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Camping Surprises


Mike and Norma had decided to try a camping trip in a remote area of
New Mexico. Their sex lately had not been exactly
perfect and Norma thought that the fresh air might perk
things up a little. It?d been a long hard day hiking up the
hill, and now that they had, at last, settled in for the night,
Norma was hoping for a night of warm and sensual lovemaking.
She and Mike climbed into the single large sleeping bag,
and she began fondling his cock. <br>
Mike moaned and stroked her hair, using his coarse hands
on her breasts too. Norma pulled his shorts down and went
under the cover of the bag, licking his long, hot cock, tasting
the salty sweat from the day?s exertions. She slipped it
into her mouth and licked the head, flicking her tongue
over the hole. Mike moaned and lifted his hips, his hand
reaching over to find her left breast. Encouraged, Norma
sucked more of his stiff erection into her mouth, wetting
it with her own saliva and then let it slide back out. She
used her fingernails on his balls, sucking him into her
mouth again, bobbing her head in a slow, easy rhythm. Norma
loved the way men tried to speed up the process, as if they
couldn?t wait. But Norma wanted to make Mike so horny that
he?d give her a hard, fast fuck, make her tits bounce, and
ram his cock deep just as they both came. She continued her
oral foreplay, sloppily licking and sucking at the head.
Mike was breathing heavily now, his cock throbbing in her
mouth, and his hips rocking slowly. Norma tried to take
his whole length, gagging just a bit at the end, then she
slowly raised her head. Norma moaned with surprise and
frustration when his cock jerked and a stream of thick semen
rushed into her mouth. Then she felt another gush of his
rich, salty cream flooded into her mouth. Norma was out
of breath and she swallowed his cum. She took a breath through
her nose as Mike?s twitching, throbbing cock spurt twice
more. She released him from her mouth, savoring his taste,
and felt his cock give a last shudder and spurt against her
cheek. The thick semen felt warm, clinging to her skin.
Mike sighed heavily and relaxed, his body limp. <br>
Norma crawled up and faced Mike, who was now smiling and
drifting in a warm glowing cloud. She knew it would be several
minutes before he could get hard again, and even longer
until he could come again. She swallowed the last of his
come, and rested alongside him. Norma?s pussy was wet,
and she felt the need for him inside her, giving her that
wonderful pleasure. She idly drew her hand over his chest,
teasing the hairs lightly. Several minutes went by, and
when Mike hadn?t, at least, returned a single caress, Norma
nudged him. <br>
"Mike?" She said softly. Getting no response, she repeated
his name again a little louder, only to be met with a soft
snore. Norma now felt angry that he would go to sleep without
being considerate enough to please her too. <br>
Norma sat up in the darkness of the tent, wiping his sperm
from her face and then groping for her pants. Nature was
calling, and there was a small building not far away that
housed the showers and toilets. Norma struggled into her
soft cotton jogging pants and began unzipping the tent.
Mike snored a little louder, driving her ire into a seething
anger. <br>
Outside, as she walked to the restrooms, she wondered why,
whenever she planned a night of intense lovemaking, Mike
seemed only interested in getting off and going to sleep.
Not that he could get away with that. When she?d come back
from New York, she?d been exhausted and suffering from
mild jet lag. But Mike had taken her to bed, and after her
first orgasm, she?d fallen asleep. He woke her from her
soft, dreamy sleep, and insisted that she suck him, then
he wanted her to straddle and ride him. Norma was totally
exhausted afterwards and slept soundly. Reflecting back
over their year together, Norma realized that Mike was
selfish, and self-centered, but when he put his mind to
it, a pretty good lover. <br>
Norma turned the corner to the ladies restroom, blinking
at even the dim light. She saw bare feet under one stall so
she took the other. She?d just begun when the other toilet
flushed, and the feet moved to a shower stall. Water began
running, and a few moments later, amidst the splashing
sounds, Norma could feel the steamy heat of the warm water.
Norma finished up, and flushed the toilet, pulling her
jogging pants and panties up. Her tee-shirt she tucked
into the elastic waistband, and then left the stall. Norma
blinked. <br>
A young girl, of maybe 18 or 19 years stood on the concrete,
toweling herself off. She smiled, long black, but very
wet hair dripping onto the floor. She had the kind of body
that Norma herself had just out of high school, soft, firm,
and nicely shaped. Now, nine years later, she had joined
the battle lines against getting fat. Norma was still in
good shape, but she wanted to be a few pounds lighter, and
to loose the small imperfections around her thighs and
hips. The black headed girl looked at Norma, not bothering
to make any move to cover or shy away from Norma?s eyes.
"Another night person?" She asked in a sweet voice, "Or
a midnight nature call?" "A little of both." Norma answered,
moving towards the sink. The girl?s eyes followed Norma
while she washed her hands and looked at her face in the mirror.
The face in the mirror looked okay, except that she needed
to re-do her eyeliner a little. Not that it mattered much,
as she?d only be going to sleep. <br>
"Could you do me a favor?" The sweet voice asked from behind
her. Norma turned, and the young girl asked if she could
help dry her long hair. Norma saw that her hair reached almost
below the girl?s firm, round behind, contrasting with
her jet black pubic bush. The girl?s bush and thighs were
lovely, her thighs leaving a space at the top where Norma
could clearly see her pubic hair covering her vagina. Norma
took the towel and wrapped it around the girl?s hair, pressing
it hard to soak up the water. <br>
"How long have you let your hair grow like this?" Norma asked.
"Eight years." She replied. "But I have to cut the ends every
few months and that slows it down." <br>
Norma chuckled. "I bet the guys love your hair like this."
"Yeah." Came the reply, "But its such a pain to keep clean
and combed." "Long hair?s like that." Norma said, remembering
when hers was down over her shoulder blades, before she?d
begun wearing it stylishly short. She was now down at the
bottom of the girl?s long hair, sponging the water out of
the long strands. "Are you going back to bed or staying up
for a while?" the girl asked. <br>
Norma replied that she might stay up for a while, and the
girl invited her to join her and her friends down by the lake.
Norma thought for a moment, then agreed. Mike wouldn?t
wake up for a while, maybe not even until morning. <br>
"Let?s get your clothes and go then, your hair?s as dry as
it?s going to get." Norma remarked. The girl giggled. "I
didn?t wear any." Norma stared at her, the meaning of her
words taking a second to sink in. "You mean you walked up
here from the lake stark naked?" The girl nodded, slipping
on a pair of leather sandals by the shower stall. "Sure.
It?s late and no one?s up and around, except you." Norma
shook her head, amazed at her boldness. <br>
"Besides, I?ve always wanted to walk around outdoors without
my clothes, haven?t you?" She queried, smiling. Norma
nodded, thinking of how she and Steve had once camped in
the mountains and run around like nudists for a whole day.
But that?d been far away from people, and here, there were
at least fifteen tents set up in the campground. The girl
took her towel and began walking out the door. "Are you coming?"
She asked. After a slight pause, "Or just breathing hard?"
Norma shook out of her musings and followed the young girl
as she made her way towards the lake. Walking quickly to
catch up with her, Norma watched her soft, firm form walking
in the moonlight. Her pale skin looked ashen in the moonlight,
and her soft buns jiggled as she walked. The girl turned
around to see how far behind Norma was, and her breasts too
were bobbling like jello. Her breasts were large, maybe
d-cups, Norma thought, and they moved erotically as she
walked backwards over the rough ground. <br>
Norma caught up with her, and walked alongside. The girl
told Norma how she and her friends had hiked up earlier in
the day, and while they swam, she slept. "I?m not a morning
person." She said, "and I was exhausted when we got up here."
Norma thought about Mike, sound asleep in their tent. "Yeah,
I know what you mean." They went downhill, and near the lake
Norma saw a single large tent standing in a small clearing.
Someone was sitting just outside, smoking a cigarette.
"Have to be quiet, people sleeping." The girl said.
The shadowy person stood and moved towards them. In the moonlight,
Norma couldn?t tell if it was man or woman.
"Cindy?" a feminine voice called out.
"Rose? Yeah, it?s me, with a friend." The naked black haired girl
replied. Rose came up, wearing a tee-shirt and a pair of very tight
jeans.She too was black haired, and very thin. Norma?s first
impression was that she was twenty or twenty one, but that disappeared
when she got closer. Rose was pretty, and thin. Her breasts
were small bulges under her shirt, and her legs were thin
too. Mostly her hips were boyish and small, further giving
illusion that she was very young. "I?m Rose." The thin girl
said, smiling at Norma. Norma introduced herself, and
Cindy followed suit, explaining to Rose where they?d met.
Both girls led Norma to a large blanket spread out on the
sandy soil some yards from the tent. <br>
"What?re you doing up?" Cindy asked Rose.
"Brian snores." Rose said, evoking smiles from the othertwo.
"But did you go all the way up there in the buff?"
"Uh-huh." Cindy said. "Fun too. I like walking around naked."
"Anybody around see you? Besides Norma I mean." Rose asked
her. "Nope, just me and the stars." Cindy said. "It?s all
quiet and dark up there, and just far enough away that no
one will come trooping down here in the middle of the night."
"Great." Rose said, pulling her tee-shirt over her head.
"I?ve always wanted to do this." <br>
Norma looked at the Rose?s breasts. They were very small,
but her nipples showed as large, dark circles against her
pale skin. Cindy?s nipples were light, blending in with
her skin, and in the moonlight Cindy?s nipples were hints,
whereas Rose?s were large and dark. Rose stood and slid
her jeans down, baring her body to Norma and the world. Norma
tried not to stare, as it appeared that Rose didn?t have
any pubic hair. Her body was lean, not quite skinny. Her
ribs showed with shadows in the moonlight, but her hips
and legs looked trim. <br>
"Neat huh?" Cindy asked Norma. "What?" Norma asked.
"Her pussy." Cindy said, nodding her head towards Rose."She keeps it
shaved off except that tiny triangle." Norma
looked again. "I don?t see..." Rose turned and stepped
closer, not at all shy about letting Norma look. Her hair
was very light, and in the moonlight in blended with her
skin such that she looked entirely shaved. Just above her
pussy, there was a very small triangle of white-black hair,
about an inch and a half across by two inches high. "Oh, okay."
"My last boyfriend thought it was so sexy." Rose said.
A rustling noise caught their attention, and a figure crawled
out of the tent, then stood, coming over to the small group
of women. Once out from under the awning, Norma saw another
girl, this one naked too, with large, swaying breasts,
walking over. <br>
"Hi Cindy." Cindy said softly. "Meet Norma."
Cindy paused, not expecting a stranger to see her nude. Then she saw
Norma and smiled. "Hi." Then to Rose, "You got a cigarette I could
bum?" <br>
Rose handed her the pack and Norma looked Cindy over. She
was a bit taller and heavier that either Cindy or Rose, with
shoulder length redish hair. In the moonlight she appeared
to be all curves. Her large breasts were certainly DD-cups,
judging by the way they wobbled and hung on her chest. Cindy
lit the cigarette, the lighter?s flame casting a light
glow over her face and upper body. Norma felt a sensation
caress her pussy when she saw the glistening wet streaks
on Cindy?s neck and breasts. Cindy blew out a cloud of bluish
smoke and handed the pack back to Rose. Rose lit one too,
letting Norma see her face and small breasts. <br>
Rose was pretty all right, with light eyes and almost white
hair. Her breasts ended in large, pink-brown nipples that
covered most of her tits. <br>
"Did you just wake up?" Cindy asked Cindy.
"A little bit ago. I heard you guys talking and got up." Cindy
replied casually. "I see Kevin got off." Rose remarked,
looking at Cindy?s breasts. Cindy smiled, and sat down
with her knees up against her large breasts, her pussy facing
Norma and glistening in the moonlight. "Yeah, he got off
all right." Cindy smiled, licking her lips. Cindy looked
at Norma. "Do you want to undress too? We?re all friends
here." <br>
Norma wondered if that was a reference to their single sex,
or if it meant that these girls were more intimate. "Sure,
why not?" Norma said, and she slipped off her tee-shirt.
She wondered if she should, thinking about at least two
guys in the tent, wondering what might happen if they came
out. "Oh never mind." She told herself. "If they want a pussy
to fuck, they?ve got these girls." "Oh, my!" Rose said softly.
"Your breasts are lovely!" "Ummm, yes." Cindy cooed. Cindy
remained silent, puffing on her cigarette and looking
at Norma. <br>
Norma was proud of her breasts, and especially her tan.
She?d gone to great lengths to find just the right bikini
to accent her breasts with a tan and it paid off. Her breasts
were pleasantly large, 38C?s, without being saggy. They
tended to look full and slope down, the tan lines accenting
the curve of them. Her nipples were large, and pink, the
kind many guys groan over. Norma stood up to remove her jogging
pants. <br>
"The moment of truth." Cindy said softly. "Is she or isn?t
she?" Norma stepped out of the last of her clothes, letting
the warm summer night caress her skin. "Neat." Cindy said.
"Oooh, sex-eeee!" Cindy smiled, and Rose gave an "o.k."
sign with her fingers. They were all staring at Norma?s
thick mat of reddish-orange hair that covered her pussy.
Norma was a true redhead, with the luck of an Italian mother
she inherited none of the freckles and fair skin problems
so many other had. <br>
Rose explained that they had all gone camping after one
of their boyfriends doubted Rose?s natural hair color.
They made a bet, which involved the guys acting as pack mules
for the trip if they lost, and they did, of course. Rose had
showed her tiny patch of pubic hair by stripping in the back
of Brian?s van. The girls had made the guys carry up the heavy
stuff, and after dinner, they?d worn them out. <br>
"All three of your boyfriends agreed to that?" Norma asked.
Cindy giggled, "No, actually Rose doesn?t have one right
now, and Brian is my cousin from Idaho." <br>
"Kevin?s my boyfriend right now, " Cindy stated, "but
we?re not engaged or anything. "Well, you were certainly
engaged earlier tonight!" Rose laughed. Cindy and Cindy
laughed too, and Norma smiled. "I gotta brush out my hair."
Cindy said, standing and moving quietly over by the tent.
"Did you come up here alone?" Cindy asked. "No, my boyfriend
pooped out early." Norma replied. "He?s conked out in our
tent up in the campground." Cindy returned and asked Norma
if she would brush out her hair. Norma agreed taking the
brush from Cindy. The black haired girl sat in front of Norma,
her long hair reaching the ground by her hips. Norma began
to brush the long tresses. "I wish it was as warm now as it
was earlier today." Rose said, remembering the sweltering
heat. "Not me." Cindy said. "I get too horny when it gets
that hot. "Norma was brushing Cindy?s lovely long hair,
kneeling behind the girl. The job was no small effort, as
she had to bend down to reach the end of each stroke. Sensing
this Cindy offered a suggestion. <br>
"It?ll be easier if you sit down and let me sit closer, with
my hair in your lap." Cindy suggested to Norma. Norma sat down,
and Cindy slid back, sliding between Norma?s outstretched
legs. Her long hair slid over sensitive areas of Norma?s
body, tickling, caressing, exciting. As Cindy and Rose
talked about the relative merits of Kevin?s big cock versus
Brian?s smaller one, Norma kept brushing out Cindy?s long
hair. Cindy?s warm hips pressed against the soft flesh
of Norma?s inner thighs, and Norma was aroused by the skin
to skin contact. Norma had only once been naked with another
girl, and that was long ago, when she and a close friend had
experimented with <br>
lesbian sex. It had been pleasurable, but she?d closed
it off, mostly because she was worried someone would find
out. Now she felt a sensual, sexual urging growing within
her, being so close to Cindy, who seemed to be naturally
free of such inhibitions. <br>
When Norma found a snarl of hair, Cindy put her hands on Norma?s
legs, just above the knee while the knot was worked out.
Her <br>
touch evoked another round of yearnings within Norma,
and she <br>
found herself being attracted to the young black haired
girl. The brushing continued, with no indication from
Cindy that she was making or receiving sexual advances.Rose
retrieved a small bag from near the tent and returned. She
was of the "bigger is not necessarily better" school, and
she pulled out a long, thick dildo, handing it to Cindy.
"That?s huge!" Norma blurted out, not believing how big
the tubular piece of molded plastic was. It was huge, by
any standards. Fully two and a half feet long, molded in
flexible flesh tone plastic, and about four or five inches
around. The head molded into both ends was gigantic. Cindy
ooooh?d and ran her hands over it lovingly. <br>
"If you like ?em big, " Rose said, "Try that one. Guaranteed
to stretch your pussy wide open. As for me, I prefer something
a little more agile and versatile." Rose pulled out a smaller
dildo, just about six inches long, and sized normally.
"You can keep your toys." Cindy said, "I prefer the real
thing, or a nice wet tongue." "Who doesn?t?" Cindy grinned
back. <br>
"Or a couple of them." Rose added. "But you can?t use something
that big just anywhere, and you can?t suck it either."
"Maybe you can?t, " Cindy said, "But I can." Cindy demonstrated
by taking one end of the huge thing and licking all around
the head like it was real. Watching her work on it made Norma?s
pussy tingle and her nipples tingled, standing erect.
Cindy had everyone?s attention and then opened her mouth
wide, slowly working it into her mouth. The huge cock lay
down between her big breasts, and even past her pussy. She
bent the shaft and began rubbing the other end against her
pussy, still sucking the head. "You always did have a big
mouth." Rose chided, getting a dirty look from the brunette.
Cindy leaned back to whisper to Norma, her warm, smooth
back pressing against Norma?s soft breasts. "She really
gets off on sucking cock." Cindy said softly. Cindy was
leaning back against Norma lightly, supporting herself
with her hands on the blanket. She made little effort to
move back upright, and Norma enjoyed the feeling of her
warmth against her. <br>
Cindy had the plastic penis in her mouth, and she was trying
to put the other end in her pussy. Rose leaned over and helped
her, slowly pushing the huge thing inside her. Even in moonlight,
or perhaps just especially because of it, the creamy white
skin between her legs seemed to swell and stretch as the
monster invaded her most secret place. Cindy rocked her
hips forward and up, bending at the waist. She now had a fake
cock that ran from pussy to mouth, and Rose was pumping it
slowly in and out of her. <br>
Cindy pivoted slightly, her back brushing over Norma?s
very erect nipples. "Rose gets off on the control thing.
Watch, she?ll stop just before Cindy is ready to come, and
she make her beg for it." Cindy?s right hand now rested firmly
on Norma?s upper thigh. "Surely this can?t be an innocent
touch." thought Norma. She slid one hand to Cindy?s waist,
feeling the soft curve where her hips flair out. Cindy?s
hand moved a fraction of an inch higher on Norma?s thigh.
Cindy was bucking against the motions Rose made against
her pussy, and she was using one hand to pump the didlo in
and out of her mouth. She looked frantic and wanton, her
eyes closed and her face contorted by her desperate desire
for release. Both Cindy and Norma could hear Cindy?s heavy
breathing, her soft moans of delight. Cindy?s breasts,
no her tits, heaved and rippled as she moved. Her thighs
and buttocks quivered when her hips cleared the ground
and then dropped down again. <br>
Rose was whispering encouragement to Cindy.
"Yes, suck it." Rose cooed to her softly. "Suck it and make it come
in your mouth. Let it fuck your hot little pussy,
spread it wide open, let everyone see you getting your twat
stretched." Cindy was beginning to reach her climax and
Rose stopped, just as Cindy said she would. Cindy, frantic,
reached down and tried to fuck herself with the dildo, but
it was awkward. She had to let it out of her mouth. <br>
"Ohhh, you bitch! Don?t stop now!" Cindy spat the words
out harshly at Rose, her breathing keeping her from shouting.
Rose grabbed the end of the dildo and shoved it deep into
Cindy. "So, you wanna come do you?" Rose pumped it hard and
fast, then stopped. "Tell me what you want me to do." "Fuck
me." Cindy panted. "I don?t understand, you can be more
descriptive than that." <br>
Rose said, smiling over her shoulder at her audience.
"Fuck me and make me come!" Cindy hissed. "Shove it up my
cunt!" <br>
Rose began pumping. "Faster, fuck me hard and fast."
Rose?s hands moved quickly, giving Cindy the kind of hard, fast fuck
that Norma had hoped for tonight, before Mike
had fallen asleep. Cindy moved and looped her arm around
Norma?s waist, sitting almost crosswise in her lap. Cindy?s
firm right breast pressed against the Norma?s cleavage,
her nipple hard and swollen. Norma?s left hand slid up Cindy?s
form, cupping her left breast and pinching her nipple.
Cindy chose that moment to moan and arch up, and Norma felt
Cindy?s bottom wriggle in her lap, as though she were thrusting
her hips forward too. Norma moved her reddish bush closer,
so that she could feel it rubbing the side of Cindy?s ass.
Cindy arched again and her hands cupped her big, tits, pulling
them up until they threatened to spill over her hands. Rose
slid the huge cock out of Cindy and licked it, her mouth finding
the supine girl?s clit and sucking it a moment later. <br>
Cindy turned her face towards Norma, and in the moonlight,
her eyes shone like twin sparkling fires of passion. Norma
felt the slight pressure from her hand on her back, drawing
them together. Cindy?s mouth was so soft, so warm and inviting.
Norma almost couldn?t believe how sweet and sensual Cindy?s
kiss was. Her lips parted and Cindy?s tongue invaded her
mouth. Not as a rampaging dervish, but a slow, sensual snake
that teased and promised all things were possible. <br>
Norma felt Cindy?s hand on her right breast, gently, tenderly
sliding over her skin. Her hand moulded itself to her curves,
making skin contact and heightening Norma?s nervous senses.
Cindy?s tongue was circling and playing over her tongue,
flicking the tip of Norma?s tongue like a clit, then playfully
sliding under her upper lip, stroking the roof of her mouth.
Norma felt her body melting, trying to flow into Cindy?s
warm mouth. Norma ran her left hand down, sliding it under
the black?s ass and tickling her anus, probing for her pussy.
Norma wanted her. Most of all, Norma wanted her to want Norma.
Her needs had gone unsatisfied too long tonight, and she
yearned for release. <br>
Their kiss parted, and Norma looked into Cindy?s green
eyes. She saw a pair of wide, sparkling eyes that begged
her not to stop. Eyes that were pleading for her to satisfy
Cindy?s deepest needs as only another woman could know.
"Yes." Was all Norma said. Cindy smiled and then moved,
her mouth and lips nibbling and kissing their way down her
neck to her breasts. Norma leaned back on both hands, and
let Cindy explore. When Cindy reached her breasts, she
cupped them against her face, her tongue sliding wetly
against Norma?s breast-bone. The sensations were lovely,
especially when Norma felt the black?s firm breasts and
hard nipples brushing over her lower abdomen. Cindy sighed
softly, licking Norma?s firm nipples, tracing the outline
of her aureole with her tongue. <br>
Rose and Cindy made a slight noise, and Norma looked at them,
and she saw little, thin Rose, perched on Cindy?s mouth,
rocking her hips back and forth, pulling hard on her nipples,
stretching her small breasts into points. And, she was
watching Norma and Cindy. <br>
Cindy drew a line down Norma?s stomach, then rubbed her
face lightly against Norma?s thick, red-orange bush.
Her breath was hot, and Norma?s hips rose automatically.
"Do her." Rose said almost breathlessly. "Go on Cindy,
do her good." Cindy?s head lowered between Norma?s thighs,
and Norma felt a drop of her own cream flow out, slowly sliding
down her ass. Cindy?s tongue started with that drop, and
Norma gasped at her touch. That wonderful tongue drew up
and paused, then circled her entrance. Norma shivered
despite the warm night. Cindy looked up, looked up over
Norma?s red bush, over her full, firm tits, to see satisfaction
written on her new friend?s face. Norma looked down and
her face changed from satisfaction to a warm smile. Cindy
drew her tongue up, sliding over Norma?s already wet and
engorged labia. Janet felt the tongue drawing nearer her
favorite spot, felt the slow, sensual pleasure flowing
from Cindy to her. Then, as if Cindy paused before diving
into a pool, she hesitated, drawing out the inevitable.
Cindy?s tongue flashed over Norma?s clit, moving so quickly
that Norma wasn?t sure it happened. Then again, this time
she was sure. Each time, Norma had drawn a short breath,
her body jerking at the sensation of it. A pause for two heartbeats,
and then again. Norma felt her juices beginning to flow
freely, seeping down and out of her entrance. The tongue
flicked again, then returned immediately to circle her
clit in slow, lavish licks. Norma moaned. Rose moaned too,
as Cindy brought her to the e dge of her orgasm. The thin girl
was shaking, her mouth hanging open and her eyes closed.
Cindy found Rose?s dildo and slid it into the girl?s pussy,
and sucking her clit quickly. Rose gasped then shuddered,
falling prone onto Cindy?s lush body and spasming along
with her pussy. Cindy heard Rose?s quiet climax, and her
own pussy was literally dripping with anticipation. Norma
tasted so sweet, so good that Cindy wondered why she?d been
reluctant to do this in the first place. Some-thing about
Norma seemed right, safe, warm, and loving. Cindy slid
her tongue down, all the way to the redhead?s anus and then
back up. Norma moaned in a soft, sensual way that pleased
Cindy. Cindy found that she liked the feeling of it, the
taste, it?s pervasive slipperiness on her face. The more
she licked, the more of the wonderful honey that seeped
like a small brook from Norma?s opening, the more Cindy
wanted. She began licking and tonguing everywhere, trying
to give Norma more pleasure so she could taste her sweet
cream some more. Cindy remembered how she felt when she
was being eaten by a guy and reached up, pulling and rolling
Norma?s nipples between her fingertips. <br>
Norma felt Cindy pinch her nipples just as Norma?s hands
had begun to move towards them. Her pussy squeezed, her
stomach tightened, and she pushed her chest forward. Cindy
knew the way to please her, and Norma was enjoying every
second. <br>
Rose had moved over to watch, running her hand over Cindy?s
beautiful behind that stuck up. Norma looked at the small
black, and she looked at her small breasts with their hard
nipples. <br>
"Let me suck your nipples." Norma heard herself say to Rose.
The girl moved up, leaning over to let Norma taste her nipples.
They were firm and warm, small buds that resisted softly.
Rose moaned her enjoyment and Norma sucked one hard. The
flesh was soft, and firm, almost taut, so small were Rose?s
breasts. "Yea-ssss. Suck my titties." She whispered to
Norma. <br>
"That fits, " Norma thought. "Titties describe them nicely."
Norma let her tongue circle the small breasts, and Rose
offered each one for a tongue bath. <br>
Cindy watched and lit a cigarette. The two black headed
girls and the newcomer redhead were tangled up together,
a mass of soft, sensual curves in the moonlight, undulating
hips, glistening skin. Cindy absent-mindedly stroked
her pussy. Cindy?s eyes fixed on Cindy?s upturned butt,
and the perfectly formed pussy between her legs that seemed
to glisten in the moonlight. Cindy knew this was her first
time pleasing another woman, even though Rose had eaten
her last night, Cindy had been shy about "doing it" or "going
all the way." <br>
Cindy could feel the building orgasm inside of Norma, building
just the way hers did. Norma?s pussy spasmed and held hard
for long periods, then relaxed. It was becoming more frequent,
just as Norma?s delicious juices were flowing ever faster.
Cindy slid a finger inside Norma, and it felt both familiar
and odd. She?d often fingered herself, but now, it was someone
else?s pussy, a pussy that felt warmer, wetter than her
own. <br>
Cindy bravely inserted another finger, and she flexed
them upwards, her long fingers touching Norma?s clit from
inside. Norma felt the fingers inside her, giving her something
to grip with her pussy. It felt so good, but she wanted more.
Norma let her head fall back, leaving Rose with a wet, shiny
nipple. Cindy?s fingers bent, pressing against her insides,
in several directions it felt like. <br>
Norma felt a tightening inside, as if her insides had rolled
over and knotted. Just a little more... <br>
Cindy felt the spasms and the flexing of Norma?s buttocks,
and she knew Norma was close. She licked the redhead?s clit,
circling and circling it rapidly. Norma was moaning aloud,
rotating her hips in time, trying to speed up the circles.
Cindy felt a twinge of urgency in her own pussy now, and she
rolled her head to move even faster. Norma was panting,
her mouth slack jawed. Cindy suddenly couldn?t find the
redhead?s clit, and she searched with her tongue. She kept
flicking over where it should be, her own breath rapid,
humid and hot. <br>
Norma felt the surge begin, and Cindy?s hot breath on her
cunt. She was on fire, her loins burning with need, her insides
yearning for a screaming, thrashing release. It built
and built, the girls tongue sending shivers over Norma,
teasing her, keeping her hanging on the edge of ...."Oh
my GOD!" Norma uttered. Her orgasm washed over her, moving
from her pussy in both directions, contracting her muscles
as it passed over her. Her insides felt like they were pulling
the rest of her down, centering her whole being on her sopping
crotch. Her body resis-ted, then arched up, as if in defiance.
She could feel her pussy flex and pulse, her breast muscles
hard and stiff along her chest, and most of all, a slick wetness
flooding her thighs and pussy. <br>
Cindy felt it coming, and suddenly Norma cried out, locking
her legs around Cindy?s head, smothering Cindy with her
steaming hot cunt. It pulsed and throbbed against her face,
her fingers were clasped together inside this hot woman,
pinned in her. Norma arched up, and her pussy slid over Cindy?s
nose and face. Then down again, coating Cindy with her slippery
wetness. Cindy began rubbing her face, her nose and her
cheeks against Norma?s pussy. After a moment, when Norma?s
shudders slowed, Cindy removed her fingers, causing Norma
to arch again. This time, her legs were open more and Cindy
slid her tongue to the woman?s opening. A warm, rich cream
flowed onto Cindy?s tongue, which she licked up and swallowed.
It was too much for Norma and she grabbed the girls long hair
and pulled her face hard against her cunt. She felt the licking
tongue, searching, probing, lapping up her come. Norma
climaxed again, quickly, this time, panting out her name.
"Cindy...Ohhh, Cindy....yes, ohhhh CINDY!"
Cindy found her face covered in Norma?s cream, and heardNorma calling her name over and over. She smiled inwardly,
knowing that she would forever enjoy pleasing someone
like this. She didn?t even mind that Norma?s hands were
hurting her scalp a little, pulling her face hard against
her steaming cunt. Cindy liked it. "Bravo." Rose said,
"Well done." <br>
"Yes, quite a show." Cindy agreed. Norma was still outside
reality, but Cindy sat up and wiped the cream from her chin.
"Don?t waste that." Rose said, taking Cindy?s hand and
licking off Norma?s come. "Hmmm, sweet and delicious.
"Cindy scooted over and used her finger tasting some from
Cindy?s cheek. "You?re right. She does taste sweet."
"Well, what did you think?" Rose asked Cindy.
"Think of what?" Norma asked dreamily.
"I liked it...a lot!" Cindy replied, looking fondly atNorma. Norma opened her eyes and looked at the smiling girl.
She looked so sweet and sexy sitting there between her legs.
"Was that the first time you?ve done that?" Cindy nodded.
"Looks like you enjoyed it." "Oh baby!" Norma said, sitting
up to hug Cindy. "If that was your first time, you?re going
to be a killer when you?ve practiced! That was terrific!"
"You mean that?" asked Cindy. <br>
"I most certainly do!" Norma said. "That was perfect."
Norma leaned forward and kissed the younger girl, tasting
herself on Cindy?s lips. "Now I have to return the favor."
Cindy seemed to wriggle at the suggestion, and Norma quickly
had her lay down. The girl seemed even younger on her back,
but her fully developed pussy and the thick mat of hair covering
her mounds suggested otherwise. <br>
Norma began by licking down the backs of Cindy?s upraised
thighs, spiraling inward with light, dry kisses. Working
her way towards Cindy?s black thatch, Norma caressed Cindy?s
lovely legs. Rose moved off, and Norma concentrated on
Cindy. Cindy was rolling her head from side to side, cupping
her firm breasts and rolling her nipples between her thumb
and forefingers. Norma caught Cindy?s fragrance, like
an enticing per-fume, and bent down. The girl bush was damp
with Cindy?s cream, and Norma licked it lightly, drawing
her tongue over just the hairs. Cindy sighed softly, arching
her hips up. Norma used her tongue and drew a line down between
Cindy?s legs, staying well left of her labia. Cindy moaned
softly now, her breathing moving faster. Suddenly, Norma
moved to her right, sliding her tongue as deep as she could
into this girl?s entrance, trying to shove her tongue right
inside her pussy and lick her from inside. Cindy gasped
and Norma wished her tongue was six inches long. Cindy tasted
fabulous! Her pussy was awash with a slick, warm cream that
excited Norma. "God she?s so wet!" Norma thought. Cindy?s
hips undulated as Norma drew her tongue up between the petals
of the girls pussy. She sucked each soft fold of skin into
her mouth and ran her tongue over it, as if washing it off.
Cindy cried a soft, high pitched noise, and her hips quaked.
Norma worked up, staying just barely away from Cindy?s
engorged clit. Cindy?s clit looked large in the moonlight,
peeking out from under its cover. Norma blew on it lightly,
the cooling air causing Cindy to sigh. Norma reached her
tongue out and circled the small button, her warm tongue
sending an electric jolt to Cindy?s brain. She gasped.
Norma was torturing her with pleasure Cindy thought. Her
pussy was on fire, and this redheaded woman was toying with
her. She felt the tongue probe inside her and she arched,
wishing it would slid into her like a flexible, snaking
cock. Then Norma had sucked her labia, pulling on them gently
and creating such sensations between her legs that Cindy
almost cried out in sensuous agony. God but this woman was
hot! Now a cold sensation crept over her pussy, sending
a shiver through her. She sighed, as it stopped, then, a
warm, sensual jolt wracked through her, her clit buzzed
and vibrated a message to her brain, and her body jerked.
Cindy gasped. "Oh God!" Cindy thought. She knows! She knows
just what I like! Norma?s tongue circled her clit several
times, then slid down her pussy, even down to her asshole
and around it. Cindy pulled her legs back, exposing her
pussy and anus fully to this wonderful woman. She felt Norma?s
hands slide up the backs of her thighs, keeping her legs
in position. Norma?s full breasts pressed against the
back of her ass and the redhead?s mouth covered her sopping
wet pussy. A tongue darted about, teasing her, bringing
her to the brink. Cindy could feel her insides melting,
flowing out of her cunt and into Norma?s mouth. Her stomach
tightened and the sensation seemed to spread towards her
pussy. <br>
Norma could feel Cindy?s impending orgasm. The girl shuddered
under her, her thighs tightening and relaxing, her pussy
pulsing and pressing against Norma?s tongue. Norma used
on arm to keep Cindy?s legs up, and then pressed two fingers
inside the girls pussy. They slid easily into Cindy?s slippery
pussy. <br>
"Oh yes! Yes!" Cindy crooned.
Cindy?s hips rocked and Norma kept lapping the black?spussy. Cindy?s erotic movements added to Norma?s passion
and she slid a third finger deep into Cindy. The girl moaned,
and gripped the invading fingers, her cunt drawing them
deeper. "She?s ready to come" Norma was thinking, "now
to make it special for her." <br>
Cindy felt the third finger, pushing and stretching her
a little. She was almost there, almost over her peak. Just
a little further and she would come. She felt Norma bend
her fingers, pressing against the back of her vagina, then
she turned her hand, fingers still bent, caressing her
insides in a half-circle. The sensations were stimulating
as the probing hand stretched and relaxed her vaginal ring,
and she climbed to the top of that warm mountain who?s name
is orgasm. Cindy felt the fingers pressing against the
back of her pussy, against the back of her clit it seemed.
A bright red light flashed, and her whole body became a flowing
river, her contracting muscles the surging current. Cindy
felt as if she were the river flowing down the mountain,
her shuddering body undulating over the rocks, her cream
flowing all around her, warming her and coating her with
its sheen. She loved it, and never wanted it to stop. <br>
Norma bent her fingers and then rotated her hand. She could
feel the intense tightening of Cindy?s pussy, the building
up of her impending release. She ran her long fingers down
the front of Cindy?s vaginal walls, searching for a sensitive
spot just opposite that of her tongue. <br>
Norma?s tongue flicked at Cindy?s pearl, and just as her
fingers bent fully, Cindy gasped, then screamed a short,
high pitched squeal. Cindy?s legs clamped down on Norma?s
head and it felt like Cindy was trying to draw her face into
her cunt. Cindy arched, and squealed softly, her head tossing
from side to side, and her body quaking hard. <br>
Norma felt those incredibly strong muscles clamp down
on her fingers, and then a spray of warm wetness wet her neck.
Each spasm of Cindy?s pussy sent a spray of her warm, thick
cream onto Norma?s neck. Norma moved up slightly even against
the quaking legs and let the next few gushes land on her breasts
and chest. Cindy made small mewing like noises as she slowed
down, her breathing short and loud. Finally, her legs relaxed,
sliding limply to the ground on either side of Norma. <br>
Cindy couldn?t focus her eyes, and her brain seemed shrouded
in a warm, cottony haze. She knew she was smiling, yet her
body refused to respond and open her eyes. She lay there,
breathing harshly, feeling like a limp rag. A hand caressed
her softly, moving up to her breast. The palm slid so nicely
over her hard nipple, then down the top of her breast. Cindy
knew who?s hand it was, but she couldn?t focus on anything
but the warm, relaxing pleasure coursing through her body.
The hand turned into a thumb and forefinger on either side
of her chin, turning her head gently to the side. Warm lips
touched hers, and she tasted her own special cream. A tongue
slid into her mouth, and she gently licked it. She felt it
lovingly caress her tongue and lips, and she smiled inside,
feeling sexy and happy. The lips departed, and dreamily
she opened her eyes. Norma?s face was framed with glowing
red hair, the moon casting a soft orange-red glow from behind
her. Norma?s face was in shadow, her features soft and slightly
hidden. Cindy saw her green eyes sparkle, and a smile that
said it all. <br>
Rose and Cindy had watched Cindy?s climax, pausing from
their own endeavors to marvel at her intensity. Both women
were sharing the huge double dildo, lying with their feet
past each other and their pussies just inches apart. While
Norma and Cindy caressed, Rose and Cindy resumed their
mutual gratification. <br>
Norma and Cindy held each other, caressing and touching
gently while Cindy recovered from a tremendous climax.
They watched the other two women pleasing each other and
themselves. In the moonlight, their bodies seemed to be
a mass of sweating, writhing, sensual curves. Cindy and
Norma lay in the growing shadow of a looming pine tree, watching
the sexually intense performance of their friends. <br>
Mindy was pulling and pushing Rose?s smaller body back
and forth, working them both into a hip-rocking frenzy.
Just as Mindy began to rock her hips rapidly, the tent flap
opened and a tall, muscular young man emerged, standing
naked in the moonlight. He peered into the darkness, and
saw the two girls rocking against each other. He watched,
eyes fixed on the tableau, while Norma watched his erection
grow before her eyes. He began stroking himself, and stepped
forward. The other tent flap parted and another young man
emerged. He too was naked, and his penis began growing as
he watched Rose and Mindy. Cindy whispered to Norma that
the blondish man was her cousin, Brian. That left the darker
haired man to be Mindy?s beau, Kevin. Kevin stepped around
and knelt over Mindy?s mouth, pointing his long, thick
cock at her mouth. <br>
Mindy arched up and began sucking the head, as Kevin crouched
down. Brian knelt beside Rose and began playing with her
small titties, while she licked his shaft. After a few moments,
Kevin sat back. <br>
"How about the real thing girls?" Kevin asked in a rich tenor.
The girls slid apart and Kevin had Rose get on her knees,
entering her from behind. Mindy pulled Brian down and mounted
his upright shaft, placing them within easy reach of Rose.
Rose moaned as Kevin entered her and began to stroke in and
out of her. Mindy took one of Rose?s hands and placed it on
her large breast, rocking her hips on Brian?s sturdy shaft.
"Let?s watch." Cindy whispered into Norma?s ear. They
watched as both Rose and Mindy let the guys pound their bodies.
Kevin was moving his hips hard and fast, ramming the small
girl from behind and making her buttocks ripple. Mindy?s
tits were flopping about, and she was riding Brian like
a demon. Kevin kept up his pace for long minutes, and finally
groaned that he was going to come. Rose wriggled forward,
closer to Mindy and Brian. <br>
"Remember your promise." Rose said lustily.
Norma was about to ask Cindy, when Kevin groaned and pulledout of the girls pussy. Grabbing his cock he stood and moved
to Mindy, shoving his cock into her mouth and then shaking.
Mindy moaned several times, and Rose simply slid her pussy
to Brian?s mouth. Kevin backed away, holding his drained
prick. Mindy and Rose kissed, both of them moaning softly.
"That?s it Mindy." Kevin said nastily. "Kiss her with a
mouthful of hot, thick cum." <br>
Norma put her hand on Mindy?s thigh and felt Mindy?s hand
slid down her back, caressing her. Now Mindy was on the verge
of orgasm, and Brian managed to get Rose close too. Rose
won, by a hair, and the quiet night was filled with their
alternating moans. Mindy kept rocking on Brian, and suddenly
he groaned from under Rose?s ass. His hips lifted Mindy
up and she moaned, feeling him squirt his full of his cum.
Cindy got up and walked over, and she let Mindy lean back.
Cindy pulled Brian?s large cock from Mindy, then began
licking the big titted girl?s pussy. Cindy moaned happily,
and Mindy raised up for her friend?s lap-ping tongue.
Rose sat on the blanket and motioned Norma to come over.
Both men were surprised at her presence, and Kevin was the
first to offer her what she?d begun the night wanting-a
long, hard, fast fuck. <br>
Kevin was hard again, and Norma was soaking wet from all
of the sexual goings on. Kevin told her to get on all fours
and he entered her from behind like he had Rose. <br>
"Oh Jesus, you have such a beautiful ass." Kevin said as
his cock slid inside Norma. <br>
Norma felt him enter, spreading the walls of her pussy.
It was wonderful. So hard, so warm, so deep, and best of all,
so ALIVE! Kevin began slowly his hands finding Norma?s
breasts hanging down and swaying with their motions. Rose
was fingering Cindy?s pussy from behind, where Norma could
see her finger fucking the sexy black haired girl. Kevin
pulled Norma?s hips against him, and she gasped. Now he
was beginning his hard thrusts, the pressure and motion
inside her driving Norma into a delicious state of arousal.
Mindy and Cindy stopped, with Cindy laying down to suck
Brian?s still large, but limp prick. Cindy saw her cousin
pounding Norma?s pussy and she slid underneath Norma from
the side, suckling on Norma?s nipples. The feeling was
wonderful. Fresh air, hard cocks and a woman sucking her
tits. Norma felt sensual, sexy, glamorous and slutty all
at the same time. Rose came over and offered Norma her pussy.
Norma licked at the partially shaved pussy, and Rose had
an interesting taste. <br>
Norma?s face bumped against Rose?s mound, and the black
haired girl laid down in front of Norma, spreading her legs
wide and holding her labia open too. "Suck my clit. Suck
me." Rose pleaded. <br>
Norma licked, then began sucking, her own mind blurring
the dis-tiction between all of the sensations. She felt
like she was sucking a breast, as well as sucking and fucking
a pussy. She felt fingers slide down her belly to rub her
clit, and she knew it was Cindy, but it felt like she was doing
it. Her body began to knot, the old feeling coming on, and
this would be only the first. Norma sucked hard on Rose?s
clit, shoving three fingers inside the small girl, just
as she felt her own climax start. Cindy held her up, as did
Kevin, and she kept Rose?s clit in her mouth, gasping around
it while she shook. Kevin kept right on pounding against
her ass, and the flowing sensation receded. Feeling carnal
and lusty, Norma worked on Rose?s sopping cunt before her.
Cindy felt Norma come, and now she worked underneath the
redhead?s legs. Kevin?s balls slid against her forehead
and Cindy tilted her head back. Her tongue caressed the
drops of cream from Norma?s clit then found Kevin?s slippery
wet cock. A little further and her tongue was licking his
balls as he moved in and out of Norma. She felt fingers probing
her pussy, long sensual fingers and smiled, realizing
that Norma was giving back to her too. <br>
Norma was frantically licking Rose, and now the girl was
panting out loud. A second later, Rose moaned and closed
her legs, trapping Norma?s head. Norma?s head was inches
from Rose?s spasming pussy, and she watched in fascination
as the girl?s body shook. Her own body began to wind up for
the arrival of another orgasm too. Rose relaxed and let
her legs down. Norma felt Cindy?s tongue on her clit, and
the ignition of a fiery passion. Norma began arching back
to meet Kevin?s thrusts, slamming their bodies together.
Cindy stopped licking, as the bodies above her were moving
to fast and hard. She watched the shadowy genitals moving,
the sky showing for only a moment before bodies crashed
together above her face. <br>
Norma felt the surging rise inside her, and the swelling
up of Kevin?s cock. He was getting larger, harder, stiffer
inside her clenching cunt, getting ready to come inside
her. She arched back, moving faster, wanting them to come
together. Kevin came first, shooting his cum like a hose
inside of Norma. His strong spurts sent an electric current
through Norma?s pussy. Almost...Almost there... <br>
Kevin moaned and ground his cock against Norma?s cunt.
Cindy could swear she hear it squirting and squishing into
Norma, or out of Kevin. She could see his lower body spasm
and pulse as each jet of his sperm rushed into Norma?s waiting
pussy. Cindy reached up and cupped Kevin?s balls, and she
heard him groan again, then spasm as a last gush of his cream
entered Norma. Cindy realized that Norma was moaning,
still trying to fuck Kevin, but he was holding her tight
against his cock. Cindy reached out with her tongue and
licked Norma?s clit, getting a moaning shudder from the
redhead. Again she licked and Norma lowered her hips. Kevin
pulled out and pushed Norma?s hips down onto Cindy?s mouth.
Cindy felt the warm flood of his semen pouring out of Norma,
mixed with her sweet creamy juices. She licked and gulped
it down like nectar. <br>
Norma felt Cindy?s tongue, and then suddenly Kevin was
pulling out. "NO!" Norma thought, "Make me come!". Her
hips were pressed down and she felt Cindy?s tongue snake
into her entrance. Her pussy was dripping its precious
load of cum right into Cindy?s mouth. Norma moaned and felt
the beautiful black girls mouth working to capture it all.
Then Cindy sucked on Norma?s clit, bringing her to the peak
quickly. Cindy was lapping her sopping pussy eagerly,
trying to make her come. Norma felt it, and then, a huge flooding
wave crashed over her, her pussy spreading itself wide
open and her insides pouring out, her brain melting and
flowing out of her cunt and into Cindy?s mouth. Beautiful,
sexy, wonderful, loving little Cindy! <br>
Norma rolled over and caught her breath. Cindy came over
and thanked her, kissing her and letting her taste Kevin?s
salty come. Nearby, Cindy was kneeling behind Brian, stroking
his thick cock towards Rose?s little tits. Kevin wandered
off looking for a cigarette. Mindy sat next to Norma and
stroked her breasts while they watched Cindy work on Brian.
They didn?t have to wait long, as Brian groaned a minute
later and arched his hips forward. Long streams of glistening
sperm flew the few inches between them and landed on Rose?s
almost flat chest. She moaned softly. Another spurt and
another. All of them thick and creamy, landing on her breasts.
Cindy greedily came around and sucked the last spurt into
her mouth and then licked off the head of Brian?s cock.
With everyone tired or sore, they sat around the blanket
and made the introductions. Rose, sitting next to Kevin
with her chest glistening wetly introduced Norma to Kevin
and Brian, as if she were doing it at a party. Cindy remarked
that Cindy had finally gone down on a woman, for the first
time, and that it had been Norma. Cindy smiled, and she wiped
her still wet chin. Cindy licked it off her hand, then lit
a cigarette. A little chat went on, and Norma asked for the
time. <br>
"Shit." Kevin said. "It?s 3:45 already."
Realizing how quickly over three hours had passed, Normasaid that she had to go before she was missed. Everyone insisted
on giving her a good-bye kiss, and some were longer than
others, while some were clear enticements to stay, complete
with a nipple pull or a finger along her pussy. Cindy didn?t
kiss her, but found her clothes and helped her into them.
Cindy herself slipped on a midriff-cut tee-shirt and a
pair of nylon shorts. <br>
"I?ll walk back with you." She said. Then in a quiet voice,
"I want to say good-bye in a special way." <br>
Walking quickly, they found their way back to the shower
and rest-room building where they?d met. In the shadows,
Cindy put her arms around Norma?s neck and kissed her, long,
deep and passionately. Their bodies pressed together
through thin fabric, stirring the desire for them to again
press their naked bodies together. <br>
Cindy looked up at Norma, her eyes searching for something.
Norma felt it too, and if she asked Cindy, Cindy would say
that Norma?s eyes seemed to be searching for something.
Norma looked around, and she saw a park suggestion box.
She took Cindy by the hand and found a note pad and pencil.
Norma wrote her phone number down and handed it to Cindy.
Cindy looked at it, then to Norma. <br>
"I don?t want to lose you." Norma said quietly, stroking
Cindy?s cheek. "You?re so lovely, so warm and caring. I
might fall for a woman like you." <br>
Cindy blinked back a tear and kissed Norma again. Hurriedly
she wrote down her phone number too and handed it to Norma.
Cindy smiled and whispered into Norma?s ear. <br>
"I never want to lose you either. You?re so beautiful."
They kissed, knowing that they must part for now. They wandered
off in their separate directions, looking back and waving
at each other. <br>
Norma put the Cindy?s phone number in her pocket and returned
to the tent she was sharing with Mike. She crawled in, and
Mike stirred, awakening at her arrival. <br>
"My turn for a potty trip." He said dreamily.
"Go ahead." Norma said softly, I?ll keep the bag warm.
Mike left and after she removed her jogging pants, Norma
pulled the paper from the pocket. Using the flashlight,
she read the paper. She smiled. On the paper, Cindy had written
her home and work numbers, along with "I love you.-Forever
Cindy." Norma smiled again when she realized the work number
was the same as her work number. Cindy worked in the same
office building as Norma. Norma put the paper into her jeans,
and lay back. Maybe she wouldn?t put up with Mike?s foolishness
after all... <br>

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