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Cam Show


Having a new computer meant I could surf the net and explore
all the world wide web had to offer on a 24" screen.
I unpacked my new Mac and set it up thinking of all the fun
I could have. I had gotten broadband added to my cable package
through Cox Cable for the low price of 29.99 a month. It was
guaranteed to be lightning fast so I didn't care to
much about the cost. After everything was done I sat down
and opened Safari.

I looked for Nebraska Cornhusker football news on Huskerpedia
and Espn. I checked the local weather and latest news headlines.
That was cool for awhile, but not really what I was looking
for. I Googled games and found Boxey and Bejeweled. Those
games entertained me for a short time, but I still wasn't
using my computer to it's fullest I thought. I clicked
on to YouTube and made a play list of songs that I hadn't
heard in a while and some new ones that I liked. After I had
made my 4 different genre playlists I sat back wondering
what to do next.

I decided to do what most single men living by themselves
would do. I looked up porn. Oh and what nice porn did I find.
I checked out Bangbros and Milfhunter and wailed on myself
so much I could have called the cops for abuse. I navigated
through other sites, checking out 18 year old hotties and
web cam cuties. The night was a success as far as I was concerned
and fell asleep drained and content.

The next day I woke up thinking that since I didn't have
a job yet, I might as well take today for one last perv session
on the internet before I buckled down to find a job. Wearing
only blue boxer briefs and a white undershirt I went down
stairs and sat at my computer desk. The leather high backed
office chair felt cold and stiff so I grabbed my blue Harry
Potter blanket that I had gotten while working at Warner
Bros. years before.

I hit the space bar on the keyboard and the Mac hummed to life.
I opened Safari and clicked the YouTube bookmark. I signed
onto musik4life0999 and selected the "Musik"

Marz "Do what you do" came across my add on Sony
desk speakers.

I grooved to the beat and opened another window.

I had just moved back to Nebraska and bought a house with
money that I had saved over the years. I moved from Houston,
Texas and didn't really talk to too many people. I had
lost touch with most of my friends over the 9 years that I
had been out of state. I was newly single after breaking
up with my girlfriend Ebony before I left Houston. She wanted
family and the white picket fence, and took every chance
to remind me of it. I have been divorced twice and wasn't
in any kind of mood to start the whole mess over again. So
a year after Hurricane Katrina had destroyed the business
I was working for I decided to pack up and head back to my home

After looking up all those porn people having a good time
I figured it was my turn. A few years back my ex wife and I become
members of AdultFriendFinder looking for fun. We met a
few women and had some fun times. After we split I let the
membership lapse and hadn't thought much of it since.
I entered the address into the the top bar and AdultFriendFinder popped
up. I typed in stolen00 and the password that I was shocked
I remembered and signed on. The first screen I came to was
the screen telling me that I should sign back up. My previous
gold membership had cost me a ton and I wasn't really
in the mood to pay it again. I clicked home and went to my homepage.

Pictures of my ex and I were still posted and I took a moment
to remember the fun we had making them. The profile was still
under couple and since I was single, I sadly deleted the
pics one by one. I navigated the site for awhile and watched
a few webcam shows. It was fun for awhile but I soon lost interest
after realizing that I couldn't email anyone or look
at profiles. I closed the window and opened
to look for a job in the want ads.

I found some things that I thought would work for part time,
and after getting cleaned up I set off looking for a job.
I applied a few places and explored the seriously expanding
Omaha area. I returned home and for the next few days continued
looking for jobs. I got a call from a new Irish bar that was
opening in west Omaha and went for an interview. I had always
had second jobs mixing drinks and was a pretty decent flair
bartender. I met the two young guys that owned it and hit
it off right away They told me they would be opening in two
weeks on St Patrick's day weekend and if I wanted a job
Bartending it was all mine. I decided that it seemed like
a good way to make some quick cash while I looked for something
more stable. I accepted and went home to refresh myself
on drinks and practice my flair.

The next two weeks flew by and I headed to the bar to start
my first shift. It was a Wednesday and we where doing a soft
opening so the crowd was pretty mellow. I met the other staff
and fellow Bartenders, everyone seemed pretty cool and
the night flowed on. We had come up with the idea for a Flair
show just to impress the VIP's that had shown up for
the opening. I was a little nervous not having done if for
a few years and starting again with 50 or so people there
to see if I broke a bottle over my head.

The owner Bart went to the internet jukebox and picked Fat
Joe's "Make it Rain"

I began with a few simple flips of a Malibu rum bottle and
silver mixing tin. As the song went on I got more comfortable.
The beat pulsing through me and driving me to try harder
tricks. I managed to pull of a stall on my elbow and the crowd
went nuts. I felt like a stud and kept going occasionally
making a few drinks. The song ended and I took a bow to an applauding
audience. The night went on and we had a successful night.
St Patty's day came and went and the months led into
summer. Bart and his brother bought me some flair bottles
for more shows and I pulled in a ton of money. It was a blast.

I had met a few women and had a couple of hot drunk nights with
them. Nothing really led to anything other then one night
stands. My sex life definitely could have been better.

By the time August had rolled around we had packed in crowds,
and long lines outside. We usually had live bands and on
occasion even real Irish bands and Irish steppers during
the weekends. I was doing two Flair shows a night. The owners
and the crowd ate it up and they hired a girl who could flair.
She was a tall hot blond named Kate and would wear skin tight
cut up jeans, and had her black work shirt sliced across
the back and stomach to show off her body. We pushed each
other to do bigger tricks and had a fun doing it. She had a
boyfriend other wise I would have begged for it.

One Saturday night we had a band cancel last minute and just
managed to hire a DJ for the night. The music sent most of
the regulars away, which made room for a younger crowd who
liked to dance and party hard. I had planned to put on the
show of my life that night. I had gotten a hold of some Paraffin
and bought a metal fire torch. The plan was to set 4 martini
glasses filled with Paraffin on the bar and light them while
I flaired. At the end of the show I was going to stand on the
polished wooden bar and blow fire over the crowd.

The DJ announced the show and people turned to watch. I lit
the martini glasses, grabbed my two white flair bottles
and a silver mixing tin and climbed on to the bar top.

"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor was the song
I chose and started juggling the bottles letting one fall
into my mixing tin. I pulled stalls and crossovers bringing
cheers and applause from the crowds. I moved up and down
the bar top going from one end to the other. The crowd was
bouncing to the music and having a great time. One thing
I didn't count on was the glasses filled with flames.
The problem was the Paraffin got to hot for the thin martini
glasses and they shattered causing flames to lick across
the bar top. Thinking it was part of the show the crowd went
nuts. One of the other Bartenders grabbed a fire extinguisher
and white powder flew across the bar and into the jumping

I looked at Bart but he signaled me to keep going. I went through
my practiced routine and took a swig out of a bottle. Kate
handed me my silver fire torch and I blew a great ball of fire
into the air. The crowd screamed their approval and I jumped
back down with my heart pounding in my chest.

"Firestarter" by Prodigy flowed out of the
speakers and I went back to serving drinks.

A tall dark black girl with long hair came up to the bar and
got my attention. She was wearing a white button up see through
shirt and had a black bra covering her nice sized breasts.
Her stomach was rock hard and she had jeans covering her
long legs and narrow hips.

"Barcardi and Coke" she said I mixed her drink
and she handed me money and a white napkin.

"keep the change" she said and melted back into
the crowd. I caught a glimpse of her tight ass and quickly
looked at the napkin

It said Abby and gave her number. I tucked it into my pocket
and finished the night and drove home thinking I should
have called her before I left. The next day I gave the ebony
beauty a call. We talked for a few minutes.

She told me that she was 22 and lived with her mom and dad in
West Omaha. She was working at Applebee's as a server
and that was all she did. She told me she had just broken up
with her boyfriend over some cheating thing. Abby had been
coming to the bar for a couple of weeks had seen me a few times
before. She just thought I was cute and thought maybe we
should hang out sometime. Abby and I made plans to go for
a drink later that night. We met at a little bar that was well
known for strong drinks and cheap prices.

The Green Onion has probably looked the same since the 80's.
The large bar was sunk into the floor and black short back
leather chairs on rollers filled the room. The blond waitresses
wore little black cocktail dresses and high heels. I walked
in to find Abby bellied up to the bar and talking with the
blond bartender. I walked to the bar and took a seat next
to her.

Abby had been there for a least two Captain and Morgans and
was feeling pretty good.

She flashed me a bright white toothed smile through dark
full lips.

"Hi" she said

"HI"I replied.

" Am I late" I asked

"No I just got here early" She said I laughed
and ordered a Morgan.

We made small talk for a while and began taking shots of Patron
and Rumplemintz. We talked about your families and our
jobs. We told each other horror stories of past relationships
and how crazy they were. We laughed a lot and had a great conversation.
I was feeling real good and thought maybe I better slow down.
It was a long way from 114th and Dodge back to Papillion.
Sarpy County Sheriff's loved to pull people over and
I didn't want to be the next DUI victim. It was getting
close to bar close and I asked her what she wanted to do next.
She asked if I had any alcohol at my house. I told her yes and
she said "why don't we just go to your house"

I was a little shocked but thought that would be a hell of
a good idea. I jumped in my 08 Green Jeep Liberty and she got
in her silver Nissan Sentra and away we went. She followed
me to my house and I opened both garage doors to allow her
to park in my garage.

I showed her around my house and we went to the kitchen to
get drinks. I have to admit Abby was hotter than hell. She
stood 5'11 in heels and had a body from here to the sun.
She had on a black thin strapped tank top covered by a see
through black shirt. She wore dark denim jeans and black
open toed high heels. Her creamy ebony skin was flawless.
Her breasts were probably 36C or a least a large B, her tight
stomach showed muscle with every turn of her waist. Her
low cut blue jeans hugged her long legs and firm bubble butt
perfectly. Her long black hair fell to the sides framing
her smiling face.

We sat in the kitchen for awhile talking about nothing when
she decided to take control.

"When are you going to kiss me" She asked with
a smile.

I was shocked stupid for a second but managed to recover
quickly. I moved over to her and took her tight waist into
my hands. I pulled her close and brought my lips to hers.
Her plump full lips felt amazing. My tongue slid past them
and met hers in an intertwining dance. Her right hand had
her drink in it so she used her left hand to hold onto the back
of my hair. She racked her nails across the back of my head
and let a little moan escape into my mouth.

The spicy taste of her lips made it hard for me to break the
kiss and come up for air. I stepped back with her hand still
on the back of my head. She was smiling at me and playing with
my hair.

"yum that was nice" she said looking into my
brown eyes with her own. She took a sip of her drink and asked
if I had any music we could listen too. I told her to follow
me and we went to my finished basement. When we got downstairs
I handed her my cd case and took a seat on my new brown fabric
couch from Nebraska Furniture Mart. She sat down on the
floor in front of my Sony big screen and flipped through
my music.

She laughed at some of the cd's and said "white
people have weird taste in music" all I could do was
laugh at this.

She pulled out of all things a Godsmack cd and put it into
the Sony DVD player. I used the remote and started it. "Moon
Baby" played through the TV.

"Holy crap" I exclaimed you like Godsmack

"Hell ya" She said throwing up rock horns and
sticking out her long pink tongue.

I have dated black women before but to be honest this was
the first girl who liked hard rock. I was a little shocked.
We started laughing and she got up and started to look around
my man cave. She fingered through papers I had laying about
and made her way to my computer desk. She moved the mouse
by accident and the screen blazed to life.

I had been looking at AdultFriendFinder webcams and had
forgot to close the screen.

"what is this" she said sitting down into my
black leather desk chair. She set down her drink and took
the mouse in her hand scrolling through the list of people
who were broadcasting. I took a giant swig of my drink and
got up to try to explain myself.

"This is crazy" she said with her brown eyes
fixed on the screen. She clicked onto an name and watched
as a window popped up showing a girl suck off her husband.
She moved in closer to the 24" screen and watched as
the girls face was covered in cum.

Abby turned toward me and said "that is hot do you get
on and do this"

I told her that in the past I had been in one or two cam shows
and that I usually just watched.

"This looks like fun we should do this sometime"
She said turning back to the screen.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, we had only just
kissed and here she was talking about fucking on camera.
My cock immediately started to fill with blood and I got
brave. I walked behind her and bent down giving her a deep
kiss on her neck. She tilted her head to the side and brought
her hand up to the back of my head. I worked my tongue over
her smooth black skin and worked my way up to her thick lips.
Her tongue slipped into my mouth to meet mine.

I broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes "you want
to sometime" I asked

Abby nodded her head and smiled. She stood up giving me the
chair and downed her drink. She asked me if I wanted a refill
and went back upstairs. I figured If I was going to do this
I was going to do it right. I pulled out my debt card and renewed
my account. I decided to change the name and asked Abby what
she thought when she appeared holding two full glasses.

She thought for a minute "kinkyhotcouple"
she said.

I typed it in and found out someone already had the name.
Wanting to stick with the name I added a second T to it. "Kinkyhottcouple"

It was accepted and I navigated to the show webcam screen.
I turned it on and watched as my face popped up on the screen.
Abby leaned over me to get a better look. I moved my lips to
hers and gave her a deep wet kiss. We stayed locked in our
kiss for a minute or so. We broke and turned our attention
back the screen. The numbers of viewers rose quickly and
Abby got excited.

I got up and let her have the chair and went up to grab a kitchen
chair so I could sit next to her. Abby and I sat in front of
the computer reading peoples messages telling her to "suck
my cock" and "get naked"

We laughed at them and kept drinking more and more, occasionally
making out and forgetting what we were doing.

The people got so persistent that she relented and stood
up to take off her shirt. I watched as she unbuttoned her
see through black blouse and pulled her tank top off. Her
stomach was insane. It was drum tight and she had her belly
pierced with a small butterfly. Her tits hung firm on her
chest with dark half dollar areola and pointy nipples.
She squeezed her tits and laughed.

Abby looked at me with an intense look then jumped on me kissing
me deeply. I ran my hands over her firm body and up to her breasts.
I massaged them and pinched her dark nipples between my
fingers. She moaned and gripped my shirt trying to pull
it over my head. I helped her pull it over my head and we pressed
our naked chests together in another embrace.

After a while we broke and she sat back down in front of the
computer. Our number had risen to over 1000 people viewing.
This really turned on Abby. She was playing with her nipples
and licking her lips putting on a sexy show. She motioned
me to stand up and started to lick my chest and stomach. She
ran her pink wet tongue across my nipples taking them into
her mouth. She looked at the camera and smiled with me still
in her mouth.

"suck his dick"

"fuck her in the ass"

"come on fuck you 2"

People where not letting up wanting to see more action.
Abby reached for my belt buckle and undid my pants. She looked
up at me smiling and asked me if I was ready. I nodded and she
reached into my pants pulling my cock out into her warm hand.
She grazed her long finger nails under my balls sending
shivers up my body and making my hardening cock jump in her
grasp. She looked at the camera one last time before licking
the tip of my cock.

She ran her tongue over the head in slow wet circles making
me feel dizzy. She slid my cock past her lips running her
tongue over the bottom of my shaft. Slowly sliding my cock
deeper into her throat. She opened her mouth wide forcing
me deeper and deeper until I hit the back of her throat. She
gagged for a second and pulled me out of her mouth. She laughed
aloud and put me back in her mouth.

Abby looked sideways to watch herself suck my cock in the
little cam window. She worked my cock in and out of her mouth
leaving it dripping with her saliva. She took her mouth
away and faced the camera while stroking my cock with her

"you guys like what you see" she asked the computer
"you like it when I suck him"

"you want him to cum in my mouth and on my face"
she asked the viewers

She watched as yeses flooded the screen and laughed again.
Moving back to take me in her mouth she brought her free hand
up and played with my nipples gently tweaking them. Abby
dug into my chest with her nails.

Her wet hot mouth continued to work it's way over my
cock sending my muscles into involuntary convulsions.
My head spun and the room started to spin. This beautiful
black girl was driving my hard dick into the back of her throat
as hard as she could. Her sucking noises filled the now silent
room and I was feeling that sensation deep inside my stomach
telling me I was going to cum.

"I am going to cum" I said breathlessly

She moved her head faster and grabbed my ass to pull my thrusting
hips into her face. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt
my balls tighten and I shot my cum into her throat with a deep
moan. She pulled her mouth off my dick and continued to stroke
me. Cum splashed across her face and onto her naked chest.
Her hand coated she turned toward the camera and brought
it to her mouth. She let my cum leak out the corners of her
mouth and started to lick her fingers clean, rubbing them
over her full lips. The white cum was a startling contrast
against her dark ebony complexion.

Abby drank the cum from her hands and sat back in the office
chair looking at her self in the cam window. She rubbed the
cum on her chest onto her nipples squeezed them playfully.
Her cum covered face broke into a smile as she asked the viewers
if they liked what they saw. Another group of yeses filled
the screen. She wiped her face clean with a kleenex and looked
at me.

"That was fun" she said "did you like it"

"I fucking loved it" I gasped "you are

"yeah you think so" she asked looking at me with

"oh come on you knew you were getting some when I wanted
to come to your house" she said with a straight face

She told the camera she would be back and grabbed my hand
dragging me upstairs with my pants falling around my ankles.
I did my best to not to make us both fall up the steps and followed
her wondering what would be next. She opened my freezer
and pulled out the Rumplemintz.

"what is this stuff" she asked looking over
the bottle

I told her it was 100 proof peppermint schnapps and she should
try some. She grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and poured
a tiny bit. She took a sip and coughed hard holding out the
glass to me.

"that shit is rough" she said with a pinched

I laughed and told her I would make a drink she would like.
I mixed hot chocolate and water and stuck in the microwave
for a minute. I added a shot of the schnapps to the hot chocolate
and handed it back to her.

"here you go. thin mint" I said "or girl
scout cookie"

She took a sip of the dark hot liquid and looked at me with
wide eyes

"it tastes just like it" she said taking another

I looked over her half naked body holding a Harry Potter
coffee cup standing in my kitchen and thought this was going
to be one hell of a night.

Abby sipped on her drink and I moved forward and worked on
her pants button and zipper. She snuck a quick kiss on my
forehead while I struggle with the top button. I managed
to get them off and pulled down her jeans. She hadn't
worn any panties and her shaved pussy was staring right
into my face. I moved close and kissed her above her clit.
I worked my tongue over the hood of her clit and slid it between
her dark lips. She tasted sweet and her pussy dripped onto
my tongue.

Her cup less hand tangled itself into my short brown hair
grasping me with her fingers. I moved my hands around and
grabbed her tight round ass into my hands. I took her swelling
pink clit between my teeth and gently nibbled. Her body
convulsed and her knees gave out. She pushed against me
to steady herself. I thought she might be ready to cum after
the show she had just put on in front of thousands of people.
I took her clit back into my mouth and sucked hard. I flicked
the tip of my tongue over her and held on.

Abby started to scream, her body was quaking and all of her
weight was against my body. I held on to her ass as tight as
I could. Her orgasm was explosive.

Her tall tight body tensed and her muscles became frozen.
Her pussy poured her cum into my mouth and down my chin in
a giant flood of sweet juices. Her screaming stopped and
she held her breath through the end of it. As her long powerful
orgasm subsided she slowly sank her body down to the cold
tan tiled floor.

Her eyes where closed, the coffee mug half full of it's
steaming liquid was still in her hand. Her free hand placed
behind her for support. She opened her eyes and looked at
me. Her lips parted and she flashed me a wide toothy smile.

"Fucking awesome" She said

"Ew this floor is cold" She said while looking
down and my tiled kitchen floor. She slowly got up on shaky
legs and stepped out of her jeans leaving on her heels. She
stood with her legs spread put her hand on her flat belly
and downed what was left of the steaming drink. I looked
up her long lines and moved in to give her sweet pussy a little
kiss before I stood up. She jumped back when she felt my tongue
and gave out a large laugh.

We fixed more drinks for ourselves and headed back down
stairs. She told me that she loved to drink and if she could
she would drink every day. I was not really sure this was
a good plan considering that I was well on my way to getting
hammered. I didn't want to get to drunk and miss out
on my chance to fuck this gorgeous girl. I was hoping for
that small window between tipsy and sloshed. The one where
I can stay hard and fuck for hours.

When we got back downstairs Abby made a B line for my cd case
and flipped through it's pages again.

"OH my God you have Joi" She squealed

"That song is so sexy I love to dance to it" She
said pulling it out of it's place and replacing Godsmack
with it.

She found the track "LICK" and pushed the repeat
button. Her naked body began to move with the sexual sounds
of the song. She moved her body over my carpeted floor, her
long body twisting and turning seductively. Abby ran her
hands over her body tracing lines across her dark flesh
with long finger nails. She kept her eyes closed and got
down on her knees. She slid her hands down in between her
thighs and up onto her stomach. She massaged her breasts
and moved circles around her nipples.

She sat back on her hands and lifted her hips. She moved her
legs out and got onto her high heeled feet. She lifted her
body up showing me between her legs. She gyrated her hips
up and down causing her lips to open and show me her pink center.
She looked like a feature performer at a Las Vegas Strip

She opened her eyes and smile brightly. She stared into
me and pushed herself forward back onto her knees She stood
up and placed her hands on a low part of my basement ceiling.
She pressed her hands flat against it and moved her body
into poses that showed off her stunning figure. She turned
her back to me showing me her sexy broad shoulders, thin
waist and sexy sexy ass. She bent her knees and looked like
a video vixen in a video.

She continued on with her sexy show until the song ended
for the second time. She stood in front of me looking defiant.
She used her pointer finger and motioned me to come to her.

"I want you to fuck me" She cooed

I moved forward and took her into my arms with a little more
passion than she was ready for. Our bodies collided, I slid
my hands to her ass and under her legs lifting her up onto
me. She wrapped her bare legs around me and held on tight.
Her spicy lips welcomed my own and we locked our selves into
a breathless kiss. Her arms held tight around my neck and
her legs squeezed hard around my waist. I held her up with
one arm and used my other hand to work my pants free. In awkward
movements I was able to push down my jeans and underwear.

My cock was harder than a rock and I lifted her body up pressed
her pelvis against my stomach. Our lips where still locked
together with our tongues dancing over each others. I slid
her down my stomach, her pussy leaving a light trail of it's
moisture on my skin. My hard cock met her dripping pussy,
the weight of her pushing it between her dark lips. My cock
caught on fire with her heat, her pussy was clamping down
with every inch that slid inside her. I felt hot wet pressure
as her body impaled itself on my cock.

She panted lightly into my mouth as we kissed. Her fingers
digging into my back. I held her body still with my cock buried
to it's base. Her wetness dripped down and coated my
balls. I felt dizzy from the alcohol and from her body. I
slowly moved us down to the floor and laid her down to the
carpet. We stayed in our embrace. Her legs and arms refused
to release me. I moved my hips slowly at first as I thrust
my pulsing cock into her. Her pussy gripped me with such
pressure that it seemed she didn't want me to move.

I withdrew to the very tip and then with one fluid motion
buried it back into her depths. Her legs held onto me and
forced me deeper into her. I moved faster and began to pump
into her with deep long strokes. She broke our kiss and spread
wet kisses on my face. She traced her tongue across my cheek
to my right ear and took the lobe between her teeth. Shivers
moved in waves down my naked body. Our chests where pressed
together tightly, her flat stomach tightening and relaxing
showing off her six pack.

Our skin was an enticing contrast to one another. Her creamy
dark chocolate skin began to raise and her breathing quickened.
I could feel she was going to cum again and I wanted to watch.
I sat us up and fall backward putting her on top. Abby sat
up burying my cock as deep as it could go inside her belly.
She got up on her high heeled feet and spread her legs. Her
long straight black hair fell over her shoulder as she placed
a hand on my chest and began to slide up and down my shaft.
She moved up and down the length of me slowly. Her long toned
legs shaking slightly with every down stroke.

I put my hands under her ass and helped her motions with my
own. My tan cock slid in and out of her dark body giving me
a amazingly erotic view. Her eyes were closed and her head
rolled around on her shoulders. Her lips parted and she
moaned that she was going to cum. She fell forward onto her
knees, her chest collided with mine as she fell forward.
She writhed her body up and down mine still driving me into
her. A scream filled my ears and her pussy clamped down hard
on my swollen cock. She flooded us with her cum. It poured
out onto me giving me a feeling of being immersed in liquid

I grabbed her hips and forced her movements when she could
continue. She was lost in her moans and whimpers when I started
to cum. I moved her faster onto me, a feeling of intense pressure
built up in my loins threatening to blow me apart.

"I am going to cum" I said through clenched teeth.

"Yesssss" she said in a hiss

My cum exploded from the head of my cock momentarily giving
me a sensation of pain. I pumped load after load of cum into
her convulsing pussy not wanting to stop. Her limp body
following my commands and relenting itself to what ever
move I made. I worked her hips on me well past my orgasm and
didn't stop until my cock began to shrink inside her.
My mind was an explosion of colors and sounds.

We lay still for who knows how long just breathing together
with JOI's "LICK" stuck on repeat.

She slowly moved her lips over the skin on my neck, giving
me light moist kisses as she went. I moved my fingers lightly
up and down her from her ass to her shoulders. She broke out
into goose bumps and shivered against my naked body. She
pushed her self up looking groggy and tired.

My soft cock still inside her she looked down at me. She moved
her hands to her tits and gave her nipples a tweak.

"That was fucking intense" she said looking
down at me.

"Yeah" was my only reply.

She stood up straddling me and watched as my cum fell from
her pussy onto me. She rubbed her hands over her body and
down to her cum filled pussy. She dipped two fingers into
herself and slid them up her stomach leaving a white trail
to her breasts. She sucked the remainder off her fingers
and began to move her body to the music again. She walked
over to the computer desk and grabbed her drink off of it
leaving me naked and wet on the floor.

"They saw that" she said shocked "Could
they see all that"

I rolled over onto my belly and looked at the glowing computer
screen. We had never shut the cam off and we had been broadcasting
the entire time.

"Ha I guess so" I said "What are they saying"

"you lucky fuck" "that was fucking hot" "she is so sexy" "fuck her in the ass"

Over 1100 people had just watched Abby and I's first
time together. There were some saying complimentary things,
other saying they missed the show. We even had a few people
make some shitty racial comments, but most where making
Abby smile. I got up and moved over to the computer chair
and sat down on the cold leather. She moved in front of me
and sat down on my lap. We answered a few questions here and
there and just read what people had to say.

"Show your body" said some guy from Norway

Abby stood up and started to strike poses and asking if this
was good or this was ok. The song was still stuck on repeat
and she began to dance again. My cum ran down her legs as she
danced for the viewers and me.......................


This story was hard to remember because of all the booze
we had consumed that night. I have posted 5 quick video's
of Abby on Kinkyhottcouple. AdultFriendFinder won't let me post them
on Flyingsolo's page. The first 3 vids are from the
night I have just described in this story. The last two were
taken by my phone a month or so later. The first Cam Show Abby
and I put on was recorded but is a couple hours long.

The YouTube playlists are real and can be found. If anyone
is interested.

The other 11 girls that have been on kinkyhottcouple's
profile since I will write about someday once I get their
permission. It shows group status because apparently
you can't have to many 3somes on a couple profile with
out having to change to a group profile. Just some food for

I hope you enjoy these stories and well write more as time
goes by. Thanks for reading.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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