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Susan yawned and stretched, shifting uncomfortably in
the passenger seat of the Volvo. They had been driving over
four hours now, and it wasn't even 9:00am. On a lot of
Saturday mornings, Susan wouldn't even be awake this
early. "I really can't believe I let you talk
me into this, " she said to Bill. "Sweetheart, trust me, " he said with a smile,
"you're gonna love camping. There's just
something about nature..." "Yeah, the bugs
and the wild animals, " Susan replied. "Come on, did I complain when you took me to that lame
chick flick last weekend?" Bill asked. "Yes, and you're still complaining, "
Susan shot back. Bill smiled, and rested his hand on Susan's
thigh. "Okay, but I didn't do any complaining
last night, did I?" Now Susan had to smile - last night
had been incredible.

She had been splayed out across the bed, wearing just her
earrings, while Bill had brought her to an incredible orgasm,
his tongue flicking ever so gently at her clit while his
thumb, deep inside her pussy, rotated over her G-spot.
Susan had returned the favor, sucking and licking Bill's
delicious cock for a good ten minutes, then sliding it into
herself and riding him. Their mouths locked onto each other
as they came, Susan collapsing down on Bill, neither able
nor wanting to move, as they drifted off into a sound sleep.

"Yeah, that was some session, " Susan said.
"And the best part was, when we were finished, we fell
asleep in a nice, soft, warm bed, with a roof over our heads."
Bill removed his hand from Susan's thigh, and turned
on the radio. "Maybe a little music would make this
ride go quicker, " Bill said as he found a good station.

Susan and Bill stayed silent for a few miles, but she wasn't
irritated, and soon they were back to goofing off and being
themselves. They chatted, caught up on politics and stopped
for lunch at a hole in the wall diner they spotted. It was
great to get some time outside of Raleigh. As they entered the Pisgah National Forest, even Susan
admitted that this camping trip might not be such a bad idea
after all. "It is gorgeous out here, " she said.
"Not as gorgeous as it is in here, " Bill said,
looking into Susan's blue eyes. Susan smiled, then
leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss. "We're
gonna have a great time" she said.

Bill did a fine job of navigating to their campsite, a nice
secluded little area, deep in the woods. He unpacked the
tent, sleeping bags, and other supplies he'd brought,
and started setting everything up. As he was inflating
an air mattress, Susan asked, "You want me to do that?"
"Nah, you can save your lungs for later, " Bill
replied, drawing a wry smile from Susan.

Once they were set up, Bill suggested hiking an easy trail
through the nearby hills. "Forget easy, "
said Susan. "We're here. If we're gonna
do it, let's do it right." "Okay, "
said Bill, "I knew you'd take to this."
And off they went, following a more rigorous, but more rewarding
path, up higher into the heavily forested hills. The trail
was narrow, and though normally Bill would allow a lady
to go first, hiking etiquette called for him to lead the
way. Susan enjoyed the chance to admire his terrific form,
and think about what a strong, sexy guy he was. Oh yeah, and
he has definitely got the best eyes in the world.

Bill and Susan finally reached the crest of the hill, and
stopped to take in the magnificent view below them. "It's
absolutely breathtaking, " Susan said. "Yeah,
and shortness of breath inducing, " replied Bill,
who was laboring to catch his. Susan smiled; she seemed
to be handling the great outdoors a bit better than Bill.

A large rock afforded them a place to rest, Bill sitting
down first, Susan sliding onto his lap. Bill wrapped his
arms around her, and held her, as they continued to relish
the view... and each other. A cool, gentle breeze blew over
them, spreading the strong pine scent, and the sun warmed
their faces. Bill began to nuzzle Susan's neck, sending
a chill down her back. She pushed back against him, wriggling
a bit on his crotch, and getting the blood flowing down there.
Bill slid a hand inside Susan's shirt, and began to
lightly stroke her breast, circling the nipple and making
it harden.

Susan spotted a hawk circling effortlessly in the sky above
them. "Ooh, I think he's watching us, "
she said. "Good, " replied Bill, as he licked
Susan's neck up to her ear. "Like when your cat
stares at us." "Oh, that turns you on?"
Susan asked, giggling. "Sure, you know what an exhibitionist
I am, " Bill said, now beginning to lick Susan's
ear. More chills went down her spine, and she began to earnestly
grind against Bill's hardening cock. "Um, what's
that I feel back there?" she said playfully. "I
don't know, must be the result of all this clean fresh
air, " Bill said with a laugh.

Susan disengaged herself from Bill, turned around, and
got down on her knees in front of him. She reached out and
began to unbuckle his belt, followed by slowly unzipping
his jeans. "Sweetie, we'll have plenty of time
back at the campsite..." Bill said. "Shhh, "
Susan replied, reaching into Bill's pants to free
his straining cock. "You just enjoy the view."
Enjoy the view - that gave Bill two very distinct options,
both incredibly appealing, : the beautiful natural vistas
surrounding him on all sides, or his gorgeous lover running
her tongue along his cock, holding it, stroking it, engulfing
the head in her mouth.

Susan loved sucking Bill's dick. She loved the taste
of it, the feel of it, and the way it reacted to the various
stimuli she gave it. But most of all she loved giving Bill
pleasure. That was the biggest turn-on to her, knowing
how wonderful she was making him feel. And by the gentle
moans emanating from Bill now, she knew she was doing it
well. Susan continued to lick up and down the underside
of the shaft, alternating between strong strokes, and
gentle tickles. Then she sucked the head of his cock for
a moment, flicking her tongue and making him moan more urgently.
She could feel his dick pulsate every so often, and knew
the pressure was building.

As his hips began to involuntarily press forward, Bill
focused his attention on Susan. Gently holding her head,
and twisting her long hair, he whispered, “God, you are
so good at that..." which was music to Susan's
ears. Susan began to stroke him with her hand now, all the
saliva she'd left on the shaft serving as a lubricant.
Her mouth over the head of his cock, she worked her hand up
and down, twisting it to add to his sensations. She knew
Bill loved it. Now his hips really began to buck. She stroked
faster, and sucked harder. He was breathing hard, and letting
out little groans. Susan held on tight with both her mouth
and hand, and as Bill pulled back, she knew he was on the brink.
And then he came, exploding in forcefully, the cum flowing
out in strong spurts. When his groans subsided, Susan grasped
and pulled her hand all the way up to the very tip, licking
the rest of what remained. Then she looked up at him, his
blue eyes just now regaining their focus. "How was
that?" she asked. "Unbelievable, "
Bill replied. "Now what can I do for you?" Though
her clit was buzzing and her pussy was quite wet, Susan shook
her head. "Like you said, we'll have plenty of
time back at the campsite, " she replied.

Back at the campsite, the fire was now roaring, as Susan
and Bill sat close to it, and each other, to warm themselves
in the chilly air. They were just finishing the dinner Bill
had prepared. "How in the world did you pull off making
a dinner like this?" she asked. "We're
out in the middle of nowhere, and you cook up a steak this
good?" "Just because we're out in nature
doesn't mean it has to be primitive, " Bill observed,
taking a swallow of his Chardonnay. "You need another
glass”, he said

Susan shook her head, then tipped it back to look at the sky.
"The sky, the stars out here - it's just incredible."
The cold, clear night air, the starry sky and full moon,
the warm fire, the great food and drink, and, most importantly,
each other’s company, all combined to make this a perfect

Later, Bill finished putting out the fire and straightening
up the campsite. It was time to retire to the tent. He held
the flap open for Susan, inviting her in. "It's
not exactly a suite at the Ritz-Carlton, " Bill said.
Susan replied "There's nothing we could do at
a hotel that we can't do here" "You know, "
said Bill, "I really like how you think." They
smiled at each other, then kissed passionately, tongues
lightly playing against each other, then pressing together.
After a few moments, they broke the kiss.

Crawling into the tent, Susan and Bill got situated on zipped
together sleeping bags atop an inflated air mattress.
There was no light in the tent, but the moon was bright enough
to create a glow inside. Each removed their own boots and
socks, then reached over to help the other disrobe. As she
unbuttoned Bill's shirt, Susan remarked, "You
know, you look hot in jeans and flannel. Maybe not quite
as sexy as you do in your boxers, but damn good." "Thanks, "
said Bill, helping Susan out of her shirt. Unable to help
himself, he leaned forward and began to lick and kiss and
fondle her exposed breasts. Susan ran her fingers through
Bill's blonde hair as he alternated his attention
between her fabulous tits, and then he began to drag his
tongue southward. Oh yeah, Susan thought, I can't
wait to feel his tongue down there again. They both began
working on Susan's pants, finally succeeding in yanking
them off. She laid completely naked now, legs spread wide,
on top of the satiny sleeping bag, as Bill resumed his approach
to her pussy.

Bill loved licking her pussy. It drove her so crazy, made
her buck and moan. She is such an incredible lover, he thought,
a great giver, and receiver, of pleasure. Add to that her
personality, her eyes, and she was everything he wanted.
So it may have seemed strange that he would torture her now
by bypassing her pussy with his tongue and continuing down
to her inner thighs, but he was only doing it to increase
her pleasure. After a moment, he began to bring his tongue
back up. He used his finger to spread her pussy lips, finding
the area already soaked.

Susan had been drenched since she'd given Bill’s dick
all that attention during their hike, and was now aching
to feel his tongue on her pussy. At first it was a light little
flick at the opening, then a little firmer, and then he finally
pushed his tongue into her, as deeply as he could. It was
unbelievable, sending a wave of pleasure through Susan,
as she let out a moan. Ever so slowly he removed his tongue,
taking special care to swirl it against the very sensitive
area just inside her. Then he dragged it toward her clit.
And when he ever so lightly touched his tongue there again,
jolts of electricity flowed through her. He began to swirl
his tongue around her clit, and she began to gasp. The pleasure
was almost unbearable. "Oh God, " she moaned.
"I need you in me, now. Please. I want you to fuck me."

Bill was quite happy doing what he was doing, but he couldn't
turn down a demand like that. He fumbled to get his pants
off, finally freeing his rigid dick. He pushed his jeans
down, never quite getting them all the way off. In the meantime,
Susan turned over, and got up on all fours. "I want
you like this, " she gasped. "As deep as you
can go." She reached between her legs to grab Bill's
cock, and lined the head up with her drenched, pulsating
hole. Bill could feel the delicious warmth on the head of
his cock. He leaned forward, and was instantly buried in

Susan brought her hand slightly forward, and began to rub
her clit. She started grinding back against Bill, and he
soon fell into rhythm with her, pushing in and out of her
pussy with long, hard strokes. He could feel her pussy grabbing
and releasing him as he slid effortlessly in and out of her
warm wetness. For Susan, Bill's cock was like a piston
of pleasure, filling her repeatedly, each stroke warmer
and better than the last. Her clit was so sensitive, sending
waves of pleasure through her down to her feet. She was moaning
wildly now, breathing hard and so close to coming.

Bill, having had that blow job a while back, was not as close
as he might have been otherwise. He wanted to take advantage
for Susan's sake. He pulled almost all the way out of
her, then plunged right back in, deeper with each long,
hard stroke. He could feel Susan's pussy grasping
him harder know, and heard her breathing get more ragged
and her moans become more urgent. He picked up his pace,
knowing it would send her over the edge. And then she started
to come, bucking against him, screaming with pleasure,
but he stayed in control.

Susan was seeing stars again - this time inside the tent.
The orgasm had torn through her, waves of pleasure sweeping
from her pussy up through her torso and down the backs of
her bent legs, as her muscles tightened around Bill's
cock, buried deep within her. For a moment, she had no idea
where she was... other than in heaven. And then, finally,
out of breath, she began to giggle as she relaxed. But something
was a bit different, not the norm. "Did you come?"
Susan asked. "Not yet, " Bill answered. "I
want you to come for me one more time." "I don't
know if I can, " Susan said breathlessly. Bill began
to gently work his cock in and out again, slowly, as he said

Bill continued, as Susan took a moment to focus her attention.
Her fingers, which had come off her clit, returned to the
vicinity. It was so sensitive now, so she began to apply
very light pressure. Bill picked up the pace. He knew she
was into it when he heard her breathing getting heavy again.
His strokes got longer, and her moans got deeper. Having
held off through her previous orgasm, Bill was really close.
Grabbing Susan by the ass, he went into overdrive, pounding
her from behind, in long, hard strokes, his pubic bone thrusting
against her. "Oh my God, " she screamed as the
pressure began to build again. Bill felt the pressure too,
fighting the urge as he continued to thrust into her. All
the way in, then completely out, both of them groaning forcefully
each time the head hit her cervix.

One more stroke, Bill thought. He’s coming, Susan thought,
her fingers a blur on her clit. Past the point of inevitability
for them both, Bill was spurting powerful streams of cum.
Susan's pussy was clamping like a vise on his dick.
Susan collapsed forward onto the sleeping bag with a slight
moan and subtle giggle, the air mattress cushioning her
and Bill, who, clutching her, rode down on top of her. Both
were out of breath, completely wiped out. Neither spoke,
softly cuddling on the sleeping bags, while drifting off
to sleep. As daylight broke over the horizon, the woods began to come
to life. Bill slipped from the tent and stoked the fire,
adding a few logs until it was cheerfully crackling and
delivering heat. A sort while later, Susan came awake from
the delicious smells of camp coffee, bacon, and hash brown
potatoes. Gathering a blanket around her, she ventured
from the tent. Bill was amazed as she looked completely
stunning as Susan slowly woke up. Bill poured her a cup of
coffee, “Sugar?” he asked and with a smirk, “Cream?” Susan giggled and said, “I’ll take sugar and lots of cream, ”
looking Bill straight in the eyes the whole time. Bill told
her of a great waterfall that he knew of that was not a far
hike from where they were as they enjoyed each others company
and breakfast. Bill was continually amazed by Susan’s
poise and beauty. They way she always seemed to be enjoying
life and taking the most from it. As they dressed Bill enjoyed the beauty of her body, the
sleek curves, the way her nipples reacted to the chilled
morning air, the way Susan brushed her long hair, everything
about this woman charging every nerve in him. He wanted
to jump here badly and as the urge began to make become evident
in his hiking shorts, Bill busied himself cleaning the
campsite from breakfast. He had different plans this day.
Together Bill and Susan set off from the campsite, holding
hands and enjoying each others company. Bill admired Susan’s
legs and the curve of her ass in her hiking shorts, the way
her breasts subtly filled her shirt. They took a logging
railroad bed from the 1800’s through the forest, the stumps
still evident from the ancient growth timber that was harvested.
As the rail bed steepened, it began to switch back and their
breath became more difficult. The forest, however, was
beautiful in the way that only a rarely viewed forest can
be. The silence of the forest, where none of the hustle of
the modern world could intrude was intoxicating. As they crested the mountain, the waterfall Bill had been
talking about came into view. It was a wide creek where the
rock face had sheared off centuries ago, the water flowing
over it crystal clear and inviting. The exertion of climbing
had both Bill and Susan glistening with sweat breathing
hard and chests pounding. As they closed on the waterfall,
Bill looked to Susan, “Want to take a shower?” Susan knew this was Bill’s plan the moment the waterfall
had come into view and her hot pussy had begun that familiar
ache once more. She smiled demurely at Bill and said, “Sure
I am feeling a bit dirty.” The slight catch in Bill’s breath
told her that her remark had struck home. At the edge of the waterfall, Bill shed his daypack, his
eyes lustfully devouring Susan the entire time. Susan
began to peal from her tank top, but Bill moved closer and
pushed her into the icy water. Susan’s nipples became instantly
hard, doing their best to burst through her bra and tank
top. Bill kissed on Susan’s neck, the difference between
his hot lips and the frigid water heightening Susan’s pleasure.
Bill pulled her close and slid his hands down her shorts,
enjoying the tight curve of her ass. The since of pleasure
was intoxicating. The rock face was smooth and clean, well worn from the centuries
of water rushing across it. Bill pulled her tank and bra
from Susan in a frenzied rush of lust, leaned her against
the sun warmed rock face, and wrapped his tongue around
one of her rock hard nipples. Sucking it into his mouth and
nibbling with his teeth. Bill teased each nipple until
Susan groaned and slowly slid his tongue and teeth over
to the other. As Bill teased Susan’s breasts, his hands
moved down her stomach, unbuttoning her shorts and sliding
them down. Bill pulled back, admiring Susan’s naked body. The way
her breasts looked, the nipples erect from the teasing
and the cold mountain stream. Her hips, full and curvy,
demanding worship. The way her pussy was framed by sandy
brown hair was exciting. Susan, in a word, was beautiful.
Bill knew this and traced his tongue down her stomach stopping
to tease Susan’s belly-button before going the worship
at the shrine of her hot cunt. Susan lay back against the rock face with her legs slightly
spread and allowed Bill to find her throbbing clit. His
tongue exploring her thick lips and greedily tasting her,
teased the opening of her pussy. Each time Bill’s tongue
teased the opening of her cunt, Susan felt the waves of throbbing
lust travel through her body like lightning, causing her
nerves to fire in shear ecstasy. Bill buried his face deep
into her pussy using his upper lip to pull the hood back from
her clit, exposing it to be sucked into Bill’s mouth and
roughly caresses with his rough tongue. Finally, when Susan could take it no longer, she cried out,
“Fuck my pussy with your tongue you bastard.” Bill, doing
as he was told, moved his tongue to the opening of her pussy.
It was dripping wet, her hot juices pulsating from it in
rhythm with the pre-orgasmic waves of pleasure coursing
through Susan. Finally, Bill began to thrust his tongue
into her. Her pussy tasting fine, smooth and silky, Susan
rocked her hip forward so Bill could thrust deeper. The cold water pounding her head and body, the warmth exploding
for her pussy, became too much for Susan to control and she
began to cum everywhere. The waves coursing through her
like hot electric love. Susan came so hard that is was all
she could do to prevent herself from collapsing. When her cunt finally ceased its orgasmic thrashings,
Bill looked up, his face covered in her juices, stood and
kissed her deeply sharing the hot taste of her cum with her.
Susan greedily sucked Bill’s lips, anxious to taste her
own pussy and the man that made it feel so good. Both, exhausted from the hike and marvelous sex were tired
and in desperate need of a siesta. The creek continued down
the hill a little way. Bill, having this whole seduction
planned, took a blanket from his back pack, and spread it
on the large sun warmed rock. Susan had begun to shiver slightly,
partly from the cold water and partly from the huge orgasm
she had just encountered, lay on the blanket. Bill quickly
removed his clothes and lay down beside her. He was on his side overlooking her fantastic body, his erect
cock brushing her hip. Bill began to play with her nipples
and kissing her lightly on the cheek and neck. Luxuriating
in her post orgasmic haze, all Susan could manage were slight
groans and guttural moans. Bill lay there teasing her on
the sun warmed rock, gently tickling, probing, and kissing
her neck and shoulders. Susan began to react to the hot teasing,
rocking her hips and grinding her lover. Bill could take it no longer! He positioned himself, wrapped
his arms under Susan’s knees, and thrust his enflamed cock
into Susan’s dripping pussy. Almost at once, Susan began
to moan in orgasmic bliss. She thrust her hips forward,
her cunt greedily wrapping it lips around Bill’s cock.
Bill was intensely excited by the tightness of her pussy.
It gripped his cock so tightly that it was all Bill could
do to remain in control. Susan began to buck in lustful delight,
fucking Bill’s cock, pushing it ever so deeply into her.
She could almost feel it brush up against her cervix. Wanting Bill deeper, Susan pulled away from Bill, taking
his rock hard dick from her. Susan rolled Bill onto his back
and began to ride him cowgirl. This was all Bill could take.
Just his cock buried deep into Susan’s hotness, looking
at her nude body, fucking him, grinding his cock as deep
as it would go. The feel of her tight lips squeezing the base
of his cock was the trigger. Bill’s hip thrust forward in
the convulsive orgasm that overcame him. His cock pumped
thick jets of cum deep into Susan. Susan, feeling Bill cumming
into her, began to experience yet another earth-shattering
orgasm exploding outward from her clit, to her pussy and
quickly throughout the entirety of her body. Seconds turned
into hours and both eventually collapsed, sleeping, entwined,
under the warm autumn sun. Bill sat in the tent that night, admiring the smooth curve
of Susan’s hip. She looked so peaceful deep in sleep, occasionally
emitting soft moans as she relived the day’s events in her
dreams. “She is so beautiful, ” Bill thought as he admired
her. He memorized the way she smelled, the feel of her hair
and smooth silky skin were etched into his consciousness
the way names are permanently etched into glass. He lay
close to her and Susan buried herself deeper into his chest.
Bill found her warmth intoxicating and basking in its glow,
Bill fell into a deep sleep.

Early, the next morning Bill awoke to find Susan cooking
over the camp stove. Susan, looking sexy wrapped in just
her blanket, the smell of grits, sausage, and toast creating
a heady mix for this early in the AM.

“You realize we have to go back today?” Susan asked.

Bill grimaced, “Yeah. I do. Kind of sad, having to leave
this place and go back to the world.” The air was crisp, a
slight haze on the surrounding meadows. Idyllic being
the word that best described the scene. Bill leaned over
and softly kissed Susan on the lips, leaving Susan demurely
biting her bottom lip. She looked perfect to him just like

Together, they struck the tent, cleaned up the campsite
and packed up the car. The woods are truly beautiful this
time of year. Just before the leaves start changing color,
but late enough for the weather to be cooling off, this is
perfect thought Bill. Bill pulled Susan close kissing
her fiercely, whispering, “Thank you for a marvelous weekend.”
Susan kissed him back pulled away and said, “I had fun as
well. I guess we’d better hit the road.”

They got in the car and began trudging their way home. The
back roads they were on were nearly deserted. Traffic being
scarce, Susan checked to see if her door was locked, leaned
against it. Susan was wearing a white blouse and bluish
cotton hippie-chic shirt. Her hair was pulled back and
Bill could see her nipples through her bra. Susan began
to hick us her skirt and it was well past her thighs when Bill
finally noticed.

He felt his heart skip a beat and noticed a definite shortness
of breath as Susan continued to pull up her skirt. Just as
she got to her the tops of her legs, Susan said, “I got up real
early this morning, ” as she pulled up her skirt so that
Bill could see her clean shaven pussy. Bill felt the car
swerve and quickly looked to the road to correct his steering
before he wrecked his car.

“It is so smooth, ” Susan said, not letting up on Bill one
bit. “And, Oh God, it is so wet!” Susan began to slide her
fingers slowly up and down her glistening lips. Slowly
sinking one, then two fingers into herself, Susan lets
out a soft moan. “And oh so tasty, ” She said slowly pulling
the fingers from her hot cunt and licking and sucking them
clean. Susan slowly slides her hand back down her sexy body
stopping to gently pull back the hood on her clit and gently
rubbing it with her index finger.

Soft but urgent moans escaped her as she gently teased her
pussy to orgasm. Her hips began to thrust forward as Bill
could tell she was nearing orgasm. The moans became louder
and the gasps more intense as Susan explodes in a orgasmic
frenzy. After recovering, Susan pulls her skirt back down,
faces forward and acts as if she didn’t just put on a show
for Bill.

The solid bulge is Bill’s pants stood erect testimony to
the fact that Bill was doing a fantastic job keeping the
car on the road. “Dear God Woman! You are so fucking hot.”

Susan gently leans over and softly bites the lobe of his
ear, “You know I am, darling, ” and then slowly nibbles
down Bill’s neck causing his breath to catch and goose flesh
all over his body.

Together, they drove back home, time compressing into
moments as it does when the company is pleasant and the time
together limited. Pulling into her driveway, Bill experiences
pangs of sadness in the knowledge they will soon be separated.
Always the gentleman, Bill helps Susan unload her gear
from his car. Looking lost at her front door, Susan throws
Bill a lifeline.

“Would you like to come inside for…, some coffee?” Susan

Looking like a man just granted a death row reprieve, Bill
responds. “Certainly, Susan.”

Watching her in the kitchen, fumbling with the coffee maker,
water, grounds and putting it all together is a real treat.
This normally solid and in control woman, is unsure and
distracted by just his presence in her home. It is an awesome,
heady feeling charged with electric tension that fills
Bill with pure desire.

They make small talk, what the plans for the week are, work,
vacations, upcoming events and just life in general. Bill
leans close, “Show me what to do when we’re talking on the
phone? I want to see you….”

Susan demurs, claiming embarrassment, but Bill leans
close, grabs her hair, and kisses her firmly on the lips.
“I…, ” Susan begins, but Bill kisses her again, deeply,
passionately, holding her face in her hands. He pulls away,
looks her in the eyes and then pulls her close tracing her
lips with his tongue, then pulls her tight against him letting
the passion build. Finally Bill pulls away.

“Okay, ” murmurs Susan, “But we are going to have to go upstairs
if you are going to get the full effect.”

Devouring her with his eyes, Susan goes to the stairs, “Coming?”
and turns heading up the stairs. Bill, counting his excellent
fortune, watches Susan’s wide hips and round ass rock side-to-side
as he gets up to follow her.

“Stop!” she says as Bill enters the room. Stand right there.
She looks him in the eyes and begins to strip. “You wanted
the full experience, right?” Bill can do nothing but remain
captured by her eyes, vaguely aware of her clothes falling
quietly to the floor. She stood there in her nakedness,
her blue eyes having captured Bill long ago, Susan runs
her hands down her body slowly tracing the curve of her hips
that Bill had studied in her sleep the night before.

She traced her hands up, caressing her breasts from underneath.
“You like the way my nipples get hard while I imagine you
touching them?”

“Oh, Yes…, ” Bill replies as he moves closer.

Susan stops him before he can close the distance. “You wanted
to see what I do while we are on the phone. So that’s what you
get and you can only watch and imagine what I feel like.”

She walks to her nightstand and opens the drawer producing
her two favorite toys. One is a medium pink dildo and the
other a small probe. Looking at Bill, Susan crawls onto
the bed, slowly stretching out and sliding her hand down
her quivering stomach to her pussy. Then spreading her
legs, Susan asks, “Is this what you wanted to see? Look at
it and how wet you make me.” Her pussy was glistening in the
dim light, slick and inviting.

“Oh, no, if we are going to do this, we are going to do it right, ”
Bill says moving to the other side of her bed, looking down
her body, her perfectly manicured fingers making small
circles around the small button of her clitoris and the
rapid rise and fall of her chest. Bill lies down so that his
mouth is by her ear and whispers, “Ahhhh, now this is better, ”
and brushes his face against Susan’s.

Susan spreads her legs wide and takes the probe in her hands
and slides it up and down her now drenched womanhood. “What
are you going to do with that?, ” Bill asks.

“I’m going to slide it in my ass, ” Susan groans.

“You like to imagine my cock sliding into and fucking you
ass, don’t you”

“Mmmmm, ” is all Susan can manage.

Bill persists, “Well, you do, yeah?”

“Oh God, Yes!” Susan groans as her hips begin to thrust against
the probe now buried deep in her ass.

“That’s it! Fuck it baby, ” he whispers in her ear letting
his lips brush against it. Susan groans louder and with
more urgency. She takes the vibrator and turns it on until
it is buzzing happily. Shoving the vibrator into her wetness,
Susan begins to buck against is probing thrusts. “Oh God, I’m so close, ” she gets out between loud, pleasure-filled

“Oh yeah baby! I want to hear you cum. I want to hear your orgasm.”

“It’s so intense, mmm, it scares me. I have never felt it
this intense, ” Susan cries out.

“No, baby. Don’t hold back. Let it go…. I want to hear it.”

“I don’t…, ” Susan begins, but is overtaken by her orgasm.
Her head rocks back pushing deep into Bill’s should, her
hips thrust up and deeply, and her body is wracked with wave
upon wave of raw passion. Susan begins to cry-out, cumming
so hard she begins to make crying noises. After what seems
like hours, the passion subsides and Susan begins to giggle.

She eases the probe from her ass, and rolls to her stomach,
her hips gently rocking up and down on the vibrator still
buried deep inside her. “Oh, baby that was excellent, ”
She murmurs still rocking her hips.

“Yes, I know”

“How do you do that to me, ” she asks?

Bill smiles, “Like this sweetie, ” and begins to nibble
on her ear, biting Susan’s lobe with varying intensity.
“And this….” Slowly moving his lips down the back of her
neck, using his teeth.

Almost immediately she began to have yet another earth-shaking
orgasm. Her guttural cries escaping animalisticly from
her throat. Bill begins to scratch his fingernails up and
down her back.

“You love fucking my hard cock, don’t you? You like the feel
of it running against your cervix. The way it stretches
your hot cunt open… That’s it! Fuck my cock, grind your hips
into my dick. Fuck me! FUCK me Susan.

Susan fucks her dildo, wave upon wave of pleasure course
through her body, and the electric ebb and flow of her multiple
orgasms drive Susan crazy. Bill turns her head and continues
kissing Susan biting her ears and using his tongue on them
he drives her through her incredible orgasms.

After Susan Recovered from her frenzied orgasms, Bill
snuggles up behind Susan. He holds her engulfed in his arms
until she goes to sleep. Bill gently leans forward, kisses
he gently on the shoulder, eases from the bed and goes home.
Bill rests easy in the assurance that Susan will love to
hear his voice in the morning.

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WOW!! That's my kind of camping trip!!


2_for_playtime replies on 3/7/2008 6:46 pm:
You are quite welcome. Maybe I'll wrote another one soon.

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wow im going camping soon lol



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mine too! Wow.