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Their relationship so far had been passionate, fun, and
sexy, but Amber knew that much of that had been driven by
Paul's fantasies, with which she gladly participated.
Recently, Amber had decided that she wanted to take a more
active role in shaping their love life A few weeks back,
in a humorous but surprisingly sexy attempt to get her comfortable
with switching from her previous, Paul had dressed himself
up for a fantasy where he "examined" her with
a latex glove in all her intimate places. Something about
the feel of that latex glove sliding around and in her body
had sparked something hot inside her, something different.
After a quick consult with one of her kinkier friends, she
had dreamed up a scenario sure to spice things up and assert
her own sexual flavour to their lovemaking.

While shopping online for the perfect outfit, she came
across a set of pink latex opera gloves and thigh high stockings;
a pink almost alive in it's electric vibrancy, one
which brought all sorts of naughty thoughts to mind regarding
things sweet and virginal with a dirty twist. Given that
her petite frame, heart shaped face, big eyes, full, pouted
lips, and high, cute voice had made her seem years younger
even late into her twenties, she felt that it matched nicely
and was sure to show Paul that despite her looks, she was
an experienced lover with dark passions. To compliment
the gloves and stockings she chose an outfit she was sure
he'd never expect: a pink latex corset top with optional,
inflatable breasts and an indecently high matching mini-skirt
complete with petticoat ruffles. Topped (or bottomed,
she giggled) with a barely-there pink thong she was sure
she'd shock him and gain some respect for her own fantasy

She'd chosen a night to wear it when she knew he'd
be home late, and when he called one Friday to cancel their
dinner date because his boss had requested that his whole
team stay late to finish out a deal, she knew her time had
come. Telling him not to worry, that she'd cook up something
nice at her place and that he should come over whenever he
was done, she left work early and headed to pick up some special
lubricant that her kinky friend had suggested she use to
ease her dressing. At the supermarket she grabbed the big
bottle of water-based lube and ran to the checkout line
to have as much time as possible to get ready. Waiting in
line she saw all the Christmas decorations out and right
there, on the counter next to the register was a display
of those old-fashioned, huge peppermint sticks. Like
a miniature barber pole, almost a foot long and easily an
inch wide, she smiled evilly as she realized how to complete
her image tonight. The cashier eyed her oddly as she paid
for her lube and the trio of large confections, but she was
beyond caring, already thinking ahead to her perfect fantasy.

At home, with everything ready for a late (very late, if
she had anything to say about it) dinner, she took a shower,
and took an hour to put her long, silky hair up into ringlets.
She applied a thick cover of blush, bright red smudge-proof
lipstick, and enough mascara to make her eyes seem overlarge
in her now almost cherubic face. Amber laid out all her garments
on the bed with the lube and recalled her friend's instructions.
Suddenly a little nervous, and slightly aroused by the
thought of what she was about to put on, she pushed through
the butterflies bouncing around in her tummy and poured
a generous amount of lube into one hand. Liberally, she
applied it all up and down her other arm until it was slick
to the touch. Drying her hand on a nearby towel she'd
laid out to clean up the excess lube she grabbed the first
glove and slowly slid it up her arm.

The sensation of the wet latex slipping up and across her
arm was delicious, and her eyes half-lidded in appreciation,
but it was when her fingers finally slipped in the hand of
the glove that she felt this incredible, warm, wet, grasping
sensation all the way up her arm starting with the tips of
her fingers working it's way through her palm and across
the back of her hand. She marvelled at this sweet, wet, tightness
and the way the dusky pink looked on her lightly tanned skin.
There seemed to be little pulses of electricity flowing
out her arm and down her body straight between her legs and
she felt her body clench sensually. All this from one glove,
she thought?

As Amber began pouring lube into her now gloved hand in order
to similarly moisten her other arm she noticed a curious
glistening in her hand which she made a mental note of as
the lube slid across the fabric. Rubbing down her un-gloved
hand and arm with lube was an experience as well as she felt
as sense of intimacy mixed with detachment from touching
herself, as though she were inside someone else's
body while still feeling it touching her own. With a little
shaking and considerable anticipation she eased the other
glove up her now-slicked arm. Once again that wonderful
slippery sensation caressed her arm followed by that same
soft/tight wet heat grasping her arm as though it were her
most intimate of intimates.

Somewhat overwhelmed by the feelings this latex was sending
through her, Amber decided to sit to apply her stockings
rather than stand, as she'd originally intended.
Grabbing the bottle of lube with a gloved hand reminded
her of how shiny her hand had become once covered in wetness.
Teasingly, she poured the lube directly on her latex-clad
arm and shivered as she felt the stream fall on, yet not on,
her skin. Rubbing in the lube produced a deep shine on the
latex that she found herself marvelling at, reminding
her of other pink, wet places, and causing her to realize
just how aroused this whole process was making her.

She then rubbed more of the contents of the bottle all over
her legs, wanting both to feel those sensations here, but
also knowing that if she allowed herself time to pause after
one leg was finished, she might never make it to the other.
She intended to don her stockings in quick succession,
but she was unprepared for just how much the feel of wrapping
her first leg in latex would get to her. Immediately, she
noticed the wetness between her thighs grow as the liquid
heat seemed to push up from her foot all the way up to edge
of her nether lips and underside of her ass. With ragged
breaths she tried to forge ahead and slide on the other stocking,
but halfway through she couldn't control her arms
as her eyes slid shut and she simply sat there and felt how
wrapped and warm and slick she was and with an effort of will
tugged the final stocking into place. Grabbing the bottle
of lube, she headed to the bathroom to check herself out
in the wall to wall mirror above the double sink.

She was totally unprepared for the image that confronted
her, however, the slim, waif replaced by a shiny, wet, sexual
being, clad brazenly in nothing but long gloves and stockings,
declaring her femininity to the world by leaving her most
sensitive parts free. Amber quickly applied the lube to
her stockings to complete the shine, and was struck by how
different she looked. The latex slimmed but also defined
her arms and legs, eliminating details, but accenting
curves in the most erotic way possible. As she spun in front
of the mirror, she also noticed that the high stockings
were pushing her already perky ass up in a delightfully
slutty way.

As she watched this woman who could not possibly be her,
place those slick/shiny wet hands on various parts of her
body to assess her look, she became incredibly aroused.
She no longer felt like Amber, but possessed somehow, enchanted
by this material, this feeling, this woman in the mirror
staring back at her. The evil grin she sported in the drug
store crept back upon her face and she watched this woman
pour lube directly onto her body in thick, watery streams
that cascaded down her body only to be caught by a glove and
rubbed all over her aching skin. Caressing her breasts
was giving her fits, but when she moved on to rub the lube
into her ass her hands clenched her cheeks reflexively
as a fresh wave of sexual heat enveloped her body. She felt
like she was breathing fire, she was so hot and the need burning
inside her threatened to consume her if she touched herself
any more.

Through clenched teeth she uttered a desperate moan and
moved her hands away from her body to pick up the corset top
and start sliding it over her frame. The awkwardness of
this action seemed to quell her inner fires for a moment
until the bulk of the garment slid past the wideness of her
shoulders and cleavage and slipped into place like it had
been made specifically for her. The feel of her breasts
sliding into the inflatable cups and the thick, warm latex
grasping her belly like a lover was enough to send her to
her knees on the thick faux-fur rug in front of the sink.
It was some moments before she had mastered her breathing
and the sensations running amok through her body enough
to stand and walk back over to the bed. The petticoat mini
skirt was a gorgeous touch, but donning it did little to
stoke her flames. The tiny latex thong that covered almost
nothing, however, she knew was going to be a problem. Deciding
to leave it until later, she simply lubed up the fabric and
set it aside.

The final step, as it were, was to don a pair of matching,
pink PVC fuck-me pumps she'd bought to complete the
outfit. 3.5" heels thrust her ass out like an advertisement,
and added a welcome tightness to her calves and feet. Prepping
herself in front of the mirror she realized she'd yet
to lube her top and skirt, and see what inflating her breasts
looked like. With no little trepidation she began rubbing
her top with lube and felt the flames explode beneath her
skin, not at all cooled by the watery slickness she shined
into her tummy, breasts, and skirt. Instinct and desperation
taking over, the woman in the mirrors hands became a frenzied
blur, rubbing themselves faster and faster over her body,
grasping, grabbing, gasping, and moaning in nigh-orgasmic
frustration. Damm it, she'd wanted to wait for Paul,
but this woman, this other her wasn't going to wait.

Giving herself over to her darker side in a long moan of release,
one hand continued its frenetic stroking and groping of
her chest and tummy while the other dove for her cleft, cupping
her heat and driving it back inside of her. Her eyes lidded
and her breath panted as she felt her gloved fingers penetrate
her nether lips and find that glorious nub of pleasure.
It only took a moment for her body to come in quick, crashing
waves, but as her shaking frame rested against the countertop,
she realized that she'd only just stoked the flames
as she felt her darkness beg for something to fill her burning
void. Inside, she was nearly screaming with frustration
as small moans came from between the red, shiny lips of the
woman in the mirror, as she cast about desperately for anything
to plunge inside her depths and abate the ache in her loins.

Unfortunately, Paul kept all of their sex toys at his place,
and Amber had only ever used a hand vibrator, never having
wanted a penis without a man attached before. But this other
woman needed something, and her eyes lighted on a prop she
hadn't planned to use until much later. Oh, NO, she
thought embarrassedly, but this other woman had her legs
already in motion, clicking heels striding desperately
across the floor towards one of the peppermint sticks she
recently purchased. Unwrapping it clumsily, her gloved,
wet hands peeling back the wrapper with difficulty, she
released her impromptu dildo from its wrappings and with
no time for second thoughts, slid it authoritatively into
her molten cleft.

Almost instantly, she locked her muscles around it, unable
to stifle a load moan of relief as she felt some small measure
of sanity return as the need abated. Still, this other woman
worked the stick in and out of her with a vengeance, darkly
elating in the debauched usage of the treat, which Amber
could no longer deny was exactly what she wanted at the moment.
As her body neared a second stronger orgasm, she felt her
sense of propriety being overwhelmed by the joy and pleasure
emanating throughout her body. As one, she and the woman
in the mirror came again in a triumphant shout, and languid
warmth slid over her perceptions, colouring her world
pink at the edges and driving her burning hunger deeper
into her body, her lust slaked only momentarily.

With a lustful grin, she slid the red and white pole out of
her moistness with a sticky pop and examining it for a moment
gave it a thoughtful lick. Lips wrapped around it, tasting
the sweet mixture of sugar and her juices, she realized
that this freedom, this perspective was more than just
Amber, that it needed a name, to suit its darker, sensual
personality. Mind churning, and keeping the confection
with her, she quickly slid into her thong, revelling in
the slick warmth it reflected back into her and the way it
slipped enticingly between her ass cheeks and nether lips
when she walked.

Deciding to treat Paul to the full show, she grabbed the
pump for her inflatable breasts and slipped the needle
into the valve on each side, increasing her bust size from
a modest B to something closer to a D. Grabbing the lube,
she perched on the edge of the bed, still working the pole
through her lips in wanton anticipation, waiting for Paul's
arrival. She didn't have to wait long, hearing his
keys in her lock only minutes later. She heard him call out
and set down his work things and coat before coming to investigate
the bedroom. Legs crossed, foot kicking, she sucked slowly
up and down the treat as he walked in the bedroom door and
froze. As his eyes tracked lustfully across her form, her
gaze locked onto his and she popped the stick out of her mouth,
her lips forming a perfect 'O' for a moment before
she smiled that evil grin and purred, "Hi, I'm
Candi! Wanna fuck?"

Paul stared at her, shaking, for a moment, torn between
disbelief and arousal. His eyes took in every detail of
her outfit, and she preened under his scrutiny. As he moved
in to kiss her hungrily, she stopped him with a latex-clad
finger to his lips. "Not there, " she said throatily,
pushing her hips forward to open her legs wide for him. Her
finger moved to her bottom lip, where she licked it briefly,
then traced a slow line down her body to the spread lips of
her pussy, touching lightly on her button, which made her
head roll back in pleasure. Her eyes closed from the sensation,
and she half moaned, "here. I want you to taste your

He dropped to his knees and breathed in her scent, moving
forward lightly to run his tongue over her outer lips, causing
her to quiver and gasp with pleasure. As he drank in her taste,
he noticed... something else besides her normal salty
sweet taste down there. Taking a deeper lick he tried to
figure out what it could be; it was sugary with a hint of something
cool, almost like... His eyes snapped up to hers as he stopped
for a moment, and saw her finishing a moan with a pout as he
pulled away, her voice muffled by the thick peppermint
stick she was sucking. She noticed his look and gave that
wicked grin, popping the stick out again to murmur, "Don't
I taste good, honey?"

At this evidence of her debauchery and deep eroticism,
Paul found himself over taken by lust and shuddered, almost
tearing his shirt and pants in an effort to disrobe as quickly
as possible. "Candy" watched him with naked
interest, eyeing his form appreciatively with a wicked
look in her eyes and, as his pants finally came off, a lascivious
grin around the cane in her mouth and a small noise of appreciation
and anticipation as his member came free from confines
of his underwear. Her free hand had been stroking herself
lightly throughout his impromptu show and now reached
out to grasp him around his full, erect length sensuously.
Paul couldn't help but sigh as she slowly wrapped her
oiled glove around his cock and pumped him slowly off, seemingly
revelling in the feel of his rock-hard flesh underneath
her hand.

When his eyes opened again, he noticed that she was staring
at him hungrily, and he could see that she was torn between
continuing her slow hand job and taking him into her mouth.
He could see her lips glistening from running her tongue
over them as though the simple thought of having his cock
between her lips was making her mouth water. His loins clenched
tightly at the thought and her hand tightened around his
member in response as her body echoed his sentiments. In
seeming compromise, she came to a decision then, and, eyeing
the contents of each hand, she locked eyes with him and slowly
brought the sugared cane to her lips. Her other hand paused
in its ministrations with her fingers encircled around
the head of his penis, and as the candy touched her lips,
she achingly sucked it inside her mouth. As the tips passed
her lips, she fisted him in time with the stick in her mouth,
as though her warm, wet, gloved hand were some surrogate
orifice she could manipulate using her lips.

The duality of her pumping hands drove him near the edge
quickly, and his soft, breathless pants came faster as
he watched his goddess in pink fellate the confection while
handling his cock. Her eyes were closed in rapture and her
hips bucked forward with each thrust in anticipation.
Finally, she seemed to pick up on the proximity of his orgasm
and she slowed down to an achingly slow pace and removed
the stick from her mouth. As he watched, on the edge of release,
she slowly eased the confection into herself, as he'd
tasted before, and renewed pumping them both off, slowly
in time with each other. This time her eyes stayed open,
flicking between his half-lidded gaze and his almost painfully
erect member. She would speed up and slow down at random,
sometimes pumping deep, other times just slipping the
tip in and out of her hand and pussy. On particularly hard
thrusts she would gaze at his cock hungrily, as though imagining
how good it would feel inside her, in place of her impromptu
dildo. His orgasm had never faded, but he found the pressure
mounting under the firm grasp of her wet fist with no release.
He had never been so hard in his life.

It was quickly building to the point of blurring the line
between pleasure and pain, and it seemed that Candy sensed
this, as after a sequence of particularly deep thrusts
had left them both panting and groaning, she started fondling
his glans, bringing him almost to the edge. Lips trembling,
she fisted him one last time, down to his balls and took the
head of his cock in his mouth while slamming the stick home
deep into her pussy as her muscles locked around it. He came
harder than he'd ever done, like a molten rush streaming
out of him through their joined flesh. Only the fact that
his knees half-locked kept him standing through the whole
thing. He saw that her eyes had gone wild, and that her whole
body was shaking, and as his come spurted into her gorgeous
mouth, he could see her throat working to take it all down,
as an almost soundless scream of ecstasy was coming from
her lips, muffled by his cock. Wetness was dripping down
the fist not wrapped around him as she oragasmed almost
continuously for the better part of a minute. By the end
of it she was red from exertion, panting for breath, and
the come that she couldn't swallow before needing
to breathe was pooled in the bottom of her open mouth and
ran in trickles down the sides of her face from the corners
of her shining lips.

He found the sight so intensely erotic that his aching penis
never had the chance to become fully flaccid before a new
surge of desire brought him back to readiness as he watched.
As she gathered herself, she saw his hardening cock and
laughed, a sexy, lustful sound half on the edge of exhaustion,
as she pried her sticky fingers from around the candy still
gripped between her nether lips and said in a sultry tone,
"Go ahead and taste, love. I got it ready for you".
He slowly reached down and gripped the stick lightly where
her glove had been, feeling the sticky warmth she'd
left behind. Shivering slightly in desire, he eased it
out of her while she hissed in either pain or appreciation,
he couldn't tell. At her expectant gaze, he raised
it to his lips and gave it an experimental suck. The taste
of her was all over it, and there was a sharper tang to it,
like some unexpected part of her essence from where his
tongue would never be able to reach unaided. He found it
thrilled him to taste her and made him hungry for more. He set aside the candy and moved to take his position between
her legs, when she stopped him, still breathing hard and
said simply, "Shower". At first he thought
she was asking to be done, but then saw the answering need
in her eyes and understood. Straightening from his previous
position, he knelt down as she wrapped her legs around his
waist and slung her tired arms around his neck. As he picked
her up under her ass, he gave a firm squeeze, to which she
made pleased noises seeming to encourage him to continue.
Walking to the bathroom he continued his fondling and she
squirmed in response.

Inside the bathroom she stopped him as they passed the long
mirror and a smile blossomed on her face, which seemed to
hold equal parts wicked desire and giddy freedom. He'd
never seen such a look on her face, but vowed to find a way
to give it to her again. Just before he began to walk again,
he saw her eyes track up and down his body to fixate on his
neck for a moment before she suddenly buried her gloved
hand in his hair, pulling strongly, forcing his head to
the side and with a sudden sharp pain he felt her teeth bite
down hard on the side of his neck. His legs almost went out
from under him, as a wave of energy pulsed through him followed
by a wave of almost surreal calmness. He stumbled back into
the counter and leaned into it, supporting both of their
weight with his buttocks as he reeled, feeling more than
a little light-headed. Candy was still wrapped around
him, purring softly and stroking his bite with one of her
slick, latex-clad fingers. The sensation was possessive
and felt surprisingly good. He could tell she was watching
herself in the mirror, and judging by the surge of wetness
which now dripped down his stomach onto his twitching penis,
she'd enjoyed herself as well.

Moving slowly to the shower to start the hot water, he tried
to put her down to manoeuvre better through the sliding
glass door, but she would have none of it. Shifting her weight
slightly to free up a hand, he found his task further hampered
by one of her hands reaching down to fondle him again while
he tried to work the knobs. Finally getting the water going,
he brought his other hand back to her ass in something close
to a slap in his aroused frustration. At this, her hand returned
to his neck as she sighed contentedly at his unintentional
spank and he realized her goal in grasping his member while
he was otherwise occupied. His cock was now wedged between
the two of them, nestled firmly in between her labia, and
she was slowly easing herself up and down, sliding him between
her lips as she moved.

She was like a woman possessed, he noted, buried so deep
in carnality that it had melded with her spirit, drawing
her to explore every facet of pleasure she could. Her eyes
were bright with excitement and arousal, almost innocent
in their pure joy at these new sensations, and she gave a
shiver and a half moan every time her slow slide brought
the head of his penis bumping up against her clit. There
was something indescribably erotic about the way she was
using him for her own sexual gratification, yet also including
him in the experience. He felt a storm of emotions inside,
like some primal possessiveness; a desire to explore this
new person, this new side of the woman he loved.

Steam poured out of the now hot shower, covering them in
waves of moisture. Her hair, already slick with the sweat
of their lovemaking, now glistened, and the latex covering
her body shone wetly as beads ran down her corseted chest.
As the desire within him grew again his senses became sharper,
and her movements seemed achingly slow. His arms, burning
with the exertion of holding her up for so long, threatened
to give out despite his newfound energy, so he set her down
on the counter, their bodies still joined and sliding.
She pouted cutely for a moment, but then he took over where
she left off, moving slowly, and her eyes half-lidded in
renewed pleasure. Leaning back against the mirror, her
slick, gloved hands ran up and down his arms, sliding against
his skin and leaving behind trails of fire. His hands free
now to explore her body, he caressed her stocking clad legs,
fingers slipping around until he squeezed tightly here
and there.

Smiling in approval, her hips began tilting forward and
back in rhythm, to pull his cock fully through her lips.
Now the whole of the underside of his penis was gliding across
her clit, and she practically purred with the sensation.
At the end of each stroke his tip brushed against the frilly
micro-mini skirt she was wearing and his eyes began examining
her torso, wrapped in tight bands of the latex corset. Watching
his gaze move across her hungrily, she brought her hands
up to squeeze her inflated breasts, pulling and squeezing
the material strongly in order to pass the sensations to
her actual flesh. She felt his cock twitch in excitement
as he watched her seemingly maul her tits wantonly and her
wanton grin decided him to his next course of action.

Backing away slightly, he nestled one hand deep in her hair
at the nape of her neck as the other cupped her ass. He pulled
her to her feet strongly, maintaining a firm grip in both
places and marched her into the shower. She preened under
the attention, obviously enjoying his abrupt domination
as the water cascaded over her shoulders and ran in rivulets
down her chest. With a smirk, he turned her around in the
shower and bent her over in to the wall. Moaning softly,
she pressed her hands against the wall to steady herself
and thrust her ass into his crotch, her voice increasing
in volume as his burning hardness slid between her cheeks.
Groaning deep in his throat, he slipped his hands around
to her hips reflexively, pulling her deeper into him, heightening
both of their urgencies. With a mock growl, he realized
that she'd distracted him from his original intention
and drawing back both hands he grabbed her ass firmly and
extracted himself as she made a moue.

Before she could react he stepped around to the side of her
and spanked her once, hard. She hissed in pain, drew a ragged
breath and pierced him with a look that was a mix of raw sexuality,
need, and desire. He began alternating slowly, first one
cheek, then the other, good firm slaps with his whole hand
on the meat of her buttock, letting the heat of his hand take
away some of the sting before he drew back for the hit. She
was making tiny noises of approval with each hit and she
was reaching back with her ass, as though asking for more.
After a minute or two, her cheeks were rosy and she was cooing
lightly with the slaps. Her head had turned up to watch him,
and she took one hand off the wall to reach down and run her
palm across the head of his cock. Taking this as a sign that
she was becoming used to the pace, he reached his hand up
and buried into her hair as before and hard as he dared, drew
her head back firmly. She made a long moan of pleasure but
her hand only gripped his cock firmly rather than letting
go. Bending into her with a will now, he spanked her, harder
and harder, faster and faster until her whole body rocked
into each slap and her mouth and eyes were slammed open in
a wordless grunt as she struggled to breathe. He watched
as her eyes glazed from the mix of pain and pleasure and he
counted down his final strikes, 3, 2, 1... at his last hit,
harder than any of the others, he grabbed as much of her ass
cheek in as strong a grip as he could and squeezed, and the
air came out of her in a ragged rush of release.

Her legs had gone weak, but he held her up into his body, spooning
her back against him as he leaned on the wall and let the hot
water roll down her body. She came back to herself slowly
and her movements were shaky for a minute, but beyond the
lassitude of her recovery, he could sense a deeper need
for a final release. Knowing that her pussy was already
sore from her previous confectionary deflowering, he
grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the wall slot. Water-based
and non-irritating he knew her "natural" herbal
mix would work well as a lubricant. Turning her around to
face the wall again, he flipped up her skirt and began dripping
the shampoo onto the top of her ass, where it dripped slowly
between her cheeks. Softly, he rubbed a little into the
rawness of her cheeks as she sighed softly at the sensations
and regarded him expectantly with a half-lidded gaze.

Cupping one hand under her buttocks, he began collecting
the dripping excess lube into his hand, then sliding it
back through her cheeks. Sliding one finger down, he put
pressure on the tight ring of her anus and she relaxed her
muscles in response. Slipping in around the edge, he rimmed
her with his finger for a moment while she made little mews
of satisfaction. After a moment, he added a second finger,
and to the sound of her tight, soft moans, he began finger
fucking her slowly, as deep as he could go. He stopped a few
times to collect more lube before reinserting his fingers
and rolling them around inside her. He could feel the heat
of her pussy through her body as his fingers penetrated
her rhythmically, and her moans were becoming one long
sound, almost too low to hear.

Sensing her readiness, he pulled out to grab the shampoo
one last time and get himself ready only to find her pouring
a generous amount into one gloved hand and reach behind
herself to coat his member in it sensuously. The impromptu
hand job felt so good he groaned quietly and finally had
to pull her hand away before he went too far to come back.
Seeing how her touch had affected him, she chuckled throatily
as he pulled her hand away and placed it back on the wall,
ducking her head and opening her legs submissively. He
brought his rigid tip to her entrance and rested it there
for a moment, eliciting a short sigh from her before slowly
applying pressure.

As his head pushed through the both moaned and he slowly
slid inch after inch into her body. Just before he hilted
his hips to hers she gave a quivering moan and he felt the
muscles inside her clench and the reflected heat radiating
all around her ass. When his hips finally met hers, they
stayed together for a full minute, simply revelling in
the sensations as his hands roamed up and down her sides.
Finally, he pulled out just as slowly, eliciting more moans
from them both and stopped with only the tip still inside

She made an urgent, desperate sound, and with no more slowness,
he firmly pushed himself back in to the hilt and all the way
back to the tip, fucking her deep and smooth. With no more
breath for coherent noises, they fucked evenly, breathing
raggedly, with groans and gasps coming almost on top of
each other. The tension inside of him built to a fever pitch,
until finally as he looked down the length of her body as
she tossed her wet hair mid stroke and bored a look of pure
lust and desire into him that he felt the primal energy from
before take him over. With something akin to a growling
roar, he reached around to grab onto the breast cups of her
outfit and squeeze her body into his in a powerful thrust.
The air left her body in a grunt of desperation and his pace
picked up to match the intensity of his thrusts. Both panting
now, he fucked her powerfully and fast, overwhelmed by
his need for this woman in front of him. At each stroke her
hips slammed back to meet his as he braced himself against
her body at her breasts. His hands mauled the inflated cups
of her outfit, making noises like rubbing a wet balloon
and she moaned a high keening sound in response. As his thrusts
kept getting faster and harder that sound became more of
a scream and his own guttural grunts became a roar as their
bodies met again and again, his lust building until finally
her whole body shuddered, like a minor seizure, from her
feet up to her head, and he felt vibrations all throughout
her ass, driving him over the edge to release, coming again
and again deep into her body as their moans and orgasms combined,
blurring their sense of self.

His body felt so connected to hers that until her shudders
began subsiding he didn't even realize that he hadn't
been the one shaking. Together, they slumped slowly to
the floor of the shower, his cock still inside her throbbing
lightly. When they could breathe again, he wrapped an arm
around her and hugged her to him tightly, and her hand came
up to hug his arm back. "God, that was unbelievable.
What brought that on?" Paul asked.

Amber just chuckled, tired but more herself than she had
been a moment before. "Well, it started out as just
a way for me to show that I can be pretty kinky myself, but
then, I guess... ", she trailed off.

He laughed then, and said, "I never really had any
doubts, but that certainly proved it to me. I've never
seen you like that before; you were like a woman possessed!"
She was silent for a moment, with a tentative look on her
face. He was about to ask her what was wrong when she leaned
her head back into his chest and looked up at him from below
with a serious expression.

"Honey?" she asked, "Who do you like better,
Amber or Candy?"

He stared at her, hard for a moment, before answering quietly,
"Amber, that was one of the most intense experiences
I've ever had, and Candy was incredible, but she still
felt like you, to me. Wild, even more passionate and definitely
uninhibited, but still very much you. It was like I got to
see a side of you that you'd never shown before and that
was so incredibly beautiful."

Her answering smile was like a ray of sunshine after a storm,
almost dazzling in its intensity, and her look was equal
parts loving and possessive. She drew him down slowly into
a lingering inverted kiss then settled back against his
chest, his arms wrapped around her. "It was me, wasn't
it? I think I like that...” she said strongly, her hands
squeezing his thighs.

They lay there for a while in post-coital bliss before he
said, half-jokingly "So... why pink?" She
laughed again, but this time it hard a darker edge to it and
he felt her muscles squeeze him suddenly from where he was,
still inside her.

"Because, all my life people treated me like a child,
a doll, and even growing up the boys never really noticed
me because of my size or my voice. I felt trapped in a girl's
body with a woman's needs, and I always wanted to find
a way to force people to see me as a sexual being. Pink represented
everything I was accused of being: girlish, young, cute,
but with Candy, there was an eroticism in it that couldn't
be denied. It was like taking all of those images and turning
them into something that was part of my erotic self instead
of something to avoid. For the first time I don't feel
like I have to do anything beyond be myself to be sexy, "
she exclaimed vehemently.

Paul squeezed her tight as she finished, adding only, "I've
never thought of you as a little girl, love."

Her return squeeze involved only one part of his anatomy,
but it was intense enough that he felt the shock of it throughout.
He had to stifle a groan as his much abused cock attempted
to rouse itself from tumescence, as she cooed, "Yes,
you're such a good boy, and only a good boy could ever
see Candy inside of Amber."

He couldn't answer as she began to pulse her squeezes
and her hands came up to stroke his face. After a moment,
though, it became too intense and he gasped out, "Amber,
I... can't. It's too soon, honey. I'm sorry,
I need a minute or two."

She pouted and gave him one last squeeze which made his vision
go dark at the edges from the intensity, but then pulled
herself off of him with a wet pop and turned in his arms to
face him, giving him a light, but lingeringly sweet kiss.

"Okay, love. I have dinner warm in the oven. It's
got lots of protein to build up your strength for the rest
of our night, " she said with a look that promised
a night of even more intense coupling for the two of them.

Paul shivered, then asked, "Are you going to change
out of your outfit and wash off, then?" She arched
an eyebrow in response then smiled wickedly.

"I am going to wash off, but as for the outfit, I haven't
decided yet. You can't get rid of Candy that easily..."
she said, running her hands over his chest.

He chuckled and rose, picking her up easily and then stepping
out of the shower to let her finish, simply putting on the
cotton robe hanging on the back of the door. As he walked
out, she called, "Oh, and sweetheart, would you get
out that robe you bought me on our second date? I think you
more than earned it tonight."

Despite the arousal at the thought of Amber in the satin
kimono he'd bought, especially given that it had slits
on the sides almost past the hips, he couldn't help
but wonder what sort of sex fiend had been unlocked inside
his girlfriend. Laying out the robe on the bed, and heading
into the kitchen he mused fondly that no matter what wild
fantasy she came up with next, he would go along with it,
more than willingly, for just one more chance to see Amber
look so free, as she had earlier tonight. Perhaps, he chuckled,
he would have to try to match the erotic fantasy she'd
built tonight with one of his own. After all, it wouldn't
do for her to think that she trumped him permanently. Candy
was sweet, but he wanted to see her darker side unleashed,
he thought with a wicked smile, and he knew just how to bring
that out.....

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