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Carl & Ivonne - Daddy's Little School Girl


"Hi, Daddy." Ivonne’s wheat-color pigtail
dangled as she poked her tilted head in from the doorway.
They had played many fantasies during their years of marriage,
but playing Daddy’s little girl was still Ivonne’s favorite.
The role was befitting of her character and small-framed,
girlish appearance.


Daddy sat on the sofa, wearing only his boxer shorts. He
set the newspaper aside and removed his glasses. "Come
in, Sweetie."

Reluctantly, Ivonne stepped out from behind the wall and
into the room. She was dressed in a short navy pleated skirt
and a crisp white shirt. The school uniform included the
standard white knee socks and black patent leather shoes.

Daddy studied her astutely. They had played many fantasies
during their years of marriage, but playing Daddy’s little
girl was still Ivonne’s favorite.
The role was befitting
of her character and small-framed, girlish appearance.

"Trouble at school again, dear?" When she lowered
her eyes, Daddy’s expression grew stern. "Daddy
asked you a question."

Biting her lower lip, Ivonne nodded.

"How bad?"



"The p’incipal–"

"The principal?"

Hands clasped behind her, Ivonne swung from side to side.
"Aha. He said I have to be punished a lot, cause I was
a very bad girl."

"I see." Daddy barely stifled a smile.

"Honest, Daddy, it wasn’t my fault, " Ivonne
suddenly blurted in her defense.

"All right, you better tell Daddy what happened."

"Um..." she began with trepidation, "he–"

"I should have known there was a "he" involved
in this, " Daddy muttered, displeased. "What
about him?"

Ivonne grimaced. "Welllll..."


"Well, he said he had something to show me."

"And?" Daddy demanded when she did not continue.

"It was a secret, " Ivonne rushed ahead. "That’s
why we had to sneak into the old classroom." She rocked
up on her toes, and back.

"Aren’t you forgetting something, Ivonne?"

"What?" She first looked puzzled, then suddenly
enlightened. "Oh, I know. When I get into trouble,
I have to lick your penis while I tell you about it."
With a bursting smile, she skipped on over.

"You just kneel right here between Daddy’s legs."
Daddy dropped a cushion to the floor, then slid a hand inside
his boxer shorts and maneuvered his cock to poke through
the slit. "Gently, dear, " he admonished when
Ivonne’s hand wrapped around the semi-hard shaft a little
too enthusiastically.

Reining in her impulses, Ivonne eased her grip, then used
the little pink tip of her tongue to tease. "That better,

"Much. So what did this boy show you when you went into
the room?"

Ivonne made a circle around the swelling head, then answered,

"What do you mean, nothing?" Daddy looked puzzled.

"He said if I wanted to see it, I would have to show him
my pussy first, " she explained, tilting her head
to the side.

"I see." Daddy paused. "Did you agree?"

Stroking his hardened shaft smoothly, she gave him another
slick lick.

"Aha, he promised I would really like what he had."

"Ivonne, what did Daddy tell you about boys and your

"But, Daddy, you said I shouldn’t let them play with
it. You didn’t say I couldn’t show it to them, " she
argued with big innocent blue eyes.

Daddy shook his head. "We’ll talk about that later.
Let’s hear the rest."


"Johnny? Why didn’t you say it was Johnny? He has Daddy’s
permission to play with you."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Guess I forgot to say
his name."

Daddy harrumphed. Then changing his tone, he said, "Okay,
sweetie, but you made Daddy worry. You know what that means."

Ivonne lowered her head remorsefully. "I have to
be punished."

"Extra, " he emphasized. "Now go on."

"Johnny said I had to pull my skirt up reaaal slow,
inch by inch. He said if I went too fast, I’d have to start
all over again."

"Did you, have to start again?"

"Three times." Making an O with thumb and index,
she held up three fingers. "But I don’t know why, Daddy,
every time I did, my panties got more wetter."

"That’s because you like Johnny so much."

"I do, " Ivonne agreed fondly. Then her expression
turned from mischief to concern. "But I don’t love
him the way I love you, Daddy, " she professed.

"Daddy loves you too, honey." His caressing
eyes met hers, then sighing, he leaned back. "Don’t
forget Daddy’s balls."

Ivonne gently spread the slit of the boxer shorts and eased
out his scrotum. Then she lifted the hefty erection and
proceeded to oblige.

"There’s a good girl. You know how much Daddy loves
you licking his balls."

Giving one testicle a thorough laving, Ivonne continued.
"For the longest time, Johnny kept on staring at my
panties and, for some reason, rubbing the front of his pants.
I finally got tired of waiting and said, "Johnny,
do you want to see my pussy or don’t you?"" Hand
on hip, she mimicked the demand. "That’s when he started
to unzip his pants."

"What for?"

"That’s what I wanted to know, " Ivonne replied
matter-of-factly. "He said he was just getting ready
for showing me his dick. I asked him what a dick was, but he
said he wasn’t going to tell me until he saw my pussy."

"That was fair, Ivonne, you did agree to it, "
Daddy pointed out.

"I know, Daddy." She cupped the saliva-soaked
sacs and ran her tongue up and down his shaft. "But
that Johnny is so silly, " she said with a giggle.
"He forgot I couldn’t hold my skirt up and pull my panties
down all at the same time. I had to remind him."

"Clever girl! Did Johnny solve the problem?"

"Aha, he pulled my panties down himself." Ivonne
giggled again. "But, Daddy, the whole time, his breath
kept tickling my pussy and making me laugh."

"Did that make him mad?"

She grew thoughtful. "I don’t think so, cause he just
kept on smiling."

"Did he show you his dick then?"

"Nope!" Ivonne said, frowning. Then she made
Daddy wait with another bout of leisurely licking before
explaining. "He said he couldn’t really see my pussy
with me standing. That’s why I had to sit on the chair and
spread my legs for him. But you know what, Daddy, I think
Johnny needs glasses."

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause no matter how much I spread, he still couldn’t
see, and wanted me to open wider." Daddy cleared his throat and sat forward. "Why don’t
you show Daddy just how wide you had...spread."

Ivonne released him and plunked to the floor. When she hiked
her skirt out of the way, Daddy’s eyes widened, scandalized.
"Ivonne, don’t tell me you went to school without

"I wore them, Daddy. Honest."

"Then why aren’t you wearing any now?"

"Um..." She glanced around the room, stalling.
"I don’t have them."

"Who does?"

"The p’incipal."

Daddy shook his head, then contemplated. "I suppose
if the principal has them, there must be good reason."

"There is, Daddy, " Ivonne confirmed, nodding.
But when she launched into an explanation, he interrupted.

"Why don’t we wait till you get to that part. Go ahead
and show Daddy how wide."

"This wide, " she said, parting her legs thirty-five

"Now see, honey, you can’t blame Johnny, "
Daddy said wisely. "Do you remember when Daddy showed
you your pussy in front of the mirror? Remember how wide
you had to open?"

"O’ yeah." Recalling the lesson with a smile,
she pushed her legs farther out. "Like this, Daddy?"

"Wider, honey. Bend your knees."

Adjusting her hips, Ivonne pulled her legs in and spread
to her capacity.

"There, that’s how wide it should be." Daddy
licked his lips with his eyes transfixed on her gaping vagina,
then gave himself a deliberate shake. "Go on with
your story, Ivonne." But as she made to re-rise, he
stayed her. "No, sweetie, Daddy wants to look at your
pussy while he listens for a while."

Ivonne sighed, then leaned back on her hands and forged

"Daddy, I must like Johnny an awful lot, cause the
whole time he was looking at my pussy, it just kept getting
wetter and wetter."

"That’s what good pussies do, honey. Is that when
he showed you his dick?"

"Aha, but not until I told him I would leave if he didn’t."
Thoughtfully, she added, "But I think he had just
forgotted about it."

"I can see how that could happen."

"He told me to close my eyes real tight and count to
ten. When I opened them, he was standing there with his penis
sticking out of his pants. He must’ve tended to it when my
eyes were closed, Daddy, cause it was already big."

"No, honey, penises do that sometimes."

"You mean without tending?"

"Yes." When Ivonne’s expression remained
confused, Daddy elaborated. "See how your pussy
is wetting now? Daddy is not playing with it, is he?"

Ivonne glanced down and giggled. "Oh, yeah. That’s
cause I love you so much, huh, Daddy?" Then mulling
this information over, she smiled with dawning comprehension.
"Does that mean Johnny likes me too?"

"Yes, it does."

"O’ goody, " she squealed delighted. Then
she grew pensive again. "But, Daddy, sometimes my
pussy gets wet when no one I like is there."

"That’s called being horny. It happens when your
pussy needs a penis. It gets wet by itself to let you know."

"Horny, Daddy? Is that why it hurts sometimes, cause
it wants a penis real bad?"

"Yes, sweetie. When it doesn’t get one, it gets frustrated
and starts to hurt. What do you do when that happens?"

Embarrassed, Ivonne looked away.

"Honey, you know you have to tell Daddy."

"I play with it till I get the fuzzy, " she murmured.
"Otherwise the hurt doesn’t go away."

"Well, sweetie, it’s the same for a boy. His penis
gets big to let him know it needs a pussy."

"Does it get frustrated and hurt too?"

"O’ yes. And it doesn’t go away until it gets to cream."

"I didn’t know that, " Ivonne said wide-eyed.
"Pooooor Johnny."

"Yes, poor Johnny. Sweetheart, Daddy needs you to
lick his penis again now."

With Ivonne taking the matter back into her delicate little
hand, Daddy enjoyed a lengthy moan, then asked, "What
happened after Johnny showed you his penis?"

"I got mad. Cause he still hadn’t showed me his dick.
But he pointed to his penis and said that that was it. I told
him he was wrong cause that was his penis. He said they call
it a dick too." Ivonne gave Daddy’s cock-head a heated
tongue-lashing, then raised searching eyes. "Is
that true, Daddy?"

"It’s true. There are other names too. Daddy will
teach them all to you later."

"Then can I call it a dick sometimes?"

"Yes, dear, you can. Did you like Johnny’s dick?"

Ivonne sighed. "It wasn’t as big as yours."

"You didn’t tell him that, did you?" Daddy looked

"I did, " she replied defiantly.

"Sweetheart, you never tell a boy his penis isn’t
big enough."

Contrite, Ivonne murmured, "Yes, Daddy."

"What did Johnny say?"

Before replying, she tightened her hold and devoted a moment
to Daddy’s shaft. "He said it would get bigger if I
touched it. But I didn’t believe him, so I rubbed it to see
for myself."

"Good girl. Did it get bigger?"

She shrugged. "A little. He said for it to get real
big, I had to lick it too."

"Did you believe that?"

"No, Daddy, I’m not stupid."

"How did you lick it?"

"The way I lick to thank you."

"Show Daddy exactly how."

With the edict, Ivonne moistened her lips and embarked
on a precise execution of the tribute. "I started
with his balls. Like this." Soft fleshy tongue lapped
at Daddy’s testicles, drenching them with saliva. Then
she gave the inflated glands a few playful bounces and continued.

"Then I licked the pole part, up and down. Like this,

"Did you make sure you covered every inch?"

Ivonne halted. Indignant with the implication her performance
may have fallen short, she haughtily replied, "Course,

"Ivonne!" Daddy barked, suddenly outraged.


"You know better, young lady; never, ever, do you
stop like that when attending a penis."

Ivonne bowed her head. "I sorry, Daddy, I forgot."

"All right, dear, " he graciously relented
after a moment’s hesitation.

"But Daddy is going to have to punish you another extra
for that. You will apologize properly then."

"Yes, Daddy." She sounded resigned, but perked
up quickly. "Then I licked the head just like you taught
me, round and round." Her slippery tongue began at
the rim, closing in on the tiny slit with circle after slow
circle. By the time she swept the tangy-tasting seepage
into her mouth and brought the show-and-tell to conclusion,
Daddy had well and long been lost in euphoria.

Eyes fluttering open, he exhaled a sigh of pleasure. "You
did exactly right, sweetheart. Now Johnny knows what a
good little dick licker you are."

"But, Daddy, " Ivonne said with disappointment,
"it still didn’t get as big as yours. Then I ‘membered
how yours gets the biggest when I suck on it."

"Good thinking, Ivonne. Did you suck on Johnny’s

"Not really. Just as I put it in my mouth, the door flew
open and the p’incipal burst in."

Daddy’s eyebrows shot up. "Oh, Dee, what did he do?"

"I don’t know why, but he got very u’set. He made Johnny
put his dick back in his pants and leave."

"What about you?"

Ivonne conscientiously stopped for another licking before

"He took my panties and sniffed them. He said he can
tell how bad a little girl has been by smelling her panties."

"That’s true."

"But you never smell my panties."

"Daddy has a little secret, sweetie. He smells them
every night after you put them in the hamper. In case you
forget to tell him that you’ve been bad. You wouldn’t want
to go unpunished, would you?"

"O’ no, Daddy, I wouldn’t. Should I do another thank
you now?"

"Maybe later."

Displaying a mild disappointment, Ivonne continued with
her tale. "The worst part, Daddy, is that I still don’t
know how big Johnny’s dick would’ve got."

"Maybe he’ll be nice enough to give you another chance."

"You think?"

"What did the principal do then?"

"He made me stay on the chair and keep my legs wide open.
He kept pointing at my pussy and telling me what a bad girl
I was. I told him I had my Daddy’s pe’mission to play with
Johnny, but he said he didn’t want to dissuss it until after
he punished me."

"And how was that?"

"He made me bend over the chair, and hold the seat with
one hand and my skirt up with the other while he spanked me.
I had to keep my legs real straight for him too, so he could
spank me hard enough."

"Sweetie, you know your bum has to turn that pretty
red color Daddy likes so much."

"I know, but it took him forever, cause he kept missing
and spanking my pussy instead."

"Well, honey, in that position, that’s easy to do.
Daddy will show you some time. Right now, he needs you to
attend to his penis again."

Daddy tolerated the expert tongue caressing with a steady
stream of deep murmurs, but not for long. "That feels
too good, sweetie, I think you better tell Daddy what happened

"I almost told him he wasn’t spanking my bum right,
but then I ‘membered he’s the p’incipal, so he couldn’t
be wrong. It’s a good thing I ‘membered, huh, Daddy? Or he
would’ve thought I’m a real dummy."

"A very good thing."

"After he finally finished, I had to stay like that
so he could look at my pussy. He was very pleased with it,
and wanted to know if it always gets so wet after a spanking."

"Cup Daddy’s balls, baby, " Daddy requested
when Dee took a moment to attend to her oral duty. "That’s

"I essplained, " she continued breathlessly,
"How a good spanking is the best way to make my pussy
wet enough. But, Daddy, I think the p’incipal was testing
me, cause then he asked, "Wet enough for what?"

"What did you answer?"

"Why, for my Daddy to stick his penis in it, course."

Daddy’s eyebrows arched.

"He said he can tell my Daddy loves me very much and
knows what’s best for me. But, Daddy, how come the p’incipal
was panting so hard?"

"Punishing you made him horny, honey. You remember,
that new word Daddy taught you."

"But you don’t pant like that when you spank me."

"That’s because Daddy keeps stopping to let you apologize.
See, honey, sucking on his penis helps him breathe easier."

"Oh, " Ivonne uttered, looking rather confused.

"Sweetheart, when a horny penis doesn’t get attended
to, and gets too frustrated, it makes it hard to breathe.
Now do you understand?"

"Um...I think so."

"Good. What happened next?"

"Daddy, how did the p’incipal know my pussy has a fuzzy
whenever you put your penis in it? He called the fuzzy a different
name. I can’t ‘member what."

"Honey, he’s the principal, he knows everything."

"Ohhh." Ivonne looked illuminated. "He
said Daddies like pussies that have a fuzzy when their penis
is in it. That’s why I have a good pussy. I got worried though,
because it only does it when you play with my little button,
but he said that was perfectly acceptable."

"It certainly is."

"Then he asked if I knew why it’s impo’tant for my Daddy
to cream lots. I said cause I can only be as good a girl as my
Daddy creams."

"Oh, sweetheart, Daddy’s so proud of you for remembering
the right answer."

"But the p’incipal got mad at me. He said it’s o’vious
I don’t make my Daddy cream enough cause I’m always in trouble.
So he gave me an assi’ment."

"What assignment?"

Ivonne hesitated.

"Sweetie, Daddy is waiting."

Avoiding eye contact, she said, "I have to be bad on
pu’pose so you can punish me. He said that would make you
cream more."

"Your principal is a very wise man."

Ivonne looked up startled. "You mean you don’t mind?"

"Why would Daddy mind?"

"Cause he said punishing and making cream are hard
work. I thought you might get mad at me."

"Honey, Daddy never really gets mad at you. Even when
he punishes you, it’s only because you need discipline."

"Oh. I forgot again."

"Was there anything else?"

"He said I should always thank my Daddy for everything
he does for me, especially punishing me. You know, cause
it’s such hard work."

"Not just Daddy, sweetheart. Don’t forget, the penis
rules apply to any penis that has his permission to play
with you."

Ivonne acknowledged his interjection with a nod and continued.
"I told him I do thank my Daddy for everything. That
that’s why I lick his penis all the time so I don’t assidentally
forget. He said it would be better if I suck it. I essplained
that that’s how I ‘pologize–I suck on my Daddy’s penis to
say I’m sorry. He thought that was an essellent way to ‘pologize."

"Yes, an excellent way, " Daddy echoed.

"Then he said he wasn’t sure my pussy was wet enough
from the spanking for my Daddy’s penis. I told him it was,
but he wouldn’t believe me."

"Did he look again?"

"Not just look, Daddy, he stuck his finger in it too.
I told him I’m not supposed to let boys play with my pussy
without my Daddy’s pe’mission. But he said it was okay for
him to play with it, cause he’s not a boy, he’s a man. I felt
real silly for not ‘membering that. Do you think he’ll be
mad at me, Daddy?" Tilting her head, Ivonne twirled
one pigtail with her finger thoughtfully.

"No, I don’t think so, but you forgot something else

"What?" She looked befuddled.

"As your principal, he can do whatever he thinks is
right with you. Daddy explained that to you before."

"Guess I forgot again. I sorry I never ‘member anything,
Daddy, " she said, deflated.

"Oh, sweetie, Daddy loves you just as you are. Specially
that you forget things." He sent her a meaningful
glance that made her giggle.

"So, did the principal think you were wet enough?"

"He still couldn’t tell. He said he had no choice but
to taste my pussy. So he knelt down behind me and started
licking. But for some reason, he just wasn’t able to tell,
and had to lick and lick. After a while, all that licking
made me need the fuzzy real bad. But he wouldn’t let me have
one, as part of my punishment. Then it got much worser, cause
he still couldn’t tell and was forced to stick his tongue
way inside my pussy. He said I had to push back real hard to
help him get it in far enough. By then, Daddy, I needed the
fuzzy so bad, it hurt." Ivonne stopped to catch her
breath before continuing. "He did give me pe’mission
to bend my knees, but said if I moved out of position, he was
going to spank me all over again."

"Were you able to stay?"

"Yes, but the more he tasted, the harder it got to cossetrate
on keeping my legs together. Only thing that helped a little
was rubbing my bum against his face while he licked. Honest,
Daddy, I thought he was never going to stop."

"These things take time, sweetheart. It was very
nice of the principal to put so much effort into your discipline.
Did he think your pussy was wet enough?"

"He said it was wet enough for my Daddy to stick his
penis in only once. And as bad as I had been, that was not enough.
He said I’d have to do lots of ‘pologizing tonight if I want
to be a good girl again. Daddy, please, I don’t want to stay

"Honey, Daddy will do everything he can to make you

"But what if I can’t make you cream enough?"

"Then he’ll just have to keep punishing you. That
always makes Daddy cream."

"Thank you, Daddy, that makes me feel much better."
And to express her gratitude, she gifted him with another
hearty licking.

"Daddy, did you know the p’incipal has a little girl
too? But she isn’t as bad as me, and he doesn’t have to cream
as much. That’s why he has to pra’tice, so he doesn’t forget
how. He said today was his pra’tice day. And since I need
all the cream I can get, he would pra’tice on me."

"Wasn’t that nice."

"I think he was trying to help you too, so you wouldn’t
have to work so hard tonight."

"I’m sure he was. Tell Daddy about this practice."

"First I had to kneel on the floor in front of him and
unbutton my blouse."

"I hope you were wearing your bra, " Daddy interrupted.

"No, I forgot again, " Ivonne admitted, her
voice waning.

"Ivonne, your titties are much too big for you to go
to school without a bra."

"I sorry, Daddy."

"I know you are, baby, but that’s going to have to cost
you another extra, " he said, hopelessly. "Now
show Daddy those big titties, like you showed them to the
principal." When she did, he reached out and jiggled
one. "Did he play with them?"

"No, he just went ahead and dropped his pants. And
he wasn’t wearing any unnerwears. Daddy, his penis was
sooo big. I guess that’s cause he, " she
paused to remember. "O’ yeah, horny."

"See how punishing you made him need to cream?"

"Really, Daddy?" Ivonne looked up with a smug
smile, then planted a smacking kiss on the swollen dome.

"Honey, Daddy’s ready for you to do some apologizing

"Are you going to spank me?" she asked eagerly.

"No, sweetie, not until you finish your story. But
you made Daddy’s balls fill up too quickly and he can’t wait
that long. That’s why you’re going to have to unload them
for him now with an apology."

"Am I going to get punished another esstra for that
one too, Daddy?"

"What do you think, dear?" He gave her a dismissive
pat on the head.

"Now listen carefully, Ivonne – Daddy has a special
instruction for you. When the cream comes, he wants you
to let it all run out of your mouth."

"But shouldn’t I be eating it?"

"You will, I promise. But can you do that for Daddy?"

She nodded anxiously.

"Good. And, sweetie, don’t forget where you left

"I won’t." Holding the granite erection in
her fist, Ivonne looked ready to pounce. "Now, Daddy?"

"Now. Ha, " he sucked in when she swallowed
half the length on the first try and another two inches on
the second. "What, baby, you hungry for Daddy?"

"Mmmmm." Mouth full, her hand pumped rhythmically.

"Then eat him up."

Ivonne sucked deeply, lovingly. Her head bobbed faster
and faster.

"Yes, Daddy has to make you work for your cream. Such
a bad girl." One hand on her head, he watched and reveled
in her performance.

"That’s right, you apologize to your Daddy."

A muffled grunt of frustration rose as Ivonne sucked and
slobbered with increased ardor.

"Are you real sorry, baby?" Daddy’s speech
was quickly growing labored. "Looks like you need
one of Daddy’s special punishments tonight."

Ivonne’s small whimper confirmed the prognosis.

"Is that right, sweetie? You need Daddy to hurt you?
You want to cry for him...when he’s sticking...his
your tight, little...bum?"

Instead of apprehension, Ivonne’s response was an exhilarated
sharp intake of breath, which then spun into a melodic whimper
of anticipation.

"All right, baby...Daddy’s ready to accept now..."
His lids fluttered shut and he threw his head back ecstatically.
"...Accept...apology. Ahhh, there..."

In her excitement, Ivonne’s rear rose higher and gyrated
more emphatically. "Em...em, " she puffed,
cum slithering through her rosy lips.

"On your face, " Daddy whispered in the midst
of frenzy.

With her mouth parted, dollops of fresh white sperm ran
down Ivonne’s chin while she obediently rubbed the sputtering
cock against her skin.

"There...Daddy’s creaming good...for his baby."
Expelling more hot semen against her soft cheek, he murmured,
"Yes...he has to cream, he has to make her a good girl."

"Did I do right, Daddy?" Ivonne asked, having
ensured his complete drainage.

His tensed body relaxed visibly. "You did very right.
No, honey, " he objected when she raised her shirttail,
"Daddy wants to see his cream on your face. It makes
you look even prettier."

For the compliment, Ivonne rewarded him with a beatific

"Now then, where were we?"

"Where the p’incipal was getting ready to pra’tice.
See, Daddy, I didn’t forget, " she added proudly.

"Good girl." Sated for the moment, Daddy closed
his eyes. "Make sure you’ve eaten all your cream by
the time you finish, Ivonne."

"I will." She quickly licked a runny drop off
the back of her hand, then urgently lapped for the bulk before
Daddy’s inevitable wilting.

"The p’incipal said..." Ivonne dabbed the
corner of her mouth with a finger and licked it. "I
had to watch his penis very closely while he pra’ticed."

"Did he make you play with it?"

"No, but he asked if I liked it."

"Jesus, Ivonne, " Daddy’s eyes popped open,
"I hope you didn’t tell him his was too small too."

"Course not! I already said his penis was very big.
And I mean very big, Daddy."

Daddy couldn’t hold back a chuckle.

"Then he started pumping with his hand; you know,
like you do sometimes. I had to hold my titties together
for him, cause he wanted to make sure he got plenty on both
of them when he creamed. It didn’t take him at all long, Daddy.
He made a real mess too. But I didn’t mind, cause it was all
hot and gooey, just like yours."

"He must’ve gotten very horny punishing you."

"I think so too. When he was finished, he rubbed the
cream into my titties with his penis and made it all gone.
He said that way I might make it home before I get into any
more trouble."

"Did you thank him?"

"No, Daddy, " she answered, distressed by
her negligence.

"Shame on you, Ivonne. Tomorrow, I want you to thank
him properly."

"You mean the way I thank you?"

"Yes, he was very good to you, wasn’t he?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Go on."

"He said I was bad cause I went into the room with Johnny
alone. He said if I go in there in his abse’ce again, you and
he will have to punish me together, cause I’ll need to be
punished a lot harder."

"Then you better not forget."

Ivonne swirled her tongue and deftly captured another
sliding drop of goo off Daddy’s hanging pouch. "I
won’t, I promise. But why?"

"Well, honey, you still have a lot to learn. That’s
why you go to school. He wants to make sure you get it right."

"Daddy, I want to do everything that makes your penis
happy right." She flashed him a brilliant smile.

"You already do, baby. You already do." Daddy’s
voice trailed as he stroked her head.

"Oh, I almost forgot." She paused for another
collection. "The p’incipal wants to see me and Johnny
in his office tomorrow. He’s going to smell my panties and
compare them to the ones I wore today when I was bad. That’s
why he kept them. I have to show him my bum too. If it doesn’t
look punished enough, he’ll have to punish me some more."

"Daddy will do his best, sweetie, but you were very,
very bad. Don’t be surprised if the principal is not satisfied
with your bum tomorrow."

"I understand, " Ivonne said with a pout.

"Just don’t forget your manners. Daddy expects you
to first thank the principal, then apologize for not having
done so when you should have. And, Ivonne, you owe Johnny
an apology too."


"Are you forgetting that his dick was still horny
for you when he left that room?"

Ivonne shook her head slowly. "No, Daddy, but that
wasn’t my fault."

"Doesn’t matter, sweetie. What’s the rule?"

"When your penis needs tending, it’s my responsibility
to tend to it and make it feel good."

"And even if you haven’t been here to attend to it,
you’ve still had to apologize and be punished, haven’t

Ivonne nodded agreeably, then asked, "Does that
mean Johnny gets to punish me too?"

"It’s his right, sweetie."

Gleam crossed calculating blue eyes before swollen lips
rounded to pronounce a soft, "Oh."

"Tomorrow, Ivonne, you’re to make up to them both.
If Daddy finds out either of their dicks was not completely
happy, he will invite them over and we will all punish you.
You do want Daddy to be proud of you, don’t you?"

"Yes, Daddy, course, " she murmured.

"Remember, honey, it’s better to thank and apologize
too much than not enough. Now, have you finished eating
all the cream Daddy made for you?"

With a final prudent lick, Ivonne nodded.

"Did you forget to tell him anything else?"

"I don’t think so."

"Then it’s time for your punishment."


"What, sweetheart?"

"You’re the best Daddy in the whole wide world."

Daddy met her love-filled eyes with his own. "And
you’re the best wife any man can ask for, Ivonne."
Stepping out of character, he lifted her chin with his finger.
The sweet kiss he brushed against her lips was nothing but
a frank reflection of his emotions.

"All right, hon, go get your things."

Ivonne sighed contentedly, then asked, "Should
I take off everything?"

"You may keep your socks on but use your stiletto heels."

As she hurried across the room, Daddy called out, "You
better get Daddy’s leather belt too, he did promise to make
you cry."

Ivonne returned wearing only her knee socks and shoes as
instructed. The small bag she placed next to Daddy’s feet
along with the belt contained a hand towel, a jar of Vaseline,
and a slim butt plug.

When Daddy nestled lower in the seat, Ivonne stepped between
his sprawled legs. Then she lowered herself over his thigh
and laid her chest on the couch.

"Do you remember all the rules?" Daddy asked,
rubbing her creamy upturned bottom.


Suddenly disgruntled, he ordered, "Higher, Ivonne,
Daddy shouldn’t have to reach too far to spank you."

Carefully, she inched forward until her back arched deeper
and her feet left the floor.

"That’s better. Don’t forget Daddy’s penis."

Ivonne squeezed her hand between them and took a firm hold.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?"

"Yes, Daddy."

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