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Carnival of Sins - The beginning (fm:seduction)


The door opened to the sheriff's office and an elderly
man dressed in a
rumpled black suit walked in. The desk sergeant looked
at him and said,
"Can I help you?" The man approached the desk,
reading the sign before
the officer, ‘Sgt. Wilkins Baxter County Sheriff'.
"Yes Sergeant, I am
Dr. Orloff. I have come for a permit." The officer
looked at the clock
on the wall, 9:36 pm, and then back at the man before him.
"A permit,
at this hour? What kind of permit?" The doctor handed
him a completed
form for a permit to operate a carnival. The officer looked
at it, "A
carnival? What the hell.... On Jenkins' farm? Hold
on here a minute."
The officer picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Mr. Jenkins? I am Dr. Orloff. I would like to make
you a business
proposition." was how it had started not an hour earlier.
"What sort of
business proposition?" Jenkins had asked. "I
see that you have
harvested your fields already but have not planted a winter
crop. I
would like to rent your field for the next two weeks. I will
pay you
handsomely." The doctor had started simply. "Rent
it? For what?"
Jenkins was a bit wary now. "My traveling carnival
will entertain your
community for the next two weeks and we need a place to set
up. I will
pay you.... $2000" Jenkins almost jumped out of his
pants when he heard
it. That was ore than a winter crop would make. But he was
a poker
player and realized that this was a game. "Well, I
am not sure. I
really need to get that crop planted. Me and my boys were
fixin' to
start plantin' this week." He explained trying
to sound more like a
back woods kind of person. "I understand. Would $5000
be worth it to
you?" Dr. Orloff stated. "I think we have a deal."
Jenkins said with a
smile and shook the doctor's cold hand.

The officer hung up the phone after talking to Jenkins.
"Well, I guess
it's okay." He said as he signed the form and handed
the doctor the
back sheet which would act as the permit. "When do
you plan to be open
Doctor?" The officer was thinking he would take his
family to the show.
"We will be open tomorrow evening starting at dusk."
The doctor
informed him and then left. Out of curiosity, the officer
checked the
county records to see when the last time a carnival had visited.
He was
amazed to see that it had been fifty years, when he read October

The people of Baxter awoke the next day to find flyers plastered
the small community of 9000 citizens advertising the carnival.
Many of
them were terribly excited. The small town had only two
businesses, the Empire mine and the Dunston Timber mill.
They were so
off the beaten path that hardly a soul ever visited unless
they had
something to do with timber or copper. It was the main topic
in the
local coffee shop, the barber shop, and the hair salon.
It certainly
represented more to do for the miners and loggers than going
to one of
the five local bars and getting drunk.

Al Parker pulled his pick-up into the dirt field overlooking
carnival. There were fifteen or so trailers, twenty of
so tents, a
number of arcade type booths and one very large tent near
the middle.
He took a slug from the bottle of cheap bourbon on the seat
next to him
and then headed for the entrance. He paid the five dollar
entrance fee
and then began walking through the arcade. He stopped and
threw some
baseballs with no luck. Tried his luck at the shooting gallery,
but he
was never much of a shot. He finally ended up in front of the
tent's entrance. A sign read, ‘NEXT SHOW 10 MINUTES'.
He walked over to
a booth selling food and drinks. "Do you have any beer?"
he asked the
woman behind the counter. "We don't have a liquor
license to sell
beer." She stated. "Are you in law enforcement?"
she continued. Al
laughed, "No, I'm a logger!" he added boisterously.
She leaned over
close to him, "If you buy a soda off of me for three dollars
and take
it over the Indian over there, he'll trade you a beer
for it." She
smiled and winked at him. Al handed her three dollars and
she gave him
a can of soda. Al then walked over to an Indian sitting in
front of an
old beat up trailer. "How ya doin? Say, I sure would
like to trade you
this soda for a beer." The Indian looked at him and
laughed. "Lulu send
you? Keep the soda. I don't drink that shit. I'll
give you a beer."

Ten minutes later, with beer in hand, Al entered the large
tent with
thirty or so others. There was a large stage set to one end
and dozens
of chairs before it. The tent was dimly lit. Al made his way
to a chair
in the second row and had a seat. When everyone had taken
a seat, the curtain over the entrance was closed. A minute
later, lights on the
stage brightened and Dr. Orloff walked onto the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Dr. Orloff. My carnival
of mysteries is here
to amaze and mystify you. I warn you, you will be frightened
by what
you see and hear. I assure you that every precaution has
been made for
your safety. Please, let us begin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Lillian, the Queen of Serpents!"
doctor shouted in his most theatrical voice. The center
curtain parted
and a woman walked out from the shadows behind the curtain.
She was a
young, gorgeous dirty blond. Her dark eyes were simply
bewitching and
her body was flawless in every detail. She wore a snake skin
bikini top
over her perfect, full 34C breasts. The mini skirt she wore
was also
made of snake skin and it showed off her slim waist and magnificent

ass. Her long sexy legs drew your eyes right down to her five
high, spike heeled, snake skin boots. But Al's eyes
quickly shot back
up to her face after drinking in the best figure of a woman
he had seen
in five years. She looked so young, so innocent, but there
was a fire
in her eyes. Her lips were so full, so plump, and so enticing.
As he
looked at her, all he could think of was sex! But it was more
that, he was having these flash images of her sucking his
cock and him
bending her over a table and fucking her from behind. The
illusion was
powerful and he found himself getting hard.

The crowd watched in astonishment as she pulled the eight
foot python
from around her neck and handed it to a man who quickly carried
it off
the stage. A large basket was placed before her. She smiled
at the crowd as she opened the basket. Al couldn't take
his eyes off of
her. She withdrew a large black cobra from the basket. A
gasp arose
from the crowd as she held the hissing snake barely a foot
from her
face. The snake drew its head back suddenly, opening its
hood to full
size. A woman in the crowd screamed and the snake turned
Lillian didn't even flinch. She reached out and ran
her hand along the
side of the snake's head. She whispered something
that only the snake
could hear. The snake seemed to calm down and go limp. Lillian
put it
back in the basket. Then a large glass container was rolled
out by two
men. In it was a large red viper. "Ladies and gentlemen,
please forgive
us the rat that will be added to the pen." Dr. Orloff
called out as a
handler threw a live rat into the glass pen. It scurried
around for a
minute, trying to avoid the snake. Suddenly, the viper
struck. The rat
ran around for a few seconds then it began to twitch and jerk.
it fell over and died.

The crowd grew silent after this morbid display of the snake's
Lillian held up her hands to keep the crowd quiet and still.
Then she
stepped into the pen. The crowd gasped and she held her hands
up again.
She moved closer to the viper that seemed furious and was
hissing like
mad. She slowly reached down and put her hand in front of
the snake. It
did nothing. She then grabbed the snake around the neck
and picked it
up. The crowd clapped furiously, amazed at what they saw.
She wrapped
the snake around her neck and it stayed there quietly. No
one could
believe what they were seeing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, stop by and see Lillian's
amazing collection of
deadly snakes just down the midway. You can ask her all about
them and
her amazing powers over them. How about a big round of applause."
doctor asked and the crowd responded. A minute later Lillian
was gone
and the tent grew silent. Al wanted to leave. He wanted to
go see
Lillian, but he could not get out of the tent. "And
now, for your
amazement, this is the amazing Morgana! Morgana is not
just a
clairvoyant; she truly can see the future, the past, the
present, your
very soul! Be careful gentlemen, she knows your every thought!"
added with a laugh. The woman who walked threw the center
caught the eyes of all of the men. She was tall and dark haired.
was older, looking to be maybe in her forties, but her green
definitely had an air of mystery about them. Her full red
lips seemed
to say that they could tell all. Her figure was perfect in
every detail
but her breasts were meant to catch your eyes and did. Each
one was
much larger than the crystal ball placed before her on the
small table.
Their massiveness seemed to scream sex at you. The outfit
she wore was
a cross between gypsy and belly dancer. Long loose panels
of black
satin covered her legs, but teased you with slits. More
bands of black
and red satin and silk crisscrossed her body, emphasizing
her slim
waist and massive tits. All of the men appreciated it in
every lurid
detail. Many of the women in the crowd were elbowing their
guys to
break their stares. As she leaned over the crystal ball,
the men could
not keep their eyes from her inviting cleavage.

"A volunteer from the crowd if you please."
The doctor called out.
Morgana stepped to the edge of the stage. "You sir,
Elmer Gross isn't
it?" she said extending her hand to a man of sixty in
the front of the
crowd. "Go on Elmer, even if she bites it oughta be
fun!" a man called
from the back. The crowd laughed knowing that the local
Druggist would
be a good candidate for whatever was about to happen. He
climbed onto
the stage with Morgana. She ushered him to a chair placed
across the
small table from her. He tried not to stare at her cleavage.
"How did
you know my name?" he asked. "Elmer, I know you
are sixty three,
married to Judith who is not here tonight. She is at tea with
her book
club. You worked until 5:36 tonight and then ate at Julie's
dinner. How
was the meatloaf and blueberry pie?" Morgana asked.
Elmer looked
amazed. "That was right down to the pie! How did you
know all that?"
Elmer asked. The crowd clapped furiously again. "Please,
ask me
anything." Morgana instructed. "How much
money do I have in my wallet?"
he tried. She looked into her crystal ball again, "Twenty-six
in two tens, a five and a one. But you also have three dollars
forty four cents in your front pocket. Hmmm, two nineteen
Eisenhower silver dollars, five quarters, a dime, a nickel
and four
pennies." The look on Elmer's face was pure astonishment.
He checked
and found she was correct in every detail. The crowd cheered.

Paul Stanfeld stood there in the crowd with his wife of nine
Carla. He thought of Carla's 36B breasts and then looked
at Morgana's
32G mammoths and wondered what they would feel like with
his stiff cock
between them. He just couldn't help but lust over this
sexy older
woman. Carla could see her husband leering at the busty
brunette on the
stage and she was pissed off. After a few minutes of this,
she stepped
on his foot with her high heel as hard as she could. "Shit!
Carla! What
did you do that for?" she sneered at him, "To
remind you that I am
here!" The couple behind them laughed.

"Any questions for Morgana from the crowd? Yes? You
want to know if your
sister's baby will be a boy or girl?" The doctor
looked to Morgana. "A
fine healthy baby girl. She'll be born next Tuesday
at 11:23 in the
morning." Morgana answered. The crowd went crazy.
She answered more
than a dozen more questions before the doctor said, "Morgana
will be in
her tent telling fortunes after the show. She'll give
you a full
private reading for just five dollars. Now, it's time
for her to go."
The crowd cheered her as she disappeared thru the curtain.
In the midst
of the confusion, Al slipped out thru a side exit.

Al walked down the midway past a number of tents and booths.
Up ahead,
he saw the tent with the multi-colored serpent painted
on it. When he
reached that far, a sign read, "The Den of Lillian,
Queen of the
Serpents" He pushed the curtain to the side and entered.
The tent was
empty of other people. There where a dozen or so glass boxes
around the
room all containing snakes. Signs of each explained what
kind of deadly
serpent inhabited the cage. "Can I tell you anything?"
a seductive
voice called out from a dark corner. Lillian then walked
into the
light. She moved toward Al and stopped before him. "I
am Lillian." She
said softly. "I'm Al. You are a very pretty young
girl to be handling
these deadly monsters." He stammered trying not
to sound too stupid. "I
am not that young. How old do you think I am?" she led
him perfectly.
No one knew about Al's lustful urges for young girls,
but Lillian felt
it the moment he walked in. "Well, I'll bet your
twenty or so, but you
look fifteen." He said with a smile. "Then for
you, I will say I am
only fifteen." She replied in a soft sultry voice.
"Thanks. Uh... all
these snakes yours?" Al stammered as he turned away
and walked across
the room.

Al was scared. He was lusting after this girl like no one
before, but it
seemed so wrong. He tried to break away, but she was coming
on to him
and the way she looked was so terribly erotic. He was almost
unable to
control his lustful urges for her. He turned toward her
and she slowly
walked across the room toward him. The burning lust in her
inflamed him. His cock was stiffening and he wanted her
so badly. "Hey!
Let's check out the snakes!" someone yelled
and a group of people burst
into the tent. Al almost jumped out of his skin. "Whoa,
check out the
chick!" one of the young men commented crudely. Al
ducked out the
opening and was gone. He ran almost all the way to his truck
and headed
toward town and Mickey's Tavern.

The crude young man walked up to Lillian and said, "Hey
baby, what's
your name?" Lillian smiled and said, "I'm
Lillian. Welcome to my
serpent's den." The young man smiled and winked
to his friends. Lillian
could smell the alcohol on his breath. "Are you interested
in a little
party?" the young man asked. "I don't even
know your name." She said
innocently. "My friends call me Knox." He said.
"Do your friends
accompany you on all your dates?" she said with a certain
gleam in her
eye. "Hey guys, beat it! I think I just got invited
to a private
party." He barked shooting a glance at his friends.
They took the hint
and left. Knox walked up to Lillian and said, "So,
can we go someplace
more... private?" She walked over to the entrance
to her tent and tied
it closed. The she took his hand and led him through a curtain
another small room and then out the back of the tent. "It's
a lovely
warm night out. Let's find a quiet place where you can
fuck me under
the stars." She offered blatantly. "Sounds
great!" he could hardly
believe his luck.

Paul Stanfeld and his wife were checking out the various
booths and
tents when he saw the tent of the fortune teller, Morgana.
"Let's go
get our fortunes told." He said to his wife. Carla
looked at him
incredulously and said, "What? Are you kidding me?
I think I'd rather
go home. This is a waste of time and I'm missing my TV
shows." He
grabbed Carla's hand and dragged her to Morgana's
tent. "Let's do this
one thing and then we can go." He was saying as he dragged
her into the
tent. "Fine. You do it. I'm not interested."
She cracked. He was
thinking about how many times he had heard her say that.

"Welcome! Please come in and have a seat." Morgana
offered politely.
"How may I be of assistance this evening?" Paul
and Carla sat across
the small table from Morgana. "We want to get..."
an elbow struck Paul
in the ribs. "I'm sorry. I would like to have my
fortune told." Paul
replied. "Certainly. Nothing for you my dear?"
Morgana asked looking
directly into Carla's eyes. Carla almost wanted to
slap her. She had
seen Paul's eyes almost literally shoot right to Morgana's
displayed cleavage. She didn't like the way she looked
at her husband.
"No. None of this crap for me." She answered
vehemently. "Well, okay
then. I will have to ask you for five dollars and if it is not
problem, could we ask your wife to wait outside. Having
inside the room disturbs the spirits." Morgana explained.
"No sweat!"
Carla barked standing up and leaving.

At the same time, Knox and Lillian had reached a small grass
clearing near the top of a nearby hill. Knox was out of breath,
but the
climb didn't seem to affect Lillian at all even in her
high heel boots.
Knox had gone far enough. He grabbed her arm and pulled her
back to
him. "I can't wait any longer!" he spat
as he smashed his mouth to
hers. She kissed him back. Knox, although he had been lusting
for her
all the way up the hill, suddenly felt like he was on fire.
He couldn't
believe how hot and wonderful the kiss was. The more he kissed
her, the
more he wanted her. She let him go wild. His hands were roaming
every delicious inch of her body. His cock was rock hard
and dying to
get out of his pants. He filled his hands with her perfect
ass and then
ran one up to her breast and began to squeeze it. "You're
so fucking
hot!" he gasped between kisses. She pulled back,
"What do you want of
me?" He grabbed the front of her snake skin bikini
top and pulled it
down. The sight of her naked tits was unbelievable. "I
want to fuck
your brains out!"

Knox was lying on his back after having been pushed down
by her. She had
stood over him and removed her panties while he feverishly
opened his
pants and pushed then down his legs. His naked ass was tickled
by the
cool grass. His cock stood like a flagpole and she knelt
down over him.
"Take me! Take what you lust for!" she ordered.
He grabbed his cock and
rubbed it up until he found her wet pussy. The feeling that
ran through
him was like nothing he had ever felt before. It was like
instantaneous rush of some powerful Drug. He thrust his
hips skyward
and buried his cock deep into her. She screamed in pleasure
and he
groaned like an animal. The pleasure was so intense it nearly
fried his
brain. He began fucking her like mad, thrusting deep into
her and
drawing back almost all the way out, only to thrust back
in again. "Oh
Yes! That's it! Fuck me nice and hard! Fuck me! Fuck
me!" she demanded.
He had never been with such a horny girl in all his life.

"Look deep into the crystal ball, Paul. Look for the
answers you seek.
Look deep." Morgana instructed softly, in a most
seductive tone. He
looked at her deep green eyes, then her soft, full red lips,
then down
over her incredible cleavage, leveling his eyes onto the
crystal. "What
answers do you desire?" she said in an almost whisper.
As he looked
deep into the crystal, a soft misty cloud seemed to form.
Then as the
mist cleared away, he saw himself sitting on a chair. He
was surrounded
by darkness but yet he was bathed in soft light. Then a figure
before him. It was Morgana. She moved closer. He reached
up and put his
hands onto her hips. She smiled seductively and straddled
his legs. He
pulled her onto his legs so that she was sitting on his lap
facing him.
His hands slid up her back and pulled her closer. Her hands
his head and pulled his face to hers. He could not help but
kiss her,
their lips wrestling and smothering one another's.
Her head rolled back
and he kissed his way down her neck onto the tops of her huge
tits. His
hands pawed at her front of her clothes, exposing her super
large, sexy
tits to his hungry mouth. "My God!" he gasped
looking up from the
crystal. "Look deeper. Fulfill all that you desire!"
she instructed.

When Paul looked into the crystal again, he saw himself
stealing past
the clock tower in town. The clock showed it was just past
Then he was walking through the carnival which was deserted.
He entered
Morgana's tent to find her lying on a large bed wearing
sexy red and
black lingerie. She waved at him to come closer and he moved
to her.
Mist swam across the crystal but when it cleared, he was
naked on top
of her fucking her like there was no tomorrow. He started
to look up
from the crystal again, but she pushed his head back down.
He saw
himself lying back on a mound of soft pillows. Morgana was
before him, pressing her massive tits together around
his hard cock. He
watched as her image in the crystal tit-fucked him until
he came in a
huge shower all over her magnificent tits. "OH! Yes!"
he gasped looking
at her. She smiled seductively. "Is that what you
desire?" she asked
softly rising from her chair and slowly coming around the
table toward
him. "Yes." He muttered. As she moved to his
side, he turned his chair
away from the table so that he was sitting before her. She
moved closer
until she was right before him. He moved his hands up onto
her hips.
She leaned forward teasing him with her lips. He pulled
her toward him,
forcing her to sit on his legs facing him. "You are
so incredibly
gorgeous! I just have to know...." He whispered as
he tilted his head
and leaned forward. His hands pulled her head to his as her
hands found
his shoulders and pulled him forward.

Knox screamed in pleasure as his cock erupted, shooting
sky rockets of
hot cum deep into Lillian's pussy. He had fucked half
the sluts in
town, but none of them even came remotely close to Lillian
in beauty,
body, or pleasure. Her pussy seemed to suck and pleasure
him long into
his orgasm until he finally couldn't stand it any longer
and pushed her
off his cock. He lay there, panting from the hot, exhaustive
fuck. She
rolled over next to him and slowly snaked her arms around
his body.
"Did you enjoy our naughty little fuck?" she
whispered. "Baby, you are
one incredibly hot fuck! Jeez! That was amazing!"
he complimented. She
leaned over and kissed him on his lips. He went to push her
away, but
couldn't. The pleasure was tremendous and he simply
could not bring
himself to stop her. She lifted her lips away, "Do
you have more hot
cum for me?" He looked up at her and said, "Give
me a minute." Her hand
reached down and stroked his already stiff cock. "You
don't need it
lover." She informed him as she once again rolled
on top of him. Before
he could say a word, he felt his cock once again being enveloped
by her

The pleasure was too much to take as she slowly stroked and
sucked his
cock with her pussy. She was leaning over him with her erect
dangling just below his jaw. As her body slowly rose up,
her nipples
would caress his lips. Then she would slide back down, engulfing
again. He groaned in ecstasy with every stroke. The pleasure
was just
too good to be true. "OH GOD! That feels so fucking
good!" he groaned.
"Ummm, you're getting so hard and big. Are you
ready to fill me again?
That's it! Thrust up to meet me! Harder! Harder! YES!
YES! Oh YES!" she
screamed as his cock exploded again. He pushed up into her
as she
forced herself down hard onto him. He screamed in pleasure
as he pumped
her full of his cum yet again. Her pussy was like a milking
sucking and coaxing every last drop of his cum out of him.
He was done,
but she kept fucking up and down on him until he finally pushed
off. Panting and exhausted, he gasped, "You....
Are the....
Horniest.... Bitch .... Ever!" She lay on the grass
next to him for a
minute or two. Then her hand found his now limp cock. She
tugged on it. "Jeez! Back off! I'm done honey!
Sorry, but no more!" he
informed her. "Silly boy, you're not quite done
yet." She said in a
soft voice. "I said no....." but he couldn't
finish his words.

Her lips were kissing the gooey, soft tip of his cock. He
rose up on his
elbows, hardly able to support his own weight, and watched
as she began
to kiss, lick and suck his cock. Again the waves of pleasure
over him and he was powerless to stop her. Her full, sexy
lips began to
bob up and down on what was now his hard cock. Each stroke
brought a
new definition of pleasure to him. "God! I've
never felt anything like
this before!" he groaned as another wave of pleasure
engulfed him. Her
head was going up and down more and more rapidly now. The
pleasure was
increasing to a level that is unbearable. "OH! Holy
Shit! I'
cummmiinngggg!" he screamed as his cock once again
erupted, filling her
mouth. She sucked hard and long on him, drawing every last
drop of his
cum out of him. There was hardly any of his real seed in this
load at
all. His balls ached so badly as she sucked on him. "Okay,
Enough!" he cried. Her head pulled up and he saw the
long white fangs
that hung from behind her upper lip. "HHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
was the noise
that seemed to come from her throat and then her head sunk
down onto
his cock again. Excruciating pain shot through his whole
body and then
nothing. He was awake, but he couldn't move. He saw
her stand up and
slip her top back on. He told his body to move, but he couldn't.
could barely feel himself breathing. Something was wrong.
He couldn't
feel any part of his body now. He saw her walk off. He tried
to scream
out but nothing. The blackness began to close in around
him. His mind
wanted to fight, but he had nothing to fight with. The blackness

enveloped him and he was gone.

Paul's hands slid up the soft silk tat covered her back
as he smashed
his lips to hers. The kiss was burning hot and he felt passion
like he
hadn't felt in years. This older woman with the sinfully
hot body had
reeled him in without any trouble and he wanted her. Their
fiery kiss
finally ended as he pulled away from her. He looked down
at her breasts
and just had to know what they felt like. He ran his hands
up over them
and their exquisite texture and softness made his cock
throb. "Yes!
Kiss them!" she whispered. He began to kiss their
tops and lick them.
His fingers found the front edge of the material covering
them and
pulled it down. Her huge erect nipples popped free and his
mouth caught
them. He began to suck first one then the other. She moaned
encouragements and he devoured them.

Carla looked at her watch for the tenth time and finally
was too pissed
off to care. "He's been in there fifteen fucking
minutes! I want to
go!" she said under her breath. She turned and walked
the five paces to
the flap of the tent. She tossed it aside and walked in. Paul
sitting in the chair next to the table and Morgana was just
walking out
of the room through the back exit. "Are you done? I
want to go." She
barked. "One second. I'll be right out."
He answered and Carla walked
out the exit. "Morgana!" he called. She turned
and came back to him.
"When can I see you?" he whispered hastily.
"Come back later, after the
turn of the night. We'll be closed and we can be alone."
He smiled,
"After midnight, okay. We'll make love."
He added beaming. "I will take
all you have to give. You will never know pleasure like it
again." She
assured him. The thought made him hot beyond belief.

Doctor Orloff was announcing the last part of the show about
the same
time that Morgana was tempting Paul and Lillian was finishing
"Ladies and Gentlemen, our last attraction for you
this evening. This
is Circe, the sorceress." He said in his theatrical
voice. The curtains
parted and a gorgeous woman walked onto the stage. The thing
was that
every man in the crowd seemed to see a different woman. The
women in
the crowd all saw the same wrinkled, run down, older looking
hag. She
held her arms high and clapped her hands. There was a puff
of smoke and
black birds flew out of the smoke. Everyone clapped their
hands. She
reached down toward a man standing at the front of the crowd.
He moved
toward her. She tapped her hand to his head and drew a sword
out of it.
She then threw it at the stage and it stuck, swinging like
a stuck
knife from side to side. The crowd went wild. She cupped
her hands
together and coughed into them, butterflies flew out over
the crowd's

Dan stood next to his best friend Mike and Mike's wife,
Carrie. He kept
glancing at Carrie throughout the whole show. Now, as Circe
the crowd, his eyes were glued to her. Dan could not believe
what he
saw. He had lusted after Carrie ever since Mike had come
back to town
with her. She was a cute, sexy brunette with green eyes that
melted Dan's heart. He had fantasized about fucking
her so many times.
Now, he was looking at the sorceress and seeing Carrie's
twin sister.
In his eyes, Circe was not wearing the same jeans and T-shirt
Carrie was wearing. He saw Circe in a tight fitting blue
lace dress
that showed off her sexy breasts and gorgeous long legs.
He drank in
this vision of beauty and let his lustful thoughts run wild.
Circe was
drawn to him sensing his tremendous lustful urges.

Twenty minutes later, as Dan, Mike and Carrie walked down
the midway,
Dan was thinking about Circe and how much he would like to
be with her.
At the same time, Mike was thinking about Circe too. When
she was on
stage, he had been staring at a devastating Asian goddess
with big tits
in a tight fitting satin dress adorned with dragons. Her
full pouty
lips covered in blood red lipstick made him think of the
how he had
fucked this very prostitute three years ago while he was
in the navy.
He had never forgotten how great that fuck was. He was quite
that it was her and he wanted another shot at that amazing
pussy. But
even as Dan and Mike had their own lustful thoughts about
Circe, Carrie
couldn't help her own thoughts. She had not seen the
older woman the
other women had seen. Instead, Carrie had seen a young woman
who very
much reminded her of a girl she had known in college. A girl
she had
had a two month long lesbian affair with, with whom Carrie
had cum so
hard, so many times and never again since then, and with
whom she was
once again lusting.

When the three of them entered her tent, Circe immediately
felt the heat
of their lustful thoughts. She smiled seductively and
each one of them
felt their own lustful desires soar even higher. "Welcome
Please allow me to show you all something." She moved
to a tall table
and stood to one side. The three of them circled the table.
Mike's eyes
were feasting on the cleavage he so wanted to see. Dan was
lusting on
the shiny pink lips he had desired to kiss so many times.
Carrie drank
in the soft blond curls, the soft warm neck, and the alluring
curve of
the swell of the girls' breasts she had enjoyed kissing
so much. Circe
placed a flat tray on the table and the produced a shinny
black cloth.
She covered the tray with the cloth and then pinched it in
the center.
She raised her hand, drawing the cloth upward from the center
uncovered the tray. On the tray were now four golden metal
"Hey! That was cool!" Mike said. "How'd
you do that?" Dan asked. "Join
me for a drink." Circe said as she handed each of them
a drink. The
goblets that were empty a moment before now contained fluid.
"A toast
then, to magic and all it brings us!" Carrie suggested
with a smile
directed at Circe. "To magic." Circe added

They each sipped their cups. Mike was amazed to find it contained
favorite drink. He was unaware that Carrie and Dan both
tasted their
favorite drinks also. Dan looked at Circe and saw her eyes
fixed to
his. She smiled seductively. She then looked over at Carrie,
closer." Carrie moved to her and Circe whispered,
"I'd love to know you
better. Would you like that?" Carrie's nipples
were now rock hard and
she found she wanted Circe more than anything. Circe reached
her hand
over and brushed it across Carrie's hard nipples.
Carrie no longer
cared that her husband was there watching. She leaned over
and kissed
Circe's sexy mouth. In that instant, pleasure exploded
in Carrie like
never before. Mike watched his wife go into a full on passionate
kiss with the hot sexy Asian hooker he was dying to fuck again.
Dan was
out of his mind with lust watching what appeared to be Carrie
and her
twin sister passionately kissing. Mike wasted no time.
He moved up
behind Circe and cupped her breasts in his hands, fondling
squeezing them. As he did so, the lust in him surged to new
Circe was not about to let Dan out of her trap. Her hand reached
and found his belt, using it to pull him closer. Her hand
slipped down
the front of his jeans, caressing his hard cock. Dan groaned
in extreme

It was late and Carrie, Mike and Dan were with Circe in the
confines of her tent. Carrie was naked, kneeling over Circe's
face and
moaning in pleasure like she had never known before. The
feeling of
Circe's tongue delving deep into the delicate folds
of her pussy,
slipping upward to find her erect clit, and caressing every
inch of her
hot little pussy was more pleasurable than she could have
imagined. Mike knelt between Circe's wide spread
legs, sliding his
stiff cock in and out of that hot, tight, wet Asian pussy
that he had
lusted after for years now. It was even better than he remembered
as he
fucked her. Dan was kneeling too, but he was leaning back
on his arms
groaning in pleasure as Circe's hand stroked his stiff
cock. They were
all naked, and all lost in pleasures that they never knew
existed. When
Carrie's fourth orgasm overtook her, the pleasure
became so intense
that she could not stand it. She literally passed out and
fell back
onto the pillows that surrounded them all. Circe pulled
Dan by his cock
to her mouth. He watched in disbelief as "Carrie"
sucked his stiff cock
into her soft pink lips. The pleasure took on new heights
as his cock
disappeared deep into those sexy lips. Mike was starting
to thrust
harder and harder as his second orgasm was racing toward
him. Dan was
starting to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth now as
his own
orgasm took control of his body. Mike groaned and thrust
hard into her
pussy, his cock throbbing and spitting cum deep into her
again. Dan,
almost in unison, groaned and delivered his third huge
load of cum into
her hot mouth. She sucked and stroked his cock as he groaned
and came.
Mike emptied himself into her and then rolled onto his back.
Dan was
barely able to pull himself from her mouth before he collapsed.

Dr. Orloff smiled at what he saw before him. "You have
done well my
dear." He complimented Circe. "The master
will be very pleased with all
the presents you have for him. The woman, have you cast the
spell yet?"
he asked looking at Carrie's naked, sexy young body.
"She will see only
what she wishes to see." Circe answered. "And
the two men?" he inquired
looking at Dan and Mike sleeping before him. "This
one lusts for her,
the other one's wife. And he lusts for a woman from his
past. I say we
take the woman to the others for an hour and then return them
all. They
will come back tomorrow for more." She suggested.
"Yes. That will work.
We dare not get too carried away so early on. Lillian has
claimed one. Morgana has one in heat. The others are all
working their
spells. Help me with the woman." Dr. Orloff concluded.

Carrie was certain she was drunk as her husband and friend
led her into
a large tent. When Mike started to kiss and fondle her, she
did not
protest. When Dan started to lick and suck her nipples,
she was
surprised that her husband did not protest. Instead, Mike
him saying, "Kiss her. Yea, like that. Now, stick
your dick in her
mouth." She had thought of having a threesome with
Mike and Dan, but
she always knew Mike to be too selfish and jealous to allow
that. She
felt Mike's thick cock slipping into her and the pleasure
wonderful. Shortly after that, Dan's cock was rubbed
across her lips
and she started to kiss and lick it. She didn't realize
that Dan's cock
was so big. She eagerly started to suck on it, stroke it and
fuck it
with her lips. The feeling of his cock in her mouth and Mike's
pumping wildly in and out of her pussy was tremendous. It
didn't seem
to take either one of them long to cum. Mike was grunting
and then
yelled as she felt the flood of his seed into her pussy. Seconds
Dan began to groan and then yelled, "SHIT!"
as his cock started
spitting cum into her mouth which she eagerly swallowed.

It seemed like only a minute or two later, Mike was feeling
her tits now
and rubbing his cock against her cheek. He was rock hard.
Carrie always
knew him to take a while to get ready for a second time. She
smiled and
started to stroke him with her hand. She felt hands on her
legs and
looked to see Dan Between her legs, his cock in hand, preparing
enter her waiting pussy. She thought that the idea of the
threesome had
turned them on so much that they had stayed hard. She took
Mike's cock
into her mouth and Dan's cock into her pussy. Again,
she was soon in
the throws of pleasure.

The eight other workers stood in turn to have at the woman
laid before
them. The doctor had told them long ago that if they did as
they were
told, asked no questions, and stayed silent, they would
be rewarded all
the pleasures they desired. They did as they were told and
afforded anything they wanted. With each new town the carnival
half a dozen or more, young, beautiful women were served
to them to
release their lustful urges. Those women would only remember
a night
filled with passion, pleasure, and the men that they desired

Paul heard the clock downstairs strike midnight. He looked
over at his
wife who slept deeply next to him. He slid out of bed, grabbed
clothes and went downstairs. He quickly dressed, struggling
with the
fact that his cock was semi-erect with anticipation. He
slipped out the
door quietly and hurried across town. It was 12:07 am when
he drove
past the old clock tower. He pulled his car up under a tree
with the
carnival just beyond. He was terribly excited as he walked
thru the
deserted carnival toward Morgana's tent.

When he reached Morgana's tent, Paul slipped inside
and closed the flap
over the entrance. It was dim inside with light coming from
a single
red candle. "Morgana?" he called. "This
way. Come to me." He heard a
soft, seductive voice answer. He walked between dark curtains
another room. "This way." The voice called
again and Paul saw a low
opening in the far wall. He bent over and made his way thru
the small
opening into another room. This room was circular, maybe
twenty feet in
diameter, decorated with draperies and tapestries covering
the walls,
piles of pillows on the floor, soft warm lanterns illuminating
space, and a large bed to one side. The bed was covered with
a black
woven spread and red satin pillows. Morgana was lying on
the bed
wearing dark red lingerie. "I've been waiting
for you." she said
seductively. "I couldn't stay away!"
Paul confessed. His eyes drank in
her form. The red sating cups of her bra were trimmed with
delicate red
lace and fought to contain her huge tits. A very short sating
slip was
around her waist that was also trimmed with matching lace.
Below the
slip extended red satin garter straps to hold up her sheer
black seamed
stockings. The extraordinary points at the end of the five
inch heels
of her dark red pumps made deep impressions into the soft
bed. But it
was the way her green eyes drew him in and the lustrous, deep
red look
of her glossy, full lips that had him captivated.

"I've been able to think of nothing else since
I first saw you this
evening." Paul further confessed. "You have
been desiring me since you
first saw me this evening. In my crystal, I saw you passionately

kissing me, fondling me, and having your way with me. Your
lust for me
is a powerful thing. It is forbidden for you to indulge that
lust, yet
you freely come to me to do just that. Do you want me? Do you
wish to
make love to me, even though it is forbidden?" she
asked, her eyes
holding him. His cock throbbed with excitement. "Yes!
I want you more
than anything!" he pleaded. "Come to me and
take what you desire."

Paul shed his clothes and climbed onto the bed. He hesitated
for a
moment because of a flash of something in his mind, but it
register. She lay back and parted her lips seductively.
In his
thirty-six years, Paul had never been so excited by a woman.
He slid up
to her and lowered himself down until her lips were merely
an inch from
his. "Kiss me." She commanded and he smashed
his lips to hers. They
were soft and hot. The sticky lipstick that covered them
seemed to glue
his lips to hers. He couldn't tear his mouth away as
their kiss turned
into tremendous lustful passion. His hand ran up to her
massive tits
and began to fondle them. The soft warm feeling of her flesh
intoxicating and made him hotter and hotter. He rolled
to his side and
pulled her with him. His arms encircled her as he pulled
her closer,
smashing her tits against him. His cock throbbed as it rubbed
her satin and silk trappings. His hands found the clasp
of her bra and
opened it. He then quickly removed her bra, tossing it to
the floor. In
an instant, his lips engulfed her erect nipple and the pleasure

consumed him. "Yes. Yes. That's it. Let your
lust for my body take
you!" she whispered.

Paul was now lying on his back. Morgana was kissing her way
down his
stomach, "Tell me what you want of me." She whispered.
"I want to feel
those incredible lips of your on my cock!" he groaned.
A moment later,
he felt her lips caress the tip of his cock and he groaned
in ecstasy.
He could not believe how intense the pleasure was just from
her kissing
the tip of his cock. Now, as she began to lick and suck his
cock, the
pleasure took on new heights. He watched as those sexy red
lips began
to slide up and down on his cock. She was taking all of his
cock into
her mouth and it felt so much better than any mouth or pussy
he had
ever fucked. The way she drew her lips up off of him like she
sucking on one of those long cock-shaped popsicles, drove
him crazy.
Then, as she forced her mouth down over him again, it felt
entering the silkiest smooth virgin of all time. "Oh
Shit! If you don't
stop I'm going to cum in your mouth!" he cried.
She smiled briefly
before sucking him deep into her mouth again. "Oh
Shit! Oh Shit! SHIT!"
he screamed as his cock exploded. Huge surges of his hot
seed spewed
into her mouth and throat. She sucked and swallowed, sucked
swallowed, drawing every drop of his cum out that she could.
writhed in pleasure he had never known before. She milked
his cock
until it finally stopped cumming.

"Ummmm, that was so delicious." She said softly.
Paul lay there gasping
for breath. He had never felt anything like it in his life.
He never
knew sex could be so good. Morgana softly caressed his balls
and ran
her lips along his thighs. "I hope you have more for
me. My pussy is so
hungry." She whispered in a sexy voice. "I'm
not sure I can...." He
panted. "That was amazing.... I need some time..."
he was still panting
as he answered her. She slipped her body up his, brushing
her sexy tits
along his body. The feeling seemed to empower him. He felt
better, more
composed. She leaned over and kissed him. He couldn't
resist that kiss
or the one that followed. As they kissed for the next few
minutes, her
hand caressed his cock.

"I can't believe that I'm hard again. I've
never done that before..." he
was saying as she moved to a kneeling position next to him.
"Would you
like to make our sin complete?" she asked with a seductive
grin on her
face. "What do you mean, sin?" Paul was puzzled.
Her hands began to
massage and knead her huge, sexy tits. His cock throbbed
as he started
at them. She hiked up her sexy half slip to show him an absolutely

naked, pink, wet pussy like he had never seen before. "Do
you want me?
Do you wish to have what you have been lusting for since you
first saw
me?" she asked as she ran a single finger down between
her legs and
then slowly drew it up between her pussy lips. "Yes!
I want to fuck you
so bad!" he exclaimed. She swept her leg over his waist
and straddled
him. She then hovered her pussy just above his cock as it
throbbed in
anticipation. "Than take me." She said.

Paul felt the kiss of her pussy on the tip of his cock as he
raised his
hips upward. He grabbed her waist and pulled down hard at
the same time
he thrust his hips upward. His cock shot deep into her in
one fluid
thrust. The pleasure that shot thru him was incredible.
"Oh Fuck!" he
cried as the pleasure took him. He was helping her up and
down as he
thrust to meet her. She leaned forward and began to rock
up and down on
his achingly hard cock. "Yes! YES! Fuck me! Fuck me
just like that!
Yes! Oh so good! Yes! Fuck me!" she coaxed him and he
fucked her like a
wild man. He had been amazed by her mouth, but her pussy was
even more
devastating. He knew he would never be able to settle for
his wife
again. "God! I love fucking you!" he screamed
and she screamed then
too. Her pussy contracted and he was certain she was cumming.
feeling that her pussy was giving him now was too much to
stand. He
groaned and yelled as his cock began spitting cum into her
again. He
thrust and shot, thrust and shot, feeling like his entire
body was
being shot out the end of his cock. She rode him hard, her
sucking every last drop of his cum out of him. He finally
stopped and
seemed to fade into the bed.

Morgana climbed from the bed and retrieved a silk robe from
a nearby
chair. She slipped into the robe as Paul groggily asked,
"Where are you
going?" She smiled, "Lay back lover. You are
quite finished." She
answered. "I need to leave. I need to get home."
He said as he tried to
get off of the bed. He found he had little to no strength left.
No. You have given yourself to me willingly. You are mine
now." She
said as she went out thru the small opening in the wall. Paul
fell back
and lost consciousness.

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Phew...let Paul go home and I will stay with the sexy's
been very exciting reading your varied tales of this carnival
and I now need to let Morgana bring me to yet another climax...mmmmmmmm