she replied, lifting her head in acknowledgement.
“I’m sorry, I hadn’t noticed you, ” she lied.

Collin felt a bit rebuffed by that remark. It hadn’t been
a necessary thing to say - well, unless that was her way of
going down the road toward telling him to get lost. He knew
he would persist anyway but she didn’t give him long to ponder
the intent of her statement.

“Oh, ” she said when she caught herself. She turned her
stool a little further and put a hand on his elbow. “I’m sorry;
I didn’t mean that the way it sounded at all. It’s just ‒ well,
I was kind of upset about the flight and really wasn’t paying
attention to other people.” Alex did not intend to give
away too much. Not yet anyway.

The touch on his elbow was enough for him but his eyes were
drawn to the slit along the right of her skirt. It allowed
her thigh to peek suggestively through the opening and
he couldn’t help but glance. She noticed of course, but
let it be and offered no hint of expression that she cared.
She did care, of course. Alex had made it a point to make just
the right move to let that skirt open against her leg.

“I’m Collin, ” he finally said as he offered a hand.

“And I’m Alex, ” she answered, placing her soft hand loosely
into his. “And I’d be most appreciative of that drink if
it would mean I have someone to talk to.”

“Oh, ” Collin said hesitantly. “Well you see, I don’t talk
to strange girls, I just buy them drinks.” Alex appeared
puzzled by the remark and by the serious look on Collin’s
face. As his look broke into a slight grin, she laughed with
that deep raspy tone.

“Ok, I deserved that for making the crack about not noticing
you. Now buy me a drink, smart ass, ” she retorted playfully.
“Later, ” she went on as she leaned toward him with one elbow
on the bar, “you can atone for calling me a strange girl.”

He let her saucy remark go but didn’t fail to notice the way
the collar of her blouse fell to reveal soft, fair skin and
a spattering of freckles. The darker hue of areolas formed
faint rose-colored circles barely visible through the
whiteness of the blouse and there was a distinct outline
in the fabric where her nipples pressed against it. Alex’s
face didn’t betray her thought that she was loving the attention.

She knew he was looking and had to make a concerted effort
to conceal it. “I dress this way because I love the feel of
the fabric brushing across my nipples.” She thought to
herself. “That and because I love to make guys nuts.” She
smirked silently. Then, purely to embarrass him for staring,
she said, “When you have breasts this small you try to flatter
them any way you can. B’s don’t tend to attract a lot of attention.”
Alex was staring straight in his eyes to see what sort of
reaction that might get. It was a challenge, actually.
It was rather like, “Let me see you get yourself out of this
one.” She loved the way this was working out. Collin was
a little nonplused by the sudden frankness and direct reference
to her breasts. He almost choked as he took a drink from his

Alex had been in town for two days. She had grown bored with
the sexual relationship with her boyfriend of two years.
She cared for him, of course. It was just that there was no
sexual excitement and she liked a little sexual tension.
She liked the tension she knew she was creating with Collin.
She savored the challenge and the unexpected. She had actually
left for this business trip fully intending to have a fling;
she needed to kindle some feminine fires that had not been
lit for too long. The company, though, had kept her busy.
Two nights with no opportunity had been frustrating. She
had spent both nights alone and lonely and here she was,
on the verge of going home when she happens across someone
who would have perfectly fit the bill for the last two days.

Once again, Collin was embarrassed. He had made it obvious
that he’d noticed and she made it obvious that she saw him
noticing. It was kind of like saying, “look guy, I can see
you’re staring at my tits but don’t think that’s what’s
making my nipples hard.” He wondered if that was another
rebuff or if she was simply that frank about things. He decided
not to care. She knew he was watching her thigh and her breasts
and she wasn’t making any attempt to make them less visible,
so he was going to enjoy it while he could.

The conversation was exhilarating and Collin felt it was
mixed with banter and teasing that both flattered and challenged
them both to keep up. Alex, on the other hand, saw it as seductive
sparring and she was happy with the tension it was creating.
It was still going well when Collin felt someone brush past
him from behind and say something to Alex about a meeting.
They soon realized they had been at the same business meeting
and the conversation turned their way. Collin was suddenly
an outsider. She looked at Collin briefly as she turned
her stool outward . His fingertips beckoned hers and as
they turned to hold each other, she looked back over her
shoulder again at Collin. Collin, on the other hand, felt
the evening suddenly slip away from him. He watched she
connected with this guy now with that light touch to the
arm and elbow she had first used on Collin. He straddled
her with his arms as placed his hands on the bar to talk to
her. A masculine move, he read, to shut Collin off.

Collin decided to have one more draught and moved back to
his table. From there he called on his cell phone to re-book
the previous night’s motel room. From his table, he was
not behind them any longer. He watched as the guy’s hands
caressed up Alex’s ribs and rested where his thumbs surely
were pressing her breasts. In the now dimly lit bar, her
face was mostly concealed by shadow and by his shoulder,
but Collin could see one eye that peered beyond his neck
and he swore she was watching him. Alex pulled her new partner’s
face toward her and kissed him passionately, but still,
Collin could see her one visible eye ‒ looking his way.

As his thumbs kneaded the tender sides of those b cup breasts
she tied to flaunt, Alex reached down and cupped her hand
on his ass. Collin could see, with the man’s leg tucked between
hers, she pulled him toward her, firmly pressing his thigh
to her and kissed him once more, but still he could see that
one sultry eye in the shadow that never wavered from his

Even she was a little surprised when her new companion placed
his hand on her leg. His fingers stroked her lightly as he
slid it up beneath her skirt and Collin watched with disappointment.
What surprised him, though, was that he felt his own erection
growing and thought he saw her jaw drop slightly as the hand
probed deeper. There was no doubt in Collin’s mind that
the guy was touching her now, in places not usually expected
in such a public venue. She made no effort to stop him. In
fact, Collin noted she reached to his elbow as if to draw
his arm deeper beneath her skirt.

Alex did her best to appear nonchalant about what was happening
when in fact, she could scarcely find her breath. She felt
the heat and wetness grow between her legs and she wasn’t
sure if it was because of what she was doing in public or if
it was the display she was giving to Collin. She also thought
it might be the surprise this guy had gotten to discover
she wore no panties and was smoothly void of hair. His fingers
had fondled the wet slit between her legs to discover the
hard nub of her clitoris. As she drew his elbow toward her,
she felt his finger probe the creamy wetness of her pussy.
She hoped it hadn’t shown that she squirmed slightly as
his finger slipped inside.

Waves of warmth coursed her inner thighs and she thought
her own creamy wetness would be soaking the back of her skirt.
Alex was certain she would feel the explosion of climax
at any minute when she saw Collin stand and leave the bar.
She pulled the man’s elbow away from her and hated the feel
of his hand drawing away from her pussy. He looked her in
the eye. “So, are you about ready to head over to my hotel?
I have so much more to offer you if we can get out of this place.”
She leaned to look around the man, trying to see where Collin
had gone. I’m sorry, but I’m with somebody else, actually.”
She answered. The man started laughing.
“Well, little lady, if you are with somebody, why did we
just do what we’ve been doing? He asked skeptically. There’s
nobody in this place that can please you like I can.” He told
her. “Sweetheart, ” he went on, “I’m thicker and longer
and have twice the staying power of anybody here. You owe
it to yourself to try me. You can go back to your guy when we’re

Alex wrapped her arms around his neck again and touched
her lips to the side of his face. He could feel her hot breath
against his ear as she began to whisper. “Sweetheart, ”
she said. “That may be true, but I find absolutely nothing
sexually attractive about you. I just wanted to entertain
him for a while.” Just to rub it in, she added, “He’s gonna
need one hell of a BJ for what we did to him, huh?”

She could still feel the wonderful sensation of his finger
plunged into her. She wanted attention and now she was in
a hurry. Alex stepped from her barstool and grabbed the
handle of her suitcase. She hurried through the lobby,
no longer concerned about the sensuous air that had been
so important to her earlier. She stepped out into the fresh
evening air just in time to see Collin pull away from the
curb in a shuttle. The name was displayed tastefully on
the side. The shuttle belonged to the Sheraton Four Winds.
She waved to the first cab in line.


As Collin walked from the van to the lobby, he took no notice
of the cab that pulled in behind them. Nor, as he stood at
the front desk was he aware that Alex and entered the lobby
behind him. When he approached a desk clerk, though, and
the second clerk offered assistance to someone else, there
was no mistaking the voice that responded. “Oh no, I’m with
him, ” Alex said. It was Collin’s turn now to move in slow
motion as he turned to see her approaching him. Alex moved
up next to Collin, placing a hand at the small of his back
and the other on his stomach as she lightly kissed his cheek
as if they had been lovers forever. What the desk clerk could
did not see as he busied himself on his computer, was Alex’s
hand sliding slowly down below Collin’s belt and her fingertips
lightly stroking him back to erection.

Collin watched Alex’s eyes, both of them feeling quite
daring at the naughty escapade that now took place in the
lobby of the hotel across the counter from an unknowing
desk clerk. Collin signed his registration and Alex turned
to get her suitcase. Together they headed down the hall,
again as if this encounter was routine. She said nothing
of having invited herself to stay with him and he said nothing
of how the events had unfolded ‒ until they approached the
door to his room.

“So, what happened to your friend at the airport?” He asked.

Alex didn’t answer. She simply looked at Collin with a glint
in her eye that said she wasn’t done yet. When he turned to
open the door to his room, she took the opportunity to grope
his ass. Collin just wasn’t to sure how to take her, but he
wasn’t going to second-guess a good thing.

Once they were settled in the room, Alex sat down to get her
shoes off and Collin pulled a cherished bottle of Johnny
Walker from his suitcase. He needed ice, though, so he headed
down the hall. When he got back to the room, Alex was already
availing herself of the shower and he noted that she had
left the door open. Collin was very tempted to slip in and
take advantage of her mood, but he decided to wait. He was
setting up on the bed sipping the iced scotch when he heard
her turn off the water.

After the obligatory time in the bathroom, Alex joined
Collin. If she enjoyed exhibiting in flatteringly sexy
clothes, it seemed she liked it better without them as she
walked nude, with a totally nonchalant air into the room.
It was as if she didn’t even know it. She walked to the bureau
where Collin had left the scotch. “Oooh, can I have one of
these she asked, as Collin absorbed the site of her pert
heart-shaped ass, the same ass he had admired a few hours
earlier in the sleek black skirt. While she poured herself
a drink, he took in the sight of her slender legs, her slightly
flared hips, and narrow waist, and the slender line of her
sides. Her skin was fair with a powdery hue and he noted more
of those delightful freckles.

If he was pleased with the view of her from behind, he was
excited when she turned to walk over to the bed. Those rose-colored
areolas formed the tips of small perky breasts and they
blended with the sweetly firm caps of her nipples. Her hips
were defined and he noticed at once, the absence of hair.
He thought to himself that he had never orally enjoyed a
lady without hair and he told her so.

The ice clinked in her glass as she stood beside him, placing
one knee on the bed. The posture opened her legs slightly
revealing her sex to him. “Sweet, ” she replied. “I love
the thought of being a guy’s first.”

“Well, I’m a little old to pull it off, but I’ll do my best
to pretend I’m a virgin, ” he said wryly.

“Oh, ” she said. “I’m delighted to offer you the first clean
pussy to bury your face in, but I certainly wouldn’t want
you to be a virgin, ” she complained.

“And why would that be?” He asked her.

“Because tonight, ” she paused for some sexual effect.
“Tonight I want you to fuck me like you know what you’re doing.”

Collin already felt himself getting erect as he saw the
fullness of the swollen lips between her legs. They glistened
with her moisture as he reached up to strum her inner thigh.
His fingers moved tantalizingly close to the source of
her wetness but he was enjoying being in no hurry.

“Maybe I should go have one of those showers, myself, ”
he suggested.

Alex reached down and began to slowly unbutton his shirt.
“I love showers. I wouldn’t mind having another. Can I join
you?” She asked.

It was Collin’s turn to not answer. He just sat and let her
finish his buttons. She tugged at the tails of his shirt
and discovered a moderately tan, very average chest. His
skin was soft but had a rugged feel to it. He reached up to
touch one of her breasts, and found it surprisingly firm.
As his thumb stroked over the top the nipple, Collin moved
his other hand to behind her neck, pulling her close enough
for their lips to touch.

It wasn’t a kiss ‒ not really. It was more that each one’s
lips touched the other’s. Two pairs of lips met and felt
the other ‒ tasted the other and explored. Hers felt firm
to him and tasted of the scotch they shared. Collin sucked
her bottom lip between his and bit is softly. When he stopped,
Alex rose from the bed and beckoned him to the shower where
she stood leaning back against a wall as he removed his clothes.

She admired the ripple of his muscles. It wasn’t like he
worked out but more as if he was just used to physical exertion.
He was slim and his arms looked strong, but he had a small
paunch at his stomach. Alex didn’t mind. She glanced in
the mirror where she could see his cock. She wanted it, but
she stepped back into the shower to wait for him.

He stepped under the showerhead and the water cascaded
across his shoulders, running down his back as Alex drug
the soap across his skin. She followed the lines of his body,
felt the hardness of his muscles and thought about how pleased
she was this night was happening the way it was. She needed
this ‒ she wanted this.

Collin felt her hand slide the soap between his buttocks
as she reached between his legs, stroking his balls, and
running the soap upward along his hardened shaft. He felt
her breasts press against his back as her other hand hung
lightly on his shoulder and she kissed the base of his neck.
Collin broke himself free to turn around and hold her. For
the first time, his hands explored the tightness of the
ass that had been the first part of her to attract his attention.
Alex loved the feel of his hands exploring her butt, but
she focused on the sensation of the erection pressed tightly
between them. She anticipated the moment she would feel
it begin to penetrate her.

Neither of them bothered much with drying when they left
the shower. They patted a few spots lightly and walked to
the bedroom. Collin got in the bed, half propped up by pillows,
and only the bed sheet cast lightly across him as Alex fixed
him another drink. She handed it to him and curled herself
up, lying across his stomach, and propped up on the elbow
that was across his body. Her fingers lightly traced the
line of his cock through the bed sheet. It was hard to her
touch, contrasting with the full softness of the head on
the end of the shaft, fully engorged with blood at the anticipation
of what was ahead. She wanted to see it, and she pulled the
bed sheet aside.

Alex continued to lightly tease the shaft, her fingernails
now tracing lines along its length and circling the swollen
head. She had never thought of it before, but there it was,
a model of those same features she had between her legs.
The tiny slit divided the swollen feature and led to an even
smaller hole. That, she thought, was where the difference
began. Hers was meant to receive him while his was meant
to release the creamy sperm that would mingle with her juices
and remain inside her as they later slept. She thought about
how much she looked forward to feeling that release within
her. Alex bent her head and touched the tip of her tongue
to that tiny hole, before pushing her mouth down around
the shaft and feeling the tip glide smoothly along the roof
of her mouth. Collin could feel her tongue admire the shaft
within her mouth and without prompting, his hips rose to
push it deeper. He reached down to explore her own sexual
places and a finger explored the hot, raw skin between her
lips as he slid forward to find the firm nub of her clit. He
massaged her lightly and heard a grown from her throat as
she moved her head to offer him long, slow strokes.

Her technique was amazingly effective and he felt the burning
in his loins begin to rise. He didn’t want to cum now though
he knew she would gladly accept his juices. To cum now would
be followed by a dampening of the sexual high he want to still
be feeling when she was ready to accept his entry. He lifted
her face from him even though she objected.

He lifted her off him and lightly pushed her back against
the bed, beckoning her face down. He explored the length
of her body with light kisses from her neck to her feet. At
the same time, he alternated between strumming her skin
with his fingertips and massaging her, his hands always
in places removed from where he was kissing her. He had tenderly
visited every line and curve of her backside before he stopped.
She knew then it was time to turn over but she lay there briefly
engrossed in the feelings that still lingered on her skin.

As she rolled to her back, he sat up to take another sip of
his scotch. Then, with an ice cube in his mouth, he bent to
taste one of those sweet nipples that he’d been thinking
about since he saw them pressing the fabric in the bar. The
frigid chill she felt was exciting and she didn’t know if
her nipple was freezing or on fire as he moved to the other
breast. In the absence of a conscious command, her back
and stiffened into an arch and one knee was slightly raised.
She felt as though she couldn’t catch her breath as he explored
downward to find the baby soft skin of her mound. His tongue
then slipped into the slit between her legs and discovered
the heat her body created there. Her wetness filled his
senses with a cacophony of flavors and scents and the tip
of his tongue found her swollen nub.

Alex felt the sensation of a finger slipping smoothly through
her wetness and into her pussy as his tongue continued slow
manipulations of her clit. Then she felt the same sensation
as another finger was pushed into her ass. Nerves she wasn’t
even aware of were excited as his fingers moved in slow easy
circles, matching the rhythm of Collin’s tongue on her
clit. He moved it lightly across the top and ran small circles
around it in a slow motion that made her wonder if he was moving
at all.

She had the same thoughts as he. To cum now might lessen the
pleasure when finally, he pressed himself inside her,
but she was powerless to stop him. She was panting, and gasping
at the same time she felt she couldn’t get air at all. Suddenly
her legs jerked uncontrollably ‒ first once, then again
before they began to tremble and Alex felt waves of electric
heat radiate from her abdomen, her clit, and down her inner
thighs. She felt no command over her body. It reacted on
it’s own and Collin heard that deep raspy groan that seemed
to start in her chest before traveling up her throat and
escaping between her lips. She seemed to shiver before
her body relaxed.

Alex had been running her fingers through his hair as his
tongue continued to savor the juices that seeped from her,
his face still buried between her legs, when he finally
rose and sat cross-legged on the bed next to her. He ran his
fingers along her soft skin and traced the curves of her
breasts and mound as he admired her naked body. He’d really
had no idea that girl he saw in the airport could be this exciting.
She open her eyes and sat up, pushing him back then onto the
bed. Without hesitation, Alex moved to straddle him and
settled downward to take him directly inside of her.

Her walls were firm but soft and clutched at his cock as she
drew him deeper, stopping only when his head touched the
top of her hole. Her hips rocked forward and back slowly
and she rolled them in smooth circles and raised and lowered
herself on his shaft. As she rose, he felt her pussy suck
at his shaft as if beckoning him back deeper. His own sexual
release was preceded by shooting sensations that began
in his groin and traveled down his legs. The soles of his
feet felt hot and his balls began to burn. Alex giggled playfully
when she felt the spasms of his shaft and she accepted the
long, smooth spurts of his cum. She felt it spray against
her walls and was amazed that it seemed to warm her even more
than the heat she created on her own. Her next orgasm came
immediately although she didn’t feel she needed it. Alex
was mostly pleased that she was cuming with him than she
was with the fact that she was getting to cum again. She focused
on the feel of his sperm flowing into her. Collin could feel
her legs tighten. Her hands were on her knees and her back
was stiff. Alex had her eyes closed, enjoying the fullness
inside her and her lips were parted in a slight smile as she
peaked once more.

Once both of their bodies relaxed, Alex straightened her
legs and lowered herself to lie on top of Collin. He reached
down and rubbed her lightly where he felt his cock penetrate
her. He massaged the muscle between that hole and her ass.
He felt her shiver, or shudder once more and she lapsed into
a contented sigh.

“Collin, ” she whispered. “The third time is a wonderful
charm.” He rocked his hips now to again feeling the sensations
of her walls adoring his shaft. “Can we maybe call the airlines
tomorrow and see if we can change our flight to Thursday?”
she asked. Then, with his shaft still hard and buried inside
her, Alex drifted off to sleep.

This quiet sail is as a noiseless wing to waft me from distraction ~ George Gordon Noel Byron

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I most liked the teasing part. Do you think hotels like to
see stranded travelers get it together?


Members can vote on this response!

Technique and style was A+. Very erotic!!!!!


Members can vote on this response!

This has been dubbed my favorite so far!!!!


DunksLumenTeams replies on 5/21/2007 12:31 pm:
Well, I guess I'm glad you're a reader Valentine. This is setting a bar to keep writing things to keep you looking. thanks

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Very nice build up and loved the twist in the plot.



DunksLumenTeams replies on 6/13/2007 6:11 pm:
I have a confession. Doesn't that sound juicy? I was setting in the Fresno airport when I did this. Seattle was frozen and all their planes were stuck on the ground. I spent three days there...well, not all at the airport, silly.

Not telling any more......nope

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Loved the story. Would like to meet Alex sometime. If she's
not just a fantasy, I'm sure we could rock each other's


DunksLumenTeams replies on 6/13/2007 6:12 pm:
Well, Alex does like being rocked. But alas...she's mostly fantasy. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

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For me... this one was about the chase in the beginning...
enjoyed it


DunksLumenTeams replies on 7/7/2007 3:58 pm:
Ah, yes...well you are about the chase, aren't you, Raylene. *wink*

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what fun. I love the way she acted. agian I love your work.
I'm gonna be a fan. LOL, seems I keep finding myself
under that pretty thing too


DunksLumenTeams replies on 7/15/2007 11:21 pm:
oh please be a love it, thanks. Under that pretty thing? you mean Raye? Oh my. does she know?

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Ok, I'm a fan. I read, or tried to read a couple other
people and came back. This one, well I caught myself wondering
if I could be that sassy and pull off what she did. What a wonderful
course of events. You might just try to put a little more
"spank" in her attitude. (giggle)


DunksLumenTeams replies on 8/6/2007 8:23 am:
I agree. I wanted her to come off really sassy, a lady with attitude and keep wondering if it worked. I appreciate your reading - coming back - and commenting.

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I love this story, .. tnot vulgar sex, .. but combine with
sweet romance, .. naughty adventure. I just join this
AdultFriendFinder member, .. hope to find your other's


DunksLumenTeams replies on 8/6/2007 8:22 am:
I hope you find them I'm seeing that you hit quite a few. Thanks for commenting

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its so sweet, and so much fun!!


DunksLumenTeams replies on 9/19/2007 12:39 pm:
Well, Hi Atomic...I didn't realize you had commented here...thank you. I like finding your footprints.

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very nice story


DunksLumenTeams replies on 9/19/2007 12:39 pm:
horny, thanks a lot for reading it. And thanks even more for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.

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REally super story - I'd be happy to miss a plane with
you anytime....although a similar thing happened to me
on this sad day six years ago...and we had a whole week and
she was one of the most beautiful women I've ever met....


DunksLumenTeams replies on 9/19/2007 12:41 pm:
So you had the experience...well, this is a true, sorta true. It is obviously embelished for the AFF audience. Thanks for commenting and may your next layover be a good one.