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It all started at “The Number Five” over on Marion Street.
Stacie was anxious to meet her friends Debbie and Emily;
the three “E’s” they called them for the ending of their
names. The bar was active tonight and the girls were at no
loss for attention. They liked to brag how they never bought
another drink after the first one. On a really good night,
they guys were on them and offering drinks before they ever
sat down. Each had probably danced with no less than a half
dozen guys and the drinks kept coming even though they declined
all offers to couple up at a table. They were enjoying the
“bad girl” talk as they each made up stories about the guys
they were checking out. One table of five guys, though,
was particularly insistent.

Debbie had gone all out. She loved her black leather and
she was decked out to flaunt her figure. She wore a vest unzipped
low enough to make sure nobody doubted that. Emily, was
a bit more conservative, outwardly anyway, because she
could tell a pretty hot story about her sexual exploits.
She made no secret of the fact she preferred her men in pairs.
Stacie had her exploits too, but was more inclined to one-on-one.
She did, though, have a few fantasies that she kept to herself.
Debbie never hesitated to try to get Stacie to join her in
some group sessions, but so far, she hadn’t taken part.

Stacie had come straight from her sister’s and she wore
a blue summer dress. She liked the feel, the lightness and
the looseness of the dress and it felt very nice with the
new panties and bra she had bought. The dress hung loosely
and seemed to float around her body when she moved. Standing
still, it didn’t cling, but conformed to her shape. Her
breasts didn’t compare with Debbie’s, but Stacie loved
the way the draped smoothly over the roundness of her “C”
cups. It fluted outward at her hips and followed the slight
teardrop curve of her cheeks. What seemed to make the guys
nuts, though, was the way it dipped to follow the contour
between them. She did like to make the guys sweat and when
she turned her back on a guy, it wasn’t necessarily to put
him off.

Eventually, Emily had started her thing. She nodded toward
the five guys who were hopelessly hitting on them and made
her suggestion.

“Three girls ‒ five guys, ” “I think we could turn this into
and interesting night if you guys will join me, ” she hinted.

“None of em could last the whole round. I doubt we’d have
to do them all, but can you imagine what it would be like to
have that many guys trying to do you?” she asked excitedly, ”
that many cocks hanging around the room?”

Neither Stacie nor Debbie said no right away, but eventually
Stacie started in on her usual response that, “a couple
of guys might be fun, but I still have to find some attraction.”
“Three of those guys are pigs, ” she complained. Emily
got pissed right away, but Stacie was a little surprised
to sense that Debbie was actually on the fence. She was thinking
about it but soon she started prodding Stacie got miffed.
An argument started, with both friends deciding Stacie
was just a little too fond of her precious virtue and before
long, Stacie decided to leave. She was feeling a bit like
she had maybe had enough to drink anyway.

When she got up to go, one of the five guys reached out to try
to stop her. He tugged at the dress and she turned toward
him. Oddly, she took notice that there were only three at
the table, but she took her dress from his grasp and left
the bar.

She waited impatiently for a cab as someone was climbing
into the only one at the curb. He rolled the window down as
he climbed in.

“Share a cab?” he asked. “I’m in no hurry to be anyplace.”

Stacie thought for a minute, but this wasn’t unusual here,
and she really wanted to get away from this place. “Sure, ”
she said. “I’d appreciate that.” As she got into the cab,
two of the guys from the table had come out looking for her.
They watched the cab pull away as Stacie and her benefactor
rode in silence.

He’d directed to driver to take Stacie where she wanted
to go first and he told her not to worry about the fare. She
gave an address a couple of doors down from her own rather
than let it out in front of the stranger. She had stood on
the sidewalk while the cab pulled away before walking to
her own apartment building. Putting the key in her door
was the last she remembered. Now she woke up in a strange
room, on a strange bed, and bound from head to foot. Stacie
took stock of her encumbrance. Her feet were bound, as were
her knees. A soft strap wrapped her wrists and waist before
circling her arms and being tied off around her shoulders.
That strap was tied to the headboard just as the one at her
feet was tied off below. She tried to wiggle and couldn’t.
She was trapped. She found she could roll partially to the
opposite side, but that was all. When she did, she felt something
stick her thigh. “It was scissors!” she realized. She felt
sudden relief, but it was quickly dashed. When she tried
to move her hands around her waist to grab them, they wouldn’t
budge. She was bound too tight. The scissors dangled at
the end of the rope, taunting her. She was helpless. Her
mouth hurt, too. She was gagged; the gag pulled tight against
the sides of her mouth. She could only make sounds and not
form words. She lay wondering what had happened to her.
How did she get here? Was this some cruel joke being played
out by Emily and Debbie? Of course it was. It had to be and
she would sure get back at them for it. ________________________________________

Stacie realized a shower was running somewhere behind
her. She heard the faint squeak of the knob as the shower
was turned off and soon, the sound of a shower curtain being
drawn back. The sounds were unmistakable and clear. They
were the only sounds in the place. She wondered just what
“the place” was. It didn’t look like an apartment; not like
any she was used to anyway. It was more like the flat you might
see in a movie; a loft or converted warehouse. There were
high windows that allowed the light in and cast a glow toward
the ceiling. There were curtains and a few pieces of furniture.
She noticed a large TV with cables to a video camera at about
the same time she heard faint humming from behind her. The
bathroom, she guessed.

“What is that song?” she wondered. She knew it; knew the
tune, but couldn’t place it. Her eyes continued to wander.
She noticed leather furniture with erotic curves and a
couple of sturdy cane chairs. Stacie could see an old heavy
steamer trunk in the center of the room. There was also a
large butcher block table, and the expansive room was divided
along its sturdy ceiling beams by metal poles to support
the weight. She noticed steel rings and cables and pulleys
along the beams. Her mind shot back to the sculpted chairs.
She knew she had seen something odd, but it hadn’t registered.
Many of the pieces of furniture had straps and buckles attached.

Around one corner, Stacie assumed, must be the kitchen.
In an opposite corner there was a weight machine with more
cables, and rings, and pulleys. Mostly, the space was one
very large room. She was bound at the end that served as a
bedroom. She could see most of the room from here, but not
where the bathroom sounds were coming from. “What is that
song?” she asked herself.

The humming stopped briefly. Stacie could hear that her
captor was brushing his teeth. “His teeth?” she thought.
How did she know it was a he? “Well, the humming sounded like
a he, and why would a woman do this?” “Why would anyone do
this?” “What is going to happen?” The questions raced through
her mind and the bindings hurt. If this was Debbie and Emily,
she’d kill them both. She felt cramped and needed to move
her arms and legs. She tried to roll over and change position
but got only slight relief. From behind, she heard someone


Stacie felt her body tense. She felt her blood pressure
rise and she began to sweat. She girded herself for the worst
just as she caught a glimpse of movement. He stepped into
view, but she wouldn’t look up. “A man, of course it’s a man, ”
she whimpered to herself. She could see his bare legs but
they had no hair. She saw light gray stretch boxers and what
looked like a lightweight tan robe worn open. The ties dangled
at his sides. She forced her eyes upward to look into the
face of her fate.

His chest was bare, also void of hair. He looked fairly well
built with muscle well defined but not exaggerated. Then
she saw his face. She didn’t know him. Her mind raced between
the man in the cab, the men at the bar, even the cab driver.
She couldn’t remember any of them. “Why hadn’t she paid
better attention?” She started to cry.

He wasn’t an ogre; actually a pretty average looking man
maybe in his early 30’s. She was appalled at herself for
thinking he actually had nice eyes and his smile was genuine,
not the kind of smile you might see on someone who has prey
in his trap. He just didn’t look evil. He might have been
someone she would check out at the bar. “But, ” she thought
“who knows what evil men have in mind?” She’d certainly
known a few that were capable of evil things, and certainly
there could be nothing but evil in store for her here. She
strained not to look at him, but couldn’t look away.

Stacie felt her pulse racing as he sat on the edge of the bed.
He made no mention of her bindings; never asked if she was
ok. Instead, he touched her. His hand ran along the exposed
skin of her legs. He ran it up, under her dress to her hips
and lifted it slightly to look at her. He let the dress back
down as he withdrew his hand, immediately moving it to explore
her breasts. Then, quite gently he stroked her cheek with
the back of his fingers and leaned to kiss her forehead.
Stacie realized she was cringing, yet his motions and explorations
were so matter-of- fact. He got up and walked around the
corner to what she had assumed was the kitchen. She could
hear the clink of ice. Two glasses, it sounded like and she
craved water, even just a tiny bit of water.

When he returned to view, she smelled the distinctive aroma
of scotch, but she could see one only one glass held an amber
substance, the other was clear and had a straw. Again he
sat on the bed but this time he moved her gag slightly; just
enough to give her the tip of the straw. Gratefully she drew
the water in as fast as she could.

“Maybe you’d prefer a drink.” “Wine or whatever sounds
good.” She shook her head and lifted her eyes to his, studying
him. “The voice ‒ had she ever heard that voice?” “God, no, ”
she couldn’t remember. She would want to remember his face
if she ever got out of here and she’d want to remember the
voice. Having had enough water, she withdrew her head to
let the straw drop away. Again, he stroked her leg and slipped
the gag back into position. Then, he took an ice cube from
his drink. He touched it to the sole of her foot. She released
a muffled shriek through the gag and tried to jerk away but
she couldn’t move. Her captor slid the ice cube along both
feet, then up her leg. Stacie gave in to it, the sensation
struck her that it could just as well have been a hot iron
as ice. She couldn’t have told the difference. As it melted
against her warm skin she felt the water run down her leg.
He rose and took a seat near the large television. He was
sipping the scotch when she heard a knock on the door.

When he opened the door, a girl walked in. Stacie figured
her for no more than twenty. She was dressed in jeans and
parka. Long black hair flowed along the collar. “Hi, love, ”
she said in a manner that didn’t really sound like they were
lovers. “Are you ready for us?”

“Pam, you look good tonight, ” he responded as he took her
coat. “No, we aren’t ready, Candy isn’t here yet.”

Stacie’s mind raced again. “My god, it’s coming, ” she
thought. “What are they going to do?” “Who else is coming?”
“How many?” Pam and Candy; she made mental notes again.
And another note; she watched as the sun began to set. The
flat faces west. And, she guessed, it might look out over
the harbor. Although she had a bad angle, she couldn’t see
any rooftops out the window.

Stacie studied the new arrival. Pam wore only a short T-shirt
under the parka. She was probably 5’ 7” and slender except
it was evident her breasts were large. As she moved, they
moved freely. She was still studying the girl when she happened
to glance toward the bed.

“Oh, hello, what have we got here?” “Honey, who is this I
spy on your bed?” “Oh my, she looks like she’s coming on to
you, all tied up and all.” The woman laughed as they both
approached the bed.

“Pay no mind to this witch, sweetheart.” “She lacks your
refinement, ” the captor told her. Then he turned to Pam.
“Let’s just say she came to visit a while.”

Pam lifted Stacie’s dress and saw the blue panties she wore.
Her fair skin showed through a delicate lace pattern. “From
the looks of this, ” Pam went on, “you haven’t done much
visiting yet.” “Maybe she just got in, huh?” Pam was sarcastic.

Stacy immediately agreed. “She is a witch.” For some reason,
Stacie sympathized with her captor for the moment.

“You know how I like blue, sweetheart.” “Maybe you’d let
me have those when you’re finished.” “She won’t need them
anymore.” Pam reached down and traced a finger along Stacie’s
panty line. Stacie tried to watch out of the corner of her

Stacie knew her fear must have been obvious. If she wouldn’t
need them anymore, she knew she was going to die. She reminded
herself she was tied up and there was video equipment. At
the same time, the woman’s touch had intrigued her. She
felt warmth from the fingertip but scolded herself back
to reality.

“You are in for such a treat little lady.” As she spoke, she
turned and moved closer to the captor. “Has he shown you
this, yet?” Pam reached down and placed her palm against
the bulge in his boxers. Just as smoothly, she moved her
hand to his waistband and slipped it inside, grasping him.
Stacie watched intently. As she watched, Pam slid the boxers
down, dropping to her knees as she did so. Stacie felt a rush
of excitement and stared at the member Pam held in her hand.
He wasn’t so awful large, but as large as she was used to.
He was shaved smooth there too, and she could see him becoming
erect. She caught herself enjoying the sight of a woman
fondling it.

In front of her, Pam licked the tip of his shaft before glancing
up at his face. He was watching Stacie when Pam took him fully
into her mouth. She moaned and groaned with exaggerated
pleasure as she slid her lips up and down his shaft. When
she held him deep, she turned her head just enough to look
at Stacie, then stroked him some more. Pam was holding her
mouth wide open and dragging her tongue along the underside
of the shaft when then there was another knock on the door.
Pam abruptly stopped, ran her fingers along his erection
while looking cockily back over her shoulder at Stacie,
and walked to the door without a word.

This must have been Candy. Pam reached out and the two hugged
like maybe they were better friends with each other than
with Stacie’s captor. The man stroked Stacie’s cheek once
more, being very slow about returning his cock to his boxers
before going to greet the new guest. Stacie told herself
she might need to recognize that too. It was her way of rationalizing
a second look. The trio talked for a while and all three glanced
at Stacie at different times. She could not hear what they
were saying but Candy had a devilish grin.


Stacie watched the two girls walk toward her as her captor
went to the trunk she had seen earlier. Both girls made a
spectacle of removing their clothes at the side of Stacie’s
prison, and soon they both stood over her wearing only thongs,
one black and one white. She could see her captor pulling
straps from the trunk. There were long ones and short ones
that looked like leather but it seemed they had soft linings
on one side. On the leather side, there were metal rings.
Candy moved behind Stacie who wouldn’t take her eyes off
the straps. Candy slipped yet another rope onto Stacie’s
neck, pulled a noose tight and told her, “Now honey, this
is so you behave.” “Don’t act up and I won’t have to be tugging
on this thing, okay?” “If you do act up, I might enjoy watching
while you run out of air.” Stacie tried to look at her but
couldn’t turn around. She heard the sound of the scissors.
Candy had taken them when they untied her. Now she was taunting

“Hear that little sweet thing?” “mmmm, I could have these
clothes off of you in a jiffy. Only problem would be those
pretty blue panties Pam told me about. “You wear such sweet
things Pammy says, and if Pammy wants those, I guess I can’t
cut them.” “I might have to just slide them off of you real
easy.” Stacie knew she would be naked any minute. What would
these three be planning?

With that, her captor slipped leather straps tightly around
her wrists and ankles. He attached cables to the loops that
seemed to extend to some of the rings at the ceiling. Once
they were attached. Pam began to remove the ropes that had
bound her so tightly. Stacie was relieved at the ability
to move her arms and legs. They ached painfully. She was
able to stand, and look around. She was rubbing her wrists
when she felt the tension on the straps. Her arms raised
and she had to shuffle her feet as they were pulled apart.
She was being moved and shackled to the rings in the ceiling.
The cable straps from her feet fed into holes in the metal
poles. Once again she was uncomfortable, but even standing
was a relief. She was in roughly the center of the room, facing
the windows and the contoured furniture. She was facing
the TV as well, she noticed, and the camera faced her but
didn’t seem to be on. Candy was still behind her and Stacie

Stacie heard the trio discuss getting started and she knew
surely that she was about to be sexually ravaged by one,
or two, or maybe all three. Her mind raced with visions of
what they might do when Candy and Pam moved closer her. Candy
noticed the fall of Stacie’s dress.

“Oh my God, friends. Look at this cute ass. So scrumptious.
Sweet little buns peaking out and this dress slides so nice
right down her crack. Candy ran her finger between Stacie’s
cheeks, then cupped each of them in the palms of her hands.
Stacie felt a hot rush at being the object of two females
and at the same time she was terrified.

“What was this the prelude too?” “How can I be enjoying this
touch?” Stacie was confused. This felt as exhilarating
as it was terrifying.

Pam raised Stacie’s dress to show Candy the blue panties.
Candy moved in close and rubbed her hands along Stacie’s
hips, then around to her ass where she pulled Stacie close,
pressing herself to her. Candy then slid her arms up Stacie’s
sides, lifting her dress over her breasts and she fondled
Stacie’s nipples from behind.

“Check this out!” Candy yelled, showing the others how
Stacie’s nipples had firmed. “I think she likes me!” Pam
moved in and licked and sucked at Stacie’s nipples through
the fabric of her bra. Candy slid her hands into Stacie’s
panties, pulling them down over her hips and suddenly slapped
her ass with the flat of her hand. Stacie shrieked with a
start before she realized it hadn’t actually hurt. It was
just so sudden. Candy walked slowly around Stacie, fondled
the nipples again and released the clasp at the front of
her bra. She kissed her soft nipple, sucked it into her mouth
and suddenly bit down. Stacie shrieked again as her legs

Just as suddenly, and without straightening Stacie’s
dress, Candy abruptly stopped and the three of them walked
over to the furnished area. Candy looked back over her shoulder
seeming to say, “I’m not done with you, you little wench.”
Her captor walked to the camera and went to work as the girls
moved around the furnishings. Pam and Candy seemed to be
the stars of the show. They sat cross-legged on the floor
and engaged in inane conversation meant to sound like two
young girls deciding to share a sexual experience with
each other for the first time. Candy leaned back on her arms
to flaunt her breasts and Pam bent forward to flick her tongue
over Candy’s nipples. They spent some time hugging and
kissing and contorting on the floor. Now and then Candy
would glance back over at Stacie. Soon Pam was working Candy’s
thong over her hips and then let it hang just below her ass
as she spanked her and rubbed her fingers quickly against
Candy’s crotch. Candy moaned and groaned and carried on
like it was sexual ecstasy.

Stacie was getting caught up in the scene even though the
girls were doing a pretty amateur job. Soon, both girls
were naked and Pam was on her back with Candy straddling
her face. Pam licked and flicked her tongue between Candy’s
legs while both girls contrived alien sounds and gyrations.
Just like any porn movie, Stacie thought, “they never did
anything long enough to be worthwhile.” They seemed in
a hurry to film as many different things as possible rather
than film anything good.

Stacie noticed that her captor was spending more time watching
her than the sexual escapades. She caught herself watching
that bulge, wondering when he would use it on her. Eventually,
Pam went to the trunk and Stacie’s captor took the moment
to walk over and straighten Stacie’s panties from the contorted
shape Candy had left them in. He kept staring directly at
her eyes. He re-hooked her bra and straightened her dress.
It wasn’t totally for her benefit. She could see the camera
was on them and He took the opportunity to touch her soft
skin and stroke her hips first. He had stared in Stacie’s
eyes as he walked over and never changed his gaze. She felt
his fingers circle her nipples before he turned and walked


Stacie noticed for the first time, that while this exchange
was taking place, Candy was fondling herself for the camera.
It now stared directly between her legs. She arched her
back, contorted her facial expressions and carried on
like she was the best sex she had ever experienced. Just
then, from off camera, Pam appeared with two strap-on dildos,
one of them double-ended. Candy carried on an inane scene
like it was such a surprise and it excited her so.

Stacie was disappointed that the whole episode was enacted
by such bimbos. It was actually arousing to her, and again
she was confused. There was no telling what this trio had
in mind for her. Nevertheless, she was feeling aroused.
She was feeling moist. She snapped herself out of it, telling
herself once more that she was a captive. She was strapped
to the ceiling and floor and this was just the beginning
of whatever her fate might be.

Just then, Candy screamed as Pam pushed the dildo roughly
into her. Stacie hadn’t even noticed that Candy was now
strapped to one of the contour couches. She was face down,
her ass in the air and her arms and legs draped over the sides.
Pam had moved quickly in behind Candy when the camera started
again and pushed her artificial member into Candy. Now
she was pumping wildly and Candy was screaming with pleasure.
It was evident that Candy liked what she was doing. Stacie
wondered if she ever really felt pleasure. Then she had
a vision of Pam doing that to her. Worse, she had a vision
of Candy doing that to her, and then she glanced again at
the grey boxers of her captor. She was beginning to suppose
that the girls would be the ones to do her, but “what would
his role be?” “Is he just a cameraman?” “No, she was his captive,
the girls hadn’t even known about her before they got here”,
was the next mental note Stacie made.

As a final scene, as Stacie would have anticipated, Candy
was released from the straps and the girls lay on the floor.
Candy faced the camera, pushed the double dildo into her
and absorbed a few strokes for effect. Pam sidled to her
where they pulled themselves together, inserting the
other end into her own pussy. Both rubbed their breasts
and pinched their nipples while their hips gyrated and
they squirmed, each fucking the other and each fucking
themselves. It was cheap, but Stacie liked it. She actually
believed that Pam had an orgasm.

When the camera stopped, both girls got up like nothing
had happened. They sat around the flat talking and the captor
fixed them both drinks. Neither seemed inclined to get

“It’s a shame you have a girlfriend, ” Candy said to the
captor. “I’d feel pretty good about just fucking you senseless
right now.” “Do you think she’d mind?” Candy asked glancing
back over at Stacie again.

“Sorry, I’ve seen what’s been up your cunt, ” the captor
said and brushed off Candy’s advances.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to check see if
your girlfriend enjoyed the show, ” Pam interjected.
And she walked slowly toward Stacie. Candy jumped to join
her. If there was going to be action, Candy wanted part of

Stacie again felt her blood pressure rise. “Here it comes, ”
she thought, almost relieved that it might soon be over
with. It may have been even more frightening to her, that
she was anxious. Together the two girls lifted Stacie’s
dress. Candy pushed her naked body up against Stacie from
behind while Pam reached up and again released the front
clasp of her bra. Stacie felt Candy’s hands exploring her
back and her legs and her ass while Pam rubbed her oversized
breasts against her. Then Candy slid her hands into the
Blue panties and pushed her breasts into Stacie’s back.
Pam bent to suck on Stacie’s nipples just as Stacie felt
Candy’s finger slide into her ass. Her legs tightened and
she jolted upward. Pam rubbed Stacie between her legs and
asked pleadingly for her pretty blue panties as she slid
her hand inside. She was staring into Stacie’s eyes from
no more than six inches away. She rubbed Stacie’s clit just
a little too hard and Stacie winced. Stacie accepted, though,
what they were doing, actually may have enjoyed it were
it not for the fact that both were so clumsy and cheap. Both
moved their fingers inside her, rolling them, sliding
them in and out. Candy whispered into Stacie’s ear.

“What do you think little bitch?” “You like this?” “Think
you’d like to see what else we can do?” “We could get you naked
and do things you never knew, honey, and I love to do a sweet
little bitch.”

Stacie’s nipples were firm even though one was now sore
to the touch, and there was no question she was aroused.
Her legs felt weak, and her wrists ached from supporting
her weight. She realized too, she was responding. Unconsciously,
Stacie’s hips moved and she flexed muscles to grasp the
girl’s fingers. Pam, still stroking her, was slowly kneeling
down, licking her, moving closer to where her finger penetrated
Stacie’s now wet pussy when the captor interrupted them.

“Oh, I forgot to stop the camera, ” he mused. “Imagine that.”
The camera obviously didn’t matter to the girls, but his
interruption had spoiled the moment. Stacie looked quickly
to the TV screen and breathed deeply. Part of her wished
she had been watching.

The girls stopped what they were doing as abruptly as they
had stopped the scenes in the film. Stacie felt weak and
just a little deserted. It was almost mechanical for these
two. She actually wished it hadn’t stopped, but the girls
dressed as quickly as the scenes had unfolded. Candy gave
Stacie a wink, and told her she’d love to try again if this
hunk wasn’t good enough. Or, maybe his camera statement
was their cue to leave. He closed the door slowly behind
them, turned and leaned against it and stared at Stacie.

Stacie hung there, half standing, half suspended. Thoughts
raced through her mind. She was still frightened, but she
suddenly felt deserted more than captured. Maybe she had
a slight sense of safety when she wasn’t the only female
in the room. And she could have allowed what the girls were
doing to her, strapped or not. She could still feel their
fingers inside her and the anticipation she had felt as
Pam moved lower. She had been brought to the brink and left
to wallow in it, and in the fear of what would happen now.
She was alone with this man who must no doubt be aroused at
what he had been watching. It was visibly evident in fact.

“Are you okay? He asked.

The question puzzled her. “What the fuck does he care if
I’m ok?” she thought. He’s the one that has me shackled up
here watching porn movies and getting fingered in my ass
by the star of the show. What the fuck does he care if I’m ok?”
Still, she nodded silently. She was ok.

He began to move slowly toward her. She noted it hadn’t been
that long since the sun went down. The night was still young.
She tried to think, from the places that Candy stood, where
the scissors might be. Maybe she’d get a chance.


Then he was gone. Her captor had walked out of sight, and
she struggled to look around the room. Somehow, no matter
what happened, she felt there was some safety in being able
to see him. To see him meant she had some warning as things
were about to happen. She didn’t want to be snuck up on from
behind. She needed to gird herself for what he might do.
Then she heard music. “Was it that same song again?” “What
is that song?” She still couldn’t place it.

He was behind her and she felt his arms on her shoulders.
He ran his fingers up her arms to the straps that held her
there. He stroked them lightly down the underside of her
arms and she was surprised to actually feel something nice.
But it tickled. She stifled her reflexive response. She
didn’t want him to know she liked it. His fingers tickled
her arm pits and slipped down to the swell of her breasts.
They weren’t large breasts. He already knew that, but as
he touched them it confirmed their roundness. They were
firm to his caress and the roundness blended smoothly to
her sides. He could feel how deeply she was breathing even
though she felt she couldn’t breathe at all. The fullness
of her breasts rose and fell beneath his hands. His fingers
found her nipples. They were hard but he hadn’t noticed
the bite she had taken. Stacie grimaced but didn’t want
him to stop. She felt his hands glide down her sides and follow
the flare of her hips. He felt the line of the panties Pam
was so fond of.

He had moved closer to her. Stacie could feel his warm breath
in her hair. She could feel his erection pressing against
her. She couldn’t swallow. She needed water. “Is this how
it is?” she wondered. “Do they treat you softly only to suddenly
turn violent?” “Do they gradually get rougher?” “What
is this man doing?” She wanted to cry again but she didn’t
want this to stop.

His fingers began to gather the fabric of her dress. He pulled
upward and stepped back just a little to look at her. His
eyes moved from her legs upward. He agreed with Candy. It
was a very sweet ass indeed. He had known it would be when
he saw how the dress draped her curves so nicely. He looked
at the small of her back. It looked so tender. He continued
up her back and saw smooth soft skin. Stacie knew only that
nothing was happening. “What is he doing back there?” She
wondered. She wished she could ask. Her head felt heavy
and she let it drop forward slightly. His hands brushed
her hair aside and he kissed her neck. He kissed her ear lobes,
and her shoulders.

“Damn you!” she wanted to scream. “Don’t you dare make this
good.” “Whatever you are going to do with me, don’t you dare
make me want this!” With that, she started to cry again.
He moved around to look again in her eyes. He stroked a tear
from her cheek with the back of his fingers, and stepped
back to give some distance between them.

Stacie needed a moment of control. She needed just a moment
of pause in her captivity. She looked to the bathroom door
and tried to point with her head. She looked back at him,
hoping he understood. He glanced at the door and realized,
he hadn’t thought of this. “How stupid, ” he thought. “How
could he not know she would need to go there?” He took a few
moments to figure out what to do. He couldn’t let her loose
to go there. He couldn’t let her in there alone. There was
too much in there she could use against him. And, if he let
her free, he may not be able to bind her again.


After considering it, he had a thought. She wouldn’t like
it but he saw no other way. He had retrieved some more straps
and walked back to where she stood. Putting them on the floor
in front of her, he stood to face her and looked intently
into her eyes. “I’m sorry; there is only one way to do this.”
“I’ll fix that tomorrow.” He knelt and used the straps to
tie one of her legs to his. A second strap connected her ankles
and gave her about two feet of movement. Stacie realized
that his comment meant something. Tomorrow, he had said.
He would fix it tomorrow. That meant he intended for her
to be around another day. Stacie allowed herself to take
relief in that thought.

Another strap gave her the same motion and restriction
for her arms but they weren’t tied to his and he eased the
tension from the ceiling before releasing the clamp. Her
arms were down and she felt a tremendous physical relief.
Her wrist strap did have a tether, though, that he held tightly.
She thought about struggling now that she had some ability
to move. She couldn’t kick, the connection was too short
and one leg remained tied to him. She went along, but would
wait for any chance she saw. He led her, shuffling to the
bathroom. She looked hurriedly around the room.

“Where are the scissors?” She needed to find the scissors.

As they got to the bathroom door, she realized she would
not exactly have privacy there. They were firmly anchored
together. He was coming in with her.

“Is this what it’s about”? she thought. “This is just about
physical and sexual humiliation”? “This isn’t about sex
at all!” “This must be just about rubbing my nose in all this
‒ why is he doing this to me?”

In the bathroom, he sat on the edge of the bathtub directly
in front of where she would be. She looked down, and looked
at him. “This is disgusting, ” she thought. “I have to pee
and you are going to set right there and watch?” “I can’t
do this.” “I can’t set here and pee in front of a guy!” For
the first time, he avoided her eyes. In a few moments she
gave in. Her hands we bound in front of her, the only way to
lift her dress was to gather the fabric in her fingers as
he had done. She faced him squarely and pulled it upwards,
then slid her panties down to her bindings, revealing herself
fully before setting down. She realized how good it actually
felt to sit, even if it was for an otherwise personal moment.

“Well, if he wants to watch me pee, by God, I’m going to give
him a show.” “If I’m gonna be humiliated I may as well make
the best of it.” “Maybe, if he thinks it doesn’t bother me,
it’ll lose its appeal.” Instead, he tried to look away,
glancing back at her only briefly, until she finally bent
to retrieve her panties that lay at her ankles. It startled
her when he reached out and caught her hand. He released
one binding from her ankle and freed the panties of that
leg. He then slid the panties over the next shackle and across
the cable that tied the two them together. Stacie felt tears
welling up once more.

Even though she’d been groped and probed by those two girls,
and she’d been fondled by this man, the panties were one
small shred of dignity that remained for her. And, even
if symbolic, they were that thin line of protection from
the edge of vulnerability. He was taking her panties. She
ached, she was tired, and she was frightened, and he was
taking her panties.

Stacie stood and let her dress fall to cover her again. As
they started to move to the door, she briefly glanced at
the shower. She felt she’d been robbed of a private moment
of freedom and suddenly it struck her how it would feel to
have hot water cascading over her weary body. Even though
the glance was brief, he caught it and stopped her.

Her captor turned the water on first. He closed the door,
and locked it with a key that he returned to the pocket of
his robe. Another mental note for Stacie. Only then did
he finally ease his hold on the binding that held her hands.
He stepped back and watched her. He signaled her to the shower
that was now giving off a warming steam. Reluctantly, she
slowly pulled the summer dress up over her hips, over her
breasts, and then over her head. She rubbed her sore wrists
as he watched. She then unclasped her bra and her breasts
fell free. Slipping it off her shoulders, she stood naked
before him, still wearing the ankle bindings and the bra
straps hung at her wrists. He unhooked the straps, let it
fall free, then bound her again.

She was not a large girl. She probably stood 5’ 5”. Her breasts
were small but beautifully shaped. The roundness sloped
upward to a sweet tip, capped by tender but firm nipples.
They were only slightly darker than the surrounding soft
skin. Her waist was small and swept gently outward to the
flare of her narrow hips. Her smooth skin crossed down from
her belly to a tempting, neatly trimmed mound between her
legs. He was taken by her beauty when he noticed the bruise
on one breast. She was transfixed on his gaze. She wasn’t
sure anyone had looked at her this way before. She felt both
safe and frightened, still struggling with that conflict.
Mostly, she felt admired.

Her captor let his robe slide from his shoulders and drop
to the ground. As she watched him, he slid the boxers to the
floor and again she saw that part of him that Pam had used
to taunt her. She felt excitement but realized she was being
robbed of yet another private moment. He would join her
in the shower. Even here, she would be his captive. He lifted
her to the tub, and fastened the straps on her wrists to the


Stacie stood fully beneath the hot flow of water and let
it cascade down the curves of her body. It soothed her aches
and warmed her. She had almost forgotten about the captor
behind her when she felt his hands on her neck. He lathered
her neck and shoulders, caressed her and massaged her with
the heat and suds. His touch was gentle. She thought this
couldn’t be right. He ran the soap across her shoulders,
down her back and waist. He lathered the curves of her ass
and slid it between her legs. He moved his hands all the way
to the front and rubbed her there.

Stacie thought she would faint. “How could this possibly
feel so good?” She didn’t understand what was happening
to her but she liked this. She realized she liked his touch,
no matter how crude, and no matter how humiliating. The
warmth took her mind off her bindings as he gently caressed
her. He knelt and soaped her legs, rubbing the ache from
them as he went. Then he sat on the edge of the tub, took first
one of her feet in his hand and then the other, massaging
them as well with the warmth. When he arose, Stacie turned
to face him. She let him run his hands along her collar bone
and again across her shoulders. He soaped her breasts and
his hands glided smoothly over them before pausing to feel
the firmness of her nipples. He moved down and paused again
between her legs. The warmth of the water, the suds of the
soap, and the softness of his touch took her breath away.
For now, she felt no more confusion. He had explored and
soothed every inch of her body and at this moment, in the
place he was at, she felt ecstasy. She wanted to touch him
in return.

She felt the lather flow down her body and looked straight
in his eyes before letting her own eyes wander down to the
erection she felt between them


It’s an automatic biological reaction. When a man gets
aroused, his cock firms because his body senses he is about
to enter a woman. The firmness allows it to slide in effortlessly
and the nerves located there are stimulated by the soft
inner walls that wrap him. A woman aroused on the other hand,
produces wetness. Her body lubricates in anticipation
that she will be penetrated. And the nerves she has there
are stimulated by the movement of the fullness inside her.
At the same time, her tender skin is gently manipulated
to rub at her sweetest nub. Stacie knew how wet she was right
now. She wanted him. She wanted him inside her, but she knew
if he did that now he would know as well as she, just how aroused
she is. That was something she didn’t want him to know. But
she did want him inside her.

Like he could hear her thoughts, he moved himself closer
to her. His erect cock touched her and as he continued to
massage her body, it rubbed against her. He began to lower
himself and she felt it slide between her legs.

“You bastard!” her mind screamed. “You like to take helpless
women!” “Is this the only way you can get any?” “Fuck yourself,
damn you!”

As she felt the tip pass into her, she pulled at the shower
head, raising herself as she stood on her toes. She raised
herself as far as she could go but couldn’t pull herself
off of him. He rose with her. Her wetness flowed and her body
burned for this. She surrendered, eased her arms and lowered
herself down onto his shaft. She gratefully accepted the
fullness she felt as the shaft slid deeper and deeper within
her. He raised himself more to give her the full length of
his cock. She couldn’t raise herself now if she wanted too.
He legs felt weak and he supported her as he drove himself
deeper within her. Her mind focused on the movement inside
her. As he slowly rocked his hips and rolled from side to
side his cock massaged the sensitive walls. She squeezed
to clamp down on him.

He felt the tender wetness that wrapped his shaft and felt
her muscles take him tighter. He felt like she was sucking
him deeper. As he would withdraw she would pull him back.
He was pleased to find so much wetness; pleased at her response.

Stacie was torn again. She was repulsed by how this man had
taken her but she felt so complete inside. His shaft filled
her and every movement thrilled the nerves inside. Her
clit burned with excitement and she was afraid she’d climax.
She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction but still she
found herself gyrating her hips in rhythm with his. She
wanted this feeling to go on forever.

When her body finally gave it up she whimpered. Stacie tried
to stop it ‒ hold it back. But she knew, when she reached that
plateau she would accept it. She surrendered to the climax
as her whole body stiffened. She could hardly stand. Her
legs trembled as he supported her. He held her firmly and
gradually slowed his movement within her. She waited for
his release, but he slowly withdrew. With the gag in her
mouth and her body bound, she couldn’t protest. She could
only stand there as he washed her again.


After the shower he had taken her, still bound, back to the
bed. Stacie lay there on her back with her arms and legs fastened
to the corners. He had gone and fixed them another drink
and eased her gag once more while she sipped. He sat then,
on the edge of the bed and once again traced the lines of her
body with an ice cube. She could hardly bear the chill but
it was at the same time, the most pleasurable torture she
ever endured. It hardened her nipples and excited her clit
when he teased her there. He covered her then, and let her
drift off to sleep.

What awoke her later was the sensation she felt when he touched
his tongue to the small birth mark on the inside of her thigh.
It was close enough that he could sense her female scents
and soon he found her flavors. He kissed her thighs and moved
upward, finding that small strip of neatly trimmed hair.
He slipped his tongue between her lips and savored the heat
of the silky skin as he slid it from her clitoris downward.
He explored where he had entered her earlier and then settled
in to a slow rhythm of orally massaging her every nerve.
He lay opposite her. His legs along side her, his chest across
her hips and he dipped his head to offer the tip of his tongue
to her clit. Stacie had no intention of fighting this. Her
body warmed immediately and she felt tingling the length
of her legs. Then, she felt it again. “How could he be doing
this?” she asked herself. “his face is between my legs,
his cock is up by my side?” But the feeling was unmistakable.
She was being penetrated again. Stacie looked down but
there was no one else. “What is he………and her mind drifted
off as she felt the fullness again deeply within her.

As he slowly massaged her clit, the captor had slid a dildo
between Stacie’s legs. Not far in. He wanted to find that
spot. That sweet spot women have that men seem to overlook
going after their own gratification instead. When she
thrust her hips and stiffened he had no doubt about where
it was. He kept the toy there, moving it ever so slightly,
keeping pressure on the spot he had just found. His tongue
worked little circles around her clitoris and he ran it
over the top and up and down between her lips. With deliberate
patience, he waited, never stopping his manipulations
until once again, Stacie’s body gave it up. It started low
in her stomach, or her abdomen maybe ‒ she didn’t care. It
was surging through her hips and down her legs. She even
felt it in her breasts. She arched upward, straining against
her bindings. Her whole body trembled this time and she
screamed against her gag. He kept moving his tongue and
kept moving the toy until she seemed spent.

They lay there briefly. She savoring the climax, and he
savoring her scents and the heat that he felt from her. Eventually,
he rose and turned. Watching her eyes, he untied the gag
and removed it. He bent toward her, and they kissed. It was
a long, slow, moist kiss. He set about removing the shackles
that held her to the bed.

Stacie was freed but now she didn’t care. They didn’t speak.
Stacie certainly had no idea what to say and of all things,
he called out for Chinese food. He had given her back her
dress, and he wore his robe closed now. They ate and sat in
silence until he offered to take her home.

“Tomorrow”, she said. She removed her dress and curled
up on his bed. As the night wore on, he joined her. The slept
soundly, tangled together with arms and legs intertwined.
When he awoke it was to the feeling of her moistness around
his shaft. He was flaccid but she held him in her mouth, feeling
him harden against her tongue.

Stacie realized that with all the things he had done to her,
sexually he had only pleased her. And that he had done with
distinction. She had not felt him climax at all. Now, as
the sun began to creep in the high windows, she rubbed the
bottom of his shaft with her tongue. She raised and lowered
her head, stroking him. Mostly, she held him deep and sucked
on his shaft. As she sucked he felt her tongue flex against
him. “Who’s in control now, you asshole?” she thought.
She too, was slow and deliberate until she felt the manly
convulsion. The spasms began. His shaft jerked against
the roof of her mouth and she felt his sudden release. She
felt it again, and again and his warm juices sprayed her
mouth. She didn’t stop sucking until she felt no more. Even
then, she stayed for a few lingering strokes.

Stacey had dressed to leave. She looked delightful again
in her summer dress. Before she turned to go out the door,
she tossed him her blue panties. She was humming that song.
“And I don’t want to miss a thing” her voice lilted as she
turned to go.

This quiet sail is as a noiseless wing to waft me from distraction ~ George Gordon Noel Byron

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