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Catching My Wife AND More!


"As I sat there, leaning over him, his long, thick,
and extremely hard, black cock, in my hands, all I could
think of was the pleasure it was about to bring me!"


I was sitting at my wife's computer, and reading a story
that SHE had written to someone, a person "I"
didn't know or had ever heard of before. I read on:

"The big, beautiful, mushroom shaped head of his
massive cock was inches from my lips, and I could see the
large drop of pre-cum that had formed at the tip, just outside
of that tiny opening, and I had the most overwhelming urge
to lick it off, an urge I'd never felt before, even with
my own husband!"

Number one, number two, number three, and number four ...
Number one, I was shocked! Number two, I was more fucking
shocked. Number three, I was even MORE fucking shocked,
and number four, well, we'll get to number four ...
later! AND SO, I read more!

"I felt his large cock jerk in my hand, as my tongue
snaked out, and I licked the pre-cum from it's tip.
God, he tasted good, his cum tasted good, and I knew I wanted
more! I also knew I wanted, NO, I NEEDED, to feel that massive
rod inside of me, but for now, I wanted to please him."

It ended there, and as I stared at her computer screen, I
was numb. This was written by MY WIFE? it was thought of and
written my sweet, innocent, beautiful, and sometimes
boring wife? Was THIS inside of her, in her head? Was it a
fantasy, never to be realized, but only thought about,
or was it a desire, some kind of real wish, or worse yet, No
way, I'm not even going to go there! Was there more?
I had to know, and so of course I started snooping, digging
through her hard drive, her on-line activities, and her
e-mail. Her passwords, well that was easy. She always,
and I mean ALWAYS, used one of our two daughter's names,
followed by their birth date, and so I had two choices and
one would always be right!

On-line was where I had started, and so on-line was where
I looked first. Terry (my wife) wasn't a "computer
person". She knew how to use a computer, and do things,
but she had no idea how things worked, she only cared that
they did. I went to her internet explorer, browser history.
There were the usual sites, news, on-line scrap booking,
and other craft sites, but then, there was one site she seemed
to visit quite often. I looked at the days and times of her
visits, actually scared to click on any of them, afraid
of what I might see.
The days and times she seemed to frequent this site most
often, were always when I was either at work, during the
day, or late, late, at night, long after I was probably snoring
away in a deep and peaceful sleep!

"Alrighty then", I signed to myself as I clicked
on the link, "Let's just see!".

As the page unfolded in front of me, the first thing I saw
was a large, very naked, and VERY, well-endowed, muscular
black man, standing, his hands on his hips, and facing the
camera. As the picture scrolled onto the screen, at his
feet were two ordinary looking housewife type of women,
kneeling, and naked also, and then under them was the "logo":


Ah, I think I said that once already, didn't I? Oh well,
Under all of that was the usual disclaimer info about this
being an adult pornographic site, and how you had to be at
least 18 years old to join, and then there was the fill in
the user name and password boxes for members, as well as
a "join" link. I hit a letter, the first letter
of the username Terry usually used, "M", and
right away, internet explorer's wonderful auto-fill
not only filled in the rest for me, but it even put in the password,
as she'd had the "remember password" box
checked as well! User name: mommymia, Password: Andy1109.
As I waited for the new page to load, I took a big drink of wine,
from the glass I'd brought with me into her little craft
room/computer room. Actually, I took a big fucking gulp,
finishing off the glass, and then reached over and filled
it again!

"Welcome Back Terry", the stupid little message
flashed at the top of the page, and then under that "Last
Visit - Today". Damn, she'd been on line sometime
that very morning, before she'd left with the kids
for her weekend at her mother's house! I began to examine
the page. There was an e-mail section of course, as well
as a profile and ad section, and also search sections, a
magazine, blogs, and stories sections. Another big gulp
of wine, finishing off yet another glass all at once, as
well as the last of the bottle I'd opened earlier. Before
I decided about the site, I decided to go get another drink,
and this time I was going to switch from after-dinner wine,
straight to the hard stuff! As I stood up, I felt a little
light-headed, but something else annoyed me more, and
that was my ERECTION!

As I stood, for the first time, honestly for the first time,
I discovered, I had one hell of a hard-on! WHAT THE FUCK?
I quickly went and fetched my new drink, and then was back
at her computer. I clicked on her profile.

Height: 5'6" Body Type: Athletic Hair Color: Auburn Eyes: Brown Bust Size: 38D or Sometimes 38DD Status: Married or Attached Availability: Weekdays Kids: 2 Does Spouse Know: NO!

Under that was her actual profile or ad, and I read it:

Married, white, female, 34 years old, available most weekdays,
and some weekends. I have kids and hubby doesn't know,
so description is a must, and is always given as well. My
sex-life at home is boring, and unfulfilling, and my husband
is an average-hung, at best. I am seeking well-endowed
black men for sexy fun and games. I am open to trying most
anything sexually, and I love giving oral to completion,
as well as receiving of course. I am not into pain, but I do
love being more submissive with my black lovers. I am drug
and disease free, and expect and demand the same. I am willing
to go "Bareback" with the right lover, as I am
"fixed" and can no longer have kids, but he will
need to provide proof he is clean and disease free as well.
Oh, and yes, I DO SWALLOW! LOL PLEASE - Contact me as I am sincere!

As tears streamed down my face, I polished off my glass of
hard liquor, and then took a big swing straight from the
bottle I'd also brought into the room with me. Below
her profile, there were four "links" to what
I supposed were pictures, as they were simply labeled,
Terry1, Terry2, Terry3, and Terry4. I clicked on the first
one, and sure enough, up popped a photo of her. It was of her
naked, simply standing there, facing the camera. I closed
it and clicked on "Terry2". in this photo, she
was still standing, but now her back was to the camera, showing
off her sexy butt! My cock twitched inside my boxer shorts,
and so I slid them off, and now I was naked, sitting in her

Picture #3 was even hotter, as now she was on our bed, OUR
BED, on her back, laying down, and her legs spread wide open,
revealing her wonderful, beautiful, pussy! My hands trembled
as I clicked on #4. Again on our bed, but this time, on her
hands and knees, her ass to the camera, and it was evident
she'd been touching herself, as her pussy lips were
spread wide open, and looked all swollen and wet even in
the photo, and it was an absolutely beautiful shot of her
pussy, ass and asshole, all pointed, straight at the camera!
Without really realizing it, I'd reached down, and
I was stroking my own cock, and looking at MY WIFE, in a whole
new way! My head was spinning from a combination of the alcohol,
and all I had just read and seen, and my mind was going in a
thousand different directions at once!

I began picking apart EVERYTHING! What did she mean her,
OUR, sex life was boring? What did she mean that I was average
hung at best? I'd never heard her complain either about
our sex life OR the size of my cock before! SHE, ALWAYS orgasm’d
every time we did it! I even knew of a position in which I could
get her that I could absolutely guarantee she climaxed
every fucking time we fucked, and usually more than once!
And giving head, oral sex, sucking cock, well, let me tell
you, MOST OF THE TIME, "I" had to almost beg her
to do that for me, and yet she writes that she LOVES doing
it? Now as far as her loving to receive oral sex, THAT I agreed
with, as if there was ANYTHING for me to agree with. I had
to admit, that she had one of the best tasting pussy's
I'd ever tasted, and I'm not just saying that because
she is my wife!

Hurt, resentment, and shame, all began to give way to anger,
but even then, lurking somewhere deep inside me, there
was, well, let's just say that what there was, my EXTREMELY
hard cock was showing as proof! I can go on and on, and on about
the site, and everything I was seeing, but that would take
forever. let's just say that I visited her "blog",
and learned plenty there. I saw some stories she'd
posted and learned even more! Eventually, I made my way
to her e-mail, and I wasn't really surprised to see
she only had two, both read. Terry had always been a very
organized person, and cleaning up her e-mails would have
been within her character, but she did have the two! The
first one was from some woman named, Alice, and it was short
and sweet, and I'm sure you would have had to have read
previous e-mails to know what was happening.

It said something about how she was thanking Terry for her
advice, but that she had to run, because HER hubby was walking
in their front door from work, but that she would write my
wife back later. The second mail was from a man, someone
named Aaron, and it was short and sweet also, but I got the
point, and I got it right away. It read:

Dear Terry baby,

"The other day was WONDERFUL, more than you will ever
know, and I hope you had as good a time as I know I did! Write
me, and let me know when we can get together again.

Xoxoxo Aaron.

P.S. You do have one sweet tasting pussy baby!"

The blood drained from my face, but NOT, from my cock! So
this was real? So this wasn't all just fantasy and games?

OH MY GOD! (Holy Shit just didn't seem to cut it anymore!)

I sat back in her chair, my hard cock sticking out, and I looked
down at it in disgust! I got up, and stumbled out of the room,
into our bedroom, and into our bed. I might have been filled
with hurt, disgust, shame, and who knows what else, but
my balls also ached, and I needed "relief"!
Reaching over to her bedside nightstand, I took out one
of her vibrators. Sticking it right against my asshole,
I turned it on, and as it vibrated my ass, I grabbed hold of
my hard cock, and started stroking. I tried not to, but all
I could think of, all I could picture was her, her naked in
those pictures, and then worse yet, her with some large
black man on top of her! I came quickly, and my orgasm was
intense! I shot out all over my hand, my cock, my balls, and
the bed, and I was a mess, but I did nothing, as I rolled over
and basically passed out, still covered in my own cum!

Twice I woke up that night, each time with a renewed hard-on.
The first time, I got up, signed back onto that site, and
printed out the nude pictures she had posted. Taking them
back to bed, I turned on my bedside lamp, and as I looked at
her, objectively, like I would look at any other attractive,
and naked woman, I jerked off. The second time I woke up,
I again held her pictures in one hand, as I stroked my again
hard cock in the other, finally making myself cum, yet a
third time that night, before FINALLY, falling to sleep
for good! The next morning was no different, except of course
that I was a little hung over! I tried to ignore my erection
at first, but a slippery bar of soap in the shower finally
overtook me, as I slid my hand rapidly up and down my hard
shaft, and shot off against the shower door!

After a healthy breakfast of a bloody-Mary and a banana,
I headed straight back to her computer. I seemed to be a "walking
erection" now, and so for the time being, I ignored
it. I was sort of over the hurt, and even the anger was quickly
being replaced by some kind of, well I hate to say the word
"sick", but SOME KIND of curiosity. The night
before, I'd glanced over her blogs, but I hadn't
really gone into any detail reading them, now I wanted to.
I knew they represented her, her feeling, her inner self,
that's what blogs are supposed to be, and I wanted to
know more! I had to know more, I had to know what I had done
wrong, WHERE I had FAILED! I started with the most recent,
and almost as soon as I began reading it, the anger started
creeping back in. I quickly quelled it, as I wanted to remain
as objective as possible, at least for NOW!

It started out talking about her most recent, and as it turned
out, FIRST experience! it was difficult to read, as obviously
Aaron had been one hell of a good lover! Very quickly though,
her mood changed, and what she wrote, surprised even me,
as if surprises were still possible! Rather than me try
and repeat it all, or mess it up interpreting it, let me just
re-type exactly what she wrote, and then go from there.
Her blog said:

QUOTE: "Although I have no idea who might read this,
if anybody, it makes me feel better to write it all out, and
so that's what I’m going to do. I did it, I finally did
it, as you well know, from what I just wrote before this.
I feel ashamed, and elated, and happy and sad, all at the
same time. If I look at it objectively for what it was, just
sex, it was the absolute best sex I've ever had in my
entire life! I LOVE MY HUSBAND. Let me repeat that I ABSOLUTELY
LOVE MY HUSBAND, AND NO ONE ELSE! Why, why then did I do this.
I have no idea, except that it is a part of me that I have kept
hidden my entire life, or at least that part of my life that
has been sexual! A dream come true. A fantasy I have masturbated
about since I was a little girl, and I first discovered masturbation!

It's not Aaron. He was merely the vessel, so to speak.
His was mainly the "toy", his big, black, beautiful,
cock, and those huge black balls! I wanted to worship them,
and worship his body, and oh God, it was so good! with Steven,
my husband, there is love and trust, and the pleasure is
there, but from a purely physical and sexual standpoint,
Aaron and his big, black, cock, were everything I expect
and so much more! Oh God, if there was one thing missing,
it was that I COULDN'T share it all with Steven! I couldn't
tell him, show him how much I needed what Aaron gave me. I
was a piece of ass, a piece of pussy, a hot fuck to Aaron, and
that was OK! HE, was the same to me! Am I going to see him again,
FUCK HIM AGAIN, you bet your ass, I need to, I HAVE TO, but
that doesn't stop me from loving my husband AND wishing
I could share all this with him!" UNQUOTE!

Hand on cock, stroking like mad, shooting off into my own
free hand, I couldn't help it!

What was wrong with me? MOST MEN, would have been furious!
MOST MEN, would have been on the phone to a lawyer, or worse,
gone out an gotten a gun! Here I was, jacking off, masturbating,
and thinking of my wife fucking this other man, and not only
another man, but a black man! Somehow, at least not yet,
even my own mind just couldn't connect all the dots!

OK, I could go on and on about the rest of the weekend, all
I did, and all I thought and felt, but what exactly would
that accomplish? Instead, let me tell you what happened.
(Besides masturbating at least fifteen more times!) I
formulated a plan! It was threefold really, with the first
part being, using my laptop to sign up for this site, and
doing it as a woman, in the hopes I could become best "female
friends" with my own wife! The second part was going
to be me spying on her, and if it all worked out, SEEING FOR
MYSELF! The last part, well, that would come later, and
for that part, I'll just finish up about the first two
things and then, tell you about it!

Part one accomplished. using my laptop, in the on-line
world of married white women seeking black cock, I was now
Marybeth. The second part had to wait until her return,
and it involved a lot of preparation and planning but eventually,
I succeeded there as well. For this part, it is almost like
a story, within a story, and so this may take some time to
write and explain. Me, as on-line "Marybeth"
stumbled upon, got to know, and became friends with Terry,
my wife. Through that part of my plan, I was able to make the
second thing happen, and that was spying on her. Through
that, I learned the date and time, and of course I already
knew the place, when Aaron would once again be using my house,
my bedroom, my bed, and most importantly, MY WIFE, for his
pleasure, his satisfaction, and hers too I assumed!

The day of the "big event", I was ready! I am a
gizmo, gadget, high tech, and computer freak, and so for
me to "wire" our bedroom for both sound, and
full video, was a snap. I had three hidden cameras mounted
and ready to control via remote access, using my laptop.
Without going into all the high tech details, I coul dnow
be in a hotel room, five miles away, and using the WiFi internet,
I could see and hear and record, EVERYTHING. I'd actually
wired both our master bathroom, and our bedroom and I wish
I could have done the whole house, but I did have a limit on
expenses and resources! I'd gotten my hotel room the
night before, and then the morning of, I'd "left
for work" as usual, kissing Terry good-bye, and telling
her to have a great day!

By the time I was safe and snug in the hotel room, and all my
equipment set up, and ready to go, Terry was in the shower.
She seemed, for some reason, to be taking a very long time
showering, especially for her, but then as I suddenly heard:

"Hummmmm, Oh YEAH!" "Ooooooooooooh!
(Or something to that effect)

I knew what had taken so long! DAMN, orgasm number one already,
and Aaron wasn't even there yet!

I watched her dress, or rather lack of dress, since all she'd
put on was this cute, baby-doll nitie I'd bought her,
that she had yet to wear for ME, and nothing else, except
a sprits or two of perfume in all the right places of course!
it wasn't fifteen minutes later, and even up in the
bedroom, I heard the front doorbell ring, and then Terry
was gone from sight! I was actually glad that when they returned,
hand-in-hand, Terry still had on the nitie, and Aaron was
still fully dressed. Walking up to the end of the bed, they
turned toward each other, and Aaron took Terry into his
arms, they kissed. One view showed them from the side. Another
view showed them from the other side, and yet a third view
showed them with her back to the camera. THAT was the view
my eyes were transfixed on for the moment. His hands roamed
down her back, and over her bare ass. He cupped her as cheeks,
squeezing them, and pulling her even closer into him

His shirt came off, and then his pants. Even i could see the
sizable bulge in the front of his boxer shorts, She didn't
touch him there though, at least not yet. Their kissing
got more passionate, and then her hands did move around,
and in between them. i knew she was fondling his cock, even
if it was just though his shorts at this point. Slowly, she
kissed her way down his neck, still standing, and then bent
over slightly, as she began licking on sucking on his nipples.
his big hands went to her shoulders, and then he was pushing,
guiding her down, and onto the bed in front of him Terry slid
his shorts off, and his cock sprang into view for the first
time. My God, he was huge! He didn't look quite fully
erect yet, and still his cock was twice the size of MINE!

She licked it first, starting at the head, but then slowly
working up and down his massive, hard, shaft. She had both
hands on his cock, as well as her mouth, and still there was
more of him showing. He had to be at least NINE INCHES LONG!
My first thought was, How in the world was she going to get
that monster inside of her? I mean, there were times when
her pussy felt tight to ME, so how the hell could she handle
HIM? Up and down she licked him, and even five miles away,
and viewing this on a laptop screen, I could see that she
was "making love" to his massive cock, even
more so than just servicing him! As she moved her mouth lower,
he lifted one leg up, and propped his foot on the bed. Her
head dipped down, and then she was all over his huge balls
with her mouth, her lips, and her tongue!

His fingers were tangled in her hair, and even though neither
of them spoke, I could hear her "cooing" as she
worked him over, and I could hear his sighs, and soft moans.
She'd been licking his balls for a good five, full,
minutes, when suddenly she did something to him, that she
had certainly never done for ME! Licking still lower, Aaron
shifted his weight, and then moved a bit, and then her head
was down between his legs, and even though I could no longer
see her mouth of tongue, I knew just where they were, and
just what she was doing, she was licking his ass! Aaron moved
around more, and gave her even a better shot at his ass and
asshole. Terry was really going for it, and at the same time,
stroking his hard cock! Her lips, those lips, he her tongue,
that tongue, that has been in and on my mouth so many times
before, were now sucking another man's asshole, and
it got me HOT!

At some point, I guess he'd had enough, because the
next thing I know, he is moving again, and then his hard cock
is in her mouth, and she is sucking him off! Now he was talking,
talking to her, as he told her how good she was, how good her
mouth felt, and how close he was to cumming! Suddenly, he
looked down at her, and asked her point black if she wanted
to swallow his hot cum. Terry pulled of of his cock for only
an instant, as she told him yes, she wanted to feel him shooting
into her mouth, and she wanted to swallow his hot load! She
speeded up sucking him. His hips rocked, and he fucked hi
big cock in and out of her sucking mouth. His hips arched
hard and he groaned. her head stopped, and she held his cock
in her mouth. He told her he was cumming, and then he did,
in my wife's mouth, and she sucked and swallowed his
whole load down!

God, I wanted to cum so badly myself! I'd been stroking
my own hard cock this whole time, and it was the absolute
weirdest thing, she was MY WIFE, and yet, I don't think
I have ever been as turned on in my entire life, as I was right
then, sitting and watching them together like that! I know,
I know, it's as hard to believe as it is to understand,
and some people might even make worse comments about me
than about her, but it was the strangest feelings I'd
ever had in my entire life, and I loved them! I loved her too,
now more than ever. Explain that one! Eventually she let
go of his still hard cock, and it slipped from her mouth.
As she licked her lips, just like she'd just swallowed
the best tasting stuff in the whole world, I could see his
massive cock, all slick and wet with her saliva, and his
own cum!

Without missing a beat, Terry scooted back up on the bed,
and lay down on her back, both lifting and spreading her
legs wide open! God she looked so fucking hot, as she waited,
waited to receive his big, hard, cock, waited, to be fucked!
As he crawled up between her spread legs, I watched as she
reached down between them, grasp hold of his big cock, and
then guided him to her wet entrance. I still couldn't
see just HOW she was going to take that massive organ inside
of her, but she looked more than ready to try! He pushed down
and forward, and I could see the head of his cock split her
pussy lips open. He slid inside of her, and I heard her gasp,
and then suck in her breath, and as he pushed more of himself
into her, she let out a long, low, moan of satisfaction,
like I had never heard come from her before!


It was all she said, as he sank into her, and then began fucking
her! His dark skin was such a contrast against her body,
and just as I saw his large, dark balls come to rest against
her asshole, I lost it! Cum shot from my cock, and I moaned
so loudly, that I was afraid the people in the next room,
if there was any, would hear me cumming! I was so hot, and
so turned on, that even after I'd stopped "squirting"
I kept on masturbating! Aaron was really fucking Terry
now, and in a very short time, she was climaxing! I was watching
my own wife, climax as another man fucked her, and I was loving
it! Over the next forty minutes or so, he fucked her in half
a dozen positions, and I lost track of the number of times
she climaxed.

Aaron fucked my wife on top. He fucked her from behind, doggie-style,
he fucked her with her on top facing him, and then with her
on top facing away from him. I believe they call that one,
"reverse cowgirl"! eventually, he was fucking
her from behind once again, and then he pushed her face-first,
down onto the bed, so she was laying prone, on her stomach
Moving over the top of her, he ran his big, thick, hard cock
up and down the crack of her ass, and then he stopped, pulled
her ass cheeks apart, and positioned the head of his cock
right against her puckered, brown, little, asshole! She
groaned and then told him to fuck her in the ass!

Now, anal sex was something that she and I had done maybe
all of five times in our entire married life, and yet, here
she was, begging this black man to fuck her in the ass! I couldn't
believe it! As he pressed forward, she arched her ass up,
and I had a clear view of the head of his hard cock, disappearing
up my wife's ass! I knew he'd never get all of his
cock in her ass, but he got a hell of a lot more than "I"
expected. Suddenly, and without even fucking her a stroke,
he groaned. He announced he was cumming and then Terry quickly
flipped over, his massive cock slipping out of her. bolting
upright, she took his hard cock into her mouth, straight
from her ass to her mouth, and she sucked him in, just as he
started shooting! Once again, he was filling my wife's
mouth with his hot load, and she was swallowing it all down!

If all of that wasn't enough already. After a short
rest, they fucked again, and then again. All in all, they
fucked three different times, and THEN, she sucked him
off in the shower! My God, he was a stud! By the time he left,
I'd say she was pretty damn worn out, and then it was
time to put part three of my plan into action! Calling her
from the hotel, I told her I'd gotten off work early,
and that I was about to leave for home. I could almost "feel"
the panic in her voice, as she told me to drive safe. Hell,
it was only a short while before the kids got home from school
anyway, and so well-fucked or not, "mommy"
had to look at least a little presentable.

After arriving home, I gave her more to worry about, as I
looked so "worried", and I told her we needed
to talk. I did assure her there was nothing wrong at work,
and nothing wrong between us. It’s me I said, and I told her
we would talk later! It was all about “timing” and the timing
was right as later on, we climbed in bed together, naked
of course, and started to cuddle. I figured SHE was probably
already very well satisfied sexually, especially after
earlier that afternoon, but I was ready, ready for a whole
lot of things! I had my plan, and so as I cuddled next to her,
I began to rub my little pecker against her thigh.

“Hum, it feels like someone is a little horny tonight, huh?”,
she kidded me.

“Yes baby, but first, well, uh, I, uh, we need to talk!” (Me)

“Ok Darlin”, she told me, “Whatever it is, it’s OK, I promise
you, so just tell me!”.

“First”, I said, “You have to promise to listen, and not
judge, just please, please, please, listen at first, and
then you can say something, OK?”

She was a lot quieter, and the smile was gone, but she didn’t
really look upset either, more curious than anything else,
as she told me OK, and then told me she’d be quiet, and for
me to go a head. Before starting though, I reached up, took
her hand in mine, and then moved it down to my crotch. She
didn’t hesitate, as I felt her soft fingers wrap around
my hard cock, and she held it as I began to speak.

“Baby, I swear to you that this all started out just as fun,
I swear it!” “A while ago, I was surfing around the internet,
and I ran across this website.” “It’s, well, it’s, ah, well, ”

She interrupted me, telling me to go on, and again she promised
to keep an open mind, and not get mad, but I needed to tell
her the truth. Inside, I was smiling, and I thought to myself,
“The truth huh!” “That’s sort of like the pot calling the
kettle black, isn’t it?” Of course I didn’t SAY any of this,
it just went through my head, and I nodded instead, and then
went on.

“It’s a site about couples.” “It’s about, well, couples,
and they, well, the guy, the husband, well, he, or I mean
they, really like, ah, you know, ah, watching their , ah
wife, as she, well, I mean, they have another man in bed with
them, and the wife and the other guy, they are, you know,
having sex, while the husband watches ….”

As I was saying all of this, I was stumbling around for my
words as if I was shy or even embarrassed. The moment I knew,
that she knew, what I was talking about, I swear I heard her
suck her breath in, and then I DID feel her grip my hard cock
just a little bit tighter, even before I finished speaking.
As soon as I did finish though, I stopped, buried my face
sort of between her big tit, and her arm pit, and I waited.
I wanted to see if she would possibly take the lead a bit,
and if so, what she would do. Her hand began to move slowly,
stroking my hard cock, and she spoke, almost in a whisper.

“So, that turns you on baby?”

“Yes”, I whispered back to her, snuggling tighter against

She was quiet for a moment, although her hand still kept
moving and she still kept stroking my cock, and so I went

“Please, Please, Terry, Please don’t be mad at me for talking
about it!” “Please baby, I don’t know, I just, well, I, I
mean I started going to that site, and then I was thinking,
and then I, well, I guess there is just something wrong with
me or something.” “I mean I don’t know why, I swear I don’t
but it all just, well it gets me really turned on and excited,
and I don’t know why?”

Her hand moved a little bit faster, not much, but just a little,
and she asked me again if that turned me on, and then she even
asked what I’d thought about it. She was beginning to squirm
a bit too, and even as she spoke, I could tell her breathing
was speeding up. I took this moment to kiss her gently on
the lips, and then again bury my face in her big tit, as I kept

“I just don’t want you to get mad at me or think I don’t love
you, or think I’m some kind of sick-o or something, but I
have thought about it, and you, and you know, and I’ve even
masturbated thinking about it.” “I was so scared to bring
it up, but it is driving me crazy, and I have to talk about
it baby!”

My own hand had moved slowly over to her thigh, and then crept
upward and inward, and now my fingers were brushing against
her pubic hairs. Her legs spread slightly, almost without
thought, and as my finger slid between her pussy lips, I
could FEEL how wet she was!

“Oh God, Please don’t hate me Terry, Please!”

Her hand squeezed my cock firmly and her tempo sped up, as
she stroked me, and her voice was horse as she spoke, and
it was only, just, above a whisper!

“It’s OK baby, I swear!” “I had no idea, and I know you love
me, and it turns me on, that it turns you on so much, as long
as you really feel that way, as long as you know you can handle
something like that!”


Now I had two fingers inside her pussy, and she was wetter
than I could remember her being in a very long, long, time.
Of course my own cock was so super hard as well, and we continued
masturbating each other, as we kept talking!

Her to me:

“So you really want me to fuck other men?”

Me: (whispering)

“Yes, Oh God baby, I’m so sorry, PLEASE, don’t hate me!”

Her again:

“Baby, baby, I don’t hate you, I just had no idea!” “Please
tell me more, please, can’t you already feel how hot and
wet my pussy is, just from us talking and I know I can feel
how hard your cock is!”

“Well, I, I mean I don’t know.” “I want to, I mean I’ve always
had to be the strong one, and for some reason, something
like this let’s me feel so, well, so submissive?” “THAT,
turns me on!” “I know that I only have an average size cock,
and I’ve read all those stories, and I know women want more
a lot of times, and I don’t know why, but just the thought
of some guy, with a big cock, one you know, bigger than me

“It turns you on, doesn’t it?”, she spoke, finishing my
sentence for me.

“Yes”, I told her and then I went on to tell her that I almost
needed to share her, I needed to ‘watch” to see another man,
another man with a bigger, longer, thicker, cock than mine,
make her cum, again and again! I even went so far as to tell
her that I wish she had cheated on me before, and that now
that we were open, now that it was all out in the open, she
would tell me, and get me all hot and excited! I half expected
that MAYBE she would tell me about Aaron, but then again
maybe not, so as she started to speak, I was ready, the funny
thing was though, I wasn’t ready for what she did tell me!

“Ok baby, so now it is my turn to make YOU promise, to have
you tell ME that you won’t get mad, that you still love me
no matter what, OK?”

“Yes, yes, I swear!” I blurted out!

And then she hit me with it:

“I have cheated on you before baby, once.” “it was several
months ago, and you were working late one night, and Pat,
was over here.”

Pat, My FRIEND, Pat?

“Yes baby.” “We were drinking wine and talking and kidding
around like we always do, and then we were kissing, and then,
we were in bed together!”

“He fucked you?” “You fucked him?”, I asked her.

“Yes, baby we fucked, and you might not know it, but he has
a really big, really think cock, and he fucked me until I
came three times, before he came inside me!”

I groaned loudly and I felt my cock start to jerk in her hand
and then I was spewing out cum!

“Oh yes baby, oh yes, cum for me!” “Think about your best
friend and his big, thick, hard cock, FUCKING ME, and me
cumming all over his cock, my pussy juices flooding him,
his cock making me feel SOOOOOO MUCH better than your pathetic
little cock does!”

Oh God yes I was cumming, and hard! She’d jumped right into
the game, jacking me off, making me cum, and confessing
to me one that I DIDN’T KNOW!

As my cum shot out, I groaned so loudly, and I imagined her
being fucked right beside me!

Oh My GOD!

I had more than a feeling now, our life was not only changing,
but it was changing completely, and in ways even I’d yet
to dream about!

My balls ached I was cumming so hard, and then as my cock continued
to jerk and spasm in her hand, she leaned over, and whispered
to me;

“Hum baby, and that is only the beginning, because I have
a WHOLE LOT MORE, to tell you as well!”





. .............................................



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Ilove this story!


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excellent....wish that would happen to us


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your reality is all of our fantasy, loved it


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Did she tell you about Aeron?


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Well writen and if it's true you are a lucky man.


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Great story, you need to add a part 2.


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I would have eaten her pussy while she was telling me that story


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well done you both get what you want