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Caught By My Teacher


When I was in the 8th grade, I had an experience that I’ll
never forget. At the time, I thought it was extremely rare,
but with the spat of similar stories being reported in the
news, I now believe it is a lot more common than I had imagined.
My story was never reported, because even at that age, I
knew enough to keep my damn mouth shut. I wouldn’t even tell
it here except there’s no way for anyone to figure out who
the players are now.

In fact, I don’t even remember her last name, but her real
first name was Carolyn. I’m guessing she was about 24-26
years old. It’s hard to say, given that I was seeing her through
different eyes back then. She really wasn’t much to look
at by my adult standards. Not ugly or anything, but rather
plain. You wouldn’t say she had a hot body either. Skinny
and a little bit red-faced, with small breasts. But she
had pretty legs, and often wore skirts with dark hose, and
that used to turn me on. I loved the smell of her perfume too.
It wasn’t musky or heavy. Very delicate and feminine. Most
of all, I liked the way she looked at me. She smiled nicely
and when she’d smile at me, I would feel myself get warm all
over. Sometimes, I even blushed, because I had such a crush
on her, and when she looked at me it seemed like she knew what
I was thinking.

One time, she was sitting at her desk while we were working
on a writing assignment, and I was starting at her, imagining
her naked, inviting me to her. I remember thinking, “God
how I want to fuck you, ” and at that exact moment she looked
up and right at me, as though she had heard me say it out loud.
She smiled so sweetly, and I know I must have turned beet
red. I was totally flustered as I dropped my eyes back down
to my work. After that, her attitude towards me was even
sweeter and more inviting, though I thought it was my crazy
imagination. She would frequently make eye contact with
me, and once, I actually caught her staring at me. When I
looked up and saw her, she reacted just as I had when she’d
caught me, turning red and dropping her eyes.

That further fueled my fantasies and I found myself thinking
about her often during the day, long after leaving school.
I dreamed up all sorts of fantasies where we’d have occasion
to meet in private and our secret love would be revealed
and result in beautiful sex together.

It was a small school, which encompassed students from
first all the way through 8th grade. My mom taught 1st graders
at the same school, so on many occasions, I found myself
at the school well after school hours as my mom worked on
some project or another. One of the perks of being a teacher
was that teachers were allowed to raid the ice cream that
was offered for sale at lunch time. They were expected to
be reasonable about it and no tally was kept. One night while
she was working late at the school preparing for teacher
conferences, mom told me I could go get an ice cream if I wanted,
so I took her keys and headed off to the multi-purpose room
where the treats were stored.

As it happened, the multipurpose room was directly adjacent
to Carolyn’s classroom, connected by an interior door
which was locked on the side facing the classroom, but unlocked
to someone inside the multipurpose room. Instead of getting
an ice cream, I passed through and opened the door to Carolyn’s
classroom and stepped inside. It was dark outside, the
only light was that of the fluorescents outside coming
through the darkly tinted classroom lights. On the other
side of the classroom, the only windows were very high up,
above the level of the door. I remember my heart beating
fast, as though I were doing something really wrong, but
that was only because of the thoughts I was having. I went
over to Carolyn’s chair, where I could barely make out the
faint scent of her perfume lingering around her desk. It
turned me on and I started to imagine that Carolyn was there
with me, and that she was showing me her body. I even leaned
down to sniff her chair, which made me feel like a total pervert
and even more guilty and fearful of being caught. Finally,
I took my cock out and started jerking it and then moved over
to her chair and began rubbing my cock against her seat,
imagining that I was fucking her. It was really hot, and
I was thinking how great it would be to be sitting in class
later knowing that she was sitting on that chair.

Suddenly, I heard a key in the door, which scared the shit
out of me. I scrambled, frantically trying to pull up my
pants as the lights came one, and there was Carolyn looking
at me trying to stuff my cock back into my shorts and recover.
She was startled and gasped in fear. I was pretty close to
being my full 6 feet tall at that age, so it had to be quite
a fright for her to encounter what amounted to a grown man
in her darkened classroom late at night. I was mortified
and visions of the humiliation that was sure to follow killed
all notions of passion. I wondered if the whole school would
find out, or just my mom. Surely I’d be kicked out of school.
Would the police be called?

When she realized it was me, she breathed a sigh of relief.
“You scared me!, ” she scolded. “What the heck are you doing
in here anyway?” It took her a moment or two to connect the
dots and realize what she was looking at, but soon enough
she realized that I was zipping up and suddenly her expression
changed. Her face went soft, and took on a “you poor little
dear” look. I didn’t know what to say. After a few moments,
she turned the lights back off, then stood there quietly
in the dark, saying not a word for what seemed like an eternity.
Then her soft voice broke the silence. “Did I interrupt
something?, ” she asked, and began walking towards me.
I froze, my heart pounding furiously in my chest. I wanted
to hide. Hell, I wanted to cry!

She continued over to where I was standing, and I could see
that she was smiling gently, not a hint of scorn on her face
as she looked at me. “What were you doing there, hon?” she
persisted. But I couldn’t muster an answer. She gently
touched my arm as she continued. “You’re embarrassed,
aren’t you?” I nodded my head, humiliated and ashamed.
“Ahhh, ” she cooed, as she pulled me to her in a mother’s
comforting embrace. Her arms wrapped around me and it felt
so good I nearly cried, but in a different way from before.
She pulled me close to her and I found my face buried in her
neck, both her arms wrapped around me, pulling me tight
against her. The fresh scent of her perfume was intoxicating
and my mind was spinning as I tried to get a handle on what
was happening. Moments before, I had been in the midst of
a terrible nightmare, and now it seemed like a fantasy come
true to be holding Carolyn in my arms like this, in the dark,
in her classroom. I really didn’t know what to think, but
I was aroused, and my cock quickly stiffened and I tried
to shift my position so she wouldn’t feel me getting hard
and freak out. But she stopped me from moving away, and in
fact pulled me closer and moved her leg against me, pressing
into my growing erection. I froze, figuring that if I didn’t
move, she wouldn’t be so likely to notice the hard-on that
was now pressing against her leg.

She didn’t hold still though, and I soon felt her leg moving
against my erection, rubbing it firmly. I wasn’t terribly
sophisticated, and didn’t yet realize that she knew full
well what she was doing, and I still thought of trying to
hide my erection from her, but what she was going felt so
damn good! Then I noticed her breathing, that it was slow
and heavy, and the reality of my situation finally began
to penetrate the thick fog of my pubescent brain.

The realization that she was getting aroused from this
made me thoroughly crazy. My head started spinning and
I felt my knees get weak. Her breathing just kept getting
heavier and then with a hoarse whisper she asked me, “Does
that feel good, hon?” I couldn’t manage an answer as she
continued. “Hmmm? Do you like that? Does that feel nice?’
As I stammered out a weak “Yeah, ” she reached a hand down
and gave my cock a squeeze through my pants and I came very
close to cumming in my shorts right then.

“Show me what you were doing before I interrupted you, ”
she said. “Will you show me? I want to see.” I was reluctant.
I thought jacking off was something shameful and I didn’t
want her to know. On the other hand, I really wanted to take
my cock out and show it to her. The very idea of her looking
at my naked cock was enough to incite sufficient passion
in me that I was able to shed my inhibition. I opened my pants
and proudly withdrew my cock. I say “proudly” not because
I consider myself terribly big, but by that time in my life,
my cock had already attained it’s full adult size of 6.5
inches, and decently thick. Later in life, I came to understand
that women appreciate my cock a lot because it is thick and
has a pronounced mushroom head on it. With the vigor and
extreme arousal of my youth, at that moment my cock was probably
bigger than it has ever been since. Her reaction to the sight
of it firmly and forever established in me a strong sense
of self-esteem in regard to my cock, and although I know
it’s not a monster, from that point, I never once endured
the typical male angst as to whether my cock was sufficient
for a woman.

She looked at is as though I had just presented her with the
Hope Diamond. “Oh!, ” she exclaimed with an enthusiastic
air of appreciation. “It’s beautiful! Oh, wow!” Looking
into my eyes with the wonder of a small child, she asked me,
“May I touch it?” What a question, huh? I guess I must have
said yes, because I remember that her fingers, still cool
from the air outside, were suddenly wrapped around it while
the other hand gently cradled my balls. She softly slid
her hand up and over, rubbing the head of my cock with her
palm and back down. As she moved her hand back up, I felt myself
starting to cum, and tried desperately not to, but there
was no way of stopping it and a moment later, my cum was flying
out of my cock, spurting up onto her neck and splashing the
front of her blouse. She gave out with a soft squeal of delight
and looked intently at my cock as it continued to spurt a
few more time, her mouth open in an expression of awe and
appreciation which allowed me to feel OK about cumming
so quickly in her hand.

“Wow, ” she whispered hoarsely. “There was so much of it!”
I was pretty shocked myself at how much I had cum and how far
it had shot. It was not only the first time any female had
ever touched my cock, but it was also this teacher whom I
had fantasized about. Plus I knew very well how wrong it
all was and the naughtiness of it had only added to the excitement
I felt, so the intensity of my orgasm was not surprising.

She went to get a paper towel to mop up the mess, returning
shortly to find me zipping up my pants. “What are you doing?”
she asked. I looked up questioningly. I didn’t know what
I was supposed to do. With a serious look of disappointment
on her face, she continued, “Do you want to stop?” I smiled,
shaking my head. I just didn’t know what I should do and had
instinctively zipped up my pants. She smiled and unbuttoned
her blouse, then reached behind and unhooked her bra, lifting
it up to expose one of smallest sets of breasts I’ve ever
seen. That didn’t deter my arousal though. They were real
breast of a real woman, the woman I’d fantasized about for
many months! Small swellings, with nickel sized areolas
and hard little BB’s for nipples. She took my hand and guided
it to one of them as she whispered “Touch them, ” then pressing
my hand firmly onto it. My cock sprang back to full strength
as I felt her soft, small breast in my hand.

She reached down with her other hand, grasping my cock through
my pants and felt my full erection. “Mmmm, that’s what I
thought, ” she said, softly smiling as she worked it gently.
“Take it back out again, OK?” she urged. Of course I eagerly
obliged, and as I was taking my cock back out for her, she
lifted up her skirt, giving me another huge thrill as I saw
more of her dark hose than I’d been able to enjoy during class.
Then she was pulling her hose and panties down and stepped
out of them, a wicked smile on her face.

Seated on the edge of her desk, she pulled me up to her and
began to kiss me, my eager cock now pressing up against her.
She took my hand and guided it up under her skirt to her furry
pussy. Her breath as hard and fast as she urged me to “Touch
it!” I clumsily fumbled at her bush, and then my fingers
found her wet opening, and I slid my middle finger into her
warmth, thrilling beyond belief as my fingers touched
pussy for the first time. “Yes, ” she whispered in a desperate
tone. “Oh yeah, that’s it.” Then taking my hand, she guided
a finger to her clit and began to show me how to rub it. “Right
there baby, touch it there. That’s it.”

By now, my cock was throbbing again, and when she put her
hand back on it and began to fondle me, I knew I’d be cumming
again soon. She seemed to realize it as well, for she wouldn’t
stop moving her hand from time to time and squeeze it tightly
in her fist, which although it didn’t hurt, managed to keep
me from cumming into her hand again.

In just a few minutes, she stopped and took me by the hips,
pushing me back so she could spread her legs, giving me my
first brief glance of a real live pussy. Then pulling me
by the waist as she held my cock in her other hand, she guided
my cock forward to her pussy opening. In a rapidly and urgently
voiced whisper, she told me, “Push it in! Come on honey,
push it into me.” I pushed forward and my dick slid neatly
into her, bottoming out in one stroke. “Oh yeah!, ” she
squealed. “That’s it! Do it like that, ” she told me.

A rush of adrenaline and excitement shot through me as I
felt the warm embrace of pussy around my cock for the first
time. I awkwardly fucked at her, not sure what I should doing
and just relying on what felt good to guide me. In no time
at all, I felt myself starting to cum again. I looked up at
her, whimpering softly, actually stressing a little bit
that I was cumming so quickly. Her kindness, understanding and enthusiasm were such
that I still feel great love towards her to this day. “It’s
OK honey, ” she whispered. “Go ahead ‒ shoot it inside of
me.” I couldn’t have stopped if I tried, but her words of
permission made it feel so much better as I felt my cock start
to pump my cum into her. Her words of approval as she felt
me empty into her made me feel like a real man. “Oh yeah. That’s
it! Oh yes, shoot it into me.” I was dizzy, my head spinning
and for a moment I thought I might pass out. As I continued
to fuck slowly in and out of her after I came, she smiled dreamily
as she fingered her clit.

“Did you like that?” she asked, giggling. I nodded eagerly,
with the giddiness of a child on Christmas morning. “Let’s
do it some more, ” she said, this time more of a directive.
Pushing me away from her, she said, “Just a minute. Wait
here.” She went into the supply room and returned with several
blankets which she spread out on the floor. “Let’s do this
right, ” she said grinning. She directed me to lie down
on the blankets and as I did, she took off the rest of her clothes.
At the sight of this fully naked woman, my cock was already
springing back to life, if indeed it had ever gone soft at
all, I don’t remember.

She slid my pants completely off and taking her cue, I removed
my shirt so now we were both fully naked. She knelt at my side
and took my cock into her hand, stroking it as she smiled
at me, a funny look on her face. Then she moved into position
between my legs, and slid down onto her stomach to took my
cock into her mouth. What a total thrill! It felt terrific,
but even more exciting was just to look down and see my cock
going in and out of her mouth and to hear the sounds she made.
Wet slurping sounds as well as the occasional soft moan
of hungry appreciation. In no time at all, she had me ready
to cum again, but thanks to having cum twice already, I managed,
with difficulty, to keep from spraying her throat. I had
to force myself not to think about the idea of cumming into
her mouth, because when I thought about my cock emptying
into her mouth, I would almost lose it and I knew that I’d
cum quickly again if I continued down that road.

I wanted to make this last. Not only out of a desire to return
some pleasure to her, but also for my own selfish reasons.
This felt so great, and even then, I was wondering if I’d
ever experience anything so wonderful again, or if Carolyn
would ever let me do this again. She sucked me for a good long
time, and with an eagerness and hunger that makes me suspect
she actually wanted to get me to cum in her mouth, but I held

Then she lay down next to me on the blankets, and pulled me
over on top of her, moving me between her legs. I moved up
to her opening, but was too awkward and unaccustomed to
this to readily find the hole without guidance, which she
quickly provided. She moved my cockhead to her opening,
and as I found it, she said, “There it is, push!” In a flash,
I was back inside of her now dripping wet pussy, and for several
minutes we fucked in a frenzy on the classroom floor. She
got loud when she started to cum, and I began to worry that
she might get us caught. Even so, it was an incredible turn-on
and as I watched a woman cumming on my cock for the first time,
I felt myself push over the edge, cumming into her as she
finished her prolonged and noisy orgasm.

After I pulled out of her, she pulled me back down onto the
blanket next to her and held me close for several minutes
in silence. I started to worry that my mom might come looking
for me, so finally I moved to get up. At first, she tried to
hold onto me, saying, “Not yet. Don’t go yet.” But I told
her that I was worried that my mom would wonder why I was gone
so long, and that seemed to sober her up pretty quickly.
She dressed quickly, tossing her bra, hose and panties
into her purse. She seemed suddenly distracted and nervous
and I worried that she might actually be angry at me as she
was avoiding looking in my direction at all.

“Are you mad at me?” I finally asked. She stopped and looked
up at me, now all serious. “No, of course not, ” she assured
me, but the serious look didn’t diminish. She paused. “It’s
just that, um. . .” Another pause. “It’s just that, well,
if anyone should find out about this, we could get into a
lot of trouble.” “I won’t tell anyone, ” I promised. “If
you were to tell even just one of your friends, they’d tell
others, and we’d get into trouble. A lot of trouble.”

“I won’t tell anyone, ” I repeated. “Can we do this again
sometime?” She still looked worried. “You’ve got to promise
me you won’t tell anyone. Ever.” I promised her again that
I would never tell a soul, and asked her again if we could
do it again sometime. Finally her face softened into a smile.
“So you liked that, huh?” she laughed. “Well, me too! You’ve
got a really nice one, you know? It’s so thick, and hard!”
She reached down and gave my cock another squeeze through
my pants, and commented on the fact that it was getting hard
again “so soon, ” as she called it. She pulled me over to
her and whispered into my ear. “I love the way it tastes too, ”
she said. “Next time, I want you to cum in my mouth, OK?”

Her sexy words, coupled with the sweet scent of her perfume
and the reminder of how it had looked to watch my cock sliding
in and out of her mouth, drove all concerns about anything
else from my mind. I reached down and unfastened my pants,
pulling out my erection. “Oh my gawd, look at you!” she exclaimed.
She dropped down to her knees on the blankets and began immediately
to suck me eagerly, as before. Except this time, I understood
that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, and I was looking forward
to it. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Watching my cock slide
in and out of my teacher’s mouth was intensely arousing.
Every now and again, she’d look up at me as she sucked, looking
right into my eyes as she hungrily took my cock into her mouth.
After she did that a couple times, I felt myself ready to
cum and she recognized the soft whimpering sounds I was
making as my dick stiffened in her mouth. She sucked harder,
giving out a few muffled encouragements for me to blow into
her mouth. “Um-hm! Um-hm”, she said, and then as my young
cock began to empty into her throat, a weak “mmmmm” as she
swallowed whatever sperm I had left.

“Yum!” she said happily as she pulled her mouth from it.
Then, standing up, she said, “Now remember, no one knows
about this. You promised. You’ve got to keep your promise.”

I assured her again that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it,
and shortly thereafter hurried back to my mom’s classroom.
Mom just figured I’d been out screwing around and never
asked any questions. From then on, I was addicted. Well,
actually, I thought myself in love, and perhaps I was. As
I sit here reflecting on her today, I feel nothing but fondness
and affection (and arousal) for my 8th grade teacher.

From that time forward, I looked forward intensely to school.
The first day, it was a little awkward as each of us struggled
with this odd conflict in our roles. I did my best to be a model
student in her classroom, never to put her in the position
of having to scold me, and of course, wanting desperately
to keep her happy with me. She avoided looking at me most
of the time, but I understood why and it didn’t bother me.

True to her word, we did get together several more times
over the next several months. The first time anything happened
after that first encounter, she disappeared into the multipurpose
room for a few minutes while the class was working on an assignment.
Then she poked her head out and said she needed some help
with something and called on me to assist her. When I entered
the room, I saw that she had closed all the blinds, and as
soon as the door closed, she locked it, then turned to me,
putting a finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet. My cock
was quickly rising to attention as she continued, pulling
me over to her and whispering, “I’ve been thinking about
you all day, and it’s been making me crazy.” She reached
down and gave my stiffening cock a few squeezes, and added,
“Oh good, I see you’ve been thinking about the same thing!”

With another shushing gesture, she unfastened my pants
and pulled out my cock. “Real quick, OK? In my mouth, so there
won’t be any mess.” With that she gave me what may well have
been the world’s quickest blow job. I shot into her mouth
within seconds, though she held my dick in her mouth for
several seconds afterward, making sure she disposed of
all the evidence down her throat. “Good job, ” she whispered.
“Perfect. Gawd how I love how you taste.” She had me carry
a heavy box out of the room and place it on her desk for appearances,
although I remember thinking that a couple of the others
were looking at me funny.

When the day ended, I straggled and fussed with my books
waiting for everyone else to leave the classroom. I made
my way to Carolyn’s desk, and she looked up at me innocently
smiling. “Yes?”, she said, as if she didn’t know full well
what would be on my mind. I found it hard to say what I had on
my mind. I was embarrassed, and still not sure how she would
respond. If I had the experience of a grown man, I’d have
known exactly what to do, but at the time it was a struggle.
I managed to stammer out that I wanted to see her again. To
my great delight, she smiled and replied, “OK, how about
tonight?” “Tonight? Sure! But how? Where?” She told me
where her apartment was located, about a mile from where
I lived, and asked me if I knew where that was, and if I could
be there around 6. I assured her that I would be there. As
I left, she reminded me once again that I mustn’t tell anyone,
and again I promised not to.

I told my mom that I had to work on a paper at the library, and
she didn’t bat an eye. So at 5:30, I found myself pedaling
my bicycle furiously towards Carolyn’s apartment. I knocked
nervously on the door, and she answered it, wearing her
bath robe. As I stepped inside, she took me by the hand, saying
“I was just going to jump in the shower. Why don’t you join
me?” She turned on the shower and when she saw I hadn’t started
to undress, she scolded me a little. “What are you waiting
for?” she asked as she began pulling off my shirt. I quickly
got with the program and pulled off the rest of my clothes.
She stepped out of her bathrobe, and once again I was standing
next to a live, fully naked woman. Except this time, it wasn’t
in the dark classroom, it was in the fully lit bathroom of
her apartment and I could see everything she had to offer.
Her tits seemed a little bigger than they had before, but
they were still pretty small. Her bush was full and thick
and I remember being surprised that it was much darker than
her blonde hair.

We stepped into the shower and she immediately began to
lather me up with soap, but she avoided my cock, which was
swollen to the point of near pain. As I rinsed, she soaped
herself up and then pulled my hand to her soapy breast, gasping
lightly as I touched her hard little BB nipples. I stood
behind her and began to fondle her slippery warm tits. My
cock brushed up against her ass, and I gasped and pulled
back immediately. Feeling the warmth of her ass against
my cock had almost made me cum! She took the shower head and
directed the stream at her bush, fingering it furiously
with the other hand. At first, I thought she was simply washing
it, but I quickly realized that she was pleasuring herself
in this way.

I moved back up against her, pressing my cock lightly into
the crack of her ass. I knew I was going to cum quick and I wanted
her to be aware, so I whispered the news into her ear. “Wait!
Wait!” she called out urgently, startling me a little.
“I want to see it, ” she explained. Turning around, she
lathered up her hands and applied the soap to my cock and
balls, lightly at first, as if just to give them a wash, then
turning her attention to the shaft, she began to work her
soapy warm hand up and down and very soon, I shot a heavy load
at least a foot into the air. She was delighted. “Oh wow!”,
she exclaimed. “Look at that! Wow! You’ve got so much of

When I stopped cumming, we rinsed off and stepped out. As
we toweled off, she asked, “You’re going to be able to give
me a couple more of those, right?” I smiled, a little embarrassed.
Since our first encounter, I had jacked off several times
to the thoughts of what we had done, and I knew that even with
just her memory and my hand, I had managed to squeeze off
several orgasms between leaving school and falling asleep
at night!

She took me into her bedroom, which was lit only by the light
of several sweet smelling candles. She sat on the edge of
the bed and immediately went to work, sucking on my cock,
now already back to full arousal. She sucked for several
minutes, then stopped to ask me, “Do you like when I kiss
it like that?” Of course I did, and I hurried to tell her so.
“I want you to kiss mine too. Will you?” I knew that people
did such things, but as much as I wanted to see her pussy up
close, I wasn’t too sure about putting my mouth on it, but
what could I say at that point? For one thing, I didn’t want
her to think I wasn’t “sophisticated”. Hiding my reluctance,
I told her I’d be glad to.

She scooted back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide,
and holding her lips open for me, softly stroking her opening
with a finger. I moved in to her pussy, thrilling at the close
up view I now had of her opening, getting my first good look
at a vagina (back then, even the dirty magazines just showed
fur, not lips). I moved in awkwardly and gave her a peck,
of the sort you might give your grandma on her cheek. I didn’t
have any idea what to do. She was so sweet about it though
and never let on what a dunce I was. I kissed her a few more
times like that, and as I did, I began to find it arousing.
Her fresh smell was something amazing, and just the awareness
that I was actually pushing my lips against my teacher’s
pussy was exhilarating. She pointed me to her clit and explained
that it was a highly sensitive part of a woman. “Lick it there
for me, OK?” As I complied, her response to my tongue against
her clit changed me forever into an enthusiast for cunnilingus.
She gave me gentle instruction at every step, and I’m truly
grateful for what she taught me about how to properly pleasure
a woman with my tongue.

In a few minutes, she started to cum loudly. But this time,
I wasn’t worried about anyone hearing, and I enjoyed the
way it made me feel like she was enjoying this as much as I
was, which was hard for me to grasp. As she finished cumming,
she shocked me a bit with the coarseness of her next words.
“Give me your cock, honey. I want to feel your cock inside
of me!” Despite her wanton behavior with me, her underage
student, I viewed as a proper lady, and was surprised to
hear her talk like that. It was exciting though! As I moved
up between her legs, she continued. “Yeah, that’s it baby!
Fuck me!” The “f” word was something even guys my age didn’t
say very much. But she was hungry! She grabbed my cock as
I neared her and practically pulled it into her pussy. One
thing I didn’t learn from Carolyn was the tactic of teasing
a woman’s pussy and entering her slowly. Whenever she fucked
me, she wanted my cock in her all the way, immediately, and
it was only years later that I learned that is not always
the best approach!

As I pushed eagerly into her, she continued her verbal onslaught,
repeatedly urging me on with words I never would have imagined
she was capable of saying out loud. “Oh yeah! Fuck me, baby!
Ohhh, that feels so nice. Fuck my cunt! I love it!” Soon she
progressed to urging me to fill her pussy with my cream,
and of course I promptly obliged.

We fucked several times before I left, as she introduced
me to doggie style and cowgirl. In no time, I looked up at
the clock and was startled to notice that it was already
past 9. The library was closed, and I’d have some explaining
to do if I didn’t get home quick. She saw what I was looking
at, and quickly understood the problem. “Quick, get dressed!”
she instructed. “I’ll take you home.” She threw my bike
into the back of her small station wagon and dropped me a
block away from my door. She winked and blew me a kiss as I
got out, then quickly drove away.

She never blew me in the classroom again, but after that,
we got together at least twice a month at her apartment.
My mom never questioned my sudden devotion to working on
my homework at the library, but then my grades that year
were the best they’d ever been, so why would she question

Towards the end of the school year, Carolyn suddenly showed
a sharp change in her attitude. She seemed cool towards
me, and the next time I suggested a meet, she blew me off.
That happened a couple more times, and I began to wonder
if she had found a boyfriend or something. I actually felt
jealous and a little hurt. Finally I couldn’t stand it,
and approached her after class. I didn’t know what to say
and then I felt my eyes starting to tear up. “Oh shit!” I thought.
“Please don’t let me cry like an asshole, ” I thought. She
saw it too though, and turned away, heaving a heavy sigh.
I stood there in silence for a long time, and finally she
turned back to me.

“Look, ” she began. “I’m sorry. It’s just really wrong
and I shouldn’t have done any of those things with you. I’m
much older than you, and I’m your teacher, and it’s just
wrong for me to do that.” “It’s OK, ” I protested. “It’s
not wrong! It’s a good thing.” I knew she was right, but I
desperately wanted it to continue.

“No, ” she insisted. “It’s wrong, and it has to stop. I’m
sorry for what I did and I hope I haven’t hurt you, but it has
to stop.” Her eyes started to leak a little too at that point,
and I felt really bad for her. I wanted to hold her, to comfort
her, but of course I couldn’t there at the school, and she
wouldn’t have let me anyway. “No more. OK?” she said, managing
a weak smile. I begged her to let me come over just one last
time, but she remained firm, and it never happened again.

I only saw her a few times after the school year ended, and
it was always very cool and detached. A couple of years later,
she moved away and I never even found out where she went.
Hell, I wish I could remember her last name so I could try
to Google her or something. I’d love to see her again, and
to find out if 35 years later, she still loves cock, and whether
she could still make me cum so fast and hard!

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Lucky guy. There were some teachers in school that I would
loved to have had an affair with. Short skirts, black nylons,
showing lots of leg, doing a lot of teasing. I was in high
school and the teachers back then were in their 30's-40's.
Hot women. But all I did was dream about them.


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DAMN!!!!! That was hot!! I have had many hot teachers I would have liked to "study"
with over the years and your story brought all those memories

Don't remember her last name huh? Funny thing about
schools, they all seem to have a year book with the names
of the students and .. teachers listed.

I look forward to seeing more stories from you in the future.


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That was one my bigest dreams, I even went to teachers homes
to work in there yard and nothing happened. It at least gave
me mastribation thoughts. Great story.


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That was one of the most incredible stories I have ever read.

Very well written and I enjoyed it very much.

Excellent job!


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Yearbooks and word of mouth are the greatest sources. It
would not be difficult to find her last name! Once you get
her name, you might try the State teachers association.
If you don't find her there, then contact other teachers
from the area, then talk to them and gather information
about other teachers, including the one you miss the most.
Any teacher would love to talk about their local and state

A third source could be the marriage license bureau of your
state, or adjoining states. There is so much public information
on the internet now that you could find her.

My husband took over the job as class historian from his
high school class and he did a wonderful job of finding people
that he had not seen in 35 years.

Good luck, Amie


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Very well done


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That was very well written and 35 years later I'd say
she still loves cock. ..!


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Damn! That reminds me of my high school English teacher.
She had a wonderful shape, but, unfortunately, I never
got the chance to see more. Oh well!!!


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Absolutly amazing story. It reminds me Miss Fowler, Freshman
English. I still get hard thinking about her today.

Well done!!! Keep up the great work.


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quote wantsumfun715:
DAMN!!!!! That was hot!! I have had many hot teachers I would have liked to "study" with over the years and your story brought all those memories back.

Don't remember her last name huh? Funny thing about schools, they all seem to have a year book with the names of the students and .. teachers listed. :)

I look forward to seeing more stories from you in the future.
Nah, it was a small school and we didn't have any yearbook.
I could probably ask my mom cuz she remembers stuff like
that. But she'd be curious why, since I'm usually
bored to tears with her remembering people from back then.

As hot and horny as she was, maybe she's on here! Hey
Carolyn, drop me a line! I promise I won't tell anyone.


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well written, good story, I voted excellant


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great story i had a teacher in school i dreamt about but nothin
ever happened about it. wish it had but o well.


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That was very hot. And don't worry, no need to find
may ruin the memories. It was hot then and may not be so hot
now- then you'd lose a great memory. Keep it in the past
and enjoy the erotica of it all


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Your one lucky dude. Excellent story.


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i wish i had a teacher even remotley hot enough when i was
in school!


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I meef student like you, too/...


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A very hot story. Wish i had a teacher like that, probably wouldn't been able to fuck her , but would have good for fantasizing about to jackoff to


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I need to be taught a lesson by her.....



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da hot very nice love it


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Very hot story. I knew a couple of guys in high school who were fucking teachers. Lucky dudes!