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Cancun 1971 (A love story that started on the beach)


Cancun (1971)

Everyone and I mean everyone noticed her, every time she
strolled up and down the beach in her bikini. It was spring
break back in nineteen seventy one and being a bunch of horny
college guys, she would smile at us and we would whistle
back at her. She knew exactly what she was doing to us.

Back in those days most college kids didn't go to Cancun
but instead went to Florida for spring break. But my group
of friends, wanted to try something else, since it was our
last spring break before we all graduated from college
and had to get real jobs. So in order to make this work , we
booked rooms on the nice beach but in one of the crappy, older
hotels. But once we were on the beach, no one knew where we
were staying, so we just fit in with all the, upper class

I was a major at the University of Wisconsin in the business
school and already had several fairly good sounding offers
for employment, once I graduated. I wasn't going to
be an instant millionaire but my future looked pretty dam
good, if I say so myself. And I had a college girlfriend,
sort of but our relationship was one of those hot one minute,
cold the next kind of deals. This particular spring break
came during one of our cold spells, so it really meant a lot
to me to get away and have some fun.

I normally drank myself into a frenzy at night at the crappy
hotel, and then I would spent the daylight hours recovering
on the beach checking out the babes who strolled by me. But
she was by far my favorite, although I didn't really
know why. All the women were hot and looked sexy as hell but
there was just something about her in particular that caught
my eye.

She wasn't the one with the big boobs nor did she have
a five foot seven, slender frame. She was just so cute, I
couldn't help but go into a mini panic whenever she
came close to me. I had been drinking myself to sleep for
three days and had spent three days on the beach recovering,
when she approached the spot I was at, again.

My eyes locked onto her even when she was a couple of hundred
feet away and watched her every move. Her bright yellow
bikini made her look like a target coming at me as my mouth
began to dry out and my heart rate picked up speed. The beach
was crowded that afternoon but it was always crowded. Yet
somehow she must have spotted me too and began to smile the
closer she got to me.

She had long brown hair that blew in the gulf breezes and
it made her look even more, like a goddess. And even though
she wore her sunglasses, I could just tell she was looking
at me the entire time, just like I was looking at her. I began
to feel more nervous by the second until she was nearly up
to me. I sat up and waited for her to pass by and give me one
of her wonderful sexy smiles.

What happened next is still a mystery but I am so grateful
it happened, just the way it happened. My sexy little brunette
got to me, stopped and removed her sunglasses before she
looked down at me. I mean she was standing just three or four
feet apart, looking at one another.

I remember I quickly stood up and offered her my hand while
I introduced myself to her. And I remember she smiled at
me as we shook hands and felt each other's flesh for
the first time. "I have noticed you have been watching
for me every day since you arrived, " She said before
she then told me her name was Sonia.

At first I didn't know what to say because I was so dam
nervous. I probably looked stupid as hell standing there
looking at her without answering. I finally gathered up
enough of my senses together, to tell her she just stood
out in the crowd more than any other girl on the beach.

I can't remember if she suggested we walk together
or I did, but somehow Sonia and I suddenly found ourselves
walking together up the crowded beach. And within five
minutes or so we were also holding hands. She was only five
foot three and petite as hell but my goodness, she was still
the sexiest girl I had ever seen.

Sonia and I held each other's hand but didn't really
speak much. Normally I would have talked her head off because
of how nervous I was feeling. But for some reason, with her,
I didn't need to say much of anything. It was as if Sonia
and I could read each other's minds.

An hour later when my buddies saw Sonia and I walked back
holding hands, the howls started up immediately. "Sorry
about them, " I said to Sonia as we got closer. "No
need to be sorry. I am use to that. My family comes down here
every year at Easter, so I have heard it all, before, "
Sonia said still gripping my hand in hers. When we finally
reached my friends, Sonia let go of my hand, leaned forward
and kissed me ever so lightly on the cheek. She then smiled
at me and said , "See you tomorrow, " before
she turned and walked away.

I was so embarrassed and my buddies only made it worse once
Sonia was out of sight. "Did she sunbath topless?"One
friend said while another asked me where the hot brunette
I was just with, went to school. Two quick side notes here,
one bikini's back then were not like bikini's
today. And although topless sunbathing was allowed on
the beach, hardly any woman did it.

I tried my best to tell them we just walked together and held
hands but we really didn't talk that much about each
other. "A buck says she is going to lay him before we
leave, " Billy said to the rest of my friends, as everyone
cheered and acted like the stupid college kids we really

I drank that night but not as much as usual, although I remember
not being able to stop thinking about Sonia, once I laid
on my bed. Her cute face, her wonderful eyes and yes, I was
horny so of course I thought about her delicate, sexy body,
too. I was up way before the rest of my buddies and went down
to the beach to catch the sun rising for the first time on
the trip. There was one night, the first night we arrived,
when we all went to bed around sunrise.

Sonia appeared just after lunch, as promised so I smiled
as she walked up to me wearing a pink bikini this time around.
She once again removed her sunglasses, showed me her big
brown eyes and pretty much had me in a daze after that. If
she had told me to bark, I probably would have barked for
her, just to impress her.

Thankfully, no barking was required as Sonia and I once
again held hands as we began to slowly stroke down the long,
sandy beach. We had walked for about five minutes when I
told Sonia I went to Wisconsin and asked her which college
she went to. "Texas, " I remember her saying
as we continued to stroll feeling each other's hand
in ours.

She was an cute as a button, although I don't understand
where that saying came from but my mother used it all the
time. "I'm a senior. Finally going to graduate, "
I told Sonia as she smiled at me and told me she was going to
be a senior next year.

So, Sonia and I began to chat more as I told her about my family
and she told me her father was in oil although she was kind
of vague about what that meant. But I did learn Sonia had
two little sisters and her entire family comes to Cancun
each year to celebrate Easter. "It's not that
far for us, " She said smiling at her while I continued
to drool, just being with her.

Sonia and I had walked a good mile down the very long beach
when she asked me if she had embarrassed me when she kissed
me on the cheek, in front of my friends, the day before. "No,
I think you just made them all jealous, " I replied
as Sonia turned and looked at me for a moment.

She was so dam cute but now she suddenly had a more serious
look in her eyes as moved even closer. I felt myself getting
very excited inside the closer she got and I could see she
was getting excited too. "I really wanted to do this
yesterday, " Sonia said before she got on her tip
toes and pressed her lips to mine. If two people can pass
electricity between them when their lips touch, Sonia
and I just knocked out half of the electrical grid.

This time, my one hundred pound brunette kissed me like
no other girl had ever kissed me. And she didn't care
and neither did I, if hundreds of people around us could
watch our connection. Our first but long lingering kiss
lasted about thirty seconds before Sonia backed away with
a very dazed look in her eyes.

"I didn't know what you would look like and I didn't
know when I would find you. But I have been watching and waiting
for you my whole life, " She said next still staring
into my eyes. And even though I had only known this girl for
twenty four hours, what she said made sense to me, too. "My
family is leaving tomorrow, " Sonia then said. I
asked her if she could stay behind because I had three more
days but she just shook her head no and said she had to leave
with them.

"That just leaves us tonight, " I told Sonia
having felt my heart bursting one second and breaking the
next. "Where are you staying?" She asked. I
just couldn't lie to Sonia and told her in one of the
crappy hotels on the north end of the hotel row. "What
is the name of it?" She asked me still breathing fast
from our incredible kiss. "The moonlighter, "
I said to Sonia as she grabbed my hand and we began walking
back towards where we came from.

Neither of us spoke again as we walked along for the next
twenty minutes holding hands. "I'll try and
meet you on the beach in front of your hotel at seven tonight.
So watch for me, " Sonia said before she let go of my
hand and walked towards one of the fancy, high rise hotels.

This was like a dream come true for me as I rushed back to dumpy
room and picked things up, so if I did get her inside, at least
it would be neat even if it was old. "This is just too
good to be true, " I kept telling myself during dinner
with my buddies who were planning which bar we were all going
to get drunk at that night. And when I told them I would meet
up with them later on, Jim, shouted out, " Are you
hooking up with that hot little brunette tonight?"
I didn't answer him but that didn't stop my buddies
from needling me to death.

I was on the beach, in front of the hotel well before seven
and patiently watched and waited, hoping to see Sonia again.
But seven came and went and then eight came and went. I had
been sipping one beer the whole time because I was afraid
if I left my spot to get another, I might miss her. Eight then
turned into eight thirty and I was beginning to lose all
hope of ever seeing Sonia again when she suddenly appeared
walking in the sand, carrying her sandals.

I don't think my heart could have soared any more than
it was when she smiled as she approached me. Sonia didn't
say a word, I didn't say a word but we just came together,
embraced and pressed our lips against each others with
all the heat we could muster. I loved holding her tiny frame
in my arms and I loved how her hair smelled and how hot her
lips were. There was nothing about this girl, that I didn't

After a very torrid kiss Sonia backed up sucking for air,
when she asked me for my name and address, so she could write
to me sometime, if that would be ok with me. So we walked into
the run down lobby of my hotel and got some paper and a pen
for her. Sonia then looked at me even more seductively before
she softly said, " I have to get back to my family in
an hour or less. So, do you want to show me you room?"

When we walked in my old, crappy room, Sonia told me it was
nice but she was lying just to make me feel better. But after
that her lips were busy with my lips and the talking stopped
completely. And one kiss standing lead to more kisses on
the bed as Sonia and I literally clung to one another from
then on. "I know I shouldn't. But I want you, "
Sonia said after a rather super hot series of kisses.

I knew what she meant, because it wasn't about the sex
but about something much more special that drew us together.
Sonia's top came off first and her tiny lacy bra looked
so cute, covering up her small breasts. But I just adored
how she looked as Sonia laid on her back and smiled up at me
while I touched her bra for the first time.

And she tensed up a lot more when I removed her bra but she
let me unhook it anyway. I then gently laid Sonia back on
the bed as she looked up at me literally glowing even more.
But we kept kissing at each turn and the more we kissed each
other, the closer we kept getting.

Sonia's small delicate breasts were not much more
than small mounds on her chest, but I loved everything about
them. I remember gently kissing each of her pink nipples
as Sonia laid there softly moaning her approval. She thena
removed her skirt for me at one point and when all she had
left on were her panties, she suddenly began to look more
concerned than before.

"I won't hurt you, " I told her as Sonia
looked at me while still standing next to the bed before
she finally climbed back on and laid back down on her back.
Her panties came off seconds later and when I got my first
look at her sweet, swollen little pink slit, I nearly passed
out myself. I had never seen a girl who was as pretty or as
sexy as Sonia. She had a little tuft of dark curly hair around
her pussy and I loved touching her pubic hair and then her
outer lips.

She was extremely worked up after that, throwing herself
at me for a few moments and then the next minute she was pushing
at me to slow me down. But after a lot more kissing and a lot
more touching, Sonia finally relaxed as much as she could
when I spread her legs and climbed on top of her.

Sonia was very hot and very tight as my hard shaft slowly
began to penetrate her tunnel inch by inch. And she gasped
and squirmed while she felt me filling her up. But ten seconds
into it, Sonia and I found our bodies connected in the most
perfect of ways. Something in me told her not to fuck this
girl so for the first time in my life, I made love to Sonia.

It was no longer about me cumming, because it was so much
more important than just the end. It was about every second
Sonia and I savored our connection and every moment we shared
together that was the real celebration. It was also the
first time Sonia showed me how bright her eyes truly could
be. She was showing me the woman she truly was.

"You feel perfect, better than perfect, "
I told Sonia as my hard cock slipped in and out of her pussy,
oh so very slowly and tenderly. Sonia kissed me again before
she told me I felt perfect to her too. I had her pinned under
me but I made sure I braced myself with my arms so I wouldn't
crush her in the process. But heaven can only last so long
and within five minutes or so, I was beginning to lose it
and Sonia sensed what was about to happen deep inside of
her pussy.

My orgasm was breathtaking for me and I guess for Sonia too,
because she gasped and trembled once it began. I had to just
keep pumping at that point as Sonia laid under me feeling
each of my spasms going off deep inside of her womb. I just
came and kept cumming over and over for a good thirty seconds
before the blasts turned into the last few drops oozing
out of my shaft.

Sonia washed herself up and got dressed as she was blushing,
like a school girl after we had made love. "I am glad
we did it, " I told her as she was putting her skirt
back on. She stopped for a moment, looked at me and smiled
before she told me she was glad too. She kissed me one last
time and then started for the door.

Sonia and I left my room just past nine thirty so she could
get back to her hotel and to her family. I remember it was
a perfect warm night and the stars filled the skies when
Sonia and I again before we said our good byes. I had walked
back to her fancy hotel and made sure she got inside the lobby
before I went in search of my buddies. I knew there could
never be a spring break as good as the one I had that year.

At least once I got back to Madison, the snow had melted and
spring was slowly approaching. I stopped partying as much
as I did before spring break and concentrated on finishing
my college career on a high note. And I thought of Sonia quite
a bit too at first but my schedule was so hectic she quickly
turned into a very fond memory. She had been the sweetest
girl I had ever met but now it time to start my adult life and
my new career.

I eventually graduated and took a job with IBM which seemed
to offer me the best opportunities to move ahead. It was
near the end of my first summer in my new job, when my mother
called me to tell me I had just gotten a letter from some girl
in Texas named Sonia. "What is her last name?"
I asked my mother, although I knew exactly who the letter
was from. "Well that is the oddest thing. She just
put her first name down not her last name and she did put her
address down either" My mother said.

I was excited of course but wasn't going to be able to
get home for another month or two, so I asked my mother to
forward Sonia's letter to me at my new apartment. But
my mother had always been like a guard dog who watched over
me and my little brother, so she insisted I tell her why some
girl from Texas was writing to me. All I told mom was that
I met Sonia on spring break and she asked for my address,
so she could write me. "One of those wild college girls,
looking for a husband. You just better be careful, "
My mother said before she hung up.

I got home late from the office a week later and in my mail
box was Sonia's letter. And when I was finished reading
it, I was in shock. Sonia told me at first she wasn't
going to write to me but after a few months, she felt the need
to tell me the truth. She wasn't attending Texas University
but was in fact going to high school in Texas, where she still
lived with her parents. I was shocked when I realized the
time Sonia and I made love, she was only sixteen or maybe
seventeen and I thought she was a junior in college.

She sure didn't look like a high school kid but now that
I knew that, I remembered a few things she did, should have
told me her real age. And then near the end of her letter,
Sonia also told me that when we made love, it was her very
first time ever and then she thanked me for making it so very,
very special for her. I then really felt like crap because
I would never have done that if I knew she had been a virgin.

"So, I hope you can forgive me now that you know the
truth. I think of you often and pray that you are safe and
happy. I look forward to starting my senior year in high
school in just a few weeks, so I have lots to get done to be
ready on time. Would it be alright, if I write to you every
once in a while?" Love Sonia. I remember I sat back in my chair and just stared at Sonia's
letter with my brain having been turned into mush. And then
as I was about to put her letter back in the envelope, I found
a picture of Sonia she had also sent me. When I saw her face
again, my heart sped up just like it use to on the beach when
I saw her walking at me. God, Sonia was an angel for sure.

I wanted to get in my car and drive to Texas just to hold her
again. But the problem was I didn't know her last name
nor did I have her address. I remember I sat in my chair for
nearly an hour just looking at Sonia's picture and
feeling that desire I had for her, return and fill up every
square inch of my body.

Over the next year, Sonia wrote to me every once in a while,
at my parents address but never gave me any way to contact
her back. She told me she was in one of her school's plays
and just loved it. And she told me she made the cheerleading
squad for the fourth and final year. . And she even told me
she had a boyfriend but that it was serious kind of thing.

And for some reason I suddenly remembered when Sonia and
I had talked those few days we had together, she told me her
family always went to Cancun over the Easter holiday. Was
it true, did she really say it and was I remembering it correctly?
What if I just took a few days off from work and flew to Cancun
to see her again, even if was a really small chance and a huge
risk on my part.

I went back and forth for about a week and decided I should
fly down on Friday before Easter and stay until Monday since
I wasn't sure exactly when her family went to Cancun.
But at least that way I had two days before Easter and one
day after to hopefully run into Sonia again. But the worst
part of my insane plan was telling my mother I was not coming
home for Easter.

The moment the plane wheels hit the runway, my heart began
to speed up almost to the point I could have been having a
heart attack. This was by far the most stupid thing I had
ever done in my entire life and the craziest part was I was
doing this, over a seventeen year old girl. I was twenty
three years old, a college graduate with a good job, and
I was doing all of this in hopes of seeing a high school senior

Thankfully I didn't have to stay at the, Moonlighter
again and had upgraded to a major hotel chain, not fancy
but a lot cleaner. And I began looking for Sonia standing
on the beach, even before I checked in. So I looked and looked
and there were a ton of people but not Sonia. So I told myself
to just go check in and then I could start searching for again
amongst the thousands of people on the beach.

I had no luck on Friday afternoon or what was left of the afternoon
after I arrived an hour late. And I did check the beach after
I had dinner but I really don't know why other than I
was desperate. So I told myself to just get a good night sleep
and start my search all over early the next morning.

So at seven the following morning I was walking the beach
trying to figure out which fancy hotel I had walked Sonia
back to after our one night together. But I wasn't sure
which one it was since there were so many but I was pretty
sure it was one of the main three of them in the middle. I suppose
I looked like an idiot strolling through all three lobbies
too but then I really didn't' care.

I was mid day on Saturday and I was having a late lunch on the
outside cafe area of my hotel, when I happened to glance
up and there Sonia was. My pulse rate doubled before it crashed
when I saw Sonia strolling along with another boy holding
hands, about her age. She was even more stunning than I remembered
with her cute face, petite frame and bright colored bikini.

I froze up and didn't dare move because now I surely
didn't want her spotting me. I felt like a dam fool to
begin with, for thinking about this girl so much that I actually
came back to Cancun, with the hopes of reconnecting with
her again. It took them about ten minutes to pass by before
they were out of sight.

I remember I went back inside the hotel I was staying at and
headed up to my room, wondering if I could call the airline
and catch an immediate flight back home. But luck had turned
against me because there were no flights at all, until my
scheduled flight on Tuesday morning. That was the moment
in my life when I realized what it felt like to be fucked.

I drank two mini bottles of booze from my room for courage
or maybe just to kick myself again for being so stupid. I
then headed back down in the elevator to try and spend the
warm afternoon on the beach, since I had no other options.
I laid out my towel, got on it and soaked up the sun for about
an hour. If I couldn't have felt any worse, I had to also
listen to all the people around me having the time of their
lives while I laid there alone feeling like a rejected fool.

I hadn't seen Sonia or her boyfriend for a couple of
hours so I assumed they had walked down the beach and had
already passed back, by me again. It was around three in
the afternoon when a bunch of stupid college kids, like
I use to be asked me to join them and play some beach volley
ball. I didn't have anything else to do and I was tired
of feeling sorry for myself, so I accepted their offer.
My plan had evolved into having as much fun as I could all
by myself and then getting drunker than hell, late that
night to drowned my sorrows.

It took my mind off of my woes and it actually turned out to
be a lot of fun. I mean some of the girls playing were hot as
hell, which lifted my spirits for sure. They were all college
kids, just like I use to be and for a moment it felt like I was
back in college all over again.

We had just finished the last game when I headed back to my
towel still lying there where I left it. I then happen to
glance back at the crowd who had been drinking and watching
the volley ball game when Sonia and my eyes met. She looked
petrified or maybe just in shock as she stared at me like
her eyes were death rays, shooting at me. And I was covered
in sweat even though I had jumped into the gulf to cool off
before I went back to my towel.

I really didn't know what to do and felt about as uncomfortable
as I had ever felt in my entire life. And of course her boyfriend
was standing next her having no clue at all what or who she
was staring at. It would be safe to say Sonia's emotions
got the best of her, as tears starting running down both
of her cheeks. She still looked like she had just seen a ghost
but now she was also crying, which really confused the hell
out of me.

So doing my best to appear composed, I just raised my hand,
waved at her and smiled. Sonia set some sort of land speed
record when she took off towards me running around and through
several people before she flew into my arms. "Is it
really you"? Sonia said before she pressed her lips
to mine before I could even answer her.

Smelling her again, holding her again and kissing her again
where much better than I could have ever remembered. Sonia's
slender frame remained glued to me as we embraced and continued
our very long, very torrid kiss. She then pulled back for
a moment to look at me again before she pressed her hot lips
against mine for the second time.

I guess I had never reached that love, point before, but
I did once I held Sonia again and held on to her as if my life
hung in the balance. It felt like the half of me that had been
missing for the past year and was back and I now felt like
a whole person all over again. And it went much deeper than
just a physical feeling.

I wasn't even aware that her boyfriend stood there
the entire time watching Sonia and I frantically kissing
each other in front of him. And I think Sonia's tears
caused a circle of mud out of the sand at least a foot all around
us. I lost track of how much time Sonia and I held each other
and kissed but it was at least ten minutes and neither of
us said a word, the entire time. But we finally had to both
stop because we were both becoming too aroused in the process.

Sonia finally stepped back, wiping her eyes before she
introduced me to her cousin, Charles. "This is the
man I have been talking about for the past year, "
She said smiling at him as she continued wiping her tears

Charles smiled and shook my hand as Sonia remained glued
to my side. "What are you doing here?"Sonia
then asked me. I couldn't lie to her and have never lied
since so I told Sonia I came back to Cancun in hopes of finding
her again. "My heart is going to burst because that
is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me before, "
She said before she was back in my arms, kissing me all over

"We are not hiding this any longer, " Sonia
said as she grabbed my hand and told Charles she was going
to take me back and introduce me to their family. "Are
you sure that is a good idea?" He asked her but Sonia
was determined and pulled me along as we headed for her fancy

It turned out when Sonia had told me her father was in the
oil business, I didn't know what she meant. If you can
call, being Vice President of Shell Oil Company, being
in the oil business, then Sonia was on the mark. Sonia's
father was quite handsome and clearly way above me in life
although he was cordial and did shake my hand. And her mother
was simply stunning but then I always knew she must have

I sensed a bit of family friction after they met me, but Sonia
was not backing down and held my hand the entire time we were
in surrounded by her family. I sensed it might be best if
I just remained quiet and simply answered the questions
they then peppered me with. Sonia and I remained with her
family for about a half hour before she led me away so the
two of us could sit down and talk.

"I don't think they like me very much, "
I said to her once we were alone. Sonia said her parents give
every boy she ever brought around, the cold shoulder at
first. "But they will learn to love you, just like
I do, " She said with her big brown eyes shining like
stars. "I love you too, " I said to Sonia as she
teared up again before we kissed with even more passion.

Sonia and I both then began to chat and laugh as we agreed
it was a wonderful thing that had happened to both of us.
But the timing couldn't have been worse since she still
had college in front of her and then grad school. "And
if my parents will not accept us a couple, , then I will just
move to wherever you are living and go to some college there, "
Sonia explained. She made it very clear she was not letting
me get away again.

Sonia then giggled and asked me if I was staying at the Moonlighter
again which also made me laugh a bit too. I told her no, I had
moved up in the world and was now staying at the Holiday Inn
on the beach. Sonia then pointed to the Four Seasons Resort,
and said of course there is where her family was spending
Easter at.

Sonia then got really close to me before she whispered,
"I am eighteen now and legal, so if you're interested,
maybe we can spend more time together." I told her
I wanted that more than I ever wanted anything but I was still
very worried about her parents. "They'll get
over it, " Sonia said but I told her she had to go back
and try and make peace with them first.

For being such a tiny little thing, Sonia packed one determined
punch. . And she was right because her parents were not thrilled
that she was going to spend all her time with me but they didn't
disown her either. Sonia and I had two nights to be together
and trust me when I saw Sonia and I sent some kind of records
for the amount of togetherness we shared in my room.

She had more love and more passion than any other girl on
the face of the earth. And I won't even comment about
her sexy body because words would not do her justice. I think
the girl had me hard every few hours over the next day and
a half before it was time for me to catch my flight. And Sonia's
mother went with us to the airport so Sonia wouldn't
have to be alone on the way back to their resort. I thought
the woman was stunning on the beach but when I saw Sonia's
mother dressed up, looking like a model, she looked even

"I will take care of this for you two, " Sonia's
mother said before she even kissed me at the gate. She then
stepped back and let Sonia and I kiss one more time before
I had to leave. Sonia melted in my arms, just like she did
every single time we kissed over the last couple of days.
When you find the perfect person, all you want to do is share
everything you have with that person and Sonia was sharing
everything she had with me.

I am sure her parents were not thrilled although I did have
a college degree and did have a bright future. But within
just a few weeks, my future got a whole lot better when I was
offered an even better job with Shell Oil Company and the
job was in Texas close to where Sonia was going to go to college
in the fall.

Sonia helped me decorate my new apartment and even her mother
came over and brought me a very expensive decorative bowl
for the center of my table, as a house warming gift. And over
the next four years her family did come around, even her
father whom I became very close with.

Sonia did finish college but never made it to grad school
because she decided we had to be married and couldn't
wait any longer. And I agreed with her because she was meant
to be my wife and I was meant to be her husband. And when we
were planning our honeymoon, Sonia and I agreed there was
only once place we should go to. "Cancun."

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This story is exactly like my real life story with my wife, all that is different is Hawaii instead of Cancun. The time , the parents all of it! Really enjoyed it , Thank you.


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a true love story very touching and married in the end and the beginning of life together


Trapper69 61 G
Score 5.4

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Awesome story!....very well written!